Tonight, Bernabeu, 7.45, live on ITV

CAN'T believe Barcelona threw it away against Chelsea last night after being 2-0 up against 10 men.

Barca boss Pep Guardiola was lavish in his praise of the Blues' but their backs-to-the wall displays for 180 minutes weren't great to watch.

The second semi tonight could be a thriller because Bayern Munich can't defend like Chelsea did – and also they have conceded an away goal which could be crucial.

Bayern hold the edge after beating Real Madrid 2-1 at home but that away goal could be crucial for Jose Mourinho's side and the Portuguese will be desperate to set up a showdown with his former club.

Mourinho's men will have been given a massive lift by their weekend win against Barcelona that virtually secured the title and I'm on them to qualify at a best 4-6 with Paddy Power and others. The Germans are 6-5 at bet365 and Skybet and to reach the Final and have the added incentive that it will be at their own stadium.

To win tonight you can have Real at 8-15 (various) with Bayern 6-1 at boylesports and the draw 10-3 (various).

Real have won five out of five at home in the tournament this season but last time they faced Bayern at home in 2007 lost 3-2 to go out on away goals. Over 3.5 goals can be backed at 13-10 with unibet.

Cristiano Ronaldo outshone Messi in El Clasico and is 3-1 at Paddy Power to break the deadlock. Paddy Power were offering losing stakes back on the usual markets if Lionel Messi had scored first last night and they're doing the same with Ronaldo tonight.

So if you're thinking of taking someone such as Karim Benzema, who has hit seven in the Champions League this season, or Gabriel Higuain then you'll get your money back if Ronaldo beats them to the punch. Both are 11-2 at various bookies.

And then of course there is Mario Gomez who netted the winner in Munich and is also 11-2 (various) to score first and 11-5 at Ladbrokes to net at any time.

Gomez has banged in 12 in nine Champions League ties but of course chances are likely to be at a premium tonight. Paddy Power go 7-2 on Gomez and Ronaldo scoring.

The German striker's goal in Munich came in the 90th minute and Frank Ribery's winner at the weekend against Werder Bremen also came in 90 minutes so Paddy Power's 7-5 for a goal after 81 minutes tonight must have a chance. Chelsea did it on the break yesterday as Barca pushed for clincher.

Finding value in this game is difficult because the over 2.5 and over 3.5 goals and both teams to score are too small so keep an eye on the inrunning markets.


Ronaldo to score first

(3-1, various)

Ronaldo and Gomez to score

(7-2, Paddy Power)

  1. joe knotts 12 years ago

    Dunno why but ive got a funny feeling about bayern tonight. Thinking of going for 1-1. Also thinking about 2-1 Real but maybe go for the price of either team to win on penalties.

  2. Mr Chris Guy 12 years ago

    Paul Gomez is 8/1 with Ladbrokes and Stan James.

    Rather than put £100 on Ronaldo at 3/1 do you think it would be best to put £100 on him at 5/2 as they will refund if he scores second?

    Paddy Power are being a little naughty to honest. With their minty back special they are trying to get people not to back the most likely outcome which is Ronaldo to score first. Last weeks offer was much better as they were refunding if Ronaldo scored last. Anyone who is backing Ronaldo first goal won’t benefit from this.

    With boylesports you are losing half a point but at least you have the safety net of the second goal. Another choice would be to back Ronaldo with Ladbrokes at 11/4 who will refund if Ribery scores at anytime. Personally I’d rather go with Boylesports offer.

    As Mr Fixit says, Paddy Power represent great value should you bet on any other player.

    It may even be worth backing both.

    £100 on Benzema to score first goal at 11/2 with Paddy Power, refunded if Ronaldo scores first.

    £100 on Ronaldo to score first goal at 5/2 with Boylesports, tefunded if he scores second.

    What you think Paul?

