McBOOKIE.COM took an industry lead by paying out on Steven Thompson as first scorer in Sunday's Scottish Premiership match between St Mirren and Ross County.

And big boys William Hill, Ladbrokes and bet365 have also decided to settle on Thompson after looking into the matter – so I've win thousands of pouns in payout for relieved punters.

Kenny McLean was credited with the goal by official arbiters the Press Association but later it was revealed his team-mate Thompson had deflected his shot into the net.

Monday's Daily Record gave the goal to Thompson and apparently the match referee has as well. However, PA never changed their ruling so bookies were duty bound to pay out on McLean.

I tipped Thompson to score first in the Record and on the site and I know plenty of you were on the Buddies hitman.

After I asked Scots firm to review the goal they decided to settle all bets on Thompson as a “goodwill gesture”. spokesman Paul Petrie said: “Our rules stipulate we settle on the PA scorer and with no obvious controversy it seemed the right decision.

“However, it is clear it was Thompson’s goal so we are paying out on him as well. It doesn’t help that Mr Fixit tipped him up as first scorer and anytime scorer but on this occasion it is the fairest decision.”

William Hill have now followed suit and odds compiler Owen Scott told me: “As a goodwill gesture we've decided to pay out on Thompson as the ball clearly deflected in off him. This was the only Scottish Premiership match of the weekend and we'd hate to see so many people losing out after backing the favourite.

“Well done to Mr Fixit for highlighting this and winning a significant payout for punters.”

Ladbrokes didn't take long to agree it was Thompson's goal and have also agreed to compensate punters who were were set to miss out.

Spokesman Alex Donohue said: “We always pay out on what PA say but in this case the deflection off Thompson means it should have been his goal. We're pleased this has been brought to our attention and happy to pay out to our customers.”

Bet365 took minutes to decide it was Thompson's goal after I asked them to look at the video.

I also contacted Paddy Power who have done the necessary as have Skybet but I await news from Betfred and Coral.

  1. Hughie 9 years ago

    Mrf. Had a double on anytime scorer Clarke coventry. Thompson. St mirren with skybet will u be asking them? Only had £2 on so no big deal just curious if they would pay out.

    • Mr Fixit 9 years ago

      Hughie, Cam’s going to ask them through chat and you should do the same. I can’t call everyone but will update the article I’ve posted if anyone else tells me they’re paying out.

  2. Hughie 9 years ago

    Spoke to them myself got no chance even when you win you lose lol

  3. Chris Guy 9 years ago

    Fingers crossed Paul. I hope Ladbrokes pay out too. I think it’s important that all the bookies are aware of the circumstances and also that McBookie paid out. As you said there are no guarantees but I know everyone will appreciate your efforts. I think most people who used the site backed first and anytime. Fingers crossed.

  4. Greg Browning 9 years ago

    Fair play Mr F, good of you going to the trouble of getting in touch with the other firms!

    • Mr Fixit 9 years ago

      Greg, don’t know how far I’ll get but it’s worth a try. Would have done it yesterday but didn’t realise there was an issue.

  5. Rory 9 years ago

    Yea fight the good fight mr f

  6. Derik.D 9 years ago

    I had it with bet365, has anyone tried to reclaim with them?

    • Patrick 9 years ago

      I emailed them Derik and they told me there was NO chance they will be paying out on Thompson as they only go by the PA and even if the SFA officially give the goal to Thompson, they won’t pay out.

  7. Tony g 9 years ago

    Mr F do u think skybet would change there decison on it ?

  8. Boa by 9 years ago

    Paul, I done Thompson ew with Paddy Power in Paisley. Interesting to see how you get on after contacting them. Keep up the good work.

