IRELAND are the new favourites for Six Nations glory and the rugby showpiece kicks off tonight with a colossal clash at the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff.

Wales are 4-7 at Boylesports to win the opener against an injury-hit England side priced up as 17-10 outsiders by 888sport with the draw 22-1 at Skybet.

Punters expect England to suffer more misery in Cardiff where they were thumped 30-3 on their last visit two years ago. William Hill spokesman Rupert Adams said: “Wales are popular across the country and so far well over 70 per cent of our customers have backed them to put England to the sword.”

William Hill are also reporting significant support for Ireland to retain the title and they are now into 15-8, ahead of England (5-2, Ladbrokes) and the Welsh (10-3, Ladbrokes).

Switching codes, the Super League season got off to a thrilling start last night with Widnes overcoming a red card to stage a storming fightback in a 22-22 draw with Wigan. Tonight it's St Helens v Catalan Dragons and the hosts are 4-11 at bet365 to dump Boylesports' 5-2 underdogs.

Other Friday sporting highlights include stage three of cycling's Tour of Dubai, German Masters snooker, golf from the Euro and PGA Tours and NBA basketball.

Good luck with your bets and post your sporting tips and chat here.

  1. realwalker 4 years ago

    Ad :)
    Took Osaka at 5/2 and a tiny bit more at 10/1 after losing first set,
    Great tipping again,
    Thanks :)

  2. Ad 4 years ago

    Cheers, and well done mate, I did the same. Wish I’d put more on @ 10’s now! But ain’t that always the way.

  3. Ad 4 years ago

    Massive fan of the avatar btw. Whata show. Whata guy!

  4. BRIAN 4 years ago

    Cav’s were in cruise control so much they didnt even need to play the last quarter. Scoring only 11 points.
    Ruined my bet by 1 point. Had Over – 199.5 in a nice double !

    The I went on tilt and put double stakes on the Suns +4.5

  5. Attila 4 years ago

    ***Posted Earlier***

    ***WON*** – SUPER DOUBLE: Hornets -6.5, Phoenix/Portland UNDER 219.5 @ $ 1.88 (5 points)

    ***LOST*** – 4 FOLD: Cavaliers ML, Mavericks ML, Suns +8.5, New York Islanders/Philly Flyers UNDER 6.5 goals @ $5.20 (1.5 points)

    ***My main double landed easily making a nice profit. 1st 3 legs of the 4 fold cruised it in but was ultimately let down by the Subs capitulation in the 4th quarter. Main bet won though so that’s the important thing.

  6. jimba 4 years ago

    Suns got hammered!!

  7. Attila 4 years ago

    Suns were only down by 1 at start of 4th quarter…dont know what they were doing to lose by 20+

  8. jimba 4 years ago

    They never turned up in 4th Attila, very strange!! Never mind.

  9. Attila 4 years ago

    Mixed A-League, KHL & Snooker 6 FOLD:

    – Brisbane Roar DNB (A-League)
    – Jokerit Helsinki +2.5 (KHL ice hockey)
    – Ryan Day +1.5 (snooker)
    – Ronnie O’Sullivan WIN (snooker)
    – Stuart Bingham +2.5(snooker)
    – Shaun Murphy +2.5 (snooker)

    6 FOLD pays odds of $2.50 (3 points)

  10. huggybear 4 years ago

    thanks for the times guys , gonna have a break from the nba and betting for a while (like a 4th quarter suns team), gonna be up to my eyes in it working on the house , some great guys on here , and iv`e enjoyed about 75% of it lol.

    take it easy and i`ll catch you in about 4 weeks , attila keep posting them winners , and you jordan.

    both FANTASTIC tippers !

    cheers lads

    • Attila 4 years ago

      Huggy – I understand mate. Sometimes its best to take a breather and come back in with a clear head. We’ll be here awaiting your return bud.

  11. jimba 4 years ago

    Huggy thanx for all your help, enjoy your break bud!!

  12. tomekplnd 4 years ago

    Attila was on the double mate, great tipping!

  13. Attila 4 years ago

    Tennis 6 FOLD:

    – Troicki +2.5
    – Seppi +3.5
    – Simon +3.5
    – Gasquet WIN
    – Monfils WIN
    – Kohlschreiber WIN

    6 FOLD pays odds of $3.55 (2 points)

  14. abbtage 4 years ago

    thanx, Hugybear, it has been great pleasure to associate with you, and so your helpful comments that have helped me betting wise thereby changing my whole life, though I’ve always been your silent follower, so man i wish good days during those three weeks………wonderful

  15. Newby 4 years ago

    Good luck Huggybear! I am another silent follower, you have won me so much so appreciate your tips and even if a few did lose no one forced anyone to follow, hav a good break!!

