PUNTERS who backed Leigh Griffiths to score first for Hibs against Hearts will be paid out – even though the game finished 0-0.

Ladbrokes, McBookie.com and BetVictor have already agreed to settle all Griffiths first scorer, last scorer and anytime punts. McBookie will also pay out on the wincast.

There was controversy when Griffiths' late free-kick crashed off the underside bar and at least a yard over the line before being cleared.

Neither the ref or linesman saw the “goal” and the game ended 0-0. I tipped Griffiths to score first and Hibs to win to nil.

Thousands of you took my advice and many will now be paid out thanks to the power of mrfixitstips. Ladbrokes chose to pay out within five minutes of me calling them and McBookie had already agreed to do so.

However, anyone backing a Hibs win will miss out because bookies have to pay on the draw which was also a popular choice.

I'm still waiting for an official verdict from firms such as William Hill and Paddy Power but bet365 have stated they're only paying on the official result.

They point out their “Bore Draw” concession kicked in on the game while some customers who complained have received their stake back as a free bet.

  1. Pat 11 years ago

    I have contacted Bet365 Mr F, I’ll let you know how they respond.

    • john maguire 11 years ago

      Bet 365
      only give back stake as goodwill

  2. Stevie R 11 years ago

    Anyone no wat the score is with “skybet” on the Griffiths 1st goal debate? (Excuse the pun)
    I see a cple of “Bookies” have honered the bets, hopefully SB will do the same&follow suit???
    If not I may have to open an account with ladbrokes or Mcbookie or whoever else mite see sence? & cancel my SB account!

    • Mr Fixit 11 years ago

      Stevie R, I’ve phoned a few bookies, waiting for bet365, Coral, Paddy Power and Hills to come back to me. I think most will end up paying out especially now that Ladbrokes have set the lead. Also McBookie quickly too the decision on their own to pay out.

    • richard harvey 11 years ago

      any news on skybet paying out for griffiths????

    • Mr Fixit 11 years ago

      Richard, can’t hold of them but I’ll try again tomorrow.

    • John H 11 years ago

      I am in a similar situation with Skybet i had griffiths hernandez and suarez 1st goalscorer terble on. I will be really disappointed with skybet if no compensation is paid and be taking my custom elsewhere.

    • Mr Fixit 11 years ago

      John H, I wouldn’t be too hard on bookies who don’t pay out. At the end of the day they’re doing nothing wrong and it was a mistake by the linesman that cost punters. Bookies have to pay on the official result so there will be others who have benefited from the 0-0 draw. It’s good on firms like Ladbrokes who are paying out and they’ve earned a some credit on this site for soing so but that’s simply a bonus for customers. By the way that’s two weeks running Ladbrokes have done well after I got a punter his ¬£1600 bonus when he didn’t use his odds-on card when placing a winning accer.

  3. Eddie 11 years ago

    Well done to the bookies a good common sense decision
    any chance they will pay out on the hibs win ? lol

    • Mr Fixit 11 years ago

      Eddie, I would be surprised if they paid out on the win because obviously the have to pay on the draw and that could be costly. Remember they don’t have to pay any Griffiths bets so that’s a bonus.

  4. robbie d 11 years ago

    Fingers crossed for bet365. Gutted as I had bets on Griffiths fgs, Hibs as part of two accies and a Griffiths/Hibs wincast with paddy power

    • Rick 11 years ago

      Bet365 mailed me and said they are giving the stake for my FGS on Griffith back as an unrestricted bonus. I’m happy with this because it isn’t something they needed to do in fairness. Obviously, I’d much prefer if the linesman wasn’t visually impaired but that’s not B365’s fault!

    • Mr Fixit 11 years ago

      Rick and others, I’ve spoken again to bet365 this morning and I’m waiting for an answer. So far it looks to me as if they’re dealing people who contact them so that could be the way to go. Contact them and ask for the stake back as a free bet.

  5. Andy G 11 years ago

    I had a double with griffiths and van Persie at betvictor. Any news on them?

    • Mr Fixit 11 years ago

      Andy G, OK, just about to call BetVictor.

    • Mr Fixit 11 years ago

      Andy, that’s BetVictor confirmed to me they’re paying out on Griffiths.

    • AL (Phd) 11 years ago

      Pity they aren’t paying out on a Hibs win, had a inplay bet after 60 mins on Hibs to win @ 18/5

    • AL (Phd) 11 years ago

      Speaking to betvictor right now & they asked how I knew they were paying out on this, I replied with the link to this thread, and they replied with this

      Contact Centre: we are not paying out on that player he has the wrong information

    • Mr Fixit 11 years ago

      AL, it may have not been communicated yet to traders. If there is still a problem with BetVictor tell them to phone PR boss Charlie McCann. He has told me they’re paying out and called me en route from Malaga to Gibraltar to give me some quotes including: “It’s time for new technology to be used. It was clearly a goal and that’s why we are happy to pay out on this occasion.”

    • AL (Phd) 11 years ago

      only had a tenner on griffiths to score 1st, will just wait and see if they refund it. Had ¬£50 in at 18/5 in play after 60 mins on Hibs to win so more annoyed about that to be honest! I’m sure we’ve all benefited from goals not being given in that situation, or from goals being awarded that shouldn’t have been though! Win some lose some!

  6. Martin 11 years ago

    Cheers for this Paul, have it on with bet365, here’s hoping. Think PaddyPower would pay out.

    • Mr Fixit 11 years ago

      Martin, just spoke to Paddy Power, they’ll get back to me soon and hopefully bet365 and William Hill too.

  7. Allen 11 years ago

    William Hill? I wait in anticipation lol

  8. Martin 11 years ago

    Paddy Power normally always do this sort of thing, had it been a higher profile game( CL or EPL game) they might have took the lead and done it already.

    Bit worried about bet365 though, was gonna go on livechat but thought you might have something up about it. Fair play to McBookie and Ladbrokes.

    • Mr Fixit 11 years ago

      Martin, just spoken to PP head of PR and I’m confident they’ll pay. Bet365 might with my intervention.

    • Mr Fixit 11 years ago

      Martin, Paddy Power have got back to me. They’ll make a decision tomorrow.

  9. robbie d 11 years ago

    Great work Paul. Fingers crossed for 365 and PP. Good pr for them if they do.

  10. Martin 11 years ago

    I thought PP would Paul, you can never fault them for money back specials etc, I’m sure they paid out on Lampard in the World Cup. Never heard of bet365 doing it.

  11. james 11 years ago

    be shocked if bet365 do. time to switch accounts i think from them

  12. Martin 11 years ago

    What have bet365 said Paul?

    • Mr Fixit 11 years ago

      Martin, James, waiting for a reply from bet365.

  13. Martin 11 years ago

    Thanks Paul, appreciated.

