In winning his 16th world title in January Phil Taylor reaffirmed his place at the forefront of what has become his sport. The top dog, the man to beat, the ayatollah of rock and rolla. It's the only position that Taylor knows.

Six months on and he's having to come to terms with being number two. While The Power's triumph at Alexandra Palace may have extended his remarkable roll of honour in the sport, it merely delayed the inevitable of his gradual demise.Taylor's obituary has been written countless times before, and every time he has come back with the answers. This time is different. And it's all because of one man. Michael van Gerwen.

Previously when discussing Taylor's potential demise it has been more about his own standards slipping. This time it's about MVG raising the bar to another level. To a different darting stratosphere.

Taylor still, when on song, has the game that he has possessed for most of his career. The problem, for Taylor, is that Van Gerwen is now playing at a level that not even he can reach. And that is having a knock-on effect to the Power's all-round game and persona. He's no longer the man that they all need to beat; he's no longer the biggest scalp in any give tournament. Which is why, I believe, we are seeing him perform well below par on a much more regular basis. It's not in the 16-time world champion's make-up to play second fiddle.

And that is quite strongly reflected in the betting. Van Gerwen leads the way as the clear 2.9 favourite, with Taylor lagging behind as second favourite at odds as big as 4.5. I can't remember a time in the last 15-20 years, if indeed there has been, where the Power has been available to back at such big odds pre-tournament.

Mighty Mike continued his incredible season at the weekend with his 10th title of 2013, and his fifth tournament victory in a row, adding the Austrian Open to the Dubai Masters, European Darts Open, Premier League and a Pro Tour event crown; a run of 23 consecutive victories.

That's the level of form that Taylor was showing in his pomp, and it won't be long before we start seeing MVG at odds-on prices for every major tournament. Take advantage of the 2.9s while you can.

That said. When betting on the UK Open, because of the nature of the event, it's always worth having a few quid on a couple of big -price outsiders. The open draw format means that we often see a surprise finalist here – Shayne Burgess, Barrie Bates, Vincent van der Voort, Gary Mawson and Colin Osborne are all former UK Open runners-up.

Of those at bigger odds with an ‘outside chance', Jamie Caven is worth a few quid at around 80.0. Jabba wonback-to-back Players Championship events a fortnight ago – MVG, Taylor and a lot of other top players weren't involved due to the Dubai Masters – and reached the European Darts Open semi-finals earlier in the month. If he can transfer his floor form to the main stage, something he has often struggled to do, and if the draw is kind then he could have a good run here.

Wes Newton also looks overpriced at around 46.0. The world number seven obviously didn't take to the Premier League at first and that dented his confidence somewhat. But he grew into the tournament as it progressed, albeit too late in the day to prevent an early relegation/elimination, and looked in good nick at the Dubai Masters when losing, unashamedly, to MVG.

The Warrior was a beaten finalist here in 2011, and again with a kind draw and a few wins to get his confidence going, he looks to have a much better chance than the odds suggest.

Recommended Bets

  • 5 points – Back MVG to win @ 2.9
  • 0.5 points – Back Newton to win @ 46.0
  • 0.5 points – Back Caven to win @ 80.0


  1. Milesey 7 years ago

    The Speedy Services UK Open will be held from June 6-9 at the Premier Suite, De Vere Whites, Reebok Stadium, Bolton.

    Speedy Services UK Open
    June 6-9 2013
    Preliminary Round
    Vincent van der Voort v Andy Murray
    Gino Vos v Alan Derrett
    Robbie Green v James Wade
    Stuart Lowe v Jake Pennington
    Royden Lam v Paddy Meaney
    Steve Farmer v Chris Aubrey
    Nick Fullwell v Wayne Jones
    Keegan Brown v Keith Rooney
    Tony West v Jamie Lewis
    Stephen Bunting v Vernon Sheppard
    Connie Finnan v Campbell Jackson
    Scott Coleman v Mark McGeeney
    Michael Musto v Bernd Roith
    Maik Langendorf v Tony Martin
    Darren Johnson v Antonio Alcinas
    Colin Osborne v Steve Hine
    Tam Dymond v Gavin Baker
    Terry Dunford v Dean Stewart

