LOOKS like the big four leagues are determined to return to action as soon as possible and finish their seasons.

Unlike France, Belgium and Holland some of the major European countries can't afford to lose out on hundreds of millions of pounds of TV cash.

Four Serie A sides returned to training on Monday with the rest set to follow in a fortnight and Spanish clubs have been told they can train this week with a June restart in mind.

Bundesliga clubs had hoped to play this weekend but that's been put back at least a week with a decision being made on Wednesday.

Their hopes received a major boost on Monday when it was revealed clubs in the top two leagues had returned just 10 positive results from 1724 carried out.

Cologne have had no further Covid-19 infections after three people tested positive last week and they remain in quarantine.

In La Liga, there are 11 rounds of matches remaining, with Barcelona top of the table but just two points clear of Real Madrid.

Discussion are ongoing on how to play the Premier League matches behind closed doors but if all goes well we'll have matches to savour from England, Germany, Italy and Spain this summer … as well as Belarus!

Just like Monday, there's little on the Tuesday card to bet on so good luck if you find anything decent.

  1. elvis parsley 5 months ago

    Turkmenistan 2-30 pm
    Ahal v energetik Mary.

    Ahal win and over 2.5 match goals EVENS (skybet) NAP 85% stake.
    Ahal to win 2-0 @ 6-1 (cover bet 15% stake).

    1-0 ahal win or anything else sees a loss….

    • elvis parsley 5 months ago

      Ahal and overs now 4-6 !!

    • seamus 5 months ago

      Shit game for the top team playing the second bottom.
      I went big on Ahal to score 2 goals.
      10 on target 11 off target.. pathetic! Amateur hour at the zoo

    • elvis parsley 5 months ago

      They scored 2 mate.
      Enjoy your winnings 😂

  2. GregBrowning 5 months ago

    🇰🇷 South Korean K- League kicks off this weekend and whilst punters will be delighted at there being another league to bet on, my advice would be to leave it for a few weeks

    It’s a new season which always make the opening matches really tricky from a betting angle and it’s also behind closed doors.

    The quality of course will be better than what Belarus is serving up but purely from a betting perspective it will pay to stick with Belarus 🇧🇾

    We are at match day 8 and we are now getting a real feel for the league, the teams and the markets

    I’ll echo that for when Germany and the other big European leagues return, whilst its great to have them back, especially from a pure football viewing perspective, I wouldn’t be touching any of them until the season is well under way

    • maccathered 5 months ago

      I will be all over the k league when it starts

    • GregBrowning 5 months ago

      Even in the first few weeks? You’re a braver man than me.

    • alex_mufc83 5 months ago

      The lack of a crowd atmosphere is certainly a consideration Greg. Perhaps on the flipside the players will be chomping at the bit to get out, play football and go for it
      I’ll see what the odds are on the 1.5 goals market which lands pretty often in this league, can get decent odds for a treble

    • maccathered 5 months ago

      Easy league to bet on just follow the money

    • maccathered 5 months ago

      Pens and reds alex which should be decent prices

    • jstuhhs 5 months ago


      Always plenty of goals in this league like you Macca cant wait for it to start

      Roll on Friday at 1100

    • sean567 5 months ago

      Don’t know too much about jeonbuk but they got 3 reds in their first 2 champions league games this year, cards might no be the worst shout Macca. As Greg advises tho folks, low stakes until patterns emerge.

    • maccathered 5 months ago

      Red cards a plenty in this league Sean,Joenbuk Motors are the kings of coming from behind.

    • sean567 5 months ago

      I know a wee bit about the Korean AFC champions league sides but zilch about the rest. There’s a few players from the A league plying their trade in Korea, and I’ve read an interview with socceroo Adam Taggart saying not much has changed for them in terms of prep etc, so all sides should be raring to go.

  3. GregBrowning 5 months ago

    Not suggesting there’s not some good betting opportunities but any league on match day one is going to be tricky.

    Add into the mix it’s going to be played behind closed doors.

    I’ll Be watching from a far bit will s won’t to see how the first few rounds go.

    I guess it depends what markets you bet on. For those not familiar with the league and are just excited there’s a mother legaue to bet on. I would just advise caution that’s all.

    What you looking at for match day one Alex/ Macca?

    • maccathered 5 months ago

      My first port of call will be pens and reds just for interest to be fare,it’s an Asian league so following where the money is going bodes well.