  16. Martin 4 years ago

    @ Huggy, have a good break Huggy, as above comments and thanks for all the great tipping

  17. huggybear 4 years ago

    cheers guys , i`ll pop in for a chat with the boys , in the meantime cane those bookies…

  18. huggybear 4 years ago

    boys keep an eye on the home court advantage (jordan knows)

    last night 3 – 1 In favor of home team ( bit me last night )
    night before 8 – 3

    well done boys some beautiful tipping again , way better than footy thread.

  19. the wet lettuce 4 years ago

    Attilia i am on your Tennis acca twice. The reason for Twice..i done it with some of my picks added in..picked indonesian nbl team 1/8 price against a team with 2 wins in 24 games priced at 5/1..guess who won? Thats right the 5/1 team lol

    Enjoy your break HuggyBear sad to see you leave for a bit..fully understand tho. Your tips are still up there with the best and those who follow for 2 month knows the profit was decent.GL

  20. Ad 4 years ago

    Jordan- great call on Cavs to win 3rd quarter. I only put a few quid on but a great price. Nice one.

  21. Jordan 4 years ago

    Dallas Mavericks ML @ 4/5 @ BV (8/11 @ Skybet)

    Or for a less risk double

    Cleveland Cavs ML
    Dallas Mavericks +4.5 @ 11/10 @ Skybet

    Cavs ML
    Mavericks ML

    @ 14/10 @ WillHill

    **WIN WIN WIN**

  22. Ad 4 years ago

    Not had a chance to hunt around for any really solid picks today, so going to just have a go on

    Pays over 3/1

    I like them all, but I will post something better later on!

  23. Jordan 4 years ago

    Huggy mate do not take a break. It was just unfortunate. There were other options but all low spreads so any of those four could have messed up. You were the one that showed me the way on home court and h2h! Yes I may have backed the Mavs but Kings a far poorer side than Portland. Plenty to pick from tonight pal. Don’t sweat it you’re still in profit and will continue to be!

  24. Attila 4 years ago

    Wet Lettuce – been there done that before, lol. To bbe honest, only Basketball league I play apart from NBA is Korean KBL..favorites always around $1.35 & usually win. Hope the Tennis Acca comes in for ya!

  25. Jordan 4 years ago

    Huggy I apologize I didn’t see you have more important things arising. Keep visiting mate insight always appreciated! You’ll be missed mate!

    Ad cheers pal.

    • huggybear 4 years ago

      jordan , not really had time to put in much research lately and will now have even less , learnt a lot in here from the boys myself and i`ll be back now and again to chat and make sure your`e winning , even though i gave em a few quid back , the new combi and rads came courtesy of bet threesixfive.

      you got a really good eye for the odds and thats why people should follow ( at their own risk ) i`ll be playing along with you just not posting till the play-offs .

      i want to see **win win wins all over the place , keep up the good work.


  26. Attila 4 years ago

    Think I might play the HT/FT market in NBA today. Here’s a Treble i think has a good chance. Gonna place it now before odds drop:

    – Cavs/Cavs, Grizzlies/Grizzlies, Spurs/Spurs @ $4.15

    Jordan/Huggy – what u guys think??

  27. Jordan 4 years ago

    Huggy, cheers means a lot mate. You’re an inspiration to this thread for NBA. Haven’t had somebody come along and get probably 70/80 bets correct (wasn’t sure on total figures but it can’t be far off that for your SS). Taught me a lot and I can only thank you for that.

    Attila mate I’m yet to properly look at fixtures but my views on HT are mixed. They give us 48 minutes plus free throws to win in NBA so I don’t like risking trying to win them in 24 minutes. Will have a mooch through when my shift is over.

  28. Attila 4 years ago

    SHOCKING start from Troicki. Down 4-0 in 1st set. I have home at +3.5 but that wont be enough at this rate…even if he wins a set it’l struggle to land :-<

  29. Attila 4 years ago

    Jordan, main reason I’ve picked those 3 to win at HT & FT is cos they all normally blow weaker teams away in 1st half then coast in the 2nd once they’re up by 20 or so. Don’t trust taking the large -minus spreads anymore so looking for value elsewhere. I’ll give it a try for fun, of it works out all good.

    • Mr Fixit 4 years ago

      Attila, don’t say that without proof please.

      • Attila 4 years ago

        Sorry Mr F I don’t follow, don’t say what?

