LIVERPOOL couldn't break through Atletico Madrid's defensive wall and their Champions League defence is hanging by a thread.

Jurgen Kopp's men were out-thought in a 1-0 defeat and while it's only half-time an away goal for the Spaniards would leave the Reds with a mountain to climb.

As a result, Man City are into 4-1 favourites to win the Champions League with the holders out to 11-2.

Liverpool will have a big and emotional crowd on their side and Klopp's still confident they'll qualify but it could be a nervy night at Anfield.

In the other tie, the goals took a while to come but eventually I got the three needed, with Erling Haaland's two for Dortmund landing Scott a nice members' bet success.

So, in the end, my double was beaten by Liverpool losing and my treble downed by an incredible Scottish Cup tie between Motherwell and St Mirren.

Goals were expected to be at a premium there but Saints led 4-1 at half-time, were pegged back to 4-4 and then won on penalties.

They now face the winners of Killie vs Aberdeen and I'm again risking unders here with the sides having fought out two 0-0 draws this season and five of six meetings at Rugby Park have gone under 2.5.

I've posted a separate Champions League preview where my tips are reasoned.

Elsewhere Man City are expected to beat West Ham by three or four in their delayed Premier League match and I expect Salford to win at Newport in the EFL Trophy semis.

2pts Top Treble

  • Leipzig not to lose (8pm)
  • Atalanta v Valencia over 2.5 goals (8pm)
  • Killie v Aberdeen under 3.5 goals
  • (13-5, sportingbet)

February Super Single Stats: +3.9pts

February Advised Acca Stats: -21.5pts

Champions League Previews

  1. GregBrowning 1 year ago

    Evening gents

    Just finished recording this weekend Gambla Netting Podcast 🗣🎙🎧

    Picked out some good looking bets from the Hibs v Livingston game at terrific odds

    Will be up soon to listen to

    Liverpool away day blues continue I see – surely Macca I didn’t read you had written that Atletico were the equivalent of wolves away and that Liverpool should have been 8/11? 🙈

    • maccathered 1 year ago

      Easy to say after the game,the officiating was absolutely terrible and not Champions League standard,Liverpool dominated the game but couldn’t create much as the game was stop start,73% possession away from home should tell you all you need to know,Atletico play more or less the same as Wolves do.The commentater compared Athletico to Crystal Palace but i would say they play more like Wolves.Dont sweat it though mate we will finish them at Anfield they celebrated like the tie as over lol.

    • maccathered 1 year ago

      Liverpool weren’t poor either,says a lot when Klopp takes off Salah and Mane,Madrid won’t get away with sitting so deep at Anfield.

    • Mr Fixit 1 year ago

      I watched the game and as a neutral I’m sorry but Liverpool didn’t play well and didn’t look their usual confident selves.
      I hope they turn it around at Anfield and have every chance of doing so.

    • sean567 1 year ago

      Liverpool weren’t poor? 😂😂
      Cmon Mac a how can we trust your judgement for tips if you can’t see what’s in front of your eyes? 73% possession and no shots on goal, the Madrid goslie could’ve sat next to me all night. I tried saying to you about Liverpool’s away performances and yet again they were mince. I agree with you that they will qualify but everyone who isn’t a Liverpool fan who watched that game will tell you they had one.

    • GregBrowning 1 year ago

      You know me Macca, had I seen it earlier I would have mentioned it – that said I did say before the game that I couldnt back Liverpool based on their poor away record in the UCL and Atletico’s home form

      Should do the business at home

    • maccathered 1 year ago

      Looked confident enough to me just couldn’t break that 10 man defence down,because that’s what it was 10 men in defence.

    • sasaharv62 1 year ago

      Innit funny,how of all the comments.only macca is positive about last night,and he says he doesnt wear red tinted specs.
      Not starting an arguement by any means,but,,come on !!!!!

    • Jabba_juice89 1 year ago

      I don’t agree with everything macca says about Liverpool, but I do admire the way he sticks up for our club.

    • chelseagirl 1 year ago

      Never seen the game myself but i will be hitting the bookies for Liverpool to qualify.They totally ripped Barca last season when required.Yes its a different type of game and Ath. Mad. wont be phased by the crowd but it will be Sherry on the Mersey at the end of the night.

    • maccathered 1 year ago

      Come on then lads name one team that would of broken that defence last night,even their goal was a loose ball.Of course i’m positive we dominated but in the final third it was difficult,like threading a needle after taking a couple of pills,they will be intimidated when they come to us nay worries,Simeone may have out Klopped Klopp but Klopp will out Klopp SImeone next leg for sure.

    • sasaharv62 1 year ago

      Queen of the South. wouldve tanked that defence and scored at least 7.

  2. richalfry 1 year ago

    What’s booking points?

    • sean567 1 year ago

      Booking points is the no of cards in a game. For most bookmakers a yellow is worth 10 and a red 25 (although they do vary so check with yours first) so if someone tips for example over 45 booking points it means 5 or more yellows in a match or the equivalent no of cards to points ratio. (3 yellows 1 red, or 2 reds would cover this as well)

  3. sean567 1 year ago

    Weds tips
    Man City v West Ham
    City o2.5tgs
    City o5.5 corners
    West Ham o0.5 cards
    51/50 bet 365 NAP

    Fancy goals in the champions league tonight both games look as if they could be btts/o2.5mgs, I’m sticking with straight mgs just to be safe.

