THERE'S no truth in the rumour Greg's planning to flit to Belarus – and launch a new supporters club.

It will be called “Smolevichi Bad Boys” in honour of a side who love a card. His top tip from the weekend was Smolevichi to receive more bookings than BATE and the price started at 4-5.

That of course was knocked in as we all got on. Smolevichi were better behaved than usual but still won the card count 4-3 as they went down 5-3 at home in a thriller.

As was pointed out by kf in the comments section the BATE coach was booked but these don't count towards betting totals. Thankfully.

So that's another win for Greg and he almost loves Smolevichi as much as St Johnstone. If Scottish football doesn't return with fans this year – as is predicted – maybe we should organise a weekend in Minsk – once we're able to travel safely – and Greg knows all about how to get there having travelled with the Saints.

Well done to all the winners on Sunday and over the weekend – I'm sure Greg will be sticking with Belarus at the weekend but if games go ahead my focus will be on the Bundesliga.

Second-tier side Dynamo Dresden cast doubts on the process on Sunday when they quarantined their whole squad after two players tested positive and therefore ruled out their match with Hannover.

There was also reports of increased infections after lockdown restrictions were eased but hopefully the plans put in place by Bundesliga will be ruled safe and football is able to restart on Saturday.

On Monday there's a Belarus second-tier match and women's game listed – so it's time to start swatting up on the Bundesliga.

Leagues Tipped:
  1. GregBrowning 4 years ago

    Haha cheers Mr F – it’s a terrific league. The quality may be poor but there have been some
    terrific games and the data is still standing up strong after 8 weeks. 📊🟨🟥⛳️

    Definitely get a trip over organised 🇧🇾⚽️🍺🥃

    🇧🇾 Belarusisn Super Sunday 🇧🇾

    🔸Belshina 4+ corners 4/5 ✅
    🔸Smolevichi cards 4/5 NAP✅
    🔸D Brest match 10 corners 4/5✅
    🔸Slutsk / D Brest double 5/4✅

    Great way to finish match day 8 – Another profitable @GamblaTips podcast.

    Looking forward to match day 9 👍🏼

    • maccathered 4 years ago

      Been to Belarus and I tell you what it’s not an easy trip at all.You have to mess about with visa’s etc etc wouldn’t recommend .Well done Greg great tipping

    • Mr Fixit 4 years ago

      Can’t even go to England just now – and I’d be tempted when they open the golf courses on Wednesday.

    • GregBrowning 4 years ago

      You’re not wrong macca – still very much a soviet state. Cheers fella

    • alex_mufc83 4 years ago

      Well done Greg, cheers for all your efforts with the stats in ‘rus. Plenty of people have benefited from them including myself 👍

    • John20 4 years ago

      Nice nice play

  2. xbets 4 years ago

    Table Tennis 0150hrs
    Yuriy Gavrilov v Victor Vakhrushev
    Total over 75.5 points

    Last 5 H2H matches have achieved this target 88, 94,94, 96,94

    5/6 Skybet

    • xbets 4 years ago


    • okorie123 4 years ago

      Lokomotiv Gomel vs Krumkachy Minsk who we win today match

  3. xbets 4 years ago

    Table tennis 0530Hrs
    Viktor Ivanov Stanislavovic v Dmitriy Kolesnikov
    h2h Ivanov won all 5 against Kolesnikov

    Low stakes
    Ivanov to win 5/2
    Ivanov Match handicap +1.5 11/10
    Sky bet

    • xbets 4 years ago


  4. radu 4 years ago

    ⚽ South Korrea ⚽
    Pohang – Busan
    ⚫ Pohang to win @ 2.12 ⭐ ✅
    Gangwon – Seoul
    ⚫ Draw @ 3.60 ⭐ ❌
    ⚽ Belarus ⚽
    Isloch – Belshina
    ⚫ 2nd Half – over 1.5 goals @ 2.18 ⭐⭐ ✅
    Vitebsk – Soligorsk
    ⚫ Soligorsk to win & under 4.5 goals @ 1.85 ⭐⭐ ❌
    Smolevichi – Bate
    ⚫ Bate to win by 1 goal @ 3.50 ⭐
    ⚫ Bate to win by 2 goals @ 3.85 ⭐ ✅
    Brest – D. Minsk
    ⚫ 2-3 goals @ 1.95 ⭐⭐ ✅

