JOHNB got back to form in style on Monday with his NB dashing to victory after being advised at 6-1.

The nap could only manage second place but it was still a day of profit and well done all who provided winners on the thread.

Johnb’s Tuesday Tips

Wolverhampton 2:55
Soul Searcher 3-1 NAP paddy power skybet 10bet

Pontefract 5:10
Lillian Baylis 5-2 NB paddy power

Double 13-1 paddy power 

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  1. The taxman 1 year ago

    It’s on!

  2. vinchenzo 1 year ago

    c’mon nap

  3. ConnorMcv7 1 year ago

    great pick on Beijing star john b. I really am astounded it won though after showing no obvious potential in all its races so far. Some might even go as far to say it was a “donkey”. But as usual u come up with the goods. May I ask what criteria u used to pick this horse as I really don’t see how anyone could have picked it ?

  4. philip 1 year ago

    I’d like to know you John b picked that one ! 100-1 in two of its races, finished 3rd to last in all of them. It was well wrong at the weights with this mornings fav which eventually drifted to an unbelievable 7-1 while the tip won backed into 7-2. It can’t possibly a form tip. Must be inside knowledge of the highest order.

  5. Mick 1 year ago

    3,55 wolv Supper speed

  6. davyb 1 year ago

    soul searcher 2.55 wol beauty forte 1.55 wol lilian baylis 510 pon Compton prince 5.50 bri

  7. Eye on the prize 1 year ago

    City of stars 210 ponte
    First nursery of the season and applebys runner already been backed from 12s into 8s

  8. arsie 1 year ago

    Boogangoo 8/1 4.25 wolv

  9. arsie 1 year ago

    Temptress 11/8 3.10 ponti

  10. Rookie 1 year ago

    18.40 Utt Adios Alonso 9/2
    18.20 Bri Belle Dormant 9/2
    14.25 Wol Seek the fair land 11/4
    17.25 Wol Black Truffle 9/2

    E/w fancies
    20.45 Utt Miss Sassypants 10/1
    20.15 Utt Spin Cast 10/1

  11. swany 1 year ago

    Pont 3-10 Gratzie nap

    Pont 4-10 Sifter nb

  12. busstop 1 year ago

    Hi all winner yesterday 11/2

    UTTOX 19.15 REGAL PARK 3/1
    UTTOX 21.15 KINARI 7/1

    All price i have took bet365

    gl all

  13. Tony R 1 year ago

    I’m on JohnB’s selections and an EW Lucky 15..

    WOL – Danzoe 7/1
    PON – Slingsby 8/1
    WOL – Waterloo Dock 14/1
    ROS – ColdStoneSober 10/1

    Good luck!

  14. dougiec 1 year ago

    Morning all,time to follow Johnbs,davyb,ew thief,renson and busstops lead to mention a few who at least got a winner yesterday.
    NB….COLDSTONESOBER..7.05..Roscommon and throw in WELCOMETOTHEJUNGLE..8.45..Uttoxeter

  15. the watcher 1 year ago

    Imperial link.
    4-25 Wolverhampton.
    16-1 each way
    Overpriced !

  16. Lee7 1 year ago

    JohnB where are you getting and when did you get 3/1 on soul searcher?? It’s never been that max has been 15/8 last night

  17. PeteT 1 year ago


    It was 3/1 last night on Bet365 and Betfair. Cant comment on other sites. Bet365 shows it drifted to 2/1 and now 15/8.

    Quite common for John B’s picks to drop in price which makes getting on early important

  18. SergioRush 1 year ago

    Lee7 I got 9/4 on Paddypower a couple of hours after the thread was started

  19. Haggis 1 year ago

    NEUTRON BOMB 4.25 wolves NAP

  20. arsie 1 year ago

    I got 3/1 last night bet365 on soul searcher

  21. Ew thief 1 year ago

    Morning lads
    LOGANS LAD 2.25W
    GL ALL

  22. arsie 1 year ago

    Welsh inlet 8.25 brighton 11/4

  23. scouse mike 1 year ago

    Right there is a radiculously priced horse racing today called no poppy. Currently 33-1 this horse has a place chance and is worth a punt. 3.10 pontefract hope everyone has a punt at this . Ive just done 3quid ew will return 124 if wins. 20 quid for the place . Cant argue with that

  24. Luke A 1 year ago

    When will people learn to not question the odds Johnb quotes? Getting tiring that the odd person questions if the odds quoted ever existed. Johnb has never been found out to have quoted odds that were never available

