I TRIED this a couple of weeks ago but most people stuck to putting comments on the top tips thread.

So let's see if it's more of a success this time so we can keep the top tips to betting chat, tips, team news, etc.

It's a busy week of football after a dramatic weekend which saw everything in the headlines from Big Sam to body slams. Big Sam reckoned Harry Kane “went down brilliantly” to win his last-gasp penalty for Spurs and says the ref should have blown for full-time after the spot-kick was saved and not allowed the rebound to be fired home.

Jose Mourinho defended his player Nemanja Matic for reacting to a tackle by Burnley's Ashley Barnes – was he right and is it right to let off Barnes?

And what about the Worcester player who bodyslammed an opponent and was sent off after retaliating to another bad tackle?

There's been a lot of talk about the Premier League title race and the fight for the top four. I'm looking at 1. Chelsea, 2. Man City, 3. Arsenal and 4. Liverpool. What's your thoughts on who will fill the Champions League places?

Put all football chat here – and I might even allow some Harpreet chat saying that's what most people like to comment on.

  1. jayp 6 years ago

    All the media publicly about Chelsea and West Ham fans being racist and anti-smetic but not a word last week when Rangers played Celtic when for 90 mins you could hear the rangers fans chanting secretion songs, the famine is over so please go home being one. It seems that if it’s not blacks or Jews being offended then people don’t want to know.

    • Mr Fixit 6 years ago

      jayp, I’m afraid it’s gone on in Scotland for decades. Unfortunately it’s a way of life in the west of Scotland but that doesn’t excuse it. I’ve always been a neutral as a Clydebank fan – and I was happy to be brought up one – but I get called all sorts from people who don’t believe anyone living in the west of Scotland can be neutral.

  2. stagger 6 years ago

    What’s the rulings on retrospective disciplinary action when the ref sees the incident? He must’ve seen Barnes bad challenge but I thought if the ref sees it then the FA can’t take further action after the event? They seem to be able to rescind red cards but what about ‘giving’ disciplinary points?

    What are the rulings?

    Either way, Barnes should’ve been off.

    • stagger 6 years ago

      Ha, the FA has just answered my question with a statement.

      It says “No further action in relation to Ashley Barnes as the incident was seen by an official.”

      I like the way they say “further” action as if some action was taken by the ref in the first place.


  3. The taxman 6 years ago

    That’s just the west of Scotland jayp, as sad and as bad as it sounds we are all used to it now, especially living in Glasgow it can be classed as banter, a subject we could talk about until the Kingston brig falls down!

  4. mint 6 years ago

    Anybody up the morra

  5. Lord Clegg 6 years ago

    Can’t believe so much time is wasted on what football fans shout. Let them shout what they want. Sticks and stones….and all that!

    • Mr Fixit 6 years ago

      Lord Clegg, some of the stuff shouted at Scottish games can’t be heard – there should be zero tolerance to sectarian or racist chants at all grounds.

  6. Hamish75 6 years ago

    Some peepil hav selective hearin ktf

  7. rolanrat 6 years ago

    just another blow to chelsea from the fa to scupper their chances of the tittle. disgraceful

  8. Hamish75 6 years ago

    A fir wan don’t go along wi it it’s no got any place in sport n a don’t fink they shud sell booze at fitba games some punters r bad enuff wi a strong bovril ktf

  9. Michael Ireland 6 years ago

    Jayp they were same against raith last Friday night racist and sectarian ! Seems they can say what they want

  10. raaljaca 6 years ago

    Best thread for a long long time. Rival Glaswegian fans accusing each other of sectarianism whilst taking the moral high ground. As a fan of a club that has whittled the narrow minded bigots down to a very small band I can assure anybody that doesn’t know about Scotlands West Coast rivals that both are still living in the dark ages and will never abolish the neanderthal hordes that follow them.

  11. Craig K 6 years ago

    Raal, Im guessing you wont have heard it but if you had listened to clyde1 superscoreboard tonight, the duration of the 2 hour show was pretty much about sectarian songs, which songs are suitable and which are not etc biggest lot of rubbish and it amazes me that in 2015 this is still a big topic for discussion. Being from the west coast i’ve always detested this aspect of our footballing culture and im glad when I was a wee nipper my granny had sky on her tv (a rarity in those days haha) and I got to see a certain team in red from Merseyside that I thankfully fell in love with.

