LIVE SCORE makes grim reading on Tuesday with every game listed as postponed. Every one of them.

It was meant to be a night of big cup action with ties such as Bayern Munich vs Eintracht Frankfurt and AZ vs PSV but instead we have nothing.

Still no signs of a return for any major leagues but UEFA are meeting with member clubs so there could be an update.

The latest news from Scotland is a fear football might not return until October and that's going to lead to financial hardship for many.

But there was better news from Germany today with Bayern Munich chief executive Karl-Heinz Rummenigge telling the BBC games could return behind closed doors from May 9.

Well done to any winners on Monday and good luck if you find something apart from stay-at-home darts to have a punt on come Tuesday.

One upside is people are saving money. Was talking to one punter today who I used see in the bookies and he was saying he might not return when shops open again as he's saved about £500.

He bets mostly on horses and that's good to see but I prefer to look on football betting as a chance to make money and I'm missing it.

Meanwhile, the 2020 NFL Draft will controversially go ahead on Thursday and Coral make Joe Burrow 1-50 to be the first overall pick.

Chase Young is second best in the betting with the firm to be the opening selection while Tua Tagovailoa is 20-1.

Coral spokesman John Hill said: “Joe Burrow looks certain to be the first overall selection. He has had an incredible year in college football in 2019 and has topped our betting to be the first pick since we opened betting in January.”

Leagues Tipped:
  1. Bolinas14 4 years ago

    Things are bad when you can’t even get a fish supper let alone a chance to do what we do best- er, losing money.
    Direct your gaze to the Irish Daily Millions draw- a wee double there pays 30/1 and four draws a day.
    Get on and get winning and today make sure you do number 21 …….let’s go!

  2. Deano86 4 years ago

    How dull is life with no sport lol

  3. jinx 4 years ago

    when was the last time there wasnt a single football match on, im sure even xmas day somebody plays 🤔

    • Jointhedots 4 years ago

      I watched a full card of the Bolivian Premier league on Xmas evening jinx and it felt strange and i actually won some money.

  4. Deano86 4 years ago

    We’d kill now for a bit of bolivian football 🤣

    • Jointhedots 4 years ago

      Too right Deano. One of the best leagues for goals

  5. 4 years ago

    FIFA eSports Aston Villa (McGinn) eSports v Brighton (Maupay) eSports
    Maupay to win 4/7*****
    Live on skysports and premier league YouTube and
    Kick off shortly
    McGinn has been interviewed before hand and says he doesn’t play the game much only been playing for the last 4 weeks. He’s called it a David v Goliath match.

    Maupay plays the FIFA game a lot so feel that only one winner here .

    • 4 years ago

      FIFA eSports Aston Villa (McGinn) eSports v Brighton (Maupay) eSports
      Maupay to win 4/7*****


  6. 4 years ago

    Skybet have limited amount I’ve wacked on Maupay which is frustrating . But hopefully they offer Inplay market

  7. 4 years ago

    4-0 Brighton Maupay at half time it’s in the bag.
    What swung the big stake was the pre match interview where super John McGinn says he hardly plays and Maupay plays all the time and has a gamer chair.

    I think the pre match interview can be seen as the team news and will give an indication of how good a player is at FIFA 20 video game

    The other matches today are

    Josh Franceschi (ARS) Nathaniel Chalobah Dwight McNeil (BUR) v Ryan Fredericks (WHU)
    Philip Billing (BOU) v Angus Gunn (SOU)

    I know Phil billing is a good player and going well in another tournament. Big favourite in this match but the other 2 could have some value as odds against

    The goal lines and overs have been set at 4.5 or over .
    Can be plenty of goals in these fifa matches and tournaments
    And the bookies have adjusted accordingly for this as over 2.5 goals and over 3.5 goals regularly coming in #stayIntertoto cup

    Anyway if I hear any decent team news on rest of matches pre match I’ll post up here

    Best wishes.

    • Mr Fixit 4 years ago

      Nice one.

    • alex_mufc83 4 years ago

      Good shout well done

  8. xbets 4 years ago

    Table tennis 1325
    inform Andrii peretiatko to beat Bortsov
    @6/5 Skybet

    • jaymcc14 4 years ago

      great tip, have you any others regarding the rest of todays table tennis action?

