In recent years, the expansion of several new technologies has brought about sophisticated and incredible artificial intelligence (AI) programs. These have already been added to everyday use, such as smartphone assistants and even entire smart homes. 

Aside from personal use, AI has been incorporated into many industries. From automated production lines through a single AI-driven system to healthcare in which AI can help narrow down possible ailments, AI is prevalent in many aspects of life.

Gambling is an area not immune to the expansion and development of artificial intelligence. Sports betting, in particular, has seen a significant uptake in using AI for data analysis and trend tracing.

With this implementation comes a shift in the way things work. Among the things changing is how betting tips are generated, as AI is streamlining the process and helping accelerate access to accurate and insightful information.

What Is AI?

Before looking into how artificial intelligence is changing the landscape of betting tips, it’s essential to understand what it is. Since its invention in its simplest form in 1951, the concept of the technology has remained mostly unchanged.

Simply put, AI is a computer or server that uses a specific algorithm to imitate the ability of humans to think and make decisions. Its programming allows it to use learning mechanisms, incredible amounts of data, and knowledge representation to make these decisions.

The processing (or “thinking”) happens in the background and is distilled into a readable and understandable format. This information is then fed to the user to make use of.

How AI Can Help Betting Tips

There are two main areas in which AI can help generate betting tips. As a result, it is changing how things are done in the industry and making it easier than ever to find tips for upcoming matches and games.

Statistical Analysis

The first and most significant way that AI is revolutionising betting tips is the way that it can analyse data. The primary reason for this is that it can sift through more data than even teams of humans can—and in only a fraction of the time.

This ability to sort through insane amounts of data in almost no time makes it perfect for finding trends, patterns, and even shortfalls in the performance of teams and players.

The past results and statistics are fed into the AI engine, which is instructed on what it needs to look for. Usually, this instruction of what to look for is vague and can be something along the lines of finding a pattern of when wins and losses occur.

The software can then search all this information and output information that matches the request. Using the example above of wins and losses, AI can specify if wins occurred more often because they were played at a home location, because particular players were present, or even because the weather was a certain way on a specific day.

AI allows for the analysis of massive amounts of data in very little time and removes the element of human error because it runs on mathematical algorithms and programming. Where a human may pass over a certain factor, the software considers every shred of data.


The next major area in which AI is changing betting tips is in the predictions it offers.

Many people are turning to AI to generate predictions on upcoming games. These predictions make use of the large quantities of data it has analysed. Because they are made using statistics alone, they are seen to be more objective than those made by humans.

However, while this is a growing market, it does have shortfalls. Amongst these is that AI sometimes includes redundant data in the information it uses to make predictions. Doing this can skew its forecast and change what the outcome will be.

So, while AI predictions are undoubtedly a game changer for betting tips, they still need much refinement before they can be used in the mainstream. Using them before this refinement takes place is possible, but caution is advised due to their potential inaccuracies.

Old-School Betting Tips

With the advent of AI in betting tips, many may wonder whether there is still any merit in using top tips and predictions that are generated the old-school way—by actual people. The answer to this is a resounding absolutely.

As good as artificial intelligence has become over the last decade, there is still no substitute for human logic and intuition. Therefore, bet tips and tricks generated by actual humans are still preferable.

However, hybrid betting tips can offer the best of both AI and human interaction. These tips use artificial intelligence to analyse data to detect patterns and condense incredible amounts of statistics into highs and lows.

These are then further analysed by humans and compared to other information that the AI engine may be unable to process. With the human touch added to the information, betting tips are then generated with the knowledge of thousands of data streams and the logic of human thought.


Aside from the launch of online sports betting, which completely revolutionised how sports wagers are made, sports betting and tips have remained primarily unchanged for several years. However, AI is undoubtedly changing this fact.

While it is yet to be seen whether or not this revolution is a good thing, there is no denying that more data being analysed more quickly is not bad. It should allow players, tipsters, and even sportsbooks to better understand game stats and possible outcomes.

And while AI-generated predictions may not yet be where they should be, there is no denying that they will again change how things are done once they are perfected. Hopefully, this change will benefit everyone who enjoys sports betting.


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