    • Mr Fixit 12 years ago

      Chris, I agree with what you say. If betting at Paddy Power you could do Ronaldo or AN Other or just AN Other. The Benzema one is OK if you’re happy it’s going to be him or Ronaldo. But look at Busquets last night and even Warnock in the Villa v Bolton game. Bottom line is that just about any of the 20 outfield players could score in a game. It’s just that some do it far more frequently than others.

  3. joe knotts 12 years ago

    Chris a value bet could be ronaldo to outscore gomez at around 6/4 depending on how u think the game will go.

  4. Mr Chris Guy 12 years ago

    Maybe go for £100 Ronaldo and £50 Benzema

  5. Mitch 12 years ago

    Chris are u ahead on these goalscorer bets ur the first person I’ve come across putting these sort of sums on first/anytime goalscorer markets?

  6. Badham 12 years ago

    Whats everyones thoughts on Real to qualify? Might put £60 down for £100 back, just wanted different opinions really?

    • Mr Fixit 12 years ago

      Badham, as you see I’ve gone Real to qualify but odds are poor. In fact the odds on most of the bets I fancy tonight are rubbish so like people say you don’t need to have a bet. Think I’ll go with Ronaldo and keep an eye on the inrunning markets to see if anything of value comes up.

  7. Mitch 12 years ago

    Badham that’s the only bet I looked at, still deciding whether to get involved or not.

  8. Badham 12 years ago

    Yeah me too. Can’t really see how the games going to plan out, Bayern are a decent side and more than capable of scoring goals, I wouldn’t bet hundreds but £60 punt might be a good shout, I just thought the odds would be higher. Underestimating Bayern I guess.

    • Alan 12 years ago


      If you are in any doubt do not bet

      save your funds for another day

  9. Badham 12 years ago

    Thanks Alan… Good advice. Maybe just a small scorecast or something. It’s hard to not have a bet running haha.

  10. Callum Giffen 12 years ago

    I know its not glam but i had 12/5 red card in the match and a bet that stands out tonight is any goalkeeper to be booked in 90 mins 7/2 offered by sky bet. with the game going to be tight i would say one of the gk always waist time and get booked like cech last night

    any gk tobe booked 7/2

    madrid 2 bayern 1 (madrid in extra time) 10/1 score and 12/1 in extra time

    • Mr Fixit 12 years ago

      Callum, the keeper one is interesting, especially if Bayern are hanging on.

  11. Peter Brown 12 years ago

    Real Madrid 3-1 Bayern Munich 11/1

    Benzema 1st goal 5/1

    Benzema Madrid 3-1 correct score double! Good luck lads!

  12. Chris Guy 12 years ago

    Last minute tipping.

    Ibrahimovic to score in an AC Milan win 4/6 @ Boylesports. Get on!!!!

  13. Chris Guy 12 years ago

    AC Milan to score in both halves 5/6 @ Ladbrokes or 8/11 with Coral. Surely a must.

    Ac Milan to be winning after 30 mins 5/4 @ Ladbrokes.

    First goal in Ac Milan game under 27 mins 4/5 @ Victor Chandler.

    All 3 of these bets WILL WIN!! 15 Mins to place your bets. Go big.

    • Eric 12 years ago

      Half time score 0-0.

  14. Danny 12 years ago

    ridiculously skint

    for the fun off it put £1.00 on bayern or real to go through on penalties 33/1 for both william hill

  15. Vellosso 12 years ago

    Chris Guy! Lucky for these lot you are not actually the tipster here so therefore hopefully noone followed you, you’ve gone for shouts merely of the name and posistions of the football teams your backing. Do you actually study at all or do you just back the favourite? I’ve never seen you pick a random bet out that turns to a winner to be honest and it hurts to think people will follow you because you say stuff like “Go Big, all of these bets will win.” Just my personally opinion.