  9. Craig Alves 9 years ago

    Good chance paddy power will pay out even if only mcbookie are paying oht

  10. Rory 9 years ago

    I got the same reply from bet365 and although it is within their rights not to pay out it is bad form and poor costumer relations and I for one will be closing my bet365 account as I feel as punters we have a choice were to lay our hard earned cash and for other smaller bookies to pay out and 365 not too is poor, maybe play that fat cockney twat winstone a few quid less in your next next add and look after your loyal costumers….bad form

  11. Rory 9 years ago

    Guys I just emailed 365 this reply it may seem like sour grapes but at the end of the day we are loyal paying costumers and can choose who to lay our money with, mcbookie showed some class in paying on a mistake that wasn’t ours I will now open up an account with them as a result here’s the email hope I didn’t sound to bitter lol

    “Dear Laura,
    Thanks very much for your reply, I appreciate that you are within your rights not to payout under your rules but as other so called smaller online firms have paid out the correct scorer as a matter of faith I think it is poor form on behalf of bet365 not to do so. I picked the correct scorer and through no fault of my own I am now at a loss of 250 pound which is quite a lot leading up to Christmas. As I said I understand your position but we are costumers and as such have the right to choose who we bet with so I am requesting that my account please be closed down as soon as possible as a matter of principle and I will take my business elsewhere.”



  12. EdRhodes89 9 years ago

    I had the any time bet on with BetVictor, any chance you could speak with them also, Mr F?

    • Mr Fixit 9 years ago

      EdRhodes, same answer I gave to Rab but tell BetVictor that McBookie have paid out on Thompson.

  13. Rab 9 years ago

    Any chance of asking Betfred also???

    • Mr Fixit 9 years ago

      Rab, I’ve spent over an hour talking to and emailing bookies today and don’t have any more time. You’ll need to ask Betfred but wait and seen if any of the big boys stump up first.

  14. Chris Guy 9 years ago

    Rory I agree, if there has been a mix up through no fault of our own then the bookies should do the decent thing and pay out on both. Why should the punters be penalised? I just don’t get it though if the goal was officially given to Thompson then it must be paid out on Thompson. Regardless of wether they are paying out on what the PA had settled on, the PA have made an arse of it. Basically the bookies have acknowledged that they are paying out on the wrong decision. That’s wrong regardless of what way you are looking at it. Hat goes off to McBookie, giving the other bookies a right good showing up.

    • Mr Fixit 9 years ago

      Chris, I’ve put some calls in and waiting to hear back. I’m not sure what you don’t understand about bookies paying out on what PA decide – that’s their rules whether PA are wrong or right. Years ago bookies agreed to go with an independent arbiter after a series of disputes. In those cases bookies were accused of picking the scorer that would cost them less. Going with PA takes it out of their hands and they are duty bound to pay out on who PA award the goal. The only way they can pay out on Thompson is as McBookie have done as a goodwill gesture.

  15. Cam 9 years ago

    The chat still isn’t working for skybet so Iv’e emailed them. Will post back once received a reply.

  16. Graeme 9 years ago

    Mr F,

    I put on 2 score-casts with Hills. Thompson 2-1 and McLean 2-1. Do I have a chance of claiming both?

    • Mr Fixit 9 years ago

      Graeme, if Hills pay out on Thompson – which I don’t believe they will – technically you could collect both but they’d be within their rights to pay you out one just one of them.

  17. Chris Guy 9 years ago

    Graeme no chance. Collect on 2-1 McLean and if they agree to pay out Thompson get a friend to collect the other

  18. Chris Guy 9 years ago

    Yeah Paul even if they did agree to pay out on both I’d get someone else to collect the other (unless its on the same slip). William Hill are not the best for overturning decisions. In fact their digging heels in attitude makes them one of the worst if not worst bookies to give any type of goodwill gesture. I still remember about 10 years ago or maybe longer when Celtic won 1-0 and it was big John Hartson who scored albeit taking a wicked deflection. Every bookmaker in the industry paid out on Hartson with the likes of Paddy Power paying out on both. William hill were the only bookie that refused to pay out. Speaks volumes really.

    • Mr Fixit 9 years ago

      Chris, just heard back from William Hill and following my call they’ve decided to pay out on Thompson which is great news. Messages should go on to shop screens and anyone who has a problem being paid in a shop should comment here with the shop name and I’ll sort it out. I’m told traders have been informed of the decision too so online customers should be sorted out too. Anyone with a query should phone the helpline.

