IT'S back! Bet365 are doing their popular in-play bet offer for Tuesday night's Champions League match between Atletico and Real Madrid.

If you place a pre-match bet on the game – up to £50 – which kicks off at 7.45pm then Bet365 will give you a risk-free in-play bet to the same stake.

To qualify for your risk-free in-play Bet365 bet, simply place a bet before kick-off. Then once the game starts place another bet – of the same stake – on any in-play market. If your FIRST in-play bet loses Bet365 will refund this stake up to the same value as your largest pre-match bet (max £50).

You can try to do a low-risk first bet and take a chance on the second – or do bets that guarantee profit. It’s up to you – but make sure you check the rules before having a bet.

My preference is to place a £50 pre-match bet on over 0.5 match goals at odds of around 1-20. I also cover the 0-0 draw with a bet of £4 at another bookie. When doing this, bet on the ‘no scorer' market rather than a 0-0 draw so you get paid if the only goal is an OG.

So for a total spend of £2 you are then covered to use your risk-free £50 inplay bet to try to win big, eg on a first or anytime scorer or correct score.

There are lots of other strategies so share yours here and full T & C’s can be found at

  1. realwalker 4 years ago

    Athletico v Real
    Going with H2H form in this one
    £50 Athletico pays £144
    £35 Real pays £97
    £11 on nil nil pays £99
    Once inplay ill wait till first goal goes in then put £50 on the draw at minimum odds of 7/2 id guess which returns £225.
    £48 profit if Athletico win
    £129 profit if score draw
    Break even for Real win and nil nil
    I think real would happily take a draw and having Athletico onside as well seems the way to go.
    worst case scenario no loss if Real win.
    Best of luck everyone.

  2. Alves 4 years ago

    7/2 for the draw :)

    • realwalker 4 years ago

      What odds do you think once a goal goes in for either side for the draw Alves?
      Any info would help.

  3. Jag 4 years ago

    £50 on Real madrid wins £130 @2.60
    £50 inplay on draw wins £165 @3.30
    £27 Atletico wins £78 (i used exchange and got them @2.9)
    If real madrid win then £130 – £50- £27 = £50 profit
    If draw then £165 – £50 – £50 – £27 = £38 profit
    if Atletico win then £78 – £50 – £27 = £1 profit

  4. MiniDuffman 4 years ago

    Just noticed this thread.

    I much prefer just trying to get the free bet to use for as little outlay as possible.

    Current best you can do as far as I can see:

    £50 Under 2.5 Atletico goals with Bet365 at 1/10
    £6.10 Over 2.5 Atletico goals with Coral at 8/1

    Lose about £1.15 with £50 to put on something big.

    Best of luck whichever way you choose to go.

  5. Alves 4 years ago

    I’ll be going for the old faithful over 0.5 gls & in-play then pray for a score draw ;)

  6. Centrecircle 4 years ago

    My bet would be
    BET £50 DRAW 23/10 bet365 RTNS £165
    BET £50 REAL. 7/4 Victor. RTNS £137.50
    BET £50. ATLETICO 15/8 inplay. RTNS £143.75
    YOUR TOTAL STAKE IS £100 as you get back £50 risk free but look at the rtns
    Bet NOW as odds may change
    Profit is per account !!

    • realwalker 4 years ago

      CC If Athletico win in your system you lose £7

  7. Alves 4 years ago

    Draw probably 11/5 just after KO Walker as 23/10 just now 0-0 would be £60 profit and score draw £110 profit, either team wins gain a couple quid for an acca

  8. Alves 4 years ago

    Read your post wrong Walker, you’re probably right around 7/2 maybe more if Real score 1st but all depends on time of 1st gl

  9. Gbjefr 4 years ago

    Double chance atletico 12/25 £50 then £50 real 7/4 In play £24 profit

  10. Chris Monty 4 years ago

    Paddy Power also doing bet £20 get £5 in play, still trying to work if it can help cover at all ?

  11. paul 4 years ago

    Im just doing the guaranteed profit route

    ATletico 15/8 40 paddy returns 115
    Madrid 17/10 50 bet365 returns 135
    Draw 23/10 bet365 in play after 1min

    AThletico wins 25 profit
    Madrid wins 35 profit
    Draw wins 75 profit

    Are those calculations right lads (and lasses)

  12. mission59 4 years ago

    paul should read

    athletico wins 25 points
    real wins 45 points
    draw wins 25 points

  13. Rayy 4 years ago

    I believe both teams will score so thinking £50 BTTS and over 2.5 goals @ 7/5 return £120.

    Place £50 in play on BTTS @ 5/6 return £91.66.

    What do we all think?

    We need the experts here tbh. Where’s Harpreet since he done a good job last time when it was Man city vs barca haha

  14. spartacus 4 years ago

    Rayy what if both teams dont score?

  15. Kris 4 years ago

    Usually go for the big bucks to be honest. Will use my free bet on Pepe anytime goalscorer at 14/1

  16. paul 4 years ago

    Never mind mission.

