CELTIC probably felt they could have fielded Borat last week and still beat Shakhter.

Neil Lennon’s men were given a rude awakening when they discovered that contrary to the madcap reporter Kazakhstan’s not that nice.

Not when you’re chasing a £20million Champions League bounty and find stuffy minnows blocking your path.

Bookies are sure Celtic will win tonight – but not convinced they’ll beat Karagandy by enough to qualify. Lennon’s side need to score at least three to make the group stage although 2-0 will force extra time.

I watched the first leg and after a bright start Celtic were shocking. However, the Kazakhs were no great shakes and there is no doubt this tie can be salvaged.

Celtic need to take their chances and an early goal would get the crowd on side. The Hoops are 23-20 with Ladbrokes to be leading after 30 minutes and for anyone who fancies an earlier strike you can have 11-4 tto be in front inside 15 minutes.

In the last round away to Skenderbeu it was 3-0 to the Albanians on their home soil inside half an hour and that must give Celtic some encouragement.

To win Celtic on the night are 1-4 with the likes of Hills and Ladbrokes with the draw 11-2 and Karagandy 14-1 at McBookie.com.

Celtic are a biggest 21-20 at McBookie.com to qualify while Shahkter are 4-5 with Ladbrokes, bet365 and Betfred.

I can see a 3-0 (13-2, Hills) or even 4-0 (12-1) victory if Celtic are on their game.

You can have 6-4 with Hills they qualify in 90 minutes and 12-1 to do so after extra time and 20-1 on penalties.

Georgios Samaras is likely to lead the line and is 11-2 (Hills) to score first but I’ll be on Kris Commons (11-2). He looked the biggest threat in Astana and of course takes the penalties. Commons is 6-4 with Hills to score in a Celtic win.

Recommended Bets

Celtic to qualify
(21-20, McBookie.com)

Celtic to be leading after 30mins
(23-20, Ladbrokes)

Commons to score first
(11-2, William Hill)

  1. Hank 9 years ago

    Really hope you’ve called this one right Mr.F.

  2. delderek 9 years ago

    I’m amazed that not many folk are mentionining/considering the likelihood of the Khazaks scoring which is bog in my book. If Celtic go 3 up they ate still not safe as the other team only need 1 to go through. I reckon Celtic will have to score as Karagandy will score. Therefore the question must be can Celtic score 4?

    Ordinarily I would suggest yes but this is not a good Celtic team….they seem to be getting marginally worse year on year and nerves will play a big part both on and off the pitch.

    If I was betting I’d go for at least 3 goals but whilst I believe Celtic will win on the night I don’t have enough confidence to Betty on either team to qualify.

    • Mr Fixit 9 years ago

      delderek, I considered Shakhter to score but they will put 10 men behind the ball until or if they go three down. They didn’t do much attacking at home and got their goals from poor defending.

    • Hank 9 years ago

      Delderek, marginally worse year on year? How exactly have you came to this conclusion? The team has marginally progressed every year since Neil Lennon has took over and this is fact with results and trophys to prove this.

    • Mr Fixit 9 years ago

      Hank, I think there’s no doubt Celtic are weaker without Wanyama, Hooper and Wilson with none of the new signings yet to impress. If Celtic qualify they’ll need to splash some cash or have no chance of progressing.

    • Hank 9 years ago

      Mr.F, totally agree. However this isn’t what delderek has said. Its too early too judge Celtic this year only a handful of games in and before the outcome of tonights match. What cant be denied is Celtic have made progress on the pitch over the course of the last 3 seasons.

    • Mr Fixit 9 years ago

      Hank, they have over 3 years partly due to Rangers demise but this season they could go backwards. It’s understandable though because they could play you and I at the back and still win the league without Rangers being there.

    • pedro 9 years ago

      So celtic’s progress in the champs league last year was due to the demise of rangers? Aye right!

    • Mr Fixit 9 years ago

      pedro, who said that? It wasn’t me if that’s what you’re saying. Rangers not being about sure made easier for them to win the league and therefore qualify for the Champions League.

  3. delderek 9 years ago

    I’m Cc

  4. Dave 9 years ago

    Don’t really see why Shakhter at 12/1 isn’t the super single…Celtic were beaten fair and square in the 1st leg and then back at home against ICT, a game in which they would have been looking to prove a point to themselves and the fans, they flopped to a 2-2 draw…plus celtics home advantage will be neutralised if the Shakhter boss sacrifices a sheep again :D

    • Mr Fixit 9 years ago

      Dave, there’s no way Shakhter will win tonight but if you think they will then back them big style.

  5. Malisha 9 years ago

    Super single for me must be:
    SHAKHTER to score @2.25

  6. Archie 9 years ago

    Celtic fielded a shadow side v ICT at the weekend, something they’ve done often before big CL matches. Unless they have major injuries, the Celtic 11 tonight should be more than good enough to see off the Kazhaks. Celtic’s home record in Europe is formidable. I’ll be backing any unquoted (correct score) at 16/5.