  19. Chris Guy 9 years ago

    Ok guys I contacted Ladbrokes first thing this morning and spoke to customer services. I explained the situation and the guy agreed it was unfair. He spoke to his manager and asked me to go into the shop I placed the bet with and he would ask them to pay me out as a discretionary payment!! He agreed it was unfair. I went into the shop and the manager in the shop spoke to the guy at Customer Services. The payout is about their discretionary limit so its been referred to the Area Manager and it will be down to her. In pretty certain he would have paid me out if it had been a telephone or Internet bet.

    • Mr Fixit 9 years ago

      Chris, I’m still waiting for a call back but have spoken one of my Ladbrokes contacts this morning. Tell them Hills are paying out now – that could make a difference.

  20. Chris Guy 9 years ago

    I just did Paul, I phoned the shops direct number and updated them. It looks pretty bad on Ladbrokes if they don’t pay out especially if another high street bookie pays

    • Mr Fixit 9 years ago

      Chris, OK good news. Just heard from Ladbrokes and they are paying out too. Shops have been told and accounts will be credited automatically. If you’ve thrown away a slip write out a claim form.

  21. Graeme 9 years ago

    Thanks guys

  22. Rab 9 years ago

    I have emailed Betfred also and will post my response as soon as i get word back for anyone else who bet with them.

    • Mr Fixit 9 years ago

      Rab, cheers. Tell them William Hill and Ladbrokes are now paying out.

    • Steven 9 years ago


      I spoke with Betfred customer services yesterday as I had a fiver on Thompson for 1st goal. They confirmed I had a winner, so I went to the shop who then advised it was a losing bet? They called customer services who confirmed this… I called customer services back again…guess what? They cant trace my call so basically…hard lines. I wont be going back.

  23. Rab 9 years ago

    Dear Robert,
    Thank you for your email.
    I can confirm that we are paying out on mclean to be first goalscorer.
    Thank you for contacting Betfred Customer Services,
    Kind Regards,
    Daniel H,

    This is my disappointing response

    • Mr Fixit 9 years ago

      Rab, pass me the contact details and I’ll look at it. They should be aware bet365, William Hill and Ladbrokes are all paying out now as well as McBookie who took the lead.

  24. robert miller 9 years ago

    there must be countless similar cases of this every week that without the benefit of hundreds of television replays never come to public light…

    • Mr Fixit 9 years ago

      Robert, that’s true. At the end of the day it’s a difficult one to keep tabs of and no one would have paid out on Thompson without my intervention. Bet365 have now said they’re also paying out and from comments on this site that will be a sizeable amount.

  25. Cam 9 years ago

    Ok I received an email from skybet saying this:

    Hi Cameron

    Thanks for your e-mail, as Kenny Mclean was the first goal scorer scorer you bet will stand as a losing bet I am afraid

    If you have any further queries please do not hesitate to contact us.

    Kind Regards,

    Clare P
    Customer Care Team

    I also called them and they weren’t budging, no compensation for this unfortunate man :(

    • Mr Fixit 9 years ago

      Cam, go back and update them on who is paying out and tell them to look at my article. Could change their stance.

  26. Rory 9 years ago

    BRAVO Mr fixit you fought for the little man and shamed some bookies into paying out. Well done

    • Mr Fixit 9 years ago

      Rory, shamed isn’t the right word. All of the people I’ve spoken were unaware of the situation. Once they looked at the video evidence they agreed it was unfair not to pay out on those who backed Thompson. The firms who have paid out deserve credit, the ones who don’t should be shamed if they don’t follow suit.

  27. EdRhodes89 9 years ago

    Haha what a dope I am – turns out I did have it on with b365!

    Realised that brought up 4/5 of the singles I posted on Sunday so happy days.

    What a result this is!

    Good on ya, Mr F

    • Mr Fixit 9 years ago

      Ed, nice one, good bonus for those who had Thompson.

  28. Patrick 9 years ago

    Wow! Bet365 have just paid out. Thanks a bunch Mr. F!

