MY only advised bet on Tuesday was a goals treble and maybe it should have been an unders treble.

After my unders fourfold won on Monday I correctly picked unders at Slovenia and Belarus but was let down by taking overs at Wembley.

At least Wayne Rooney scored to break Sir Bobby Charlton's record. I advised that at 6-5 and flagged up Ladbrokes' 3-1 offer.

My Super Single in today's Daily Record was Montenegro at 21-20 and while I tipped them here I didn't make them the single as I'd already decided not to put up any more until Friday.

Overall it wasn't a bad night unless you are Swedish and their 4-1 home defeat to Austria was a shocker.

I've got a couple of meetings on Wednesday and playing golf on Thursday so I'm not putting up any top tips until Friday. The two main Hearts bets I posted can be backed at bigger prices with all firms not advertising their odds.

It's not the same for the two Rangers handicap bets with those prices having fallen sharply as expected.

The games that are on I'd need to spend hours researching them and I'd prefer to focus on my weekend selections and column.

Anyone who sees something they like on Tuesday is welcome to comment with some cup early-round cup games in countries such as Spain and Turkey. I'm not tempted – not even by the Welsh League Cup clash between Holywell and Buckley.

Later this week I'll be starting a debate on long odds v bankers so watch out for the post.


2.5pts Super Single

Hearts (Friday)
(6-4, bet365)
Now 31-20, bet365

2.5pts Super Single

Hearts to score 2+ (Friday)
(29-20, William Hill)
Now 31-20 Coral

5pts Super Single

Hearts draw no bet (Friday)
(4-5, Ladbrokes)

3pts Super Single

Rangers -2 (Sat)
(13-10, bet365)
Now 20-21, Betfred

2pts Super Single

Rangers -3
(3-1, bet365)
Now 9-4, BetVictor, McBookie

September Super Single record

9 bets (3 winners, 6 losers)
Profit: 0

Advised Accas

13 bets (2 winner, 11 losers)
Profit: 0

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  1. Peterb 3 years ago

    Anything worth a punt tonight guys

  2. craigyboy 3 years ago

    Ecuador over 1.5 TG

  3. craneguy 3 years ago

    11 pm lucky 15

    Bahia btts 11/10
    bragantino overs 11/10
    circiuma btts 8/11
    santa cruz btts 10/11

    3.75pts out, max return 18.81pts

    just looking at the o/nite world cup qualifiers in NA atm, any thoughts anyone? Canada look a sick on v belize for goals me thinks………..

  4. craigyboy 3 years ago

    Ecuador over 1.5 TG


  5. Shaun tanner 3 years ago


    Bahia v Macae. BTTS 6/5. BTTS & over 2.5 mg 7/4. SPLIT STAKE 80/20. Brazil 11pm.

    Bragantino v ABC. BTTS 5/6. Over 2.5 mg 43/40. SPLIT STAKE 80/20. Brazilm 11pm.

    Cerro Porteno v Sportivo Luqueno. Cerro over 1.5 team goals 8/11. Paraguay 12am.

    San Jose v Real Potosi. Over 2.5 mg 7/10. Bolivia 1am.

    4-FOLD on all main bets 10.84/1.

  6. Frastar 3 years ago

    Any tips/thoughts on Usa and Argentina games. Thinking of doing an over 2.5 goals double.

  7. Alex 3 years ago

    Followed your Brazil recommendations chaps but gone for O2.5mgs in all 4 games L15 £15 stake returns £96

    And also all the same games O1.5mgs fourfold acca £10 returns £55

    GL all

  8. craneguy 3 years ago

    nite owl, ps wit a know aboot the N&CA WCQ is aboot as much as a know aboot takin super models up the toon an showin them a guid time of a saturday evening………

    Canada overs 4/5

    Haiti o3.5mgs 15/8
    canada win btts 5/2
    nigaragua o3.5mgs 6/4
    Guatemala o3.5mgs 7/4

    2.25pts out, max returns 34.18

  9. Alves 3 years ago

    last bet of the night USA to score 2+ 9/4

  10. craigyboy 3 years ago

    USA v Brazil
    Over 2.5 goals

    Nicaragua v Jamaica
    Over 2.5 goals

    Bet Victor

    • Nick 3 years ago

      Been looking at that game myself too, can imagine Neymar will be fired up and ready to go after being benched last game!
      Waiting for team news before I bet though.

  11. Jordan 3 years ago

    World Cup Qualifier – 2:30AM

    Nicaragua/Jamaica BTTS @ 20/23 @ 10Bet – 1.44 points

  12. Jordan 3 years ago

    ‘The Nicaraguan Football Federation and the police say they have reinforced all their protocols for Tuesday’s Nicaragua-Jamaica match which they are treating as a high-risk game.

    According to reports in the Nicaraguan media, about 18,000 fans are expected to watch the match from the National Football Stadium in Managua.

    Some 730 police personnel are to be deployed and 60 members of the Nicaraguan Red Cross.

    Several security measures have been announced including the banning of flares, pyrotechnics, and the sale of alcoholic beverages.

    Additionally, coins, knapsacks, knives and other objects will be barred.’

