Leagues Tipped:

THREE away wins in Belarus – two unexpected – showed why WDW is so tough to call but Greg again hit the mark with his corners bets.

I'm keen to avoid picking results in Belarus and from Sunday's three games I like Slutsk at 2-1 to have most bookings than Belshina in the noon game.

No matter how thankful I am to Belarus for giving us some kind of football I'll be dropping them like a stone when we get the return of a higher-ranked league.

The Bundesliga are on course to be the first to play on May 9 behind closed doors after a thorough testing job across the country. And Poland have announced a restart at the end of next month.

Premier League clubs are planning to be back in training at the end of May and finish the season between June 1 and July 11.

There are no dates for football in Italy and Spain, two of the worst-hit countries, but France have pencilled in June 17 for their big kick-off so it could be a busy summer.

Holland have called their season while Belgium and Scotland could follow and around the world Japan could restart the top flight on May 9 and the Chinese Super League could play in June.

The MLS in the US has set a return date of June 8 again with no fans.

Sweden, where there was no lockdown, were due to start this month but hope to play their top two leagues from June 14.

Well dome to all the other winners on Saturday and all the comments about esports and stay at home darts.

I watched the final of the EPL FIFA 20 tournament live on BBC online between Trent Alexander-Arnold and Diogo Jota and found it fascinating even though I don't play the game.

Wolves star Jota won thanks to a Golden Goal and looked the best player throughout the game. Definitely one to watch out for in future events.

  1. elvis parsley 9 months ago

    Posted Wednesday

    Taiwan premier league 9am.
    Taiwan steel ( also know as tainan city) v red lions.
    Red lions to score 5-6 NAP (skybet) DOUBLE STAKE.
    8-13 best price elsewhere at the moment.

    Skybet have made their usual error by pricing Btts at 4-5 and red lions to score 5-6.

    All 6 h2h seen Btts and overs, a lot overs on some occasions.
    Taiwan steel kept 1 clean sheet in last 12 homes and just 3 in their last 25 homes.

    Red lions are rubbish to be frank but score a consolation more often than not since the start of this league 2 years ago.

    Head to head results here 1-8 4-2 2-1.

    Now 4-5 best price at skybet.

    • weeguy 9 months ago

      Thanks Elvis. superb shout got the 5/6.👍

    • Kakah4 9 months ago

      Nice one Elvis…..👍👍👍

    • oneoff 9 months ago

      Top man elvis thanks

    • 9 months ago

      Taipei Red Lions
      Cheng, You Lin (14′) didn’t even have to wait 15 mins !

      Elvis is king!!
      Many thanks!!!

    • goalden oldie 9 months ago

      another nice winner elvis

  2. craneguy 9 months ago


    madriz 20s under 3.5mgs evens WON
    under 2.5mgs 5/2 WON

    madriz 20s u3.5mgs, diriangen unders hair over 2/1 WON


    • dc john boy 9 months ago

      Superb mate

    • maccathered 9 months ago

      Well in crane lad

    • craneguy 9 months ago

      cheers gents, run needs to come to an end at some point……………..

    • alex_mufc83 9 months ago

      cracking stuff well done

    • 9 months ago

      Thanks I managed to get under 3.5 at evens !
      Brilliant !

  3. craneguy 9 months ago


    slutsk o1.5mgs, lokomotiv pamir btts & overs 9/5

  4. dc john boy 9 months ago

    Taiwan 9am

    Hoping for goals in this game

    Hang Yuen v NTUS

    Over 3.5mgs 5/6
    Over 4.5mgs 2/1
    Over 5.5mgs 21/5

    Good luck

    • dc john boy 9 months ago

      1-0 half time gona need a big second half….always seem to pick wrong game

    • dc john boy 9 months ago

      Lost 2-0 absolutely shocking from me

  5. GregBrowning 9 months ago

    🇧🇾Torpedo Zhodino v Ruk Brest🇧🇾

    3rd and final selection from Belarus this weekend and after Fridays cards success and yesterday’s corner blitz at Dinamo Brest, it’s back to cards today.

