OCTOBER continues to puzzle Johnb and his loss this month is now 37.15pts – but put in perspective he is 120pts up for the year which is a great stat.

Johnb says: It’s been ar from good this month and the standards I set myself makes it really disappointing but I always say it’s long term and yearly profits are still good.

John’s Friday Tips

Wetherby 2.15
Theatre Guide 4-1 NAP bet365

Uttoxeter 2.25
Pay Your Way 6-1 NB bet365

Theatre Guide & Pay Your Way 34-1 bet365

Breeders Cup Tips

Breeders Cup Juvenile Turf

Breeders Cup Juvenile Fillies Turf
LAST WALTZ 16-1 Bet365, Ladbrokes, William Hill

Breeders Cup Classic
KEEN ICE 12-1 Ladbrokes, Coral, BetVictor

Breeders Cup Double


  1. marc 12 months ago

    2pm n mobsta

  2. Phil 12 months ago

    Can’t wait to see the back of October. Fresh start on sunday

  3. bigbucks 12 months ago

    Noble Endeavour 3.15pm 10t11 1pt double with john bs tip thearte guide.(first time out, low stakes for me at this stage of jumps season)
    River purple cd winner 16t1 4.10pm uttox. 0.5ew

  4. bigbucks 12 months ago

    Breaders cup
    Liams map 4t6 banker 5pts
    Hard to look past legitissimo and American pharoe also Saturday.4pts

  5. bigbucks 12 months ago

    Harmonize at 5t1 1pt
    Judy the beauty at 5t1 2pts ew
    Both saturday breeders cup.
    Have to agree johnb on golden horn . just seen that and liams map.
    Conviced me to have a punt on your ew long shots
    Good luck all

  6. Bobman 12 months ago

    Johnb you fancy American pharoe?

  7. davyb 12 months ago

    berland 12.55 nm
    emerahiz 2.35 nm
    our gabrial 3.10 nm
    billy bond 4.40 wol

  8. fritz 12 months ago

    first post for a while Dream walker Nap 3.45 N/M Hold firm N/B 4.40 wol try an e/w double

  9. cooldude 12 months ago

    jimron are you 9/9 on your naps?

  10. Jimron12 12 months ago

    Vizier 14/1 12.25 np/ NB ew Friday feeling :)

    Looking forward to breeders :)

  11. Buzz 12 months ago

    I can not find Liam’s Maps anywhere in the Breeders? Anyone help?

  12. Jimron12 12 months ago

    Race six tomo noght

  13. Jimron12 12 months ago

    No my risk today didn’t pay off it went quite bad haha

    Rat got to me this week he changed my thought process stupid really back to normal Monday

    Already picked Liam’s map and American pharoe as a double staked double so won’t be backing anything major until Sunday now just the each way bet tomo and a Yankee Saturday

  14. Jimron12 12 months ago

    Mr f now your here any thoughts on nfl yet? Dolphins handicap win again for me 😉

  15. Buzz 12 months ago

    Thanks Jimron.

  16. cooldude 12 months ago

    John, you would imagine a trainer like Baffert would have a reasonably experienced work rider for such a high quality horse

  17. johnb 12 months ago

    In the breeders cup classic I have been leaning towards Keen Ice over the last couple of weeks,
    Watching previous races several times so I can just watch one horse at a time,
    I have been impressed with the way Keen Ice improves with every run

    In the Kentucky Derby American Pharoah beat Keen Ice 8.25 lengths

    In the Belmont it was 7.5 lengths between them

    Two runs ago that was down to 2.25 lengths

    Then last time out Keen Ice beat American Pharoah by 0.75 lengths
    That win was over the Classic distance and I think Keen Ice can improve again

    Keen Ice is the only horse to beat American Pharoah since his debut run back in August 2014

    Also how much will Thursday’s warm up run have taken out of American Pharoah
    Trainer Bob Baffert was fuming today with his work rider and gave him both barrels
    Today American Pharoah did two and a half laps of the track with his work rider and Baffert was heard by a lot of people blasting the jockey for running American Pharoah too far and too fast

  18. johnb 12 months ago

    He probably is experienced but don’t know what happened, whether it was a misunderstanding or the jockey deciding for himself to do it but Baffert certainly wasn’t happy

  19. Jimron12 12 months ago

    Is the wine taking effect or were you referring to cool dudes comment or am I up the wrong tree :)

  20. cooldude 12 months ago

    Jimron they dont call me mystic mac for nothing.
    At the end of the day, when my opponent steps inside the ring with me it’s not a fight, its a demolition job!