    First Round
    Michael Burgoine v Daz Twist
    Dave Weston v Dean Winstanley
    Gary Stone v Langendorf/Martin
    Jason Wilson v Tomas Seyler
    Steve Brown v Adrian Gray
    Shaun Griffiths v K Brown/Rooney
    Finnan/Jackson v Vos/Derrett
    Dunford/Stewart v Gus Santana
    Conan Whitehead v Roland Scholten
    Fullwell/W Jones v Lam/Meaney
    T West/J Lewis v Lowe/Pennington
    Michael Bushby v John Mortimer
    Andrew McNicol v Steven Mead
    Andy Parsons v Jamie Hagen
    Paul Whitworth v Andy Boulton
    Green/Wade v Matt Gallett
    Farmer/Aubrey v Gaz Cousins
    Dymond/Baker v Dave Place
    Coleman/McGeeney v Scott Marsh
    Nigel Daniels v Johnny Haines
    Musto/Roith v Ted Hankey
    Justin Pipe v Gareth Pass
    Leon De Geus v Scott Robertson
    Osborne/Hine v Mark Dudbridge
    Darrell Thorpe v Bunting/Sheppard
    van der Voort/Murray v Kirk Shepherd
    Matt Padgett v David Copley
    James Hubbard v John Scott
    Robbie Singleton v William O’Connor
    Prakash Jiwa v Johnson/Alcinas
    Matthew Dennant v Darrell Townsend
    Mark Lawrence v Mensur Suljovic

    Second Round
    Pipe/Pass v Jelle Klaasen
    Co Stompe v Michael Mansell
    Stone/Langendorf/Martin v Dennis Smith
    De Geus/Robertson v Whitworth/Boulton
    Bushby/Mortimer v Jim Walker
    Magnus Caris v van der Voort/Murray/Shepherd
    Mark Walsh v Lee Palfreyman
    Dymond/Baker/Place v John Henderson
    Singleton/O’Connor v Daniels/Haines
    Dennant/Townsend v Parsons/Hagen
    Kevin Dowling v Phil Taylor
    T West/J Lewis/Lowe/Pennington v Steve West
    Musto/Roith/Hankey v Weston/Winstanley
    Coleman/McGeeney/Marsh v Jyhan Artut
    Kevin Thomas v Whitehead/Scholten
    Colin Fowler v Padgett/Copley
    Peter Hudson v Lawrence/Suljovic
    Arron Monk v Farmer/Aubrey/Cousins
    Alex Roy v Mark Cox
    Terry Temple v Jiwa/Johnson/Alcinas
    Burgoine/Twist v Richie Howson
    Adam Hunt v Paul Amos
    Finnan/Jackson/Vos/Derrett v Brown/Gray
    Matthew Edgar v Osborne/Hine/Dudbridge
    Joey Palfreyman v Griffiths/K Brown/Rooney
    Hubbard/Scott v Andy Smith
    McNicol/Mead v Dunford/Stewart/Santana
    Thorpe/Bunting/Sheppard v Wilson/Seyler
    Ricky Evans v Joe Cullen
    Ricky Sudale v Richie Burnett
    Green/Wade/Gallett v Fullwell/W Jones/Lam/Meaney
    Andy Jenkins v Nigel Heydon

    All games on Thursday night in the Preliminary, First and Second Rounds are the best of nine legs.
    The Board Allocations will be announced in due course.

    The draw for the Third Round will be made at the conclusion of the Second Round on Thursday June 6, with a free draw operating for subsequent rounds at the event.


  2. jamie180 7 years ago

    The FA Cup of darts where just like in football the lesser players can give the big guns a real fright with some big shocks along the way.Although I think the best player in the world right now,Michael Van Gerwen will go on to win the tournament I won’t be backing him at such low odds so other value each-way shots will include Andy ‘the hammer’ Hamilton and Robert Thornton

  3. jamie180 7 years ago

    Thornton 25/1,Hamilton 50/1

  4. Milesey 7 years ago

    THE 2013 Speedy Services UK Open kicks off on Thursday night, when the early rounds of ‘The FA Cup of Darts’ take place in Bolton – with former champions Phil Taylor, James Wade and Roland Scholten all in action on the opening night of the event.

    The UK Open, unique for having eight stages in play simultaneously in the early rounds, features a mixture of top professionals and amateur qualifiers as 146 players compete for the £40,000 first prize.

    Professionals competed in a series of eight qualifying events earlier this year, with the top 114 players progressing to play in Bolton, where the leading 32 qualifiers enter at the third round stage on Thursday night.

