Nou Camp, tonight, 7.45, live on Sky Sports 2

FIRST it was Chelsea, then it was Real Madrid. Barcelona's invincibility tag has been ripped off but can Lionel Messi and co pin it back on to their famous shirts tonight?

The Blues put up the shutters in the first leg of their semi-final then hit Barcelona with a sucker punch last week to take a 1-0 lead to the Nou Camp tonight.

And Real Madrid's victory at the Nou Camp on Saturday was even more impressive and must have added to Chelsea's belief.

Before the first leg I gave the Blues no chance but they are definitely in the tie and will believe they have a chance if they keep Messi quiet as he was at Stamford Bridge.

Having said that a 1-0 win will force extra time and a 2-0 will send Barca to Munich so they are still hot favourites. Chelsea are likely to need an away goal and their best chance could come from a set-piece as Real showed how Barca's little men can be exposed at free-kicks and corners.

So the stage is set for an explosive 90 minutes and I'm taking Barca to edge through at a best 1-2 with unibet, Chelsea are 2-1 at Betfred to qualify.

To win tonight Barca are a biggest 2-7 (various) with Chelsea a huge 11-1 at boylesports – it's like Celtic v Dunfermline. The draw pays 11-2 (various).

Lionel Messi hasn't scored in seven outings against Chelsea and that must be eating him up inside. Back him to end the drought with the opener at 9-4 (various). Alexis Sanchez, who netted an equaliser against Real, is 5-1 (various).

Drogba was rested for Chelsea's 0-0 draw at Arsenal and will be the player Barca are watching. He is 15-1 at unibet to score first and 4-1 to net at any time.

If Chelsea do expose Barca's lack of height the player to do it could be Gary Cahill or Branislav Ibrahimovic. Cahill is 16-1 with bet365 to score while Ivanovic is 18-1 at unibet.

A fun bet for small stakes could be Raul Merelies at 6-1 with William Hill to be first player booked for fouling Messi. He was yellow-carded at Stamford Bridge, was lucky not to be sent off, and stayed pretty close to the Argentine most of the night. Michael Essien is also 6-1.

BetVictor offer 3-1 on Chelsea having under three shots on target and that's a possibility if Barca enjoy as much possession as the first leg. Three or four pays 7-5 and over four is 5-4.

Drogba's “injuries” were a feature of the first leg with the physio seemingly having more touches than the Barca keeper. Paddy Power go 9-4 the striker won't need treatment on the pitch tonight, 2-1 once, 3-1 twice, 11-2 three, 9-1 four and 12-1 five or more.


Messi to score first

(9-4, various)

Barcelona HT/FT

(7-10, BetVictor)

  1. Callum Giffen 12 years ago

    Im going with chelsea to qualify at 7/4 . just 40 quid but got a feeling they will do it . they leave gaps barca so even a goal could be enough as barca would need to score 3 . score 2 – 1 barca

  2. Luke 12 years ago

    Chelsea will score tonight, but the worry is how many Barca will score! I think it will be either 2-1 or 3-1 to Barca! ONly bet I would even slightly consider on the game tonight is both teams to score! And I’d advise to keep stakes relatively.small as its such a tough match to call!

    • Mr Fixit 12 years ago

      Luke, a lot depends on if and when Barca score their first goal. It it’s an early one I can see them going on to win well but if they become frustrated as they were at Stamford Bridge it could get interesting. Chelsea scoring depends on how ambitious they are and at what time they actually need to get one.

  3. Badham 12 years ago

    Chelsea won’t give up without a fight in this an I can see Draw/Barcelona Ht/Ft coming up at 10/3… Should be a good game an I honestly hope Chelsea do it. Coming from a Gooner!

  4. Maurice 12 years ago

    Chelsea +2 at 2.05 is a tempter.

  5. phil 12 years ago

    Barcelona 4/9 at paddy power to qualify for the next round. No way can Chelsea get away from getting punished this time. Also put it in a double with real Madrid to qualify.

  6. Luke 12 years ago

    I don’t know why, but I have a feeling that if there is a goal within opening 25mins, that it’ll be Chelsea who score it! I’m hoping Barca commit plenty forward in all attacks, leaving the likes of ramires, mata and Drogba to counter attack!

    • Mr Fixit 12 years ago

      Luke, I’m not sure about that. My feeling would be Chelsea want to keep it tight at the start and hold out for as long as possible. And Barca don’t need to panic and leave themselves to be caught on the break. At the end of the day 1-0 Barca takes them to extra time so it’s not as if they need to score three or four.