  7. James Coyle 9 years ago

    Celtic to qualify is my biggest bet of the year so far. I took the 6/5 last week but even the 21/20 is terrific value. Can’t see past Celtic qualifying and I’m not even a fan. If they fail to get past Karagandy it would be a disaster.

  8. zammo 9 years ago

    I’m pretty indifferent to Scottish football and am equally indifferent to Celtic/Rangers et al.

    However, hope Celtic smash the sheep murderers tonight and I`ll be backing them to qualify

  9. zammo 9 years ago

    For anyone who doesn`t know what I meant by that:


  10. Madi 9 years ago

    I’m thinking of Celtic to qualify in extra time or a 3-0 score line. Haven’t seen much of the Kazakhs but Celtic home record in Europe is convincing me that they will make it through

  11. robert miller 9 years ago

    Dave, read absolutely nothing into Celtic last sat. when you are competing in sport no matter what level and you have 2 events/ matches on the clip and the second one is the one that you have targeted its a natural reaction for you too be “saving the batteries” for the major one. speaking from experience throo my own sport ( not from a professional level) these guys will be scratching at the doors to get out there

  12. Thomas 9 years ago

    I fully agree Commons looks like the match winner for me. I would check the teams and I think the odds on Celtic getting a penalty tonight are very high indeed.

    Whether we score from the penalty is a different story.

    Our defence has been very poor in the last few weeks and its hard to disagree with both teams to score also

  13. Chris Guy 9 years ago

    If anyone wants a private bet I’m giving Shakhter 12/1 just to score tonight. Minimum bet £50.

    • MUZZA 9 years ago

      That’s a brave shout Chris. If they score you would be doubly gutted with your team likely to go out? The bookies are offering 5/2 so it’s a great offer BTW!!

    • David Gilmour 9 years ago


      I will take your 12/1 on Karagundy scoring. I will have £500 on if this is suitable?


    • Mr Fixit 9 years ago

      David, it’s not something I like to see on the site but if the two of you are happy to go ahead then do so but it’s not sanctioned or encouraged by me.

  14. Chris Guy 9 years ago

    Celtic to be winning after 30 mins 23/20 @ Ladbrokes now. That’s got to be the super single Paul eh?

    • Mr Fixit 9 years ago

      Chris, it will have a chance, that’s a good price.

  15. Chris Guy 9 years ago

    Chris, it will have a chance, that’s a good price.

  16. Chris Guy 9 years ago

    I fancy Lustig anytime tonight. He was 33/1 first goal and 12/1 anytime with Coral. I stuck £50 on anytime @ 12/1 on Monday. He has now been cut to 5/1 anytime with Coral despite them still offering 33/1 for him to score first so there must be some money going on him.

  17. Chris Guy 9 years ago

    Muzza if Shakhter score I’m quite certain Celtic will go out. I’m hoping for a clean sheet

  18. James 9 years ago

    So would it be better to Celtic to qualify at evens or Celtic -2 at 8-5. Wot do you think boys

    • Mr Fixit 9 years ago

      James, the only result that brings up the first but not the second is 2-0 Celtic if they go on to win after extra time or penalties.

  19. James 9 years ago

    What would you advise then mr F? Looking to bet quite a bit and double it with barca -1

    • Mr Fixit 9 years ago

      James, I can’t give you guarantees. My tips on the Celtic game have been posted. I’d be concerned about Barca -1 especially if Messi doesn’t start.

  20. Mr Fixit 9 years ago

    booc/Bruce, that’s not a betting reason for not backing them so I will delete your comment about Celtic and Scottish football.

  21. deeky 9 years ago

    booc i hope you eat your words!

  22. Archie 9 years ago

    Chris, I like your confidence but that is just silly. Anyone can have a bet with you and then lay off their stake on betfair (you can back Celtic clean sheet at 4/5 on there). You’re just giving away a free bet.

  23. Danny 9 years ago

    think it will be an onslaught from Celtic for the full 90 minutes tempted to stay up and watch it then wander into work around midday

  24. Chris Harris 9 years ago

    Btts is bet of the month

  25. Chris Guy 9 years ago

    Archie I see what you are saying, is a bit
    Daft eh? What’s the best price available for Shakhtar to score?

  26. macca the red 9 years ago

    shakter will score imo and should go through,i hope so thats where my money is.

  27. Ruby 9 years ago

    Is Chris laying Davids bet of £500 at 12/1 then?? I’d happily have £100 on Shakter to score at 12/1 Chris Guy..

  28. Chris Harriss 9 years ago

    Btts is bet of the month for me

  29. Danny 9 years ago

    reading the record online and it would appear Georgios Samaras is right up for it Betvictor anytime price of 29/20 looks good compared to bet365 4/5

    • Mr Fixit 9 years ago

      Danny, I was speaking to one of our sports writers yesterday and he said the same thing, had never Samaras so focused.