    Atalanta v Valencia
    Spurs v Leipzig
    37/20 bet 365 (2/1 available at betfair)NB

    AFC champions league
    2 really interesting games this morning Yokohama take on Aussie high flyers Sydney and vissel Kobe travel to Korea to face the bluewings. The game in japan sees ange postecoglu face a side from his own country- he’s the former national team coach of Australia and also had success in the A league as coach of Brisbane roar and did well at Melbourne victory. Despite this he’s not viewed very well in some quarters of the country because after getting Australia qualified for the World Cup he walked out on the job. There will be plenty of folk in oz who would love to see Sydney stuff Yokohama today but although they are on a great run I can’t see it happening. I feel the home side will edge it but as usual my first thought is to back goals and I’m going for 2/3 in this game. The other match is interesting because the blue wings only qualified for this tournament by winning the cup in Korea and were so poor in the league they actually finished 2nd in the relegation section, plus they haven’t played a match in 2020 yet. For them to be up against an inesta inspired Kobe is a tough ask and while I think the Japanese side could shade this I’m gonna go for btts. Kobe have 1 clean sheet away from home in their last 20 matches, and last week they even conceded at home to Malaysian whipping boys Johor. The blue wings might be ring rusty and not a great outfit but with home advantage against a leaky defence on the road I fancy them to net.
    Advised tip
    Yokohama v Sydney 2-3 mgs
    Suwon v Kobe btts
    11/5 bet 365 (1pt)

    • El Gooner 1 year ago

      Thought the same about City initially Sean but really not sure how they’ll react after last week. You’d think there’d be a response but im not sure. Morale may well be low.

    • sean567 1 year ago

      I think the response will be let’s get out there and show everyone how good footballers you are and there will be a bit of defiance and reaction from them.

    • El Gooner 1 year ago

      Incoming Aguero hatrick? Its been a while since his last….

    • wasclueless 1 year ago

      Think Aguero will be first Citeh player to score in 6 on the trot so should be up for it …

    • recoba 1 year ago

      Good double yesterday Sean 👍
      I braved it and just got away with an Al Nasrr win at 11/10 and the double paid a nice return. GL today all

    • sean567 1 year ago

      Cheers recoba 👍🏻
      Yeah I said last night I had erred on the side of caution when there should’ve been no need to really as both sides are superior to the other 2 in that group, but I just always have a nagging doubt about away wins for the bigger teams in this competition based on the last 3 years evidence. Looks like there could be a slight change tho this year based on the results so far, especially this week

    • recoba 1 year ago

      Aye Sean OT was a good come back from Al Nassr but by far the better team.

  4. Jabba_juice89 1 year ago

    Micky Belfast- I didn’t get a chance to reply as I have been unwell the last couple of days. I know it will be hard to stop after 20 years, I’ve been gambling for only 10 years in comparison and I have struggled to completely stop. I have been given some really good advice by different people on this site, it really helps to share your problems. There are also some people on here who don’t want to read sad stories and people with problems, someone referred to it as being an “agony aunt” kind of thing a few weeks ago. Just ignore those comments, no one is forcing anyone to read or get involved. It is definitely EASIER SAID THAN DONE when people say to STOP, but you do have many options to evaluate. Like lowering stakes and selections, creating a budget and sticking to it, prioritise other things first before betting, it should be last on your list of priorities. I can relate to your struggles of finding a winner and being “greedy.” I won my very first football bet, placed in a William Hill shop back in February 2010 during the valentines weekend, it was a 15 fold accumulator, the coupon said 15 homes for 70-1 and I just ticked off all the teams I knew of, didn’t take anything else into consideration like form and team news. After winning that bet, the hunger to replicate it just grew and grew. I have never ever won a 15+ fold ever again although I have had a few close calls, the classic “there’s always one that lets you down” has occurred countless of times. Nowadays, I struggle to even find 4-5 winners never mind 15.

    • Mr Fixit 1 year ago

      You don’t have to stop if you can control it. Just make sure you bet what you can afford – and low stakes would be a good starting point.
      A win’s a win whether it’s for a fiver, tenner or £100.

    • Jabba_juice89 1 year ago

      You are once again 100% right Mr F, that is a wise man talking right there.

  5. Jabba_juice89 1 year ago

    I really find Greg Browning’s tips to be amazing, he picks out winners consistently, maybe just follow him Micky Belfast. Sean567, Slipstips and HullShaker are pretty decent as well.

    • drogers 1 year ago

      Mr Juice,
      Fair play to you for putting into words what some people refuse to admit about themselves. We all struggle sometimes in life, not just with gambling but many other things as well.

      As for what other people think try not to take it in too much if it’s negative.
      At least your talking about gambling whether it’s good or bad.
      I also get fed up sometimes on here as I have to check I haven’t accidentally go on to a Liverpool appreciation site or a ‘don’t you dare say anything against the reds’ thread.
      Here’s a tip for you: I bet at least 30 comments will be about:
      1. Liverpool.
      2.Liverpool losing.
      3. Liverpool winning the home fixture.
      4. Liverpool being cheated by refs etc.
      5. Yawn….did I mention anything about the title winning reds?
      30+ comments today 9/4 (top of the head)

      Rogers over.