    Nice to know knives are being additonally barred tonight for the high risk game, because knives are ok to bring to any other game haha, ffs.

  13. Harry 3 years ago

    Anyone backing Brazil? Won the last 9 meetings with USA dating back to 1998. Of course team news is key but was just wondering

    • Jack 3 years ago

      Debating it Harry mate. Brazil haven’t conceded much though under this manager and USA seem to be free scoring so where do you go!? Carry on with the rolling bets mate they seem to be going well generally!

  14. craneguy 3 years ago

    oooft a macae goal wid be lovely noo fur ma 11 pm L15, 3 in but sees nice profit……… :D

  15. Harry 3 years ago

    Probably best left alone then haha. Cheers will try and post more in play stuff like that on here. Perfect to kill boredom and build up a bank slowly with small risks

  16. Harry 3 years ago

    One bet I’ve found for tomorrow in Romania, I’ll post again in the day

    CSMS lasi v CFR Cluj

    Over 2.0 Goal Line

    1.750 bet365

  17. craneguy 3 years ago

    11 pm lucky 15

    Bahia btts 11/10 LOST
    bragantino overs 11/10 WON
    circiuma btts 8/11 WON
    santa cruz btts 10/11 WON

    3.75pts out, max return 18.81pts

    returned 5.9pts …………

  18. Nick 3 years ago

    Apparently Neymar has been benched again!
    Not completely confirmed yet though, I hope he hasn’t!

  19. Danny T 3 years ago

    Paris St-Germain defender Thiago Silva, 30, feels the transfer fees paid by both Manchester United and Manchester City this summer are bordering on “the edge of madness”

    Yeah because the reasonably priced David Luiz aka sideshow bob isn’t haha

  20. Jordan 3 years ago

    Thiago Silva aka The Butch Dyke.

  21. Jordan 3 years ago

    Danny just seen our favourite band are playing a set in Aruba tonight ;)

  22. Danny T 3 years ago

    Jordan hahahaha might have to back them to grab a goal then lol. They did me a good turn in the past ;-)

  23. Danny T 3 years ago

    Can’t find any odds I see they are one nil down though

  24. Nick 3 years ago

    Hulks got 2 in 2 for Brazil now that he’s starting upfront!

  25. Jordan 3 years ago

    Peru have had 9 attempts at goal. 4 on, 5 off. BTTS @ 13/8 @ WillHill – 1 point

  26. Danny T 3 years ago

    6/5 for the USA to get one is also an ok price but I am not getting in as I haven’t done enough looking in to it

  27. Jordan 3 years ago

    This Peru game is more open than Katie Price!

  28. strikeg 3 years ago

    Argentina v Mexico over 2.5 goals
    Argentina hit Bolivia for 7 last game and I reckon they will score few more against Mexico.

    Nicaragua v Jamaica over 2.5 goals
    Last match between the two sides resulted in 5 goals and I see goals in that game.

    Costa Rica v Uruguay BTTS
    Last 4 meetings saw both teams score so another game should have goals.

  29. Danny T 3 years ago

    Jamaica have an early goal Jordan just need Nicaragua now

  30. Jordan 3 years ago

    This ones being played in high altitude Danny so odds in our favour now. Fingers crossed.

  31. Nick 3 years ago

    Cameron trying to claim he didn’t touch Neymar hahahah

  32. Nick 3 years ago

    12 N. Guzmán
    15 M. Demichelis
    3 F. Roncaglia
    17 N. Otamendi
    16 M. Rojo
    14 J. Mascherano
    5 F. Gago
    19 É. Banega
    10 L. Messi
    18 C. Tevez
    21 Á. Correa

    Glad to see Correa is getting some playtime after what he’s been through!

  33. Jordan 3 years ago

    Used to be my FIFA diamond, Nick. Think he scored against Bolivia too. HE still at Atletico?

    • Nick 3 years ago

      Yea, on his medical from San Lorenzo they found a tumour on his heart so he had to have heart surgery. Took him out for 6 months but seems like he’s back and ready to go again!

  34. Danny T 3 years ago

    Peru from the spot

  35. Gem 3 years ago

    Thanks for the Peru tip Jordan, got them @2/1 :)

  36. Jordan 3 years ago

    Peru have had 9 attempts at goal. 4 on, 5 off. BTTS @ 13/8 @ WillHill – 1 point **WIN**

    Hit 5/1 just before the penalty and very nearly put another point on!

  37. Ritchie 3 years ago

    Craigyboy-Thanks for Brazil game over.

  38. Jordan 3 years ago

    Craigyboy-Thanks for Brazil game over.

  39. Nick 3 years ago

    Gone for o3.5 in the Argentina game, probably wont come in but its small stakes! :P

  40. Nick 3 years ago

    Looks like city have bought a great defender…

  41. Danny T 3 years ago

    Curaçao really mocking on the door here small stake at 9/2 for them to grab a goal

  42. Nick 3 years ago

    Better late than never 2-2 in the 88th minute. ;)

  43. gary mcharg 3 years ago

    £2 on the draw at 25/1 ..was waiting on argentina for £73 made my night worth staying up for.