        • Mr Fixit 4 years ago

          Attila, you claimed a player threw a tennis match – you can’t say that no matter how annoyed you are with your bet going down.

          • Attila 4 years ago

            Ah sorry Mr F. I Should’ve made it clear I was just having a laugh…wasn’t serious at all. I just couldn’t believe how bad he played in the 1st set…was almost comical…as AD stated, he didn’t even look like scoring a point. Will choose my words more wisely in future :-)

            • Ad 4 years ago

              Funnily enough in the Dallas Challenger this week, where Rublev was playing, there was a match thrown, and I’ll happily name and shame the offender: Malchanov. His odds to win DRIFTED MASSIVELY afer he WON the first set. No injury, no explanation, but some dodgy points lost and a lot of money wagered. That’s the danger with small tournaments and players who barely scrape a living on the tour. Tread carefully.

              • Ad 4 years ago

                I should of course say that this is my own, and many other people’s, personal interpretations of the facts, rather than being a fact in itself, and it is always possible Malchanov is innocent and I’ll apologise to him face to face If this proves to be the case.

                • Punting For Fun 4 years ago

                  Ah right never seen this comment when i posted my question there Ad

              • Punting For Fun 4 years ago

                Was that the Agustin Velotti vs Denys Molchanov game ? and was that flagged up as a thrown game by the bookies or is that just your opinion on the match Ad ?

              • Punting For Fun 4 years ago

                Was that the Agustin Velotti vs Denys Molchanov game ? and was that flagged up as a thrown game by the bookies or is that just your opinion on the match Ad ?

                • Ad 4 years ago

                  It is now widely being talked about in the tennis community as an almost definitely thrown match and indicative of the problem of match fixing in the lower echelons of the sport. It has sparked a lot of debate over what needs to be done to address the issue. Expext Machanov to have a mysterious injury and not play for a while. Also expext to see him in a shiny new Beamer!

  30. Ad 4 years ago

    Atilla- he wasn’t even close to winning any of the games he lost in the first set. I made a mental note to avoid troicki when He laboured past Marchenko, but his stroll past Soeda made me forget that. Hopefully he finds something outa nowhere. Maybe he’s just running on empty after a long January

  31. Attila 4 years ago

    Ad – he’s clicked into gear finally…getting a break back & holding serve. Hope he gets this set at least, not much fun when 1st leg in an Acca blows the bet straight up, lol

  32. Shaun 4 years ago

    Cheers Jordan for solid double yesterday, followed it on Cav’s and Mavs. As others have said Huggy you’ve posted fantastic tips consistently, a few slightly off ones won’t change how solid you’ve been before then. As has been said before no one is forced to follow a tip, it’s there as a support and people choose to follow it’s of there own choice and they must have a similar feeling anyway to put money on it.

  33. Attila 4 years ago

    Get in there Troicki! Takes the 2nd set somehow….

  34. Hoosha 4 years ago

    Great work Again last night Jordan, do you know your success rate on NBA by any chance?

  35. Hoosha 4 years ago

    Also on your snooker/ice hockey bet Attila mate.

  36. Ad 4 years ago

    Troicki’s really toying with us here! Glad I haven’t got more than that wee acca riding on him. I’d be sweating buckets.

  37. Jordan 4 years ago

    Hoosha I don’t mate as I don’t write down my bets although probably should. I know I haven’t had to deposit in any of my accounts since October primarily due to following NFL and NBA though, and that’s with the terrible month I had in January on the football.

  38. tomekplnd 4 years ago

    Jumped on the right odds with my countryman Janowicz, turning it up now!

  39. Ad 4 years ago

    Second set im going for 6-0, 6-1, 6-2 Simon @ 101/1 15/1, 21/1
    6-0, 6-1 Janowicz @ 101/1, 34/1

  40. Attila 4 years ago

    My Tennis Acca is down. Troicki lost by 6 games so handicap didn’t cover. Sorry any1 who followed…didnt expect him to play such a bad 1st set!

  41. Ad 4 years ago

    Not the sort of matchup you’d expect to see a blowout set in Atilla, hard luck. Simon to comeback and win @ 9/4 might be worth a shout, Jerzy is playing well and certainly has the power to dictate, but can he keep it up for two/three sets against someone who makes him hit as many balls as Simon will?

    • Ad 4 years ago

      Simon just had set point and blew it with a feeble second serve return into the net, then went long with a bog standard forehand in the next point. Pathetic. Should be 1-1.

  42. Attila 4 years ago

    Murphy, Day & O’Sullivan ate smashing it. But Bingham down 2-0 to Wenbo! C’mon Bingham!