  25. scouse mike 1 year ago

    My double today is the first two at pontefract
    2.10 city of stars
    2.40 lackaday

    these will drop in price once seen in oaradr ring so dnt leave too late

  26. rawcs 1 year ago

    wheel barrow at the ready for lillian baylis today

  27. scouse mike 1 year ago

    Arsie welsh inlet is a great shout. Cant see anythin comin close to him tonight

  28. blinkerz 1 year ago

    Queen aggie 2.25

    nap 11/2

  29. arsie 1 year ago

    Lets hope so scouse mike

  30. scouse mike 1 year ago

    Queen aggie has weight on him tho. Commanche looks a better bet bkinkers. Even the fave seek the faurland is same weight from last win temptin. Queen aggie looks week to me but ye never know

  31. scouse mike 1 year ago

    And queen aggie runs 1mile norm….half the dustance big gamble

  32. The milkybar kid 1 year ago

    Need picansort in the 5.50 at bev to complete a double with red cape that just won at 16/1 how do people rate picansort a chances.

  33. Tipstar 1 year ago

    What’s happening at Wolverhampton? Why has the 2:25 still not been run?

  34. bobo 1 year ago

    2 Jockeys hospitalised hence the delay.

  35. bobo 1 year ago

    Golden horn rated 130 same as frankel nice.

    • the watcher 1 year ago

      Same as Frankel, joke.
      Who came up with that,
      Horn has beaten 1 top class horse, jack Hobbs in the derby, and is now rated the same as the greatest horse for many generations.

  36. Tipstar 1 year ago

    Cheers Bobo. Hope they’re ok. It puts losing the odd tenner in to perspective.

  37. Dariusz 1 year ago

    Racing at Wolverhampton has been delayed by half an hour due to a nasty incident in the first race.

    The Bryan Smart-trained Cumbrianna, ridden by Connor Beasley, fell, bringing down Martin Dwyer on Sarah Hollinshead’s Bilash in the Wolverhampton Tips At bookies.com Handicap.
    Dwyer was stretchered off the track, but an air ambulance was called for Beasley which caused the delay to proceedings.

    Cumbrianna was put down following the incident.

    Both jockeys are reported to be conscious, with Dwyer taken by road to New Cross Hospital, in Wolverhampton.

    Source: http://www1.skysports.com/racing/news/12426/9905952/wolves-incident-causes-delay

  38. Tipstar 1 year ago

    Big gamble on Sarpech in the Naps race….

  39. Jamie 1 year ago

    Busstop can you advise nap and nb

  40. Tipstar 1 year ago

    Nice one JB.

  41. DK 1 year ago

    Nice one johnb

  42. joshyb 1 year ago

    Get in John b had the forecast aswell so happy days

  43. Dariusz 1 year ago

    Sarpech thought it was a 5f race.

    Thank you JohnB. Soul Searcher won in style.

  44. WESLEY WEST 1 year ago

    Johnb the apple of my eye. Thanks very much sir, the best tipster about. Hoist up the Johnb sail

  45. craigyboy 1 year ago

    Beautiful John B

  46. boz 1 year ago

    B 7.25 Precision Five

    B 7.55 Medicean Melody nb

    B 8.25 Juventas nap

    good luck everyone

    happy days

  47. Wmcg1978 1 year ago

    Ewthief had yours in an e/w treble. So far so good, Great stuff and gl with the last

  48. joshyb 1 year ago

    One for the tracker there lads at wolves guilty twelve

  49. luigi 1 year ago

    18:10 keyss NAP!
    trainer just put a big bet!

  50. Ew thief 1 year ago

    Well done johnb very easy winner gl look
    YOJOJO 7.25
    BYRD IN HAND 7.55B
    OLNEY LASS 8.25B
    Gl all for nightshift

  51. Kev 1 year ago

    What a horse pumaflor!!

  52. luigi 1 year ago

    thank you dougie!!

  53. markytee 1 year ago

    did you get info Luigi?

  54. Ew thief 1 year ago

    Nice one dougie

  55. Dariusz 1 year ago

    Lilian Baylis!! What a finish! Loved that!

  56. Adi 1 year ago

    Horns the first 3 y/o since frankel to be 130 rated, frankel reached 137!

  57. DK 1 year ago

    Johnb MBE

  58. joshyb 1 year ago

    Woooooooooooooooo had 20 on the nose

  59. barry67 1 year ago

    Cheers johnb 5er double with oumaflor and lilian baylis

  60. Dugclark 1 year ago

    Boom JohnB. Thought he had made a mistake being so far back but think he got up in the end

  61. Tipstar 1 year ago

    Yes, get in. Was sweating there. Great double JB.

