AL is attempting to play a private mrfixitstips poker online tournament which he has created on 888poker.

The tournament starts on Wednesday at 8pm and registration is now open.

Entry costs $5 and gets you 1500 chips. Another 3000 costs $5. If you have any queries Al will be happy to answer them.

1. Login to the lobby & click the ‘Private games' tab
2. Click ‘Join a game' and enter the game name & password as written below:
Game Name: mrfixitstips
Game Password: mrfixitstips

  1. 1plus2 7 years ago

    Lancey Howard AKA The Man will be attending

  2. Craig alves 7 years ago

    al have to get involved too if get the wee boy sleeping by then, not got account but will get one set up tomorrow

  3. H0tsh0t87 7 years ago

    I will definetly be involved in this haha

  4. AL (Phd) 7 years ago

    Nice one guys, hopefully be a good turnout!

    If you don’t have an account you can enter for free tonight as you get £12 free when you register, no deposit needed.

  5. Seamus 7 years ago

    Terrible at poker! Might give it a wee bash, it’s been a while :-)

  6. h0tsh0t87 7 years ago

    come on guys let gets some support for this tournament going . seriously $ 5-10 for a wee night playing poker and some good banter while watching the football on tv wat more could you ask for . i find it hard to beive that 100s of people enter all these comps on this site and post comments but only a few people can or are interested in a game of poker lol :p

    • Guido 7 years ago

      Sorry Hotshot87…got plehty vices, but poker not one…hope ya all enjoy! :-)

  7. Craig alves 7 years ago

    registered on phone but its playing up, not letting me log in so will get the laptop out later and get it working

  8. Craig alves 7 years ago

    logged in eventually on phone but can’t find private games, only getting beginners, cash and sit and go options. $8 in bankroll so at least tonights free

    • Milesey 7 years ago

      Craig, see where you have Beginners, Quick seat, All Games, My Favourites, PLAY WITH FRIENDS. click on PLAY WITH FRIENDS, then JOIN A GAME and enter the details in.


  9. h0tsh0t87 7 years ago

    milsey are you playing tonight ?

  10. Craig alves 7 years ago

    not got that on phone app milesey, only got 6 tables in beginners bit, 3 cash games and 3 sit and go wi different stakes

  11. Milesey 7 years ago

    AL do you have a tournament id for this game ?


    • AL (Phd) 7 years ago

      sorry been out milesy, details were posted my Mr Fixit at the top

      Game Name: mrfixitstips
      Game Password: mrfixitstips

      Good luck to all that play

  12. Milesey 7 years ago

    If we can get an ID, then just go into My Profile and find a tournament, and enter the id


  13. MUZZA 7 years ago

    Struggling to find the tourney AL???

  14. h0tsh0t87 7 years ago

    just go to play with freinds then enter tourney name


    password mrfixitstips simples

    • Mr Fixit 7 years ago

      Hotshot, hope you guys enjoy your poker. I’d love to get involved but need to keep an eye on the site and starting writing up the weekend articles.

  15. Milesey 7 years ago

    The phone app doesn’t have this option, so not SIMPLES !


  16. h0tsh0t87 7 years ago

    hahaha soz milsey didnt read everything right is there anyways i can get the id for you

  17. h0tsh0t87 7 years ago

    tourney id


    i hope that helps

  18. Milesey 7 years ago

    it should be in the lobby where you registered to enter the game….. if we have the id, then we can go into MY PROFILE, and FIND TOURNAMENT, and type in the id.


  19. MUZZA 7 years ago

    No option to do so……

    • Milesey 7 years ago

      In the LOBBY, top bar menu, MY PROFILE, CASHIER, SETTINGS etc…. Go into MY PROFILE, and then FIND A TOURNAMENT and type the id in !


  20. AL (Phd) 7 years ago

    For anyone struggling to find the game.

    When you sign in you’ll be in the lobby, look for PLAY WITH FRIENDS, click on that, then JOIN A GAME and enter the following

    Game Name: mrfixitstips
    Password: mrfixitstips

    The tournament will then appear and all you need do then is click register and be there at 8pm for the start.

    If you want to join late, I think you can up until the first break, I could be wrong though as this is the first time I’ve started a tournament!

    • Milesey 7 years ago

      AL, play with friends, isn’t on the phone app, that is the problem.


    • AL (Phd) 7 years ago

      Got you milesey, never played on the mobile app so can’t comment.

      Are you joining in the game? There’s only 3 of us in so far

    • Milesey 7 years ago

      Yes, just leaving work in 10, so don’t want to log on here for i won’t be able to log on when i get home, i’m not playing on the mobile app, others were having problems with it, i have it on my phone, but prefer to log on my lappy when i got home.


    • Mr Fixit 7 years ago

      AL, good luck with it and hope it goes well.

    • AL (Phd) 7 years ago

      Hope so, only 3 registered with just over an hour til play starts though, so not looking promising for a big turnout!

    • Mr Fixit 7 years ago

      AL, these things sometimes take time to get going. Problem tonight is there five SPL games so you may have lost a few there. Anyway Milesey’s going to be playing. Admin like the idea so we’ll maybe have a chat about promoting it.

    • Milesey 7 years ago

      five spl games ? what you saying ? they have all gone to bed for an early night ;) 5 spl games hahaha, joker, you not seen the quality of the cup games tonight ? ;)


    • Mr Fixit 7 years ago

      Milesey, yeah but most of our visitors are Scottish so I’m sure a few will be at games.

    • AL (Phd) 7 years ago

      That’s good then, I’m sure if there’s an official tournament through the site there will be a bigger turnout.

      Encourage folk to put a link up on their clubs chat rooms, forums, facebook ect & get some more entrants and more importantly for you some more traffic on your site!

