Leagues Tipped:

THE NHS were the big winners on Saturday as the Virtual Grand National went off without a fuss.

It was just a bit of fun in a world without very little entertainment and bookies reported average stakes of £2 so everyone kept it sensible and of course profits went to charity.

I thought Tiger Roll would win for a hat-trick and that would have been a headline maker but it was Potters Corner who took the honour with the favourite placing.

Again the Belarus games didn't go to plan with two out of three short-priced favourites losing and I won't be having a punt on Sunday's games at Bgu Minsk, Vitebsk and Isloch.

Well done to any winners on Saturday and good luck to those having a bet on Sunday as Belarus is joined by week one of the Tajikstan league.

On the pools there were again eight score draws and from my selections I picked four out of eight which was again a decent effort but remember it's like doing the lottery so don't play it for seriously stakes.

  1. craneguy 6 months ago

    nite owl

    juventus managua red card in game 15/8

    landed in past 4 from 5 and further back 8 from 10

    • craneguy 6 months ago

      will take a wee nibble on a player from each team sent off at 16/1 on sky

  2. radu 6 months ago

    Basketball Tadjikistan
    ⚫ Legends vs Diesel Power – under 146.5 @ 1.80
    ⚫ Faeton vs DIS – DIS over 55.5 @ 1.90
    Basketball Taiwan
    ⚫ Pauian vs Taiwan Beer – Pauian +6.5 @ 1.84
    ⚫ Jeoutai vs Yulon – Yulon – 5.5 @ 1.85

  3. HullShaker 6 months ago

    Three Nicaraguan Youth games this evening – goals appeal in all 3!

    (2/1, bet365) ⭐⭐ ✅


    • radu 6 months ago


    • dc john boy 6 months ago

      Nice one hull

    • alex_mufc83 6 months ago

      Well done Hull!

    • elvis parsley 6 months ago


    • maccathered 6 months ago

      Cracking shout hull

    • HullShaker 6 months ago

      Cheers lads 👍

  4. radu 6 months ago

    Football Nicaragua
    ⚫ Jalapa vs Chinandega – Jalapa – 1AH @ 1.85
    ⚫ Ferretti vs Esteli – over 2 (AT) goals @ 1.78

  5. chedaz 6 months ago

    Nicaragua P. League:
    Real Madriz- Managua fc# Draw(X)
    Result: 1 – 1 WON
    Deportivo Ocotal – Las Sabanas#1
    Result: 0 – 0 Lost

  6. chedaz 6 months ago

    sorry this is the correct outcome
    Nicaragua P. League:
    Real Madriz- Managua fc# Draw(X)
    Result: 0 – 0 WON
    Deportivo Ocotal – Las Sabanas#1
    Result: 1 – 1 Lost

  7. jinx 6 months ago

    Isloch v slutsk. Isloch have only lost 2 out of 18 home games, slutsk lost 4 from 5 aways, isloch last 6 at home scored exactly 1 goal and last 2 matches were 1-0, slutsk lost last match 1-0. Isloch a bit short at 3/4 but 1-0 is 18/5 also on isloch and under 2.5mg at 21/10. Not much else to bet on so il be on all 3

  8. kf 6 months ago

    There have been several comments making reference to well paid footballers making a contribution (financial) in these extraordinary times we find ourselves…

    Whilst I would say in the ‘short term’ it would be a great gesture, it is actually in their (collective) interest for how they will be though of, when all this is over…

    However, I think footballers are a bit of an easy target and there are others that could make a much bigger impact, but no-one ever seems to mention. The 2019 Rich List shows Britain’s 1,000 richest individuals and families hold a record wealth of £771.3 billion. I’m pretty sure they could afford to throw a few bob into the hat?

    One thing that CV19 has brought into focus is that it is a global problem and the only way we will ever sort this old world out is to address the fundamental balance between the haves and the have nots.

    • mr h 6 months ago

      The problem isn’t so much the footballers not contributing,it’s the clubs themselves putting the common 158 worker who earn minimum wage on furlough while they’re still paying footballers £100,000 or so a week. Why not just subsidise the non playing staff with money from within the club ie players/boardroom salaries ?…if anyone doesn’t think this is wrong they need to give their head a wobble.

      Dan Levy took a £7m bonus for building a stadium,could have paid the non playing staff from that little nest egg but that’s as fanciful as my hair growing back

  9. 6 months ago

    Great Mr Fixit. You have been doing well on your pools picks. As you pinpointed, your selections last week were out early. Although, I didn’t see it, please, let this week be as early as that. Thanks

  10. alex_mufc83 6 months ago

    The 3 Belarus games
    Over 4.5 cards
    2 POINTS

    Cards continue to flow in this league and landed in all 3 yesterday, decent chance today too.

