A LATE collapse by Charlton beat my line last week so I'm hoping for better luck this time round.

I'm starting off with Everton against an Aston Villa side whose fortunes show signs of changing any time soon.

While Everton were beating West Brom in midweek Villa were crashing 2-1 at home to Newcastle to follow on from their cup exits to Bradford and Millwall.

It doesn't get any easier for Paul Lambert who hasn't made any January signings of note and a trip to Goodison is as tough as it gets.

I'm staying in the Merseyside area and backing Tranmere at home to Carlisle. The Prenton Park men are back in business after a ropey spell and last week's win at Brentford was impressive.

Tranmere have now won four of their last five to climb back to the top on goal difference and should beat a Carlisle outfit who concede too many goals – 50 in the league.

Carlisle lost 3-0 at home to Tranmere earlier in the season and haven't kept a clean sheet in seven outings.

Complete the treble with Dundee United who face Rangers in an intriguing SPL v SFL William Hill Scottish Cup tie. Rangers have had mixed fortunes against top-flight opposition this season, beating Motherwell but losing to Inverness at home, and this represents their toughest test.

United managed to keep hold of star men Johnny Russell, Jon Daly and Gary Mackay-Steven in the transfer window and are capable of giving a side relying on a handful of youngsters a torrid time.

Rangers, of course, were banned from making signings and have struggled in recent weeks, beating Peterhead 1-0 and drawing 1-1 with Montrose and Elgin.

Ally McCoist's men may be cruising to the Third Division title but there is a gulf between them and United and we could see it here.

Remember to post your own treble here on the end of the top tips articled posted tomorrow for a chance to win a £10 free bet with betway. Win-draw-win bets only Рno handicaps, both teams to score etc.

Betway Top Treble



Dundee Utd (12.45)

Pays an enhanced 5-1 at Betway.com

  1. Danny 11 years ago

    Betway Treble – Arsenal – Watford – PortVale

  2. Graham Mitchell 11 years ago

    Queen of the South

  3. alex connor 11 years ago

    Top treble

    Dundee utd 9/10
    Brechin 13/10
    Brighton 17/10

    11.79 tbl

  4. alex walker 11 years ago

    Man utd 4to6
    dundee utd 4to5
    peterhead 4to5.
    Good luck guys surely we cant have a wkend like the last few wks!

  5. jwood 11 years ago

    Nottm forest…southampton…pompy draw. 35.75/1 bet365

  6. Hughie 11 years ago

    Real madrid
    Aw the best

  7. Donald Priest 11 years ago

    Port Vale 1/2
    Falkirk 1/2
    Ayr 8/5

  8. Austin Hay 11 years ago

    Notts County
    Ross County

  9. Kevin McKenna 11 years ago

    Dundee united

  10. marc 11 years ago

    chelsea. middlesbrough. peterborough.

  11. Daryl Cruickshank 11 years ago

    Stevenage,Man Utd and Qpr

  12. Robert Duff 11 years ago


  13. Stephen Miller 11 years ago

    Dundee united
    Cardiff 16/1

  14. darren winch 11 years ago




  15. Craig (Ayr) 11 years ago



  16. lee 11 years ago

    Everton Doncaster port vale branscheweig……. 2.5 and over wigan Everton port vale newcastle….. G.Cahill to score anytime

  17. Simon 11 years ago

    man utd watford qpr

  18. david smith 11 years ago

    man utd
    south africa

  19. Tam TT 11 years ago

    Arsenal, Everton & Inverness

  20. Ian Conway 11 years ago

    My treble is


  21. Josip 11 years ago

    QPR 1.90

    Arsenal 1.40

    Southampton 3.30

  22. Ivana 11 years ago

    Newcastle and Chelsea Draw 3.50

    Swansea 3.00

    Everton 1.40

  23. COLIN 11 years ago


  24. Sean McCready 11 years ago

    Dundee utd, Falkirk, Montrose

  25. malcolm caithness 11 years ago

    Arsenal @ 1.40
    Queen of the South @ 1.40
    Man City @ 1.80

    3.52 odds at betway

    Paul no winnings in for 16th Jan win

    • Mr Fixit 11 years ago

      Malky, can take up to five weeks to be credited as they do it once a month.

  26. Craig alves 11 years ago

    Napoli 1.45
    AZ 1.5

  27. Alistair Muir 11 years ago



    Man City

  28. Lizzie m 11 years ago




  29. conor 11 years ago


    Watford 2.10
    Middlesbrough 2.50

    12.33 £5 wins £61.69

  30. 1plus2 11 years ago




    • Hank 11 years ago

      Bold backing Rangers given they drew with Montrose last week and got eliminated by a rampant ICT in the other cup? What are you basing this on? Bare in Mind Gers are away from home against superior opposition.

