ROBIN HOOD loved to rob the rich and pay the poor and you can do the same tonight by cashing in our darts tips.

Rodney Trotter has cast his eyes over the latest round of the Premier League in Nottingham – and let's hope we're not branding him a plonker after the last double's been hit. The action starts at 7.10pm.

James Wade v Robert Thornton

Thornton has been the surprise package of the season. We always knew he was a great player but the Scot has shown he is not frightened of the big Premier League crowds.

We thought he might be overawed but has played some solid games. A couple of years ago when he had pneumonia he had a bit of a wake-up call and nowadays does things right and has established himself as a great pro so can do well in all of this year's tournaments if he continues in this form.

However, if Wade comes out with the same form he's shown in the last two weeks he can win. A lot will depend on Wade's motivation though. He was motivated against Lewis and Taylor but maybe can't get motivated in the same way against Thornton because he's such a nice guy? That said I can't see him losing.

Rodney roars: WADE WIN (13-10, Coral)

Raymond van Barneveld v Andy Hamilton

Barney beat a strong field to win in the Isle of Wight last Friday night and he's playing really well right now. He looked good against Simon Whitlock last week and I expect him to beat Andy in Nottingham.

As is always said The Hammer is a solid player but that won't be enough to beat the Dutchman. Van Barneveld is great value to win, especially when you consider he's in the best form he's been in for a few years and in a good mood. Hamilton will have to play out of his skin to beat him.

Rodney roars: VAN BARNEVELD WIN (4-6, BetVictor)

Adrian Lewis v Michael van Gerwen

Only a year ago you would probably be looking at Lewis as the favourite to win but the bookies have got Van Gerwen massively odds on here – and if you look at the form book that is totally justified.

He goes on runs of winning four or five legs on the trot which is the sort of thing Lewis used to do and the Englishman will need to turn up big time and find a brilliant game if he is to have any success here.

The problem for Lewis seems to be concentration. Sometimes he starts well and something happens in the game – a couple of missed doubles or whatever – that totally ruins his concentration. He needs to get out of that and find some form and I've got to go for a Van Gerwen win. People have said this could be 7-0 but Aidy will put up a better fight than that but I can't see him winning on his current form – or escaping relegation.

Rodney roars: VAN GERWEN WIN (4-6, William Hill)

Phil Taylor v Gary Anderson

The way things are going, this seems to be another obvious call. Taylor rarely lets people off the hook but Anderson does. Last week was a strange night because Ando had a 100 per cent record on doubles (two out of two) which is unbelievable for him – but didn't score as well as he normally does. It's rare to see him fail to outscore his opponent.

The Power is massively odds-on with the bookmakers and that's justified. He failed to close the game out against Wade last week but I don't see that happening again.

Rodney roars: TAYLOR WIN (4-11, Blue Square)

Wes Newton v Simon Whitlock

Newton played well last week in his victory over an out-of-sorts Lewis which was important for his hopes of avoiding relegation. Whitlock was practising with him before the game and told me Newton was fired up and was going to win.

I wasn't so sure but he was right! Whitlock will be too strong for him but that won't be a disaster if Anderson and Lewis both lose. I don't think it's do-or-die for Newton just yet. However, I think a treble of Whitlock, Barney and Van Gerwen looks like a great bet.

Rodney roars: WHITLOCK WIN (10-11, Stan James)

Top Treble

Whitlock, Van Gerwen, Van Barneveld

  1. Milesey 11 years ago

    “I’ve got this horrible feeling that if there is such a thing as reincarnation, knowing my luck, I’ll come back as me” ;) ;)

    Go on Rodney pick us some winners ;)


    • Milesey 11 years ago

      Mar 07, 2013 19:10
      James Wade v Robert Thornton (Match betting)
      James Wade 6/5

      Mar 07, 2013 20:00
      Raymond van Barneveld v Andy Hamilton (Match betting)
      Raymond van Barneveld 8/13

      Mar 07, 2013 20:45
      Adrian Lewis v Michael van Gerwen (Match betting)
      Michael van Gerwen 4/9

      Mar 07, 2013 21:30
      Phil Taylor v Gary Anderson (Match betting)
      Phil Taylor 3/10

      Mar 07, 2013 22:15
      Wes Newton v Simon Whitlock (Match betting)
      Simon Whitlock 5/6

      I’m with you RODNEY, next year we’ll be Millionaires.

