Leagues Tipped:

LOCKDOWN means even the lightest of live sports action can be the highlight of the day.

First there was the Virtual Grand National and now stay-at-home darts is thrilling the nation.

I thought filling a skip would be the highlight of my day but then came the Phil Taylor vs Raymond van Barneveld charity match.

And it was an absolute cracker with Barney hitting back from 6-3 down to win 7-6 in a repeat of theΒ 2007 World Championship Final scoreline.

Taylor took it well but there were no handshakes at the end! Paddy Power donated Β£15,000 to NHS Heroes after 15 maximums in the match – 10 by Taylor.

Van Barneveld will return to action in the Modus Icons Live feeling better about himself after losing 10 of his 12 games between Monday and Wednesday.

He is 11-4 second favourite behind 6-4 David Evans to win Day 5 with players involved in four best-of-nine leg matches.

The weekend action from Belarus kicks off with mid-table Neman Grodno at home to basement boys Belshina. Neman have four points from their opening three matches and face the only pointless side. Neman look a decent punt at evens with Coral but if you're taken them on an acca consider Neman draw no bet.

There are also Belarusian Reserve League matches starting at 11.30am with three games.

Well done to all the winners on Thursday and good luck if you're having a bet on Friday.

  1. GregBrowning 6 months ago


    Morning gents

    4 matches from Belarus tomorrow and although the Premier league game looks tough to call, the Reserve games look good for goals, particularly the first two games

    Should be looking to get at least 8+ goals out of those two and it makes the total goal line of 13+ achievable

    13+ goals to be scored 11/10 (Skybet)

    • nutbutt 6 months ago

      Can’t see this on Skybet anywhere Greg

  2. GregBrowning 6 months ago

    Agree with Neman Mr F / even money looks very decent considering Belshina have lost all
    three games

  3. maccathered 6 months ago

    All 3 Belarus reserve games over 2.5 goals at 2/1 Skybet
    All 3 games to have a red card 28/1 skybet
    Good luck all

  4. dc john boy 6 months ago

    Slutsk reserves over 3.5mgs 11/10

    All 2 reserve games over 2.5mgs 21/10

    Good luck

    • dc john boy 6 months ago

      all 3 reserve games

  5. craneguy 6 months ago

    will have a go on the 4 belarus games penalty in each as a yankee

    11 x Β£1 rets Β£275 for all 4

    • maccathered 6 months ago

      Who you doing pens with crane?

    • craneguy 6 months ago

      and 50 plus booking points in all 4 games just over 4/1

    • craneguy 6 months ago

      sky macca

    • maccathered 6 months ago

      Can’t find penalties anywhere on sky crane.

    • craneguy 6 months ago

      apologies macca its a typo on my part i was looking for penalties but couldnt find them its reds im on rather sorry

    • maccathered 6 months ago

      πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ was going to say,been looking all week for them.

    • Mr Fixit 6 months ago

      Anyone doing the pools this weekend there are two chances to play. As it’s Easter there would have been a full lower-league card in England today so you can play those games before 12.55pm.
      My selections will be for the Easter Monday games as I’ll be using them in Saturday’s Daily Record too.

  6. chedaz 6 months ago

    Belarus Premier League:
    Neman Grodno- Belshina Bobruisk# X ~3. 03 (betway)

    Neman Grodno- Belshina Bobruisk# CS 1 – 1 ~5.59 (betway)

    • kyle b 6 months ago

      Do you play online poker Chedaz?

    • chedaz 6 months ago

      @kyle b ,Nope.

    • kyle b 6 months ago

      No worries mate, cheers for responding. I know it must seem like a random question haha, I was curious as a very similar username to yours is familiar to me off the poker tables.

    • bixieupnorth 6 months ago

      spot on mate, nice one!!

  7. cockerspaniel 6 months ago

    Sky price for a pen in Belarus today 15/8
    Hills price same game 10/3

  8. xbets 6 months ago

    Table tennis 10.00
    Nikita Lyfenko to beat Igor Smirnov
    Evens skybet

    • xbets 6 months ago


  9. nate pesh 6 months ago

    Slutsk res. vs Vitebsk res.

    Over 3.5 MGS 10/11
    Over 4.5 MGS 9/4

    Zhodino Res. vs Energetik Res.

    Over 3.5 MGS 11/8
    Over 4.5 MGS 3/1

    Hoping for goals today

  10. elvis parsley 6 months ago

    Burundi b league 12-00 ko.
    Les jeunes athletiques v new oil FC.
    Btts EVENS (HILLS).