    The visitors are no strangers to finding their way into the referees book already received 18 yellows and a red in their opening 5 games.

    They travel to joint top Torpedo who are enjoying a strong start to the campaign and in comparison to Ruk Brest, look like the Boy Scouts with just 10 cards collected.

    Brest are landing 4 cards per game and with them being away at a decent Torpedo side, there’s every chance they’ll deliver another few cards today.

    The referee for this game is Sergy Chistov, he’s refereed three matches this season, showing an incredible 20 cards.

    Ruk Brest aren’t afraid to get stuck in and with them collecting double the amount of cards than Torpedo they look a good shout to receive more cards 🟨🟥

    🔸Ruk Brest most cards
    🔹4/5 (Skybet)

    • 9 months ago

      Superb. And a red card at the end to top it off. Gman! 👏for Greg

    • jinx 9 months ago

      Amazing again greg🙌🙌, glad the late cards came up i had over 50 booking points

  6. nutbutt 9 months ago

    Magic stuff Elvis

  7. craneguy 9 months ago

    nice one elvis won on 14 mins…………………

  8. dc john boy 9 months ago

    Didn’t take long Elvis, great shout 👍

    • elvis parsley 9 months ago

      Cheers guys, nice when a plan comes together.

      Notice craneguy had another full house, top stuff ⚽

  9. elvis parsley 9 months ago

    Posted Wednesday

    Taiwan premier league 9am.
    Taiwan steel ( also know as tainan city) v red lions.
    Red lions to score 5-6 NAP (skybet) DOUBLE STAKE.
    8-13 best price elsewhere at the moment.

    Skybet have made their usual error by pricing Btts at 4-5 and red lions to score 5-6.

    All 6 h2h seen Btts and overs, a lot overs on some occasions.
    Taiwan steel kept 1 clean sheet in last 12 homes and just 3 in their last 25 homes.

    Red lions are rubbish to be frank but score a consolation more often than not since the start of this league 2 years ago.

    Head to head results here 1-8 4-2 2-1.

    Now 4-5 best price at skybet.

    Had Biggest stake since lockdown on this 👍.


    • alex_mufc83 9 months ago

      top shout again. well done

    • jstuhhs 9 months ago

      Well done Elvis I was on from Wednesday Great when a plan comes together


    • nate pesh 9 months ago

      In nice and early nice one!

    • haruni 9 months ago

      Thanks Elvis was on from yesterday.

    • Deano86 9 months ago

      Ye well done elvis very consistent mate 👍

  10. jimba 9 months ago

    Well done again Elvis 👍

  11. maccathered 9 months ago

    cracking stuff elvis

  12. GregBrowning 9 months ago

    Great shooting gents 🎯 🎯 👏🏽👏🏽

  13. nate pesh 9 months ago

    Lack of goals in the 2 Belarus games I picked yesterday but will try again today

    Isloch vs FC Vitebsk
    Over 2.5 MGS 7/5

    Mikashevichi vs Arsenal Dzyarzhynsk
    Over 3.5 MGS 7/4

    • 9 months ago

      Good luck on Nate! Will follow in again today

  14. ianlinds03 9 months ago

    Brilliant Elvis thanks again

  15. alex_mufc83 9 months ago

    See if the upturn in finishing continues in Belarus today, surprisingly all 6 of this weekends games have seen at least 2 goals scored.

    All 3 Belarus Premier league games
    Over 1.5 MGls

    2 POINTS

    • 9 months ago

      Joined you !
      Good shout

    • alex_mufc83 9 months ago

      Only a good shout if it lands, good luck

  16. jimba 9 months ago

    Watching world snooker final 1994 re run on bbc, it was a crime Jimmy White never won the world title

  17. richardo987 9 months ago

    @Elvis great long run, any belarus tip today, thank you.

