I'VE not included any of the Premier League teams among my top tip selections and there's a reason for that.

Norwich v Swansea (1.30pm) and Spurs v Liverpool (4pm) could go either way while Man United look to short to trust at Aston Villa (1.30pm).

I'm going to stick my neck out and take Spurs to win mainly because the Reds are without Steven Gerrard and Daniel Sturridge. That makes them over-reliant on Luis Suarez and we saw at Hull how that can affect the performance.

Liverpool have lost their last six at White Hart Lane and that's another reason why I fancy them at a best 8-5 with William Hill. If you fancy the draw it's a biggest 12-5 with Stan James.

Both should score in this one and Suarez will be well backed at 4-1 (William Hill) to notch the opener and 11-10 at Stan James to net at anytime but I'm putting my faith in Roberto Soldado who should be lifted by his midweek hat-trick against Anzhi. He is 13-2 at Hills to break the deadlock and 2-1 at Stan James to score.

It's easy to dismiss Man United at a best 17-20 with Ladbrokes at Aston Villa but while I don't like the price I reckon Davie Moyes's side will win.

Paul Lambert’s side are 4-1 to further dent United's fight for a Champions League slot but even without Robin van Persie United should be too good.

Luckily Wayne Rooney is available after missing the 1-0 defeat at home to Newcastle and the England man is 5-4 at bet365 to net at any time and 5-1 at Ladbrokes to score first

At the other end, Christian Benteke hasn’t been quite as effective this term but tends to do better against the top sides. He is 23-10 to net with Paddy Power.

United’s last two on the road have been score draws and both to score is likely at 20-23 with McBookie.

Norwich v Swansea looks a draw at 12-5 with Betfred. The one bet I'll consider on top of that is Gary Hooper to score fo the third game in a row. He is 9-4 at 888sport.

Recommended Bets

Soldado to score
(2-1, Stan James)

Man Utd
(17-20, Ladbrokes)

Rooney to score first
(5-1, Ladbrokes)

Hooper to score
(9-4, 888sport)

  1. Greg Browning 7 years ago

    Have just posted my thoughts on the spurs game Mr F, good to see we are on the same page :)

  2. Tony 7 years ago

    Scorecast 3 -0 man utd rooney 60/1

    • Nits 7 years ago

      well said man, only rooney let you down

  3. Craig Alves 7 years ago

    Gotta fancy Liverpool win wi Suarez anytime, Coutinho the perfect player to step upto the plate. Suarez maybe drew a blank 2 wknd ago at Hull but scored 4 v Norwich without sturridge, no gerrard either I don’t think plus another couple v west ham laat wknd

  4. Alan 7 years ago

    Mr F need your help, was on last night regarding half time coupon, went to collect at shop there saying partick v st johnstone game is void and are offering me £242 rather than the £508.

    Can they do this??

    • raaljaca 7 years ago

      No. It was a half time coupon and the first half was played so you won. Had one side led 1-0 they would have had you down as beaten. Tell them to check with head office and pay up. Mention you have posted on Mr Fs site which Owen Scott regularly reads if it was Hills.

    • Mr Fixit 7 years ago

      Alan, Hills have got it wrong as everyone has stated. Don’t worry, I’ll make sure you are paid out as I always do with legitimate bets. Let me know not what shop it was placed in.

  5. Tony 7 years ago

    They prob take the odds of for that game alan, iš that how much it would pay if ų took the odds for that game. Mr fix it iš your man to twist thier arm, but prob with in thier right. Unless ų let it run when they playing it next

  6. Greg Browning 7 years ago

    Alan, as the game was called off at half time mate the game is void which means the price is removed from your line, if you had 5 times, your stake is now against 4 games!

  7. Chris Guy 7 years ago

    Alan no they can’t. If it was a ht coupon you did and the game reached half time then your result stands. It would only had been void if it was a 90 min result such as betting halftime full time. Your due a full pay out. When a game is cancelled winning bets are laid out such as time of first corner, first Goalscorer, half time result etc. did the game reach 45 mins and then at the interval they cancelled the game. If so its a winner so don’t collect the lower amount. Just phone customer services of whatever bookie you are in

  8. Alan 7 years ago

    Guys it is william hill, av taken my slip back and not collected, there saying its defo void and there not paying, anything else i can do?

    • raaljaca 7 years ago

      Alan, wait for Mr F to intervene he gets results. I would ask them to show you on screen the results on the game i.e. what are hills paying out on and what are they voiding. They will probably try to pocket the extra for themselves.

