OKAY, so the pressure's paid off. I accept we need a US and other sports thread and will put one up as often I can.

Tonight De Andre and his mob are interested in the hoops – but raaljaca needn't worry as Leigh Griffiths and co won't be on court.

Seemingly there are some big basketball games tonight so this is the place to comment and keep the racing boys quiet.

Remember when we make the site changes in the next few weeks there will be as many threads as you can throw a needle at.

  1. DeAndre 8 years ago

    Got a sexy new thread and I thought I’d kick it off with some winners but all I could find were these tips so sorry guys ;-)

    Washington Wizards (2/5)
    Minnesota Timberwolves (20/37)
    Golden State Warriors (20/41)
    Treble pays 2.2/1

    Charlotte Bobcats(23/20)
    Detroit Pistons(13/10)
    New York Knicks(59/50)
    Treble pays 9.7/1

    Anyone daft enough the roll-up pays 33.5/1


  2. DeAndre 8 years ago

    Rusty out these up:

    My NBA Picks for today.

    Point Spread Treble:
    GS Warriors -2
    NO Pelicans +11
    CHA Bobcats +6

    10 Returns 33

    Game Totals Treble:
    MEM Grizzlies @ CHA Bobcats – Under 186
    DAL Mavericks @ DET Pistons – Over 207
    NO Pelicans @ WAS Wizards – Over 191

    10 Returns 34

    Race to 20 Points Treble:
    IND Pacers
    MIN Timberwolves
    DAL Mavericks

    10 Returns 37

    Good luck

    • Rustychest 8 years ago

      Cheers DeAndre :)

  3. honda 8 years ago

    Haha dammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmn right! :) Cheers Mr F :)

  4. DeAndre 8 years ago

    Fingers crossed we just need Our Aussie chum to make the leap :-)

  5. Dancing Brave 8 years ago

    Howdy y’all, people power pays off so thanks Mr F for giving the NBA, the Ice Hockey and other yank sports their very own thread – may the winning and the banter continue :)


  6. cooldude 8 years ago

    Thats great news Mr F fair play

  7. Jack G 8 years ago

    I love the basketball punts! Good shout mr F!

  8. GeorgeK 8 years ago

    Mrf just wanna say cheers for all the hard work u put in on the site bud, so many sites charge for tips etc, your tips are good too and you could easily charge, but the thing That sets this site apart from the rest is the community! The new forum design sounds cracking! Onwards and upwards!

  9. PA 8 years ago

    Worth popping in here just for the thread pic! Bird 3 from the left i’ll take ;) ;)

  10. Clarkey 8 years ago

    Hope this stays around as I’m an avid NFL fan.

    I’ll be popping in and out until the new season starts up, until then good luck guys.

    • Youngy 8 years ago

      Clarky aren’t you the guy who was giving Johnb stick yesterday? Ohhh I can’t wait for you too start putting tips up!!!

  11. abbas 8 years ago

    Oh yes, deandre and all I think. u guys are gonna convert me to NBA

  12. Alty Adam 8 years ago

    Yay an NBA (US sports) thread :)

  13. darren 8 years ago

    Hey man any advice am waiting on liverpool 2morrow for £714 but bet365 r letting me cash out now for£516 any thoughts on liverpool wud b helpful!

    • Mr Fixit 8 years ago

      Darren, if it was me I’d let it run but it’s up to you really. You can relax by covering inplay if Liverpool score first but if they don’t you face a sweat.

  14. cooldude 8 years ago

    Just relax and wait for a Liverpool win. :)

    • darren 8 years ago

      If only it was that simple a only put £40 on but if a collect it seems like losing £200

  15. DeAndre 8 years ago

    Liverpool will pish it tomorrow just wait it out and collect, back Swansea double chance after Suarez nets the first ;-)

  16. Rustychest 8 years ago

    Excellent! Party all around :)

    What a great way to support the new thread with that display avatar. The lads are sure to pop over here now.