    • Mr Fixit 1 year ago

      We know the Liverpool stuff comes from macca but he posts plenty of winning tips too.
      It’s not a fans’ forum but if he’s contributing with tips he can have his say and plenty of people give him it back.

    • El Gooner 1 year ago

      Spot on drogers

    • Jabba_juice89 1 year ago

      drogers, I agree with you, there is a lot of Liverpool talk on this site. I don’t wear red tinted glasses and can admit to bad performances, I am a lifelong Liverpool fan in case you didn’t know.

    • Jabba_juice89 1 year ago

      Beware of maccathered! He bites!!

  6. radu 1 year ago

    ⚽ CHL ⚽
    Atalanta – Valencia
    ⚫ Atalanta not to lose & Atalanta over 1.5 goals @ 1.70 ⭐⭐
    Tottenham – Leipzig
    ⚫ 2-3 goals @ 2.07 ⭐⭐⭐
    Man. City – West Ham
    ⚫ goal in both halves – yes & City over 1.5 goals & under 5.5 goals @ 1.80 ⭐⭐

    • radu 1 year ago

      Atalanta – Valencia
      ⚫ Atalanta not to lose & Atalanta over 1.5 goals @ 1.70 ⭐⭐ ✅
      Tottenham – Leipzig
      ⚫ 2-3 goals @ 2.07 ⭐⭐⭐ ❌
      Man. City – West Ham
      ⚫ goal in both halves – yes & City over 1.5 goals & under 5.5 goals @ 1.80 ⭐⭐ ✅
      Profit = – 0.5 pts
      Total profit = 1.54 pts

  7. maccathered 1 year ago

    Man City v West Ham
    Over 1.5 first half goals at 8/11
    Over 2.5 first half goals at 12/5
    Over 3.5 first half goals at 7/1

    Atalanta v Valencia
    Red card in the game at 7/2
    Dani Perejo to be booked at 11/10
    Best of luck

    • newts68 1 year ago

      Man City will be like a wounded animal tonight Macca I can feel a goalfest coming tonight

    • maccathered 1 year ago

      Yeah i reckon there should be a few,i’m on first half goals as that’s where i think the value is.West ham also face Liverpool on Monday night which isn’t a nice set of fixtures for them.

    • sean567 1 year ago

      I agree newts. All guns blazing I think, plus West Ham are really poor anyway

    • maccathered 1 year ago

      City all guns blazing lol

    • sean567 1 year ago

      What?? Your clearly expecting them to blow them away first half too

    • maccathered 1 year ago

      I am mate i just like the term you used

    • sean567 1 year ago

      Lol you not heard that one down your way

  8. cockerspaniel 1 year ago

    Not a great night for me last night . Motherwell over 1.05 mg 11/10 was my only winner.
    All other bets LOSERS . Well done all winners

  9. Kesilo 1 year ago

    Apparently Valencia is short on centre-backs with suspended Gabriel Paulista and injuries to Cristiano Piccini and Ezequiel Garay. Looks like Eliaquim Mangala and Mouctar Diakhaby are their only available centre-backs left and they are an unfamiliar pairing that could be exploited by Atalanta attackers. O2.50 goals could be interesting.

    • El Gooner 1 year ago

      Good shout, will check on this.
      Atlanta are on of my favourite teams to watch, really great going forward. I do know however that for champions league they play their games at a different stadium as they dont meet the uefa requirements.

    • El Gooner 1 year ago

      Thanks to Kesilo for pointing out a CB shortage on Valencias part.

      Will be on Atalanta O1.5 goals
      Valecia over 1 card.
      1.08 at b365

  10. cockerspaniel 1 year ago

    Scottish cup for me tonight
    Killie v Aberdeen should be fiesty
    Over 1 card each team 7/4
    Red card 5/1
    Penalty 10/3
    Red card/pen 18/1
    All at Hills

  11. El Gooner 1 year ago

    Roma u19 playing in the u19 primavera cup today.
    They lost 2-0 in the first leg but were unlucky not to score or get anything from the game.
    Verona are decent but I can definitely see Roma turning it around.

    Roma u19 to qualify 7/4 bet365

  12. mr h 1 year ago

    Like El Gooner says Atalanta play their European home games at the San Siro for anyone looking at that game. It’s the referee that’s peaking my interest in this game. English ref Mike Oliver has dished out 26Y & a red in 4 European ties this season and a penalty in 2/4

    BTTS,each team over 3 corners and each team over 1 card 9/2

    Red card and a penalty 17/2

    • mr h 1 year ago

      Atalanta o1.5tgls
      Spurs v Leipzig BTTS & o2.5gls


    • El Gooner 1 year ago

      Also like the look of a Coquelin yellow.
      He’ll be trying to make up for the lack of available CBs and will most definitely take a hit for the team if needs be. Really combative player and one I was genuinely sad to leave Arsenal

      2/1 at skybet which offers great value compared to anywhere else


  13. Ad 1 year ago

    Not much that jumps out from today’s tennis card. Expecting Nakashima to beat Norrie but will mostly just follow the women’s in play and look for some value. Yesterday reminded me once more why the women’s game is tastier than the men’s when it comes to betting

  14. hunter 1 year ago

    A good few days back and looking to add to that today with a Sky RAB double.

