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THAT'S two weekends without football and it's got to the stage Saturdays feel just like any other day.

With nothing happening in the world the days roll into one and if it wasn't for my work rota I'd have no idea where I was.

Instead of going to a match I took the dog a big walk, got my elderly and self-isolated mum some shopping, tidied the garden a bit and that was about it. On an exciting scale of 1-10 that was a big fat zero.

My Belarus treble bombed early but well done to all the winners and especially those on cards – in the four matches there were 27 yellows and one red so something worth considering when looking at Sunday's two games between Smolevichi vs Isloch and Neman Grodno vs Vitebsk.

I've looked at the games but Belarus football isn't easy to call and in the opening two weekends there have been plenty of surprises including two defeats for BATE. Could be two draws today but cards look the way to go if you can find a value bet.

I did the pools again but it was a tougher card as it was international week so I managed just three draws from eight. I was pleased though to pick Edinburgh City vs Cove Rangers as it's clear the Panel are looking at tables ahead of form so when two sides close to each other in the table meet the chances are they'll go for a draw.

Like last weekend they picked exactly eight score draws and that's a little disappointing as we could do with a few more. I've listed all the draws in case you want to check your coupon.

Pools Panel Score Draws

  • Burton (3)
  • Rotherham (8)
  • Grimsby (16)
  • Port Vale (20)
  • Peterhead (28)
  • Edinburgh City (32)
  • Bromley (37)
  • Fylde (39)

No Score Draws

  • Tranmere (11)
  • Mansfield (18)
  • Alloa (24)
  • Stirling (34)
  • Woking (45)
  1. elvis parsley 10 months ago

    Nicaragua premier .
    Midnight ko.

    Managua v diriangen.

    Btts 8-11 (NAP).
    Btts and over 2 corners each EVENS NB.
    Both at hills

    • elvis parsley 10 months ago

      I’m now living the life of folk that have no interest in sport and it’s focin boring as foc.

    • kyle b 10 months ago

      Well in Elvis on the bets, keep your head up sir 👍

  2. kyle b 10 months ago

    27 Yellows and 1 Red in the four Belarus matches Mr F

    Managua vs Driangen
    Managua 30+ Booking Points @ Evens *NAP*

    Neman Grodno vs FC Vitebsk
    60+ Booking Points @ Evens *NB*
    Red Card @ 17/5 *Small Stake*

    • Mr Fixit 10 months ago

      Sorry I’ve forgotten how to count as well as play golf.

  3. alex. walker 10 months ago

    Am sorry lads but betting on these leagues that are still playing around the world is just like opening your front door and throwing your money into the wind. Just stop. Delete your accounts and wait till life gets back to normal. SAVE YOUR MONEY!!!!

    • Mr Fixit 10 months ago

      I’d say play with minimum stakes and it’s OK. Some guys have done well on these leagues.

    • kyle b 10 months ago

      Alex, bookies are now offering markets they wouldn’t typically have the time to price up and there are still some sound betting opportunities out there.

    • sean567 10 months ago

      There is no way folk have been betting on these leagues previously or will be betting on these leagues once the rest of the world re starts so it’s betting for the sake of betting which indicates a problem small stakes or not.
      I had a similar day to you mr f, took dug a walk done some stuff for family who are stuck in, got the food shopping in and started painting my fence, boring as hell but it was better than betting in Belarus!

    • GregBrowning 10 months ago

      Like others I’ve had great success since football finished 2 weeks ago on the leagues that have been available.

      Providing you do your research and keep stakes sensible there is absolutely nothing wrong with betting on these leagues and it’s a short sighted to just say people are throwing their money away

      Sean, I’m afraid you are wrong, your day didn’t beat betting on Football in Belarus as a lot people had a good day and as Kyle pointed out some bookies were offering full markets which made finding value and a betting opportunity much easier.

      Just because it’s not for you doesn’t mean those that do back of have a problem

    • sean567 10 months ago

      Trust me Greg, a day out the back garden with my family instead of checking alerts from bet 365 was better. Not knocking the folk who are researching etc as per usual I said the folk betting for the sake of betting indicated a problem. Each to their own but I’ve been down some dark roads, I know the signs.

    • Mr Fixit 10 months ago

      All day in the garden and all day with the family – I’m sorry that’s not possible especially if it’s something you’re not used to.
      Got to be doing something to break up the day – anyway it’s still pretty cold up here. I tried to sit out with a neighbour last night but was forced inside.

    • maccathered 10 months ago

      Your a bore sean and i’m not sure thread is for you mate.

    • sean567 10 months ago

      Aw well macca I’m sorry a wee warning to folk to make them think, so perhaps thru gambling they don’t end up with mountains of debt or stealing from their family or having to let other folk control your money because u can’t be trusted or any of the other things I used to do, is boring to u, but then again your an addict and this thread is 100 % for you.