  14. Andy 11 years ago

    I went back and spoke to someone again at William Hill. Told them all about the other bookmakers again. Told them they should have been the first to come out and assist the punters since they are the ‘official betting partner’ of the SPL. The only response the guy had was…

    ‘We’re sorry you feel that way’

    and then he told me about the terms and conditions and that they won’t base results on what other bookmakers do.

  15. Andy G 11 years ago

    Nice 1, thank you very much paul

  16. Allen 11 years ago


    William Hill made any comments yet?


    • Mr Fixit 11 years ago

      Allen, I’m waiting for Hills to come back to me but I’ve spoken to them.

  17. Martin 11 years ago

    Thanks Paul but its bet365 I have my bet on with. I just commented on pp as I thought they would.

    • Mr Fixit 11 years ago

      Martin, still waiting on bet365 to return my call.

  18. richard harvey 11 years ago

    have skybet made any comments yet?

    • Mr Fixit 11 years ago

      Richard, nothing from Skybet yet. I need to go out for a bit so will update the situation when I get back.

  19. Craig alves 11 years ago

    be surprised if skybet pay out but well done wi your bookie bashing haha bookies are gonna hate now if they never did before, gutted cps was gonna stick ma full pot on man utd to score 2 + but shity Vodafone couldn’t get it up, away to pals house at ht so will get in time for the later games. rooney/man u and man u looke up tho

  20. Bruce 11 years ago

    Just been in to Ladbrokes as had ¬£40 on griffiths first goal. They didn’t know anything about it – shops have not been notified!!!??? Have kept my slip

    • Mr Fixit 11 years ago

      Bruce, I’d advise everyone to hold on to Griffiths bets. It’s 100 per cent guaranteed that Ladbrokes are paying out and again I have quotes from spokesperson Jessica Bridge saying “Griffiths might have lost out but we are happy for punters to cash in”. But because I’ve initiated this through the PR department there may be delay in that info getting put to everyone.

  21. Bruce 11 years ago

    Just phoned them – message not been sent to shops yes, will collect tomorrow. Thanks for the info

  22. craig 11 years ago

    any news from coral

    • Mr Fixit 11 years ago

      Craig, I can’t get an answer from Coral so that may have to wait until tomorrow. But I’ll keep chasing everyone over the next couple of days.

  23. Martin 11 years ago

    I’m gonna go on the bet365 live, doubt I’ll get anywhere.

  24. John Henderson 11 years ago

    Selection Details Result
    1 Football Matches
    Scottish Premiership
    Hibernian v Hearts
    10th of Mar 2013 12:45 pm
    Anytime Goalscorer
    L Griffiths @ evens


    Selection Selection Details Result
    2 Football Matches
    Premier League Matches
    Liverpool v Tottenham
    10th of Mar 2013 4:00 pm
    Anytime Goalscorer
    L Suarez @ 6/5


    Selection Selection Details Result
    3 Football Matches
    FA Cup Matches
    Man Utd v Chelsea
    10th of Mar 2013 4:30 pm
    Anytime Goalscorer
    W Rooney @ 13/10


  25. John Henderson 11 years ago

    This bet above on with pp hope they pay out.

  26. Martin 11 years ago

    Bet365 live chat saying they won’t pay out, I dunno if Paul contacts their PR or something though whether they may re-consider. Frustrating.

  27. John Henderson 11 years ago

    Football Matches
    FA Cup Matches
    Man Utd v Chelsea
    10th of Mar 2013 4:30 pm
    First Goalscorer
    W Rooney @ 5/1


    Selection Selection Details Result
    2 Football Matches
    Premier League Matches
    Liverpool v Tottenham
    10th of Mar 2013 4:00 pm
    First Goalscorer
    L Suarez @ 5/1


    Selection Selection Details Result
    3 Football Matches
    Scottish Premiership
    Hibernian v Hearts
    10th of Mar 2013 12:45 pm
    First Goalscorer
    L Griffiths @ 7/2

    this trixie with pp s well

  28. Andy G 11 years ago

    Betvictor have just returned my stake not payed out. Is that what you were meaning or is this an error? Cheers Paul

  29. benny 11 years ago

    wat bout bet365 hibs the only team to let me down on an acc do i have a chance of getting some of it sorted

    • Mr Fixit 11 years ago

      Milesey, Benny, no one will pay out on a Hibs win but it’s great they’re doing a concession on Griffiths.

  30. Milesey 11 years ago

    ha ha ha you really think bookies are going to pay you out for the WIN ? you really are stupid, think i have a few losing tickets, might go and ask them to pay out on them ;) ;) i got done yesterday crystal palace 2-2 you think coral will pay it out ? ;) EVERYONES A WINNER, what was the result today 0-0, so they will pay out on that result. SIMPLES ! What games don’t have decisions that go against you ?


    • Milesey 11 years ago

      DAMN i had man utd win now its 2-2, you think if it’s a draw they will still pay out on the win, they were 2-0 up ;) ;) ;) ;) ;)


  31. Pat 11 years ago

    I’ll tell you what, if Bet 365 don’t pay out I will withdraw my cash and go elsewhere.

    • Pat 11 years ago

      I’ve been meaning to leave them for a while. Not happy with their customer service anyways so this is an excuse :D

    • Milesey 11 years ago

      Why should they pay out ? what was the result of the game ? If they don’t pay out on MAN UTD to win against Real Madrid i’m going elsewhere for that was never a sending off for NANI

    • Pat 11 years ago

      It’s good PR Milesy. Ladbrokes appear to have led the field in that regards. The bookie always wins in the end anyway and I’ll end up giving them their money back through my rubbish bets :D

  32. John Henderson 11 years ago

    As long as PP pay out on Griffiths i be happy :)

  33. Ian bomber Harris 11 years ago

    I backed him on bet 365 will they pay out ??

  34. Milesey 11 years ago

    what is this R U B B I S H ? Nobdoy scored, the score was 0-0, so you want bookies to pay out on players who don’t score a goal ?

    I had Rooney first goal and he scored second, i’m going to ring up ” hello, Mr Fixit, said i can get my money back for Rooney got second goal but i had him first so i was unlucky there ”

    You people make me laugh, lets all get winners from making up who scores first in a game that finishes 0-0 ;0 ;)


  35. John Henderson 11 years ago

    In case you missed the obvious the ball was a yard over the line and as rightly said would be good PR surely you want punters to be paid out Milesey ??

    • Milesey 11 years ago


      With Portsmouth up 2-0, Birmingham could have had a vital goal as they looked to prevent Portsmouth reaching the FA Cup semi-final. The ball just crossed the line before David James pushed it away. It was a close call, and the referee and linesman concluded there was no goal.

      They paying out on this game aswell ?

      was the goal given ? NO , What was the result of the game ? 0-0, you going to get any money ? NOT A CHANCE.