    DeAndre posted my picks today under his own, so I need not to.

    Thank you Mr. F :)

  17. DeAndre 8 years ago

    Yeah the Colts cheerleaders are nice ;-)

  18. Andy W 8 years ago

    This thread is a good idea. Saves me having to look through all the other threads for some NBA tips etc.

    Got a tip of my own I like the look of from NCAA College Basketball

    Syracuse @ Duke – 12:00am

    Syracuse are 25-1 on the Season. 9-0 on the road. Duke are 21-6 and 14-0 at home. Syracuse are making some big noise this year and defeated Duke earlier this month at home by a score of 91-89.

    Syracuse are 8-1 Against the Spread on the Road this year. Duke are 9-5 ATS at home.

    For some reason, Duke are -6.5 favorites. I’m assuming it’s due to the fact Syracuse is coming off a loss but Duke are also coming off a bad loss at North Carolina in which they performed pretty poorly. Syracuse wins on the road this year have been at some tough places, this is one of the toughest and I think they could easily cover the +6.5

    Syracuse +6.5 (10/11)

  19. Rustychest 8 years ago


    DeAndre & Co

    I like it. You sound like a mobster :)

  20. dave 8 years ago

    tonights nba picks

    wall 20+ points 5/6
    randolph 18+ 5/6
    millsap 19+ 8/11



    jennings 20+ 5/6
    green 18+ 5/6


    another interest tonight in the luke campbell boxing match

    think a small profit can be made here

    5 x £10 bets k/o in rounds 1, 2 ,3 4 and 5

    odds between 7 and 10/1

    normally early in thier careers they are fighting guys like you and me so i reckon he will win no danger

    if he wins minimum return £80 maximum £100

  21. Skippy 8 years ago

    Ronda rousey is back in the octagon tonite and I just have to hav a little bet on her to win in under a round and a half @13/10 finished all of her 8 fights by arm bars the first 7 in the first round, it took her till the third round before she could get meisha Tate but I think meisha was extra cautious of it because of Ronda already havin broke her arm in ther first fight, good look to everyone on the NBA tonite.

  22. Rustychest 8 years ago

    Thanks for the contributions fellas. Hopefully we’ll turn these threads into pure success and attract more people to join in the fun :)

  23. DeAndre 8 years ago

    Andy that’s probably due to Jabari Parker playing for Duke…he’s projected as a top 3 lottery pick in this years draft and is already being compared to the likes of Rudy Gay and Carmelo Anthony…a near polished NBA skill set and Syracuse just lost their last game in an absolute heart breaker so now would be the best time to play them…should be a very close game. Not usually into the college game but the hype around this draft class’s has got me watching all I can on ESPN, and Parker looks a NBA all-star in the making. Don’t think if give them a 6.5 point deficit right enough though so +6.5 looks kinda tasty nice find :-D

  24. winnerallright 8 years ago

    Great to see the new thread.
    My NBA tip (money line)
    Grizzlies 20/29
    Mavericks 8/13
    Timberwolves 20/43
    Warriors 5/11
    Pays 4.8/1

  25. swany 8 years ago

    Mmmm nice place you got here,love the chairs!

    • honda 8 years ago

      Full recline with massage feature for the select few ;)

    • raaljaca 8 years ago

      Agreed swany, nice decor etc and the stars and stripes wallpaper just completes it. Bit pricey for a hot dog though might just stick to the Fat Farmer Pies over on our thread. Well done DeAndre, Rusty etc lovely new thread, also stop you clogging up ours with your US of A jibber jabber!! ;)

  26. Sean Ireland 8 years ago

    Ive no tips for this thread just came in for a look at the pic at the top of the page…bet you dont see that at the bankies ;)

  27. DeAndre 8 years ago

    No need for tips just copy and paste the first 2 comments into your betslip ;-)

    • ticketyboo 8 years ago

      Good results last night DeAndre thanks again mate small win but a win nonetheless.