  44. gman 3 years ago

    £2 on argentina draw 25/1 when 2-0 down made up for waitn on argentina win to complete 6fold from monday for £73 from a £5 bet..better than nothing

  45. craigyboy 3 years ago

    USA v Brazil
    Over 2.5 goals

    Nicaragua v Jamaica
    Over 2.5 goals


  46. Hampy 3 years ago

    Kashima antlers -1.5ah
    Albirex niigata -1.5 ah

    Pays evens both should win comfortably thia morning in japan cup

  47. WasClueless 3 years ago

    Hampy – looks a good shout … will give that a go – good luck!

  48. Hampy 3 years ago

    Wc didnt want to go for goal lines in this case as both played a fair few games recently but i feel theyl both win at least 2-0. Should be a routine comfortable win for both.

  49. Marco 3 years ago

    For once, International break has been very kind. 5/1 unders win on Friday, 8/1 accumulator on Sunday, then last night I was on England to win and Rooney AGS.

    As usual, a lot of great advice gained from Mr.F and Greg, as well as the regulars on the comments section so this is just a quick thanks to everyone on the site!

    Also, all the people who complain when their bets don’t come in, get a grip, no ones holding a gun to your head, and no one is making you visit the site.

    Taking a break now until Friday when I’m heavily on the Hearts match from the profits of the England game!

  50. Greg Browning 3 years ago

    The international break is now over :) back to real football :)

  51. Donny 3 years ago

    Is it true Niigata are playing tomorrow in s league? There are two teams with same name?

  52. ryan 3 years ago

    I’m looking forward to the debate on long odds vs bankers

    Tonight for example, all of my main bets failed yet somehow I landed a 20/1 treble and a 12/1 in play quad but of course, I only had a euro on both.

    I cannot tell you how many times I’ve seen 2 or 3 bets fail by 1 goal, 3/1 shots with a tenner on them and then land a speculative 4 fold at 20/1 with a pound on it! I had draws in the games at Panama, Colombia and a Brazil away win. 2 minutes research and there you go.

    In the coming days, I may begin my own experiment of using 50% of my betting bank on my “deadly doubles” ie, good chance of winning bets and perhaps 25- 50% on a variety of small, longer odds bets and see which side finishes up more profitable over a month.

  53. John James 3 years ago

    Morning Mr Fixit
    Thanks again for your excellent tipping last night.
    Maybe the following will contribute too your upcoming debate on long shots v bankers.
    Whenever I look at your excellent tips I back them with an insurance policy too put the odds in my favour and not the bookies.
    So for example last night I placed the following bet :
    The England match over 1.5 goals (as opposed too over 2.5
    Belarus match under 3.5 goals (as opposed too under 2.5)
    And the Slovenia match the same
    The treble paid 6/5 and landed relatively comfortably
    My £100 stake returning £220
    So for me personally it has too be higher stakes,less bets and a higher percentage of winners which for me avoids the demoralisation of having a string of long shot losers!
    Thanks again

    • Author
      Mr Fixit 3 years ago

      John James, that’s a good way to do it but the debate is more about who backs long shots and why and who backs short odds and why.
      Will try to post it today with nothing much on.

  54. Mr H 3 years ago

    Donny they are from the same organization but use completely different squads. They also have a squad based in Barcelona and the most recent addition in Cambodia. Football is just one of a few sports the organization is involved in. They also have a basketball team in the comically named BJ League

  55. SeanB 3 years ago

    Hampy – Sorry if this question has been asked a hundred times before but I’m really struggling with Asian Handicaps. Why is -1.5 better odds than -1.0 when it’s effectively the same thing?

    • Author
      Mr Fixit 3 years ago

      SeanB, the difference between Asian -1.5 and -1 is your bet wins or it loses – there is no draw (stake returned). It’s actually simpler to work out.

  56. WasClueless 3 years ago

    Going to have a go at a u19 > 2.5 MGS Treble
    Keflavik, Fjolnir (ICE), Waasland-Beveren (BEL)

  57. Donny 3 years ago

    Thanks. Line ups just announced and there are some youth players for albirex with one 16 year old and one 17

  58. craigyboy 3 years ago

    On your bet Hampy but I’ve gone for the slightly more ambitious -1.5, 2.0

  59. Fraser 3 years ago

    Hampton what betting site are you using? I’m on ladbrokes but only basic bets available

  60. Antonio 3 years ago

    What y’all think of suwon bluewings away to busan park?

  61. Mr H 3 years ago

    A word of warning too Antonio and others looking at the Japanese and South Korean games…these nations were involved in WCQ up until yesterday so some squads maybe be depleted due too international callups so some games may not be as straight forward as they would be usually be…bet with caution

  62. craigyboy 3 years ago

    Hume City v Meblbourne
    Over 1.5 FHG

  63. Spliff 3 years ago

    Hello all. Today I will try this:

    Japan Emperor Cup

    Over 2.5 Treble


    Odds are about 2.6

    Home wins treble

    Roasso Kumamoto
    Nagoya Grampus
    Vissel Kobe

    Odds are about 3.83

    GL if you follow

  64. Antonio 3 years ago

    Ok thanks Mr H

  65. craigyboy 3 years ago

    Hume City v Meblbourne
    Over 1.5 FHG

    ***WIN*** 1-1, 26 mins

  66. Sean 3 years ago

    Anyone else not find the Japan games on 365? Or just me?