    • Milesey 11 years ago

      IT’S SPORT !

      there are bad decisions in everything, just cause you have a cricket player and the umpire gives him out caught behind when he didn’t even touch the ball, they going to pay out when you had for 49 runs, and he was out on 48 based on a bad decision ?

      Oh but it’s good PR to pay out losing bets ? ;)

      REALLY ?


  36. Andy G 11 years ago

    Making up who scores?? It was a yard over the line. You make me laugh with your stupid comments

    • Milesey 11 years ago

      You make me laugh trying to get money out of bookies when the result stands and the goal wasn’t given, and you think they will pay out on a scorer and a win hahaha



    • Milesey 11 years ago

      If they pay this out then they need to pay out on every ball that has been across the line and not given…. they can’t pay one out and not the other 100’s from the past 10 years.


    • Mr Fixit 11 years ago

      Milesey, it’s a PR exercise re Griffiths. They don’t need to pay out on him or any of the others but it’s good that some have chosen to do so.

  37. John Henderson 11 years ago

    Change with the times Milesey that was 3 years ago then you would have no chance, these days they look for good PR cause they need all the punters they can get. I rest my case and well done bookies that have paid out.

    • Milesey 11 years ago

      The goal wasn’t given , it was 0-0, they aren’t going to pay out for a goal that wasn’t given, the refs decision stands, you can’t make up a score and a scorer to benefit you. Doesn’t matter times have changed for obviously not for the goal wasn’t given.


    • Mr Fixit 11 years ago

      Milesey, it’s worth a try and anything that benefits punters is worth a look. The only bookie who chose under their own steam to pay out on Griffiths was McBookie. Ladbrokes and BetVictor paid out after I spoke to them and hopefully others will follow. As I said already most firms paid on the Lampard shot that wasn’t a goal so why not Griffiths.

    • Milesey 11 years ago

      HA HA nobody bets with McBOOKIE thats why , they wouldn’t have to pay out much, unlike the big firms


    • Mr Fixit 11 years ago

      Milesey, McBookie are well known north of the border and the guys who run them are punter friendly and hard working. Of course they can’t cover all markets but they’re No.1 for junior football coverage and I like the fact they give first scorers for all SFL games and other specials, including some handicap markets on the juniors.

  38. John Henderson 11 years ago

    As Paul has already stated they will not pay out on Hibs victory because they will have payed out on the draw. First scorer is different matter altogether i hope :)

    • AL (Phd) 11 years ago

      Yeah but if you use the basis that they won’t pay out on a Hibs win as they have paid out on the draw, same could be said about the goalscorer, they’ll have paid out any “no goal scorer” bets, yet they are paying out on Griffiths.

      Good on the bookies who are paying out on the goal, they know they’ll get the money back anyway so its win/win for them. Punters will be happy & more likely to use them again

    • Mr Fixit 11 years ago

      AL, I’d imagine more people backed the draw than no scorer but as you say they’ll probably get the money back anyway.

  39. Andy G 11 years ago

    Where have I said I think or expect to get paid out on my first goal bet?? I am happy with getting my stake returned as really it was a losing bet and its not the bookies fault the linesman blind. It’s good PR for the bookie. Also where have I wrote anything about they should pay on a Hibs win? That shouldn’t and wouldn’t happen ever. So get real about what exactly milesey?

    • Milesey 11 years ago

      RODA V FEYENOORD this morning, only one that has done me out of a 4 fold, and the goal for Roda doesn’t count when it nearly hit the back of the net it was that far across the line before the FEYNOORD player cleared it, i’m not bitching like a woman about it for thats sport and that bad decision cost me my LAY on FEYENOORD. Still goes down as FEYENOORD win 1-0 and nothing will change that.


  40. Martin 11 years ago

    Milesey MrFixit has already said three firms have paid out so why wouldn’t punters put pressure on other firms? Paddy Power have set a precedent here as I’m sure they have done this a few times.

  41. james 11 years ago

    time to leave bet365…….been meaning to do it fr a while.

    • Mr Fixit 11 years ago

      James, I haven’t heard back from bet365 but they will let me know.

  42. John Henderson 11 years ago

    So you going to complain to the bookies that have already paid out on Griffiths ??? if so that says it all about you you dont want punters to benefit from good decision from bookies end off.

  43. Martin 11 years ago

    William Hill pays out on Frank Lampard’s Goal

    William Hill are paying out to their customers who bet on Frank Lampard scoring against Germany at the World Cup after his goal was ruled out by the linesman and referee.

    ‘Even Sepp Blatter knows Lampard scored so we have already begun paying out to punters who backed him to do so at odds of 10/3. It will cost us a six figure sum.’ said Hill’s spokesman Graham Sharpe.


  44. Milesey 11 years ago

    Mr F,

    can you get me some money back for these please ?


    Roda JC or Draw @ 23/20 *LOST* (0-1)
    Liverpool v Tottenham
    Over 2.5 @ 4/5 *WIN*
    Fenerbahce @ 8/11 *WIN*
    Lech Poznan @ 17/10 *WIN*

    £10 stake
    returns £180


    QPR *WIN*

    4 FOLD

    £10 Stake £220 Returns


    • Mr Fixit 11 years ago

      Milesey, u ar really missing the point with the Griffiths pay-outs and I’m surprised by you as a punter. All bets on the actual Hibs result stand, no scorer etc. The fact some bookies are willing to pay out on Griffiths is great. Punters who backed Griffiths will feel genuinely cheated at the goal not being allowed to stand. It’s a win, win for punters and I’m delighted to play a part in getting people some extra cash.

    • Milesey 11 years ago

      I feel cheated with most losing bets, be it a horse falling, or a NANI red card, so why don’t they pay out for my horse that falls then, especially when 20 legths clear and falls at the last ?


  45. JAMES GAULT 11 years ago

    Mr FIXIT,

    • Mr Fixit 11 years ago

      James, I’m sure they’ll ignore the stains.

  46. Martin 11 years ago

    Conveniently ignoring the point Milesy, there is a precedent here of bookmakers paying out on these goals not given where replays show the goal was over the line. Were it not for this I don’t think people would even be complaining. Here’s another example :

    Bookies pay out on Spurs ‘goal’


    Man Utd 0-0 Tottenham
    A bookmaker will pay out to punters who bet on Pedro Mendes to score the first goal in Tottenham’s controversial game against Manchester United.
    The match at Old Trafford finished goalless after Mendes’ long-range shot was fumbled by home keeper Roy Carroll.

    TV replays showed the ball went over the line, but the incident was missed by the referee and his assistant.

    William Hill is to honour bets on 20-1 chance Mendes to score first, although rival firm Ladbrokes will not.