  28. DanM 8 years ago

    Hello everyone have been following this site and all your tips for a few weeks now and turned a reasonable profit, so I thank you all for that, especially DeAndre with the money line trebles recently.

    This is my first post though, and as this is the US and Other Sports thread (emphasis on Other Sports :)), I just wanted to mention the Formula One starting in Australia on the 16th March.

    Mercedes have been by far the outstanding team in pre-season testing so far, followed by McLaren and Ferrari, and William Hill have Nico Rosberg of Mercedes at 8/1 to win the opening race in Australia. Even as an E/W bet to finish on the podium i think this is a great price.

    With the big rules shake-up for this season and Red Bull and Sebastian Vettel appearing to be struggling so far in testing, the first race looks a good opportunity for one of the other guys to win.

    Here are some of the prices on William Hill right now of the guys I think have a good chance to win the first race:
    To Win The Australian GP:
    Lewis Hamilton – Mercedes – 10/3 (definately in with a chance of the win)
    Nico Rosberg 8/1 – Mercedes – (especially at E/W 1-3) Jenson Button 13/2 – McLaren – (again good E/W value and a winner in Australia before)
    Fernando Alonso – Ferrari – 6/1

    Also worth keeping an eye on are Kevin Magnussen of McLaren at 9/1. He’s a rookie this season but is very highly rated and has looked comfortable in winter testing so far, and Kimi Raikkonen who is back at Ferrari this season and is also 9/1 to win (and again might be worth an E/W bet).

    Sorry if this is the wrong place or of no interest to anyone here, and if this is a bit of a long post, but just wanted to contribute a little and see if this is of any interest to anyone here, because some of these prices seem very generous (especially Rosberg)

    • Leo 8 years ago

      Great write up DanM am on that! Keep them coming

    • DanM 8 years ago

      Hope some of you got on Nico Rosberg to win back when I posted this @ 8/1! Kevin Magnussen (9/1 E/W) has come in too on the podium and so will Button E/W at 13/2 if Ricciardo’s DQ sticks

  29. abbas 8 years ago


    Ind pacers to win by 21+pts, 5/2, lol lets see what happens lol Dora this look decent?

  30. abbas 8 years ago


  31. Rustychest 8 years ago

    This is fantastic. We’ve got balls on shiny courts, cars racing and fine women. The American Dream! Keep up the great work :P

  32. rolanrat 8 years ago

    Great idea mr f nice one

  33. Rustychest 8 years ago

    First of the Race to 20 Points treble has been delivered. It was the one I was the most worried about, so I’m glad it’s out of the way.

  34. DeAndre 8 years ago

    Top tipping Andy, never in doubt :-) Squeaked in by half a point!

  35. Rustychest 8 years ago

    Mr. FeAndre, which game you watching?

  36. DeAndre 8 years ago

    Was watching the Duke Syracuse game gonna watch the Wiz hopefully make a come back

  37. Rustychest 8 years ago

    DeAndre, I believe the Wizard’s mind is on the Cleveland game tomorrow. Despite Pelicans’ poor back-to-back performances, the Cleveland game is the reason why I believed Washington wouldn’t blow out Pelicans.

  38. DeAndre 8 years ago

    Could be right, Cleveland have been slot better recently but it’s basically Wall vs Irving!

  39. DeAndre 8 years ago

    What a play by Wall, wow!

  40. thechief 8 years ago

    Super League Huddersfield v Hull KR ko 3pm

    Minor premiers Huddersfield were last seen beating Wigan Warriors at the DW Stadium. They have had a fortnight preparation to get themselves ready for this match against Hull KR.

    The Robins were outplayed, and at times outclassed last week against the Leeds Rhino’s especially out wide. Kallum Watkins did most of the damage setting up three tries for Tom Briscoe.

    I believe Leroy Cudjoe could easily do the same, Leroy was part of England’s world cup side and will be looking for a big season to keep his test place. Outside Cudjoe on the wing is Jermaine McGillvary, who started the season with a hat-trick against Wigan in the season opener.