  21. bigbucks 12 months ago

    Great info on American phoaroh johnb.
    Sounds like he lapped up the lime light(jockey)

  22. DarkBlue62 12 months ago

    Done a trixie with the following

    Nolecce – 12:45 Uttoxeter
    Weetles – 12:55 Newmarket
    Suit Yourself – 13:15 Uttoxeter

    Good luck all.

  23. Jimron12 12 months ago

    American pharoah will be fine altho I will be having a saver on your johnb as you make a very good argument!

  24. Rookie 12 months ago

    13.25 Newm Only Mine 5/2
    15.50 DR Strong point 7/1
    12.55 Newm Maraakib 9/2
    16.40 Wolv Cahar fad 7/1

  25. Rookie 12 months ago

    Couple of goojs
    19.40 Wolv Seychelloise 5/2
    21.00 Dun Udogo 7/1

  26. Ryzo 12 months ago

    1.40 Wetherby forecast
    kapstadt & Hadfield

  27. boz 12 months ago

    Hi everyone

    Just Newmarket for the flat until this evening

    N 1.25 PRICELESS 13/8
    N 2.00 JUSTICE GOOD 13/8
    N 3.45 AFJAAN 13/8

    all prices for those three are corals

    N 4.20 BOBBY JEAN 10/1 e/w bet365 the more rain the better for this one.

    good luck everyone

    happy days

  28. davidt 12 months ago

    Hi johnb,

    The nap seems to be running in a really competitive race.

    Could you give a little more reason for yourselection please?

    Thamks mate

  29. jimron12 12 months ago

    Big shout at dunny tonight might have another yankee for you all later incorperating wolves dundalk and keeneland

    Downforce 6.50 been 9/4 i to 7/4 this morn get on now

    • boz 12 months ago

      jimron where do all these phone calls and big shouts come from you seem to get an awful lot

  30. Glasgowbhoy 12 months ago

    Who won 10.15 jebel ali?

  31. Duncan Poundcake 12 months ago

    Bloody rain Off the Ground 2.15 Weth GL

  32. hamish75 12 months ago

    BUZZ liams map is under his bed beside his dirty books ktf

  33. hamish75 12 months ago

    Jimron the big shout at dundalk who is doin the shoutin is it ur personal selections or inside informed ktf

  34. double carpet 12 months ago

    Morning all

    NAP ONEFITZALL 15/8 1.15 uttox
    NB ONLY MINE 9/4 1.23 new
    NNB BEARLY LEGAL 11/4 2.40 down royal

    Busy day ahead child minding hopefully free for Dundalk but already said to the wife DONT BE too long !!

    Best of luck to all

  35. The Postman 12 months ago

    12:25 Newmarket – Clear Cut (NAP)
    Drops in class to take this.

    1:25 Newmarket – Only Mine (NB)

    4:40 Wolverhampton – Hold Firm (each way)

    7:30 Keenland – Shogun (each way)

  36. mig 12 months ago

    just the one from me

    14.35 newmarket donna graciosa 10/1 ew

    gl all

  37. Alanm 12 months ago

    Nap Pairofbrowneyes 5/2 3.50 Down Royal
    NB Know your Name 4/1 5.40 Wolverhampton
    Dundalk later

  38. azz the wigan 12 months ago

    steuben 1.15 cooper 1.40 nap . tiny dancer 3.25 cruise in.style 4.10

  39. busstop 12 months ago

    Morning all

    All mine are at Uttoxeter today and all my own choices no tips shouts or phone calls so I only have myself to answer to win or lose.

    13.15 SUIT YOURSELF 4/1

    13.50 OUT OF THE MIST 4/1

    14.25 ARTHAMINT 100/30

    15.00 BRISTOL DE MAI 15/8

    gl all

  40. Barnsleylad 12 months ago

    Newm 3-10 paddy’s runner, uttox 3-35 magic money, newm 3-45 dream walker. Gl all.