    Hills spokesman Graham Sharpe admitted only a handful of customers had backed Mendes to score first.

    Bets struck at 11-2 on Mendes to score at anytime during the match will also be settled.

    “We have decided to pay out to – the admittedly few – customers who would have definitely been on a winner had the goal been given as it quite obviously should have been,” said Sharpe.

    Meanwhile, Paddy Power bookmakers will refund all losing bets on Spurs to win the match.

    • Mr Fixit 11 years ago

      Martin, you’re right there are precedents and every time it’s done that’s great. I understand Milesey saying they can’t be responsible for every error and no one’s asking them to be. But this was so clearcut and so painful to Griffiths backers that’s it’s great what they’re doing. Only Milesey’s complaining and maybe that’s because he’s involved in the industry or didn’t back Griffiths.

  47. Andy G 11 years ago

    My Griffiths bet is still a void bet with my stake returned should I contact them Paul? Betvictor

    • Mr Fixit 11 years ago

      Andy, give it a day or so. As I said earlier could just take some time to sort out. And if you go back to them quote Charlie McCann.

  48. Ian bomber Harris 11 years ago

    Right I think I sort of agree with both arguments here , I use a dozen or so bookies and I had girffths 1st goal with bet 365 if this is correct and some bookies have paid on this but bet 365 won’t I think bad on the bookie that won’t , bookmakers should be looking after punters and obviously this is a nice touch paying out on a goal that never was ! The likes of bet365 should be trying to keep punters happy by paying out if its true that other bookies have paid out on this , I for one will use them less if at all if they don’t .
    Milesey I think you have taken your point to far ! No one is saying bookies should pay out on losing results but if some have on a clear goal that never was others should follow suit !

    Bomber Harris

    • Mr Fixit 11 years ago

      Bomber, firstly there is no “if”. I have emails, texts and direct quotes from Ladbrokes, McBookie and BetVictor stating they are paying out. Anything bookies do for the benefit of customers has to be a bonus and be applauded.

  49. Andy G 11 years ago

    I was just off the phone to them and they said “have you been on the mrfixit website” They can assure me your info is wrong and your website is getting investigated. Hahahaha

    • Mr Fixit 11 years ago

      Andy, no need for that kind of comment even if you disagree with Milesey.

    • Mr Fixit 11 years ago

      Andy G, straight from the horse’s mouth. As I said tell them to speak to Charlie McCann. He should have reached their Gibraltar office by now.

  50. Martin 11 years ago

    Agree Paul, if the bookmakers had never paid out on one of these missed goals then I’d say there wouldn’t be much of a fuss. However, a lot have in the past and some are here, so they are inconsistencies and some punters are being penalised for the firm they have bet with rather than the actual initial decision. Milesey has ignored this point though and is acting like a bit of an idiot it has to be said by making the comparison of being paid out for results when its clear the point is these goals that were over the line and goalscorers rather than the result.

  51. Guido 11 years ago

    I think MacMilesey shood give everyone who lost oot on Hibs a £100 each pre Cheltenham as a nice good will gesture??..got PR for you Milesey what ya think?

    • Milesey 11 years ago

      PR on here, i think your having a laugh !


    • Guido 11 years ago

      Nah, be good for your image Milesey…bang fellas like Chris G n Sean/Jock/Aggie whoever he is today (personality disorder perhaps??..appointment at quack required?) a ton eacj as a PR/goodwill gesture/no hard feelings sorta thing et?? :-) :-)

      Silviniaco Conti, Far West, Cue Card n Zarkandar gonna make me rich man this week…what ya think I should do…lucky 15? yankee? what?

  52. Milesey 11 years ago

    “”Andy G


    I was just off the phone to them and they said ‚Äúhave you been on the mrfixit website‚ÄĚ They can assure me your info is wrong and your website is getting investigated. Hahahaha

    and you still think your getting your money ?

  53. Andy G 11 years ago

    Why would I think Mr F is lying milesey?

    • Milesey 11 years ago

      I didnt say he is lying, you just said you got off the phone and this is their responce…… not mentioned whether Mr F is lying or not, i am saying you have no chance of getting your money back…. BETFAIR are paying out no one for nothing, i can tell you that much ;) ;) and to be honest haven’t had anyone asking for their money back or winnings.


    • Mr Fixit 11 years ago

      Milesey, Ladbrokes, McBookie and BetVictor have told me on the phone they will pay out – and they will. I’ve written a news story for tomorrow’s Daily Record quoting spokespersons from all three. I’m convinced others will follow, including hopefully bet365 and William Hill. I could have phoned William Hill chairman Ralph Topping who I know well from his days in charge in Glasgow but I don’t want to bother him on a Sunday. I left it to Scottish odds compiler Owen Scott to look into.

    • Milesey 11 years ago

      Then i want paying for PEDRO MENDES in 2005 against Man Utd, i still have my slip ;) , I’ll be in ladbrokes first thing in the morning ;)


    • Mr Fixit 11 years ago

      Milesey, got say you’re a funny guy. You’d have never have backed a first scorer at that price but Chris Guy probably had ¬£200 ew and ¬£50 on both keepers.

    • Guido 11 years ago

      Paul, nah,thats not right, we canna have that, that’s not fair on Chris…the truth is he actually put ¬£50 quid each way on the ref and 25 quid FGS on both linesman as well ;-)

    • Milesey 11 years ago

      I should have put the bet on with willy hills ;) ;)

      Bookmakers William Hill will pay out to customers who bet on Pedro Mendes scoring the first goal in Tottenham’s game against Manchester United.

      The match finished goalless after Mendes’ audacious effort from almost the halfway line was fumbled by United keeper Roy Carroll.

      Television replays showed the ball clearly went over the line but the incident was missed by the referee and his assistant Rob Lewis and Spurs were denied victory.

      Mendes had been 20-1 to score the first goal at Old Trafford.

      But Hills spokesman Graham Sharpe said: “We have decided to pay out to – the admittedly few – customers who would have definitely been on a winner had the goal been given as it quite obviously should have been.”

    • Bruce 11 years ago

      I phoned Ladbrokes re my cash bet and they confirmed it will be paid as a winner tomorrow

    • Mr Fixit 11 years ago

      Bruce, of course it will be paid. I don’t know why anyone’s doubting. I’m not going to write Ladbrokes are paying out if it’s not the case.

  54. John 11 years ago

    Had a bet on Roda JC v Feyenoord to have both score, am i hearing right that Roda had a clear goal disallowed?

    • Milesey 11 years ago

      Yep and a clear penalty turned down by the ref aswell, Roda were harshly done by in the second half, FEYENOORD couldn’t get the ball, let alone get out of their own half.