    All 3 Belarus games
    Over 1.5 MGls
    2 POINTS

    • kf 6 months ago

      Nicely done Alex. Wonder if Cocker did his favourite red card trixie?

  11. elvis parsley 6 months ago

    Burundi primus league

    Bujumbura city v burnamuru 12-30 ko.
    Bujumbura city to score 4-11.

    Olympic star v Lydia ludic 2-00 ko.
    Olympic star to score 6-10.

    Double pays 6-5 (hills).

  12. chedaz 6 months ago

    Belarus league:
    Energetik BGU- Fc Minsk#GG & OV25
    acca low stake:
    Energetik BGU- Fc Minsk#X
    Fc Vitebsk- Smolevichi#1X
    Isloch- Slutsk#1&Un25

  13. chedaz 6 months ago

    fc Vitebsk- Smolevichi should be Draw or Away

  14. GregBrowning 6 months ago

    Really wanted to find something worth backing from the Three Belarusian game but just couldn’t

    The Minsk game is a bit short for over 2.5 goals and a bit of lottery trying to pick teams to win this early in the season so no bet from me

    Good luck if you are having one

    Maybe keep an eye out on the games inplay for corners in the last 20 mins

  15. craneguy 6 months ago

    no luck on the nite owls, strangely not a single card in the game either……………….

    • kyle b 6 months ago

      7 Yellows in the game Crane with 6 of them picked up by Juve.

    • craneguy 6 months ago

      cheers kyle thought it was strange flashscore show none

  16. kyle b 6 months ago

    Smolevechi vs Vitebsk

    Vitebsk 30+ Booking Points @ 4/5 *NAP*
    Vitebsk 40+ Booking Points @ 9/4

    • kyle b 6 months ago

      Both **WON**

  17. GregBrowning 6 months ago

    7 Yellows 🟡
    1 Red 🔴
    15 corners ⛳️
    2 goals ⚽️

    Another game from Belarus laden with cards and corners

    A bit more insight for next week

    • El Gooner 6 months ago

      Watched the whole game Greg and having watched quite a few of these Belarus games now I can safely say that Energetik team is by some distance the best side in the league. Really positive play again. Even when they went a man down. Will be backing them from now on.

    • kyle b 6 months ago

      Watched a considerable amount of games myself and I gotta agree with that, they look very good indeed while the likes of Bate who I guess are faves for the title have been abysmal. Energetik play Torpedo next weekend and the price of 12/5 for the win doesn’t look bad at all considering there excellent start. Bate are again odds on and may be worth opposing as well.

    • El Gooner 6 months ago

      Glad you agree Kyle as it reinforces my opinion.
      Will be all over that at 12/5 as well as double chance. None of the other sides have impressed for me at all. 👍

  18. El Gooner 6 months ago

    Smolevichi v Vitbesk

    Red card shown 3/1 at hills


    • GregBrowning 6 months ago

      Well in fella 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽🔴

      Was a bit harsh I thought 😂

    • kyle b 6 months ago

      Well done on the Red mate, they are dirty gits this Vitebsk side nearly took his head off 😂

    • El Gooner 6 months ago

      Cheers guys.
      Ill take it harsh or not!

      The red in the previous game was harsh also, both bookings were soft for me. Lots of other dirty plsy goes on which is harder to see. Lots of flying elbows. Crouchy would be proud.

    • kyle b 6 months ago

      More dangerous than the high boot that the Undertaker performed on AJ Styles on that rooftop last night anyway!

  19. HullShaker 6 months ago

    Afternoon gents,

    Walter Feretti Youth back in action and quite like the price for 4 or more…low stakes stuff again but they are consistent games for goals and this will be 5 winners on the bounce which, given the cards, I’ll take all day long.


    OVER 3.5 GOALS
    (1/1, bet365) ⭐⭐

    Best of luck!

  20. El Gooner 6 months ago

    Sltusk have started brightly.

    Having a nibble on Fc Slutsk 1st goal at 9/4
    1 point.

    • El Gooner 6 months ago


    • El Gooner 6 months ago

      Reckon there’s another goal in this half. Pretty end to end.

      Over 1.5 fh goals.