    25 free quid suits me

    Was gonna do corners with free bet but small profits do

  17. Joe90 4 years ago

    It depends on how I’ve been doing on the month with how I use these offers. The option Paul described is a pretty simple and effective way to make between £25 and £45 which is the way I’m likely to go tomorrow. Just be careful guys of which bets you do pre match and inplay, I have a couple of friends who got confused with the concept and did the bets the wrong way round and ended up losing whilst thinking they were on a guaranteed win. eg, over 2.5mgs is 11/10 and under 2.5mgs in 7/10. Make sure you do the smaller odds bet pre match, ie under 2.5. I know it sounds daft but it’s been done:-) If I have a change of heart then I will go with over 0.5 match goals pre match at 1/14 to return £53.57. I’ll then cover no goalscorer with £6 to return £54. Then my in play will be £50 Real 2-1 win to return £500. In a nutshell it will cost £2.43 maximum to maybe snatch a monkey :-)

  18. 7sfcmatty7 4 years ago

    The method I’m using is;

    £50 on Atletico to Win 15/8 Bet365 – Returns £143.75 plus the £50 in play will be refunded so total returns £193.75.
    £40.00 on Real to Win 17/10 PaddyPower (better odds available elsewhere but they are offering £5 free bet in play for more than £20 pre match bets) – Returns £108 plus the £50 inplay will be refunded so total returns £158.00

    In play
    £50.00 on the Draw Approx 23/10 – Returns £165.00
    Will use the Paddy Power Free £5 bet on a Next goalscorer, most likely a defender.

    If Atleti Win Profit = £53.75
    Draw = 25.00 Profit
    Real Win = £18.00 Profit

    plus i get a small free bet from paddy power.

  19. TheBoss 4 years ago

    I want in on this, any profit is profit :) what’s the best way, it seems like there’s so many options.

  20. Sfcmatty 4 years ago

    I’m favouring an atletico win that’s why I’ve done the method the way I have

  21. Sfcmatty 4 years ago

    TheBoss it depends whether you want the chance to win big for a miniscule outlay, or whether you want to ensure £20-50 profit

  22. BigDazza 4 years ago

    £50 on over 0.5 goals pre-match @ 1.071
    £50 on draw inplay @ 3.30

    Any non-draw = £103.55 return
    Score draw = £218.55 return
    0-0 = £165.00 return

    Easy pickings

  23. Oban's mr fixit 4 years ago

    I fancy Atletico to win going by the last few meeting between the teams so will do
    £50 Atletico draw no bet @ 10/11
    Returns £95.45
    £50 in play Atletico win @15/8
    Returns £143.75
    Atletico win pays £239.20
    Draw pays £0
    Real pays -£50

  24. Joe90 4 years ago

    For the optimists and Ronaldo fans, Do the usual over 0.5mgs then no goalscorer cover bet pre match, then £50 on Ronaldo to net 3 or more at 40/1 to return 2 bags of sand :-)

  25. Alves 4 years ago

    The last time bet365 done this offer between these 2 it was the CL final and it finished 1-1…just saying :)

  26. Philno8 4 years ago

    realwalker i like your method. However, is it not only £79 profit for the score draw as your total outlay is 146?

    • realwalker 4 years ago

      You are correct there Phil, basic maths mistake.
      Ive changed my mind and went draw prematch profit is £115 if it wins.
      £30 on real prematch covers the initial bet if it wins.No profit
      In play £50 on Athletico pays about £18 profit if they win.
      Best of luck everyone.

      • realwalker 4 years ago

        Draw prematch pays £135 profit if it lands for the bets above.

        • realwalker 4 years ago

          3rd time lucky I hope.
          £85 profit for the draw.

  27. Weebanger 4 years ago

    £50 under 3.5 atletico goals 1/50 and let it run and have a punt on a 3 or 4 to one shot in play. GL

  28. TheBoss 4 years ago

    Think I’d rather take the risk with the £50 in play for something big back instead of the small profit, makes it more exciting without the risk!

  29. Warshow 4 years ago

    Would it work to place the £50 on Atletico DNB, and then in-play £50 on Real to win. This seems like the best method but is yet to be mentioned?

  30. Bet 4 Fun 4 years ago

    My mate opened up a bet365 over the Xmas period as this offer was on regular at that time and it’s a good way to top up your betting account

    Have to say it’s very clever of bet365 to do this offer as it attracts many customers back to them and more money in their accounts even with the free inplay offer as I find it very rare that online betters withdraw their money

  31. Alves 4 years ago

    Bet4fun i always withdraw the £100 straight away plus any winnings, obviously no the £2 odds but eventually they get every penny back haha

  32. Bet 4 Fun 4 years ago


    I have never withdraw any money from my betting accounts

    I have made the most of this offer on numerous occasions and ended up loosing it over time but I’m back for more again

    I’m tempted to try and make most of it with my mate this time round, will try to do something together to see if we can maximise this offer

  33. Paul 4 years ago

    Is £25 profit the best guarantee that can be made on this free in play bet?

  34. Bet 4 Fun 4 years ago

    Paul, you can go under 2.5 goals which will give £35 if I’m correct

  35. Bet 4 Fun 4 years ago

    It’s a tough game to call

    Atletico have won the 3 last home
    Winning 4-0 with only 5 corners
    Winning 2-0 with 11 corners
    Winning 1-0 with 14 corners

    Stats are pointing to clean sheet, but Ronaldo has hit form

  36. paul 4 years ago

    Id say it will be 1-1

    1-0 to atletico with ronaldo scoring in injury time

  37. Paul 4 years ago

    Keeping it simple and doing the same as you, just using Bet365.
    No other bookie needed.