  43. Jordan 4 years ago

    Not entirely certain of this one so keep stakes lower than usual tonight.

    Memphis Grizzlies -2
    Atlanta Hawks/GSW over 205.5

    @ 10/11 @ Skybet

    A game in the Western Conference sees a pair of forrest hunters the 2nd placed Memphis Grizzlies take on conference anchors the Minnesota Timberwolves. The Wolves have lost 19 of their 24 home games only taking one to overtime and losing. The Grizzlies have the 2nd best road form in the NBA having won 16 of 23 taking two to overtime. Wolves have lost 8 of their last 10 homes games (but won 2 of last 3) Memphis winning 7 of their last 10 road games with 5 on the bounce heading into tonight. Memphis won the home tie in October 105-101 and have won 3 of the last 4 h2h by -2 or more. 7 of the Wolves last 10 losses have come via -2 or more. Memphis are the best ranked defense in the NBA while 11th in scoring compared to Minnesota who are the worst defense and 22nd in scoring.

    Two of the top 5 scoring teams in Atlanta and the Warriors. 3 of the top 5 3-point shooters are in this game which is fitting as all three have been selected for the 3-point contest this weekend. Kyle Korver (Atlanta) and the Splash Brothers from the GSW Steph Curry and Klay Thompson will be facing off when the leaders of their respect conference face up. The bookies have the Warriors as the favourites and I’d have to slide with that as their volume of shooting from outisde the arc should be too much for Atlanta who tend to defend better inside the paint, and actually ranking 3rd worst at allowing opponent 3 points per game (26). This is probably why the GSW are the favourites although the Hawks have only lost 3 games at home this season.

  44. tomekplnd 4 years ago

    Come on Jerzy, just broke Simon, serving for the match!

    • Ad 4 years ago

      serves it out 6-4. did you tip Janowicz to win tomekplnd?

  45. Ad 4 years ago

    7-5 i mean

  46. tomekplnd 4 years ago

    No I haven’t really tipped him on here, wasn’t entirely sure he’d win so I went with low stakes.

  47. thechief 4 years ago

    Afternoon Guys, ST Helens v Catalan Dragons

    The champions start their defence of their title against the Dragons tonight at Langtree Park. Saints are favoured by 10pts and I think the Dragons could stay inside the handicap.

    Catalan are my dark horses this season. I believe they will make it to the super eights. They made the signing of the season in the form of Todd Carney, who was sacked last year from the Cronulla Sharks for different off field issues, if he keeps it head right then he could be a huge player this season. Scott Dureau misses this game, but when he is fit their isn’t a better half back partnership in super league than these two.

    I’m being cautious in the opening rounds of the new season, as upsets happen and players get used to the new rules. The bet I like here is in the try scorer market and it is the Dragon Full back Morgan Escare. This guy is a try machine, last season he scored 29 tries in 32 games. In the 2013 he scored 19 in 20. He has speed to burn and the Dragons like to play open attacking style of rugby, if he breaks the line the Saints defence wont catch him. He is 11/10 Skybet, you can count on one hand last season how many times you got evens never mind odds against on Escare to score.


    Good luck if your having a bet

    • Ad 4 years ago

      looks like a good pick Chief, I’ll have a little go on that. Cheers and good luck.

  48. Ad 4 years ago

    This is one im not really sure about and could end up being blown out of the water,but I’m risking Sousa to beat Kohlschreiber @ 5/2. Kohlschreiber isn’t a great player indoors and showed why in his first round match. He let Mathieu dictate from the first point to the last and was far too passive, playing from well behind the baseline for most of the match. Sousa has had some of is best results indoors, and if he is smart and plays a very aggressive gameplan he can cause Kohli all sorts of problems here. If he doesn’t, or if Kohli adapts and plays a more aggressive game himself, this could well go the way the bookies think and end up as a comfortable win for the favourite, but I’m taking the risk that Sousa turns up, steps in and dictates.

    Starts in ten minutes. It is admittedly a “gamble”, so leave alone if you don’t fancy it.

  49. Ad 4 years ago

    Also Steve Darcis to beat Gael Monfils @ 12/5.

    You just don’t know which Gael you’re going to get today, and Darcis is someone playing well enough and dangerous enough on a fast surface to punish him if he’s not switched on. Darcis has already won 12 matches and 1 tournament this year, with just one defeat, and he’s won 5 matches in straight sets here this week already. Worth a go, and worth following in play to take Darcis at bigger odds if Gael goes ahead but looks like he might go walkabouts, or to cash out on Darcis if he’s a set up and Gaels stepping it up.

