Leagues Tipped:

DEPRESSINGLY there are dozens of matches listed on live score on Tuesday but only three remain on.

Those are friendlies at Slonim and Byytorps and a women's friendly at Gothenburg.

You know what that means – another day doing the gardening and walking the dug.

The upside – it's my 30th wedding anniversary and I can't take the missus out for a slap-up meal!

Earlier I posted an article on the five things I miss most about betting and you can check it out here.

Let's see what you're missing and hopefully when football and other sports return we'll appreciate them more … even the dull 0-0 draws.

Tuesday could have been the night Scotland qualified for the Euros – their first finals place since World Cup 98 – and what a party I could have been having tonight.

Although knowing Scotland I'd have been drowning my sorrows as Erling Haaland ended our dreams in Oslo.

Anyway we'll have to wait a bit longer to see how that scenario plays out … although let's hope it's not too much longer.

Keep safe and keep sane.

  1. elvis parsley 7 months ago

    Belarus ice hockey play offs final.
    Tuesday 5-30 pm.
    Shakhtyor Soligorsk v Yunost Minsk.

    Race to 2 goals yunost Minsk 10-11 NAP (bet365).

  2. elvis parsley 7 months ago

    No point hoping for football anytime soon.
    Heard schools not back until September at the earliest and then under strict guidelines like kids sat at least 2 seats apart, no gatherings in playground etc.
    That is a best case scenario.
    More likely this type of lockdown until December, some relaxing along the way like barbers open at own risk and probably 2 customer at a time.
    Parks may reopen to locals but social distancing will still be paramount until the end of the year.
    The exit strategy from this virus will be a long drawn out affair if the government have any sense.

    The logistics of finishing the premiership and football leagues behind closed doors will be impossible this year.
    To fully isolate 20 whole squads, trainers, officials, safety officers, medics, TV crews etc for up to 9 games per team just isn’t worth it.
    Players won’t see their families for weeks while their kids will still be in some sort of lockdown, just doesn’t sit right at the moment.

    They have made a rod for their own back now by expunging npl and below, they will have court cases flying about everywhere if it’s different for the premier League.

    And if it’s just the premier that finish their season in some kind of post apocalyptic season ending behind closed doors, championship teams will cry foul, then league 1 and so on.

    I honestly don’t think we will see a football stadium with a full house of fans this year sadly, hope I’m wrong of course.

    Big decision is do you finish this season fairly from say next January and scrap next season, this would be the fairest way I guess or do you terminate this season and have a short season next season.

    • vanya88888888 7 months ago

      I think your prediction is too pessimistic, elvis, there was a slow down in infections for 2 consecutive days, I think we can have football back as early as June. Football is a part of the economy, I don’t think the government wants a dead economy.

    • oneoff 7 months ago

      Part of the economy what you smoking.don’t think there is anything about football in the budget ever!

  3. 7 months ago

    Thanks Mr Fixit. There’s no Racing and Football outlook

    • jstuhhs 7 months ago


      A little unfair to blame Mr Fixit for no racing and Football Outlook I think the lack of racing and football might have something to do with it.
      The BHA are talking about regional Horse racing from the 1st of May. Meetings to be held in Midlands North and the South. Possible venues are Newmarket (midlands) Newcastle and Doncaster (north) with large hotels by the racecourse and Ascot in the South
      Any thoughts out there


  4. alex. walker 7 months ago

    We have only been on lockdown 1 wk. There has been a lot of work done in that wk which should have been done wks ago. The 1st cases f the virus started 3ths ago and from what we hear its improving in china. If thats the case add 3mths from last wk then we will have a better picture on things then. As for sport lets not speculate as to when it will be back. Lets stop people dying 1st before sport comes back. Stay safe guys.

  5. 7 months ago

    I was just trying to confirm with Mr Fixit whether ot not the publication was out. Thanks

    • jstuhhs 7 months ago

      Wont be poblished again until football or racing returns.

      Same with the Racing Post but Racing Posr can be accesssed through their wesite

    • Mr Fixit 7 months ago

      I’m just back in from walking the dug and getting my mum’s shopping. As you say no RFO this week – I’ll miss it but I’d only have looked at the pools page and the Belarus form.

  6. maccathered 7 months ago

    Infection rates falling fast in Spain and Italy,good sign hopefully

  7. jstuhhs 7 months ago

    Wont be poblished again until football or racing returns.