    • xbets 4 years ago

      Roman Pavlenko to beat V.Memashkalo 1400
      Roman Pavlenko to beat A Petrov 1530
      double can be one only with Labrokes

  9. buzzer 4 years ago

    How’re every ones outright bets going?

    I have one up whare if everything had gone as normal I would be sitting on £500 from Ladbrokes

    League cup – Man city (8/15)

    league two- Swindon (7/5)

    Scots premiership- Celtic (8/13)

    Scots league two- Cove (3/10)

    La Liga- Barcelona (8/15)

    Serie A- Juventus (1/2)

    Dfb Pokal- Bayern (13/10)

    Coupe de Ligue – PSG (3/10)

    placed in-store on self-service till on 07/01/20

    £10 rtns £531.45 (53.15/1)

    Damn Corona!!

    • Mr Fixit 4 years ago

      That’s a sore one.

  10. 4 years ago

    6-1 to Maupay in first eSports match

    Next we have Josh Franceschi (ARS) Nathaniel Chalobah (WAT)

    Franceschi is a singer and doesn’t feel too confident playing this match up by his own admission but got to a final and lost to Jose Enrique a few years back 2013 ! Though he says he’s average

    Chalobah just been spoken to and said he isn’t very good.

    So take Arsenal and Franceschi at even money

    • jaymcc14 4 years ago

      any tips regarding McNeil and Frederichs?

    • 4 years ago

      Premier league ESports invitational
      Franceschi at even money wins a cracking match
      And over 4.5 goals at evens lands again !
      7 goals in both matches so far.

      Arsenal 4-3 Watford ****win

  11. lossie jim 4 years ago

    One for tomorrow

    FK Khujand and btts @ 9/5

  12. sean567 4 years ago

    Speaking of sunny and rainy days mr f there’s an oz betting site (and probably more) that will let you bet on the weather if your really stuck for posting tips 😂 ☀️ ☔️

  13. 4 years ago

    Well so far in the 2 epremier league invitational matches its been both overs on the goals and the favourite winning
    Dwight McNeil is fave at 5/4
    Over 4.5 goals is evens
    Burnley v West Ham starts around 245pm

    I’m not sure on this match so it’s my bet rather than a tip.

    Watched Fredricks a bit in #stayintertoto cup and his results in group matches: 2-2 3-3 and a 4-0 win
    He recently lost in round 16 to Swansea 3-2 and 5-2 so 8-4 on aggregate.

    Fredricks has advantages of recently playing though there is a lot of talk on O’Neil I’ve only seen him lose to Wan Bisska 2-1

    As Fredricks plays quite open and as it’s a one off match hoping attacking game I’ll also take over 4.5 goals for even money

  14. 4 years ago

    Kick off delayed be about 2.55pm

  15. 4 years ago

    Heard ‘team news’ -take the favourite again Dwight McNeill 5/4 .
    McNeill being bigged up for the win pre match.

    Fredrick’s says he doesn’t play FIFA as much as other games now (despite him recently playing in tournament ! Mind games? ) claims he hasn’t played for months but says he “just wants to go out and score some goals ”

    So I happy to take O’Neill . Match still hasn’t started !coverage on YouTube premier league and sky sports channels

  16. 4 years ago

    Esports invitational

    3-2 win ! 2-0 up Fredericks brought it back to 2-2! But the fave won out with McNeill scoring with himself .
    Good game again !

    Overs 4.5 goals ** win **
    Fave Burnley McNeill 5/4 win ***

    Dwight McNeil (BUR) v Ryan Fredericks (WHU) thank you !!

  17. 4 years ago

    Phillip Billing Bournemouth who is rated well at FIFA 20 and have some money on him to win the #stayintertoto cup at 33/1 and 16/1 .

    In the premier league inviting he’s at 4/11 going up against Gunn I’m Southampton .
    I can only see a straightforward win here not much value as such.
    Overs is 4.5 8/11

    Its limited my pile on Billing /Bournemouth win at sky bet so am off out for exercise !

    May look to tip up some #stayintertocup matches later though really for those , they have been at times unpredictable and 2 legged affairs learnt to take over 2.5 goal markets

    Bookies have clipped those over prices as they were getting hammered !