    • elvis parsley 10 months ago

      If that’s the case why are you spending time away from your family logging in, scrolling down and commenting on a betting forum at this time ?.
      It’s a small distraction in the current monotonous life we have, can only walk the dog, cut the grass, watch repeats of prisoner cell block h so many times in one day.

      Itv showing the virtual grand national and bookies offering odds next Saturday is a bit much though .
      If this is a bookies ploy to entice people to sign up and bet online at this time it’s not clever.
      Bit like those mind robbing virtual cartoons in bookies shops.
      What next a wacky races tricast.
      My personal standard bet was.
      1. Penelope pitstop.
      2. Professor pat pending.
      3. The ant hill mob.
      These would normally give you a good run for your money.
      Dastardly would normally not finish, the cavemen spent most of the time hitting each other with clubs, and Peter perfect was always doing his make up and not really focused on the job in hand 😁

    • Mr Fixit 10 months ago

      Bookies are businesses – and like almost every business they too are suffering.
      Most say about 85 per cent of turnover comes from sports betting so they have to try something to protect their future and also jobs of loads of people who don’t get paid much, for example shop staff.
      The virtual Grand National should be treated like playing the lottery – put on a couple of quid for an interest and that’s it.

    • maccathered 10 months ago

      I have no bet days as i’m sure others do on here,but having a tickle there is no harm in that,i only bet what i can afford and i certainly don’t chase losses.

    • sand 10 months ago

      My betvictor balance the last two weeks would disagree. Do a bit of research but as said yesterday the Belarus league has been amazing for cards. Not a league any of us normally bet on but if you reduce stakes and benefit what’s the problem?

  4. seamus 10 months ago

    I’ve made more money from these crazy leagues than the premier league!!

    Managua vs Driangen
    2 goals first half Boom
    3 goals first half Boom

    Over 2.5 goals Done !!!!!

  5. seamus 10 months ago

    oops goal wasn’t allowed

  6. kyle b 10 months ago

    6 Yellows in opening half hour in Nicaragua, be a miracle if one of those don’t turn into a red. Shame no bookie out there will offer an Inplay price & market for it, need one more Managua yellow for me NAP 🤞🏻

    • kyle b 10 months ago

      NAP home in opening 45, had a good bit of everything going on in that 1st half.

  7. elvis parsley 10 months ago

    Nicaragua premier .
    Midnight ko.

    Managua v diriangen.

    Btts 8-11 (NAP).
    Btts and over 2 corners each EVENS NB.
    Both at hills.

    Both done inside 30 minutes.

    • elvis parsley 10 months ago

      A rare in play (boredom) bet for me.
      Race to 2 goals live
      MANAGUA EVENS (hills).

    • elvis parsley 10 months ago

      One game 3 winners 😁.

    • oneoff 10 months ago

      Well done elvis

    • HullShaker 10 months ago


  8. Alves 10 months ago

    Real Esteni v Depotivo Las Sabanas 02.00 Sunday – Nicaragua

    3 corners each team 5/4 👍👍👍

    In before HT

    • kyle b 10 months ago

      Cracking find Alavés, Well done 👍

  9. Brayo 10 months ago

    The current leagues playing can be spotted although it’s a big risk and betting small is better..

    This is an awesome channel to check out

  10. xbets 10 months ago

    Table tennis double
    Ruslan Dereha to win vs Vladislav Volokhov 0815
    Ivan Fashchevskiy to win v Vladislav Volokhov 0925
    @1.71/1 Skybet

  11. xbets 10 months ago

    Table tennis double #2
    Sergey Tsybulin to win v Serhii Boiko 0955
    Ruslan Dereha to win v Serhii Kubrak 1055
    11/10 Skybet

  12. cockerspaniel 10 months ago

    Going for over 9 corners in the 2 matches in Belarus
    Double pays just under 7/2 Bet365

  13. El Gooner 10 months ago

    Going for a pair of draws in Belarus today.
    Pure punt, since the season began there have been 14 matches played with only 1 draw.
    Hoping that increases to 3 draws by the end of today. Good luck everyone 👍

    Isloch minsk DRAW
    Neman DRAW

    Double 8.75/1

  14. cockerspaniel 10 months ago

    Also on the red card and pens in Belarus
    Best prices for the reds is Unibet
    Best price for pens is Hills

  15. HullShaker 10 months ago

    Morning gents,

    A good day by many yesterday by looks of things – I needed 4 goals in my pick and with 3 within the opening 38 minutes, I thought it’d be an easy win…sod all after that 😂

    Still, I’m sticking with the Nicaraguan Youth theme and reckon this one looks a touch to generous for 4 or more…small stakes but certainly worth ago:

    Walter Ferretti U20 VS. Chinandega U20

    OVER 3.5 GOALS
    (5/4, bet365) NAP ⭐⭐⭐

    Best of luck!