    • Mr Fixit 12 years ago

      Most of the people on here are aware of Chris Guy and the way he bets, hopefully they are also aware there is no such thing as a banker as I’ve warned them plenty of times. No one should ever back a bet because someone says “it will win”. Chris puts up winners and losers here, it’s up to people whether they side with him or not. We allow people to express their opinion but of course I’d never tell anyway a bet had to come in.

  16. Stephen Miller 12 years ago

    done a fiver on 4-2 Real think there will be goals 40/1

  17. Matt Downey 12 years ago

    Yea Chris I think you should be more responsible and think about what you say, as was said before people will actually follow your tips as you post tips everyday, a bet is never a banker!

    • Mr Fixit 12 years ago

      Matt, you’ve got to remember Chris is a punter like yourself and you have to remember he’s only putting up his opinions.

  18. Tommo 12 years ago

    Ronaldo and Gomez both to score 4/1 Skybet

    …also thinking of tonight being the first of a BTTS treble with the two Europa Cup games tomorrow night.

  19. Chris Guy 12 years ago

    Matt don’t talk nonsense. Nobody has to follow my tips. If i say jump big off the bridge would you do it. I only put down what i think is good value and a good bet. Like Mr Fixit said you can’t be too sure but the thing is I never tip something just so that someone loses money. Anything I tip i actually back it myself. Why would you be worrying about other people following my bets?? What are you going to do when Mr Fixit goes a few weeks without a win? Are you going to say that it’s shocking he has a website that people get tips from? As Mr Fixit rightly pointed out yesterday, if we all knew the results then we would all be millionaires. You win some, you lose some end of. On paper Ac Milan should be winning by now just the same as you would put your mortgage on Barcelona qualifying when 2-0 up and Chelsea down to 10 players. Think you need to chillax a little.

  20. Vellosso 12 years ago

    Exactly my point. I wasn’t trying to be rude but maybe don’t put “All of these should win, bet big.” at the end of your post that’s all.

  21. Tommo 12 years ago

    Couple of tasty prices currently with Coral for the Valencia v Atletico Madrid game…

    Soldado to score at anytime 13/10
    Falcao to score at anytime 2/1

  22. Matt Downey 12 years ago

    The only problem I have is with quotes such as “it WILL WIN” many people will read that and put money they can’t afford to lose on it because they will think its a cert, No problem with putting tips up just don’t tell people something is a certainty when nothing is

  23. Matt Downey 12 years ago

    Chris I personally don’t follow anybody’s bets on here anymore, I just like to read the banter, and I work for a bookie and I see people lose money they can’t afford everyday from other punters convincing them its a banker

  24. Steven Duncan 12 years ago

    Couple of quid on ozil first goal 3-1 real skybet priceboost 75-1 just seen the team great bet! I think no assurances ha ha!!

  25. Chris Guy 12 years ago

    I understand Matt but people shouldn’t be gambling with money they can’t afford to lose no matter how small.

  26. Matt Downey 12 years ago

    Mate I know, I was just saying some people are more susceptible to taking advice

  27. Chris Guy 12 years ago

    It’s an omen, after Boateng scoring the first goal for Ac Milan, I’m going for Boateng to score first goal for Bayern Munich. £3 @ 170/1 lol. He’s 6ft 4 so hope he is up for the corners!

  28. Chris Guy 12 years ago

    Ok Matt, I understand.

  29. Chris Guy 12 years ago

    Ronaldo @ 4/5 to score anytime with Coral looks pretty decent.

  30. Tommo 12 years ago

    Are you not tempted to do Alonso, Chris?? Would be rather freaky if he did score tonight just like Busquets did last night!!

  31. Daniel Smith 12 years ago

    8 seconds into game an commentator mentions chelsea already!!! bloody gona talk about them all night, typical english commentators

  32. Danny 12 years ago



    • Mr Fixit 12 years ago

      Danny, having gone big on Ronaldo I think it’s a great decision.