    Same with the Racing Post but Racing Posr can be accesssed through their wesite

  8. jstuhhs 7 months ago

    yes hopefully a good sign

  9. Bolinas14 7 months ago

    Losing the RFO was inevitable. Luckily all is not lost. It may be possible to sue the Government for loss of earnings…

  10. xmarine85 7 months ago

    Paul. Happy anniversary.

    Could you check with Admin

    Admin has now resolved my membership issue; however, I have not received any email advising of refund or any other email other automated responses.


  11. alex. walker 7 months ago

    Football won’t be played just to boost the economy. Sport wont be played until this virus is either stopped or the world gets it under control

    • Mr Fixit 7 months ago

      You’re right there – football is the least of their worries.
      Still too much speculation about when it returns and what happens – we just need to hope it’s back as soon as possible after the virus is contained.

    • El Gooner 7 months ago

      Spot on Mr F

  12. Bolinas14 7 months ago

    Looking at the Pools coupon there are a lot of home bankers this week.. Arsenal, Brentford, WBA, Crewe. The panel will always throw up a surprise though.. what about Hibs – Celtic Mr F?

  13. craneguy 7 months ago


    goteborg W o4.5tgs, byttorps o3.5mgs 6/5

  14. lossie jim 7 months ago

    vanya88888888, I think you need to re-assess you thoughts on the slowdown of infections and unfortunately deaths!!

    • vanya88888888 7 months ago

      Yes I read it has gone up today but it was down the last 2 days. As to connection with economy there is one, if football is played bookies make profit, if they make profit they pay tax, otherwise they pay 0.

  15. maccathered 7 months ago

    A vaccine has been made by Johnson and Johnson and will be available in September.

    • El Gooner 7 months ago

      No one knows that for sure I’m afraid Macca.
      Hopefully the new season can start by October though

    • maccathered 7 months ago

      If this season is complete by then.

    • maccathered 7 months ago

      Dejan Lovren is off to Arsenal lol,done deal i’m hearing.

    • El Gooner 7 months ago

      Theres no chance of that surely. All other leagues being scrapped. Cant see an exception being made for the prem

    • El Gooner 7 months ago

      Lol, thats another season out of the top4 for us them 😂

    • maccathered 7 months ago

      100% the prem will be finished before another season starts.

    • Mr Fixit 7 months ago

      That’s their hope but no one actually knows how it will pan out.

    • rog 7 months ago

      That’s not actually true is it , the J&J vaccine ‘may’ be available for human trials by September , if successful mass production wouldn’t start till early 2021 .
      US Boston based Modena’s genetic vaccine will start on human trials next month , thousands have been volunteering for the clinical trials .
      Even fast tracked th earliest it will be available would be January .
      Spain confirmed today cases have increased since Sunday by over 6000 and their highest recorded deaths overnight of over 800 . They have stepped up their lockdown to try and slow down the virus .
      Italy , cases are still rising and deaths mounting.
      Belgium report the youngest death so far . A 12yr old girl with no underlying medical issues .
      Volunteers are still needed everywhere and if your fit and healthy go volunteer for the clinical trials , it will look good on anyone’s CV later that you joined the fight .

    • maccathered 7 months ago

      Glaxosmithkline already patented a vaccine for Carona virus in 1996,the big companies now will be fighting to get it through first for the big bucks that lies in waiting.

    • Mr Fixit 7 months ago

      I know that but they still have to go through all the trials and even if given some leeway it’s going to take up to a year.

    • maccathered 7 months ago

      The news reports cases in Spain and Italy have dropped in the last two days.

    • Mr Fixit 7 months ago

      They may have dropped for 2 days but they’re nowhere near going away. Still hundreds dying every day so no chance of them playing anytime soon.
      Form what I’ve read UEFA are letting individual countries decide what to do so for EPL it only matters what’s happening here.

    • sonnyboy 7 months ago

      Hmm. Too soon methinks. Some carefully placed rumours around just to boost their share price. If CNN or Sky run with it the share price soars.