    The Robins look like going into to tomorrows game without, Mick Weyman and David Hodgson. Scrum half Kris Keatings is also a injury doubt. The Giants will be without Larne Patrick who was stretched off against Wigan in the opener.

    I’m sticking with try scorers again and as I mentioned above I think Huddersfield will attack and get success out wide and the Cudjoe & McGillvary partnership looks the way to go. They are 11/10 Various and 8/11 Skybet respectively.


    Good luck if your having a bet

  41. aj 8 years ago

    Wizards win!.. Down by 1 with just 7 seconds remaining!!

  42. Rustychest 8 years ago

    Lovely Race to 20 Points treble WIN

    But I’m so disappointed that the Game Total in Wizards game was 187 bringing me 3 points short… 3 points!! so my Game Totals treble is broke

    • Rustychest 8 years ago

      Uh, 4 points actually. So glad my Race to 20 Treble came through and I was expecting it since the Knicks game wasn’t included :)

      I also expected the Pelicans v Wizards game to be close and I’m glad the Wizards won as I’m on DeAndre’s picks as well as mine and others :) That win kept the treble alive for both of us.

  43. Skippy 8 years ago

    Come oonnnn!!!! wizards steal it with 1 3rd of a second to keep my bet alive

  44. PA 8 years ago

    Im not a big gambler few quid here and there. But prob amount to about £30 a month. Just to make the midweek games a bit more interestin and a quid on big accum at weekend. Lost for years. Followed this site, not spent a bean for nearly 3 months (playin with johnb winnings) and still got 2 3rds of it left. And i will follow that guy anytime, ive got a pot still bulging to play with. Learn how to control your winnings

  45. Rustychest 8 years ago

    DeAndre, I need your love and support dude. If GS Warriors win by 2, I will have nailed two trebles and the other losing by just a single selection. Tell me some nice things please :P

  46. DeAndre 8 years ago

    Hahaha, gotta wait till they come in, I don’t wanna jinx them ;-)

  47. Rustychest 8 years ago

    DeAndre, I played an additional Race to 20 Points accumulator for fun which includes all the picks above plus an additional BOS Celtics selection at 7/5. It was small stakes, personal fun. Hope it comes through :)

  48. Skippy 8 years ago

    At 1 minute 6 seconds of the very first round and still ufc champion rowdy Ronda rousey, can’t beleive it payed better than even money, dnt suppose anyone got in it?

  49. Rustychest 8 years ago

    Just a quarter left DeAndre. Deep breaths mate :)

  50. DeAndre 8 years ago

    I didn’t, good tip though ;-)

    Rusty stay calm haha

  51. DeAndre 8 years ago

    First treble posted on the new thread wins, should be a sign for good things to come. Hope you got on.

  52. Max 8 years ago

    Yes de Andre !!!! That was close man !!!!

    • swany 8 years ago

      No sweat,Thanks DeAndre,no sweat cos I have just woken up!,cheers guys great job,off back to bed now.

  53. DeAndre 8 years ago

    Never in doubt ;-) nice H’cap treble from Rusty too

  54. Rustychest 8 years ago

    Entertaining final quarter at the bridge! TWO of my trebles came through. Groovy! 2/3 and 8/9 on selections as a whole today. It was so close to 3/3 trebles, but what a great start to the new thread. Well done to our main man DeAndre for bringing home a treble as well and our ravishing NBA run continues.

    Excellent stuff!

  55. swany 8 years ago

    Well done again DeAndre and Rusty,looks like you guys on the night shift are havin a great time.

    • Rustychest 8 years ago

      By the way DeAndre, you gave me the balls to play Bobcats on a straight money-line today since I already had faith in them for the handicap, I played them on the money-line for once as well Mavs, Timberwolves and of course Warriors which had brought odds of over 7. I love you DeAndre, do you love me?

      swany, it’s afternoon here mate :)

    • swany 8 years ago

      Sorry Rusty keep forgettin you are down under mate

    • raaljaca 8 years ago

      swany, can you keep it down please, I am trying to sleep!!!