  12. big tam 6 years ago

    and man city look good at 12/5.i thought this was a betting site,not for bigots and racists to spew their bile,

  13. Alex Walker 6 years ago

    What about atletico madrid for the champions league.18-1 in corals they must have a chance. Played there main rivals a couple of wks ago and banged them 4-0 so they must have a chance.

  14. Alex Walker 6 years ago

    Chelsea have been getting away with murder for ages. What about the dives some of there players have been doing and getting pens for over this season plus wish that so called special one would shut his face for once. Pain in the arse.

  15. Michael Ireland 6 years ago

    Raaljaca it needs to be rooted out on all sides , but famine song , billy boys etc have no place in football or life ! I was at inter Milan game on Thursday night the support was an example to all football fans worldwide , yes I’m a Celtic fan but I dont take moral high ground! Racism bigotry and secterianism is wrong on all sides ! Forget the hampden same what was sang last Friday night was a disgrace and it had nothing to do with Celtic !

  16. Hamish75 6 years ago

    Michael if yer gonny talk bout inappropriate songs n chants ye canny ignore the hampden game it happened both ends of the ground wer guilty ye canny sugar coat it its a cancer which is runnin thru the core of celtic n rangers n other clubs in scotland it is not exclusive ti the west of scotland ktf

  17. bigmick 6 years ago

    half these clowns that sing those songs no feck all about the history of ireland.

  18. Michael Ireland 6 years ago

    Hamish I agree totally what I was trying to point out was what happened at raith game meaning it’s not just down to 2 clubs its a much bigger problem. Raaljaca seems to think hearts have a small band whilst other clubs have hoardes of Neanderthals , its defo not exclusive to west of scotland !

  19. Michael Ireland 6 years ago

    Big mick well said

  20. dave 6 years ago

    I bet them minority so called fans would not. go down brixton high road. Chanting racist abuse !, cowards. Come to mind !,

    • raaljaca 6 years ago

      dave, think you have moved off topic a touch, the so called fans dont care about the colour of your skin it is more about what school you went to.

    • One team in Ulster 6 years ago

      morning lads, hope ur all well

    • raaljaca 6 years ago

      Morning Ulster mate, all is well and thoroughly enjoying our Old Firm debate on here. Perhaps yourself and bigmick can actually explain where Northern Ireland is to the 90% of Sellick and Teddy Bear fans who have immortalised it in verse and song but haven’t actually been there :)

  21. AnOnYmoUS 6 years ago

    Does my head in about this being a west coast thing being spouted all the time.

    Anyone heard of Larkhall,Harthill,Armadale,Broxburn to name a few hardly west coast and have some of the worst elements of what is perceived as bigotry amongst its residents.

    The plain simple fact is it is not a west coast thing it is a whole country issue.

    • Punting For Fun 6 years ago

      I think Larkhall would be classed under the west coast but looking at a map i reckon you maybe have the west coast of scotland classed as more west than what larkhall looks like on a map.

  22. Alex Walker 6 years ago

    Get over yourselfs. All you celtic and rangers fans have been singings bile for yrs. And dont not one of you tell me you havent. One is as bad as the other.

    • bigmick 6 years ago

      alex every celtic or rangers fan is not tarred by the same brush, get your facts straight mate.

    • Mr Fixit 6 years ago

      bigmick, spot on – it’s always a minority but minorities have the loudest voices. This debate has gone OK even though it’s not what I was looking for so let’s not turn it into a slanging match.

    • bigmick 6 years ago

      mr f yeah i agree, these topic,s can touch a raw nerve in a lot of people but what i will say over here in the north the bitterness between linfield and cliftonville was nearly as bad but these 2 clubs seem to have stamped that side of it out. and fair play to them for doing so.

  23. Michael Ireland 6 years ago

    Alex sorry but I can’t sing haven’t a note in my head!

  24. Capone31 6 years ago

    Arsenal to finish 5th

  25. Alex Walker 6 years ago

    Dont believe you. If you have been to either parkhead or ibrox in the last 20-30 yrs you have sang a bile song. Simply as that.