  50. Ad 4 years ago

    Just got 24/1 for Darcis to win the tournament on Betfair exchange as well. You never know!

  51. Ad 4 years ago

    Did anyone actually see Osaka’s match last night? In the face of it she seems good value a13/8 to beat someone ive never heard of in young American Chirico.

  52. Attila 4 years ago


    Mixed A-League, KHL & Snooker 6 FOLD:

    – Brisbane Roar DNB (A-League)
    – Jokerit Helsinki +2.5 (KHL ice hockey)
    – Ryan Day +1.5 (snooker)
    – Ronnie O’Sullivan WIN (snooker)
    – Stuart Bingham +2.5 (snooker)
    – Shaun Murphy +2.5 (snooker)

    6 FOLD pays odds of $2.50 (3 points)

    ***WON*** – Nice tidy profit, even tho my Tennis Acca lost.

  53. the wet lettuce 4 years ago

    Well done Attila great stuff i was on..low stake but still a winner.

    I done the Tennis again without Troiki and put Baghdatis still alive.

    Great tipping mate..keep it up with HuggyBear sadly have some deserved time off…also Jordan is who i will follow as and him top tippers.

  54. Harry 4 years ago

    Ireland to win 6 nations

    2/1 ladbrokes

    5 points

  55. Craig M 4 years ago

    In proper rugby

    Catalan Dragons +8 11/10

  56. Ad 4 years ago

    Sousa now a set and a break up over Khlschreiber

  57. Ad 4 years ago

    I have covered for profit even if Sousa loses

  58. tomekplnd 4 years ago

    Sousa made me some decent money today, had 2 bets on him that won

  59. Hoosha 4 years ago

    Nice work Attila, I was on for smallish stakes, thanks man.

  60. Ad 4 years ago

    Sousa wins it 2-0. A nice 5/2 winner, hopefully Darcis can do the same.

  61. Gaz 4 years ago

    Thanks Attila, also on your 6-fold. As the others small stakes but profit is profit!

  62. Hoosha 4 years ago

    Sticking the odd £3.73 on this treble tonight for a bit of interest.

    Wales -4 (rugby)
    Auxerre +0 AH (footy)
    Nimes DC (footy)

    Pays out £22.07 if all legs land.

  63. Jordan 4 years ago

    Waiting on news on Kevin Durant as OKC are at home to the Pelicans tonight. OKC beat the Pelicans in New Orleans on Wednesday night (Thursday morning for most of us) and this was without Durant playing a minute. Russel Westbrook scored 45 points in that game. I wouldn’t expect him to do that if Durant plays but two starts are better than one. OKC have won their last 7 home games where the Pelicans have lost 7 of their last 10 on the road. Bit dodgy ans they beat the Timberwolves, Raptors and Pistons but lost to the Knicks and the 76ers in their last 5. Two of the worst teams this season.

    If Durant is indeed fit to start the second bet will be as follows.

    OKC Thunder ML
    Memphis Grizzlies -2

    @ 10/11 Skybet

  64. Jordan 4 years ago

    £10 Fun Bet. It’s £10 for a reason

    Memphis -2
    OKC ML
    Pheonix ML
    Rockets/Bucs Over 192.5
    Pistons ML
    Celtics/76ers Over 183.5
    Hawks/GSW Over 205.5
    Magic/Lakers Over 191.5
    Pacers/Cavs Over 187.5
    Nets/Knicks over 182.5

    @ 37/2 @ Skybet (18.53/1)

  65. Jordan 4 years ago

    Word on the streets (ESPN) is that Durant will play so all bets are on.

  66. kevka 4 years ago

    huggybear Im gonna miss your tips,I will be waiting for your comeback mate ;)
    I will have a bit of that double Jordan
    Attila the HT/FT market it’s really good for those matches where u know that a team is gonna be ahead the entire match but the spread is too big to bet on, I like that treble of yours,on it

    GL guys

  67. Ad 4 years ago

    Osaka is 5-1up, looks like brining home the bacon once more. One to watch people!

  68. Ad 4 years ago

    5-6 down….said she was one to keep your eye on!

  69. Jordan 4 years ago

    Can’t believe what I’m hearing here for any NFL or Le’Veon Bell fans! Could be bad for Pittsburgh!

  70. weebanger 4 years ago

    clippers -2 11/10
    Thunder -6.5 10/11
    Double for me

  71. Attila 4 years ago

    Guys, no more for NBA from me today just my HT/FT Treble posted earlier. An on all of Jordana bets as well.
    If anyone is after a Super Single, I like CAVS -6.0 against Pacers.
    GL today all!