  55. MUZZA 11 years ago

    Andy G are you accusing Mr F of being a dodgy Chinese fixing website? Milesey pays out big sums to refs for them to disallow goals? Big Chris Guy has inside info on 1st goal scorers? Guido is Cuban mafia with links to Argentinian league? And Danny is not really a drunk in OZ but a J league infiltrator??

    I AM SHOCKED!!! Call the cops!! :-):-):-):-):-)

    • Guido 11 years ago

      Viva FIDEL!!!…oops let that one slip Muzza!!…hahaha “Dannys not a drunk” hahaha like that one..no offen se Dan ! :-)

    • Guido 11 years ago

      Muzza…if ya squit at his picture Paul does actually look a bit like the loca lTriad chief you see doin the rounds in the various local chinkys collecting wads of cash for “insurance”!! :-)

    • Mr Fixit 11 years ago

      Guido, not another. I got stitched up on the old lookalikes by Tam Cowan at that sportsman’s dinner. Anyway nipping out for 20 minutes to the off sales and hopefully have news from Hills when I get back.

    • Guido 11 years ago

      Good ol Tam Coooowan! :-)…that’s the gemmmmme!!!

  56. Andy G 11 years ago

    Muzza read the previous posts to fully understand what I was meaning rather than go on the defensive about someone having a discussion with your boyfriend

    • MUZZA 11 years ago

      Hahahahahahaha Andy G you clown. It was a joke!! I am a comedian?? :-)

  57. Andy G 11 years ago

    Why no chance milesey of mr F is saying otherwise? Rather than using the worh lying then. Does that suit you better?

  58. Ian bomber Harris 11 years ago

    I totally agree Mr F , that’s what I am saying obviously I am going off the fact I had the bet with bet365 , and they are NOT paying me yet a few that you have named are , I feel cheated by a bookie that use use all the time , bet365 should be paying out if other top bookmakers are simples . If other bookies never had paid on this then no problem but cos other leading bookmakers have I for one feel a bit cheated and let down , will be letting them know this for sure !


    • Mr Fixit 11 years ago

      Bomber, I’ve spoken to the top man at bet365 and he’s snowed under today but he’s looking at it so don’t give up hope with them yet. I’d say it’s 60-40 in favour of them paying out. Paddy Power seem 50-50 but will tell me tomorrow and Hills are going to get back to me ASAP.

  59. John 11 years ago

    I was told that Feyenoord dominated the game, hate when bad decisions like that happen, it makes you wonder what is going on when goals are clearly scored and not seen by linesmen

    • Milesey 11 years ago

      They dominated the 1st half, well 35 minutes of it, RODA then took control and came out second half and started where they left off at the end of the first half, and were so unlucky, a penalty turned down, a clear goal not given, and so many other missed chances.


  60. Peter 11 years ago

    William Hill commented on twitter and being rather obnoxious about it – can understand that the goal did not stand but in a week like Cheltenham PR is king!

  61. MUZZA 11 years ago

    GUIDO can ya get “The family” ta sort this out??

    Mr Flixit – pwoper regend “chief triad”

  62. Seamus 11 years ago

    Well done Paul – glad your doing your bit for the punter.

    Think milesey is rather bitter tonight, am sure loads of people will be grateful for your efforts and pay outs more than one twat Paul !

  63. weordie 11 years ago

    Anyone watching the Inter game?

  64. weordie 11 years ago

    Milesey are you high up with betfair?

  65. seand79 11 years ago

    Paul have you heard anything from William Hill, they have said on twitter that they will not pay out and were pretty rude and sarcastic about it, personally I will be closing my Hills account shortly, not over the failure to pay out but because of their attitude toward punters (myself included)on twitter. Shocking

    • weordie 11 years ago

      Sean I had a handicap NFL bet on 2 seasons ago with William Hill and 3 of the 4 came in, the other was bang on the handicap and they paid out the full amount. I then rolled that on to another bet and lost it all. The next day William Hill decided they shouldn’t have paid out my bet and put my account into minus… I contacted them and they said basically tough luck, we shouldn’t have paid out and as such we want the money back… never deposited with them again. My account with them has been sitting in the minus for 2 years

    • Mr Fixit 11 years ago

      Weordie, bit naughty with Hills. Make a mistake then make you pay.

    • weordie 11 years ago

      Yeah Mr F, worst part is I lost the money back to them anyway so it’s not like they lost out. I wouldn’t have placed a follow up bet if they hadn’t paid out and as a result they’ve missed out on the very numerous bets I would have lost with them ever since

    • Mr Fixit 11 years ago

      Seand79, still waiting for word from Hills. Let you know as soon as I do.

  66. Simon 11 years ago

    Just read whole thread. wots up milesy? if we can get winnings all good.i just about went thru roof when griffiths scored. a hibs fan and had 5er double on griffiths 7/2 hernandez5/1. So fingers crossed Mr f. ill be my£135 better off

    • Mr Fixit 11 years ago

      Simon, who did you bet with?

  67. weordie 11 years ago

    Ugh, why did I put money on Inter… they are pathetic

    • Mr Fixit 11 years ago

      Weordie, Inter looked rubbish against Spurs.

    • weordie 11 years ago

      yeah… I have a habit of forgetting that and betting on teams that will bust my coupons

  68. gunner 11 years ago

    i agree with ? :)

  69. John Henderson 11 years ago

    Martin, just spoken to PP head of PR and I’m confident they’ll pay. Bet365 might with my intervention.

    Paul you said earlier you were confident on pp now u say 50 – 50 am no liking 50 – 50 bit, prefered the 70-30 lol anyway well done bookies that did pay out if pp dont they getting none my cheltenham cash :)

    • Mr Fixit 11 years ago

      John, on past experience I’d be confident but the guy who always okayed these things is no longer there so I can’t say for sure.

  70. Kyle 11 years ago

    Is Milesey paying all these Griffiths FG bets out himself? They way he’s went on and on and on and on it seems so. Whats the problem with bookies paying out – you don’t ask you don’t get & bookies make plenty anyway. Hardly going to bankrupt them is it

    • Mr Fixit 11 years ago

      Kyle, exactly. They don’t have to pay but if they do take it as a bonus.

  71. Milesey 11 years ago



  72. Kyle 11 years ago

    Haha there it is – the overly agreesive reply because someone has disagreed with your comment. This is a tipping site (to beat the bookies) and because the punters have had a stroke of good fortune your totally against it

    • Milesey 11 years ago

      HAHAHA, my comment was made at ” SEAMAN ” what has obviously been deleted, but thank you for your comments ;)


    • Mr Fixit 11 years ago

      Kyle, I did delete a comment from Seamus and also Andy. Everyone’s free to comment but let’s not simply trade insults.

  73. alex walker 11 years ago

    Milsey your the joke today for standing by the bookies! Maybe you havent watched the incident and saw that the ball was a yard over the line. Please dont stand up for bookies. Stand up for the punter!