  30. kuti 9 years ago

    Well well well
    about the Celtic game…
    BTTS is a possibility, so there4,
    Over 2.5ft should also b a possibility..
    Coz if Shakter dare Scores,Celtic will definitely go 4 goals which they need 2 Qualify.

    MY SUPER-SUPER sInGLe will be:-
    CELTIC WIN & OVER 2.5 ft goals…

    I’l also bet another little single for Over 3.5ft …in the game…

    its a Miracle night…

  31. kuti 9 years ago



    ««Best of Luck»»

    (pray 4 Me)….

  32. D.K 9 years ago

    fixit what do you think about a goal to be scored in each half from either team in the celtic game at 8/15???

  33. Madi 9 years ago

    No qualifying method market on bet365? So gone with Celtic 2-0 and 3-0

  34. Sean {just won the lotto} Ireland 9 years ago

    SHAKHTER +2 @ 5/4 is great value, can easily see them scoring against Celtic,lets be honest Celtic are average at best and these odds represent value, are you honestly offering 12/1 on them scoring anytime chris?Out of interest what is the maximum bet you will take at these odds??????

  35. Dave 9 years ago

    Yeah I know Celtic will probably win 5-9 and that my other bet Celtic -4, but I’m backing Shakhter too do I can wind up my mate if it happens muhahahaha xD

  36. Chris Guy 9 years ago

    I offer 2/1 btts, that’s more realistic right?

  37. Dave 9 years ago

    5-0. Not 5-9 although that would be a hell of a game

  38. Chris Harriss 9 years ago

    Bookies have got this all wrong.

    Shaktar 13/1?

  39. Joe B 9 years ago

    Celtic win both halves (Corners) 1/2 with ladbrokes.

    Lumping on that!

  40. Chris Guy 9 years ago


    Just incase anyone is interested Mikael Lustig is 12/1 again with Coral to score at anytime. This is such a fantastic price. He was initially 12/1 but his price was cut to 5/1 and now back out to 12/1. He is as short as 9/2 and 6/1 elsewhere. Of course if taking this price then you may wish to have a small wager on him to score first or last @ 33/1 which will boost the return. I believe the 6ft 3 defender will have plenty of opportunities from set pieces as I see wave after wave of attack.

    For first Goalscorer I’m going with Joe Ledley. Ledley has been in the media over the past few days and you can tell he is determined to get a result. Ledley also seems to score in these important games. I was thinking about Commons too but at 11/2 I’d rather have Ledley @ 12/1. This may be something that I will regret after the game. Commons would have been my next choice but for now I go with Ledley.

    Ledley First Goalscorer @ 12/1
    Lustig to score anytime @ 12/1
    Lustig First Goalscorer @ 33/1
    Lustig Last Goalscorer @ 33/1

    Good luck everyone.

  41. Craig alves 9 years ago

    over 3.5 team gls for the hoops, watford and forest £5 on at 120/1.

    ambrose 1st gl inside 20 mins (45/1) plzen maribor over 2.5 gls & btts at Dumbarton Dundee utd. 50p on at 128/1

    over 1.5 team goals watford forest, 2.5 celtic and btts sociedad lyon fiver at 13/2

  42. robert miller 9 years ago

    damn, missed the boat, fancied Bet365, s 5/6 Celtic minus 4 corners this morning. its been altered to 6/5 minus 6 corners. leavin alone

  43. rick 9 years ago

    c’mon shak .hold out.

  44. MaccLad2011 9 years ago

    First thing in the morning you will have to have a word with Mr Commons about his timekeeping, Mr Fixit. 20 mins too late. It was a great shout, otherwise.

  45. Madi 9 years ago

    Come on Celtic one more for a 11/2 win otherwise il take the 9/2

  46. Madi 9 years ago

    That’ll do nicely!

  47. Rory 9 years ago

    Mr F what’s your thinking on the barca game tonight…what do you think of hills fabregas and barca double at 8/5 if he starts that is…

    Also UHT who you fancy in brazil tonight saying as your our resident South American tipster

    • Mr Fixit 9 years ago

      Rory, I said earlier if Messi starts I’d be on Barca and probably go btts and over 2.5 goals.

  48. pats 9 years ago

    3/3 SUPER Mr f ;-)

    • Mr Fixit 9 years ago

      pats, it was 2 out of 3 but called Celtic just about right.

  49. kuti 9 years ago

    Wat a night!!!
    My Super-Super single WON
    Celtic & Over 2.5 @ 1.9odds

  50. malcolm caithness 9 years ago

    Two out of three picks tonight for you Paul as you know I’am a Rangers man and I would not have wasted money on Shakhter

  51. pats 9 years ago

    opps my bad

  52. boo c 9 years ago

    I called that wrong and congrats to celtic I am glad they got through for their sake and for reputation of Scottish football

    well done celtic – great atmosphere in ground also

    Kris C looks their best player

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