  16. hombre3000 7 months ago

    Are you the official spokesman for the prem macca lol? No way can you make blanket statements like this! No one knows when football will return and no one knows whether season can be concluded and one option certainly is to void it! Just accept there’s a chance of no title for Liverpool

    • maccathered 7 months ago

      It has already been said that this seasons Prem will be concluded as soon as it is safe to do so,even if that means having no season next season.Null and voiding isn’t an option and never was that was just media talk.There is a meeting this week to discuss how the remaining games will be played and it has been said that they will be behind closed doors with media coverage.Null and Voiding would mean to many law suits and clubs going out of business.

  17. maccathered 7 months ago

    Could you imagine the riots if the league wasn’t finished,it would be chaos,Season ticket money would have to be reimbursed,sponsorship money would have to be paid back etc etc etc,it would be to complicated to null and void.

    • sean567 7 months ago

      The only people who want to see a null and void season are the ones fearful of what could happen to their team(s) if it does restart so hopefully there’s no governing body daft enough to give them any oxygen for that idea. Got the life of me can’t see why folk are worrying about getting next season started on time when there’s still this one to finish.

    • theplug 7 months ago

      Macca there is no way the premiership will be finished this season imo. where did you get your information from only the media the same as everyone else .with the amount of people that have died so far because off this virus ,and it seems there is going to be a lot more unfortunately, and all your worried about is finishing the premiership.do you think this virus is going to be just like turning off a switch . think again ,look at all the other sports that have been cancelled all the money they will lose ,but the right call was made peoples lives are more important than money.

  18. Jointhedots 7 months ago

    Loved the tough football shirts quiz Mr.F . Keeps the mind charged for a bit at least.

    13/20 for me….

    • kyle b 7 months ago

      Well done, that was very tough. Only got 6/20 myself 😮

    • Mr Fixit 7 months ago

      That was a good effort.

    • dc john boy 7 months ago

      Managed 12 pleased with that…. a few educated guesses in there 😉

  19. conners 7 months ago

    Why can’t this season just be played to a finish whenever it is safe to do so ?

    Next season could be started later with three games a week, scrap the cups if there is no time to play them, most of the so called big teams ignore them until the later stages anyway.

    • maccathered 7 months ago

      The epl have already said just that.

  20. El Gooner 7 months ago

    Ridiculous to state 100% that the season will resume. Could well be voided. The only people that would “riot” would be 30% of Liverpool. The other %70 would be Everton fans so they certainly wouldn’t.

    Would be ridiculous to mess up the next 2 seasons of football for 1 season that got stopped (rightly so) for the worst world medical crisis in 70years. Some things need to be put into perspective, The most sensible thing to do at this point is void the season and replay it as next season.

    • maccathered 7 months ago

      Voided isn’t an option,thats just Brady and media talk

    • El Gooner 7 months ago

      Lol. There is no way you could know that 100%.
      Stop reading the Liverpool echo mate, try a real paper for once

    • maccathered 7 months ago

      They have said they won’t be voiding this season,it WILL be concluded when safe to do so.Anyone who thinks it has a chance of being voided are off their rockers.

    • maccathered 7 months ago

      Not biting at all el goon,there is another meeting this week lets see what they have to say.Let hope for a may restart,

  21. conners 7 months ago

    Why would the next TWO seasons be affected ?

    • El Gooner 7 months ago

      Because the fixture congestion would run into the season after, not to mention the euros as well as a break for the players. Cant expect them to play non stop for 2& half years just to please Liverpool although knowing the FA they could well do that

    • maccathered 7 months ago

      They are on about starting up again the first week in May playing games behind closed doors,if the government agree,it has been said that the government would favour the idea as it would help people who are in lock-down,but it all depends how bad the virus gets as it would mean ambulances would be needed.

    • El Gooner 7 months ago

      No football?
      No problem. Just go fishing for Macca 🎣

      Macca in all honesty I hop they just give you the title and start the new season. Couldn’t take another season of dubious VAR and referee decisions going your way until you finally win the prem.

  22. maccathered 7 months ago

    Lets be fair El goon,nobody is doing anything to please Liverpool and nobody wants anyone to,me personally would give the title up if it means an end to all this virus,but still there is a hell of a lot at stake and not just the Premier league.

    • El Gooner 7 months ago

      I know mate, im just pullin your leg. 👍

      Btw you were joking about Lovren yeah?

    • maccathered 7 months ago

      No Lovren looks nailed on to join Arsenal with Aubameyang going the other way.

