WHO would have thought it would come to this – after no football, no bookies and no sport we have … well nothing.

It's tedious but just think how good it will be to watch your team with a half-time bet and coupon on. Unfortunately that's months away.

The A League has also bitten the dust and that's s shame as we had Sean and others giving us good insight and Sean and Greg tipped goals in the final game yesterday between Newcastle Jets vs Melbourne City.

Now everyone's attention will turn to Mynamar – and until yesterday I didn't know Mynamar was formerly Burma.

Tuesday morning's two games (KO 9.30) see two big favourites in action and a double on Shan United to beat Southern Mynamar and Yangon United to win at Magwe pays just 4-6 at McBookie.

I've looked at some previews with over 2.5 goals being tipped in both and that pays 6-5 at McBookie.

I might have a punt on it but there will be no more points-based tips until we get back to some kind of normality.

Thanks to everyone who has contributed recently – and keep commenting even if it's just to have a rant.

  1. GregBrowning 6 months ago

    You’ve been waiting to do that headline for years Mr F 😂

    Had a good look through the two games from Myanmar and one of them looks generously priced for over 1.5 fhg 🇲🇲 ⚽️ kick off 9.30am

    🇲🇲Shan United vs Southern Myanmar 🇲🇲

    A big gulf in quality between these two as 4th placed Shan host struggling South Myanmar

    The home side are on an incredible run of results at home – unbeaten in almost 4 years ( 37 matches) and really today should be about how many goals they win by.

    They’ve already recorded high scoring wins against sides much stronger than today’s opponents

    South Myanmar, have the second worst defensive record in the league and with just 4 points from 9 games, it’s damage limitation for them here

    On the road they’ve won just one of their last 17 and have suffered heavy defeats at clubs in and around Shan

    Odds reflect that with Shan as short as 1/5 but I like the look of first half goals

    🔸Over 1.5 first half goals
    🔹9/10 ( Bet365)

    • Mr Fixit 6 months ago

      Wait to you see the one tomorrow!
      It’s Shan’s first home game of the season after 9 away – I don’t know why.
      Also I see there are no cases of coronavirus in Mynamar. Anyone know how to get there?

  2. cockerspaniel 6 months ago

    It`s a very volatile country mrf . With a represive regime against certain members of the population. I believe they had their first case of the virus yesterday . Good luck to anyone with a bet on in that country .

  3. xbets 6 months ago

    The English Premier League is tentatively targeting a resumption on June 1, with a view to complete the season over six weeks before making an August start to the 2020-21 campaign, acc to Telegraph.

    Chinese super league could kick off as early as 18 April 2020.

    Fingers crossed

    • maccathered 6 months ago

      More chance of Boris Johnson telling us what kind of Chemical is being used by the terrorist than the China League going ahead.

    • Mr Fixit 6 months ago

      Good luck to them – although I hope they get it done.

  4. grant37 6 months ago

    Games in Myanmar showing as postponed on Flash Score 👎🏻

  5. sasaharv62 6 months ago

    Not according to Soccerway Grant,they have a countdown to KO and its active,also my bet hasnt been voided.

    • Mr Fixit 6 months ago

      They look off – Mynamar reported first 2 cases of coronavirus so that’s probably why.
      It’s got bad when we’re mourning the postponement of Mynamar matches.

  6. bosko 6 months ago

    I had a bet on one of the games and it’s been voided on 888sport and stake returned👍🏻

  7. GregBrowning 6 months ago

    Myanmar Match postponed ❌

    Did anyone back any of the FIFA Ultimate QuaranTeam 2020 matches?

    These are are matches played on FIFA and was set up by Leyton Orient.

    On Saturday I decided to put on on a 9 team accumulator (Pays 14/1)

    Just waiting on Wolves at 2pm today 😂

    • Mr Fixit 6 months ago

      Brilliant. I saw they were listed on live score and with the bookies.

    • oneoff 6 months ago

      So this computer game is based on the current squad of players hence why wolves big favourites

    • oneoff 6 months ago

      Is it the computer playing out the game?

    • sean567 6 months ago

      9 team accas on folk playing computer games, it’s official, brownings lost it 😂😂😂😂

    • maccathered 6 months ago

      Same as anything sean if you know what your looking for it can be lucrative,there are bettors who make a fortune on e-sports,it’s nothing new as you have been able to bet on e-sports for a long time,sadly you and i don’t know enough about it but the e-sports bettors probably laugh at us betting on the football.

    • maccathered 6 months ago

      All i know about it is if i see Tekkz playing then i would lump on him as he’s the best Fifa player in the world,im looking out for him.

    • GregBrowning 6 months ago

      It’s the best FIFA player playing the game – The Wolves player is one of the highest ranked in the world hence the low odds. Some of the other teams are just fans and some have. Players playing

    • GregBrowning 6 months ago

      Spot on Macca – if you have a bit of knowledge definitely an opportunity. Mines was literally a random selection at odds on

      Bookies aren’t daft though and set max stake

    • maccathered 6 months ago

      Tekkz is the best player greg,he’s from Liverpool and hes won every tournament last year hence he’s the best player in the world

  8. sasaharv62 6 months ago

    Ffs 1st bet in weeks & it gets postponed haha

  9. aarron19888 6 months ago

    all Swedish games listed on paddy’s for 4th & 5th of April?