  5. lester1728 4 years ago

    Terrific tipping by sir Greg yet again followed the treble thanks

  6. grant37 4 years ago

    Belarus Pershaya Liga 🇧🇾

    Lokomotiv Gomel v Krumkachy at 16:00

    Over 3.5 Goals at 6/4 (Skybet)

    Over 3.5 goals has landed in 5/6 of Lokomotiv’s last games and 4/6 of Krumkachy’s last games. The H2H also makes good reading for goals (4/6 over 3.5 although admittedly spread over 5 years).

    Worth a few golden nuggets I reckon.

    • jinx 4 years ago

      Well played 👏👏

  7. craneguy 4 years ago


    gomel btts & o3.5mgs 21/10
    btts & o4.5mgs 7/2

  8. jstuhhs 4 years ago

    Looking better for the return of German fooyball at the weekend

    Cologne have been given the all clear after the three people who tested positive are now clear after period of isolation

  9. GregBrowning 4 years ago

    ‪🚨🇧🇾 Belarus Update 🇧🇾🚨

    Player at FC Minsk tested positive

    Team now in 14 day isolation

    The end is near for football here


    • maccathered 4 years ago

      Where you getting this from greg

    • GregBrowning 4 years ago

      Lots of reliable sources on Twitter Macca 😩

      FC Minsk games postponed – training cancelled more will fall I’d imagine.


    • maccathered 4 years ago

      See what happens mate could be a hoax

  10. eddiem 4 years ago

    Dinamo Women away today are 1/25 on Betfair sportsbook.
    They are from 1/250 Skybet and 1/500 Bet 365.

    Do Betfair know something that no one else does or is it a mistake.

    I’ve tried to steal a few pounds lol

    • eddiem 4 years ago

      Half time 5×0 up 👍

  11. buzzer 4 years ago

    Both big favorites Victor lundorum and Sottass have been turned over at Longchamp not good for the racing fans

  12. xbets 4 years ago

    Table tennis /tennis Treble
    Oleg Anddreev to beat Rafael rafikov 1330
    Valentin Gedz to beat Rafael rafikov 1400
    Dmitry Popo to beat Tyler Tennis 1400
    2.63/1 skybet

    • maccathered 4 years ago

      xbets any chance you can put up the tournament and the times of games as it’s like looking for a needle in a haystack la,cheers

  13. eddiem 4 years ago

    Are these real life tennis matches played on court ??

  14. jstuhhs 4 years ago

    Breaking News

    The government have given the Premier League the green light to restart the season from 1 June.

    • buzzer 4 years ago

      that’s misleading the government HOPES to introduce top-level sport on the 1st but that is wholly reliant on the R rate reducing if people stick to social distancing and there is no risk of mass gatherings .. with 3 Brighton players already testing positive and possibly more cases yet to be confirmed I wouldn’t say its definite to return only time will tell

    • jstuhhs 4 years ago

      I didnt say that it was definite

      Many things need to be agreed before any return , some players dont wont to play, behind closed doors is a major issue as is relegation or not.
      Interesting to see what EPL say this afternoon.

      In my opinion I have already stated I think that it wont restart with no relegation , an increased premier league next year with the cancellation of the league Cup next year and the FA Cup being played without replaya in all rounds

      League One and two to be cancelled later this week

    • Mr Fixit 4 years ago

      No they haven’t.

  15. Deano86 4 years ago

    Belarus game 4.00pm,

    Over 3.5 mgls 13/10 corals….

    Gomel over 1.5 tmgls evens willy hills….