  38. Fitba Tips 4 years ago


    That is the method I will employ although I will go Real 0,0AH @ 1.9 pre match

    then Atletico @ 2.88 in play(likely to drop a little below that price).

    Obviously if it s a draw no profit.

  39. Liamlng 4 years ago


    That is the method I will employ although I will go Real 0,0AH @ 1.9 pre match

    then Atletico @ 2.88 in play(likely to drop a little below that price).

    Obviously if it s a draw no profit.

  40. Liamlng 4 years ago

    Or am I wrong?

    • Wolverine 4 years ago

      You’re wrong, it’s cash withdrawable. I’ve done this offer loads of times.

  41. Sean Ireland 4 years ago

    write this up here as still no thread up 4 todays footy,no time for write up sorry


    ATLETICO OVER 0.5 TG’s..cheers Jordan
    DERBY TO WIN/OVER 1.5 TG’S..cheers Interyernan
    PAYS OVER 9/5 Paddy Power,may get better elsewhere.

    2 super singles

    Norwich to win/over1.5 TG’S @ evens
    Atletico Madrid over 1.5 TG’s @ 13/8

    Good Luck.

  42. Sean Ireland 4 years ago

    Above prices all PP may get better elsewhere

  43. Joe90 4 years ago

    Warshow, the DNB then Real in play would work..mostly. Obviously would break even if a draw came in, around £45 for a Athletico win and £35 for Real win.

  44. Silverback5 4 years ago

    Surely as long as your pre match bet wins then profit is guaranteed? Even if it’s only tiny if you choose to bet on O0.5mg for example?

  45. Gareth 4 years ago

    I was also thinking about the DNB Atletí then in play Real also, could someone explain the Real 0,0 Asian line handicap for me please?
    As a regular follower of Real Madrid I’m not feeling confident tonight, they seem to crumble against Atletí when playing at the Vicente Calderon, I’m expecting Atletí to qualify. Cheers lads for all the input

  46. Lon_don 4 years ago

    £50 on athletico returns 143.75
    £50 on draw returns £165
    £50 on madrid returns 135 with pp
    but thinking of going on a smaller stake on madrid more as a cover bet as i dont really fancy them to win just based of the last 4 head to head.£38 on madrid returns £102.60 so i shouldnt lose any money regardless of the result or am i wrong?

  47. Tom Osborne 4 years ago

    Seen a lot of people making one basic mistake here.
    A lot of posts presume that they will get their £50 In-Play back, please remember that you will not if it wins. Ie
    £50 on Real
    £50 on Atleticio
    £50 in-play on draw.
    If the draw cones in, you WONT get any money back, other than your winnings, roughly £165.
    If that happens your profit is actually £15, not £65.
    Hope that helps.
    I guess the question is do I but on the draw straight away and guarantee at least £15 profit, or do you hold tight then bet on the draw after the first goal goes in!!? That will greatly increase any profits.
    Some interesting posts

  48. agger 4 years ago

    Say I want to go for something exciting with the free bet like ramps fgs. Do I put Over 0.5 as the preasy match bet then ramos in play?

    But doesn’t it say your first bet gets refunded if it loses..confused.

  49. john 4 years ago

    As per tom Osborne’s post Inplay bet wins you do not get your Inplay bet original stake back

  50. Yugo 4 years ago

    Agger your first in-play bet gets refunded only.
    If you want to do a goal scorer you will have to cover your prematch £50 with another bet using a method like MiniDuffman has suggested above.

  51. Dave Wiseman 4 years ago

    5 points over 1.5 match goals returns 6.8. Will then wait for the 1st goal and back the draw.

  52. TheBoss 4 years ago

    Oh so you don’t get the £50 you stake in play?! If you win? So you win a bet for 1/1 so should get back £100 but you get £50 only the winnings?

    Surley I’m mistaken right?

    • Yugo 4 years ago

      You do get it back as it’s your own money you put on.

  53. jj0896 4 years ago

    Just a thought. If i back the inplay free bet but then lay it on betfair for close to the same price surely i lock in a better profit??

  54. jj0896 4 years ago

    For example bet £50 real @2.75 to qualify for free bet and lay this @2.8 foor a loss of £2.50. Then inplay do the same and you should lock in a profit of £45 whatever the outcome.

  55. Fitba Tips 4 years ago

    Of course you get your in-play stake back if it wins. If your bet wins, your stake and winnings return.


    0.0 Asian Handicap is a bet on the ‘Asian Lines’ market on 365. It is effectively Draw no bet.

  56. ash 4 years ago

    for me best way

    pre match £50 on real or atheltico to win double chance £50 pays out £17 profit

    inplay £50 23/10 draw pays out £165 deduct £50 from pre match=£65 profit , so i will be doing this and hoping for a draw

  57. Yugo 4 years ago

    One bet I’m considering is:
    £50 on o0.5 MG @ 1/14 – returns £53.57 incl stake
    £50 in play on the draw around 23/10- returns £165 incl stake
    £3.57 on Ramos anytime at 15/2-returns £30.34 incl stake

    So you are hoping for a score draw with Ramos scoring for maximum profit.