  72. AJHughes 4 years ago

    Rhys Webb anytime try scorer 4/1

    Nice price and bet in nice and early :)

  73. Attila 4 years ago

    Actually, ill will post an NBA Game Plan for today:

    – EVENS TREBLE: Cavs ML, Grizzlies ML, Spurs -3.5 @ $2.00 (5 points)

    – HT/FT TREBLE: Cavs/Cavs, Grizzlies/Grizzlies, Spurs/Spurs @ $4.15 (2.5 points)

    – 9 FOLD (inspired by Jordan’s Long Shot): OKC +2.5, Grizzlies ML, Hawks/Warriors +202.5, Pistons +2.5, Knicks/Nets +185.5, Cavs/Pacers +186.5, Lakers/Magic +192.5, 76’ers/Celtics +182.5, Bucks/Rockets +192.5, Suns +3.5 @ $10.25 (2 points)

    – MY SUPER LONG-SHOT 7 FOLD: Spurs -10.5, Bucks +6.5, Magic -4.5, Cavs -6.5 & +196.5, Grizzlies -8.5 & +197.5, Clippers/Raptors +211.0, Nuggets/Pistons +204.5 @ $355.00 (0.5 points)

    Bit of fun today with a couple of low stakes long shots. Fairly confident of my EVENS Treble & HT/FT Trebles so hopefully we get a nice profit today!

    GL all!

  74. Pearsy 4 years ago

    Hey guys there is alot of good tipsters on here especially the NBA what do you think of these any feedback would be great.
    £1 staked at ladbrokes returns £973.07

    NY NICKS GAMES UNDER 195.5 @ 5/6
    LAKERS GAME UNDER 202.5 @ 10/11
    CLIPPERS GAME OVER 211.5 10/11
    HAWKS GAME OVER 214.5 @ 10/11
    CELTICS GAME UNDER 194.5 @ 5/6
    NUGGETS GAME UNDER 204.5 @ 10/11
    BUCKS GAME OVER 202.5 @ 10/11
    THUNDER GAME OVER 196.5 @ 10/11.


  75. Attila 4 years ago

    Pearsy – for £1, I’d just do it! All legs are basically a 50/50 shot, but you seem to have picked most legs like I would/have. GL man!

    • Pearsy 4 years ago

      Cheers Attila what are you going for tonight man??

  76. Shotty 4 years ago

    Just the one bet for me tonight switching up my tactics hoping for more success with safer evens doubles, gone for GSW +3.5 and the Cavs -2.5 pays just over evens

  77. Ad 4 years ago

    Been doing okay with the outsiders. Osaka last night, Sousa this afternoon and Darcis this evening going a set up on Monfils (i suggested keeping an eye on that one with a view to cashing out if he went ahead) So, on to tomorrow.

    Sousa to beat Janowicz @ 2/1. Montpellier 13:45

    Janowicz is playing well enough to notch another win, but surely he’ll have a dip at some point!? Simon should have taken Jerezy to a third set today but bottled it when his chance came, and I fancy Sousa to go one better. He has a steady enough game to extend the points long enough to draw errors from Jerzy but also a little more willingness to attack than Simon showed today. And that’s where I think he will do better than the Frenchman did. If Janowicz starts well and keeps focussed it might be hard for Sousa to break him down, but I think Sousa will get his chances if he plays like he did against Kohlschreiber today, and I’m backing him to take them.

  78. Attila 4 years ago

    In fact Pearsy – I’ve put loose change (42 cents) on the following…kinda similar to yours:

    Knicks game U194.5
    Cavs win & O196.5
    Lakers game U201.0
    Clippers game O210.5
    Warriors game O212.5
    Nuggets game U204.5
    76’ers game U192.5
    Bucks game U211.5 (alt. h’cap)
    Pelicans game O198.0
    Grizzlies win & O197.5
    Jazz game U202.5
    Spurs win & O185.5

    12 FOLD pays $2,942.10 (my $0.42 stake will return $1,235.68)

    LOL – imagine if these landed! Bit of fun :-)

    • Pearsy 4 years ago

      Would be nice for both of us mate great way to start the weekend Good Luck mate

    • Mr Fishman 4 years ago

      hope they all come in i backed both these craazy bets

  79. Attila 4 years ago

    Pearsey – if you scroll up I’ve already posted my main (much safer) bets & game plan.

    • Pearsy 4 years ago

      Not a bad star at the mo mate although it would be nice to see the raptors pick things up a bit!!!

      • Mr Fishman 4 years ago

        raptors game is on course

        • Pearsy 4 years ago

          Yeah its pretty close with all of them so far although the cavs are looking good again!!