    The lower-ranked qualifiers and 32 Speedy Amateur Qualifiers all enter in the earlier rounds on Thursday, with 2008 and 2011 champion James Wade taking on Wallasey’s Robbie “Kong” Green in the preliminary round to kick off the event.

    “I will have to start firing straight away,” admitted Wade, the world number four who will need to win three best-of-nine leg matches on Thursday to reach the third round.

    “There is no growing into the tournament at the UK Open because of the draw so you have to be ready and I will be.

    “Winning the UK Open a couple of years ago is a great memory for me and I’ve been getting closer to my best over the last few months. I’m in a good place and I feel like it is a matter of when I start winning tournaments again, not if.

    “I was disappointed that I couldn’t find my game in the semi-finals of the Premier League but that is gone now and there are three major tournaments up for grabs in the next couple of months and I hope I can take at least one of them.”

    World Champion Phil Taylor, a four-time UK Open champion, finished 44th on the UK Open Order of Merit earlier this year and will meet Coventry’s Kevin Dowling at the second round stage.

    Dowling, a design engineer by trade nicknamed ‘The Bounty Hunter’ has played in seven previous UK Opens and has a decade of experience on the PDC circuit, but said: “It’s a dream come true, a cracking draw.

    “My first reaction was that it’s the sort of draw that everybody wants to get, at least once in their life anyway.

    “It’s the sort of chance that any player would love and thousands of darts players from across the world would love to be in my shoes.

    “You can’t get much bigger than playing Phil Taylor, and he’s still the man to beat as far as I’m concerned, so it would be very nice to win on Thursday night.

    “I’ve only played on the main stage in Bolton once before, against John Part in 2007 over the best of 15 legs. It’s good having that experience there but I was a bit slow out of the blocks and it took me probably three legs to get used to the lighting on stage.

    “If that’s the case this time, I can’t afford three legs, that’s for sure!”

    2004 UK Open champion Roland Scholten comes in at the first round stage as he faces Gillingham-based bricklayer Conan Whitehead, who is one of the 32 Speedy Amateur Qualifiers.

    Another Dutch star, Vincent van der Voort, is in action on the main stage in the preliminary round against Scottish qualifier Andy Murray, while former World Youth Champion James Hubbard takes on John Scott and Austria’s Mensur Suljovic plays Mark Lawrence in the first round.

    Welsh former World Champion Richie Burnett plays UK Open debutant Ricky Sudale, while former World Champion Ted Hankey could meet Dean Winstanley in the second round should they both progress.

    Stage two features two more high-profile preliminary round games as Midlands duo Wayne Jones and Nick Fullwell kick off the event before 2009 UK Open finalist Colin Osborne faces Steve Hine, the muffin baker from Coventry who is a former quarter-finalist.

    World number ten Justin Pipe later plays Gareth Pass in round one – with the winner progressing to play Holland’s Jelle Klaasen – and former Bolton quarter-finalist Alex Roy meets Swindon’s Mark Cox in the second round.

    Stephen Bunting, the current World Masters champion who lost narrowly to Wade in last year’s event, plays Middlesex’s Vernon Sheppard in the preliminary round, Hong Kong’s Royden Lam faces Ireland’s Paddy Meaney and Tony West, a former World Masters winner, takes on young Welsh ace Jamie Lewis in other early contests.

    The 32 second round winners will later go into hat for the third round draw, which will be made at the end of Thursday night’s play and also features the top 32 professional qualifiers.

    Michael van Gerwen, who won five of the eight Qualifiers, heads the top 32 alongside reigning UK Open champion Robert Thornton, Australian star Simon Whitlock and Belgium’s Kim Huybrechts, who also won Qualifiers this spring.

    The Speedy Services UK Open will be broadcast live on Sky Sports HD.