  18. Love 9 months ago

    Hi all.
    Isloch vs vitebsk .
    Away win @ 13/5 wh.

    Torpedo zhodino
    Treble 13/1 ish …pb w.hills

  19. maccathered 9 months ago

    FK Isloch v FC Vitebsk
    Red card in the game at 2/1 (nap)
    best of luck

  20. dc john boy 9 months ago

    Slutsk over 1.5mgs
    Locomotiv Pamir over 0.5tgs
    Khujand over 2.5mgs

    Treble 6/4

    Good luck

    • dc john boy 9 months ago


  21. maccathered 9 months ago

    Looking likely Mbappe going to be playing in the Premier League

    • hombre3000 9 months ago

      Not going to happen! He’ll go to Madrid

    • maccathered 9 months ago

      He wants to play in the premier League and Liverpool look very likely to sign him for 250 mil

    • Deano86 9 months ago

      Why will he go to madrid??

    • maccathered 9 months ago

      Looking more likely he will sign for Liverpool than Madrid

    • Mr Fixit 9 months ago

      There won’t be many clubs able to afford that kind of fee now – so likely to end up at highest bidder.
      PSG have to give 35m euros from the fee to Monaco.

    • maccathered 9 months ago

      Liverpool can afford it no doubts there.Nike have said they will pay half his transfer fee and wages

    • Deano86 9 months ago

      Madrid spent 300 million last transfer window there struggling to get rid of bale and a couple of others on massive money i very much doubt they can afford mbappe, to be honest i can’t see liverpool paying that either unless they sold mane or salah for big money

    • maccathered 9 months ago

      As i just said Nike said they will pay half his transfer fee and wages,

    • Deano86 9 months ago

      Not going to happen macca like mr f says no one is guna be spending these sorts of transfer fees anytime soon

    • maccathered 9 months ago

      It won’t affect the likes of Liverpool,Man utd,Chelsea

    • Mr Fixit 9 months ago

      Are you sure? Liverpool were concerned enough to try to furlough staff.
      It will hit everyone – some worse than others.

    • El Gooner 9 months ago

      No way Mpbappe ends up at Liverpool.
      Maybe Liverpool are hoping the refs and the FA will chip in with the other half of the fee, after all they help in any way they can

    • maccathered 9 months ago

      It’s the clubs like Arsenal that will struggle mr f,not sure Liverpool trying to Furlough staff has anything to do with what they can afford,after all they are one of the richest clubs now.

    • Mr Fixit 9 months ago

      If Liverpool weren’t concerned about cash then why try to furlough workers.
      In the end they were embarrassed into a U-turn because as you say they are one of the richest.

    • 9 months ago

      Haha ! No way is he coming

    • maccathered 9 months ago

      Why not maddison??he’s been touted hell of a lot,more than usual for a player,he would fit in well

    • 9 months ago

      Oh hey sorry it was just I don’t think mbappe would move to Liverpool. And that it’s just some idle speculation that’s been touted in the sports news.
      No offence !

  22. 9 months ago

    Anyone know where online we can get the Belarusian confirmed line ups before kicks off.

    I have a few fancies for the midday match but like official confirmation on line up.

    That said I’ll take BTTS Slutsk v FC Belshina Bobruisk
    Today at 12:00 at 11/10
    And over 2.5 at 5/4

    Gafar to score, FC Slutsk to win, BTTS & Kovel to be carded

    Sergey Glebko to be carded for Belshina 2/1

    Even though it’s top v Bottom
    I don’t think slutsk are necessarily the top team in Belarus depsite leading league and Belshina are worth a goal.