    • El Gooner 6 months ago

      Will follow you on this Elvis 🀞

    • elvis parsley 6 months ago


  11. old al 6 months ago

    It worked yesterday so I’ll try again today in the first two Belarus reserve games.

    1+ corner each team each half and 1+ bookings each team, double @ 11/5

    • kf 6 months ago

      Is that with Skybet Al?…πŸ‘

  12. alex_mufc83 6 months ago

    The 3 Belarus Reserves games
    Over 2.5 MGls
    2 POINTS

  13. Jointhedots 6 months ago

    Away from the lack of football i came across a cultural divide.

    People from Saudi Arabia don’t get The Flintstones yet folk from Abu Dhabi do….

  14. jimba 6 months ago

    Ok people, what tv channel is the Belarus league on see there’s a game @5?πŸ‘

    • jstuhhs 6 months ago

      Streamed live on coral

    • kyle b 6 months ago

      We unfortunately don’t have a Sky Sports Belarusian Premier League πŸ€ͺ I typically stream the games via Skybet or 365 but I’m sure other bookies will give you the option to do so as well.

    • jimba 6 months ago

      Cheers ladsπŸ˜ŽπŸ‘

  15. GregBrowning 6 months ago

    Great start to the 13+ goals in Belarus πŸ‡§πŸ‡Ύβš½οΈ

    Expected 8 goals from the opening 2 games and already on 8 with a second half still to be played

    • jstuhhs 6 months ago

      Would agree looking good at this stage

    • maccathered 6 months ago

      lol expected 8 goals

    • GregBrowning 6 months ago

      I said in my initial post that the first 2 games should deliver 8 goals – 11 delivered πŸ•ΊπŸ½πŸ˜‚

  16. elvis parsley 6 months ago

    Burundi b league 12-00 ko.
    Les jeunes athletiques v new oil FC.
    Btts EVENS (HILLS).


    • kyle b 6 months ago

      Well done Elvis πŸ‘

    • elvis parsley 6 months ago

      Cheers Kyle and good luck with your bookings 🀞

    • oneoff 6 months ago

      Well in elvis was on cheers

    • GregBrowning 6 months ago

      Well in Elvis πŸ‘πŸ½

    • elvis parsley 6 months ago

      Cheers guys.

      Think it’s 12 goals in games 1+2 Greg πŸ‘.
      Just the one needed aye….it’s just a matter of πŸ•ž

  17. kyle b 6 months ago

    Belarus Reserves
    Torpedo vs Energetik
    60+ Booking Points @ 10/11 *NAP*

    • kyle b 6 months ago

      **WON** – Exactly 60 Booking Points 😎

    • elvis parsley 6 months ago


  18. mint 6 months ago

    Afternoon Gents,

    Hope everyone keeping safe and well. Unfortunately due to circumstances sports is at a premium.

    Looking to dabble in cryptocurrency if anyone in this community can point assist would be most welcome.


  19. jamo1812 6 months ago


    I’ve just registered for the pools and done todays. How long do they tend settle as they are actually playing the games?

    • kf 6 months ago

      Yeah, did do Kyle. cheers for the reply

    • Mr Fixit 6 months ago

      You usually get the results quickly but not sure how today will pan out.

    • jamo1812 6 months ago

      Yeah still not settled. Will just have to keep checking.

  20. kf 6 months ago

    Anyone got any thoughts on Booking Points / Red cards in the Neman Grodno game?

    • kyle b 6 months ago

      Might be wrong but I would leave the game alone on the card front pal.

  21. Alves 6 months ago

    Torpedo game inplay Over 1.5 gls 5/6

    Majority of goals scored in 2nd half in reserves so hopefully trend continues

    • Alves 6 months ago


  22. dc john boy 6 months ago

    Slutsk reserves over 3.5mgs 11/10**WON**

    All 3 reserve games over 2.5mgs 21/10
    **LOST** 0-0 in torpedo game

  23. Jointhedots 6 months ago

    Belarus premier league


    Neman Grodno vs Belshina

    Both teams 20+ booking points 4/7
    Neman to score 2+ goals 6/4
    both skybet

    Neman to win and btts 9/2

    Good luck….