    • Mr Fixit 11 years ago

      1plus2, just give us the tips please. Don’t want an Old Firm debate. You as well Hank. Thanks.

    • 1plus2 11 years ago

      Mr F did i miss something ? what you mean about a debate on the Old firm ? i never mentioned nothing about the Old Firm as far as i can see or remember ?

    • Mr Fixit 11 years ago

      1plus2, it was anything major but it doesn’t take a lot to get a reaction and I had to delete one of Hank’s responses. Unfortunately just saying “the mighty Rangers” can get a reaction and it did. I wanted to kill it before it got nasty as it’s done in the past.

    • 1plus2 11 years ago

      Was that all it was ffs i missed what was said and deleted but if it was because of the (Mighty Rangers) then the lunatics have definately taken over the asylum.

      But i take on board what you are saying m8.

  31. Hank 11 years ago

    No intentions of starting a debate Mr.F, I save that for twitter. Thoughts on Chelsea tomorrow 23/20 anyone?

    • Mr Fixit 11 years ago

      Hank, unfortunately it doesn’t take much to start a fight. As you see I’m on Dundee United simply because man on man they have the better squad. Rangers will have to produce the display of their season to have a chance. I can Newcastle v Chelsea being a draw with goals too.

    • Hank 11 years ago

      Southampton, ross county, swansea all massively over priced tomorrow as well I feel. Think your right with the newc/chels draw as well mr.f.

  32. Gspot 11 years ago

    RANGERS 3.45

    PRESTON 1.95

    PORT VALE 1.50


    • Hank 11 years ago

      Another one bravely backing Rangers

  33. Gspot 11 years ago


    • Hank 11 years ago

      Appreciate for a rangers fan that the price on Rangers tomorrow must be very tempting, and almost surreal to see your team priced in such a fashion against Dundee Utd. Changed days one would say. Just bare in mind the gulf in class and bet with your head.

    • Danny 11 years ago

      LOL The gulf in class theres no class in Scottish football the top team here central coast would beat everytime in Scotland bar celtic

    • Hank 11 years ago

      Danny dont talk pish, i was at last seasons grand final and it was worst game of fitba ive seen. Mike mcglinchey plays for central coast. an average celtic reserve once upon a time. pipe down and stop talking nonsense

    • Danny 11 years ago

      aye and ave gawn tae Scottish football for years and most people stand in the ground talking rather than watchin the football coz its that shite puntin the ball up fur a heeder and hopin it lands for a dig I magic watchin that for 90 minutes

    • Hank 11 years ago

      Dont compare the A-League to the SPL, theres no comparison. Our games not as bad as what certain people make out. We have quality in our league outside of Celtic, the product isnt great, as in half empty stadiums, poor pitches etc but we have quality.

    • Danny 11 years ago

      here mate am not going to get into an argument about Scottish football with you Some of my best memories are from going to games in Scotland am not denying there is some talented players but it can get boring at times dusny stop me watching the highlights when a can but

    • Hank 11 years ago

      Well thats a different story from saying theres no class and CENTRAL COAST would beat every team in SPL bar Celtic isnt it? Ridiculous statement, listening to Mark Bosnich on FOXTEL too much me thinks.

    • Hank 11 years ago

      LOL at ‘the top team here central coast…’ the top team in Aleague seems to differ from year to year. this seasons bottom team will be running away with it next season. Adelaide in the ACL last season.

    • Danny 11 years ago

      it does differ from season to season and thats makes it good who wants to pay good money too watch one team win everything all the time and no get challenged

    • Hank 11 years ago

      Australian football is piss poor. An average junior player in Scotland could land a contract in one of the regional premier leagues in Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth earning a few hundred $ a week. McGarry and Mehmet are on contracts in the A-League ffs.

  34. Sean Ireland 11 years ago

    Man utd

  35. eebs 11 years ago

    st johnstone 6/4
    stenhousemuir 6/4
    brechin 5/4

  36. Hank 11 years ago

    Dundee Utd would win the A-League mate, hands tied behind their back and blindfolded.