    • elvis parsley 4 years ago

      Gomel over 1.5 is 8-11.
      Under 1.5 is evens !!
      At hills

    • Deano86 4 years ago

      Not when i placed it mate

    • elvis parsley 4 years ago

      Nice one.
      I was going to do it but price put me off.
      1-0 now.
      Good luck deano

    • Deano86 4 years ago

      Ye i placed it last night elvis thought it looked a good price and would shorten, fingers crosse mate 🤞

    • elvis parsley 4 years ago

      Bingo 😀😀😀 2-0

    • Deano86 4 years ago

      Nice one elvis 👍 i need one more now for the over 3.5

    • elvis parsley 4 years ago

      4 zip mate.
      Well done ⚽

  16. elvis parsley 4 years ago

    Belarus league 4 pm.
    Lokomotive Gomel v krumbachy.
    Lokomotive Gomel race to 2 goals 11-10 NAP (hills).

    • Kakah4 4 years ago

      Elvis pls do you mean locomotive Gomel to win by 2 goals or score 2 goals? Which pls

    • elvis parsley 4 years ago

      1st team to score 2 mate

  17. xbets 4 years ago

    Ukrainian defender of Fc Minsk Evgeny Chagovets, who has suspected coronavirus

  18. maccathered 4 years ago

    Ms Ashdod v Beer Sheva
    Correct score 2-2 11/2

  19. Bolinas14 4 years ago

    The Government and the Press has gone completely wacko over this virus. There is no justification for shutting down outdoor sports events. If Aguero is too worried to play- there are plenty of subs about. Let’s get it going…..

    • Mr Fixit 4 years ago

      Really? Do you know anyone who has suffered because I know plenty and they’re not blaming the Press.

    • rog 4 years ago

      Obviously you have made this statement to provoke a response , get your fifteen minutes of fame , that or your a total dink

    • craneguy 4 years ago

      bolinas what a load of rubbish……….. obviously you are either seeking a reaction, a mental case, on drugs or drunk…………

      hopefully you will never need to deal with what my wee lassie and plenty of others have had to deal with over the past couple of months………….. she is only coming to the end of her 2nd year at uni as a student nurse but has been called into our local hospital to assist with the NHS due to staff shortages, she is working multiple 12 hour shifts 5 or 6 per week often coming off a night shift at 8 am only to go back to assist her friends for a few hours in A&E for e.g. between 5 and 7 before starting another 12 hour night shift…………… in addition 90% of the ward she works on have COVID-19 and has witnessed and had to comfort many, many patients passing away without any family members being able to attend, she is only 21 and both her mother and I fear not only for her general health but for her mental health after we come out of this………….. in addition her boyfriend is a nursing manager at Stobhill hospital and he is doing the same and more there, both have not seen each other now for almost 9 weeks due to their job dedication and thought for others possibly cross contaminating…………

      just take a moment to think of how you would comfort a 21 year old daughter the next morning after a night shift, greeting into her coco pops before she goes for a wee sleep having witnessed the passing of several patients during the night……….. just her and them in the wee small dark hours with no relatives present………..

      IMO you could pay my wee girl more than Aguero and it still wouldn’t be enough……………. in fact she doesn’t even know if the NHS will pay her hours worked in full but doesn’t really care as helped others out and served her country and chosen profession when was called upon

      admin, mr f, site members apologies for the emotional rant I never usually reveal personal stuff but needed said as a very, very proud father and potential father in law…………..

    • Mr Fixit 4 years ago

      Spot on. I left the comment up to show what an idiot is and hopefully he’ll regret it.

    • maccathered 4 years ago

      Your daughter is obviously a very brave woman and I take my hat of to her.I think the statement bolinas14 has made is pathetic,I for one would not have the balls to mix in crowds at this present time and anyone who says they wouldn’t have any trepidation in doing so is a liar.Footballers are human and no matter how much they earn they are still human.Life just doesn’t have a price.