    • Mr Fixit 6 months ago

      Loads of games listed that won’t be played.

  10. craneguy 6 months ago

    small stake on friendlies…………

    angelholm, orebro21s, tomelilla, stocksund overs 19/10

  11. craneguy 6 months ago

    thats it official i’m just home as our company is on a minimum of 3 weeks lock down………….

    • Mr Fixit 6 months ago

      Okay, take it easy and I hope things can return to normal for you.

    • craneguy 6 months ago

      aye mr f be strange worked every day of ma life since left school at 16, brought a load of paperwork home with me to last a couple of days then start painting house next, got the garden to tidy up too if weathers ok, plus if can get the materials can get the man cave started

  12. suarez96 6 months ago

    Covid 19
    Man utd 0

    God I’m so bored with nothing to bet on, aaaaaaarrrrrggghhhhhh

  13. old al 6 months ago

    Golf courses shut Mr F – relying on the dog to escape from home unless you start jogging.

    • Mr Fixit 6 months ago

      The dug’s been well walked today and met no one so that should be OK.
      I reckoned a golf course was one place where you could social distance easily enough but I get why they’re closed – we’ve basically to do nothing and go nowhere.

  14. seamus 6 months ago

    Friendly match
    Gilport lions v morupule

    Goals ??? half time goals ???
    thoughts anyone???

  15. kyle b 6 months ago

    Tis the time to start turning beerbellies into sixpacks or for some maybe the other way around 🍺🍺🍺

  16. kyle b 6 months ago

    Friendly – 16:00
    Ängelholms vs BK Astrio
    Over 9.5 Corners @ 10/11
    *Small Stake*

    • kyle b 6 months ago

      Wish bookies would have offered card markets for that Russian game currently going on 😩

  17. kf 6 months ago

    So, here’s an idea MrF, in these strange days of lockdown and no sport…what about making use of the free time (and space) on here to better our understanding of what we all do, and by that I mean back on football.

    People like Greg, Hull, Sean, Mac, DC, Cocker, Kyle and many more (please don’t take the hump if not mentioned, just too many to name all), will all have their ‘methods’ of making their betting decisions and in pretty much all cases, the ‘thought processes’ behind selections are explained. But what might be unfamiliar to some, would be the ‘nuts and bolts’ of the selections/bets might be. For instance:

    – Which sites do ‘you’ use to gather your information/stats.
    – In what order do you look at the information/stats
    – What ‘weighting’ do you put on individual pieces of ‘data’
    – How do you ‘rank’ the order of importance of data
    – What ‘weight’ do you give to ‘team news’
    – what ‘weight’ do you give to ‘gut feeling’…..etc, etc, etc

    I guess what I’m saying is, what is the detailed belt-and-braces ‘process’ people use, from all the sources of information etc, to get to the point where you would post it as a tip… Does that make sense? Anyway, would be keen to know peoples thoughts as we do have a bit of time on our hands and the whole ethos of the site is to share knowledge to try and give us an edge over the bookie…

    • kyle b 6 months ago

      This is a big topic that both myself and Micky Belfast requested a thread for a while back to discuss in great detail. Myself I’m far less experienced than most as I’ve only been betting for 6/7 years but consider myself to have an extensive knowledge of football whilst being very good with numbers which works well for me so I typically look at bets how I think they should be priced and what kind of value is being offered. Stats only get you so far in betting and I think no one has a greater understanding of a team better than the fans themselves, especially those that watch them week in week out. I try and watch as much football as possible on particular teams and leagues and make notes for future reference, this can ideally be done at a start of a season in the opening weeks and you can get a general understanding on what markets to bet on in reference to certain sides that could be profitable over the course of a season.

    • kf 6 months ago

      Cheers Kyle. Think that’s a great idea, having a completely separate thread/page where people can add their thoughts, methods and ideas and share experience and their ways of working, so that we can all benefit…MrF, any chance of this being a thing?

    • kf 6 months ago

      Does anyone else think this idea might have legs?

    • Mr Fixit 6 months ago

      I might do that later – my only concern is there’s nothing to bet on so none of these things matter in the short term.

    • kf 6 months ago

      Absolutely. Get that MrF…I just thought it was probably the best time to do something like this, as it would be too ‘busy’ during normal days, when everyone’s focus (quite rightly) is on the bets/tips for that day…

    • Mr Fixit 6 months ago

      By the time we get something decent to bet on we might have forgotten.

  18. GregBrowning 6 months ago

    2-1 Wolves FT 🤣🕺🏽🎮⚽️

    • maccathered 6 months ago

      Well in greg

  19. kyle b 6 months ago

    United fans, do you reckon Mason Greenwood is good value @ 4/1 to make the England Euro2021 squad, day reckon he could get a more prominent role in the team next season?