  41. azz the wigan 12 months ago

    mujaamil 12.25

  42. boz 12 months ago

    de niros cousin

    nothing do with haters

    if someone makes out that a tip is info hes enticing people to bet bigger than they normally would.. so should explain where the info has come from so people know and decide if its real info or not

    he could cost people a lot of money
    so only asking a fair question when saying where does the info come from.

    certainly nothing personel just a honest fair question

    • boz 12 months ago

      one bet for me tonight


  43. jimron12 12 months ago

    Breeders cup ew yankee

    Hollywood don 7.30 20/1
    lea 8.10 6/1
    lasr waltz 8.50 20/1
    stopchargingmaria 10/1 9.35

    Evening yankee

    Downforce 6.50
    seychelouise 7.40
    liams map 8.10
    alice springs 8.50

    Good luck all if you like follow if you dont good luck with your picks!

    Gotta 11 quid rolling around be rude not to do a yankee

    Downforce 6.50 my pick anyone else sweet on anything today……

  44. boz 12 months ago

    ok jimron a friend of a friend so someone you dont even know

    dont think i would take it to serious then.

    good luck with your bets

    happy days

  45. jimron12 12 months ago

    Its a new guy who is friend of friend he gave me two of my 4 winners in my yankee wednesday at dunny….

    Money is there for it so someone else clesry fancies it im on it and isnt the number one rule only bet what you can afford chasing money only equals losing money….

    Boz/busstop im not taking it personaly dont worry and i still think you/r the master/s

    Good luck all

  46. jimron12 12 months ago

    In the end its an animal it can be laid out and be the best horse by a mile still has to win the race everyone including horses have days when they cba! Nothing is ever certain or my mortgage would of been finished years ago!

  47. de niro's cousin 12 months ago

    hope it romps home jimron. all over it

    • boz 12 months ago

      deniroscousin/jimron dont bet irish racing myself but its form looks good so i hope it wins for you like i say only asking where the shout came from which i believe to be fair question

      happy days

  48. Ew thief 12 months ago

    Morning all well done winners yesterday
    FINE BLEND 1.25N
    GL ALL

  49. johnb 12 months ago

    Too many tips yesterday and only winner was the Nap


    Creteil v Nimes 7pm

    CRETEIL over 1.5 goals 6/5 William Hill NB


    Deportivo La Coruna v Atletico Madrid 7:30pm

    ATLETICO over 1.5 goals 11/10 Coral NAP

    Double 3.3/1 Coral

  50. jimron12 12 months ago

    Boz it is perfectly valid its all there to see with this horse prefer that pick to my one i picked last night which is drifting way to much.

    Be happy with a good run and sneak a place at the moment ……..

  51. Kev 12 months ago

    Gonna have a go on nolece in next

  52. Gengarrrr 12 months ago

    Come on John im on the Nap and NB and have a E/W on hollywood don lets pull this month back

  53. Mig 12 months ago

    Gone for listen dear in the 1.30 Walsh and Mullins combo 15/8

  54. TomT 12 months ago

    DC: first class. Thanks

  55. SAV-DOG 12 months ago

    Thanks DC, top stuff.

  56. hamish75 12 months ago

    Deniros cuz wind yer neck in a didny ask u a? A asked jimron if it is own selections or does he get inside info personal selections r different from inside info nuffin sinister ktf boz asked the same.? Will no malice

  57. boz 12 months ago

    dc great going nap and nb gl with the other

    happy days

  58. TomT 12 months ago

    Azz, had a go on your nap, Cooper. Ran the last 3 furlongs like a drunk finding his way home but somehow held on – great shout.

  59. Haggis 12 months ago

    Brilliant Azz,cooper booom!thank you

  60. Mig 12 months ago

    Think whiteout has a good chance in the next at down royal 5/2

  61. TomT 12 months ago

    Great shout on Out of the Mist. Thanks Postman. I’ve just had 5 winners in a row – wish it was half-term every week.