  20. elvis parsley 4 years ago

    Belarus league 4 pm.
    Lokomotive Gomel v krumbachy.
    Lokomotive Gomel race to 2 goals 11-10 NAP (hills).

    Helped by a bit of Belarusian red 🛑.
    Greg knows all about these.


  21. xbets 4 years ago

    Table tennis Setka Cup 1805
    Yevhen Masko to beat Kostiantyn Moroz
    Skybet 5/6
    Bet365 is 4/7

    • xbets 4 years ago

      Ldbrokes is 3/5, Betfair 1/2,

  22. craneguy 4 years ago


    gomel btts & o3.5mgs 21/10
    btts & o4.5mgs 7/2

    both LOST dont suppose the away keeper seeing red early in the 2nd half would of helped either………….

    WD all with a winner on it looks like was a few………….

    • craneguy 4 years ago

      dash it just noticed the away side missed a penalty………………. had they scored would of brought both bets in, makes it even worse……………….

    • maccathered 4 years ago

      Gallus Crane.

    • craneguy 4 years ago

      nothing gallus about it macca……………..

    • maccathered 4 years ago

      didn’t read it properly mate apologies,didn’t read the Btts bit

  23. xbets 4 years ago

    Table tennis Ukraine win cup 1830
    Victor Vakhrushev to beat Pavel Khakhamidi
    skybet 5/4
    bet365 5/6
    Ladbrokes 13/20

    • maccathered 4 years ago

      A lot easier xbets ta la

    • maccathered 4 years ago

      Well in mate

  24. xbets 4 years ago

    👍 macca

  25. xbets 4 years ago

    Table tennis Ukraine win cup 1900
    Aleksandr Lyushnya to beat Yuriy Gavrilov
    price bit low
    Skybet /Bet365 4/6
    Lads 8/15, betfair 4/9

    • weeguy 4 years ago

      Xbets , keep them coming. Was on first two, here’s hoping for a treble👍

    • eddiem 4 years ago

      Nice one xbets,

      Easy 3×0 win Thanks.

  26. xbets 4 years ago

    Table Tennis Moscow Liga Pro 1930
    Alexey Yanshaev v Viktor Ivanov Stanislavovic
    Alexey Yanshaev -1.5 Handicap
    Skybet 11/10
    Bet365 4/5

    • eddiem 4 years ago

      Thanks. Gone for straight win 1/2 betfair

    • xbets 4 years ago

      straight win is very safe

    • maccathered 4 years ago

      Excellent stuff xbets

  27. eddiem 4 years ago

    Well done again mate.
    I feared for you after the first set though.

    • chumpchange 4 years ago

      xbets just been watching it live on one of my usual betting sites. Are you knowledgable on TT or are you simply following the money? Hope you don’t think I am being rude its just that after discovering the delights of Belarus football I now find myself glued to TT. Whatever next – morris dancing?

    • elvis parsley 4 years ago

      I was watching Ethiopian ice hockey last night 🏁

    • elvis parsley 4 years ago

      Just before the vietnanese ladies hedgehog throwing championships from poo pong.

    • craneguy 4 years ago

      evening elvis, hopefully the velcro gloves and adidas wellies are still working well………….

    • elvis parsley 4 years ago

      Yes, just back from winning my 3rd welsh championship, pictured below.

      Next week it’s the home nations where I take on wee Willie shortknob from Montrose, gideon Winchester from bognor Regis and Paddy Mcilroy the beast of eniskillen.

  28. xbets 4 years ago

    Thought my run was over with A Yanshavey almost gave up
    Last bet for the night before heading off to work
    International Tennis series
    Stefan Storch to beat Adam El Mihdawy
    Skybet/ Bet365 8/13
    Lads 10/21, betfair 1/2

    • maccathered 4 years ago

      Cheers mate some good tips there well done.

    • xbets 4 years ago

      use to play during school and college days…but never watched any mathches live until and unless lockdown thing happened.. been watching and following ping pong since then all the football vanished made quite a few bucks … but posts only when get time .