  26. J-bcfc 6 years ago

    Haha this tbread is maki g me laugh, gers sing this gets sing a out famine etc yet no eord on what celtic sing about dead soilders etc but oh no its only gers who sing sectarian songs aint it??

  27. Michael Ireland 6 years ago

    Sorry Alex but you can’t tar everyone with the same brush Rangers or Celtic fans ! Anyway speaking of Chelsea do you think they were hard done by at weekend ?? Conspiracy ? I seen earlier that referee Atkinson got demoted to 4th official this weekend !

  28. Michael Ireland 6 years ago

    Think arsenal will finish 3 rd and liverpool 4th

  29. Alex Walker 6 years ago

    J-bcfc one is as bad as the other one. They just dont admit it. Why do celtic sing about ireland when there club was started from a preist who left edinburgh to start a football club in the south side of glasgow 13 yrs after he helped start hibernian fc. So all they sing about is a load of rubbish. And as for the other mob well they are a bigger joke.

  30. JonnyUTD 6 years ago

    I think Man United will finish 3rd. The champions league, and general midweek games will take their toll. City will beat Liverpool this weekend, so that will drop Liverpool again. United have some hard games towards the end, but I think they will rally the troops and really give it a push.

  31. Hamish75 6 years ago

    Mick most of them hav never been ti ireland never mind the history there is religious bigotry there is racism ie anti british a gud number of fans meet after the fitba n r best mates but for some reason they change completely into something they’re own family wudny recognise fir 90 minutes sadly some don’t hav the ability ti leave it in the stadiums av seen the hatred am glad it’s no me ktf

  32. Alex Walker 6 years ago

    Micheal ireland av not watched it. Chelsea get most 50-50’s over the season.

  33. Capone31 6 years ago

    Jonny, City will be juiced from Barca giving them the runaround, Liverpool 3-1, It’s between Arsenal and Utd for 4th, all Arsenal have is Giroud and he’s hit or miss. Liverpool will get 3rd

  34. StubbsRobbie 6 years ago

    Anyone know what mobile betting site will let me predict correct top 4 finish in the premier league? Want Chelsea, City, Arsenal and Liverpool

  35. Michael Ireland 6 years ago

    Johnny really can’t see utd in top 4 then again that’s my liverpool bias lol

  36. AnOnYmoUS 6 years ago

    Yeah you are right punting and basically to look at a map larkhall is nearer grangemouth in the east 35 mile roughly, and to Irvine west 45 miles roughly but it is classed as west coast will get shot down for that no doubt thx for pointing that out.

    As for the constant rangers celtic diatribe some of the worst atmospheres I have been in have been in hearts hibs games both equally sing the same songs that the other 2 do if they have addressed that in recent years fair play but I find it hard to believe they do not sing any sectarian songs as they are called.

    And do not forget neil lennon was attacked in plain view of everyone and this was at tynecastle so that speaks volumes to me that all is far from rosy in the capital regarding racism/sectarianism call it what you want.

  37. Capone31 6 years ago

    Lol jonny, Utd are long ball merchants now and will not finish 3rd, Van Gaal will be gone in the summer :)

  38. Michael Ireland 6 years ago

    Your right anonymous it’s easy push blame on Celtic / Rangers ! The media and cops built up the league cup semi final you would have thought there was going to be an all out war think there were 12 arrests on the day ! Hearts / hibs can be just as vile as any

  39. craneguy 6 years ago

    raal, still a fair few young hearts boys carry union flags to games also union flags in hearts colours as do hibs boys the other way not only a west of Scotland problem although less prevalent in the east I admit

    I watched the raith gers game on bt on Friday nite and was embarrassed at the bile coming from the away end to be seen on national tv a see even stan collymores in on the act now, in addition been disgusted at some of the celtic shouts you here on tv more so at away games too when crowds are less and you can hear the odd few supporters shout out

    no place for sectarianism, bigotry or racism in todays society, hopefully one day it will all die out, I have 2 teenage daughters one engaged to a young guy and all 3 don’t care for it all so hopefully die out in future generations

    my personal thoughts on it all are rangers feel hard done to by the sfa, spl, uefa and society in general and unfortunately that brings out the worst common denominator in the bampot elements and the bampot elements on the other side are more than happy to oblige

    in saying that I have attended football matches all over the world during my life and never felt threatened or unsafe at a Scottish match once but cant say the same for some English, Spanish and in particular Italian games I have attended, we’re not the worst by a long shot…………………….