    Atalanta won’t sit back at home to and they should manage at least one goal and take 4 corners against a more defence minded Vakencia.

    I agree with cocker – the Scottish Cup game should be quite feisty between these two and both will be desperate to keep their season alive with a cup run. Both teams aren’t corner shy and 3 corners each isn’t a big ask.

    Champions League & Scottish Cup Double

    Atalanta v Valencia
    Atalanta to score 1+ goals & 4+ Atalanta Corners

    Kilmarnock v Aberdeen
    3+ Corners each team & 10+ booking points each team

    Double @ 21/20, Sky RAB (NAP)


    • hunter 1 year ago

      Apologies for the typos!!

    • hunter 1 year ago

      Nothing jumping out at me for a NB so going for a quarter stake acca instead.

      Over 2 Man City Goals
      Over 4 Man City Corners
      Over 0 West Ham cards

      Osdorf v Altona (Germany) – Over 2.5mgls

      FH v Grótta (Iceland) – Over 2.5 mgls

      Linfield U20 v Ballymena United U20 (Ireland) – Linfield over 2.5tgls

      77/20, Bet365 (quarter stake)

  15. grantheaney 1 year ago

    Morning folks,

    My goals tip landed in Germany last night and I’m going all out for goals tonight in Italy 👇

    Good luck with all bets 👍

  16. wasclueless 1 year ago

    Atalanta, Man City Overs 11/10 – 3/4 stake
    GL all!

  17. El Gooner 1 year ago

    Also on this acca which is in part taking from Seans city and afc tips

    Atalanta o1.5 goals, over 1 Valencia card

    O1.5 mgls yokohoma Sydney match

    Suwon v Kobe btts

    Roma u19 to qualify

    Over 2city goals over 4city corners

    bet365. 2points

  18. evens knievens 1 year ago

    Obviously the team news could have an affect on the Atalanta Valencia game but my initial instinct is that Valencia are the more experienced team and capable of doing what they’ve done on a number of similar occasions.
    0:1 at Chelsea 0:1 at Ajax not to mention historically other similar wins, usually when nobody expects it.

    What I would agree with is that this could get feisty. Atalanta’s cards are high when it’s not going well and Valencia do seem one of those niggly teams that will frustrate and wind up the opposition.

    Also, Atalanta are good for corners, especially if they are chasing the result.

    All this leads me to the following bet builder.

    Valencia win
    Under 3.5 goals
    Over 5 Atalanta corners
    Over 1.5 Atalanta bookings
    Over 4 match bookings
    16/1 at bet365

    Good luck. BTW Valencia to win 1:0 is 14/1

    • maccathered 1 year ago

      Agree 100%,been following Atalanta for many years and i remember tipping them to beat Everton years back at a good price,but for me for this game streetwise is the word and Valencia can be just that,they have bag fulls more experience with the likes of Parejo who has been with Valencia for what seems a lifetime,i can’t see many goals here either that’s why have left the game alone,i would imagine both sides will play with plenty of caution.

  19. alex. walker 1 year ago

    Jabba please hope your not doing 15 team accas and hoping to win because that just never happens. I was a big gambler yrs ago. 200 or 300 pound per bet. Got in big bother. My advice is only bet what u can afford. My bets now are £5 or £10 max. No more than a 5 team acca or a bet builder. But please stop donig 15 team accas. Good luck.

    • Jabba_juice89 1 year ago

      Alex, thanks for reaching out. I stopped doing huge accas a long time ago, I don’t even consider putting 10p on them, I know it won’t come in. I am trying to follow your method now and have been for a while now. I am currently on what seems like a never ending losing streak, I was staking £20 a bet and I will now have to cut that down to £5-10 just like you. My football bets were mostly below £100 in the past, what got me into a lot of bother was the FOBT machines in the bookies.

  20. pedromacphee 1 year ago

    Didn’t put it up as a tip but all 3 Aussie teams losing in champions league AFC was $4.45.

    Perth and Melbourne lost last night and bet 365 just paid out on Sydney game as they are 3-0 down.

    One to keep an eye out if all 3 are away from home again

  21. Golden Balls 1 year ago


    The same thing happened to me with the losing streak. I started to genuinely believe I was cursed. I was backing teams in South America on a year long unbeaten home run not to lose and they would lose. I would back teams who hadn’t won away in 20 games to lose and they would somehow get the win.
    I find a combination of using the best tips on here along with your own knowledge will get results.
    I go for lower risk bets which are more likely to come in. Eg a trixie over a treble so you don’t lose the full stake. Also draw no bet as opposed to win. Lower stakes but more likely the bet will hold. If someone advises over 2.5 consider over 1.5

    • Jabba_juice89 1 year ago

      Goldenballs, almost everything you mentioned is identical to my way of thinking. Especially the last part, I like to call it watering down the advised tip. If they say under 2.5, I would go under 3.5. I got fed up of cover bets like trixies, patents, super heinz etc, I would end up thinking what’s the point in betting if you’re not going to go for all the glory? I also mostly try to mix and match my own thoughts along with tips from this site and others. It’s just not happening for me at the moment.