        • Pearsy 4 years ago

          You watching the game Fishman???

          • Mr Fishman 4 years ago

            some of it , the hawks not looking good atm hopefully they will stop missing , do you no u can watch all games bet 365?

            • Pearsy 4 years ago

              Didnt know but dont bet the NBA often mainly horses and football for me. Bit worried about the Lakers game too thats getting close dont you think??? Where you from?

              • Mr Fishman 4 years ago

                yea spread says 200.5 atm :( north london .. how about you?

                • Pearsy 4 years ago

                  Midlands mate close to wolverhampton. Looks the cavs game has dropped right off points wise not good!! You a chelsea fan?

  80. WN 4 years ago

    Taking on the big game of the night and going with the Hawks ML and Over.

    3/1 for the Double

  81. Abbas 4 years ago

    Hope every1 is well, I’d love to see more set correct scores from any1 who likes doing the bet, liked your Simon/jaz tips Ad, I think the odds are amazing on correct set scores especially if it’s an outsider

  82. Attila 4 years ago

    Ad/Abbas – I really also like Sousa to be Janowicz today.. Jerzy is due one of his trademark meltdowns/moodswings, etc. Am thinking maybe Sousa to win 2-1 @ $5.00

    (why are the odds for underdogs ton win 2-0 shorter than 2-1 btw? You would think if underdog wins the favorite would get 1 set at least).

  83. Augustus 4 years ago

    Abbas what’s your strategy for placing 6-0, 6-1 etc bets? I have been trying to catch a 80-1, 100-1 shot on tennis for a €1 and have come pretty close lately. I find if a “Slight” favourite (not a Nadal type) goes a set down they can come out fighting and it’s worth a punt for a €1 for 6-0. Feel I will catch one soon but do you have any advice on what to look out for? Thanks

  84. mitchymitch 4 years ago

    I’m going to miss your tips Huggy. I hope all is well mate.

  85. Hoosha 4 years ago

    My interest treble lost as England won the rugby, not too disappointed as England won. In any case, I’m on the same treble as your evens treble Attila, so there’s obviously no need to post again, only Spurs -4.5. Odds of 1.21/1. Good luck tonight y’all.

  86. Jordan 4 years ago

    Hi gents sorry been out for a meal with the other half. Home to some NBA. I see a few have taken a stab at a fun bet themselves :D Quite good to follow for the thrill. Anybody see my post about the Lakers yesterday? Up at the moment but that’s early days still. The Magic sacked their coach at the wrong time!

    • Pearsy 4 years ago

      Hi Jordan Its part of my bet but ive done the unders 202.5 bit dodgy at the moment what do you think?

  87. Jordan 4 years ago

    Pearsy a few of the lads know but I HATE unders bets! So I wouldn’t know mate, not much I can say with the 4th quarter starting anyway. Wish you the best.

  88. Jordan 4 years ago

    Hmm Minnesota stretching out to a small lead, have I picked the upset of the night? Hopefully not!

  89. Mr Fishman 4 years ago

    nope fulham, i wont go into my avatar :)

    • Pearsy 4 years ago

      No worries mate I need a 60 point 4th quarter from the cavs or my bet is done!!!!

  90. the wet lettuce 4 years ago

    Hi Guys

    I have NBA acca that is doing very well £10 for £248..most winning well but waiting on Suns-4 just out is £ there a good way to cover?

  91. Jordan 4 years ago

    Depends if it finishes under when the game ends Mr Fish.

  92. Mr Fishman 4 years ago

    does overtime kill the unders?

    • Pearsy 4 years ago

      I dont want no more than 20 pts in overtime in that one and could probably do with overtime in the cavs game.

    • Pearsy 4 years ago

      that was close!!!! come on cavs!!!!!

  93. Jordan 4 years ago

    Wet Luttuce your cover would be Jazz +5 or 6, not sure on a price though

  94. Attila 4 years ago

    Got to be kidding me. 43-43 at HT in the Grizzlies match. That downs the HT/FT treble. Who would have thought it…

    • Jordan 4 years ago

      Wouldn’t worry Attila the Cavs might have ruined it anyway!

      Just told you Wet Lettuce :D

  95. the wet lettuce 4 years ago

    Jordan there a way to cover my above bet? Would i be wise to put £50 on Utah to win £120 all others look well in..although not guaranteed as anything can happen in final quater.