      Β£11,902 STAKE
      RETURNS Β£145,614


  2. the chief 11 years ago

    Wade vs Thornton, Back THORNTON most 180s
    Rbv vs Hamilton, Back RVB most 180s
    Mvg vs Lewis, Back MVG most 180s

    Double Top

    Barneveld & Whitlock to win their respective matches

    Good luck

  3. Arnie 11 years ago

    Wade vs Thornton is the stickler for me. If wife wins my night will be a lot easier. Great comeback last week against Taylor but can he repeat a performance against a man in form? Just my thots

  4. ellis 11 years ago

    Disagree on two this week milesy

    I think Thornton and Newton will win

    We will see who’s right though

    • Mr Fixit 11 years ago

      Ellis, I fancy Thornton too but may just go with more 180s for the Scot.

    • ellis 11 years ago

      The 5 fold along with mvg, rvb and Taylor is 23/1 worth a few quid. I can’t see wade winning

    • Milesey 11 years ago

      I’m big on the :


      TREBLE……….and will just do the others as singles while i watch the games.


  5. John Henderson 11 years ago

    Cant disagree with Rodney the roll up is on :)

  6. Arnie 11 years ago

    Ok, took the leap of faith and went with Milesey, investing some money won from his treble earlier. Lets go for the fivefold…………………:;))

  7. gunner 11 years ago

    you have too go big on barney the power mvg cuz there odds on dont like having odds on i know most people do it cuz there better chance and cant pick deecent odds winners there need to back fav or odds on :)

    • Milesey 11 years ago

      Do you ever speak english ? CUZ ? what is that, it’s not even a word, you really are ” TOP JOKEY “.


  8. Milesey 11 years ago

    Who said ” THORNTON ” was going to win ?

    be lucky if he wins a leg ;) ;)


  9. gunner 11 years ago

    how many winners did you get milesey :) to much research and still you poor sure you win odd ones you bound to you post about 30 tips then you might get 3 winners loooooling

    • Milesey 11 years ago

      hahahaha ” TOP JOKEY ” The kid that puts his tips up when they have won ;) ;) mummy is calling you again, time for bed little boy, english lesson tomorrow ;)


  10. gunner 11 years ago

    no im not my man RICHARD HUGHES the champ was back with bang made me 8000 yesterday just his double at lingfield

  11. gunner 11 years ago

    milesey back anzhi -1 back chelsea 0-0 ht :)

  12. Arnie 11 years ago

    Dis Thornton finally win a game, hahahahah

  13. gunner 11 years ago

    atleast i dont study and predict 40 tips then you might win 3 on a good day loool :) :) :)

    • Milesey 11 years ago

      You are such a genius, sorry i bow down to your wisdom, for you can get us all a winner after it’s won ;) ;), sorry thats how you do it, you wait for it to win, then brag and say you put 8 thousand on it ;) ;) ” TOP JOKEY ”


    • Mr Fixit 11 years ago

      Milesey, Gunner, you ain’t going to agree so just let it go.

    • Milesey 11 years ago

      I’m not worried about this kid Mr F, he is a ” TOP JOKEY ” he is great at putting up the winners when they have won, never seen a winning tip pre event from this kid ;) plus he is just on the wind up anyway, for i’ve hit quite big today ;) ;)


  14. gunner 11 years ago

    :) :)

  15. Arnie 11 years ago

    Ok Ok, from now on Gunner post your tips before they have won and Milesey improve your strike rate so that Gunner can complement you , Deal Guys?
    Now can we go back to destroying the Bookies

    • Milesey 11 years ago

      …. or i’ll just ignore the kid for i just think he is funny ” CUZ” ” TOP JOKEY” , needs to improve his grammer first to be honest with you, a few more english lessons Gunner and you may get a C or above in your GCSE’S in a few years time ;) ;)


  16. gunner 11 years ago

    LEWIS is on fire hes dishing it out

  17. gunner 11 years ago

    improve your strike rate milesey i can pick 30 horses win two who cant my gran can do better :) :)

    • Milesey 11 years ago

      Dewala (5/6) *WIN*

      Top Boy (4/6) *WIN*

      Turnandgo (8/15) *WIN*


      Hillbilly Boy evens *4TH*

      Travelling 7/4 *WIN*

      King George River 7/4 *WIN*

      Milesey ( Betfair )

  18. Guido 11 years ago

    he sure is…need to get oot o treble here

  19. gunner 11 years ago

    milesey your big bet down come on who u having now ???

  20. Arnie 11 years ago

    lewis throwing 180s for fun

  21. MUZZA 11 years ago

    Gunner = “TOP POST BET TIPSTER” – can we have a new column please Mr F? Apparently Top Jokey won 8 Grans yesterday!!


  22. James C 11 years ago

    Yesterday gunner had Β£300 on the Richard Hughes double which would have returned Β£2700 at s.p. and he claims to have won 8 grand. Fair play to you gunner, cos I’m wasting my time by replying to you, lol!