    • El Gooner 6 months ago

      No joy, somehow there was a second of stoppage only.
      Plenty of chances though

  21. kf 6 months ago

    Nicaragua: Liga Primera – Clausura

    11.00 Jalapa v Chinandega
    12.00 Walter Ferretti v Real Esteli

    Jalapa and Esteli Win Double @ 1.67 (Skybet)

  22. chedaz 6 months ago

    Belarus League:
    Energetik BGU- Fc Minsk#GG & OV25
    NAP (Lost)
    ACCA low stake
    Energetik- fc Minsk#X
    fc Vitebsk- Smolevchi#X2
    Isloch- Slutsk# 1 & UN25

  23. maccathered 6 months ago

    No joy on the goals front in the Minsk game finished 2-0,skysports are getting desperate reporting on the Belarus league.

  24. maccathered 6 months ago

    I see Uefa has done a U-turn and is allowing live football at 3.00pm on Saturdays ,great to hear.

    • jstuhhs 6 months ago

      Looks like we will be watching at least a game a day for afew weeks once we restart


    • Mr Fixit 6 months ago

      It’s only for a limited time because of you know what.

  25. GregBrowning 6 months ago

    All three games had a red card today

    • maccathered 6 months ago

      I know mate i was on the treble at 34/1.

    • maccathered 6 months ago

      9/4 9/4 9/4 not a bad league this Belarus lol

    • kyle b 6 months ago

      Nice one 👍 Didn’t think there would be a red at all today me lol.

    • alex_mufc83 6 months ago

      Great league for cards. Got 76/1 with Mr Green for the red treble

    • maccathered 6 months ago

      Well in alex that is some difference,prices are skinny with skybet.

    • alex_mufc83 6 months ago

      Yeah Macca was surprised, only stuck a quid on it as thought was highly unlikely all 3 would land but there you go

  26. jinx 6 months ago

    Well my isloch prediction got blown out the water but 3 matches and 3 red cards wow. Doubles and a treble wish i had more than 8quid. Defo cards the way to go with this league

    • kyle b 6 months ago

      All about picking the right games though Belarus like any other league, noticed there was only 5 Yellows in the 2 games on Friday for example. Unlucky with the Isloch bet, I thought they would edge that game prematch.

  27. craneguy 6 months ago

    will have a go on hulls u20s game tonite………..

    o3.5mgs 10/11
    o4.5mgs 2/1

    both on sky

  28. alex_mufc83 6 months ago

    Goal treble 1 short but Cards land;

    The 3 Belarus games
    Over 4.5 cards ✅✅✅
    2 POINTS


    Had a quid on 3 reds too for a nice bonus.

  29. jinx 6 months ago

    Virtual f1. Ben Stokes to finish top 10, 6/1 😂 gotta be worth a punt hes driving a red bull u know 😁. Jenson Button 33/1 3places 1/5 of the odds- hes always been real good in a simulator.

  30. elvis parsley 6 months ago

    Well my double earlier was reduced to an 4-11 single winner due to postponement of the Olympic star game in play, probably another locust storm 😨.
    NAP for later.

    Nicaragua premier midnight ko.
    Walters ferrets v real esteli
    Btts EVENS (hills) NAP.

    Walters ferrets are usually good for a goal at home having failed to net just once in last 10 homes and that was v leaders Managua, and come up against a solid esteli outfit who have conceded more often than normal away recently (11 in 13).

    Prediction 1-1.

    • maccathered 6 months ago

      It finished 6-0 to the homeside Elvis

    • elvis parsley 6 months ago


      ****CORRECTION ****
      my bet from earlier has now been confirmed as a 6-5 win after game 2 vanished in play at half time 🙈.

      Burundi primus league

      Bujumbura city v burnamuru 12-30 ko.
      Bujumbura city to score 4-11.

      Olympic star v Lydia ludic 2-00 ko.
      Olympic star to score 6-10.

      Double pays 6-5 (hills).


      Wouldn’t have bothered with Walters ferret NAP later had I known it wasn’t abandoned but letting it run now as there is no more footy for a few days.

      Well done winners on the reds in Belarus, it’s always been a tetchy league for goals and reliable teams to win but it seems there are other avenues to profit there.

  31. bertie 6 months ago

    3 missed pens in the first 35 minutes of the Japala u20 game lol

  32. HullShaker 6 months ago

    4th goal on the half hour mark 😀⚽️😀⚽️😀


    OVER 3.5 GOALS
    (1/1, bet365) ⭐⭐ ✅


  33. ianlinds03 6 months ago

    Great Shooting Hull 😁😁

  34. craneguy 6 months ago

    nite owl

    both remaining games at 11 & 12 btts 3/1

  35. craneguy 6 months ago

    will have a go on hulls u20s game tonite………..

    o3.5mgs 10/11 WON
    o4.5mgs 2/1 WON

    WD hull that must be 5 or 6 naps in a row for ye now………………. gallus

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