    • -a-n-d-y- 3 years ago


      in-play just now. Kicked off at 11am.

    • -a-n-d-y- 3 years ago


      in-play just now. Kicked off at 11am.

  67. Jordan 3 years ago

    World Cup Qualifier – 2:30AM

    Nicaragua/Jamaica BTTS @ 20/23 @ 10bet – 1.44 points **LOSE**

    Minimal profit last night with Perus late penalty. All £1.80 of it :)

  68. ricky48 3 years ago

    if a first goalscorer is subbed before the first goal Is that a losing bet probably a silly question but just before I bin the slip

  69. Capone31 3 years ago

    Kashima and Shimizu over 1.5 fhg @4.51/1 get in :)

  70. Kwo 3 years ago

    Anyone fancy an over 2.5 double in the Czech Youth League at 2pm? Just over EVENS for the double.

  71. Harry 3 years ago

    Few things I like today after sieving through the sh*t. Will post some reasoning too hopefully, not that it’s made much difference yesterday!!

  72. ricky48 3 years ago

    thot that just wanTed 2 double check cheers mrf

  73. Jordan 3 years ago

    MLS – 3:00AM

    Vancouver Whitecaps Over 1.5 Team Goals @ 20/23 @ Boyles – 3.62 points

    Kekuta Manneh (Whitecaps) Anytime @ 19/10 @ Ladbrokes – 1 point

    September Totals

    Bets 20
    Points Staked 40.23
    Points Returned 53.85
    Profit/Loss +13.62

    • Gem 3 years ago

      Cheers Jordan I’m on this. Have really started getting into the MLS over the last year, especially now with the likes of Gerrard, Lampard, Pirlo to name a few, playing over there it makes for some entertaining watching :)

      • Jordan 3 years ago

        It’s a good league for goals usually Gem. If you ask me those players have had it though. If the MLS can carry on getting youngish decent players like Giovinco and Dos Santos it should become more established.

        • Gem 3 years ago

          Goals galore! Saturday night perfect example, I was kicking myself for not doing a fourfold over 2.5

  74. Harry 3 years ago

    Romanian league cup

    CSMS lasi v CFR cluj

    Romania is usually pretty tight for goals which is why you don’t see many tips there, but also why you get generous odds. These two sides haven’t had particularly high scoring games in the league lately (although Cluj’s last 9 aways have seen 2+ goals) which is reflected by over 2.5 goals priced at 11/8. There are a couple of other factors to consider though which I believe make this a good value bet. Firstly, Romanian teams tend to play league cup games in a different manner. From looking at results they seem much higher scoring than their league games. There isn’t much data on these 2 alone as they’ve only played 4 league cup games between them, CSMS lasi league cup games average almost 4 goals a game, and Cluj have only played one but it was 4-2 and was away at today’s hosts. The other factor is the head to head record,they’ve met 6 times and 5 of those games have ended with over 2.5 goals with the other being a 1-1 draw. All 6 games have been in the last 3 years so the data is relevant. To be on the safe side I’m taking a goal line bet to limit risks.

    Over 2.0 Alternate Goal Line

    1.750 bet365

  75. Fitba Tips 3 years ago

    Howdy folks

    I see Mr F is all over the value punt from Scotland this week. I am on Hearts +1.5 gls on Friday night also but not backing Rangers on the handicaps.

    I will be backing either Both Teams To Score at a RIDICULOUS 2.7(17/10) or just Livi to score at 2.65.

    Either way, what matter. Rangers will score obvs. Its all on Livi.

    Unless I have missed something Livi have plenty of goals about them the last 5 games 1,1,3,1,2(with 10 men).

    Massive price, way too big. All over it!

  76. Harry 3 years ago

    This next bet is only available at 888sport, unibet, & 32red, so if you’re not with any of those bookies you may want to save yourself time and stop reading now.

    Belgium 3rd division

    Walhain v Hamoir

    Both these sides have played 4 league games (2 at home and 2 away) and 3 cup games so far this season. Both teams to score has landed in all 7 of the home teams games, and has actually featured in all of their last 10, a run which goes back to April last season. Walhain only managed to keep 4 clean sheets at home in the league last season, their first season back in the 3rd division for 7 years having been promoted.

    Their opponents Hamoir’s first few games have also been fairly high scoring, with BTTS coming up in 5 of their 7 played. They’ve just been promoted and their 2 league away games have both ended in defeats, 6-1 (opening day) and then 3-2 more recently. They’ve actually scored in 31 of their last 32 away games in all competitions, with the one failure being an away cup tie. These 2 sides were in the same division up until a year ago when Walhain got promoted, so they have a fairly recent h2h record. While the last couple of games played at Hamoir haven’t been goal crazy, the last 3 meetings at Walhain have seen both teams scoring with the 3 games seeing 12 goals scored.