  9. Chris Guy 7 years ago

    No Greg it was a ht coupon mate

  10. gunner4life 7 years ago

    Great day yesterday made lots defo Xmas present and im going to lay man U

    • raaljaca 7 years ago

      Yip, Arsenal getting humped and a tip for an odds on horse was the way to profit!!!!

  11. Alan 7 years ago

    It was a half time coupon, and the game got to half time then abandoned after half time

    • raaljaca 7 years ago

      The game being abandoned means nothing Alan. You bet on the first 45 min which was completed. Abandoned or 10-0 at full time is irrelevant as your bet won.

  12. hsta 7 years ago

    Very hard premier league day to call. I’m going for a low stakes utd to score 2+ at 4/5, thats mainly due to villa’s home record against the other top teams so far this season…

    Man city – conceded 2
    Tottenham – conceded 2
    Everton – conceded 2

    Whether utd are as good as those teams at the moment is another question. Main bets are going to be in the other european leagues today.

    • hsta 7 years ago

      Thank you Welbeck!

  13. Alan 7 years ago

    The guy in the shop has said if i phone customer services and complain enough i may get it. Hopefully Mr F can help me and make my Christmas!

    • simon 7 years ago

      i would be kicking right off. make sure you get what you’re owed.

    • raaljaca 7 years ago

      Tell the lazy b*stard in the shop to phone customer services for you. Take a note of the betting slip number and put it on here after they pay out and anybody, including myself, with Hills accounts can email them and tell them exactly what we think of that particular shop and there pathetic customer services with regard to your bet.

  14. Chris Guy 7 years ago

    Tell the fud in the shop you shouldn’t have to phone, he should know the rules.

  15. Chris Guy 7 years ago

    This is the problem you have with counter staff not having a clue. Too many people with no idea what they are doing so they make their opinion a decision. Tell the guy in the shop to phone them. Listen Alan don’t worry about it cos its a winner. If they offer you the reduced amount and tell you to phone head office for the rest, don’t!

  16. Alan 7 years ago

    Am defo not accepting it i’ll take it all the way to get what i owed quick at accepting bets, but not so quick at paying out william hill

    • raaljaca 7 years ago

      You will get paid out in full. Don’t leave it at that though make sure the clowns in the shop get a kick up the arse for not knowing their jobs. I rarely use Hills shops anymore as the staff are poor, 1 guy a manager called Eric at Pennywell is 100% but the rest are more interested in being on their phones texting than serving customers.

  17. Alan 7 years ago

    I will phone customer services when home guys and let you’s know how i get on. Thanks a lot for all your comments and help. Think the dude thought i was just gonna accept the smaller payout. Clown!!

    • raaljaca 7 years ago

      Good luck Alan

  18. Greg Browning 7 years ago

    Apologies, read it wrong! Yeah I’d be hacked if that was the case, they should be paying out the full amount

    • Alan 7 years ago

      Wee update on my hassle, after phoning customer services, they said they would call me back, 5mins later received a call saying it was sorted and that they had now corrected it to a valid bet rather than void. Went back to shop and was welcomed back almost, got told they were very sorry, they had thought it was a full time bet, i clearly explained it was a half time bet the 1st time. Anyway they gave me a whopping 5pound free bet for my inconvience.

      Thanks for the help and pointing me in right direction, some real good guys on here aswell as Mr F obviously.

      Btw the shop was nitshill road william hill.

    • raaljaca 7 years ago

      Glad you got it sorted mate. Personally it would not surprise me if the staff tried to cheat you out of the difference. Standard of some shops, Hills and Ladbrokes has become disgraceful staff wise.

    • Mr Fixit 7 years ago

      Alan, glad to see it was sorted, there was never any doubt you’d get your cash. I’d have got Owen Scott on to the case.

    • Alan 7 years ago

      Thanks Mr F, good to know genuine punters have someone to turn to for advice. And advice we can trust. I had started to doubt myself cos of the whill staff. But your followers quickly advised me that i should get full pay out once i knew that i wasnt gonna accept the lower than half amount.

  19. Tony 7 years ago

    Sorry alan a didnt realise it had reached ht. Hope you get your full pay out pal

  20. Adrian 7 years ago

    Alan last year I had a similar scenario and Ladbrokes wouldn’t pay out… I scanned a copy of the slip and sent it away by email to IBAS who are an independent 3rd party who deal with bet disputes… Within 48hrs they had resolved this with Ladbrokes and I got paid out the bet which was over £700 :-)… If you can’t resolve with shop I would recommend doing this.