    ( betfair )

  5. Jamie180 7 years ago

    Not the best of odds in the early rounds but a solid looking treble i’ll be on is Alex Roy,Steve Farmer and Joe Cullen at odds of roughly 3/1.The Cocky Alex Roy is playing some supurb darts at the moment,getting to the semi final of the players championship in Wigan just a few weeks ago before losing out 6-3 to eventual winner Jamie Caven.Steve Farmer,a former England International with plenty of experience i think will have too much for youngster Chris Aubrey.Very steady and solid price at 4/5 (and being backed down into 8/11).And finally to complete my treble its the battle of the youngsters.Nothing spectacular about the 4/9 on Cullen but i think that last weeks Austrian Open where he got to the QF,which included a fantastic scalp along the way in beating Van Barneveld 6-5,will give him huge confidence going into this up against young youth player Ricky Evans.Good Luck

  6. thechief 7 years ago

    One of my favourite tournaments starts tonight at Bolton “the FA cup of darts” is always tough to pick the winner as its a random draw, so you cant plan who your man could meet in a Quater final or Semi, It does however give us a chance to sink our teeth into some tasty E/W odds.

    2 Outright selections

    It wont shock many of you but it’s MVG, he delivered for me in the Premier league and, he is on fire at the moment and fears nobody.

    Again not a shock but I have to have Phil Taylor onside at 7/2, for years Ive been backing the power at 6/4 sometimes evens, so not missing out on this price. I was at the O2 on finals night and Taylor did nothing wrong, it was just MVG was too good on the night. Taylor aint finished yet, he made the final here last year and was going along well until some moron tried to jump on stage and Taylor lost his concentration. Think in an interview afterwards he said he thought he was going to be stabbed. Taylor as a point to prove this weekend. Come Sunday night if either the world number 1 or world number 2 are holding the title 15/8 or 7/2 will look good odds.


    Starting off with a guy who I think will be in the premier league at the end of the season Kim Huybrechts. A superb player who having suffered a family breavement last year, is playing well this year recently winning a tour event, a popular player and a fans favourite due to his sexy girlfriend who aslways gets a cheer when she is shown on the big screens (which is quite alot thanks to the sky camera man) Seeded 3 here tells you the form he is in and at 33/1 and with a good draw could go far.

    Adrian lewis is in a slump at the moment, but the most naturally gifted player in the game only needs to rediscover his form that led him to two world titles, to see him go close.

    Local boy Wes Newton as a good record in this competition, the fact he can go home and relax his a big plus, and if he has learned from his premier league experience another semi final could be on the cards.

    One man who didnt learn from the premier league experience is Mark Webster, losing week after week ruined his confidence, But Webby is a former world champion and is still young enough to win a big one in the PDC, and with a bit of luck in the draw, win a few games his confidence will grow and if he his still in by the weekend the 100/1 on offer will be long gone.

    BDO top boy Stephen Bunting mixes it with the PDC boys, a quality player, if he avoids the PDC big four early on he will give us a run for our money at 50/1.

    Finally I would personally watch paint dry than watch Justin Pipe throw darts he is that slow, But his style can frustrate the quick players. MVG, Anderson, Lewis would not like to play him. He won several tour events last season, and over this short format the world no 10 could go close at 66/1

    Alot of people watch the darts but dont know too much about the players, they go for the atmosphere, but one bet you can have that will last till the last leg on Sunday night is for there too be a 9 darter. They happen regular and its not just the top boys that hit him, I think we may see more than one this weekend so get on Skybet 11/8.


    BET MVG TO WIN 15/8

    E/W TIPS 1,2,3,4

    BET LEWIS 25/1
    BET NEWTON 40/1
    BET PIPE 66/1
    BET BUNTING 50/1
    BET WEBSTER 100/1

    Good luck and enjoy the darts!

  7. thechief 7 years ago

    With several matches taking place across several boards and some prelim games its hard for punters to find some real value, Alot of matches are priced up close so they will not really be seen as upsets.

    If there is to be one it could be a big one James Wade the second most decorated player in PDC history as a fight on his hands tonight when he takes on big Robbie Green. Kong is a fine player in his own right, and we saw in the premier league Wadey can be awesome or awewful

    I just think if Wade his off his game in this short format then Green can take him out. 3/1 looks generous to me.

    My best bet of the night is Adam Hunt 4/6 to beat Paul Amos.He is not a household name yet, but he might be tonight if he lands our bet. He recently won the challenge tour and his knocking on the door of the top 100.

    Finally Phil Taylor starts his campaign tonight when he takes on Kevin Dowling, the power is 1/33 to win. Whilst them odds dont appeal Betvictor 11/5 on a Taylor whitewash certainly do, I may be kind and give Dowling a leg 5-1 is 15/8.