    Belshina though are one of the weaker teams so think Slutsk can outscore them

    Slutsk to win and btts 4/1

    • 9 months ago

      I’ll also take a goal both halves at 21/20

    • jstuhhs 9 months ago


      What price was gafar to score he has only scored 5 goals in 49 appearances in the last 5 seasons.

      he doesnt often star


  23. 9 months ago

    So If anyone has a shout for where to obtain pre match confirmation line up in Belarusian league most helpful.

    Gafar for slutsk hasn’t started which is frustrating.

    Initially was all FC slutsk was. With Belshina doing counters away team come into having shot cleared off line after first bit of pressure from them from 2 quick corners
    A lively paced game quite end to end now.

    • jstuhhs 9 months ago

      Line ups can be found on flash score and sofascore

      Not sure when they get posted


  24. 9 months ago

    FC slutsk 3 FC Belshina 2 lovely for the goals I thought would happen
    88min winner !!
    6 bookings
    A sending off but no Glebko card don’t know if he actually started .

    Btts ☑️ 11/10
    A goal both halves☑️ at 21/20
    Over 2.5 goals ☑️ 5/4

    FC Slutsk to win and btts 4/1 ☑️

    • jstuhhs 9 months ago

      yes Glebk started and was subbed in the 61 st minute


    • nate pesh 9 months ago

      Well In Maddison

  25. 9 months ago

    Gabfur had a recent goal this early season and was 9/4 anytime.

    Line ups for life of me searched high and low around the internet before hand and couldn’t find any reveals of Belarusian league team line up which was very annoying.

    I know usually line up announcement is an hour at before hand if not sometimes a bit earlier with leagues I’m more familiar with and hour is the latest a team can give line up.

    I would like to have known the teams for Torpedo Belaz Vs FC Rukh Brest which I thought was the 4pm !

    Notice it’s the 2pm! Annoying !

    I would have shouted out Ramos to score anytime

    Have taken on skybet request a bet
    Ramos & Khachaturyan to score, Torpedo Belaz to win & Gayduchik to be carded @ 125/1

    And Ramos to score & Gayduchik, William & Yashin to be carded @ 150/1
    Which I think is generous !

  26. 9 months ago

    Taking in play 2/1
    Both Teams To Score
    Torpedo Belaz 0 v 0 FC Rukh Brest

  27. Jointhedots 9 months ago

    BBC are running a poll today on Britains greatest manager.

    Who gets your vote?


    • Burton111 9 months ago

      Brian Clough.

    • Mr Fixit 9 months ago

      For greatest manager I’m sure Fergie will win but I’ll vote for Stein for the incredible 1967 feat and 9 in a row.

  28. Jointhedots 9 months ago

    He would me my choice Burton. My biased vote went to Jock Stein but Clough won the big cup twice on minimal resources unlike most modern day managers over sized budgets. He also took Derby to a few quarter finals as well.

    Really tough one as you can’t argue that Ferguson, Paisley and Shankly don;t deserve to win it.

    • jstuhhs 9 months ago

      For what it is worth I dont think Jock Stien spent a lot pf money


  29. goalden oldie 9 months ago

    isloch minsk v Vitebsk
    both teams to score
    William hill 11/10

    • 9 months ago

      Was just to tip that myself !
      I’m in !

  30. Jointhedots 9 months ago

    Ye Trev. Jock Stein had a very limited budget compared to modern day finances. Celtic’s board at the time were tight fisted whilst having some of the biggest attendances in the UK they put very little back into the club. On the plus side , all of the starting 11 were born 30 miles from each other creating a wonderful community based team that won everything they entered ( 5 trophies ), including the BBC quiz show called Quiz Ball in 1967 were teams all over the UK competed.

    • old al 9 months ago

      Quiz Ball was where the saying ‘route one’ came from (for our younger readers!)

  31. alex_mufc83 9 months ago

    No joy with goals

    A third red card game would be lovely though

    • 9 months ago

      I’ve got my fingers crossed 4pm on Billing to somehow beat FC Lorient (Bozok) in the final of #stayintertoto cup.