    • AnOnYmoUS 6 years ago

      craneguy no offence here on a personal note but when you see what you said about personally rangers feel hard done by etc etc etc, that is pretty laughable saying that brings out the bampot elements as if its only since rangers have become a running soap opera and tbh a joke and that is why we have what we have today.

      Like it was not a problem long before this time, you need to word that differently unless you really do mean its because of this you have the bampots we have today as u say !!!

    • craneguy 6 years ago

      an, broke my golden rule of not commenting on religion, politics or money wont comment again too much crap goes with all of it will stick to betting as a betting site, fire in though………………

  40. Jordan 6 years ago

    Johnny you can back us odds on to finish top 4. What you back us to do that the way we’ve been playing? Not a chance.

  41. craneguy 6 years ago

    alex walker, hibs would still like the players back that brother walfrid took with him to celtic they need them for the run in ha ha……….

  42. Alex Walker 6 years ago

    Craneguy. Hibs fans have a right to take irish flags to games. But you will never hear any irish sogs being sung at games. Plus if you look at the hibs badge it has a irish harp on it so whats your problem with hibs fans taken the irish flag to games. Whats the words IF YOU KNOW YOUR HISTORY!!!

  43. Ian 6 years ago

    There should be no tolerance towards racism. Full stop!!! Just because it happens dose not mean it is ok. Less and less kids are playing football as it is. We don’t need racism discourageing people from taking football up.. For me it is the police and justice system that has a lax a daisy approach to racism. This is why it is still going on.

  44. Capone31 6 years ago

    **** Liverpool go to Turkey this week, forgot about that, could have a huge effect vs City, draw it is :)

  45. Arch Stanton 6 years ago

    Jonny, Southampton had a 10 day rest before playing Liverpool yesterday and it mattered not a jot. If you’re pinning your hopes on Utd making the Top 4 based on a less hectic fixture schedule then you’re straw clutching big style. The big boys during Utds run in will find LVG out whether they have played on a Tues,Weds or Thursday before hand.

  46. Alex Walker 6 years ago

    If liverpool beat man city at the wkend they could even finnish 3rd. They are flyin at the minute and united are going backwards. They could be out of europe next season again if they keep playin like they are.

  47. dave 6 years ago

    You can’t get any harder games for Liverpool. Coming up. City. At home Swansea away. Man u at home. That’s the easy one then arsenal away !,

  48. craneguy 6 years ago

    alex, not got a problem at all tbh mate mmmmm ok hear you knew a shouldn’t of posted on here wont do so again on the matter too many cans of worms al stick to bets from here on………………..

  49. Alex Walker 6 years ago

    alex, not got a problem at all tbh mate mmmmm ok hear you knew a shouldn’t of posted on here wont do so again on the matter too many cans of worms al stick to bets from here on………………..

  50. Arch Stanton 6 years ago

    Liverpool have peaked at the right time and are thriving on the game play time, Rodgers is tinkering and managing his players well ( Sterling Holiday ) Sturridge is fresh. The philosophy/style/tactics are in place so no need for drilling at training, its in their hands and I believe they will get in with Arsenal ( Wenger always manages it )

  51. Jamie 6 years ago

    Before the game westham fans would of snatched ya hand of for a draw but watching the game westham should of taken all 3! I feel bad of matic because that tackle could of ended his season and he’s having a cracker of a season been a big part of that Chelsea team! But they won’t take away his 3 game ban because it would make all players think they could lash out when hey have been tackled badly! But Ashley Barnes should be banned for a least 3 games for that tackle! I disagree with you top 4 prediction mr f, I think utd will come good and get that 3rd or 4th spot! I also think man city will win it if they can be consistent and also depending how long they last in cl and also how long Chelsea are in cl! Now that RVP is injured I’m hoping we can see the best of falcao and more signs of the di Maria we saw in the first half the season.

  52. Craig k 6 years ago

    Liverpool have only lost 4 league games in total after January every season since brendan Rodgers arrived. We have got stronger every season under Rodgers after Christmas and I think we will get top 4, and the 2 cups, stuck a free tenner from Bet365 on it at 62/1

  53. Jordan 6 years ago

    Harpreet chat allowed!? :D Hahaha that made me laugh!