    • swany 8 years ago

      Money never sleeps raal

    • raaljaca 8 years ago

      swany, the ex St Mirren keeper, Campbell does!!

    • swany 8 years ago

      Is he deid?

    • raaljaca 8 years ago

      Naw, just sleeping :)

  56. Rustychest 8 years ago

    I sound like I’m bragging sometimes, particularly after the results but I play everything I post too (and at stakes you don’t want to know) so I get overly excited :)

  57. Rustychest 8 years ago

    You’d be swimming in returns if you’ve been playing both DeAndre’s and my picks since the All-Star weekend. Where’s the excitement? The lads must still be asleep :P

  58. Rustychest 8 years ago

    Here’s that slip with Bobcats over evens:

    I’ll be sure to play more money-lines on teams I believe have the ‘it’ factor on the night. Thank you DeAndre, thank you :)

  59. honda 8 years ago

    Cheers guys :) had to get up for work but atleast I woke up to money :D you guys rule

    • Rustychest 8 years ago

      honda, work, what work? it’s time to celebrate! :)

  60. Mr. Orange 8 years ago

    Thanks Rusty and Andre! I played all your tips except for the race to 20, can’t find that market at unibet. Waiting for bets to come in while sleeping is double fun!

  61. oak 8 years ago

    Thx for the tips guys, got some money back after that football disaster from yesterday.

  62. Stealth 8 years ago

    Good morning DeAndre, a question that’s probably been asked before but, do you back your money line trebles as straight trebles or as Trixie’s?

  63. Rustychest 8 years ago

    I’ve given myself a medal for this weeks wins :) haha

    I most likely won’t be able to post any picks tomorrow but I’ll be leaching off DeAndre. I have faith in you man. See you guys the day after.

  64. Samba man 8 years ago

    Thanks deandre, nice win last night, you the man!!:)

  65. rolanrat 8 years ago

    Nice one drandre i got on the treble lets hope there is many more to come buddy.

  66. Duncan Poundcake 8 years ago

    Thanks DeAndre I took your first treble and added bobcats @ 6/5 brilliant

  67. Andy 8 years ago

    Cheers DeAndre, gotta love those half points they give you on the spread sometimes haha!

    Great work on the treble, topped up my balance nicely.

  68. Danny T 8 years ago

    Deandre excellent work mate should have backed both trebles and a roll up but I just did the roll up . Never mind . But great work guys well done to all that had winners

  69. abbas 8 years ago

    Deandre, rusty dammmnnnn, just got up to see my account banging, thanks guys

  70. Alty Adam 8 years ago

    A great way to kick off the new thread! I was on DeAndre’s and Andy’s handicap in a four fold. Thanks guys.

    Hopefully it’s more to follow when Canada win gold :)

  71. Skippy 8 years ago

    What a nite! just woke up to nice win, I couldn’t keep my eyes open long enuff to see the warriors win, thanks deandre for the tips had them in treble and fourfold with Ronda very nice return. Well done to rusty too nice work.

  72. winnerallrite 8 years ago

    Skippy thanks for the UFC tip. Handy money @ good odds. The grizzlies let my 4 timer down. Well done Deandre & Rustychest on yeer tips

  73. cooldude 8 years ago

    Raal the Canadians got lucky there!! CMON SWEDEN!!!

    • raaljaca 8 years ago

      dudes, if Canada score a second I am laying off plenty of my bets!! 7/2 the draw and 6/1 Sweden just now. I have 8 separate bets on Canada to win gold at various odds.

  74. cooldude 8 years ago

    Youngy, wtf are you on about fella. I gave my opinion by saying he could have picked another selection with a five star rating and his favorite jockey on board. Dont mess me about.