    Game won by either team means you finish with your £100 you put on.

    You can substitute Ramos for any scorer or other bet you fancy but make sure you put it on AFTER your £50 in-play on the draw!!

  58. Dynamo 4 years ago

    £50 pre match on over 0.5 goals =£53.57
    £6 on no goalscorer sky bet £54

    So for a total outlay of £2.43 you then have a £50 bet to place on whatever you want in play, my own personal choice will be correct score 1-1.

    £50 in play on 1-1 correct score=£300

  59. Dynamo 4 years ago

    Doesn’t guarantee profit so if that’s what ur looking for best not to follow, but for a chance of a high return for a small outlay then this is best.

  60. Silverback5 4 years ago

    that looks good to me Yugo

  61. Attila 4 years ago


    My idea is:

    Bet 365 before game Atletico DNB – 1.83odds
    Paddy Real DNB – 1.83 odds
    In play bet365 DRAW – 3.30odds

    If Real or Atletico wins then £91.50-£50=£41.50 profit
    If they draw then £50×3.30=£165 profit.

    I hope this make sense guys.

    • Mr Fishman 4 years ago

      Attila m8 dont do that bet if the match doesnt end in a draw you lose money

  62. Gazza 4 years ago

    Is everyone for real on this forum-the bet must be pre match, bet 50 pounds on a player who won’t play for first goal scorer and then your going get a free 50 pounds bet inplay on who you want……. If you goal scorer doesn’t play money back and if your 50 pounds bet doesn’t win another 50 back. Come on guys, think about it

    • JP 4 years ago

      thats not right – its only ur in play bet that is risk free (refunded)… no point losing ur original bet…..make that a dead cert (or as close to it as you can) then have fun with a risk free in play bet

      ive done 50 on over 0.5tg pre bet, and will then have some fun with a risk free in play bet

    • JP 4 years ago

      forget that gazza – i see what ur saying now! haha

  63. gg1a 4 years ago

    Gazza what’s the ruling if your man comes on for an injury in first 10 mins ? When its 0-0 ? U would lose £50 would u not?

  64. Dfluffmeister 4 years ago

    All the conflicting views are confusing me. Can someone answer for certain, the 50 quid in play bet. That is risk free. So if my in play bet loses, I’ll get back as fifty euro in my account? Just sounds a bit crazy, it’s like they’re giving you fifty euro. Or is it only if my pre match bet loses, that they will refund the InPlay bet?

    • JP 4 years ago

      ur pre match bet is just a normal bet….win or lose (nothing refunded)…..bet365 will then give u an in play bet (to the same value as your pre match bet) which is risk free (no lose)… best to try and place as close to a guaranteed winner for ur pre match bet so that (fingers crossed) you dont lose that bet…..then do whatever u want with ur in play bet, as a loss will be refunded

    • raaljaca 4 years ago

      Terms and Conditions
      This offer applies to bets placed on the Atletico Madrid v Real Madrid Champions League match, played on Tuesday 14th April 2015.
      Risk free bet value will be equal to the stake of your largest pre-match single bet placed on the Atletico Madrid v Real Madrid Champions League match, played on Tuesday 14th April 2015, up to a maximum of £50*. Pre-match bets that are fully or partly Cashed Out will not qualify for the offer, whether Cashed Out pre-match or In-Play. The largest pre-match bet that has not been fully or partly Cashed Out will qualify (up to £50*).
      Risk free bet will be deemed your first single bet placed In-Play on the Atletico Madrid v Real Madrid Champions League match, played on Tuesday 14th April 2015. If your first single In-Play bet is fully or partly Cashed Out, you will no longer be eligible to receive this offer.
      Note that ‘pre-match’ is defined as bets placed prior to kick-off of the Atletico Madrid v Real Madrid Champions League match, played on Tuesday 14th April 2015 and ‘In-Play’ is defined as any bet struck after the game has kicked off.
      Both your pre-match and In-Play bets must be paid for in the usual way. If your risk free bet loses, your stake will be refunded to your account within two hours of the end of the game. Maximum risk free bet per customer is £50*.
      Where more than one In-Play selection is placed on the same betslip, the risk free bet will be deemed to be the one which is first on the betslip.
      Where any term of the offer or promotion is breached or there is any evidence of a series of bets placed by a customer or group of customers, which due to a deposit bonus, enhanced payments, free bets, risk free bets or any other promotional offer results in guaranteed customer profits irrespective of the outcome, whether individually or as part of a group, bet365 reserves the right to reclaim the bonus element of such offers and in their absolute discretion either settle bets at the correct odds, void the free and risk free bets or void any bet funded by the deposit bonus. In addition bet365 reserve the right to levy an administration charge on the customer up to the value of the deposit bonus, free bet, risk free bet or additional payment to cover administrative costs. We further reserve the right to ask any customer to provide sufficient documentation for us to be satisfied in our absolute discretion as to the customer’s identity prior to us crediting any bonus, free bet, risk free bet or offer to their account.
      All customer offers are limited to one per person, family, household address, email address, telephone number, same payment account number (e.g. debit or credit card, NETeller etc), and shared computer, e.g. public library or workplace. We reserve the right to withdraw the availability of any offer or all offers to any customer or group of customers at any time and at our sole and absolute discretion. Offers only apply to customers who have made an actual/real money deposit with bet365.
      bet365 reserves the right to amend, cancel, reclaim or refuse any promotion at its own discretion.
      This offer is only available to customers residing in UK and Republic of Ireland.
      All bet365 offers are intended for recreational players and bet365 may in its sole discretion limit the eligibility of customers to participate in all or part of any promotion.