  54. marksman 6 years ago

    Thank Mr Fixit for excellent tipping. Bet365 blocked my account claiming that I need to produce a document with a letterhead addressed to me. I had earlier provided my bank statement and electricity bill but they can’t take any of it, what document do you think I should provide? Somebody help, Mr Fixit?

  55. Hamish75 6 years ago

    A enjoyed the chat tonight dodgy subject n nobody fell oot wi anyboy that’s progress does anyone hav a view oan wether they shud allow booze in the football stadiums ktf

    • raaljaca 6 years ago

      Hamish they should make it obligatory to drink whilst watching some of the garbage that is served up in Scottish football! Allowing people to buy alcohol inside a ground won’t make a bit of difference to anything as it is not the surroundings that cause problems it is the long standing inbred drinking culture that Scotland has. Remember the ban on alcohol only came about because of the riots at the Celtic v Rangers 1980 Scottish Cup Final and banning alcohol inside our stadiums has made a huge difference as both sides fans now love and respect each other!!! Keep The Faith

  56. raaljaca 6 years ago

    Excellent bit from the Record on line in conjunction with the Paisley Tourist Board!!!!! :)

    Jeroen TESSELAAR has risked the wrath of St Mirren with an astonishing attack on Paisley and the club’s supporters.

    The Dutch defender branded the Renfrewshire town a “s**thole” – and claimed Buddies supporters swear non-stop as well as neglecting their families in favour of football.

    Tesselaar, in his second spell at St Mirren Park, said he will quit Scotland this summer – and moaned about having had his nose broken three times.

    The 26-year-old also lifted the lid on the mind games behind the design of the 
club’s away dressing-room, 
and revealed how he relished playing at Ibrox and 

  57. Michael Ireland 6 years ago

    Raaljaca how’s your fishing expedition going?

    • raaljaca 6 years ago

      Michael, I reeled in a shoal of them mate thanks ;)

  58. Hamish75 6 years ago

    Howzitgaun raal long time no speak yev got a point ye wud need ti b oan sumffin ti watch most scottish games it’s embarrassing at times wen ye no the whole of europe r watchin most games the baw is up in the air wen it comes down its kicked black n blue a c they’ve worked it out the jambos cud win the title at ibrox if both teams win aw thir games up ti then which i doubt very much hhgh ktf m8

  59. raaljaca 6 years ago

    Hamish me old Grassmarket mate. Things are ok at present and would settle for that long term but the Lord works in mysterious ways so who knows what is around the corner? Hope all is well with you and your grandson, Evan?, is growing up a good Jambo :)

  60. Shortee 6 years ago

    Hope everyone is good and well on this fine tuesday morning? woke up to profit thanks to america de cali game btts

    Can city beat the NON MIGHTY BARCA the night or will it be a saturday 25/1 special like MALAGA lol

  61. Hamish75 6 years ago

    Raal ye must b here fir a purpose the wee man’s growin like a wee mushroom av got him a two tone scarf half maroon n half blue it will b nice ti watch two good teams tonight a wud like man city ti win ktf

    • raaljaca 6 years ago

      Great stuff Hamish mate. You enjoy the game and wont ruin it for you by telling you it finishes Man City 2 Barcelona 2 and Aguero and Nasri scoring Citys goals!! KTF

  62. nathan ufton 6 years ago

    I never saw the spurs game but yes, correct, a penalty is the only occurance in a game that is allowed to run overtime. If its awarded saw 5 seconds before time, the ref isn’t obliged to stop the clock for 5 more seconds, the faffing around and arguing with the ref would mean time is up before the spotkick is taken. if it hits the net, its a goal and the whistle is blown, if its saved and comes back out for a rebound, the ref SHOULD of blown for time-up, however in reality ref’s nowadays will rarely blow fulltime whilst theres an attack on or the ball is off the pitch. Theres a surprisingly high number of games that finish straight after a goalkick is taken and the ball is in mid-air, its not by fluke, its because the ref is making sure the ball doesn’t disappear into the crowd. The match ball is always sponsored and often belongs to the match sponsorer unless theres a hatrick scored.

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