    • Danny 12 years ago

      lol good stuff mr fixit nice wee victory early doors can go on and enjoy the second half now

  33. Chris Guy 12 years ago

    Well done Paul. Looks like Real Madrid might romp this. Paddy Power will be feeling it now.

    • Mr Fixit 12 years ago

      Chris, with Bayern needing to score it should be a cracking game.

  34. nobby 12 years ago

    shocking call, hasn’t affected my bet but i think it’s an appalling decision

    • Mr Fixit 12 years ago

      Nobby, it’s one of those, some refs will give it and some won’t.

  35. Chris Guy 12 years ago

    similar to when Celtic got put ou the cup with a dubious penalty call. Like Paul if Im betting someone for first goal I couldnt care if he scored with his hand.

  36. Chris Guy 12 years ago

    Think the bookies will be crying now

  37. pedro 12 years ago

    When you say big Paul what do you mean? How big? If you don’t want to say that’s fine. Just being nosey!

    • Mr Fixit 12 years ago

      Pedro, I don’t believe in talking about stakes. It wasn’t four figures or anything like that but when I said “big” I also meant my only two bets on the game were Ronaldo to score first and Ronaldo and Gomez both to score.

  38. Chris Guy 12 years ago

    Betfred and Tote also doing double delight on this game. Oh deary me.

  39. Chris Guy 12 years ago

    This is a bit like Real Madrid vs Aberdeen

  40. pedro 12 years ago

    Think the bookies will be fine Chris! They made their money last night. Think how many people would have had barca in accas and doubles etc.

  41. pedro 12 years ago

    Cheers for the reply Paul!

  42. Tommo 12 years ago

    Game on!

  43. David Paterson 12 years ago

    ooooh WHAT a Game for entertainment value!!. Never put a bet on tonight haha simply couldnt call it and couldnt afford it. Scunnered after last night and the west ham game haah

  44. Mr Chris Guy 12 years ago

    Paul it’s unfortunate that Gomez didn’t hit the penalty mate.

  45. nobby 12 years ago

    this is what football is about, just take out the poor referees and the diving players but when both teams play football it’s brilliant.

    there’s only three great games in the champions league, the two semi finals and the final. The rest is overdrawn group games.

    we need to overhaul the champions league again to get more games like tonight, maybe reduce the number of teams for a start

  46. Ross 12 years ago

    Chris guys bets are crap, he never makes a profit. Chris guy you said never bet what you can’t afford to lose, why then do have to borrow money to put your bets on?? Joke punter!!

    Stick with mr fix it, at least you will see REAL PROFIT.
    Good luck everyone ;)

  47. Mitch 12 years ago

    I got involved…..not another 1 of those nights….

  48. Chris Guy 12 years ago

    Ross what are you on about you halfwit. I never borrow money for betting. Are you talking about the time when I was going to get money from a family member to put a bet on for me cos i had been working nightshift and knew when i finished at 7am i wouldnt be going to the bookies and that i would have paid the money back. If im out and about i quite often phone friends and family to put bets on for me. Oh and by the way that was probably my 11/2 winner you were referring to. Hope you had it on. I take it you lost money today. Don’t cry little boy lmao. You obviously bet money you can’t afford to lose. Keep your daft comments to yourself.

  49. Chris Guy 12 years ago

    Oh and Ross i already explained that I do make very good profit, so much so I was considering giving up my job and gambling full time. Ok maybe not as drastic as that. I made £8k from one bookie alone last year. Don’t be angry, don’t be jealous. Be cool.

  50. Daniel Smith 12 years ago

    haha that was some rant chris guy lol, think bayern are gona get another goal here, big gomez for a header shortly

  51. Danny 12 years ago

    stays like this for another 30 minutes and my just for fun bet is going to win me £34.00 Come on give is a boring half an hour penalties are a buzz to watch

  52. joe knotts 12 years ago

    Good bet on ronaldo to outscore gomez @ 6/4. my wee bets on real 33’s and bayern 40’s to win on pens are now both down to 3’s.