  75. cooldude 8 years ago

    haha Raal your confidence in them has been nothing short of certainties. Cant believe I backed Sweden!! they did go close earlier though.

  76. raaljaca 8 years ago

    dudes, Sweden are a strong side but just hoping the Canadians can shut them out now.

  77. DeAndre 8 years ago

    Stealth, I back them as I tip them mate :-) which is why 2/3 feels like a kick in the spuds!

  78. ChrLz 8 years ago

    2- Nil

    Can – Swe

    • raaljaca 8 years ago

      ChrLz, getting closer to a nice payout mate ;)

  79. Alty Adam 8 years ago

    Can’t wait for the nice payout, could of always put more on but a grand would do me just fine thank you

    • raaljaca 8 years ago

      Alty, whatever you win, well done mate. Keeping faith in Canada looks like paying off big time for us all.

    • Alty Adam 8 years ago

      My faith is in Raal rather than Canada haha. You didn’t get many ice-hockey predictions wrong did you

    • raaljaca 8 years ago

      Alty, I think I got 1 wrong, got 1 draw no bet and the rest correct. Plenty studying and even more luck mate.

    • Alty Adam 8 years ago

      Excellent tipping, speaks for itself

  80. swany 8 years ago

    Bet Confirmation – HT6854019722I – Internet Time of bet: 22/02/2014 18:52:47 Print
    No. Selections Event Event Date E/W Terms Odds Result
    1 WAS Wizards NO Pelicans @ WAS Wizards
    (Money Line) 23/02/2014 None 10/27 Won
    2 MIN Timberwolves MIN Timberwolves @ UTA Jazz
    (Money Line) 23/02/2014 None 10/21 Won
    3 GS Warriors BKN Nets @ GS Warriors
    (Money Line) 23/02/2014 None 5/11 Won
    4 Over 1.5 Crystal Palace v Man Utd
    (Match Goals) 22/02/2014 None 8/13 Won

  81. raaljaca 8 years ago

    Always believe in your soul
    You’ve got the power to know
    You’re indestructible
    Always believe in, because you are

    THANK YOU CANADA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    :) :) :)


    ;) ;) ;)

    • swany 8 years ago

      Cheers raal,your the man!

    • raaljaca 8 years ago

      swany, I have rarely backed anybody non stop before but this just looked incredible at constant odds against. Well done mate now take your good lady to the Anstruther Fish Bar for tea!! ;)

    • Alty Adam 8 years ago

      What a ledge :-)

    • raaljaca 8 years ago

      Alty, you yad the faith and balls to lump on them mate so well done :)

    • raaljaca 8 years ago

      yad? had!

  82. DeAndre 8 years ago

    Raaljaca = Ice Hockey Guru

    • raaljaca 8 years ago

      Cheers DeAndre. We are getting the hang of these ‘yankie’ type sports mate ;)

    • Mr Fixit 8 years ago

      raaljaca, well done with Canada. What you gonna do when the Winter Olympics finish?

  83. aj 8 years ago

    Tennis Betting.

    Nadal is in action tonight against Dolgopolov.
    My pick for this game will be Under 20.5 games available @ 4/5. Nadal on his favourite surface (clay) should win this comfortably.

  84. raaljaca 8 years ago

    Thanks Mr F. I will find something else no doubt, African Nations then Winter Olympics, might find something in between!!

  85. Alty Adam 8 years ago

    Hopefully the world cup Raal

  86. raaljaca 8 years ago

    Alty, cannot wait for that mate :)

    • Alty Adam 8 years ago

      Me neither and not even for the betting. On terrestrial tv two footy matches a day for almost a month, can’t beat it :)

  87. DeAndre 8 years ago

    The Clippers face the Thunder at 6pm…

    Just having one bet in this,

    Blake Griffin +27.5 Points (Evs)

    Gonna put up a treble for the later games and probably a bet for the Heat/Bulls game.