    • alex_mufc83 5 months ago

      I was thinking Jeonbuk/Ulsan/Gwangju games O1.5 MGls at 13/10

    • Mr Fixit 5 months ago

      Yeah it won’t be easy.

  4. xbets 5 months ago

    Table tennis double
    Ivan Fashchevskiy – Mykhaylo Myronchenko
    Mykhaylo Myronchenko To Win

    Taras Bonishchuk – Pavel Plyushch
    Pavel Plyushch To Win

    @1.02/1 skybet

  5. heisenberg 5 months ago

    Inplay Ahal under 2.5 goals leading 1.0

    most 180’s

    Just over 4/1

    • heisenberg 5 months ago

      Sorry peeps Nijam wins 4.3 but couldn’t hit a 180 🙄👎

    • heisenberg 5 months ago

      Footy won added had added fee the darts for value low stakes still during this very taxing FURLOUGH whilst the Sun ☀ is out. Hard work this lark.

  6. Alves 5 months ago

    Looks like ahal will be letting a few down including masel

    • Alves 5 months ago

      Right on cue 😂

    • elvis parsley 5 months ago

      Who is masel ?.
      Never heard the name masel before.
      Is it a Scottish womans name ?👩.

    • Mr Fixit 5 months ago

      Masel is Scots slang for myself.

  7. lossie jim 5 months ago

    No luck today, did Ahal and btts!!

  8. elvis parsley 5 months ago

    Turkmenistan 2-30 pm
    Ahal v energetik Mary.

    Ahal win and over 2.5 match goals EVENS (skybet) NAP 85% stake.
    Ahal to win 2-0 @ 6-1 (cover bet 15% stake).

    1-0 ahal win or anything else sees a loss….

    Finished 2-0 so 6-1 cover bet returns stake.
    No harm done and nothing until Friday now when I will be relying on the South Korean football officianados amongst you for guidance.

  9. maccathered 5 months ago

    Going to have a dabble in Belarus.
    RCOP 98 v Energosbyt Minsk 8×8 50 mins play
    Over 5 asian goal line at 1.800

    Zvezda VVs v Arena 2010 70 mins play
    Under 4.0, 4.5 Asian goal line at 2.050
    best of luck

  10. buzzer 5 months ago

    The Faroe island Premier League returns on Saturday another one to look at lol

    • elvis parsley 5 months ago

      Lol, premier league, it’s the only league 😀

    • jstuhhs 5 months ago

      Elvis there are actually 4 leagues in the Faroe Islands

      Top 3 leagues have 10 teams the fourth is made up of 3 groups of 7

      Standard of football is slightly below belarus lol


    • elvis parsley 5 months ago

      Wow 4 leagues.
      How big are the faroes ?

      Many years ago when I was in the army we played a local team while I was on tour in the Falklands called Stanley fc on boxing day.
      They had a league there up to recently.
      These are some of the teams listed there in 2017.

      C&R Construction FC
      Falkland Rangers
      Malvina House Hotel FC
      Jim Balfour’s Barmy Army
      Falkland Island Holidays FC
      Fire FC
      Clos de Pirque
      House Bashers
      Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
      Great Island Falcons
      Port Stanley
      The Deli

      Don’t know where the hell these teams played as the falklands makes the hebrides look like the copa cabana.

      On the same day we had this.


      The annual boxing day race meeting where the same horses won several races under different names.
      I wondered why the locals were picking winners every race, until a hairy “Benny” let me in on their corruption.

      I’m droning on, you can tell I’m bored 😀.

    • jstuhhs 5 months ago


      Great story and dont worry we are all bored watching snooker from Russia , first frame only three reds left on table and the points score is 7-7

      That is boring


  11. elvis parsley 5 months ago

    You can tell I’m bored, small plays on table top darts.

    Glen Durant to win tonight’s league 10-11 (Boyle sports) NAP.

    Kuiverhoven to beat pipe 6-5 (betfred) 8-00 pm.

    8-00pm Kuiverhoven v pipe over 7.5 legs 8-11.
    8-30 pm Kuiverhoven to beat van meer 8-11.
    Double pays 2-1 (William hills).