    Both teams to score

    Pays 3/4 888sport

  77. yup 3 years ago

    FRIDAY. Win & BTTS
    IPSWICH. 6/1
    HEARTS. 4/1
    2 singles & dbl
    Hearts. Ipswich . Both d chance 2 X . DBL

  78. Harry 3 years ago

    The other game I like for goals in Racing Mechelen v Izegem also in 3rd division Belgium but the price is only 1.5 so will just chuck it in a small interest acca

  79. Harry 3 years ago

    Just some very quick stats on that one. Racing mechelen last 4 games have been 1-2 0-4 0-8 & 2-1. Their opponents Izegem last 4 games 3-3 1-3 4-4 1-2. Only 4 h2h meetings have been 3-2 1-2 4-0 and 2-2. Goal line is set at 3.0 on bet365 odds 1.800

  80. Greg Browning 3 years ago

    Afternoon gents

    Not much happening between now and Friday so advice would be to use the time to start looking at the weekends fixtures

    You need to dig deep today to find anything worth doing but I’ve found one that I like the look of in the Danish cup

    Tarup-Paarup v Odense KO 4.45pm

    When you look through the early rounds of the Dainsh cup, what stands out is number if hammerings dished out by the top flight clubs to the 4th and 5th tier sides ( 9-0’s 7-1’s 8′-1s etc) – it’s fair to say there is a significant quality gap with the top flight teams essentially playing against part time Semi pro teams ( it’s a bit like Aberdeen playing Lochee Harp)

    A good example last week, 4th tier Kjellerup ( who are top of the league) played 5 won 5 hosted premiership side AGF . . . . . They got hammered 8-1!

    Tarup are 3 bottom in their 14 team 4th tier league, are without a win and having looked at Odense cup results they’ve dished out a few hidings over the years against simalir opposition! They come into this in good shape having beaten Copenhagen! It’s really just a case of how many will Odense score

    Back over 2.5 First half goals
    Over 5.5 match goals

    Should appear inplay on Bet365

  81. TheBoss 3 years ago

    Cheers Greg haven’t had a bet since your last holland turkey tip and I’ve controlled my self betting everyday and just bet on tips when there is something worth betting on :)

  82. Tryer 3 years ago

    RUS DIV3

    Aventa v Chertanovo

    Aventa average 3.6 goals per game and Chertanovo average 5 per game.Their previous encounter ended in a 4.1 win for Chertanovo.

    Over1.5fhgls@ 8/11

    Over1.5fhgls@ @

  83. Harry 3 years ago

    Cheers Greg I’ll be on that, by the way goal line is available now under the Asian lines tab on 365. Over 5.5 is 1.875 and 1st half goal line over 2.0,2.5 is 1.825

  84. sanjay 3 years ago

    Greg I’ll have a small dabble in that Danish cup game for half a stake. Thanks.

  85. John 3 years ago

    Rangers -2 is Evs with PP, -3 is 23/10….anyone think Dunfermline will score many against Ayr?

    • Author
      Mr Fixit 3 years ago

      John, the Rangers handicap prices are falling all the time as expected.
      It’s one reason why I put them up on Monday.
      Dunfermline should score over 2.5 goals – they’ve actually netted 15 in their last 5 home games v Ayr
      And this season they’ve scored 10 in 3 after that blip at Peterhead.
      Ayr have conceded nine in their last five and Dunfermline and btts is a decent shout too.

  86. SeanB 3 years ago

    Great shout Tryer. I unfortunately missed the first goal so went over 2.5 first half goals but a great tip by you nonetheless. Hopefully 1 more to come this half!

  87. Carl D 3 years ago

    Hi Greg,

    Im getting 1.90 for Odense -5.0 on an Asian-line Handicap. Judging by your comments it seems you are fully expecting them to cover this. Obviously money back if they win by 5. I can get 5/4 on the traditional euro handicap but obviously the risk is a 5-0 or 6-1 messing things up. Im tempted by the euro handicap but going with the safety net on the Asian.

    Cheers mate and good luck

  88. Carl D 3 years ago

    Oh and also thanks for highlighting a team with such a great name, my new fave! Ive been humming the home teams name to the tune of the pink panther since I read your post! I may even call my first born, due in just a few days, the middle name of Tarup-Paarup… if the bet lands!

  89. Tryer 3 years ago

    Rus Div3

    Aventa v Chertanovo

    Over1.5fhgs@ 8/11 Winner

    Thanks SeanB glad to help

  90. Harry 3 years ago

    Went from £20 to £60 yesterday and banked £40

    Rolling challenge bet #2

    Metaloglobus v Balotesti

    Over 1.5mgs

    £26.66 returns £40.87

  91. craigyboy 3 years ago

    Belarus Women
    FK Minsk to win (currently losing 0-1)

  92. Jordan 3 years ago

    John I posted a double yesterday of Rangers and Dunfermline to score twice @ 1.91 @ Co-ral which I think has a very good chance. Ayr have conceded two or more in their last three against Dunfermline and conceded twice at home to Stenny last time out so I’d fancy Dunfermlines chances of getting two given the form they’re in.