      ** Neither can be cashed out **

  65. agger 4 years ago

    Cheers jp

  66. cole 4 years ago

    hi, to cash out do you have to bet something like 40 times stake?
    according to bet365 small print????
    done this with two hundred free bet and had to gamble three fold before cash out!!

  67. One team in Ulster 4 years ago

    good morning uncle raal, hope your well mate :)

    • raaljaca 4 years ago

      Good day Ulster mate. All is fine thank you and hope the family are all well.

  68. gg1a 4 years ago

    Guys this bet has been done on this forum many times . The gauranteed profit method which was kicked off by harpeet
    total outlay £150
    Real 50 win bet365
    Athletico 50 win paddy power
    Inplay 50 draw

    Real win £187
    Athletico win £187
    Draw £165

    real win £37
    Athletico £37
    Draw £15

    Plus £5 free inplay bet with paddy power

    • realwalker 4 years ago

      Your numbers are well off bud, Real win pays £135

  69. peter 4 years ago

    is there not going to be a top tips thread today?

  70. Lorne Malvo 4 years ago

    No thread for today yet. I can see Scott getting a bollocking when Mr F returns.

    • Author
      Scott Allot 4 years ago

      Haha not quite. Been out all morning but putting one up now, think Mr F will be back in a couple hours anyway.

  71. raaljaca 4 years ago


    PUNCTUATION; 10/10


    POLITENESS; 10/10





    • Author
      Scott Allot 4 years ago

      Ha, beats any school report card I ever had! Tips thread now up folks so fill your boots.

  72. Rob Erskine 4 years ago

    Hey raal how would you play this bet365 offer?

    • raaljaca 4 years ago

      Rob, I tend to avoid them mate as a rule simply because they have to many conditions etc. Tonights is worth a go though but personally I would be looking to try and win with both bets. My own opinion is Atletico will score, 4/11 (VARIOUS), and I also think we will see a goal after 70 minutes, EVENS (PADDY POWER).

  73. Alves 4 years ago

    Dyanamo it’s got 1-1 written aw over it ;)

  74. spartacus 4 years ago

    For me its this for a guaranteed profit
    £50 Atletico *£140* bet365
    £50 Madrid *137* paddy power
    £50 free bet on Draw. After 1 team goes ahead for increased odds.

    Plus £5 free inplay bet with paddy power.

  75. micky3fingers 4 years ago

    Bet I took,

    Bet 365 – Pre match bet – £50 Atletico 9/5 – pays £140
    Paddy Power – Pre match – £50 Real 7/4 – pays £137.50

    Will put bet 365 in play on the draw as soon as it lets me – £50 – if 2/1 pays £100 after stake removed.

    With P/P £5 free in play bet think I’ll maybe wait to see if there’s a 1st goal and put it on the draw so will make a profit on the draw.

    So hopefully if I’m right.
    Atletico win £40 profit
    Real win – £37.50 profit
    Draw – Break even – Any profit from £5 P/P in play.

    No big profits but sure, free money.

  76. micky3fingers 4 years ago

    Forgot to say, maybe cash out in play on Madrid with PP if they go a goal or 2 ahead if fancy a draw, depends what cash out offered

  77. TheHawk 4 years ago

    Spartacus your no guaranteed profit if u wait till one team goes ahead ?? what happens if that team wins ?

  78. Alves 4 years ago

    Spartacus get yer free fiver on no go scorer staright away to rule out 0-0

  79. Dugclark 4 years ago

    I have done what is suggested in the header i.e. no goalscorer and over 0.5 goals so I can get a £50 free bet for £2.

    I think I will lump it on the Athletico win as they have won the last 3 and Real do not need to win i.e. they would probably take a 2-1 as they would have an away goal

  80. jj0896 4 years ago

    Raaljaca, you still posting tips on here or somewhere else??

  81. Aura 4 years ago

    as far as i can tell with the bet365 bet they dont give you a free inplay bet only refund the stake up to 50 pounds a lot of ppl are saying what they would put there free inplay bet on but you actually dont get one

  82. raaljaca 4 years ago

    jj0896, here mate when time allows. Been busy elsewhere but hopefully get time today.

  83. ingrm 4 years ago

    Guaranteed profit –
    Atletico/Real Double Chance £50 @17/50 returns £67
    In Play £50 bet on Draw should return roughly £150

    If you want to take a punt –
    £50 on over 0.5 goals to return £54
    Cover 0-0 with £6 on another site
    £50 on whatever you want

    Can’t see why anyone is going any other way than the above two.