  37. Danny 11 years ago

    one thing youve got to remember football isnt even the number one sport here its not takin as serious as in Scotland tell you one thing dundee utd couldny do here keep up a decent pace for 90 minutes in the roastin hot temperatures

    • Hank 11 years ago

      I know ‘soccer’ is the 3rd or 4th sport, but im not making bold statements bigging up the A-League and slagging Scottish football mate. A-League is played at a slow tempo anyway, and players soon climatize. Our game deserves more respect than it deserves. Bosnich came out and said A-League is better standard as well, almost as ridiculous as that wig he wears on his napper.

  38. Danny 11 years ago

    on there day they would beat most teams in Scotland the football in Scotland is joke all round the world and you know it

  39. Danny 11 years ago

    and you canny tell me its not coz a went to it fur years and I know what I seen at the end of the day Scotland and Austrlias shite football doesnt effect me and am not going to spend a roastin hot day inside having a debabte about it

    • Hank 11 years ago

      Dont make silly statements then, A-League is pish. Ive been there and seen it. Berisha is treated like Messi in Brisbane. enough said.

  40. Danny 11 years ago

    lol his wig is a belter have you not read any of my previous comments on the Aleague were i have said on the whole its can be utter shite apart from some teams producing some nice stuff at times if memory serves me I once compared some of the play to children in the play ground

  41. Hank 11 years ago

    Scottish Football is years ahead of Aussie fitba and to suggest otherwise is just ignorant. Away and watch an a -league game if its that good instead of wasting ur day indoors.

  42. Hank 11 years ago

    Fair do’s then mate but dont compare it to our league because its disrespectful to our game.

  43. Danny 11 years ago

    aye its not the best but ure making silly statements anaw why does Scotland deserve more respect than it gets coz celtic are doing good in the champions league thats one team what about other teams that have had a go at europa and papped right oot ae it be4 the group stage

    • Hank 11 years ago

      Theres good players in every team in the SPL outside of Celtic. Ross County and St.Mirren have quality players that would stand out in the Aleague. im not saying out league is top notch, but to compare it to the Aleague is shocking.

  44. Hank 11 years ago

    One would think youve been throwing back the Carlton draught and this is affecting your judgement.

    • Danny 11 years ago

      lol believe me it can and does effect my judgement on stuff carlton draught is awright a prefer tooheys extra dry or carlton cold

    • Hank 11 years ago

      Was once throwing back Magners at $12 a pop up in a bar up in Cairns. Broke my heart paying that kinda cash.

    • Danny 11 years ago

      aye it breaks ma heart ordering a pint getting charged $9 and they hit u with a poxy scooner

    • Mr Fixit 11 years ago

      Hank, not sure what an Aussie dollar is worth but where I go in France for the golf you struggle to get a pint (it’s not even a pint) for less than seven euros. So it can be just as expensive all over. Most city cente Glasgow hotels are charging ¬£4 to ¬£5 for a bottle of beer now.

  45. Danny 11 years ago

    its only 9am ave got plenty of time al be doing what I usally do when the soccer is on melbourne derby is on al have it on mute and look at if a goal gets scored other than that its my tunes all the way an a booze

  46. Hank 11 years ago

    Pure Blonde man myself. Superdrys boke material.

  47. Danny 11 years ago

    never tryed the pure blonde and the han superdry is not the best naw

  48. Danny 11 years ago

    aw the bevy is expensive here about $90 a week for 2 crates

  49. Hank 11 years ago

    Was paying $52 for a crate of Peroni at the drive-thru round the corner, scandalous. Even if a was making $35 an hour.

  50. Danny 11 years ago

    thats the hing the moneys good but they hit u wae the insane cost of living is that were ure originally from Cairns

  51. 1plus2 11 years ago

    pity the beer tastes like wombats pish lol

  52. Hank 11 years ago

    Naw naw scots born and bred, just spent a good bit of time over there. Brisbane, Cairns and Perth. Love Cairns. Cost of living broke my heart, $10 can of deodorant. id rather have B.O.

    • 1plus2 11 years ago

      Spoken like a true Sweaty Jock as the say lol

    • Danny 11 years ago

      aye thats some holiday tae go on definetly the price of stuff is mad a wait for the deodrant to go on specialy usaully last week a payed $12 for a lynx was gutted did u not notice alot of people dae walk about heavy wreckin oot thare boxes I a like a good few tim tams same cant be said for there crisps and sweets but somtimes a find masel doing a 50km round trip to the shop that sells all the stuff a miss

    • Hank 11 years ago

      Seen Irn Bru getting sold in a Woolworths in arse end of nowhere far north queensland, that was a pleasant surprise.

