SCOTT LAIRD ended Long-Shot Lee's futile attempt to prove his way of betting was better than doing short-priced favourites.

Lee claimed he wins big on bets priced 10-1 or over but was left clutching at straws as the last point in his betting bank went on Marouane Fellaini to score first for Man Utd at Preston in the FA Cup.

Laird's opener for Preston was the final nail in the coffin for Lee who picked 16 successive losers. Ironically, Fellaini scored later in the match as United hit back to win.

So it's congratulations to Rod (Punting For Fun) who wins £50 of betting vouchers (£25 from Lee).

He picked another winner on Monday to end with 54.2 points from a starting betting bank of 20. His latest win came on short-priced snooker stars Mark Allen, Mark Davis, Marco Fu, Neil Robertson and Galatasaray (6pm).

I'll start some kind of challenge next week – and I'm looking for some ideas and competitors to play for good prizes.

I could go with the popular type of challenge we see on Facebook such as £10-£1000 or the 300 bet challenge but something different would be good.

Meanwhile, I hope Punting For Fun continues to post his Bank Builder as his picks were spot on and he's built up a decent following.

Punting For Fun (Rod)

Starting Bank 20pts
15 bets (11 winners, 4 losers)
Final Total 54.2pts

  1. Punting For Fun 4 years ago

    Thank you very much for the kind words Mr F and i have enjoyed the challenge on here and i can only say thank you for giving me the chance to compete in the challenge respect m8.

  2. Punting For Fun 4 years ago

    Just goes to show that with a little thought and a little bit of luck the bookies can take a bloody nose every now and again ;-)

  3. honda 4 years ago

    Massive props Punting please continue mate as its a massive asset to the site. Well done again

    • Punting For Fun 4 years ago

      Thx honda great site with a plethora of quality tipping and a complete must when waking up to a new day of betting :-)

  4. Centrecircle 4 years ago

    Punting for fun.will you continue with the bank builder tips?

    • Punting For Fun 4 years ago

      CC i will try and keep putting up some selections in the future but maybe not every day as some days i had to deviate from what i am comfortable with.

      But i really enjoyed doing the challenge and slow but sure is the best approach to long term betting i reckon.

      As Mr F has said numerous times level stakes is the way to go and do not chase losses essential info tbh Happy Punting :-)

  5. OriaZ 4 years ago

    PFF please keep posting those tips as they’ve been a real asset in order to recover from my hazardous bets :D

    • Punting For Fun 4 years ago

      OriaZ your comment is heart warming for a guy that is just happy to try and give a little to anyone who chooses to follow, but as important to me was when i put up something that was maybe a bit debatable like adding tennis selections i was not shot down totally in flames for doing so and this was gratifying as i hope people appreciate that some days just have to be a non betting day or a small stake involvement for a bit of interest.

      Obviously for this challenge it had to be a bet every day but do not just bet for the sake of betting unless as i say its for a bit of fun and you are happy to be prepared to go out your comfort zone at times :-)

      Do not bet any more than you can afford to.

  6. SirJ 4 years ago

    Love betting challenges. I’ve already been researching this weekend. Thinking Dortmund -1 & Juventus -1 double to start things of. Need team news though.

  7. Punting For Fun 4 years ago

    How rude of me getting carried away with the outcome, i would just wish to thank Lee for the last 16 days and wish him well in the future.:-)

  8. honda 4 years ago

    Punting, your a gent

    • Punting For Fun 4 years ago

      It’s all in the breeding honda ;-) seriously tho i always treat people with respect life’s to short to be any other way.

      If you are nice to people then people will be nice back doesn’t take a lot of effort and takes no effort in doing so.

  9. Wato 4 years ago

    Good picking Rod

    • Punting For Fun 4 years ago

      Cheers wato i enjoyed the challenge and tbh i was a tad surprised Lee did not hit 1 or 2 bets but Lee had a few close shaves along the way (and not boasting here) i have to say so did i which was really frustrating as i knew i should not have added them.

      So a great learning experience for me as well and i can only appreciate the work that Mr F does trawling through endless research trying to find that gem that will prove a winner.

      Some may say it’s a bit of a bus man’s holiday for Mr F as he works at the Daily Record as the resident tipster but i can only say on my behalf my head was bursting at times trying to decide on selections god only knows how he must feel when he is burning the midnight oil running a deadline column and trying to keep his reputation above the water.