    BET TAYLOR TO WIN 5-0 @ 11/5
    BET TAYLOR TO WIN 5-1 @ 15/8





    Good luck

  8. thechief 7 years ago

    Result Adam Hunt 5 -1 Paul Amos

    As advised in this thread as my bet of the day
    A unknown to most but he is a good player who I have no doubt will break into top 100 by end of season.

    Awaiting odds on some round 2 matches coming up later tonight, see if there is any value to be had. Taylor bets already posted earlier.

    Good luck if your having a bet

  9. thechief 7 years ago

    Result Taylor 5-1 Dowling

    BET TAYLOR TO WIN 5-1 @ 15/8 :)

    As advised earlier :)

    Good luck with your bets

  10. Milesey 7 years ago


    WORLD: UK Open – First stage

    Bunting S. (Eng) 5 – 0 Sheppard V. (Eng)

    de Vos G. (Bel) 5 – 3 Derrett A. (Eng)

    Farmer S. (Eng) 5 – 3 Aubrey C. (Eng)

    Fullwell N. (Eng) 1 – 5 Jones W. (Eng)

    Green R. (Eng) 2 – 5 Wade J. (Eng)

    Lam R. (Hkg) 5 – 2 Meaney P. (Irl)

    Musto M. (Eng) 1 – 5 Roith B. (Ger)

    Dymond T. (Sco) 1 – 5 Baker G. (Eng)

    Dunford T. (Eng) 1 – 5 Stewart D. (Eng)

    Osborne C. (Eng) 5 – 3 Hine S. (Eng)

    Langendorf M. (Aut) 5 – 2 Martin T. (Eng)

    Lowe S. (Eng) 1 – 5 Pennington J. (Eng)

    Brown K. (Eng) 5 – 3 Rooney K. (Irl)

    Van der Voort V. (Ned) 5 – 1 Murray A. (Sco)

    West T. (Eng) 5 – 3 Lewis J. (Wal)

    Finnan C. (Irl) 5 – 2 Campbell J. (Nir)

    Coleman S. (Eng) 5 – 0 McGeeney M. (Eng)

    Weston D. (Eng) 5 – 4 Winstanley D. (Eng)

    Whitehead C. (Irl) 5 – 4 Scholten R. (Ned)

    Johnson D. (Eng) 5 – 3 Alcinas A. (Esp)

    Wilson J. (Eng) 5 – 2 Seyler T. (Ger)

    Wade J. (Eng) 5 – 0 Gallett M. (Eng)

    Burgoine M. (Eng) 5 – 0 Twist D. (Eng)

    Padgett M. (Eng) 5 – 0 Copley D. (Eng)

    Parsons A. (Eng) 5 – 3 Hagen J. (Sco)

    Hubbard J. (Eng) 5 – 2 Scott J. (Eng)

    Singleton R. (Eng) 1 – 5 O’Connor W. (Irl)

    Brown S. (Eng) 4 – 5 Gray A. (Eng)

    Bushby M. (Eng) 5 – 4 Mortimer J. (Eng)

    Whitworth P. (Eng) 2 – 5 Boulton A. (Eng)

    McNicol A. (Sco) 2 – 5 Mead S. (Eng)

    Dennant M. (Eng) 5 – 3 Townsend D. (Eng)

    de Geus L. (Ned) 3 – 5 Robertson S. (Sco)

    Lawrence M. (Eng) 5 – 4 Suljovic M. (Aut)

    Daniels N. (Eng) 1 – 5 Haines J. (Eng)

    Pipe J. (Eng) 2 – 5 Pass G. (Wal)

    Stewart D. (Eng) 5 – 3 Santana G. (Sco)

    Osborne C. (Eng) 5 – 4 Dudbridge M. (Eng)

    Baker G. (Eng) 4 – 5 Place D. (Eng)

    Coleman S. (Eng) 3 – 5 Marsh S. (Eng)

    Stone G. (Sco) 5 – 4 Langendorf M. (Aut)

    Jiwa P. (Eng) 5 – 2 Johnson D. (Eng)

    Farmer S. (Eng) 2 – 5 Cousins G. (Eng)

    Van der Voort V. (Ned) 3 – 5 Shepherd K. (Eng)

    Jones W. (Eng) 5 – 3 Lam R. (Hkg)

    Roith B. (Ger) 3 – 5 Hankey T. (Eng)

    Thorpe D. (Eng) 0 – 5 Bunting S. (Eng)