    • El Gooner 7 months ago

      Lol, Aubemeyang would barely be ahead of Origi in the pecking order. Most overrated player I have ever seen in an Arsenal shirt. We’ll have Fab instead please

    • lossie jim 7 months ago

      If they don’t finish the season in Scotland, I would hope that my team refunds their 50000 + season ticket holders and sue the SPFL/SFA for the money.

  23. conners 7 months ago

    3 games a week would not be non-stop, some people work 12 hour shifts 5 days a week, they could scrap training if the poor souls feel they are getting tired.

    • El Gooner 7 months ago

      Footballers have it easy sure. But they do provide entertainment for millions so you could argue they’re worth the wages they earn.
      Annoys me when people say otherwise, you mever hear people saying that about an actor for instance.

  24. craneguy 7 months ago


    goteborg W o4.5tgs, byttorps o3.5mgs 6/5 WON

    hours and hours of in depth research pays off………….. ha ha

    • dc john boy 7 months ago

      Nice one crane

    • Mr Fixit 7 months ago

      Well done – possibly today’s only winner.

    • craneguy 7 months ago

      lol mr f cant be often theres only one winning bet posted in a day, wasnt much to go at though…………..

  25. craneguy 7 months ago

    sky got specials up in nicuragua for tomorrow nite if anyone interested………….

    i’m already on the 5 x u20s games o1.5mgs 11/8 and o2.5mgs 8/1


  26. conners 7 months ago

    Take your point El Gooner, but still don’t see how you can’t ask footballers to play more games and less training.

    Also don’t think many minor actors get thousands a week and actors also entertain millions.

    My point was more that NHS staff at the moment will be knocking their pan in and risking their lives, so asking others to do a bit more is no big deal.

    • El Gooner 7 months ago

      Very true regarding the NHS conners.
      As ugly as it is though football is awash with money. Only right the players should get a decent slice. Its the agents and clubs like chelsea and city that have killed the game. Personally would like to see more of the football money go into grass roots but it will never happen to the proper degree.

      Also, have found it encouraging that so many footballers have actually done a lot in donating money/properties to fight the pandemic. Often they’re seen as out of touch but its a nice reminder that they do care. Its only idiots like jack grealish that go and ruin the perception of the others.

  27. cottweiler 7 months ago

    Hi folks, looking for some info if anyone can help regarding a game in the Belarus amateur league, favorit Minsk v arena, been settled as a loser on skybet only seeing it as a 0-0 loser on one site with no stats about game no results about it anywhere else, was waiting on over 2.5 goals for a couple of accas, was wondering if anyone can confirm results as I don’t trust the bookies to get it right. Many thanks Cottweiler

    • Mr Fixit 7 months ago

      I can’t see it listed in any of the usual places but they can’t go about making up results.

    • lee cunliffe 7 months ago

      I saw final score as 0-2 on live bet .com. always worth checking to see if got voided for some reason. I had argument with bet365 today as a speculative over 2.5 acca 10 fold gave me 7 winners and 3 unsettled bets from sunday. Way I understand it if game isnt played within 24 hours then its voided from a betting standpoint. Bet365 told me they would pay me out on the other 7 games “as a gesture of goodwill” not sure how many days you are expected to wait for the games that are not played to go ahead in order for bets to be settled bit one of the games had finished and gone over 2.5g so it’s worth checking your bets yourself. Had similar issues with rugby league (I’m from wigan so betting in league isnt just something we do when we in pandemic) I’ve had try scorers settled as losers when players dont start as they check results and scorers but not team line ups. So always worth double checking if unsure

    • cottweiler 7 months ago

      Thx Mrf just wanted to be sure as not any of the bookies had this in play gl cottweiler

  28. cottweiler 7 months ago

    Cheers Lee, exactly what I was thinking, I don’t trust them to get right result on these leagues if they see a result that suit them they’ll be happy to quickly put it as a loser but game had no stats or anything so possible that ita void or abandoned so thought I try and check it out. Gl cottweiler

    • lee cunliffe 7 months ago

      Always worth checking pal especially when we betting on things we normally wouldn’t…speaking of which I’m looking at wrestlemania on Mr F new thread…

    • Mr Fixit 7 months ago

      If it’s void they shouldn’t be marking it down as a loser.
      It’s tough betting on these kind of games where kick-off dates and even opponents can change.

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