      Had Bournemouth Billing at 33/1 and 16/1 I cashed out the higher amount of 33/1 as it’s a
      2 leg match and I’m really not hopeful Bozok is some FIFA player but will keep the 16/1 just in case

    • maccathered 9 months ago

      Same alex

  32. dc john boy 9 months ago

    Isloch v Vitebsk

    Komarovaski ags 13/5
    Chalov to be carded 13/8

    Good luck

  33. bertie 9 months ago

    Brian clough I’m not in the top 10 managers I’m in the top 1 😏

  34. craneguy 9 months ago


    slutsk o1.5mgs, lokomotiv pamir btts & overs 9/5 WON

    WD all with a winner……………

  35. GregBrowning 9 months ago

    🇧🇾 Belarusian Premier League 🇧🇾

    🚨Full House 🚨

    🔸Fri-Smolevichi 3+ Cards 4/5 ✅
    🔸Sat-Brest 10+ corners 4/5 ✅
    🔸Sun-Ruk Brest most cards 4/5 ✅
    🔸Brest 5+ corners – Ruk 3+ cards 7/5 ✅

    Be back with another Podcast on Wednesday 🇧🇾🟨🟥⛳️🎧👍🏼

    • craneguy 9 months ago

      good stuff greg…………….. WD that man

    • 9 months ago

      👏 for Greg on a Sunday evening needs to be set up ! Super

    • Mr Fixit 9 months ago

      Well done – just shows your research works.

    • maccathered 9 months ago

      Excellent greg,no league is safe from the the browning haha

    • GregBrowning 9 months ago

      Haha cheers gents

      There is a bit of snobbery from some punters about Belarus but if you do your research and know what markets to look for, a winning bet is a winning bet, regardless of what country it came from. Corners and cards holding up well so far

      Plenty of others racking up winners too 👏🏽

    • maccathered 9 months ago

      I did a red card in each of the Tajikistan games,2 out of three and same with Belarus.It would be well worth looking into Tajikitan also greg as it is very similar to the Belarus league in terms of cards and sendings off.

    • jono5000 9 months ago

      Bookie bashing of the highest order, thanks Greg.

  36. ianlinds03 9 months ago

    Nice one Crane cheers!!

  37. craneguy 9 months ago


    managua 20s & walter feretti u3.5mgs 4/5
    both unders 5/2
    managua win & unders 15/2

    • maccathered 9 months ago

      On again crane lad

    • Toprak54 9 months ago

      Managua kazanmak u20 mi

  38. alex_mufc83 9 months ago

    Couple of belting winners so far Greg, Crane, DC, Maddison… well done 👏

    • 9 months ago

      Alex are you gonna check out the #stayathomewithpes cup

      Prov Evo soccer. Esports
      Professional players representing including Man utd McTominay, Griezmann and Greg Stewart for Rangers

      Live now on YouTube.
      Man utd 10/1 to win
      Bayern Munich

    • alex_mufc83 9 months ago

      Hmmm probably not tbh, was more interested in FIFA with the EPL players, interesting to hear how McTom gets on though

      Always been more of a FIFA player than PES apart from that golden period around the early 2000s when PES ruled

  39. 9 months ago

    Lorient (Bozok) easy winner of the #stayintertoto cup. Billing outclassed

  40. 9 months ago

    Rangers Greg Stewart v Zenith player


    Don’t know how good they are but Griezmann scheduled next up

  41. 9 months ago

    alex_mufc83 #footballstayinghome cup FIFA 20 tournament 16 England players Semi finals.

    I have Sessengon to win tournament at 14/1
    He’s in final 4

    Very annoying 😡 because skybet cancelled my over2.5 goals and over 3.5 goals ACCA of quarter finals very strange would have won a decent wedge.
    They just took games off the market after matches were reschedule from Friday schedule yet the tournament was not cancelled every since been no market apart from outright .