  23. Milesey 11 years ago

    ha ha ha he had Β£300 on after they had won ;) ;) ” TOP JOKEY ” ;)


    • James C 11 years ago

      He must have that new youview box that can rewind (and obviously fast forward live tv lol) but seriously well done gunner cos we are all taking the bait, lol!!!

    • MUZZA 11 years ago


      James he won 8 GRANS not Grand – to pick his bets for him cos he knows more than all of MILESEYS team put together – he’s now even got himself a German GRAN or HEIDI GROSMUTTER as he calls her!! ;-)

    • Milesey 11 years ago

      Muzza you said ” Anderson was going to beat Taylor ” oh sh*t it’s not finished yet, i’m jumping the gun, got to wait till Anderson has won first ;)


  24. Milesey 11 years ago

    I wish i could bet like that, and put my money on after they have won, Gunner be a very profitable Cheltenham Festival for Gunner, he only picks winners, for he only picks them after the race ;) ;) I’m going to try it tomorrow, going to walk in Coral and have Β£200 on the winner ;) ;) ” Β£200 on the winner please ” ;)


  25. MUZZA 11 years ago

    MYSTIC MEG is going to be out of a job thanks to POSTBET GUNNER

  26. Milesey 11 years ago

    MUZZA you said ANDERSON 7 – 5 TAYLOR, how much did you put on ? TOP JOKEY ;)


    • MUZZA 11 years ago

      I had 50p EW and won Β£50K – get in!! TOP JOKEY… ;-)

    • Milesey 11 years ago

      Wait till Newton v Whitlock is finished and we’ll get on the winner ;) ;)

      Hank, i have a room i am sitting in it watching the darts, bit cold to be out tonight. but thanks for your concern anyway ;) ;)


    • Hank 11 years ago

      Sometimes jokes drag on a bit and it becomes boring…you and muzza currently providing a perfect example of this.

    • Milesey 11 years ago

      Well i’m off anyway for i’m ” HANK MARVIN ”


    • James C 11 years ago

      Well done Muzza, that was a good bet! gunner had Binocular for the 2010 Champion Hurdle at 999/1 (true, ask Milesey) there was actually a small amount matched at that price!!!

  27. ellis 11 years ago

    If anyone picked out tonights darts results your a bloody good tipster. I did have a gut feeling tbf but no good if I didn’t put it on.

    Newton for next match!!!

    • Milesey 11 years ago

      your gut feeling was a thornton win and he got smashed ;) ;) B O N K E R S


  28. Arnie 11 years ago

    ok you guys, whats with the Top Jokey, a newbie on here now wont undeerstand and will take your “TOP JOKEY TIPS” serious.

    Leave Gunner to his winnings

    • MUZZA 11 years ago

      Arnie Gunner is a great tipster once the race, match, game or whatever is finished & in the eyes of the master Richard Johnson is the TOP JOKEY – nuff said!!

  29. Milesey 11 years ago



    is richard hughes the greatest i wack Β£300 on is double GO ON MY SON GET IN soooooo happy thank you richard best jokey on planet and THE CHAMPION

    TOP JOKEY ;)

  30. Arnie 11 years ago

    Muzza I know when he said it, just didnt feel the need to hustle him yesterday, too busy finding my own real time winners

  31. Milesey 11 years ago

    GUIDO, what you on now ?



    • MUZZA 11 years ago

      The double SΓ£o Paulo & CP Guido?

    • Guido 11 years ago

      M & M ;-) SP shood win?..widna be sure on CP? Not especially convinced by either?….Might be way out with The Strongest/on paper AM shood belt them and might very well do

  32. ellis 11 years ago

    U don’t call that many big winners yourself milesy ;)
    Thought Thornton was a good shout tonight and was gonna have Β£2 on Anderson and Lewis double haha

    I’m telling you get on newton

    • Milesey 11 years ago

      Great tip ” wes Newton ” I’m gutted i didn’t take it now ;) ;)


    • Mr Fixit 11 years ago

      Milesey, I’m now convinced not to bet on horses, darts and Europa League. I’ll only bet on Bale from now on.