  62. Tony87 12 months ago

    Great shout busstop,postman

  63. double carpet 12 months ago

    Thanks all for the comments. Fingers crossed for the last one.
    Some brilliant tipping on here so far today so big well done to everyone and gl for the rest of the day.

  64. azz the wigan 12 months ago

    no problem haggis .tom t .well.done dc postman busstop

  65. Phil 12 months ago

    Nice one johnb

  66. azz the wigan 12 months ago

    cheers boz

  67. Mig 12 months ago

    Well done johnb drifted nicely too had it in a Trixie with your other and listen dear so tidy profit today

  68. Mig 12 months ago

    Just saw the sp of 9/2 had 8s this morning up and down like a yoyo!

  69. azz the wigan 12 months ago

    well done john b excelent

  70. johnb 12 months ago

    Nothing special today with a 6/1 winner with a 10p rule 4 & a 3rd place but not complaining at getting a day in profit with the way this month is going

    3.4 point profit today
    October now a 33.75 point loss

  71. John Boy Walton 12 months ago

    Thanks Johnb well done.

  72. jimron12 12 months ago

    Well done lads!! Roll on 6.50 then get the breeders action! Likenthe fav in the 2.50!

  73. de niro's cousin 12 months ago

    nice one johnb

  74. -a-n-d-y- 12 months ago

    3.10 Newmarket PADDYS RUNNER 7/2

  75. -a-n-d-y- 12 months ago

    4.00 Wetherby BRUCE ALMIGHTY 5/4

  76. chris 12 months ago

    Nice 1 -a-n-d-y- i woz on it 😀

  77. swfc 12 months ago

    Nice1. Johnb thank you

  78. Yovan 12 months ago

    Well done to me (he pats himself on the shoulder) with Aloomomo. Nobody noticed easiest winner of the day.

  79. Jonny0902 12 months ago

    Well done everyone with winners today, didn’t manage to have a bet myself so sticking 3 on for tonight. Gl for tonight all

    5:10 w – KASHTAN….8/1
    5:50 d – INTENSE STYLIST…..4/1….nb
    7:20 d – BACK ON TOP…..7/2……Nap

  80. dougiec 12 months ago

    Hopefully back tomorrow,family illness more important,John Ward is a regular tipster on the Irish scene,including the RP napping Downforce so perhaps that’s the info friend of a friend. Ive backed Political Party and I never miss Floley/Halford AT Dundalk. Also look at Berry.
    PS Templegate noticed your tip Yovan.
    Well done with those with winners.Good to see no”steering jobs” tripe
    Gl this evening

  81. double carpet 12 months ago

    Evening all

    Have tried posting and it says comment accepted but nothing appearing so trying again.
    Just the 3 tonight at Dundalk as ive not had time to go through the card as its a toughy

    7.20 Dont be
    7.55 Primal snow
    9.00 Honor oak

    Enjoy the racing folks

  82. Barnsleylad 12 months ago

    Cheers johnb for winner. Well done all who managed a winner.

  83. johnb 12 months ago

    Saturday’s Tips

    Good Run 11/4 bet365

    Mon Successeur 7/4 NAP/NB bet365 (double stake)

    Good Run & Mon Successeur 9.31/1 bet365

  84. Gengarrrr 12 months ago

    for anyone who wants to know Hollywood Don is 25/1 with SJ

  85. Bertie 12 months ago

    Lol irish racing. AVOID like the plague !

  86. Jimron12 12 months ago

    Well that was shat

  87. Jimron12 12 months ago

    The source is now 2 outta 3 so he has one more chance then he’s gone !

  88. Jimron12 12 months ago

    Breeders only tonight now Hollywood in the first even though it’s drifting

  89. double carpet 12 months ago

    Ive gone for HIT IT A BOMB small win. Poor draw but think its o briens best chance of a winner

  90. Alanm 12 months ago

    Twistsandturns 8.30 Dundalk GL

  91. Ray 12 months ago

    Cheers for don’t be dc.
    Patent on your three.
    Also on jimrons ew as a treble
    Single on the big man’s pick
    Strong start. Fingers crossed. I’m due :)

  92. double carpet 12 months ago

    Glad you were on. Won well

  93. Kev 12 months ago

    Thanks for don’t be dc! On the Trixie also :)