  21. Milesey 7 years ago

    Ih the lobby push CONTROL+T and should bring up a box to type the id into !


  22. AL (Phd) 7 years ago

    ID is 45656007

  23. John Henderson 7 years ago

    Only poker sight i play on is 32red so sorry AL and good luck to all that play tonight.

    • AL (Phd) 7 years ago

      John, sign up to 888poker and you get $12 free, no deposit needed. If you fancy joining in

  24. Craig alves 7 years ago

    tourney winner = craigypoo haha

    I’m in but had to download on laptop to get into private tournament, 37 mins the countdowns on :)

  25. Milesey 7 years ago

    BRING IT ON – Erik Seidel is in the house ;) ;)

    think we should get something set up for thursday nights every week, thursday night is always a boring one ;) ;)


    • AL (Phd) 7 years ago

      Was just thinking the same thing milesey.

      Thurs 8pm & Sunday afternoon during super sunday I was thinking?

    • Milesey 7 years ago

      Think thursday nights would be a busy one, couldn’t see alot of people playing on a sunday, alot of family guys on here, so maybe out and about on a sunday.


  26. AL (Phd) 7 years ago

    Well done to MUZZA who was the winner of tonight’s poker tournament, winning $31.50. I picked up the runners up prize of $13.50.

    Turned out a really good game considering there was only 7 entrants!

    Are we going for it again tomorrow night? Or will we leave it until next week to start our weekly thursday night game?

    • Mr Fixit 7 years ago

      AL, glad it went well and hopefully be a regular feature.

    • Milesey 7 years ago

      Get abit of marketing going, and we’ll do it again next thursday, get promoting the event and get some more entrants it, and could be a good regular event.


    • AL (Phd) 7 years ago

      Sounds good to me milesey. Keep the stakes the same at $5 or make it $10?

      Can’t guarantee I’ll be able to play every week as I work offshore, I don’t mind setting it up though unless Mr F want’s to run it for the site himself?

    • Mr Fixit 7 years ago

      AL, set it up at the moment. I’ve got a meeting with admin next week and a poker tournament will be on the agenda.

    • Milesey 7 years ago

      keep them at 5 would get more people, and always can re buy but no one did tonight did they ?


    • MUZZA 7 years ago

      Couple did & boosted pot at break

  27. MUZZA 7 years ago

    Cheers lads. Good game, good game as Brucey would say!!

    • AL (Phd) 7 years ago

      yeah there was 1 rebuy & 2 add ons, or vice versa.

      Was a good game, expected it to be over quite quick with just the 7 of us

  28. AL (Phd) 7 years ago

    Will do, will use the same details as this week. Could you put up a thread again next week to advertise it?

    If you or the admin want to take over the running at anytime just let me know & I’ll cancel mine & leave it to you guys.

    • Mr Fixit 7 years ago

      AL, I’ll put up a thread until I speak to admin. Let me know if any info should be added to what was up tonight.

    • AL (Phd) 7 years ago

      Yeah no rush, can’t set it up until tomorrow as it only lets you plan 7 days ahead. Will give you the details once its set up

  29. Milesey 7 years ago

    I think AL should organise, but with the help of this site etc….. to promote it, AL did a good job tonight.


    • Mr Fixit 7 years ago

      Milesey, don’t have a problem with that. As I said we’ll see what we can do.

    • Milesey 7 years ago

      You got anything for the darts tomorrow night ?


    • Mr Fixit 7 years ago

      Milesey, not yet. Been trying to make a start on the weekend football because I’m golfing tomorrow and working Friday night so doesn’t leave me a lot of time.

    • AL (Phd) 7 years ago

      I don’t mind either way. If we get good regular numbers 888sport might give the site a one off or regular free tournament with a $250 prize pot, seen it done on football mad before, can’t remember if it was 888 or another poker firm though

    • AL (Phd) 7 years ago

      Obviously the more regulars entering the better! And with Mr F already involved with 888 its something that could happen I suppose

  30. 1plus2 7 years ago

    Just for the record AL and Muzza are River Flopping mutha feckers apart from that i had a good night ;-)

    • MUZZA 7 years ago

      Lol my ass!!!! Bad loser?? :-)

      Full,houses galore!

    • AL (Phd) 7 years ago

      1plus2 It’s not over til it’s over as they say!

  31. 1plus2 7 years ago

    Congratulations btw on your wing and a prayer poker strategy win ;-)

  32. Craig alves 7 years ago

    well done muzza, done me gd and proper wi that full house, thought a had it wi 3 of a kind but gonna be more conservative next time, treated that lke a game of zynga haha played other $3 that got free and got the hang of the times stakes go up etc, I’ll be back :)

  33. AL (Phd) 7 years ago


    I’m inviting you to play at my private ‘mrfixitstips’ tournament, which I just created on 888poker.

    The ‘mrfixitstips’ tournament starts on Mar 07, 20:00 (Mar 07, 20:00 GMT) and will be a weekly tournament every Thursday night at 8pm, the same game name & password will be used every week.

    If you don’t have an 888poker account already, download for free here:

    Remember if you don’t already have an 888poker account you get a free welcome bonus with no deposit needed, just click on the link above.

    Registration to the tournament is open now! All you need do is follow the steps below

    The tournament details here –

    1. Login to the lobby & click the ‘Play with friends’ tab
    2. Click ‘Join a game’ and enter the game name & password as written below:

    Game Name: mrfixitstips
    Game Password: mrfixitstips

    Entry costs jut $5, late registration is available up to 50 minutes after the tournament starts.

    Rebuy’s and add ons are available at $5 a time

    Any questions just ask and I’ll try to answer asap

    That’s it! Good luck!

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