  88. DeAndre 8 years ago

    NBA Bets

    Player Performance
    Joakim Noah(CHI) +14.5 Points(5/6) (8pm)
    Goran Dragic(PHX) +7.5 Assists(5/6)
    Kevin Love(MIN) +27.5 Points(5/6)
    Treble pays 5.16/1

    Portland Trail Blazers (20/37)
    Washington Wizards (5/6)
    Brooklyn Nets (20/29)
    Treble pays 3.77/1

    Also having a double on the Kings and Suns just for fun. Good luck everyone.

  89. Skippy 8 years ago

    On the wizards again deandre? I dont think I can handle it after last night.

  90. DeAndre 8 years ago

    Haha…John Wall is gonna feast in the Cavs tonight ;-)

  91. Alty Adam 8 years ago

    Would you recommend lumping on that money-line treble DeAndre?

  92. DeAndre 8 years ago

    Meh, up to you I’m on 60% money line and 40% player per. Might put more in if Blake obliges in the first game

  93. dave 8 years ago

    de andre

    do you think dragic will play tonight

    what happened to millsap last night

    got my money back again ast night but it could have been so much better if my scorers had turned up

  94. DeAndre 8 years ago

    Knee bruise for Millsap I think, don’t see why Dragic won’t play tonight.

  95. Alty Adam 8 years ago

    Thought id ask as I don’t know much about the NBA so don’t know its worth it

  96. DeAndre 8 years ago

    Adam I fancy it but wouldn’t like to have someone lump on one for the other to come up only, I back both, tip both, then hopefully cash in. I am as always pretty confident, I tend to avoid putting up a bet unless I’m as confident as usual.

  97. Andy 8 years ago

    Sticking with some College Basketball Tonight. Especially since we’re headed towards March Madness and everything is heating up.

    Drexel @ Delaware – 8:00pm

    Delaware are 20-8 on the Season. Facing a 14-12 Drexel team. Delaware are 10-1 at home this Season and Drexel are 5-7 on the road.

    These two met last month and Delaware won by 13 at Drexel. This time at home they -4 favorites on the spread and come into this having won the last 3 meetings between the two teams.

    Delaware Money Line is 5/8
    Delaware -4 is 10/11

  98. DeAndre 8 years ago

    Cheers Andy, definitely on this after last night

  99. dave 8 years ago

    griffin not made a great start

    at least we have 3 quarters left

    durant not made agreat start and he has 13 already

    went for parsons, derozan & noah for my overs point scorers tonight

    am drawn towards shaggys brother damain for the trailblazers tonight in the overs as well

    will see how things are going with griffin before jumping in

  100. gbjefr 8 years ago

    deandre, im on the 365 website cant find kev love +27.5 only showing +30 are your prices from a certain bookmaker

  101. DeAndre 8 years ago

    Mine are from Paddy Power, what price is 30+?

  102. honda 8 years ago

    Same 5/6, bet365 less generous it seems!

  103. gbjefr 8 years ago

    DEANDRE,were do i find the player performance bets??????????????

  104. gbjefr 8 years ago

    sry DEANDRE, i didnt realise u was with paddy power my appologise sir i was on 365 … i thought u used them from reading earlier thread. sry again

  105. luke a 8 years ago

    Gutted that betvictor don’t offer odds for player performances

  106. DeAndre 8 years ago

    Love will probably score 30+ I wouldn’t discourage you from that bet at all

  107. DeAndre 8 years ago

    Griffins in foul trouble fellas, not lookin good for us :-(

  108. Alty Adam 8 years ago

    Andy’s tip, is anyone jumping on Delaware for the win @ 10/39?

  109. Alty Adam 8 years ago

    39/10 sorry

  110. dave 8 years ago

    not looking good for griffin

    need a miracle now

    6 minutes 12 points

    need a few 3 pointers and free throws to have any chance

  111. DeAndre 8 years ago

    Dave, it’s over… On to the trebles, be wary of the Heat tonight LeBron is out (broken nose)

    • raaljaca 8 years ago

      And be very aware of Magicians and Cheesing!!! :) not discovered exactly what they mean but I am getting there!