    I think the Super Single today should have been Mr. F getting a result for punters ;)

  29. Rab 9 years ago

    CAM let them know you will not be betting with a bookies who doesnt play fair as i have done and well done to those who have payed out i will be betting with them from now on

  30. Rory 9 years ago

    I agree Mr fixit they deserve credit those who have followed suit, however it did takeintervention from yourself and other bookies paying out for 365 to acquiesce. So to mh mind they tried to save face but if I get home and my account is credited then I will be happy. So thanks

  31. Trebor 9 years ago

    My Thompson winnings have just landed in my bet365 account,cheers for everybodys efforts,a good result for the punter.

  32. Jor 9 years ago

    Yes just recieved my money on Thompson from bet365. Good job mr F. Big apritiate for the efort

  33. beansprout100 9 years ago

    Hi guys…anyone got thoughts about Wolves.
    Just read Kenny Jackett’s comments at
    Doesn’t really sound as if he’s too bothered about tonight’s result.Keeps saying things like “whatever the outcome we’ll be looking ahead” etc etc.Also without Doyle,McCarey and Forde.Quite a few first team choices out.Any thoughts?

    • Mr Fixit 9 years ago

      beansprout, both teams missing players. Reckon he’ll be bothered about a cup-tie in front of his own fans.

    • beansprout100 9 years ago

      Well Mr F…hope so.Wolves and Altrincham double it is.

  34. Hughie 9 years ago

    Sky worth a fortune being shown up for what they are now not paying out uuugghhhh

    • Mr Fixit 9 years ago

      Hughie, maybe they’ll do a U-turn. Right, need to go out for a bit.

  35. Rab 9 years ago

    Mrfixit this site is sponsored by betfred and yet they dont pay out disappointing to say the least but well done mrfixit for the other ones :)

    • Mr Fixit 9 years ago

      Rab, as I said earlier I haven’t yet spoken to Betfred but will do tomorrow.

  36. Cam 9 years ago

    I sent another email to skybet. Whoever is with skybet needs to either send an email or call up if you want to get this money, they’re the only site to payout. persistance is key here.

  37. Shaun 9 years ago

    Just got my email through in response to the ones i sent yesterday informing me that as a gezture of goodwill from bet365 they will be paying out :) what a touch! Lovely little boost ;)

  38. Hughie 9 years ago

    Tried one last email to sky bet they can only say no ..,.. ……….AGAIN lol

  39. craig k 9 years ago

    Cheers mr f, bet365 just paid out on Thompson first scorer

  40. el tel 9 years ago

    Just read all the bookies have paid out to you all , nice one .

  41. Cam 9 years ago

    Simon T Response via email on 19/11/2013 02.30 PM
    Hi Cameron

    Thanks for your e-mail

    Sorry, we are are only paying out on the official Press Association result who have credited the goal to McLean so the bet would remain a losing bet.

    If you have any further queries please do not hesitate to contact us.


    Simon T
    Customer Care Team

    It’s not happening..

  42. The UHT 9 years ago

    Quality result, Mr F – good to see a fair few bookies doing the decent thing. I’m certain that would not have happened without the profile you’ve raised on this. Great work!

  43. bttsfootball 9 years ago

    I didnt know bookies were paying out on Thompson until I came on this site this morning, I had Clarke and Thompson anytime double, thanks for making a thread on it Mr fixit!

  44. Chris Guy 9 years ago

    Yes Paul great effort. Lets not forget we have McBookie to thank also as they were first to pay out after Mr Fixit contacting them which has obviously helped matters. It adds weight to an argument over a payout. So thanks Mr Fixit, thanks McBookie and credit to the other bookies who have followed the lead.

  45. jamesyboy 9 years ago

    well done mr f.good to see you fighting the punters corner and getting a result.i never had a bet on but just think you deserve a bit of praise.

  46. Rab 9 years ago

    Again well done paul great site never usually comment but always read the tips great stuff so on to tonight where punters should avoid betfred and sky bet after today.

    PS still raging

  47. Dr Greenthumb 9 years ago

    Uayyy!!! I shall go to the ball!!!!

    PADDY POWER online just paid out. Massive thanks Mr F.