    • Danny 11 years ago

      aye it woulda been a nice surprise a love the stuff but $4.60 fur a litre botto is pushin it

  53. faustino 11 years ago

    queens of the south, crusaders, tranmere rovers… these teams will be the best winners today. good luck guys

    • Hank 11 years ago

      Faustino how confident are you??????

  54. Hank 11 years ago

    Canny beat a bit of the double choc caramel tim-tams though.

  55. Danny 11 years ago

    am used tae it now the drive thru boozer up the road fae me had cans a tennants 24 for 50 insted of 120 coz it was goin out of date a thought ya dancer all take 3 ae them it ended up geein me a poundin heedache

  56. Hank 11 years ago

    haha ffs, i seen 12 bottles of irn bru wkds for 90 odd dollars in a booze shop in Perth. Where abouts in Oz are you based?

  57. Danny 11 years ago

    am in the north the now bennett springs just aff the reid highway moving tae whiteman edge in a few months when ma hoose is built

  58. Hank 11 years ago

    Lovely, still got residency and might go back at some point. Banters not the same with aussies, the football coverage isnt the same either, though im still a member of the Perth CSC, probably the best supporters club ive been in.

  59. Danny 11 years ago

    thats handy having residency aye some of there patter is shite.aye it seems there obsessed with the premier league and all other leagues are on setanta for a fee obv course. ave been in rosie ogradys a few times fur a few jars just not on game day wouldnt be very enjoyable for me lol

  60. Danny 11 years ago

    thats handy having residency aye some of there patter is shite.aye it seems there obsessed with the premier league and all other leagues are on setanta for a fee obv course. ave been in rosie ogradys a few times fur a few jars just not on game day wouldnt be very enjoyable for me lol

  61. Craig 11 years ago



  62. Scott S 11 years ago


  63. flyboivince 11 years ago

    Karlsruhe wins
    concord wins
    airbus uk wins

  64. sam watson 11 years ago

    Man city v liverpool draw
    crystal palace

  65. chas mckendrick 11 years ago

    Port Vale

  66. brian thom 11 years ago

    Man city

  67. Ryan Brown 11 years ago

    Bayern Munich

  68. Stephen 11 years ago

    Dundee Utd, QPR & Man U

  69. Sean Ireland 11 years ago

    Right thats enough of the talk from the expats above fondly remembering standing in the terraces at places like Berwick and Montrose admiring the way the players adapted to the way the ball kept getting stuck in the mud by hoofing it in the air at every oportunity.Guess i cant really take the pish though being Irish ;)
    My treble that is an obvious win is
    Everton..playing piss poor Villa
    Man United..playing inconsistant Fulham minus the Berbanator.
    Q.P.R…any team that since the new year have prevented the likes of Man City,Spurs and Chelsea from scoring should have no fears from a Norwich team that havent won in 7 lg games and have only scored once in last 5 matches,ill put Q.P.R to win to nil on my bets but just to win on this.

  70. Danny 11 years ago

    Sean a used tae love betting on the Irish top and 2nd tier always got good winners wae them good for btts and over 2.5 goals anaw once the season gets goin but the bookies wise up and make teams really short priced

    • Sean Ireland 11 years ago

      They may have been ok for betting BTTS but id rather cut my throat than watch them lol

  71. Jonathan Grieve 11 years ago

    Any word on who won the top treble last week Paul? Has it been put up somewhere and I’ve missed it?

    • Mr Fixit 11 years ago

      Jonatha, admin will get round to it.

  72. Sean Ireland 11 years ago

    Just noticed ive posted twice Mr F, COULD U DELETE MY 1ST LIST PLEASE,SORRY

  73. Jinka 11 years ago

    Chelsea 9/10
    Arsenal 2/5
    P Vale 1/2

  74. Lucky Dave 11 years ago

    Never know treble!

    Aston Villa

    Betway 82.5/1

  75. James Hanly 11 years ago

    QPR 6/5
    West Ham 13/10
    Dundee 5/4

  76. Chris D W K 11 years ago

    Port Vale 1.50
    Exeter 2.00
    Everton 1.40

    4.20 treble

  77. John Henderson 11 years ago


  78. Muzza 11 years ago


  79. steven 11 years ago


  80. gary callaghan 11 years ago

    Qos, hamilton, inverness

    13.44 betway

  81. Jonathan Grieve 11 years ago

    Cheers Paul.

    My treble for this week……

    Borussia Moenchengladbach

  82. Rory 11 years ago

    Cliftonville -1 goal
    Today’s top treble

    • Mr Fixit 11 years ago

      Rory, just checking the Betway treble entries. Please remember it’s win-draw-win bets only.

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