  22. hunter 1 year ago

    Worth keeping an eye on the Carrick v Glentoran U20 game this evening. Glentoran are averaging 5.8 goals over their 11 away matches this season while Carrick are averaging 4.3 goals at home over 12 games.

    The goal line is 5/4 with bet365 for over 4 goals but it might pay to follow inplay with both teams scoring and conceding for fun.

  23. Ad 1 year ago

    Alrighty then. I’ve found a match that features one of my ‘bet against in their next match’ players, which is Ignatik versus Dustin Brown at the Koblenz Challenger. Dustin Brown was awful in his last outing, also on an indoor hard court, and everything about his performance suggested his game and head aren’t in a good place right now. I haven’t seen Ignatik play for a long time but he’s a capable, dangerous player and with an easy win (admittedly against a nobody) on this surface already in Koblenz I expect him to take care of an out of sorts Brown.

    Ignatik @1/1
    2-0 @ 5/2
    Ignatik/ Nakashima double @ 2.8/1

    • kf 1 year ago

      Hi Ad…Cheers for posting. Been some great shouts. In todays double, is the 2nd pick Brandon Nakashima at Delray?

    • Ad 1 year ago

      Yes mate. Against Norrie.

    • kf 1 year ago

      Cheers. GL👍

  24. El Gooner 1 year ago

    Both of these AFC games are utterly dire for watching. No more bets on them until teams start needing results.

  25. Sots 1 year ago

    Yo ‘Ad’ is the Nakashima match at the same tournament. Ta

  26. Sots 1 year ago

    Ignore found it

  27. sean567 1 year ago

    No joy in the AFC today/ goal too many for one a goal short for the other. Talked myself out the straight win dbl looking for goals instead 🙈
    Advised tip
    Yokohama v Sydney 2-3 mgs❌
    Suwon v Kobe btts❌
    11/5 bet 365 (1pt)

  28. GregBrowning 1 year ago

    Afternoon gents

    Two bets from the Scottish cup and a UCL bet builder double

  29. cockerspaniel 1 year ago

    Good prices for
    Jullien 14/1
    Ajer 28/1
    Jozo 33/1
    To score a header for Celtic tomorrow
    Will wait for team news before placing a small stake on all of them if they start .

  30. chelsea58 1 year ago

    Hi mr fixit I was trying to withdraw money from bet365 on my credit card the one I opened my account and the said it has to go to my bank account is this right

    • richtea 1 year ago

      Think this is correct Chelsea as new govt legislation bans Credit Card use for online betting (not sure if this is law yet though)?….

    • toffee muffins 1 year ago

      I think the no credit card for betting accounts is coming into effect from April 2020.

      Despite what card you used to open the account, all depends on what card was used as your latest/recent method of deposit to your 365. I have 3 debit cards assigned to my 365 but for example if I used card 2 to deposit, when I want to withdraw, the funds can ONLY go to card 2 account. Whereas, Sky, Coral and Betfair, I am able to select which card I want funds to go into or even divide withdrawal funds equally between all assigned cards.

      Was your cc the card made a recent deposit with?

    • Mr Fixit 1 year ago

      To be fair I don’t think anyone should use a credit card for betting and for me it’s a good regulation.

    • sean567 1 year ago

      It is. They no longer put it back into your credit card. You have to withdraw it to your bank and then put it back to your credit card that way. I had a mate that had to do the same thing at the weekend just past there.

    • Mr Fixit 1 year ago

      Yes – soon you won’t be able to use a credit card for betting purposes in the UK.

  31. richtea 1 year ago

    Roma v Verona U19 – over 4.5mgls @ 1/2 (currently 3-1 after 73mins)……

  32. Ad 1 year ago

    Some minor in ply interest on the WTA maybe.
    Can siniakova turn things round against Rybakina? 11/2 says no. I say maybe! Wouldn’t be a surprise.

    • Johan14 1 year ago

      I was just looking at the match between Simona Halep & Ons Jabeur.

      Halep is the tournament favorite and she is around 1/4 to win this.
      What I do know is the stadium support will be for the Arab girl Ons. She did some great PR on Monday with the local schools.
      No surprise if Halep wins this in straight sets but I reckon her price will drift out in play.

    • Ad 1 year ago

      Oof, a lower back strain and some shocking tennis seems to have put siniakova down and out.

      Johan, I agree Jabeur might well keep this tight at the very least. Will def be following in play with an eye on her.

    • xbets 1 year ago

      Can Halep win from here mate ? any thoughts

    • Johan14 1 year ago

      I now have 9/4 on them both.

    • xbets 1 year ago

      got halep at evens …fingers crossed

    • Johan14 1 year ago

      Some game that. I am off for a laydown.

  33. Jabba_juice89 1 year ago

    I’ve never posted my bets in advance before, maybe it will change my luck in doing so.
    I’m going for over 2.5 goals in the following 3 matches along with Aberdeen to score(Greg’s tip)

    Man City vs West Ham @1.28
    Atalanta vs Valencia @1.61
    Spurs vs RB Leipzig @1.73
    Aberdeen over 0.5 team goals @1.36
    All with William Hill.