  84. micky3fingers 4 years ago

    Agree with Aura, you’ll need £100 in your account £50 for you pre match bet and £50 for your in play bet, you will get refunded your £50 in play bet if it loses or if it wins the £50 will be deducted from your winnings.
    Will need to figure that in your calculations.

  85. Clouduk 4 years ago

    What punts are people fancying for this match then?

  86. TheBoss 4 years ago

    Think what he’s saying is you need the £50 balence to get the in play bet it’s not a free bet per Say.

    Anyway I’ve done £50 pre match of over 0.5 and also £6 on no goal scscorer. I will decide what to bet the 50 IN PLAY whatever takes my fancy

  87. baldy45 4 years ago

    I’m sure there’s an optimum way of playing this and it’ll depend on the odds obviously. I haven’t worked out what it is yet but I suspect the WDW market will return more profit.
    One thing to bear in mind is that 365 will almost certainly cut the prices as soon as the match goes into play (prob the draw price will be cut the most). I’m leaning towards backing the draw pre-kickoff first.

  88. Gbjefr 4 years ago

    It’s sooo simple £50 atletico dc 8/15
    Then in play £50 real 8/5

    £27.50 profit if atletico win or draw
    £30 if real win

    Guaranteed spondoolicks

  89. Alves 4 years ago

    Few folk getting confused here, you need the £100 in account to maximise this offer wi 2 £50 bet. If your inplay bet wins you WON’T get £50 deducted as it’s your ££ you’re playing with, only if it loses bet365 will put £50 cash back in account usually by 11 o’clock so you can withdraw it straight away and will be back in your bank around 4pm tomorrow. Terms and conditions are always there but they don’t bother about them for guaranteed profit, the over 0.5 gls/draw bets gives you a chance of getting both bets up and that’s why i like it and you can cash out the inplay bet at anytime if you want to, it’s the pre match that, if you cash out and your inplay bet loses, you won’t get it refunded. For example, 1-1 86 mins and being offered £150 cash out i could take this as the over 0.5 gls would already have won but if you had draw prematch then say real win 86 mins, if you cash out the draw they won’t refund the £50

  90. spartacus 4 years ago

    TheHawk If the team who scores first wins then ive got it covered with my original stake of £50 on Atletico and my £50 on real with paddy power.

    Alves good point with the free bet on no gs.

    Thats me sorted for the night on this game.

  91. baldy45 4 years ago

    Just had a thought. Are we 100% sure that the stake is returned on the winning in-play bet ? I don’t see that mentioned in the T&C. I haven’t done this bet before so I don’t know from experience. Can someone clarify ?

  92. JimmyB 4 years ago

    option 1 by Spartacus.
    £50 Atletico *£140* Bet365
    £50 Madrid *137* Paddy Power
    £50 free bet on Draw. After 1 team goes ahead for increased odds.

    option 2 by Ingrm
    Atletico/Real Double Chance £50 @17/50 returns £67
    In Play £50 bet on Draw should return roughly £150

    option 3
    Atletico double chance £50
    inplay Real win £50
    (or the other way around with Atletico inplay)

    option 4
    Atletico dnb £50
    inplay Real £50

    It is quite a good idea to place inplay bet on draw once one team goes ahead, but if it doesn’t end in a draw you will have less profit than the other options.

  93. Rayy 4 years ago

    So many ways to bet on this but which one is the best option in terms of profit haha

  94. Sfcmatty 4 years ago

    Baldy yes, if it wins you get your 50 back as it’s your money

  95. Jordan 4 years ago

    Where’s Perez when you need him :)

  96. baldy45 4 years ago

    Here’s how I’ve played it.

    £50 with 3.65 on AM double chance at 12/25 (to win £24)
    £4 with PadPower on AM doublechance at 4/9 (to win £1.78)

    Then in play (at 3.65) £50 on RM at 8/5 (to win £30)

    if AM win or draw – £25.78 profit
    if Real Madrid win – £26 profit

  97. PA 4 years ago

    Raal i’d like to have seen Scott’s report had Harpreet been on whilst MrF has been away ;) Oh, if you are wondering when he’s back, im sure it was the 16th. So enjoy the last couple days peace and quiet :)

  98. Alves 4 years ago

    Jordan I’m surprised he’s no cut his holiday short for this wi his mulitiple accounts :)

  99. Bazbadbeat 4 years ago

    I may have messed this up. I bet £50 over 0.5 goals with bet365. I then bet £5 on “no goalscorer” with same bookie. Does this mean I won’t qualify for inplay bet as same bookie?

  100. Mark1976 4 years ago

    £50 double chance on either team to win pre match 7/20 return in profit of £17.50 and inplay £50 on draw 9/4 returns £62.50. Either way all are risk free profits.

    • inplay 4 years ago

      In. When’s the best time to put the in-play on though? Wait for the first goal or…? (Assuming there is one of course!)

  101. JP 4 years ago

    Any tips for an anytime goalscorer with a little value (with the risk free bet)? Thinking Bale?

  102. pinkpat 4 years ago

    What do you think of Ronaldo to score 2 or more 8/1

  103. PA 4 years ago

    £50 on over 0.5 @ 1/14 with 365 returns £53.57
    £5.50 on 0-0 at Bet Fred (out to 9/1) returns £55.00

    So for around £2 max loss, unlocks £50 risk free inplay.