  24. jinx 6 months ago

    Thats a bit harsh with the reserves goals, ohwel thats the way the cookie crumbles, plenty of cards again tho

  25. jinx 6 months ago

    Grodno win and under 2.5mg 12/5 inplay just now

  26. xbets 6 months ago

    Table Tennis 1830
    Evgeniy Ilyukhin v Aleksandr Skrebnev
    8/13 skybet

  27. xbets 6 months ago

    Table Tennis 1830
    Evgeniy Ilyukhin to beat Aleksandr Skrebnev
    8/13 skybet

  28. GregBrowning 6 months ago

    πŸ‡§πŸ‡Ύ Belarus Goals Special πŸ‡§πŸ‡Ύ

    13+ goals to be scored 10/11 βš½οΈβœ…

    Made to sweat a bit with a 0-0 in the third game but the last game comes good

  29. 6 months ago

    Eddie Nketiah eSports v Jordan Noobs
    Today at 18:50 get on him clean sheet in his match 4/1

    I’ve got Ellie Roebuck clean sheet at 8/1 but has gone in to 2/1 in play v Lucy Bronze.

    • 6 months ago

      Esports winners

      Eddie Nketiah eSports v Jordan Nobbs
      Clean sheet 4/1 pre match
      3/1 in play
      Winner ***** 4-0
      Nobbs didn’t trouble Nkeitah

      Ellie Roebuck clean sheet at 8/1 pre match and has 2/1 in play v Lucy Bronze

  30. 6 months ago

    I hope it’s regulation time only as 0-0 still and will go to extra time if stays same in 90 minutes . It’s a 12 minute match

  31. 6 months ago

    For those who are wondering this is the #footballersstayinghome cup
    Live on twitch and YouTube
    Professional footballers playing FIFA eSports

  32. xbets 6 months ago

    Table Tennis 1830
    Evgeniy Ilyukhin to beat Aleksandr Skrebnev
    8/13 skybet

  33. chedaz 6 months ago

    FULL HOUSE for me in Belarus:

    Neman Godno v Belschina Bokruisk# X @3.03(betway)
    NAP (WON)

    Neman Godno v Belschina Bokruisk# CS 1-1 @5.59(betway)
    NB (WON)

    • Brayo 6 months ago

      So great congrats

    • chedaz 6 months ago

      Thank you Brayo

  34. 6 months ago

    Winner**** Ellie Roebuck clean sheet at 8/1
    It finished 0-0 and paid out
    (Lucy Bronze snatched a winner in extra time golden goal rule)
    Neither play the FIFA much and didnt look like they would score.

  35. craneguy 6 months ago

    no luck in belarus today WD all with a winner…………….


    tajikistan 40plus booking points in the 3 games 8/11

    belarus 40 plus booking points in the 6 games 14/5

    the 3 top flight games in belarus red card in each

    trixie 4 x Β£2.50 rets Β£135 for all 3

    • craneguy 6 months ago

      will be on total goals in belarus also but they’re only showing a special on 5 games atm………….

  36. xbets 6 months ago

    Table tennis double
    Nikita Lyfenko to beat Dmitriy Kolesnikov 21.30
    Nikita Lyfenko to beat Aleksandr Petrov 2200
    @1.47/1 Ladbrokes only

  37. 6 months ago

    Eddie Nketiah eSports v Jordan Nobbs
    She’s already says she doesn’t play the video game
    In play 3/1 Nketiah clean sheet get on- should be buying money ! Sky bet

  38. 6 months ago

    Been pulled from the market not surprised .
    3-0 nearly half time.

    • 6 months ago

      Winner 4-0.
      Clean sheet.

  39. GregBrowning 6 months ago

    Vitebsk, the Hearts of Belarus are in action tomorrow in the first game at 12 away at Skutsk

    The’ve had 12 bookings and 2 Red cards in their opening 3 league matches.

    Slutsk themselves no stranger to cards

    Total goals Special also looks a good shot wirh it including three reserve games

    • craneguy 6 months ago

      evening greg, i’m hoping sky add the 6th game in the morning to the goals special………….. will see

    • maccathered 6 months ago

      Good shout Greg on the goals,how many are we looking at per game tomorrowπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    • HullShaker 6 months ago

      Magic Greg πŸ˜‰

  40. HullShaker 6 months ago

    Evening gents – hope all are well πŸ‘

    Night Owl in the form of a low stakes TT bet for me:


    (5/6, bet365) ⭐⭐

    Best of luck!

    • HullShaker 6 months ago

      πŸ“πŸ“πŸ“ 95 points blitzed the line πŸ˜ƒ

      MENSHIKOV VS. KUZMIN (1.00am)

      (5/6,Β bet365) ⭐⭐ βœ…


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