    Doing a cover bet by going for a treble in case 1 selection loses.

  34. dc john boy 1 year ago

    Same thoughts as everyone can only see goals tonight


    Over 2.5mgs double 19/10
    Add FH over 2.5mgs treble 3/1

    Over 3.5mgs treble 12/1

    Good luck

    • maccathered 1 year ago

      Where are the goals going to come from???Son is out so that leaves them with very little in attack.

    • Deano86 1 year ago

      Leipzig could easily get a couple on their own, i see goals in this aswel

    • maccathered 1 year ago

      Ya not think Mourihno will set up the same as he did v City and hope for a break,it’s his only hope.

    • Deano86 1 year ago

      Can’t see it macca i think they’ll both come out to play, this Tottenham team arn’t good enough defensively to play how mourinho used to like to, and leipzig are very good attacking wise, 1-2 Leipzig

    • sean567 1 year ago

      Spurs conceded 2 or more in every group stage game except against red star- and that was with Jose in charge. there’s every chance the goals tonight are gonna come from Leipzig. More recently they’ve shipped 2 to Southampton and villa. I don’t think we’ll see spurs defensively sound until next season once mourinho has had a full pre season of bus parking.

    • dc john boy 1 year ago

      Could well be right macca but spurs have to score to have a chance & with Leipzig missing key defenders should have chances & Leipzig dint have many problems scoring

  35. Tuko50 1 year ago

    Man City over 5.5 ht Conners

  36. jimba 1 year ago

    Mirandes v Real Zaragoza 8pm Spain over 2.5goals 6/5@Corals. GL☘

  37. chelseagirl 1 year ago

    Bonkers acca tonight – W.Ham,Valencia,Leipzig + Killie [draw]. 1450/1. Hills boosted.

    • chelseagirl 1 year ago

      Gonna single W.HAM tonight 22/1 to win a 2 horse race is crazy odds.Where do MAN.C. and Pep go from here ? They cant win the league so surely the CL is his last stand at City with the ban coming up.Exodus at City next season me thinks.

    • maccathered 1 year ago

      The most likeliest player to leave would be Raheem,he won’t win a champions league medal with City so his destination will be Madrid imo.

  38. alex. walker 1 year ago

    Chelsea. It can go either way. They might just say lets go out and put on show. I no they cant win the league. But there record against w. Ham is very good. Pep has said he is staying so i think the rest will stay to. Av done man city -3 at 7/4. Good luck.

  39. devilis1 1 year ago

    Haven’t seen any comments today on the EFL Trophy match tonight, Newport v Salford. As a Newport fan we are dire at the moment , just one goal scored in the last 5 games,with 7 players out tonight and the way we are playing can’t see anything but a Salford victory… 2/1 with Bet 365 and just to qualify for the final Salford are evens. Definitely worth a punt even if I hate to say so myself

    • Mr Fixit 1 year ago

      I’ve briefly mentioned Salford in my preview.

  40. anton 1 year ago

    Good to see a ref not bending over backwards for the media darlings.
    Why would Athletico be intimidated by the atmosphere at anfield? Belgrade, Istanbul, Moscow yes.

    • maccathered 1 year ago

      No one wants to see a ref bending over for the media darlings,what we would like to see are correct decisions.

    • El Gooner 1 year ago

      Made me chuckle at how Klopp tried to make his interview intimidating. The players as well, made themselves look ungracious and bitter. Going to be hilarious when Atletico grind out a 0-0 at Anfield.

  41. alex. walker 1 year ago

    Anton . They were when they went to juventus last yr and got humped 3 nil. So were psg and barca when they came to anfield. Its only 1 lose in a long time plus its only half time.

  42. elvis parsley 1 year ago

    Kilmarnock v Aberdeen.
    Scottish cup.
    Btts 21-20 Betfair Nap..

    2 poor teams for goals hence the price.
    Hoping for just 1 each tonight.
    Prediction 1-1.
    Won’t be more than in this game imo

    • goalden oldie 1 year ago

      nice nap even better correct score

  43. craneguy 1 year ago

    tonite, low stake punts

    hafnarfjordur o4.5mgs 7/4

    man city o2.5tgs, killie u3.5mgs, atalanta o1.5tgs 2/1

    spurs btts, zapata & aguero atgs, zaragoza to score 5/1

  44. Ad 1 year ago

    Looking like a shite pick from me here. Can’t believe the transformation I’m seeing in Brown. Pretty sure I could have beaten him last time out, and now he’s playing like he did when he beat Rafa. Being on German soil must have focused him. 😟

  45. fraser51 1 year ago

    Killie and Aberdeen will both be up for this game tonight, both capable of cards and corners.

    Over 0.5 cards each
    Over 2.5 match cards
    Over 2.5 corners each


    Struggling to find value in champs league

  46. jamesylfc 1 year ago

    All bets down last night, small stakes thankfully.