  93. WasClueless 3 years ago

    IN PLAY Minsk Women -1 Handicap (1-0) at HT … hope they will get a couple in the second half … better team, dominating the game 8 shots on target in 1st half @2/1

  94. WasClueless 3 years ago

    Cashed out for a nice little profit 2-1 up after 60 mins

  95. craigyboy 3 years ago

    Belarus Women
    FK Minsk to win (currently losing 0-1)

    ***3-1, cashed out for nearly all of my expected winnings***

  96. stephen 3 years ago

    my bet for today

    atletico mg over 1.5 goals
    csms iasi or cfr cluj double chance
    odds 0.90

  97. Harry 3 years ago

    Starting a new challenge bet as we banked £40 yesterday

    £25 on over 3.5 goals in the Denmark cup game now 4/11

  98. Capone31 3 years ago

    Cadiz over 1.5 mg @6/4

  99. Hampy 3 years ago

    Albirex nigaata -1.5
    Kashima antlers -1.5
    Evens won. Bit delayed been a hectc day

  100. craigyboy 3 years ago

    Rosenborg 2 v NTNUI
    Over 1.5 FHG
    Bet 365

  101. Tonyboy 3 years ago

    Rosenberg II in play now:

    Back >4.5 goals @ EVENS

  102. the watcher 3 years ago

    On the iasi game btts evens.
    Only worry is I don’t know if these teams had any players on international duty. I guess they won’t play if so.

  103. Capone31 3 years ago

    17 shots on target, are they passing it to the keeper? Fixed :D

  104. craigyboy 3 years ago

    Rosenborg 2 v NTNUI
    Over 1.5 FHG


  105. Nick 3 years ago

    Pozo getting his first start for Almeria wish they had him anytime on 365!

  106. craneguy 3 years ago

    Canada overs 4/5

    Haiti o3.5mgs 15/8
    canada win btts 5/2
    nigaragua o3.5mgs 6/4
    Guatemala o3.5mgs 7/4

    2.25pts out, max returns 34.18


  107. Capone31 3 years ago

    Cadiz over 1.5 mg @6/4 lost

  108. nathan ufton 3 years ago

    Yesterday I put my last £4.60 until payday onto a Belarus win and hopefully a 7/4 rooney to score at anytime/England win with Ladbrokes. they faffed around for 20 mins and couldn’t get through to customer service to confirm the rooney/win double was on offer. In the end, I had to settle for Belarus win/rooney to score anytime – the rooney price was 5/4.
    After the match I looked back through the site posts and saw the 3-1 offer so long as it went on after 7.15pm. Mine went on at 19-46pm.
    I called customer service who told me the shop should of called through and placed it that way, so I visited the shop today, although they couldn’t price boost the original rooney score/England win price but they did up the odds from 5/4 to 3-1 meaning a payout of £25 instead of £14, so whoever posted the heads up. Many many thanks.
    They rang through and I even backed it up by googling their offer using their wifi on my phone. Paid out no arguments.

  109. craigyboy 3 years ago

    Almeria v Elche
    Over 1.5 goals

    Bet 365

  110. Alex 3 years ago

    Having a crack at the Copa Del Rey games as follows…

    5-fold U2.5mgs acca
    1 Under 2.5 Almeria v Elche
    2 Under 2.5 Barakaldo v Formentera
    3 Under 2.5 Alcorcon v Ponferradina
    4 Under 2.5 Arandina v Reus
    5 Under 2.5 Cordoba v Lugo
    £10 returns £105

    Lucky 15
    1 Under 2.5 Gimnastic v Girona
    2 Under 2.5 Leganes v Tenerife
    3 Under 2.5 Llagostera v Albacete
    4 Under 2.5 Lleida v Guijuelo
    £1 L15 returns £45

    8-fold acca
    1 Under 2.5 Mirandes v Osasuna
    2 Under 2.5 Numancia v CD Alaves
    3 Under 2.5 UCAM Murcia CF v Algeciras CF
    4 Under 2.5 CF Talavera v Linense
    5 Over 1.5 Racing Ferrol v Castellon
    6 Under 2.5 UD Logrones v Linares Deportivo
    7 Over 2.5 Villanovense v Pena Sport
    8 Under 2.5 Real Oviedo v Valladolid
    £6 returns £282

  111. Harry 3 years ago

    Jasper I’m on over 2.0 goal line for that game although btts does look good anyway. I don’t actually know to be honest, I didn’t check as I assumed the best Romanian players would be elsewhere in Europe’s bigger leagues or at steaua/astra

  112. craigyboy 3 years ago

    £10 challenge

    Lierse v Cercle Brugge

    Over 0.5 FHG


  113. nathan ufton 3 years ago

    Put my winnings today on a 10pm Universidad de chile and 11.30pm athletico miniero double, both home teams both @ 3/10. Any south American tipsters on here have any opinions about it? I personally thing they’ll both win and then some.

  114. Alex 3 years ago

    Just done following IN PLAY

    1Over 1.5 Cordoba v Lugo
    2 Over 1.5 Gimnastic v Girona
    3 Over 1.5 Numancia v CD Alaves
    4 Over 1.5 Leganes v Tenerife
    5 Over 1.5 Alcorcon v Ponferradina

  115. Alex 3 years ago

    £10 returns £92

  116. rick 3 years ago athletico minero tonight and are the called athletico mg?