    Was making money in early rounds on goals

    https://youtu.be/JIECsHQ7UIk first semi
    Cantwell v Maddison
    Sessengon v Sancho

  42. dc john boy 9 months ago

    Isloch v Vitebsk

    Komarovaski ags 13/5**WON**
    Chalov to be carded 13/8**LOST**

    • maccathered 9 months ago

      Good shout dc

  43. 9 months ago

    That #footbalsstayinghome semi and final pre recorded the footage wasn’t live so no wonder they pulled markets and didnt offer
    In fact the semi and final look like they were played different days from the outfits and what they are wearing. Cantwell in a different room
    Sancho has more facial hair !

    Not the first time YouTube fake things of course!

    All very odd from a betting perspective and having made a bit myself on overs goals earlier I doubt I was alone and they didn’t do any live matches no more as raking it in.

    Sessengon lost in semi to Sancho .

    Fave Cantwell won
    4-0 Sancho final

    Have to say this tournament was very profitable and they ended up having the finals recorded.
    Of course needed all the editing as it was YouTube so fair play something to bear in mind on any future tournaments.

  44. 9 months ago

    And just to say thanks for me allowing to paint on the footy eSports here. Will look for future value bets rather than a continued update of tournaments so rest assured regulars I won’t traffic the site with all this eSports stuff !

    To add
    There’s a new FIFA tournament starting tomorrow NHS Charities Together Cup maybe more of a watching than betting thing.
    It’s going to be quite a broadcast with a lot of initiative behind it with sports players as well as few ‘celebrity’ playing esports.

    Could be some complete mismatches so not sure if they would allow for any betting .

    I think some of these tournaments now the betting companies are understanding that overs on goals are pretty much the regular.

    Of course if there are any markets and value to be had will look to post but not thinking the NHS charities cup is a betting market.

    Best wishes and well done to anyone who also made money from this.
    The only downside for me is the restrictions on my account

  45. 9 months ago

    Darts Nathan Aspinall v Steve Brown 735pm
    Nathan Aspinall @ 4/5
    Most 180’s

    Aspinall Win match , Highest check out 13/8
    Aspinall win match , Highest Checkout and most 180s 2/1

    Stats in PDC Players Championship tournaments
    Brown 180s – 25 (0.19 per leg)
    Aspinal 180s – 91 (0.30 per leg)

    • 9 months ago

      Darts Nathan Aspinall 5-2 Steve Brown
      Nathan Aspinal wins match ☑️

      Nathan Aspinall @ 4/5 most 180’s☑️ 4-0

      Aspinall Win match , &Highest check out (148) @13/8☑️

      Aspinall win match , (5-2)
      Highest Checkout (148)
      and most 180s (4-0)
      @ 2/1☑️☑️☑️


  46. 9 months ago

    Darts PDC Home Groups

    Steve Brown v Simon Stevenson
    Simon Stevenson @ 7/4 Most 180’s

    Joyce v Brown
    Ryan Joyce To Win The Match and Hit Most 180’s & Highest Outright Checkout @ 7/2
    Ryan Joyce Win Match and Highest Checkout

  47. craneguy 9 months ago

    my top managers of all time as follows……………….

    bill struth
    jock wallace
    sir water smith
    greame souness

    top 4 in that order………………

    • alex_mufc83 9 months ago

      No Fergie? Disgrace 😯

    • craneguy 9 months ago

      nope fraid not alex son………….. he only played fur the rangers never managed them, had his chance tae but went tae man utd an blew it…………….

    • alex_mufc83 9 months ago

      Haha blew it 😂

  48. elvis parsley 9 months ago

    Darts off in 5 minutes.
    Remote league.
    Williams v winstanley.

    Winstanley +4.5 handicap 4-5 ( Boyle sports).
    Winstanley needs to win 3 legs in other words.

    Williams already through barring a mathematical disaster so might let bottom placed winstanley win a couple of legs.

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