    • lossie jim 10 months ago

      Aye Hull your over 3.5 goals bet yesterday let me down for a nice wee 4 timer, at 3-0 after 36 minutes I thought I was “home and hosed”!!

    • HullShaker 10 months ago

      Better luck tonight hopefully Jim 🤞

  16. xbets 10 months ago

    Table tennis double #3
    Serhii Kubrak to win v Vladislav Volokhov 1145
    Ruslan Dereha to win v Oleksii Tytyunnik 1220
    0.93/1 Skybet

  17. Bolinas14 10 months ago

    It seems like they play it safe with 8 score draws every week. It doesn’t suit me or my plan though. How do you get on to this Pools Panel so you won’t come up with results like Rotherham v Gillingham score draw!!
    The truth is it suits the Football Pools to have 8 draws as that is the nice average number.

    • Mr Fixit 10 months ago

      The Panel are going to take some shocks just like there are shocks every Saturday.
      I don’t who is on the panel just now but it will be the likes of former footballers and pundits.

  18. aarron19888 10 months ago

    both teams red card vitebsk game 19/1, boosted to 20/1 PP

    60 plus bps 1/1 sky bet

  19. jstuhhs 10 months ago

    I have to agree with Macca and only bet what you can afford to LOSE.

    never gamble any more than that and dont chase losses

    • Mr Fixit 10 months ago

      Only bet what you can afford to lose should always be the mantra – even when everything returns to normal.

  20. Alves 10 months ago

    The Belarus Specials back on and firing the £1.56 that I got on free spins is on a goal & 3 corners each half double at 10/1. Massive price considering usually the trebles pay 6 or 7/1 so 1 game less

  21. xbets 10 months ago

    Table tennis 1330
    single bet
    Prokhor Puhach to Win v Ruslan Dereha
    @5/6 Skybet last main bet for the afternoon 3pts

    • xbets 10 months ago

      cover available

  22. paultheball 10 months ago

    How do you find that bet on sky Alves?

    • Alves 10 months ago

      In the featured football men under Belarus Requestabets

  23. jim burnside 10 months ago

    Alvesta golf women have there classy right back out injured in this upcoming friendly on b365.

    • Alves 10 months ago

      GoIF not golf, obviously not done enough research on them Jim 😂

  24. kf 10 months ago

    Anyone know where to see ALL the results for the world club friendlies (particularly, the ones saying FRO)…?
    Cheers in advance…

    • Mr Fixit 10 months ago

      Live score and flashscore have loads but don’t know what you’re looking for.

    • maccathered 10 months ago

      Futball24 usually good pete

    • kf 10 months ago

      Cheers. live/flashscore showing FTO for some results. Will tryFutball24, thanks Mac…

  25. sand 10 months ago

    Both belarus games had over 60 booking points and 20+ each team. Oh but we shouldn’t be betting on them.

  26. craneguy 10 months ago

    poor in nicragua u20s last nite only 1 from 3 correct on the patent returns £5.50 for the £17.50 staked………………

    sticking with that league again tonite…………..

    jalapa & ferreti 20s overs 13/10

  27. kyle b 10 months ago

    Managua vs Driangen
    Managua 30+ Booking Points @ Evens *NAP*

    Neman Grodno vs FC Vitebsk

    60+ Booking Points @ Evens *NB*

    Red Card @ 17/5 *Small Stake*

    • cockerspaniel 10 months ago

      Well done on the bookings Kyle .

    • aarron19888 10 months ago

      good job kyle

    • jono5000 10 months ago

      Smashed it cheers pal

    • kyle b 10 months ago

      Cheers lads!

  28. aarron19888 10 months ago

    60 plus bps 1/1 sky bet


    thank christ, and was entertaining watching while working lol , these prices gonna get battered over the coming weeks haahah

  29. cockerspaniel 10 months ago

    Not a great day for me in Belarus . One pen bet WON . All other bets LOSERS.

  30. kf 10 months ago

    Still 2 games (friendlies) I can find results for:

    Holsby (Swe) v Lenhovda (Swe)
    Team TG FF (W) (Swe) v Lulea (W) (Swe)

    Anyone know them?…Cheers. Pete

    • kf 10 months ago

      *Can’t* find…

  31. Alves 10 months ago

    Quick look on Twitter it seens the 1st one wasn’t played, was abandoned/postponed but betfair settled as 0-0. Apparently the game was meant to be 29th May or either moved to 29th of May. Looks like other game was void too

    • kf 10 months ago

      Cheers Alves. Appreciate the help mate…

  32. lossie jim 10 months ago

    That’s my cheeky wee double in 60+ booking points in Neman Grodno match in Belarus and over 3.5 goals in Walter Ferretti u20’s match in Nicaragua.

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