    Cheers all stay safe
    Hope made some people a nice wedge

  18. 4 years ago

    The beauty of winning these bets I’ve managed to make some donations and help a few people as well as enjoy very serious money wins
    The bookies have now limited my accounts on amounts betting and it’s restrictions that I thought I never have as never been amazing at winning . But I guess as I’m so far up and high up it’s now restricted how much I can pile on with!

    Anyway bets of luck and there is Darts coverage around . Not a sport I’m so familiar but probably again some value to be found for those who know.

    Right I’m out!

  19. chumpchange 4 years ago

    Thanks Maddison. Mr F perhaps one for you to consider with your site team is setting up a separate thread for e-sports and asking Maddison and possible others to get involved. Some traditionalists may never view is a real sport but its the only thing we have to watch at the moment and its growing all the time.

    • Mr Fixit 4 years ago

      Great tips from Maddison today. For us to have its own thread would need a write-up rather than just comments so happy to have them on the main thread.

  20. alex_mufc83 4 years ago

    Having a dabble on the ePremierLeague games tomorrow, last round of games all were high scoring, seeing 1-6, 4-3, 3-2, 4-0, going with the same tomorrow;


    Man City (Sterling) v Palace (Zaha) – O3.5 MGls
    Man Utd (Grennan) v Liverpool (Alexander-Arnold) – O3.5 MGls
    Chelsea (James) v Everton (Gomes) – O3.5 MGls

    11/10 (various)
    2 POINTS

  21. craneguy 4 years ago


    kuktosh btts no draw 5/4

  22. 4 years ago

    Hey just checking in here I note Mr F thread header and that saving money for a more appropriate time would be most advised so sorry if I clogged the thread with the eSports.

    Personally I wouldn’t be as bold to be tipping and see the eSports FIFA charity tournaments as a bit of fun and also luck .

    There are a lot of darts on this evening which some may find some value specially if watching inplay
    And Remote

    Some of it screened on youtube and also online on betting sites .

    May be worth looking at that but just like to say I wouldn’t like to our myself forward as a tipster for eSports despite the fortune in luck and money I can see why it may be seen as deviating from the ethos of this site so apologize to the betting regulars .

    Best wishes and stay safe

    Darts tip
    David Evans v Scott Mitchell
    Modus Icons of Darts 18:00
    Live on YouTube

    I don’t know much about darts but going to go with this .
    Now looking it up head to head they have played twice (Friday and Saturday) each winning 5 legs to 4 close encounters both times.
    I going to take the punt with match over 7.5 legs at evens Due to the close encounters the 2 have had only a few days ago

    • Mr Fixit 4 years ago

      It’s as quiet as you can imagine so carry on.

    • 4 years ago

      5-2 to Evans so no luck there .

      Think I’ll call it a day on any shout outs and will just observe any tips on here and such like.

  23. elvis parsley 4 years ago

    Pdc home darts.
    Luke Humphries v Devon Peterson
    Over 7.5 match legs.
    4-5 ( Boyle sports) NAP.

  24. elvis parsley 4 years ago

    Kuktosh Rudaki v FK Khujand
    Wednesday 22nd April 2020 14:00
    Tajikistan Vyschaya Liga

    BTTS 8-11 (bethard) (150% stake or 1.5 points if you please) to make it worthwhile NAP.

    Other bets to consider
    Btts and under 4.5 match goals 6-4 (skybet) NB
    Khujland win and over 2.5 match goals 11-10 (bethard).
    Btts and over 2.5 match goals evens. (skybet)

    Khujland won all 6 h2h in last 2 years and scored 2 or more in each game.
    4 of these seen btts.

    • Alves 4 years ago

      I’ve got this in GIBH treble wi 2 up on Monday wi ma free fiver, thought it was being played yesterday when I took it

  25. elvis parsley 4 years ago

    Pdc home darts 🎯
    Luke Humphries v Devon Peterson 🎯
    Over 7.5 match legs.
    4-5 ( Boyle sports) NAP 🎯.

    Smashing great super (words of the late great Jim ‘bullseye’ Bowen)
    Finished 5-4 to Humphries.


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