    Bit of another fun bet tonight

    Man City HT/FT
    Man City O2.5 TGLS

    Salford to Qualify

    Aberdeen to Qualify
    Aberdeen to score
    (Greg’s tip)

    FH Harfnarfjordur to win
    Over 2 goals in the match

    (9.94/1, bet365)

  47. bradgate3516 1 year ago

    Over 1.5 match goal’s man city Atlanta spurs 1/2 William hill goodluck everyone today

  48. Double Handful 1 year ago

    7 changes for salford tonight not as strong as i was expecting but still see them getting the win against newport. Looks the best bet tonight ffrom what i can see at 2/1

    Intrest bet for me is tom elliot to score first 6/1

  49. GigiKenzo 1 year ago

    Spurs Bts & overs

    Man city o2.5tgs
    Spurs o2.5mgs
    Double 7/4

  50. cp007 1 year ago

    Spurs v Leipzig

    Watched Leipzig away at Bayern recently and was pretty impressed. Just lacked a finish in that game but that is pretty unusual for them

    This season they have scored 2 goals away in every CL game as well as 3 away at Dortmund

    Spurs have no doubt tightened up since Mourinho came in but still conceded 2 at home to Southampton, 2 away at Villa and also 2 at home to Olympiakos in CL

    Leipzig to score 2 @ 5/4 – NAP

    Smaller Stakes – Leipzig to win, score 2 and spurs to receive a card @ 13/5

    Good Luck Chaps

    • heisenberg 1 year ago

      Here here CP007

      I would add ….

      Timo Werner to score 22/30

      To score 2 or more 11/2


      GL all 🍀

    • heisenberg 1 year ago

      Excuse my typo please guys.

  51. Kev_Trfc 1 year ago

    Liverpool are evens with Betfair Sportsbook to qualify against Ath Madrid in the home tie.
    Well worth lumping on early in my opinion as can see that shortening very soon.

    • chelseagirl 1 year ago

      I would have thought that De Bryunne,Augero and Sterling would move on if no CL.

    • chelseagirl 1 year ago

      Kev seen that ! Great odds for what i think is a solid bet.

  52. leef 1 year ago

    Long time since I commented but thought it was about time I started sharing my selections

    Killie over 6 corners 12/5

  53. darran2015 1 year ago

    Jose will have two double deckers out tonight and red bull scraped there last UCL game 2-2 draw so
    Conclusion 1-1 draw
    Good luck all

  54. darran2015 1 year ago

    Jose will have two double deckers out tonight and red bull scraped there last UCL game 2-2 draw so
    Conclusion 1-1 draw
    Good luck all

  55. grantheaney 1 year ago

    West Ham right-back Ryan Fredericks looks overpriced for a card tonight at 3/1 with Bet 365. The Hammers defender has picked up 10 cards in his last 35 Premier League appearances and he should be kept busy tonight against star-studded Man City at the Etihad ⚠️

    • chelseagirl 1 year ago

      IAYE he will be busy v Jesus.

    • heisenberg 1 year ago

      Just read you on Twitter had to do a double take there Grant 😂

    • grantheaney 1 year ago

      Subbed after 60 minutes 🤮

  56. andymac1980 1 year ago

    Treble tonight:
    Man City win & over 3.5gls
    Atalanta win & over 2.5gls
    Spurs v Leipzig btts & over 2.5gls
    @ 7/1

    Card bets:
    Ferran Torres to be carded @ 3/1
    Hugo Lloris to be carded @ 16/2
    Double @ 67/1
    All with Bet365

    Free Bet punts with SkyBet Killie v Aberdeen:
    Red card @ 7/2
    Both teams red card @ 33/1

    • andymac1980 1 year ago

      Complete wipeout tonight. Went for far too much and should’ve kept it simple with Atalanta. Onwards and upwards……

  57. Samax 1 year ago

    Miranda Dnb, Atalanta GG,, Aberdeen GG,,,this should be aite

    • Samax 1 year ago

      Miranda Dnb, Atalanta GG,, Aberdeen GG,,,this should be aite….🧚‍♂️🧚‍♂️🧚‍♂️🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️🙌🙌🙌

  58. goalden oldie 1 year ago

    mirandes v real Zaragoza
    both teams to score
    Ladbrokes evens

    • elvis parsley 1 year ago


    • goalden oldie 1 year ago

      cheers elvis nice pick yourself

  59. grantheaney 1 year ago

    I also fancy a few cards to be dished out in Milan tonight in a match involving 2 teams who often deploy the dark arts. Value could lie with Valencia’s Daniel Wass at 4/1 – he has been booked 7 times this season. Adding Atalanta’s de Roon (12 cards) boosts the price up to 11/1

  60. alex. walker 1 year ago

    Is VAR only for offside?
    There was a cert pen for city just now.
    And on saturday a cert pen for liverpool to. Doesn’t give pens but takes away goals for a armpit or big toe is offside. Crazy.

    • Mr Fixit 1 year ago

      Pens, offsides and red cards.

    • sean567 1 year ago

      Pens are subjective so it’s still down to someone’s interpretation. Offside is black and white, that’s why youll see it getting that correct all the time.

  61. dps 1 year ago

    IN PLAY 24 mins

    Salford 11/4

  62. alex. walker 1 year ago

    Defo not for pens.

    • Mr Fixit 1 year ago

      Defo yes:
      The most subjective and potentially problematic area. Penalties can be awarded or rescinded using VAR if there has been a ‘clear and obvious error’ in the original decision.