    • jstuhhs 5 months ago


      Agree Durrant by far the better player in the group,

      Only danger will be Justin Pipe but iso inconsistent


    • Kakah4 5 months ago

      Elvis pls I don’t understand your post. Do you mean Glen Durant to win all his games tonight? Pls respond ASAP

    • elvis parsley 5 months ago

      No – Durrant to top the table 10-11.

    • jstuhhs 5 months ago

      Durrant wins first game 5-1

    • 5 months ago

      Lol, Port Stanley,was there in 97,best tour I did, plenty of drinking,brilliant laugh, only down side was the TV channels,hated coronation Street but loved it while I was there lol, great thing about being a chef got invited to RAF nights out, 4oclock staggering in to start breakfast and the WRAF were better to look at😂

    • elvis parsley 5 months ago

      I was there in early 1983 and Oct- Dec 1987.

      I wasn’t a real soldier, I was ordnance corps/ supplies or blanket stackers as we were known as , now called logistics I think.
      There was no airfield in 83, place was fenced off everywhere because of landmines and had to walk on pallets for 3 months as there were no roads as such.
      Was attached to a rapier missile unit.
      Had to sail from ascension islands, strange times but unlike this virus we have now, we knew where potential dangers were coming from and was there as a matter of choice.

      1987 was based in the airfield complex.
      From what I remember it was like the underground, loads of long corridors.
      Oddly I liked the Falklands, the islanders lived an idyllic lifestyle in their own way but I gather now they are more materialistic like most in the western world.

  12. elvis parsley 5 months ago


    Where are you watching Russian snooker 🎱 ??.
    I noticed they had betting odds on flash score for it.
    What next naked dominoes 😀.

    • elvis parsley 5 months ago

      Is one of the players call INOV THE RED 😀😀
      sorry, I will leave the premises immediately….

  13. elvis parsley 5 months ago

    Quite a lot of games on Saturday.
    Faroes, Korea league, Swedish friendlies, Turkmenistan and Belarus and a whole stack of Korean cup games which will have a few mismatches if you have the time to look into them.

    Also 2 more Armenian friendlies tomorrow so that should be starting soon, no odds on them, the team in the first match (dillijan), played a 2-2 draw today so would imagine they will be fatigued and Ararat in the 2nd game play in the premier league and looks a mismatch against a team who are currently 3rd bottom in their 2nd tier.
    Like I say can’t find odds anywhere for these.

    • maccathered 5 months ago

      What time is kick off elvis

    • elvis parsley 5 months ago

      Locomotive Yerevan v dillijan 8-30 am.
      Ararat Yerevan v massis 13-00 pm.

      Might come online in play if no odds.

  14. maccathered 5 months ago

    Zveda vvs v Arena 2010 70 mins play
    Under 4.0,4.5 Asian goal line at 2.050 WON

    • elvis parsley 5 months ago

      What sport was this macca ?

    • maccathered 5 months ago


    • maccathered 5 months ago

      They have been setting the goal line way to high,very tight games,what the bookies try to do is mix the punter up with this format and the 8v8.The goals are rife in the 8v8 format and tight as hell in the amateur league.Awaiting the 8v8 result as I had over 5 goals in that game.

  15. elvis parsley 5 months ago

    In the darts I think points difference decides the group so durrant need to win 4 legs to tie the group, in that case as he won the head to head with pipe so should be top.

    • elvis parsley 5 months ago

      Didn’t need the points difference.
      Durrant wins all 3 to top the group and bring home the NAP 🎯.
      Other 2 bets lost ……….

  16. maccathered 5 months ago

    Friendly listed for tomorrow morning
    Saigon v long an 9.45

    • elvis parsley 5 months ago

      on Flash score ?

    • maccathered 5 months ago
  17. maccathered 5 months ago

    RCOP 98 v Energosbyt Minsk 8×8 50mins play
    Over 5 Asian goal line at 1.800 WON

    Zveda Vvs v Arena 2010 70 mins play
    Under 4.0, 4.5 at 2.050 WON
    Well done all winners

  18. craneguy 5 months ago


    ahal btts&overs 6/4 LOST……… away goal short bassa…………….

    nae sign of hull again but for any of those missing him recently he is well…… he sent me this vid from his dungeon on the Bransholme estate today………………… hull’s the guy in the pvc mask……………….


    • Mr Fixit 5 months ago

      Unfair – looks nothing like him. I reckon he’s gone fishing and is still out there.

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