      • Author
        Mr Fixit 4 years ago

        Punting For Fun, I’m glad you found it tough because it’s so much harder than doing it just for fun and trying to find bets every day.

  10. scampi 4 years ago

    What about goals betting v win-draw-win?

  11. Wato 4 years ago

    Punting, totally agree mate there were some days I thought it was going to be hard to find winners esspecially on quite nights and fair play too pointing out that on nights like that it’s probably best to leave it and use the money on sometime you are more confident with another night. Trying to pick one winner at a decent enough price every day is actually pretty difficult so well done on the end of month profit.

  12. Jimbo 4 years ago

    Yes mr f, I think the £10-£1000 is another great idea. Iv saw some of these so called tipsters even put the £10 back in the bank when they get to about £30. That means if and when they lose it they still have their stake to start again so in theory all these attempts to get £1000 has only cost the initial £10 stake. If you get my drift…

  13. PodTheRod 4 years ago

    I love doing a £10 to £100 challenge. Me and my mate have done it in the past at one bet per day and it has to be complete in a week or under. So we usually started on a Sunday and we would be finished a week later, but we often were finished or bust before the end. As you can be at £100 before the week is up it is essentially a maximum of 7 bets, but I find the 1 a day keeps you more disciplined.

    To do it in 7 days you need odds of around 1.40:
    £14 – £19.6 – £27.44 – £38.42 – £53.79 – £75.31 – £105.43

    If for example each bet was around odds of 1.80 (4/5) your bank would go like this: £18 – £32.40 – £58.32 – £104.98 (4 bets or 4 days)

    The best part of this is that if you hit it just once then it covers nine losing attempts! If you want to do something like this Mr.F then I am willing to take part ;)

  14. Renwick 4 years ago

    Well done Punting For Fun

  15. Neil 4 years ago

    yes mr f the 10-1000 challenge seems like an ace idea think you should look into it

  16. mitch 4 years ago

    Well done PFF, congrats and enjoy the vouchers!
    Thanks for the tips, I followed a few and they all came in – forgive me for not following more but as you said previously, there were some sports invoved which I was completely in the dark about and therefore took the safest possibe option.
    Well done to Lee too, it’s difficult to hit those big bets but he came mighty close and was unlucky not to hit a winner or too!
    Just a suggestion Mr F but perhaps there could be a way that we, the site visitors, can donate towards PFF’s vouchers? I think it’d be a nice way for us to show thanks for BOTH guys tips – we contribute towards PFF’s winnings, but also towards the half paid by Lee so he doesn’t have to fork out even more after a disappointing run? He might not have picked a winner, but he did contribute towards this entertaining experiment – and hopefully helped people realise their best betting method isn’t the long shots.
    GL for the future to both of you, and thanks again!

    • Punting For Fun 4 years ago

      Cheers mitch enjoyed doing it and glad some came in for you not all bets will come in and that’s just facts i hit a few but could easy have went south tho as many bets do just hit a couple of streaks and happy enuff with that.

  17. Wato 4 years ago

    Jimbo he certainly hasn’t claimed to be one either

  18. Punting For Fun 4 years ago

    Always makes me laff this does Classic lol “He’s not the Messiah, he’s a very naughty boy!”

  19. Evo21up 4 years ago

    Well done PFF, wasn’t able to follow ur tips but u have proof u can beat the bookies.
    Mr F, how about a combination of a bank builder with a last man standing element but put a timescale on it so if it goes over a week for example whoever has the most points wins.

  20. Hilly 4 years ago

    HI Mr F I would like to take part in a challenge!


  21. OriaZ 4 years ago

    So PFF, got any tips for today :D ?
    Didn’t see any of yours in any of the threads.

  22. Ellis 4 years ago

    Hi all!

    As Mr F may remember I ran one of these on the site in the past. Got bust on £128!

    I find for this work it has to be ONE BET PER DAY or the whole thing gets a bit crazy

    Think it’s a great idea though

  23. KIPPER 4 years ago

    Would love to see a £10-£1000

    • Author
      Mr Fixit 4 years ago

      KIPPER, on this occasion it won’t be a £10-£10,000 but may do something like that in the future. This time it will be a Super Single challenge so watch out for details on how to play.

  24. craneguy 4 years ago

    not been following tbh but well done punting my son…………..

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