  48. Anomaly 9 years ago


  49. JAMES GAULT 9 years ago

    Mr F,
    Good work with the bookies that paid out,I had it on with ladbrokes and will go in tonight and hopefully can pay me ref my card,if not a bit of bin racking will be required to recover slip,a bit surprised that Betfred who sponsor the site not paying out,maybe a message there to punters as to who not to bet with, not really good PR by them.just wanted to say thanks for your work on this.

    • Mr Fixit 9 years ago

      James, to be fair everyone I’ve contatcted so far has paid out or still to get back to me. No one has said no. I’ll look into the Betfred situation tomorrow when I get some time.

  50. Bruce R 9 years ago

    Cheers mrfixit, had no idea about the Thompson goal until yesterday, winnings paid into my bet365 a/c today. Reiterate others, if it was not for you we punters would not have won the battle, cheers

  51. Chris Guy 9 years ago

    James I binned my slip but went into Ladbrokes today and they paid out. It’s easy for them to check. All they need to know is how much the bet was for and roughly the time the bet was placed and they can trace it on their computer. You have to fill in a wee form or sometimes they will just get you to rewrite the slip so they can check the handwriting. I had to provide photo id so gave them my drivers licence. This is so the staff cannot be accused of pocketing unsuspecting punters money

  52. JAMES GAULT 9 years ago

    Chris,will do thanks for the advice

  53. Phil 9 years ago

    Cheers mr fixit, they weren’t having none of it when I tried. Bet 365

  54. Bruce Robertson 9 years ago

    Just logged in to my William Hill account as I had Thompson 2-1 scorecast at 35/1 and they have settled it as a winner! Thank you Mr F

  55. Sanj 9 years ago

    Two words Mr F. Thank you!

  56. JAMES GAULT 9 years ago

    Mr F,
    Went into my Ladbrokes in Bellshill to collect Thompson
    FGS,they said were not paying out and also phoned head office who also said no and were only paying on Mclean,any advice on this,have shops still to be updated.

    • Mr Fixit 9 years ago

      James, tell them to check again or phone Alex Donohue, a member of the London PR team. Ladbrokes have agreed to do pay out and as you can see from the site their customers are being settled. If they check their screen Thompson is no longer down as a loser.

  57. JAMES GAULT 9 years ago

    Mr f,Will go back and ask,they did check their screen and still only came back up as Mclean,will mention this name but thought it would be a bit more straight forward than this if settled.

    • Mr Fixit 9 years ago

      James, it should be straightforward, the staff in your shop need to sort it out.

  58. Chris Guy 9 years ago

    Ladbrokes are def paying out in shop. I can confirm it still has McLean on the screen. You need to tell them to look outside the box. Get the shop to phone customer services on 020 8866 4488 and ask to speak with Ben at Customer Services on ext 612047. He is the one who told my shop to pay out. Problem is you are dealing with non decision making people in the bookies. Too scared to make the wrong decision which in turn makes them make the wrong decision.

    Phone the number:

    • Mr Fixit 9 years ago

      Chris, yeah still paying on McLean but Thompson is not a loser on the screen anymore – he’s disappeared.

  59. Cam 9 years ago

    Skybet just payed out for thompson, guess they finally woke up!

    • Mr Fixit 9 years ago

      Cam, SPFL and OPTA have now given it to Thompson officially so maybe that made a difference.

  60. JAMES GAULT 9 years ago

    Mr F,still no joy,puzzled looks when I ask,checked again and no,still insisting mclean is only one paying out on,found my bet slip from bin and gave it to them but still say coming up as not paying out,went to second Ladbrokes in Bellshill and still the same answer and told me to to phone tomorrow so will do ref Chris reply,
    think maybe Bellshill is on a different planet from everyone else,anyone else live here who has been paid out?

    • Mr Fixit 9 years ago

      James, OK, I’ll email my Ladbrokes contact and let him know.

  61. malcolm caithness 9 years ago

    Nothing in my McBookie account for Thompson yet but will email them

    cheers Paul

    • Mr Fixit 9 years ago

      malky, your McBookie account should be sorted now.