    • xbets 4 years ago

      Thanks Macca eddiem

    • xbets 4 years ago

      International Tennis series
      Stefan Storch to beat Adam El Mihdawy
      was Skybet/ Bet365 8/13
      now Skybet 8/15, Bet365 1/2

    • elvis parsley 4 years ago

      “Matthew Syed – Award Winning Journalist, Best-Selling Author, & Broadcaster”, who appears on sky tv on their paper review programme regularly was English no 1 for years and an Olympian to boot.
      Couldn’t believe it was the same bloke but it is.

      Desmond Douglas in his day was the top ping ponger in Britain, black guy, in the days before sky he brought ping pong to prominence in my youth.
      The Daley Thompson of ping pong I used to call him.

  29. elvis parsley 4 years ago


    8-00 Thornton v de souza over 7.5 legs 10-11 (hills).

    8-30 Thornton v robinson, Robinson most 180s 2-1 (ladbrokes) and over 7.5 legs 4-5.

    9-00 Brown to beat de souza 13-10 (hills)

  30. jamesylfc 4 years ago

    (BT Sport 2, Early Hours Thursday – 12am Prelims, 2am Main Card)

    UFC returns on Wednesday (early hours Thursday morning here) with another set of fights set to take place in front of an empty arena. UFC 249 at the weekend took place even after one fighter Jacare Souza tested positive for coronavirus but according to those in the know, everything was done by the book so should be no problems going forward.
    Fingers crossed on that one but we’ll see in the weeks ahead.
    Nonetheless the card was a success as expected on the PPV front in the States (which is no surprise really with virtually no other sport available to watch) and the majority of fights lived up to the billing including the main event between Tony Ferguson and Justin Gaethje, which was an epic battle in which the underdog Gaethje prevailed with the interim belt and sets up a mouthwatering fight v Khabib Nurmagomedov (who most of you will remember from the fight with Conor McGregor) in the hopefully near future.

    Onto this card and on the back of landing a 5/6 single at the weekend on Francis Ngannou to win by KO/TKO, I’ve picked out another single from this event which I believe is well worth a go.
    The main event sees former light heavyweight contenders Anthony Smith and Glover Teixeira face off and both looking to put themselves back in the frame at the top of the division’s ladder.
    Smith, since moving up from middleweight in 2018, has won 4 out his 5 fights in the division and all wins being stoppages (2 KO/TKO, 2 Submissions), the only defeat being a comprehensive loss to the current champion Jon Jones by decision.
    Those wins coming against two veterans in the now retired Rashad Evans and Shogun Rua before a tough scrap and then submission of Volkan Oezdemir saw him get his title fight, he fell short there but bounced back with a highly impressive submission of Alexander Gustafsson last year.
    Teixeira himself is on a 3 fight win streak but looking more closely at those fights, he was hurt in two of them v both Karl Robinson and Ion Cutelaba before eventually managing to recover and submit both. The other fight with Nikita Krylov went to the judges in which he won by Split Decision in a fight which really could have easily went the other way.

    Glover Teixeira himself has fought for the title years before, again beaten by Jon Jones, but at the age of 41 it’s safe to say that his best years are behind him, Anthony Smith at 31 you could say should be entering his prime fighting years now and with the performance he gave against the tough Gustafsson last year it’s looking good that he is.
    Now I predict Anthony Smith to win this fight and to finish it before it goes to the judges, Teixeira has only been finished three times in his UFC career (the last one a KO by Gustafsson in 2017), but with his, in my opinion, best years behind him and comparing both his and Smith’s last fights, I can see Smith making that four in the early hours of Thursday morning.

    My Pick:
    Anthony Smith to win by KO, TKO, DQ or Submission
    (Evens, bet365)

    May post a longer shot acca on Wednesday night aswell after a better look at the other fights on the card.

  31. John20 4 years ago

    Yea greetings to all the members in here.

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