    Also the cover with Bet Fred refunds your £5.50 if the game finishes 1-1.

    Go big on inplay 8/1 Ronaldo 2+ goals 8/1 returns £450. Could come in if he gets a few free kicks / pen + his current form.

    1-1 5/1 returns £300. Decisions

  104. Gbjefr 4 years ago

    Bazbadbeat it’s fine biggest single is the bet u get in play, so ur good

  105. Alves 4 years ago

    Baz you’ll be okay, it’s your biggest pre match that they take but your 1st inplay so don’t make same mistake again haha

  106. king razvan 4 years ago

    heres what ill be doing tonight

    50 quid on draw pre match = 81 quid profit
    30 pre match on real madrid at paddy power = £1 profit and use the £5 free bet on madrid win again so £10 min profit

    50 quid in play on atleti = £20 min profit

  107. Bazbadbeat 4 years ago

    Alves, thanks. May go safer with inplay bet just in case they don’t refund if a loss ha!

  108. Joe90 4 years ago

    Bazbadbeat, what you did is perfect. Now you have a free £50 in play bet, you still need £50 in your account to bet though as it gets refunded if it loses. I’ve done the same as you,then stickin 50 on Real 2-1 win at 9/1. Remember it’s your first inplay bet that is refundable :) GL

  109. 316leigh 4 years ago

    I get the jist, but as i dont have a bet365 account yet will taking advantage of the new customer free bet deposit bonus screw me over? Does anyone know if that will void my risk free madrid inplay bet?

  110. Bazbadbeat 4 years ago

    Cheers Joe. I am between griesman any time and godin anytime at the minute. Was also considering real to score penalty at 10

  111. Eric 4 years ago

    What do people think of this?
    Both teams to score First half [NO] at 1/6
    InPlay Both teams to score in First half [YES] at 4/1.
    Returns of either £8.33 or £150

  112. Finchy 4 years ago

    pre match: £50 Over 6.5 cards @ 4/5 = £90 returned.
    inplay: £50 on an anytime scorer, perhaps Torres or Greizmann or someone bigger like Ramos. Feel that either Atleti win by a couple or it’s a score draw.

    Last 5 H2H, 7,8,9,10,11 cards.

  113. JMS 4 years ago

    I put £50 on a 1st goal scorer who hopefully won’t play therefore hopefully I get it refunded because bet365 refund goalscorer bets if the player you bet on doesn’t play. Then that’s basically a free £50 to play with in play right?

  114. Weebanger 4 years ago

    doubt it JMS tbh

  115. pinkpat 4 years ago

    After going over all options finally decided pre match over 0.5 goals then draw in play, can’t lose any money that way, good luck all!

  116. JMS 4 years ago

    There was nothing in the terms & conditions about goalcorer bets not being allowed though Weebanger

  117. paul 4 years ago

    Betting on madrid n atleti prematch
    Draw in play

    150 p

  118. agger 4 years ago

    So guys, if I bet 50 on over 0.5 goals likely to happen then, I’ll then put on 50 on an in play bet to bet on anything and that’ll get refunded if it loses?

  119. Bazbadbeat 4 years ago

    Yes agger

  120. Fr4nky 4 years ago

    316leigh it will not matter if your a new customer and get the sign uo bonus and tonight’s bonus as my missis did it last time and it was fine :-)

  121. agger 4 years ago

    Cheers baz!

  122. Bet 4 Fun 4 years ago

    316, don’t ask for deposit match till tomorrow, make the most of the deposit match as its up to £200 at times

  123. ingrm 4 years ago

    Can’t decide what to put my £50 in play bet on. Already put £50 on 0.5+ goals and covered the 0-0 on PP, any advice on the in-play bet?

  124. Alves 4 years ago

    You can use both offers when opening a new account wi this too, I’ve asked before for my dad but he’s still not done it yet

  125. MiniDuffman 4 years ago

    Just found a much better way to get the whole £50 to use.

    £50 on Over 4.5 Real Corners at 8/11 with Bet365
    £34.60 Under 4.5 Real Corners at 6/4 with 32Red

    About £1.80 profit with the £50 to use in-play.

  126. Chrissy 4 years ago

    Ronaldo 2+ 8/1.very nearly griezmann first goal

  127. paul 4 years ago

    Ronaldo hatrick 40/1 retuns 2grand or 2 goals 10/1 returns 550

  128. Ian Lindsay 4 years ago

    In play offer gone for Ronaldo anytime scorer @ 7/5

  129. agger 4 years ago

    First goal a header? 4/1 Ronaldo mandzukic even bale capable the defences should be tight.

  130. ingrm 4 years ago

    Went for 2-1 Real Madrid, come onnnnn

  131. Clouduk 4 years ago

    still not made choice fancy a real madrid first goal scorer

  132. agger 4 years ago

    Can’t decide if to it smart and almost guarantee profit. Or think it’s a risk free bet, go big.

  133. TheBoss 4 years ago

    Thinking Ronaldo anytime?