    • Milesey 11 years ago

      ha ha ha I don’t work for a bookies ;) ;)


    • Milesey 11 years ago

      However you put it , ITS SPORT ! i can remember a F1 race many years ago, can’t remember exactly who it is right now for it’s late, but he ran out of petrol on the last corner Final Lap, no they aren’t going to pay out for he forgot to fill his car up, just like any sensible bookie isn’t for the ref and lino didn’t bring their specs with them. Two arguments all the time, just cause the ref stops a boxing fight does that mean the other boxer should be the winner ? i have seen too many fights where the ref has been too quick to jump in, but then you have others where the ref leaves it, the fighter hits the canvass, but gets up to win the fight, swings in roundabouts, if you backed Hearts today and one of their players as a first scorer you wouldn’t be saying JACK.


    • Mr Fixit 11 years ago

      Milesey, that’s not the point. The point is some punters have been recompensed for a dreadful blunder. Let’s celebrate that on its own and not worry about the past or indeed future.

  74. alex walker 11 years ago

    I never said you do work for a bookie! But for us punters to stand a chance against them we all have to stand together. And bookies maybe now must see that football has to change with the times to!

    • Milesey 11 years ago

      So you had that bet on betfair on the exchange, would you argue it with them ? for someone needs to cover that bet now, you going to find someone in a game that was 0-0 no first goalscorer cover your bet ?

      Milesey ( BETFAIR )

      You have your High Street bookmaker and your ‘tic-tac’ man (that’s the bookie you might see waving his arms around at a racecourse). With that kind of traditional bookie, he offers you odds on an event and you simply have a choice of whether you want to take them or not. But those guys build a big fat margin into their odds, partly because they can, and partly because they are taking the risk (and want to cover the times when their spies get it wrong and results go against them), so the odds offered will hardly ever be the best you can get – Betfair is different.

      Instead, in June 2000, we launched the world’s first betting exchange. That means our customers choose their own odds, just like people on the stock market choose the price they want to buy and sell shares at, and Betfair matches all the bets. We charge a small 5% (or less!) commission on any winning bet and, because every bet has a winner, it means we don’t have to build-in a big fat profit margin like the other bookies do.

      Put it another way – imagine you’re in a huge room full of people all wanting to place bets on the same football match. Betfair‘s betting licence allows us to put you together with people (you don’t know who they are, but we do) who have got an opposing view to you. We then hold the cash until the match is over. But because we aren’t trying to build-in a profit, the odds on offer are just a pure reflection of what punters (that’s you and your betting friends!) think is likely to happen.

      “Back or Lay”

      Of course, that means you don’t just have to ‘Back’ something to win. Now you can do what you’ve always thought only a traditional bookie could do and take the opposing view – i.e: you can ‘Lay’ a selection, or bet that something won’t happen. This is something the traditional bookies only ever let you do when it suited them; but now you, the punter, have control of what you do and when you do it.

      “In-Play Betting”

      The other revolutionary thing Betfair brings to your punting armoury is the ability to bet while a match or race is actually underway or ‘in-play’. You can ‘back’ or ‘lay’ right up until the final whistle or when the first horse crossing the finishing line. So, you don’t have to dive straight in and make a choice before the start, you can wait and see how your team or horse is performing before making a decision.

      “Knowing Your Stuff”

      Naturally, plotting a course to the winner’s circle is never that simple, but the one area you have absolute control over is the ability to know your subject inside out. There is no substitute for having the tools of the trade and in the business of betting, knowledge is power

      Milesey ( BETFAIR )

    • Mr Fixit 11 years ago

      Milesey, that’s different. I asked a couple of bookies if they’d thought about paying out, that’s all. I still don’t get your see why you’re against punters benefiting.

    • Milesey 11 years ago

      Cause i play fair, it’s not a winning bet in my eyes, there are lots of decisions that go against punters and you can’t cry about it, it’s sport, you can’t pay out for things that weren’t given, how many tries get scored and not given, the France try yesterday wasn’t even a try the ball was grounded and he moved it 4 times more before the line, the ref gave that and it finished a draw, how many other examples on this weekend can you point to as harsh decisions…. the only thing that matters is the result, decisions within sport are made and you have to accept them and move on.


    • Mr Fixit 11 years ago

      Milesey, actually it’s all about fair play. It was unfair the goal didn’t stand and fair play to bookies who paid out. Remember by paying out no one lost out, that is also they also paid on no scorer.

  75. Milesey 11 years ago

    If you do a first goal scorer, lets say TEVEZ for an example, 15 minutes into the game, bang, bad tackle broken leg, TEVEZ is off still 0-0 , what happens then to your first goal scorer bet on TEVEZ ? ;)


    • Mr Fixit 11 years ago

      Milesey, re Tevez again that’s different. Punters know if they back a first scorer he can get injured or have a bad day and be subbed. They don’t expect if he actually puts the ball in the net legitimately that it won’t count.

  76. Kyle 11 years ago

    I totally agree with you in the sense its sport – as one decision goes for 1 person theres someone else that its went completely against. Point is though punters won on 2 occasions today over the 1 result but your totally against it and I don’t understand why???

  77. Milesey 11 years ago

    hahaha, i’m not here to make friends, so your opinion has gone straight over my head, it’s a losing bet, that is the simple fact !


  78. Seamus 11 years ago

    Am off lads – this lad is on the gear! Feel like am offering fuel to the fire and this site is brilliant, doesn’t need the argument a but sometimes I find it hard to listen to some guff!


    punter over bookies everyday any day!

    Hope you all get your pay outs, and take a bow Paul if they do!

    • Mr Fixit 11 years ago

      Seamus, Andy, the arguments and slanging matches were me down, I just wish people would stick to tips and betting chat.

  79. Milesey 11 years ago

    I would gladly pay out anyone who has won, but i’m sorry that just isn’t a winning bet, you can put it how you want at the end of the day 0-0, no goalscorer, so the bet lost. That’s the facts and when you look back in history you will see that also….. The bookies never paid out on the grand national that never was, and half the field did the full race.


    • Mr Fixit 11 years ago

      Milesey, we know that but it’s a nice gesture.

    • Milesey 11 years ago

      Fair enough, but then you get the people who then go on and because they have paid out on this will find other decisions that have gone against their bets and the situation steamrollers.

      It was well over the line, but what about what when the tennis ball is well over the line on match point and it gets called in ? when you need 2 runs in the cricket match to win, comes off the pad and the umpire gives him out, when the player is short of the line in rugby league and the ref gives a try, you going to pay out on them decisions too as a bookie ?