  53. Ross 12 years ago

    Hahah cool

  54. Chris Guy 12 years ago

    Ross did you back my tip for Ronaldo to score anytime at 4/5?

  55. joe knotts 12 years ago

    Oh well im outta here for the night. Just read thru the comments and realised its another “chris guy” night. These bets are bankers, these will win, im a big time gambler etc. etc. See ya all tomorrow.

  56. mitchell 12 years ago

    People should calm down on this site and stop bitching and start bookie bashing

    • Mr Fixit 12 years ago

      Mitchell, well said.

  57. Danny 12 years ago

    yass £34.00 will be a great contribution to my perth pot

  58. Chris Guy 12 years ago

    Paul, can’t believe that Bayern Munich were 40/1 to win in penalties prior to kick off.

    • Mr Fixit 12 years ago

      Chris, in essence it’s a treble. Bayern to win 2-1, a draw in extra time and Bayern to win on pens. If I ever back a side to win on pens I take them both so half the odds.

    • Mr Fixit 12 years ago

      Chris, we’re sharing the stick now. How does it feel mate?

  59. McGart 12 years ago

    Well in danny pens it is…

  60. Craig 12 years ago

    People all have their own opinions on what and how much they bet so agree with Mitchell we all have two things in common we enjoy betting and want to win

  61. Mitch 12 years ago

    Another shocker, who’s letting the bomb scare take a pen honestly, you could not make that up, Madrid did look shot as game went in mind you, to qualify was 8/13 for a reason then….

  62. mitchell 12 years ago

    Well done danny nice won 40/1 is a great bet ,a didnt bet tonight a was working late but a did have inesta anytime and torres well happy

    • Mr Fixit 12 years ago

      Wonder what odds you’d have got on Messi and Ronaldo missing pens that put their sides out? I remember missing one in a big school game and felt gutted for weeks. Bet they feel worse.

  63. Fin H 12 years ago

    Wish you said that earlier Paul, my last quid in account went on Madrid to win on pens. Should of went 50/50, haha. Nevermind made a profit with madrid ht/ft. Almost make up for last nite!

    • Mr Fixit 12 years ago

      Fin, wasn’t tipping pens at the start so didn’t mention it. But as shoot-outs are a lottery I think you should always bet on both sides to win on pens.

    • Mr Fixit 12 years ago

      Fin, in the office we all thought he’d miss. So many great attacking players in the team and he takes one. Strange but then again Ronaldo missed his so it’s the way it goes.

  64. David moore 12 years ago

    Alba looks a sick penalty taker. I always hate them missed a few my self !!

  65. Mitch 12 years ago

    Took a few scored more than I missed but never hit as bad a one as that plank Ramos, it’s a lottery but really who thought he’d walk up and stroke one in? Soon as I saw that Bayern keeper filling the goal I was worried!

  66. joe knotts 12 years ago

    Woohoo great night last night. Took ronaldo to outscore gomez at 6/4. But made a mistake on mobile and put it on twice!!!! Also put wee bet on both teams on pens. 40’s for bayern :)

  67. phil 12 years ago

    Well done lads for some fantastic tips last night some of which were bayern to win on pens and Madrid 2 Bayer 1 but the most amazing hast to be chris guys ronaldo to score anytime at 4/5. Where does he pick em from its something I never thought of anyway must go I’ve just been crapped on from a great height by a flying cow!

  68. Vellosso 12 years ago


  69. Mr Chris Guy 12 years ago

    Yeah I know, water off a ducks back

    • Mr Fixit 12 years ago

      Scott’s written the Europa League piece to let me get on with the newsletter. What do you think?

  70. robert miller 12 years ago

    not the same when ” chunky” does not get a mention!!!, he must be loved up!!!!

    • Mr Fixit 12 years ago

      Robert, either that or well warned!

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