  96. the wet lettuce 4 years ago

    Cheers Jordan

  97. David mc 4 years ago

    Cavas one of the in form teams soon as I put them on they get pumped typical

  98. Jordan 4 years ago

    Pacers had rested players, had an extra night off with no travel, and had won the last 8 in Indiana. Research is everything David mate. Ranked 6th in defense too. Home court advantage. Many reasons why I left the Cavs out tonight.

  99. Jordan 4 years ago

    Not one piece of information would have kept me away from Memphis though and I think they are going to bust us boys!

  100. David mc 4 years ago

    Yes very true Jordan but la bron James is meant to be the man they are in good form at the moment pacers don’t have much to play for

  101. David mc 4 years ago

    Grizzlies will finish strong Jordan

  102. Mr Fishman 4 years ago

    ul persy

  103. Pearsy 4 years ago

    Thats me done for the night looks like the cavs will probably let my bet down, good luck everyone with your bets.

  104. Jordan 4 years ago

    WN that 3/1 is looking b-e-a-utiful. Congrats.

  105. Attila 4 years ago

    Cavs killed all my bets Barr 1, but it was let down by low scoring Knicks game.
    Jordan – I did research the Cavs game. All their stars only played 3 qtrs yesterday cos of blowout win and all I read said they’ll be fresh enough. NBA really tricky lately.

  106. Jordan 4 years ago

    From Huggy’s site that he gave us.

    Though the Cavaliers have been on fire, we actually like Indiana’s chances of at least taking this game down to the wire.

    As good as they’re playing, the Pacers have had more rest and will be at home, and they’re also very familar with Cleveland and how best to play against them. Indiana, despite all of the team’s troubles, has been good defensively and has a great presence on the boards too, so that’s kept them competitive quite a bit.

    We look for more of the same tonight in Indiana. The Pacers just picked up a nice win over the Pistons at home and we think they’ll be able to parlay that into another good effort, this time against LeBron and friends. Back Indiana to cover as underdogs and add them to your NBA picks tonight.

  107. David mc 4 years ago

    Wat site is that Jordan ?

  108. Attila 4 years ago

    Wish id seen as hst aryicle Jordan! Lol. The ones I read said opposite, haha.

  109. Jordan 4 years ago

    Now the Thunder have collapsed, excellent. Still time for a turnaround!

  110. WN 4 years ago

    Cheers Jordan.

    Great game and a great performance from the Hawks.

  111. David mc 4 years ago

    Hope the thunder get the finger out and come back for u Jordan for ur double bro

  112. the wet lettuce 4 years ago

    Cannot believe Houston taking foot off gas ..going to screw me i am certain.

  113. Jordan 4 years ago

    There’s me saying Westbrook won’t put up 45. On 45 again haha

  114. Jordan 4 years ago

    Ahhh shite Memphis buckling again. Think I’ve been beating by some close games tonight. Will post all bets at the buzzers.

  115. jizzy66 4 years ago

    I learned from my awful tipping yesterday. Just forget about the interesting matches. I was on Knicks +5.5 and Magic -4.5 double… boooom!

  116. Jordan 4 years ago

    Memphis Grizzlies -2
    Atlanta Hawks/GSW over 205.5

    @ 10/11 @ Skybet **LOSE** Timberwolves win SU 90-89 after Memphis looking promising until about 5 minutes to play with the total in Atlanta being a whole 34 points over required.

    OKC Thunder ML
    Memphis Grizzlies -2

    @ 10/11 Skybet **LOSE** Pelicans win it outright with Durant shooting 9 of 26 and Westbrook on a new career high two games in a row with 48 points. 3 free throws with 1 second to go to take it to OT, Davis goes and scores the 3 point bucket at the other end on the buzzer! Crazy end to a game if I’ve ever seen one!

    £10 Fun Bet. It’s £10 for a reason

    Memphis -2 – LOSE 90-89 Timberwolves
    OKC ML – LOSE Pelicans win at the buzzer 116-113
    Pheonix ML – WINNING IN PLAY
    Rockets/Bucs Over 192.5 – WIN 228
    Pistons ML – WIN 98-88
    Celtics/76ers Over 183.5 – WIN 203
    Hawks/GSW Over 205.5 – WIN 240
    Magic/Lakers Over 191.5 – WIN 200
    Pacers/Cavs Over 187.5 – WIN 202
    Nets/Knicks over 182.5 – LOSE 180

    @ 37/2 @ Skybet (18.53/1) **LOSE** One thing is for certain, my research and market finding isn’t too bad! Bit of a shitter with Memphis busting both doubles although OKC didn’t have enough on the night.

  117. Jordan 4 years ago

    Yeah Jizzy I was on the Timberwolves, Pacers and Pelicans to win outright but didn’t tip those ones. Shame.

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