  63. darran2015 1 year ago

    aberdeen and salford games over 1.5 goals 5.5/1
    good luck all

  64. jim burnside 1 year ago

    All that first half effort and 1 miserable goal for man city in first half DISSAPOINTING.

    • maccathered 1 year ago

      You can say that again mate.

  65. SlimJim 1 year ago

    Inplay Lewes over 3.5mgls@Evens

    • SlimJim 1 year ago

      Didn’t take long✔️

  66. maccathered 1 year ago

    I see the City fans are out in force getting behind their team,quarter full stadium for a Premier League game shocking.

    • sean567 1 year ago

      One things for sure- IF they do get demoted to league 2, they certainly have the support for it.

  67. HullShaker 1 year ago

    No joy last night and turning my thoughts to this Cops Libertadores U20 fixture…


    Looks inviting for goals and given match totals in both teams most recent games coupled with a strong Paraguayan youth project, I reckon it could be a tasty game.

    OVER 2.5 GOALS
    (4/5, bet365) NAP ⭐⭐⭐

    OVER 3.5 GOALS
    (7/4, bet365) NB ⭐

    Best of luck!

    • HullShaker 1 year ago

      Bobbins 👎👎👎

  68. wasclueless 1 year ago

    Atalanta, Man City Overs 11/10 Lost
    grrrr let down in Manchester …

  69. SlimJim 1 year ago

    Lewes over 4.5mgls@Evens

    • SlimJim 1 year ago

      ❌No harm done

  70. hunter 1 year ago

    A Killie corner short kills the NAP👎


    A good few days back and looking to add to that today with a Sky RAB double.

    Atalanta won’t sit back at home to and they should manage at least one goal and take 4 corners against a more defence minded Vakencia.

    I agree with cocker – the Scottish Cup game should be quite feisty between these two and both will be desperate to keep their season alive with a cup run. Both teams aren’t corner shy and 3 corners each isn’t a big ask.

    Champions League & Scottish Cup Double

    Atalanta v Valencia
    Atalanta to score 1+ goals & 4+ Atalanta Corners✅✅

    Kilmarnock v Aberdeen
    3+ Corners each team & 10+ booking points each team❌✅

    Double @ 21/20, Sky RAB (NAP)


  71. cockerspaniel 1 year ago

    Poor night in Kilmarnock all bets LOSERS . Well done any winners .

  72. grantheaney 1 year ago

    Death, taxes & Atalanta goals ☔⚽️

    A full house in my match preview after 66 minutes 🕺🏼💰

    BTTS ➖ 3/4 ✅

    Over 2.5 Match Goals ➖ 3/4 ✅

    BTTS & Over 2.5 Goals ➖ 11/10 ✅

    Well done all winners 👍

    • GigiKenzo 1 year ago

      Well done

    • elvis parsley 1 year ago

      Atalanta goals 👍⚽👍.
      Taxes I can deal with.
      Death ??, I will give that one a miss for the time being grant, although statistically it’s inevitable as some point.

  73. elvis parsley 1 year ago

    Kilmarnock v Aberdeen.
    Scottish cup.
    Btts 21-20 Betfair Nap..

    2 poor teams for goals hence the price.
    Hoping for just 1 each tonight.
    Prediction 1-1.
    Won’t be more than in this game imo.

    FINISHED 1-1.

    ⚽😁 WINNER😁⚽

    • GigiKenzo 1 year ago

      Nice one Elvis

    • maccathered 1 year ago

      Well in elvis done the draw at 7/4 after seeing your post,no joy from me City only scoring the one in the fist half and Parejo not getting booked.
      Well done all winners

    • elvis parsley 1 year ago

      Cheers macca.

      Looks like city are going to coast through the rest of the season.
      West ham usually cannon fodder for them.,
      Liverpool have broken them, now the euro ban has further taken the wind out of their sails.
      It’s shit or bust v Madrid now but for me they haven’t looked like euro champions material all season.
      Psg, juventus, Bayern, Barca not as strong as in recent seasons.
      As a united fan it pains me to say this but Liverpool look the likeliest should they beat athletico which I think they will, 3-1 maybe and they will have more or less tied the league up by then.

  74. GigiKenzo 1 year ago

    Nothing went to plan tonight. Been a poor couple of days. Well done winners.

  75. dc john boy 1 year ago

    All bets down

    Well done all winners

  76. SlimJim 1 year ago

    Here we go again
    Inplay Danubio u20 over 1.5mgls@10/11

    • SlimJim 1 year ago


  77. sean567 1 year ago

    P*ss poor from me today
    Man City o2.5tgs ❌
    Over 5.5 corners ✅
    West Ham o0.5 cards✅

    Atalanta v Valencia ✅
    Spurs v Leipzig ❌
    Over 2.5mgs

    Well done all the winners

  78. craneguy 1 year ago

    all 3 bets LOST…………..

    WD all with a winner…………

  79. craneguy 1 year ago

    brilliant from yer grant…………………

  80. SlimJim 1 year ago

    Here we go again
    2-1 down, on top
    Sp.Luqueño win 13/5
    dnb 6/4
    d/c 8/11
    Eggs firmly in one basket

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