  7. Mr Chris Guy 12 years ago

    My tip for today is for Sanchez to score first goal at 5/1 with Paddy Power who will refund losing bets if Messi scores first. I think this represents excellent value.

  8. Peter Brown 12 years ago

    An sticking a couple of quid on barca 3-1 / Madrid 3-1 correct score double

  9. Mr Chris Guy 12 years ago

    Ok so to round up, here are my tips:

    Sanchez to score first goal 5-1 at Paddypower (refunded if Messi scores first).

    First booking in under 28 mins 5/6 at Bluesquare.

    First goal over 28 mins at Coral.

    Good luck everyone

    • Mr Fixit 12 years ago

      Chris, just to emphasise to people if Messi scores first at Paddy Power all losing bets on the usual markets will be refunded so it’s a pretty decent offer.

  10. Mr Chris Guy 12 years ago

    First goal over 28 mins at 11/8 with Coral

    • Mr Fixit 12 years ago

      Chris, cheers that’s better than the one I put up but wasn’t on the odds site I use.

  11. joe knotts 12 years ago

    If u fancy messi to score paddy power have an interesting bet. Messi is 1/2 to score anytime but they have him at 5/6 to outscore drogba which might be better value.

  12. Callum Giffen 12 years ago

    just looking at the highlights of last weeks game and im xl my chelsea to qualify (maybe should not have watched it drunk lol) .

    Im gonna go for red card in the match at 2/1 . just think chelsea are infamous for when things go pear they lash out specially with messi on the call. 2/1 looks good value plus as well as being great footballers(barca) there also great play actors .

    2/1 red card

    • Mr Fixit 12 years ago

      Callum, as badly as Barca played last week and as well as Chelsea defended, the holders still missed five or snips. It’s Barca for me although I accept they have to improve on their last two showings.

  13. David Paterson 12 years ago

    Ah well Paul, Is it a nice course? Im off 24(so not that good either) just started playing again recently member of skelmorlie though.

    Em dont know if anyone has noticed but I think this is EASY MONEY. Betvictor offering a special on DRogba to be treated by the physio 11/8 for Drogba to be treated more than oncem by the physio.
    Got to be worth something.

    • Mr Fixit 12 years ago

      David, I’d put up some Drogba physio specials from Paddy Power although the way the game is going he might not get a touch. Re the golf, Largs is a cracking course in great nick, not far from you, so you should get down there if you can.

  14. Mr Chris Guy 12 years ago

    Barcelona to win in Extra Time is also a decent price of 14/1. If Chelsea play really tight then Barcelona may only win 1-0 which would take the game to extra time.

  15. joe knotts 12 years ago

    My bets for tonight – sanchez first goal (refundedif messi scores first) 5/1. Chelsea to get a red card 9/2. Barca to win and 3 or 4 goals in match 17/10. Good luck everyone!

  16. Kenny 12 years ago

    Could the commentator and knobhead neville be anymore biased? Not to mention the monkies at half time. Makes it all the more satisfying when their precious chelsea get cuffed :)

    • robert miller 12 years ago

      cant believe that comment about guys being biased, what are you expecting???, these commentators will have maybe managed some of these Chelsea guys and possibly socialised now and again

    • Mr Fixit 12 years ago

      Robert, we’re listening to English commentators. I’ve got used to it by now.

  17. Danny 12 years ago

    John Terry is a clown

    bye bye chelsea

  18. David moore 12 years ago

    Chris guy. That’s sick you had Sergio last week:(

    • Mr Fixit 12 years ago

      David, I remember that. Unreal. All over now anyway.

  19. joe knotts 12 years ago

    My sanchez first goal bet beaten. Chelsea red card is a winner. Barca win with 3 or 4 goals in match was looking good till ramires goal as there has to be more than one goal in second half. Profitable night either way so canny grumble.

  20. Mr Chris Guy 12 years ago

    I know, he was 90/1 on betfair and was going to stick £5 on him. Didn’t do it so gutted

  21. Mitch 12 years ago

    Was counting the minus 1 cash there surely they can’t hold on?

  22. Mr Chris Guy 12 years ago

    Think Barcelona will still win by at least 2

  23. Mr Chris Guy 12 years ago

    John Terry should be dropped from the team

  24. James C 12 years ago

    With Ivanovic and Bosingwa at Centre Half and Ramires at RB, I see it being at least 4-1.

    However, Barca -2 is a feeble 8/13 with WH

    • Mr Fixit 12 years ago

      James, it’s 8-13 for the reasons you give.