    • swany 8 years ago

      Cheesing wtf I’m lost

  112. gbjefr 8 years ago

    deandre, where can i find in play player performance wanna keep eye on joakim noah points tally i seen 4 watching game but caught it l8?

  113. abbas 8 years ago

    Deandre u got a bet365 bet lol

  114. DeAndre 8 years ago has a stat and game tracker

  115. gbjefr 8 years ago

    thanks deandre your help appreciated..

  116. Rustychest 8 years ago

    G’day gents.

    Popped in briefly to say, DeAndre I’ve leeched your tips-I know you wont let me down on this busy day :P Cheers mate

    • Tommeh 8 years ago

      Any race to 20 points tips from you for tonight Rusty by any chance?

  117. cooldude 8 years ago

    Any race to 20 points tips from you for tonight Rusty by any chance?

    • swany 8 years ago

      He is a magic man dude,by the way I was so taken with the new look that I am now growing a beard myself .

  118. Andy 8 years ago

    Apologies to anyone on the Delaware game, it started off good and gradually got worse as it went on. Just adding this one in as well after a bit more research for anyone interested…

    Florida State @ Pittsburgh – 11:00pm

    Florida State are 15-11 on the Season. Pittsburgh are 20-6. Pittsburgh are a 9.5 favorites in this one. But they’re pretty poor at covering. They’re 7-14 this year Against the Spread. Florida St. are 13-11. In Road Games, Florida St. are 5-5 ATS. Pittsburgh are 3-9 ATS at home.

    Another stat I liked the look off in this one is Pittsburgh are 1-5 after failing to cover the spread in 3 or more consecutive games. Florida St. are 10-9 ATS playing against a team with a Winning Record whereas Pittsburgh are 7-11.

    Both are coming off losses so I expect both to be trying to rebound and for Florida State to stay within the Spread.

    Florida State +9.5 @10/11

    • swany 8 years ago

      No need for apologies Andy,you were good enough to share the tip mate and put in the time,cheers.

    • swany 8 years ago

      Anyway I quite enjoy beans on toast

  119. dave 8 years ago

    big noah need 1 more

    hope they start going in 2 by 2

  120. DeAndre 8 years ago

    That last shot of his might get reviewed.

  121. DeAndre 8 years ago

    It got chopped off, but he’s there now 15pts

  122. DeAndre 8 years ago

    That was the easy one ;-)

  123. dave 8 years ago

    1 down 2 to go

  124. gbjefr 8 years ago

    ooooooossshhh mr deandre 1/3 half way there?

  125. DeAndre 8 years ago

    I like your maths, hopefully the bookies think like that too :-D

  126. DanM 8 years ago

    Good luck tonight everyone. Have of course backed DeAndre’s money-line treble and player performance treble, as well as doing my own (hope for the best) 6-fold on tonights games. Went for Miami (1 down 5 to go :)), Washington, Toronto, Phoenix, Brooklyn and Portland.

    Massive thanks to DeAndre for last nights money-line treble. Felt confident with it so opened an account with Paddy Power just to get the free bets, so put my own £10 and the £20 in free bets for opening an account all on the money line treble. Was a good start to the day!

  127. FoxInTheBox 8 years ago

    Gone with a 4 fold tonight.


    7/1 @ PaddyPower

  128. DeAndre 8 years ago

    Money-line treble home and hosed, player per. 2/3 anyone on bet365 K Love scored 31.

  129. Rustychest 8 years ago

    DeAndre, nice stuff bud :) thanks for the tips and for covering me on my appointment day haha :)

    Your player per. picks brought profit as well since most of us are on Bet365 and we have no choice but to play them as singles thus overall you’ve nailed it bud :)


  130. Dancing Brave 8 years ago

    Great stuff @DeAndre, cheers for another top tip :)

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