    Evans R. (Eng) 2 – 5 Cullen J. (Eng)

    Hunt A. (Eng) 5 – 1 Amos P. (Eng)

    Sudale R. (Eng) 4 – 5 Burnett R. (Wal)

    Jenkins A. (Eng) 5 – 4 Heydon N. (Eng)

    Roy A. (Eng) 4 – 5 Cox M. (Eng)

    Finnan C. (Irl) 5 – 1 de Vos G. (Bel)

    Griffiths S. (Eng) 2 – 5 Brown K. (Eng)

    Fowler C. (Eng) 4 – 5 Padgett M. (Eng)

    Stompe C. (Ned) 4 – 5 Mansell M. (Nir)

    Walsh M. (Eng) 4 – 5 Palfreyman L. (Eng)

    Dowling K. (Eng) 1 – 5 Taylor P. (Eng)


    • Milesey 7 years ago

      West T. (Eng) 3 – 5 Pennington J. (Eng)

      Burgoine M. (Eng) 4 – 5 Howson R. (Eng)

      Stone G. (Sco) 1 – 5 Smith D. (Eng)

      Monk A. (Eng) 2 – 5 Cousins G. (Eng)

      Wade J. (Eng) 5 – 0 Jones W. (Eng)

      Thomas K. (Wal) 1 – 5 Whitehead C. (Irl)

      Edgar M. (Eng) 5 – 4 Osborne C. (Eng)

      Caris M. (Swe) 1 – 5 Shepherd K. (Eng)

      Bunting S. (Eng) 5 – 2 Wilson J. (Eng)

      Robertson S. (Sco) 4 – 5 Boulton A. (Eng)

      Hubbard J. (Eng) 3 – 5 Smith A. (Eng)

      Mead S. (Eng) 3 – 5 Stewart D. (Eng)

      O’Connor W. (Irl) 5 – 2 Haines J. (Eng)

      Dennant M. (Eng) 5 – 2 Parsons A. (Eng)

      Hankey T. (Eng) 5 – 1 Weston D. (Eng)

      Palfreyman J. (Eng) 5 – 3 Brown K. (Eng)

      Bushby M. (Eng) 1 – 5 Walker J. (Eng)

      Pass G. (Wal) 4 – 5 Klaasen J. (Ned)


    • Milesey 7 years ago

      Preliminary Round
      Robbie Green 2-5 James Wade
      Vincent van der Voort 5-4 Andy Murray
      First Round
      Conan Whitehead 5-4 Roland Scholten
      James Hubbard 5-2 John Scott
      Mark Lawrence 5-4 Mensur Suljovic
      Darrell Thorpe 0-5 Stephen Bunting
      Second Round
      Ricky Sudale 4-5 Richie Burnett
      Kevin Dowling 1-5 Phil Taylor
      Matthew Edgar 5-4 Colin Osborne
      Ted Hankey 5-1 Dave Weston

      Stage Two
      Preliminary Round
      Nick Fullwell 1-5 Wayne Jones
      Colin Osborne 5-3 Steve Hine
      First Round
      Dave Weston 5-4 Dean Winstanley
      Paul Whitworth 2-5 Andy Boulton
      Justin Pipe 2-5 Gareth Pass
      Steve Farmer 2-5 Gaz Cousins
      Second Round
      Alex Roy 4-5 Mark Cox
      Jake Pennington 3-5 Steve West
      Magnus Caris 1-5 Kirk Shepherd
      Joey Palfreyman 5-3 Keegan Brown

      Stage Three
      Preliminary Round
      Steve Farmer 5-3 Chris Aubrey
      Stuart Lowe 1-5 Jake Pennington
      First Round
      Michael Burgoine 5-0 Daz Twist
      James Wade 5-0 Matt Gallett
      Prakash Jiwa 5-2 Darren Johnson
      Gary Stone 5-4 Maik Langendorf
      Second Round
      Adam Hunt 5-1 Paul Amos
      Scott Marsh 0-5 Jyhan Artut
      Connie Finnan 4-5 Adrian Gray
      Stephen Bunting 5-2 Jason Wilson

      Stage Four
      Preliminary Round
      Gino Vos 5-3 Alan Derrett
      Keegan Brown 5-3 Keith Rooney
      First Round
      Jason Wilson 5-2 Tomas Seyler
      Steve Brown 4-5 Adrian Gray
      Gavin Baker 4-5 Dave Place
      Tony West 3-5 Jake Pennington
      Second Round
      Colin Fowler 4-5 Matt Padgett
      Gary Stone 1-5 Dennis Smith
      James Wade 5-0 Wayne Jones
      Steven Mead 3-5 Dean Stewart