  62. Cam 9 years ago

    Yeah great stuff Mr f

  63. Chris Guy 9 years ago

    To be honest Ladbrokes staff don’t tend to be the brightest. I often have to explain simple bets to them. I remember having an argument with a woman over a payout. I had first and last scorer. The game ended 1-0 with my player scoring so went into the shop to collect my winnings and was told I couldn’t do both as it was a related bet. The wee brain behind the counter couldn’t work out how it was possible to have two winning lines from one Goalscorer. As Mr Fixit says get the shop to sort it. Phone customer services whilst you are in the shop.

  64. Chris Guy 9 years ago

    I got paid out from the Alexandria shop in Dunbartonshire £300

  65. Chris Guy 9 years ago

    It was still showing as a losing bet bust customer services told the girl to settle it manually.

    • Mr Fixit 9 years ago

      Chris, he’ll get paid, will just have to be patient.

  66. Chris Guy 9 years ago

    Paul once you hit so many comments on a blog ou can’t view any of the comments from the iPhone. It doesn’t load the comments, iPhone no likey. Tried to view the comments on the website from my laptop but they are all over the place.

  67. Chris Guy 9 years ago

    Paul for the England game tonight I was going to have a bet on Mertesacker for first goal purely because he is 6ft 6 and always up for corners. I just remembered him from when he was playing against Celtic in the Champions League. He was 40/1 first goal and 16/1 anytime and can’t believe I never backed him. Sheer stupidity.

  68. JAMES GAULT 9 years ago

    Hi, Thanks for help,signing off for some rr,
    will try again tomorrow,hopefully new day things will
    be clearer for them.

  69. Chris Guy 9 years ago

    There’s your red card in France game

    • Mr Fixit 9 years ago

      Chris and Greg, cheers.

  70. Dr Greenthumb 9 years ago

    Red card tip was a beauty, thanks Mr F.

    On iPhone and iPod I find it crashes after 200+

  71. Boaby 9 years ago

    Just had an email from Paddy Power saying they are paying out on both McLean & Thompson. Happy Days

    • Mr Fixit 9 years ago

      Boaby, that’s what I expected.

  72. Cam 9 years ago

    Mr F How do you upload next to your name and sign up??

  73. Chris Guy 9 years ago

    Paul can you please create a new blog for tonight’s games as I don’t want to clog this section up. Just for prople to comment thats all.

    Trinidad Tobago vs Jamaica at midnight
    Brazil vs Chile at 1am
    Honduras vs Ecuador at 2am


  74. John Hollinsworth 9 years ago

    Mr f,
    I had at mirren and Thompson too score on willy hill and there refusing too pay out., disappointed after reading ur post……………. Gutted

    • Mr Fixit 9 years ago

      John, read the quote from Hills – they are definitely paying out. If it was in shop in Scotland tell them to phone Owen Scott and let us know the shop.

  75. Owen Scott 9 years ago

    There is a message on William Hill screens to pay out so no reason why is not happened. Where is it?

  76. Martin 9 years ago

    Had fiver on thompson 2-1 with totesport(betfred) e mailed them with pictures from paper and bbc online showing thompson and they said decision is made on day of game and mentioned PA aswell :(

    • Mr Fixit 9 years ago

      Martin, I’ve got someone to phone at Betfred so I’ll get back to you. Unfortunately most punters who call a fimr will just be told the rules and what they say is correct.

    • Stuart 9 years ago

      Appreciate what you have done speaking to the bookies. I have £5 on Thompson first GS at Betfred and have had the same as a lot of the guys commenting. Have tried both on the phone and by email.

  77. Rab 9 years ago

    Also awaiting the response from betfred to Mr f but cant see it happening now there name is mud with me and many others now

    • Mr Fixit 9 years ago

      Rab, as I said everyone I’ve spoken to has paid out. The guy I want to speak to at Betfred who can make the decision has been difficult to get hold off. I’ll email him again later and hopefully he’ll sort it out. Just be patient because they haven’t actually said no to me.

  78. JAMES GAULT 9 years ago

    Hi Mrf,
    Just to let you know now sorted out for getting Thompson paid out as fgs,sent e-mail to Ladbrokes and les called me from customer services and said just to go back into shop and it is sorted to get paid,good service from them so alls well that ends well.