  117. craigyboy 3 years ago

    £10 challenge

    Lierse v Cercle Brugge

    Over 0.5 FHG



    Returns £15

  118. craigyboy 3 years ago

    £10 Challenge

    Iasi v Cluj

    Over 0.5 FHG


    £15 rolled over

  119. Harry 3 years ago

    Rolling challenge bet

    Over 0.5 team goals


    £15 returns £22.50

  120. Harry 3 years ago

    Haha unbelievable, both sides scored straight away. Will find another one!

  121. Harry 3 years ago

    Challenge bet 2 £22.50

    Racing mechelen over 1.5mgs
    Beerschot over 2.5mgs

    Both in Belgium

  122. craigyboy 3 years ago

    Almeria v Elche
    Over 1.5 goals



  123. Capone31 3 years ago

    That’s some stats on the Girona game!

    I’m on over 1.5 mg @6/5 thought them stats were too good to be true, and Lewes to score @8/13

  124. craigyboy 3 years ago

    £10 Challenge

    Iasi v Cluj

    Over 0.5 FHG


    £15 rolled over


    Returns £25.90

  125. craigyboy 3 years ago

    £10 Challenge Bet 3

    Osasuna over 2.5 TG


    Bet 365

    £25.90 returns £43.16

  126. Alex 3 years ago

    How is it only 1-0 Capone!?!!? mental number of shots on goal haha

  127. Mr H 3 years ago

    Capone I was looking through posts for something bearing reference too your girona stats comments…just had a look at the game inplay and the penny dropped ha ha. 70 shots on target in the 1st half has got too be a mistake surely

  128. Capone31 3 years ago

    Not sure if its a mistake but Girona has 140 “dangerous” attacks

  129. Harry 3 years ago

    I saw a pic on twitter the shots on target count was 23-25 after about 10 minutes haha.

    Craigyboy good start with your challenge, better than yesterday’s let down with Spain! Always find these much easier to do in play once you’ve got a grasp of how the game is going

  130. Capone31 3 years ago

    89 on target and counting, keepers are playing a blinder lol

  131. Mr H 3 years ago

    It’s got too a mistake…70 shots on target in 45mins is a shot on target every 37secs or thereabouts lol …that’s a 2 player game at fifa with only you playing ha ha

  132. Alves 3 years ago

    Uni de conception 4-1 on corners and lead 2-1 at home to O’Higgins at HT in the Chile cup.

    Uni de Conception RT7 11/8

  133. dn 3 years ago

    Hi, all !
    Athletico Minerio win@1.29 brazil
    Anzoategui win@1.4 venezuela


  134. rick 3 years ago

    Any more south American tips Alves?

  135. Sean 3 years ago

    On this Alves, after the Spanish have let me down for Goals, I need them to make up for it on corners

  136. Harry 3 years ago

    Of course it’s a mistake haha 50 shots on target in the first 10 minutes is physically impossible!

  137. Alves 3 years ago

    Girona obvious mistake folks, you’d like to think anyway.

    Girona RT9 7/4

  138. Alves 3 years ago

    Girona RT9 was 2/1 now 4/6 after getting corner as I posted

  139. Capone31 3 years ago

    1-1 do nicely :D

  140. Mr H 3 years ago

    Harry unless it’s a game of long shooty between 2 keepers its most definitely a mistake lol

  141. Alex 3 years ago

    haha they must have stretch armstrong in net and john goodman in the other

  142. HullShaker 3 years ago

    Evening gents,

    Some sad news on the home front will most likely see me off the radar for a while – will try and post a few when time permits.

    Put this up ahead of weekend:

    The mighty Shakers proved their mettle away to (then) leaders Walsall last week and travel to Sheff. Utd on Saturday…at 16/5 they could shock a few and have the potential to do so, though still not at full strength.

    They certainly won’t make it easy for The Blades and Bury DNB at 7/4 would make a solid case at a very reasonable price with Bury yet too lose a league game.

    The obvious choice of BTTS pays just under evens and has a chance for obvious reasons but beware last week’s game had the same promise!

    Alternatively, I’d be very tempted with the less obvious 1st half Bury goal at 13/8 (365)

    Good luck if you have a go and good luck with all bets – its a cracking site with some great characters…take care lads.

    • Author
      Mr Fixit 3 years ago

      HullShaker, sorry to hear that.
      Hope your team can provide you with some cheer.

  143. craigyboy 3 years ago

    £10 Challenge Bet 3

    Osasuna over 2.5 TG



    £25.90 returns £43.16

    ***LOST, Fun whilst it lasted***

  144. Dave Wiseman 3 years ago

    Craigyboy – Unlucky bud, i tried that in the hope that once i would get to 7 wins. Never managed it in 11 attempts and stopped for a bit.

    I have since been trying some low odds doubles at around 1.2 each and bank building.

    • craigyboy 3 years ago

      Its shows how tough it is Dave when you back a team 2-0 up against ten men and its the ten men that score.

  145. Harry 3 years ago

    Will continue the challenge bet tomorrow at £31.25 for bet number 3. Will get this one to £50 and bank £25 and continue with £25 until £100

  146. Dave Wiseman 3 years ago

    PENDING = 110
    STAKED = 2214.05
    RETURNED = 2385.45
    PROFIT = +171.40
    BETS = 81
    WON = 42
    LOST = 39
    WIN % = 52%
    YIELD = +7.74%

    Hard game this getting to the magic 60% win ratios.