    • Mr Fixit 7 years ago

      Adrian, I’ll get it sorted and the staff member will get a blast from the bosses.

  21. raaljaca 7 years ago

    Nice one Hooper…

  22. Craig Alves 7 years ago

    Nit the best start to Utrecht match 1-0 down already, av got suarez 1st gl/Liverpool and Utrecht double at 36/1

  23. Chris Guy 7 years ago

    Have to put my comments in here now as iPhone no likey after over 300 comments.

  24. Craig Alves 7 years ago

    Suarez anytime £25 11/10

    Suarez wincast £5 8/1

    Liverpool RT5 £5 13/10

    Liverpool RT7 £3 5/2

    Liverpool RT9 £2 11/2

  25. Craig Alves 7 years ago

    4 corners to nil already :)

  26. Craig Alves 7 years ago

    Needing another 2 Liverpool gls for £105 also, man utd and Liverpool over 2.5 TGls £5 double, as long as Liverpool win I’ll be happy :)

  27. Chris Guy 7 years ago


    Suarez First Goal @ 9/2
    Suarez First Goal 1-20 mins @ 11/1

    Can you feel it, can you feel it, can you feel it!!

    Well done to anyone who got on.

    • Jules 7 years ago

      there you go lads chris has won 650 notes on suarez that makes up for you all losing a packet on utrecht doesnt it.

    • Mr Fixit 7 years ago

      Chris, nice one. Will check in later.

  28. Sparky 7 years ago

    What makes this all feel even worse is that the bookies originally made a ricket with the Utrecht price! There’s no way PSV should have even been favs for this match let alone an even money shot!

  29. honda 7 years ago

    Fook me ive had a bad day lol

  30. Hughes19 7 years ago

    Chris Guy, thoughts on Vidal and Turan anytime double @ 9/1?
    P.s Raal thanks for the advice on Iconic Rosé earlier much appreciated!

    • raaljaca 7 years ago

      Delighted it came on for you mate, nice one.

  31. Chris Guy 7 years ago

    Hughes the double has a chance but I’d rather go for Vidal as a single for anytime or if you want a bigger price go for Lichenstein @ 10/1 anytime.

  32. Jamie 7 years ago

    Any body got any teams for tonite !!

  33. Davie-S 7 years ago

    Good result Alan mate, i’m chuffed for ye, shame on you wullie hills for you incompetence, or was it something more sinister from in-store staff?

  34. Chris Guy 7 years ago

    Can’t read the comments as iPhone not likey but I can post. Hope you guys managed to get on some of the bets.

    Suarez First Goal @ 9/2 WIN
    Suarez First Goal @ 1-20 mins @ 11/1 WIN
    Tevez First Goal @ 15/4 WIN
    Tevez First Goal 1-20 mins @ 8/1 WIN
    Suarez + Tevez 1-20 mins double @ 107/1 WIN

  35. Jamie 7 years ago

    Any tips on the South American games tonite !!!

  36. Stevenage 7 years ago


    Cracking picks mate, well done

    Can I ask what bookies you use for your 1-20mins first goal scorer?


  37. Svetoslav 7 years ago

    Really well done Chris , good tips again :) cheers

  38. Chris Guy 7 years ago

    Last bet of the day

    Rio Ave vs Porto 8:15pm

    Jackson Martinez First Goal @ 3/1
    Jackson Martinez First Goal 1-20 mins @ 9/1

    Good luck if you decide to get on.

  39. Chris Guy 7 years ago

    Stevenage it’s Bet365

  40. Craig Alves 7 years ago

    Chris im going wi you on martinez, plus adding higuain and costa. Done these bets only a few times and leon clarke v shef utd was the buggest wins a had as had him in a few bets. Got £2 singles and £1 doubles/treble. Hit one to be in profit but all 3 would return around £1K. Seville back to 6-6 corners and Brazil lead 3-0 so they’re looking ok just now

  41. test 7 years ago


  42. Chris Guy 7 years ago

    Craig that’s sick man unlucky with Martinez who got second. I backed him ew @ 3/1 so got my money back.

  43. Davie-S 7 years ago

    That Lanus game doesn’t look like going over .5 never mind 2.5

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