    • Mr Fixit 9 years ago

      James, as I said they’d agreed to pay. Problem is they’re not settling on Thompson, they’re paying out as goodwill gesture.

  79. Martin 9 years ago

    Cheers mate appreciate it and I figured they would just palm me off like u said :)

    Paddy power paid my mate out today lol, his face dropped when I told him my odds for thompson 2-1 were 66-1 he only got 25-1 but at least he got dosh pmsl, thanks again, im with u rab fu betfred lol

  80. Mr Fixit 9 years ago

    Chris, I’m still waiting for a reply – they haven’t said no to me so let’s see what happens. Thing is every bookie I’ve contacted has paid out – it’s just been unfortunate I’ve not got hold of the guy I want to speak to at Betfred (his voicemail is full too so can’t leave a message).

  81. Dave 9 years ago

    Just been in betfred and they still saying they not paying out thought it was quite bad as all of the other bookies are.

    • Mr Fixit 9 years ago

      Dave, I’m hoping to speak to my contact in the morning.

  82. Dave 9 years ago

    Ok mr f thanks for ur troubles

  83. Dave 9 years ago

    Any joy with betfred mr f??

    • Mr Fixit 9 years ago

      Dave, I’m thinking my contact must be on holiday as still no reply. I’m going to try to get hold of someone else and see if they can sort it out.

  84. Martin 9 years ago

    Either on hol or hiding under desk hoping ot goes away lol, thing that gets me is I dont imagine that many punters outwith paisley betting on this lol

  85. Mr Fixit 9 years ago

    Rab, kind of fed up saying this but bookies only paid out after I spoke to them – no one volunteered. I’m hoping the news hasn’t reached the right people at Betfred and when it does they’ll pay out. I hope to have an update tomorrow as I’m running a story in Saturday’s Record.

    • Rab 9 years ago

      Good man Mr f

  86. Martin 9 years ago

    Nice one mate they wont want bad publicity, thats partly why in surprised they havent played ball so to speak

  87. Rab 9 years ago

    Any Luck?

  88. Rab 9 years ago

    Also can anyone tell me how to get a picture on this site please.

  89. Dave 9 years ago

    Anybody know anymore on betfred paying out yet???

    • Rab 9 years ago

      Nothing yet Dave but wait on Mr F

  90. Steven Munro 9 years ago

    Odd is it not that betfred sponsor this site and yet they are the only bookies not paying up…..

    • Mr Fixit 9 years ago

      Steven, I’m thinking my contact at Betfred is on holiday as I’ve had no response. Will try again on Monday – bookies only paid out after I spoke to them so hopefully Betfred will do the same.

  91. Martin 9 years ago

    O have faith mate, btw ive backed same again with totesport owned by betfred as idds are double what other bookies are, 80/1 thompson 2-1 lol, good luck this weekend, hopefully a surprise on mon if u hear fron your guy :)

  92. Steven 9 years ago

    Any news or are betfred hoping people will just forget?

    • Mr Fixit 9 years ago

      Steven, I haven’t forgotten, still trying to make contact. Hoping to go into the office tomorrow and see an email from them.

  93. Steven 9 years ago

    Any news or is this now dead in the water?

    • Mr Fixit 9 years ago

      Steven, I’m back in the office tonight, hopefully there’s an email from Betfred. If not I’ll try to get my man

  94. Steven 8 years ago


  95. Dave 8 years ago

    Still not heard anythin it been nearly 2weeks now don’t look like they gonna change it

    • Mr Fixit 8 years ago

      Dave, just haven’t been able to get hold of the guy at Betfred. Will try again tomorrow.

  96. Martin 8 years ago

    Is betfred only bookie that never paid btw meant to ask lol unreal!!

    • Mr Fixit 8 years ago

      Martin, every bookie I asked to pay out did so – I don’t know about others. As I’ve said still haven’t heard anything back from Betfred.

  97. Steven 8 years ago

    Have I to assume this thread is now closed and I should dispose of my betfred line with Thompson as first scorer?

  98. Steven 8 years ago

    Looks like it

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