  80. Kyle 11 years ago

    Final comment of the night for me aswell. Yes strictly speaking it was a losing bet but nobody held a gun to Mr Ladbrokes etc head to pay out. I just can’t, and never will, understand why your sooooo against the punters beating the bookies (fairly or not)

  81. Guido 11 years ago

    think ewe should move on lads…never get agreement on this. For those that got something back fair play and fair play to the bookies. I see Mileseys point as wellbu… I had Hibs to win so got F all back and its annoying but that’s the way it goes.

    • Milesey 11 years ago

      I had the goalscorer but no point arguing with betfair over it, they would laugh at me ;) ;) unless i can find someone dumb enough to cover the otherside of my bet ;)

      Milesey ( BETFAIR )

  82. Martin 11 years ago

    Do the most recent replies not always go at the very bottom for anyone else? A bit confusing scrolling up and seeing new comments.

    • Milesey 11 years ago

      Cause Mr F has been deleting comments ;)


    • Mr Fixit 11 years ago

      Milesey, and you know why they’re being deleted. Comments telling people they are p**** or a w*** are not wanted.

    • Milesey 11 years ago

      I haven’t called anyone either ? no idea what p****** or w**** is ?


    • Mr Fixit 11 years ago

      Milesey, just you get that thinking cap on for Cheltenham. Off to watch Match of the Day 2 to see if there were any other goals wrongly ruled out!

    • Milesey 11 years ago

      RODA V Feyenoord, RODA had the ball well across the line, nearly hit the back of the net, and busted my 4 fold today…… but thats sport.


    • Mr Fixit 11 years ago

      Milesey, last word on this tonight. If someone had offered to pay you out would you have turned it down?

    • Mr Fixit 11 years ago

      Martin, yeah last comment should appear at the bottom.

  83. Seamus 11 years ago

    Sorry for the language I used even though was appropriate for emphasis of feeling, however will try to keep language and opinion, at times, to a minimum Paul

  84. Seamus 11 years ago

    Lets be honest too – Cheltenham coming up too! Great publicity especially if Paul etc are writing about in papers.

    Either way or which way bookie paying out.

    We, together are the first ti complain about our opponent – the bookmakers!


  85. Simon 11 years ago

    Re griffiths herandez bet Paul, it was with hills.fingers crossed they pay out ,itll be my cheltenham fund

  86. Sean 11 years ago

    I was on to bet365 live chat, speaking to a very helpful girl, and she give me ¬£50 worth of free bets, (I had ¬£10 on him first goal) I can’t withdraw it but I can use it for Cheltenham tho, so I’m very happy with that

  87. Austin Hay 11 years ago

    I also had Griffiths 1st goal with Willam Hill any update?

  88. Martin 11 years ago

    I’ve had nothing from bet365, was on livechat yesterday and they said they won’t pay out.

  89. Sean 11 years ago

    I had spoke to live chat yesterday day and wouldn’t do anything and refused to do anything, however went back on to it last night and spoke to a girl, very helpful and agreeded to pay me ¬£50 worth of bets, I had ¬£10 on him first goal at 4-1 so I was happy with that

  90. seand79 11 years ago

    Paul anything from William Hill yet???

    • Mr Fixit 11 years ago

      Guys, still waiting for an answer from William Hill. I hope they don’t email the office though because I won’t be in today. As soon as I hear I’ll put something on the site.

  91. Deano 11 years ago

    I had £20 on griffiths anytime and hibs to win at 5/2 and had a treble of anytime scores £8 on Suarez, Rooney and griffiths which was returning me £89 or something, gutted. That was with William hill so hopefully they pay on out something

    • garry 11 years ago

      had a £10 double griffiths 7/2 and saurez 9/2 with hills, been onto them, got nowhere, £247.50 down the drain that wouldve been my cheltenham fund

    • Mr Fixit 11 years ago

      Garry, I hoped Hills would pay but as I’ve said not heard anything official. At the end of the day bookies who pay should be applauded, bookies who don’t shouldn’t be slaughtered. At the end of the day anybody who has got anything on Griffiths is lucky to do so.

  92. Martin 11 years ago

    Sean do you remember who you spoke to on livechat?

  93. Martin 11 years ago

    Rick did you email them to get this bonus?

  94. Martin 11 years ago

    In livechat Paul or email, I’ve already spoke on livechat and they wouldn’t give me anything. Trying again now.

  95. Sean 11 years ago

    Yes her name was amie (spelt that way) so should be hard for them to find it was 12.00 o’clock last night spoke to her

  96. Sean 11 years ago

    Shouldn’t be hard

  97. Martin 11 years ago

    Thanks Sean.

  98. Ian B 11 years ago

    I contacted bet365 on live chat today and was told the following :

    We would always settle in line with the official result, so if he was not officially credited with the goal at the time then we would not be honouring the bet.

  99. Ian B 11 years ago

    Contacted bet365 today and was told the following

    We would always settle in line with the official result, so if he was not officially credited with the goal at the time then we would not be honouring the bet.

  100. Martin 11 years ago

    Getting nowhere with bet365, this is frustrating if they have given other people their stake back.

    Yesterday I placed a bet on Leigh Griffiths first scorer in the Hibernian v Hearts match. During the game at 0-0, Leigh Griffiths had a free kick which hit the bar and bounced clearly over the line but both the referee and linesman missed the goal.

    The bet has been settled as a loser but I’ve been on MrFixIts betting website and noticed that other firms have paid out on Griffiths first goalscorer such as Ladbroks, BetVictor and McBookie.com

    MrFixIt has said he has contacted bet365 and is awaiting a response but as of yesterday he was 60/40 they would pay out.

    I have since noticed the comments of users on this website, with one saying a livechat adviser paid out winnings as free bets while another had their stake returned as a free bet.

    There seems a lot of inconsistencies from bet365 and if other people are being paid out in means of free bets then I too would like the same.

    John D : I can not discuss the details of another account due to data protection I’m afraid. I can only comment on the bet in question, which has been settled correctly based on the outcome of the game.

    • Mr Fixit 11 years ago

      Martin, bet365 have just come back to me with their official ruling. Basically, they are doing nothing but paying out on official result. However, they point out that due to their “Bore Draw” concessional offer they already returned losing correct score, scorecast and HT bets on the Hibs v Hearts game. When I said I was 60-40 that they’d pay out that was my opinion. And remember no one has to pay out on Griffiths, anyone who has done it has given punters a bonus. Anyone who has got something through live chat has either landed lucky or been rewarded because of their previous account history.

  101. Martin 11 years ago

    John D Thank you Martin. I do understand your frustrations in this matter. However, it is clear to myself that the bet has been settled correctly based on the outcome of the game. You displeasure with the outcome of this seems to be with officials adjudicating the match rather than how the bet has been settled. When a bet is placed like this, we have to settle on what is awarded, we would be setting an extremely dangerous precedent if we were to settle bets on what would have been, rather than what actually happened, no matter how unlucky.