    Got 4 pending bets and would like 2 winners at least.

  147. craigyboy 3 years ago

    Late night picks:

    Main single:

    Deportivo Capiata v Libertad (midnight, Paraguay)
    Over 2.5 goals

    Bolivar v Blooming (1am, Bolivia)
    Over 2.5 goals

    Portland Timbers v Kansas City (3.30am, USA)
    Over 2.5 goals

    4.15/1 Treble

  148. Dave Wiseman 3 years ago

    Pending bets

    20 returns 55.44
    Vasco da gama ncs
    Palmeiras ncs
    Ath mineiro o1.5 tg
    Univ de chile -1 ah

    30 returns 63
    Rangers -1
    Hearts dc

    30 returns 62.30
    Dunfermline win
    Spurs dc

    30 returns 61.50
    Charlton win

  149. Joet1987 3 years ago

    Anyone know where to get goalscorer markets for Brazil serie A?

    Really fancy Ricardo Oliveira to score for santos, maybe to score first dependant on odds.

    He’s bagged in each of their last 5 (6 in total) and is leading the goalscoring table by miles. He also scored in the last 2 meetings between santos and Sao Paolo. Surely this is as nailed on as a goalscorer bet gets. I never ever do them but he stuck out like a sore thumb when looking for something remotely decent today.

  150. Capone31 3 years ago

    Last one for tonight

    CD Lara ncs @1/1

  151. Alex 3 years ago

    Gone for the following in play double.

    not long in the Monagas game but feel they will grab a winner;

    CD Lara – win
    Monagas – win


  152. dn 3 years ago

    In-play : Deportes Tolima dnb@1.4

  153. stephen 3 years ago

    my bet for today

    atletico mg over 1.5 goals (23.30)
    csms iasi or cfr cluj double chance (WON)
    odds 0.90

  154. Dave Wiseman 3 years ago

    Hullshaker – Hope it all works out ok.

  155. Jimron 3 years ago

    How do you put a photo on your user?

  156. Harry 3 years ago

    Actually going to have another challenge bet soon. Will go on over 1.5 goals in the universidad de Chile game when odds hit 1/4. £31.25 on

  157. Harry 3 years ago

    On over 1.5mgs now at 1/4 with £31.25

  158. Antonio 3 years ago

    Cortulua vs medellin draw
    correct score 0-0

  159. Alex 3 years ago

    damn lost. ok that’s me done for bets tonight.

  160. Dave Wiseman 3 years ago

    Watching this uni de chile game and the ref is having a nightmare. Stonewall penalty turned down and the usual reds must follow soon.

  161. Fillgoose 3 years ago

    Does anyone know the Linfield reserves score tonight? I can’t find it anywhere! Thanks in advance

  162. Shaun tanner 3 years ago


    Internacional v Palmeiras. Over 2.5 mg 11/10. BTTS & over 2.5 mg 6/4. SPLIT STAKE 80/20.

    Atletico MG v Avai. Over 2.5 mg 8/13. Over 3.5 mg 13/8. SPLIT STAKE 80/20.

    Nacional Potosi v The Strongest. Over 2.5 mg 8/13.

    Catolica v Cobreloa. Over 2.5 mg in-play when the price becomes better.

    4-FOLD with all main bets 7.21/1.

  163. Shaun tanner 3 years ago

    Sorry both games in Brazil 11.30, one in Bolivia at 1am & one in Chile 12.30am.

  164. Shaun tanner 3 years ago

    One in-play,

    Belen v Santos. BTTS in 2nd half 7/4.

  165. craneguy 3 years ago

    bolivian nite owl

    all 3 games o2.5 tad under 3/1

  166. stephen 3 years ago

    my bet for today

    atletico mg over 1.5 goals (WON)
    csms iasi or cfr cluj double chance (WON)
    odds 0.90

  167. Rowen 3 years ago

    Going for some night value in Bolivia lads ;) Had a wonder yesterday with Slovakia’s 0-0 yesterday, hope to provide some useful information again today:

    Bolivar – Blooming

    Bolivar are traditionally one of the top teams in the country, but have started this season off fairly poorly. They rotated quite heavily for some Copa Sudamericana games, but they don’t have any other games ahead soon, so can now fully focus back on the league. Bolivar have their first goalkeeper back in the squad + crucial players Fereira and Tenorio are back as well, this will be a major boost. On the other hand, Blooming have a couple of notable absentees, which no doubt leaves the team shorthanded. This has already taken effect, with them losing the last 3 straight. Bolivar are an absolute powerhouse at home, well, who wouldn’t be if you play at 4000m altitude? :D Blooming, coming from Potosi, which is apx. 500m above the sea. Quite a difference here…The H2H record proves this as well, with Bolivar being 17-4-0 in their home games against today’s opponents. Given all the facts, the odds already dropped heavily, but you can still get on.

    Suggested bets:

    Bolivar -2 asian handicap @ 1/1
    Bolivar over 2.5 team goals @ 5/6

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