  94. double carpet 12 months ago

    That was an incredible ride by Ryan Moore

  95. Jimron12 12 months ago

    Fav now at Wolves make up for don :(

  96. double carpet 12 months ago

    Fingers crossed mate

  97. Ray 12 months ago

    superb Ryan Moore

  98. Stueyp 12 months ago

    What a difference a jockey makes. Obviously Buick learnt nothing from his ride on Jack Hobbs and still tried to get a position from wide whereas Moore knows it’s pretty much impossible to use up that much petrol early and win and so sits out back and hopes for the gaps, what a jockey !! Buick not in his league.

  99. double carpet 12 months ago

    50/1 3rd lto. Sometimes this game is impossible

  100. double carpet 12 months ago

    Small ew Nedera 8.30. Won off 62 last year and off 53

  101. Jimron12 12 months ago

    Come on harmonize!!!

  102. Jimron12 12 months ago

    Honour oak!

  103. Jimron12 12 months ago

    I give up stop charging Maria or I’m going to bed!

  104. Rookie 12 months ago

    Wise words from papa smurf. Follow berry!!!
    Footy selections up on the footy thread dc/duncan and others. Including a 164/1 7 fold. -wouldnt want you to miss it! 😉

  105. double carpet 12 months ago

    Tempting accum. Will put mine up in a bit

  106. Rookie 12 months ago

    Cheers dc ive only staked £3 on it to return 500! Bit more on the treble as i think its solid.
    Look forward to seeing yours!

  107. Jimron12 12 months ago

    Post in here rookie!?

  108. double carpet 12 months ago

    Mine is up now

  109. Jimron12 12 months ago


  110. double carpet 12 months ago

    Nice one jimron

  111. V P 12 months ago

    Thank you Jimrom

  112. Jimron12 12 months ago

    12/1 is a hell of a price I was expecting 4s max glad wedding toast played into my hands and tried to win from the front!

    Cannot see goldie leggisstisimo or songbird and probably American pharoah losing tomo my have a big accy as I’m out tomo anyway wasting money !!!

    12/1 still cannot believe it for that!

  113. Jimron12 12 months ago

    West Ham
    Man city

  114. Rookie 12 months ago

    Backing arsenal twice? A brave man!

  115. Duncan Poundcake 12 months ago

    Wait for team news but Dover away to Tranmere who have injury worries look a big price @ 11/4 or 13/8 DNB
    Also Half a Sixpence 2.35 should be shorter than 9/2 ,4/1 imo
    Good Luck All

  116. Rookie 12 months ago

    Nice selections dc. I was also half interested in newport win btts but northampton have done me fairly well so far this season!
    Id just be wary about sheff wed as the mid week game may have taken its toll. Man city are also unpredictable. At first i thought it would be a hammering (possibly cover -3) but i just dont know!so i wish u well but i dont think il have a bet on that game

  117. Jimron12 12 months ago

    I’ll find out about Newport my mTe is the Gk coach he reckons there garbage i wouldn’t back them….

    And Arsenal I didn’t type twice altho I think they will win haha!

  118. double carpet 12 months ago

    Newport have won their last 2 games scoring 6 goals and cinceeding 1. Yes they were away from home and they are home tomorrow but at the odds i think theyre worth a shot. Hopefully they score first then ill cover.
    Sheff wed are 10 unbeaten and yeah Rookie you could be right about the midweek game but that was tuesday so they should have recovered and they werent exactly put to the sword by arsenal who were just awful.
    Anyway just my thoughts
    Best of luck guys

  119. Jimron12 12 months ago

    I’ll have an answer regarding Newport in the morning!

    Two off my tracker

    Daqeeq 5.45 again a very short price will just watch this and enjoy a good horse

    Padge 1.45 currently 6/1 ground may not be soft enough but keep or put in your trackers as the weather gets worse it’s gonna win! If it wins tomo it may have more class than I thought!

  120. Jimron12 12 months ago

    West Ham unbeaten against Watford since 1985
    Stoke are due a decent game but then so are Newcastle so back draw no bet Stoke

    Same for pool back then draw nor bet

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