      Stage Five
      Preliminary Round
      Stephen Bunting 5-0 Vernon Sheppard
      Connie Finnan 5-2 Campbell Jackson
      Scott Coleman 5-0 Mark McGeeney
      First Round
      Andy Parsons 5-3 Jamie Hagen
      Andrew McNicol 2-5 Steven Mead
      Bernd Roith 3-5 Ted Hankey
      Shaun Griffiths 2-5 Keegan Brown
      Second Round
      Co Stompe 4-5 Michael Mansell
      Peter Hudson 4-5 Mark Lawrence
      James Hubbard 3-5 Andy Smith
      Michael Bushby 1-4 Jim Walker

      Stage Six
      Preliminary Round
      Michael Musto 1-5 Bernd Roith
      Maik Langendorf 5-2 Tony Martin
      Darren Johnson 5-3 Antonio Alcinas
      First Round
      Michael Bushby 5-4 John Mortimer
      Nigel Daniels 1-5 Johnny Haines
      Scott Coleman 3-5 Scott Marsh
      Connie Finnan 5-1 Gino Vos
      Second Round
      Mark Walsh 4-5 Lee Palfreyman
      Arron Monk 2-5 Gaz Cousins
      Scott Robertson 4-5 Andy Boulton
      Gareth Pass 4-5 Jelle Klaasen

      Stage Seven
      Preliminary Round
      Royden Lam 5-2 Paddy Meaney
      Tony West 5-3 Jamie Lewis
      First Round
      Matthew Dennant 5-3 Darrell Townsend
      Matt Padgett 5-0 David Copley
      Dean Stewart 5-3 Gus Santana
      Vincent van der Voort 3-5 Kirk Shepherd
      Second Round
      Ricky Evans 2-5 Joe Cullen
      Terry Temple 5-1 Prakash Jiwa
      David Place 2-5 John Henderson
      William O’Connor 5-2 Johnny Haines

      Stage Eight
      Preliminary Round
      Tam Dymond 1-5 Gavin Baker
      Terry Dunford 1-5 Dean Stewart
      First Round
      Robbie Singleton 1-5 William O’Connor
      Leon De Geus 3-5 Scott Robertson
      Colin Osborne 5-4 Mark Dudbridge
      Wayne Jones 5-3 Royden Lam
      Second Round
      Andy Jenkins 5-4 Nigel Heydon
      Michael Burgoine 4-5 Richie Howson
      Kevin Thomas 1-5 Conan Whitehead
      Matthew Dennant 5-2 Andy Parsons


  11. thechief 7 years ago


    They are the headline draw for tomorrow matches, I will post tips later today.

  12. Milesey 7 years ago

    Third Round Draw
    Steve West v Ian White
    James Wade v Jamie Caven
    Robert Thornton v Matthew Edgar
    Matt Padgett v Richie Howson
    Ken MacNeil v Ronnie Baxter
    Mark Lawrence v Terry Temple
    Conan Whitehead v Michael Mansell
    Phil Taylor v Ronny Huybrechts
    Adrian Lewis v Matthew Dennant
    Kevin McDine v Adam Hunt
    Terry Jenkins v Jim Walker
    Peter Wright v Gaz Cousins
    Dave Chisnall v William O’Connor
    Kim Huybrechts v Jyhan Artut
    Steve Beaton v Joey Palfreyman
    Adrian Gray v Dean Stewart
    John Part v Ted Hankey
    Gary Anderson v Andy Smith
    Brendan Dolan v Colin Lloyd
    Stephen Bunting v Andy Jenkins
    Kirk Shepherd v Mark Cox
    Andy Hamilton v Andy Boulton
    Stuart Kellett v Dennis Smith
    Kevin Painter v Jason Hogg
    John Henderson v Scott Rand
    Raymond van Barneveld v Michael Smith
    John Bowles v Paul Nicholson
    Lee Palfreyman v Joe Cullen
    Mark Webster v Richie Burnett
    Ross Smith v Jelle Klaasen
    Simon Whitlock v Wes Newton
    Michael van Gerwen v Mervyn King


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