    • kyle b 6 months ago

      * do you

  20. Deano86 6 months ago

    Can’t see it me self kyle too many players in that area already that are top quality for England, i also think United will sign a top quality striker in the summer and greenwood will be used as an impact player again, in my opinion still needs another year or 2 to develop, still a top quality finisher though mate

    • kyle b 6 months ago

      Thanks for response Deano 👍

  21. seamus 6 months ago

    Friendly match
    Gilport lions v morupule

    Goals ??? half time goals ???
    thoughts anyone???

  22. jstuhhs 6 months ago

    Lot of table tennis going on in Russia mmmmmmmm

  23. xbets 6 months ago

    Belarusian Premier League the only active football league in Europe

    This weekend, fixtures take place on Friday, Saturday and Sunday and There is absolutely no indication that will change over the next few days.

    And then on Tuesday the other biggest sport in Belarus will have one of its semi-finals. Ice Hockey is popular in the nation and the Extraleague has been continuing unabated by coronavirus. Nice

  24. maccathered 6 months ago

    year 1720 pandemic
    Year 1820 pandemic
    Year 1920 pandemic
    Year 2020 pandemic

    • Mr Fixit 6 months ago

      Yeah I read about that. Incredible really.
      1720 Plague
      1820 Cholera
      1920 Spanish Flu
      2020 Coronavirus.

    • maccathered 6 months ago

      Gods way of kulling,if there is a god,every 100 years.

  25. sean567 6 months ago

    Guess the football teams
    1. 👨🏻‍🦳 🥩 🏃‍♂️
    2. 🎥 🌌
    3. 👨🏼 🇺🇳
    4. 👁 🪓
    5. 🚣‍♂️ 👩‍👦‍👦
    6. 🍔
    7. 🛑 ⭐️ 🔔 🅰️
    8. 🟦🇧🇷
    9. 🔥 🖼
    10. 🗽🛑 🐂🐂
    11. 🗼✝️ 🇩🇪
    12. 👶🏼👶🏼👶🏼

    • kyle b 6 months ago

      I’ll do the easy ones 😂
      4 is Ajax
      6 is Hamburg
      7 is Red Star Belgrade
      10 is New York Red Bulls

    • sean567 6 months ago

      Well done Kyle. There’s another couple of easy ones tho you should get

    • kyle b 6 months ago

      11 is PSG
      8 might be Cowdenbeath

    • sean567 6 months ago

      Another 2 👍🏻

    • kyle b 6 months ago

      1 is Oldham Athletic
      12 is BSC Young Boys

    • kyle b 6 months ago

      9 might be Chicago Fire

    • sean567 6 months ago

      ❌ 9

    • penfold 6 months ago

      2 – LA Galaxy
      3 – Man Utd

    • kyle b 6 months ago

      I’ll let other site members do the rest haha not for me this trivial stuff. I’m the sorta individual that would require all 3 lifelines to get to £1,000 on WhoWantsToBeAMillionaire!

    • sean567 6 months ago

      Well done penfold

    • kyle b 6 months ago

      Someone do 5 and 9 please 👍

    • sean567 6 months ago

      10/12 isn’t the worst. But 9 Kyle!!! I put that in with you in mind! Burnley!
      🔥burn 🖼lea
      No 5, is Roma
      Well done Kyle penfold and old al. Passed the time instead of betting on friendlies or esports.

    • kyle b 6 months ago

      Was way overthinking that one pondering obscure teams, how the frig did I get Cowdenbeath and not Burnley 😂😂😂

      I should have got ManUnited as well 🤦🏻‍♂️

    • sean567 6 months ago

      When I first said there was another couple of easy ones u should get Man U and Burnley were the 2 I was thinking 😆😆

  26. old al 6 months ago

    12 youngboys?

    • sean567 6 months ago


  27. seamus 6 months ago

    Friendly match
    Gilport lions v morupule

    Goals ??? half time goals ???
    thoughts anyone???

    Went over 3.5.
    Good win !!! $$$$

  28. kyle b 6 months ago

    Friendly – 16:00
    Ängelholms vs BK Astrio
    Over 9.5 Corners @ 10/11
    *Small Stake*

    **LOST** – Utter shite, last time I get drawn into these dire contests. Will wait for the more competitive action upcoming in Belarus, China etc.

  29. weeguy 6 months ago

    5 – Row Ma

    • sean567 6 months ago


  30. craneguy 6 months ago

    small stake on friendlies…………

    angelholm, orebro21s, tomelilla, stocksund overs 19/10 WON

    been plenty goals in these nordic friendlies well worth a small stake for interest few on tomorrow also……………

  31. aceofspades 6 months ago

    All 8 friendlies today went BTTS + O2.5 Now that would have been some nice odds I guess….

    • craneguy 6 months ago

      all 8 to go overs was under 10/1 3 or 4 games were as low as 1/10 1/14

  32. kyle b 6 months ago

    Looking like we got several games from the Nicaraguan Primera tomorrow as well, happy days!

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