  62. WESLEY WEST 1 year ago

    Excellent Johnb. Thanks sir

  63. joshyb 1 year ago

    What a finish that was didn’t think was winning 2 out

  64. Liam 1 year ago

    cheers johnb, was on double

  65. dave 1 year ago

    Sensational again johnb

  66. arsie 1 year ago

    Well done jb .

  67. Duncan Poundcake 1 year ago

    Double happy GL.

  68. Martin 1 year ago

    Well done John b quality.

  69. luigi 1 year ago

    wow big pocket right now thnku john and dc

  70. Ew thief 1 year ago

    Nice double johnb

  71. Unlucky15 1 year ago

    GET IN!! Nice one John B

  72. Super Wall 1 year ago

    Just bagged a nice double thanks JB

  73. joshyb 1 year ago

    Gutted though has treble officer Sydney althania and Lillian bayliss 2 out of 3 officer Sydney came 2nd by a neck. Ah well that’s ya luck Lillian bayliss won by a neck so as they say what goes around comes back around

  74. swfc 1 year ago

    Great stuff johnb. U’r the man. Thank you

  75. Alex 1 year ago

    Nice John!

  76. dougiec 1 year ago

    Strictly first class double Johnb well done and davyb.
    Onwards.Everyone in profit now this week.

  77. The taxman 1 year ago

    Lol you are my world johnb!

  78. Billy Marshall 1 year ago

    First time ever looked at johnb s racing tips , did straight double and both won , nice one john , I’ll be back tomorrow

  79. Dynamo 1 year ago

    Cheers again JB!

  80. cobramint 1 year ago

    Johnb at the double AGAIN! top work. Thanks

  81. joshyb 1 year ago

    Black truffle in the next at wolves

  82. dougiec 1 year ago

    Gl with Just Marion Ew thief would make nice priced treble

  83. Duncan Poundcake 1 year ago

    Belle Dormant 6.20 Bri and Welsh Inlet 8.25 Bri ,add Boz tip in the 7.25 for a patent
    Well done today all winners ,and Thanks Dougie.

  84. Deeman 1 year ago

    Keys is a NR

  85. billy blues 1 year ago

    brilliant johnb simply the best

  86. TheHawk 1 year ago

    Trainer will get his money back then lucky him :)

    Well done JB top class :)

  87. Duncan Poundcake 1 year ago


  88. Chris G 1 year ago

    Great shout on Black Truffle Rookie

  89. rawcs 1 year ago

    i want a johnb poster for my bedroom wall

  90. Deeman 1 year ago

    Think I’ll go with precision 5 in 7.25 tonight

    Backed it at 10/1 at ling field last time out

    Good horse

  91. Yovan 1 year ago

    Just in to see winning double. Well done JB!

  92. Alex MS 1 year ago

    Thanks very much johnb. Superb! Knew you would come good again with double after being close yesterday. What a credit to this site :-)

  93. Duncan Poundcake 1 year ago

    Belle Dormant, shocking effort, sorry

  94. Alex 1 year ago

    Alot of favourites have won today. Not happy about that really. Aha

  95. Gee G 1 year ago

    New thread up lads. Nap/nb dropped a tad already.

    • Profile photo of Mr Fixit
      Mr Fixit 1 year ago

      Gee G, Johnb’s struggling to comment so tips are going via Scott. Gale Force was 11-4 at 5.50pm but dropped to 5-2 by 6.05pm.

  96. dougiec 1 year ago

    Nice 9/1,10/1 and 4/1 EW Thief Well done,Truffles for Rookie with Silver Star for 6/1 Great stuff

  97. Duncan Poundcake 1 year ago

    Luigi ,trainer backed the wrong one of his horses ?

  98. Deeman 1 year ago

    Photo finish with precision 5 :(

  99. luigi 1 year ago

    yeah he is so pissed right now

  100. Mydogmoo 1 year ago

    Duncan Proudcake, What is Luigi on? as if !!

  101. Rorywhite91 1 year ago

    Flamensbay in the last for me 9/2 nap

  102. Boz 1 year ago

    Juventas NAP wins 3/1.

    Happy days

  103. Deeman 1 year ago

    Nice one boz

    Changed my mind at the last minute and went with the old mare

    Should have went with the bozman

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