  102. Martin 11 years ago

    John did you send an email or livechat.

  103. Martin 11 years ago

    Ok no problem, thanks for your help. I didn’t mean to quote that 60/40 bit I was just trying to get them to give me an answer. Ah well.

  104. Steve 11 years ago

    Ladbrokes customer services have told me that Griffiths anytime is a loser. I had £5 double with Rooney. Shop staff knew nothing about it either.

    • Mr Fixit 11 years ago

      Steve, don’t throw away your slip then. Bruce Robertson was told yesterday that shops would pay today and of course I have confirmation from Ladbrokes that they will pay.

  105. Steve 11 years ago

    Mr Fixit, who did you speak to at Ladbrokes who said they’d paid out? As you say it would be a bonus pay out but probably worth another try!

    • Mr Fixit 11 years ago

      Steve, as I said yesterday Ladbrokes confirmed to me they’d pay out then texted quotes. There is a story in today’s Daily Record written by me praising them McBookie and BetVictor for doing so. What shop is it by the way?

    • Andy 11 years ago

      I spoke to someone on the Live Chat at William Hill this morning. He went away and spoke to his manager for 10 minutes. Came back and told me the best he could do is offer me a £10 free bet as a gesture of goodwill.

    • Mr Fixit 11 years ago

      Andy, the sound of silence from Hills worries me. Looks like they’re not going to pay out but nice if they’d let me know.

  106. John Henderson 11 years ago

    Any news from Paddypower Paul regarding griffiths ?

  107. Steve 11 years ago

    Hi, it’s the Dundee shop

    • Mr Fixit 11 years ago

      Steve, can you be more specific? Probably be several in Dundee so I might need to quote the exact one if there’s a problem.

  108. Mark 11 years ago

    ANy word on Skybet?

    • Mr Fixit 11 years ago

      Mark, no word from Skybet. To be honest I’m done chasing now, have spent too much time on it. If bookies I’ve contacted get back to me I’ll let people know. I’ve managed to get some people paid but most firms seem to be going along the “official result” route and I can’t blame them.

  109. Steve 11 years ago

    Hi, yes sorry it’s the high street branch in Dundee.

  110. Owen 11 years ago

    Just spoke to a member of William hill staff via chat. They are saying that there settlers have confirmed my bet is void for my E/W treble with grifthies Suarez Rooney.

    • Mr Fixit 11 years ago

      Owen, so they are paying you a double then?

  111. Steve 11 years ago

    Ladbrokes are paying out now. Must’ve been in a bit sharpish this morning for the message to have gotten through. Thanks for your help. Wee unexpected bonus!

    • Mr Fixit 11 years ago

      Steve, there was never a doubt but thanks for letting us know.

  112. Owen 11 years ago

    No they said that my bet had been settled as lost because griffthies wasn’t placed or won. To be honest they wouldn’t answer my direct question on if they had made any decisons like other bookmakers, kept saying that there settlers have not paid on this goal scorer. Email has been sent so hopefully hear back with a better explanation.

  113. garry 11 years ago

    it seems to be taking william hill some time to decide whether my £10 double griff/saurez stands or not. all i want is an answer and am happy. even if they voided the griffith part of the bet and gave me a £10 single on saurez at 9/2 it woulg give me £55. £27.50 e/w on white star line, cheltenham tomoz, got course form.

    • Mr Fixit 11 years ago

      Garry, unfortunately just missed a call from them so hopefully I’ll get them soon.

  114. BRUCE R 11 years ago

    i got paid out for griffiths in ladbrokes this morning. called bet365 to enquire, hit me with the usual statement, asked them to give a free bet to use at cheltenham, gave a no restrictions amount into my balance to the stake i had placed, fair enough

    • Mr Fixit 11 years ago

      Bruce, yeah that’s fair dos.

  115. gary 11 years ago

    any news on betfred paying out on giffiths .?

    • Mr Fixit 11 years ago

      Gary, haven’t heard from Betfred. My feeling now is if a bookie hasn’t paid on Griffiths he won’t. As I said earlier I’m done chasing, don’t have any more time. Need to start looking at tips for midweek.

  116. Martin 11 years ago

    Seems like bet365 are refunding everyone apart from me ,total joke.

    • Mr Fixit 11 years ago

      Martin, what have you done to deserve that?

  117. John Henderson 11 years ago

    So nothing from Paddypower i take it ? Sent them an email asking about it and no reply. oh well only 1 Cheltenham bet going on with them champion hurdle money back special.

    • Mr Fixit 11 years ago

      John, I’ll try them again tomorrow, I’ve got to start on midweek tips now. But they know I’m waiting for a reply.

  118. garry 11 years ago

    white star line e/w for race 3 tomoz. get on at 16’s now, check its form. meanwhile, still no word from william hills aka the silent mob on my griff/saurez double!! Hills, get yer finger out!

  119. richard harvey 11 years ago

    anything from skybet????

    • Mr Fixit 11 years ago

      Richard, no news from Skybet. Might be worth contacting them but most bookies are not paying out.

  120. richard harvey 11 years ago

    skybet on griffiths?????

  121. richard harvey 11 years ago

    ok mate cheers anyway

  122. davieboy 11 years ago

    Treble on cissie anytime and newcastle. Suarez and liverpool and griffiths and hibs at corals .What’s their stance

    • Mr Fixit 11 years ago

      Davieboy, haven’t heard back from Coral. I’ll try again tomorrow but call them and see what they say. As I say most are not paying out on Griffiths.

  123. John Henderson 11 years ago

    Thank you for contacting Paddy Power Customer Support.

    Whilst I understand your frustration at the poor refereeing decision to disallow the goal, I’m afraid Paddy Power have paid out on “No Goalscorer” as the winning selection in this market. As per our soccer betting rules, all other markets have been settled on the final score of the match. Apologies for any inconvenience

    Paddy paying out nowt poor show.

    • Mr Fixit 11 years ago

      John, was my gut feeling after speaking to them yesterday. Last year I’m sure they’d have paid out but as I said the guy who initiated most of those decisions has left the company.

  124. John 11 years ago

    Could anyone tell me if betfred are paying out on griffiths

  125. John 11 years ago

    Does anyone know if betfred did money back 0 0 draws yesterday first goalscoer market

  126. Duart 11 years ago

    Mr fixit I bet griffiths with coral any news on them payin out ? Only thing put line in bin :(

  127. Duart 11 years ago

    Any more news on corals paying out on griffiths Paul ?

  128. Duart 11 years ago

    Paul any word back on coral payin out on griffiths yet ?

  129. Duart 11 years ago

    Any news on corals paying out on griffiths first goal mr fixit ?;)

    • Mr Fixit 11 years ago

      Duart, as far as I’m aware Coral are not paying out on Griffiths. Most bookies aren’t.

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