  33. FATHEAD 11 years ago

    Thanx for all the tips Milesey
    had a top night

  34. Milesey 11 years ago



    “””Disagree on two this week milesy

    I think Thornton and Newton will win

    We will see who’s right though”””

    well………………. weren’t you was it ;) ;)
    Next time just stick to your tips and don’t question other peoples ;) ;)


  35. Sean Ireland 11 years ago

    Its good for business when theres a good debate,fight,argument,exchange of views kicking off,was tempted to join in but i know feck all about darts,saying that i know feck all about footy either..but i dont let that stop me :)

  36. Milesey 11 years ago

    Anzhi Makhachkala vs Newcastle United, Thu 17:00 BST, Live on ITV4
    Match odds: Anzhi 1.71, Newcastle 5.8, the draw 4.0

    Back Anzhi -1.0 on the Asian Handicap at 2.06 *LOST*
    Back Anzhi to keep a clean sheet at 2.34 *WIN*

    Steaua Bucharest vs Chelsea, Thu 18:00 BST, Live on ESPN
    Match odds: Steaua 3.9, Chelsea 2.16, the draw 3.5

    Back Under 2.5 Goals at 1.8 *WIN*
    Back the draw at Half Time at 2.14 *LOST*

    Levante vs Rubin Kazan, Thu 20:05 BST
    Match odds: Levante 2.38, Rubin 3.5, the draw 3.35

    Back No in the Both Teams to Score market at 1.95 *WIN*

    Viktoria Plzen vs Fenerbahce, Thu 18:00 BST
    Match odds: Plzen 2.2, Fener 3.75, the draw 3.5

    Back No in the Both Teams to Score market at 1.98 *WIN*
    Back the draw at Half Time at 2.16 *WIN*

    Stuttgart vs Lazio, Thu 18:00 BST
    Match odds: Stuttgart 2.24, Lazio 3.6, the draw 3.5

    Back Lazio Draw No Bet at 2.46 *WIN*

    Tottenham Hotspur vs Inter Milan, Thu 20:05 BST, Live on ITV1
    Match odds: Spurs 1.81, Inter 5.3, the draw 4.0

    Back Spurs to win at 1.81 *WIN*
    Back Over 2.5 Goals at 1.98 *WIN*
    Back Gareth Bale to score at 2.18 *WIN*


    Nine of FC Basel’s last 12 Europa League home games have gone Over 2.5 Goals and so have 11/14 Zenit St Petersburg away matches.

    Back Over 2.5 Goals @ 2.14 in FC Basel v Zenit St Petersburg ( BASEL 2-0 ZENIT )*LOST*


    ANZHI -1 @ 1.975 *LOST*
    LAZIO draw or win @ 4/6 *WIN*
    BENFICA 1/2 *WIN*


    Rubin Kazan (AWAY) @ 3.2 *LOST*
    Benfica (HOME) @ 1.55 *WIN*

    MVG *LOST*



    Dewala (5/6) *WIN*

    Top Boy (4/6) *WIN*

    Turnandgo (8/15) *WIN*


    Hillbilly Boy evens *4TH*

    Travelling 7/4 *WIN*

    King George River 7/4 *WIN*

    Milesey ( Betfair )

    • ellis 11 years ago

      Nice milesy you win some you lose some

  37. ellis 11 years ago

    Why U being such a dick Milesy i literally follow every single darts event the players take part in. I play and love the game. Not all of my tips are right i had a bad night and not all of your tips (including your big treble) are right so why don’t you respect what other people want to post mate instead of making them look idiots. I was wrong this week but so were you

    • Mr Fixit 11 years ago

      Ellis, you were both wrong and it’s no surprise on a night of shocks. Don’t know why this is kicking off again.

    • Milesey 11 years ago



      β€œβ€”Disagree on two this week milesy

      I think Thornton and Newton will win

      We will see who’s right though”””

      Read back your comment, i was actually right on the two games you pointed out, you gave it, saying you disagree, and we will see who is right, and i’m sorry to say it wasn’t you, the two games you pointed out in your comment i was actually right on and you were wrong… you play darts and follow it, so do most old men down my local pub haha, means nothing, you were wrong on the two you picked out, you gave it saying you disagree and we’ll see who is right, and it wasn’t you so i gave it back and thats it, simple…. should just put your tips on here and don’t make yourself look like a fool… end off ! have a good day. Milesey

  38. ellis 11 years ago

    I don’t want anything to kick off Paul. I just don’t think its fair for milesy to make a joke of everyone. I probably study the sport more than him

    • Mr Fixit 11 years ago

      Ellis, didn’t say you kicked it off, just said it didn’t need to kick off. Surely everyone lost on darts tonight.

    • ellis 11 years ago

      No mate I agree just don’t like being made to look a joke

    • Mr Fixit 11 years ago

      Ellis, that’s Milesey for you I’m afraid. Best not to rise to it.

    • Sean Ireland 11 years ago

      Thats wrong i didnt lose but i dont like to blow my own trumpet and post the fact that i didnt do a bet :)

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