  25. Andy 12 years ago

    JT you cock! But ramires what a pair you got!!! Great goal

  26. Luke 12 years ago

    right, so this is an adults site, so I assume its ok for me to say, John terry you absolute C*NT!!! On another note, my prediction of both teams to score proved right!

    • Mr Fixit 12 years ago

      Luke, we’ll let it go with the asterisk but you’re right it’s a crazy thing to do.

  27. craig alves 12 years ago

    lampard shouldve been sent off there!!!

  28. robert miller 12 years ago

    went on to bet365 site at half time and Barca were 1/9 to qualify 10 mins to go and therr EVENS now

    • Mr Fixit 12 years ago

      Robert, can’t believe what happened. Barca ran out of ideas after Messi’s penalty miss.

  29. Danny 12 years ago

    did not see that coming

  30. Alex walker 12 years ago

    After that think i will give up gambling! Thats up with the liverpool come back in 2005!

  31. craig alves 12 years ago

    What will happen if chelsea win champs league to 4th spot in prem? be gutted for newcastle if they miss out. some game tho, well deserved.

  32. Andy 12 years ago

    3 Quid on chelsea +1 at half time. Jammy git

  33. Mitch 12 years ago

    Cant believe that barca blew it,never mind all the nonesense about a remarkable performance Chelsea put two lines infront of their goal and barca ran out of ideas. What happened to the stroked home pen, Messi deffo not the same guy the last few weeks.

    • Mr Fixit 12 years ago

      Mitch et all, it was and is a strange game which is why we are not all millionaires. If it’s as easy as that to stop Barca, with the two banks of four defenders, why don’t other teams stop them I wonder.

  34. Alex walker 12 years ago

    craig newcastle would go into europa league instead of champs league!

  35. Mr Chris Guy 12 years ago

    Football can be very strange at times. Oh well onto tomorrow then. Ronaldo first goal? Or Gomez. Think I’ll be taking the 5/2 with Boylesports which will be refunded if he scores second or perhaps I’ll stick him on with Ladbrokes at 11/4 and they will refund if Ribery scores at anytime.

  36. James C 12 years ago

    Wow. What a match. Glad I kept the funds firmly in my account mind you.

  37. robert miller 12 years ago

    the way Torres looked over his shoulder for a defender then dancrd round the keeper and then tapped it into the net was absolute top drawer at this level of competition and yes he cost 50 million and about time to

  38. craig alves 12 years ago

    cheers alez, thinks its too big an ask with injuries abd suspensions whoever they get in final but you never know

  39. Peter Brown 12 years ago

    Gutted was waiting on 3-1 correct score!!’ cheers messi!!! Lol

  40. Mitch 12 years ago

    Well think peps stock may have taken a bit of a knock there throwing Keita on at the end was very un barca and bit pointless if your not going to throw in crosses. Anyway Enuf of my moaning thot tomorrow’s match was much tougher to call so put my hard earned profits on Barca, watching brief for me tomorrow night!

  41. Kenny 12 years ago

    Why did they not just feckin shoot! Always looking for the perfect pass is what done them.

  42. Tommo 12 years ago

    Chris Guy, after Busquets tonight wee cover bet for Alonso first goal?? If I’m not mistaken you had him also at the weekend…

  43. Luke 12 years ago

    What a cracking performance and result!!! Get in you beauty!! As I said this morning, stakes should always be kept small in such a hard match to call! everyone had a warning from first leg to never write off Chelsea! Altho the final will be a very uphill task looking at the suspension and injury list!

  44. Luke 12 years ago

    First leg*

  45. Badham 12 years ago

    Stayed away from anything big on this game… Luckily… Went for a Basingstoke single @ 10/11 for £40 and Barcelona Chelsea draw and Bolton to win at Villa double for a fiver @ 20/1

    • Mr Fixit 12 years ago

      Badham, nice one with Basingstoke. Expected a draw at Villa because it was one they couldn’t afford to lose. Really bad result for Alex McLeish.

  46. joe knotts 12 years ago

    Chelsea 2-0 down and down to 10 men at the nou camp! Come back and draw 2-2, why do we gamble?!

    • Mr Fixit 12 years ago

      Joe, some you win some you lose. You’d get bored if you won every bet!

  47. Badham 12 years ago

    Yeah to be honest I did too but to boost the odds a bit I went for Boltona away it was only a fiver bet, under 2.5 goals seemed certain! I haven’t seen the highlights but what happened haha?

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