  134. Alves 4 years ago

    I got in the draw 13 seconds in at 11/5 haha

  135. Bet 4 Fun 4 years ago

    Got draw written all over it at the moment

    Atletico will defo improve in the 2nd half, cos they haven’t even turned up yet

  136. Clouduk 4 years ago

    Still not sure what bet to play, hmmm. Think someone will nick a goal late on so may hold off.

  137. spartacus 4 years ago

    Gonna go big and risk there being a goal so i can stick the free bet on a draw. Already covered with no first gs.

  138. paul 4 years ago

    Took me 1:42 as phone wouldnt load alves

    THink atletico still could nick one but madrid cud too

    FGS sergio ramos or godin from a corner

  139. Paul 4 years ago

    Looking iffy for 0.5 goals, the way the keeper is playing

  140. Bet 4 Fun 4 years ago

    Still waiting to play my freebet

    I’m feeling Atletico after 60 mins if it’s still 0-0

  141. Silverback5 4 years ago

    Pre match I went with £50 on Athletico DC @ 1/2 so returns £75

    Then my risk free in-play on Madrid to win @ 3/2 returning £125

    Draw or Athletico returns £25 profit
    Madrid win returns £25 profit

  142. Sam 4 years ago

    Guys, any idea why there is £50 in my account when I have placed 2 bets of £50 each before game and in game (R.Madrid before and Draw in game)??

  143. agger 4 years ago

    Screw the bet in just Want a goal now!

  144. Alves 4 years ago

    Check your unsettled bets to make sure it went through Sam plus settled bets to if anything there, check deposits to make sure you’ve no deposited twice by mistake then just wait and see if they notice then bank it

  145. TheBoss 4 years ago

    Come on Ronaldo!!

  146. ray 4 years ago

    Decided on my free bet. Ronaldo anytime @ 9/2.

  147. RobRoy 4 years ago

    Just put my in play £50 bet on over 0.5 goals Evens at 70 mins, let’s hope someone scores!

  148. TheBoss 4 years ago

    What a boring game!!

  149. Weebanger 4 years ago

    JMS, I was meaning your bet will become void therefore you Won’t qualify for the bonus. Hope I’m wrong though GL

  150. ingrm 4 years ago

    Great… 0-0.

  151. RobertC 4 years ago

    Never done this before….how long does the refund take to come through usually?

  152. chappers 4 years ago

    Ok so followed advice on here and chose 3 bets

    A Madrid win Free bet
    R Madrid In play Bet

    Have I missed something?

    A Madrid Lost (bet Returned) £50
    Bet Draw Win £137.50
    R Madrid Lost £50

    Winnings £137.50 Profit £37.50 +£50.00 returned

    But I only have £137.50 in my account??

  153. ray 4 years ago

    Before 11 chappers

  154. TheBoss 4 years ago

    Well won £4 on the no goal scorer lol profit is profit!

  155. king razvan 4 years ago

    81 quid here profit from using my method on the top of this page :)

  156. baldy45 4 years ago

    I haven’t been refunded the in-play £50 yet.

    Anyone else?

  157. RobertC 4 years ago

    Me mate…..

  158. Paul 4 years ago

    Not got my £50 back yet!!!

  159. ingrm 4 years ago

    They say it takes up to 2 hours give them a chance!

  160. RobertC 4 years ago

    Fair play, like I say, first time I’ve tried this offer so was just wondering

  161. baldy45 4 years ago

    Ok, will give them 2 hours.

    Then I’m sending the Russian bombers in :-)

  162. Alves 4 years ago

    The draw lands again ;)

    Aye everytime without a doubt there’s always that question getting asked haha, how many times have they done it now, just search @bet365 & see how folk have been asking :)

  163. RobertC 4 years ago

    Mines been refunded….I’ve called off the hounds for now

  164. baldy45 4 years ago

    Refunded at 10.32pm

    Well done threesixfive.

  165. paul 4 years ago

    Did the draw as in play. It won so does that mean no 50 refund so profit 5 quid?

  166. JimmyB 4 years ago

    I went for £50 on RM and AM to win. Inplay was £50 on draw. Ofcourse I waited too long for a 1st goal and the odds dropped to low. Somehow I was able to even mess this up. Sake. I will learn from the mistake though.

  167. chappers 4 years ago

    Still Not refunded!

  168. Alves 4 years ago

    Paul i done the same and got 11/5 so £60 profit off it, £50 over 0.5 gls loses but £50 11/5 draw wins. I’d take that everytime they do this, hopefully same again next wk

  169. TheBoss 4 years ago

    Mine was refuned after 10.30

  170. Alves 4 years ago

    Chappers did you wait til the game KO’d, seen guys on twitter going on as soon as in olay menu comes up. If no they’ll just be running late, leave it til the morning or phone them up

  171. chappers 4 years ago

    WOW am I only the idiot on here who didn’t understand the rules!!

    My first Bet £50 A Madrid to win (this bet lost and is NOT refunded)
    Real Madrid to Win on Paddy Power this bet ‘lost’

    My inplay bet wins and I receive £137.50

    SO LOST £12.50 am I the only dummy that didn’t understand I thought my first bet was refunded but it was only the ‘inplay’ bet that gets the refund!

  172. Alves 4 years ago

    Haha lesson learned, at least you only lost £12.50 so could’ve bn alot worse plus you’ll know what to do next time they do it :)

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