CELTIC aren't playing until Tuesday night but it's time for the fans of hoops to get excited.

I was up to an ungodly hour last night watching Jason Day win in Arizona but I'll be in dreamland when most of the basketball games tip off (is that right?).

Anyway De Andre and his growing band of US followers have been and will continue putting up tips for anyone who wants to follow the action.

  1. Stagger 5 years ago

    Can we have a different picture of the luvverly cheerleaders for each daily thread?! Ha ha, well you’ve got to ask, haven’t you lol!

  2. Rustychest 5 years ago

    Mr. F, nice to see you joining in the excitement :) Thank you for putting up these articles.

    Note, I posted my Race to 20 Points treble on the previous thread and within a few minutes noticed the odds dropping quite a bit on DAL Mavericks and LA Clippers. Coincident I’m sure :P

  3. Rustychest 5 years ago

    Last of my NBA picks. Game Totals.

    BOS Celtics @ UTA Jazz – Over 186
    MIL Bucks @ PHI 76ers – Over 207
    GS Warriors @ DET Pistons – Under 210

    10 Returns 45

    Good luck :)

  4. abbas 5 years ago

    Thanks rusty, ill be on them for sure

  5. Rustychest 5 years ago

    Thanks abbas. You and some guy in Antarctica :)

    Watching Bucks @ Sixers and didn’t think I’d be saying this but I’m quite enjoying it.

    A majority of people are saying the Sixers have given up, they’ve already ended the season and despite their defense still leaking in, they’re putting in effort offensively which is what I expected and it all means good for my game totals pick.

  6. luke a 5 years ago

    This mavericks game could easily go 1 of 2 ways right now. Other 2 looking pretty safe

  7. luke a 5 years ago

    Clearly tired, my eyes are playing games with me. Mavericks and warriors games are extremely close and could go either way. Think I’ll nod off and wake up to see results in morning

  8. Damo 5 years ago

    Deandre at it again!! (Provided clippers don’t capitulate) What a finish in the Mavericks game, won in the last second. Cheers again, you are on fire at the moment mate!

  9. luke a 5 years ago

    Wow wow wow. Can honestly say I’ve just had an amazing buzz flicking between flashscores and my nba app to keep up with the last couple minutes of the mavericks game. They threw away an 8 point lead in 46 seconds, then locked at 108 all, they got the winner with the very last attack. Amazing! Just need the clippers to complete your money line now DeAndre. Currently 12 points clear with 8 minutes remaining.

  10. Rustychest 5 years ago

    Wow, I feel so bad for Knicks there. I profited from their loss, they’ve broken a couple of my trebles before but to lose at home EXACTLY on the buzzer must hurt for them. What a ball game NBA is though. My goodness :)

  11. minty 5 years ago

    I agree rusty but glad they did Got the treble , flippers look safe ,also Got a 4 fold with the jazz, comes to 1k if it kops!

  12. minty 5 years ago

    Clippers even lol

  13. luke a 5 years ago

    Where do you guys watch the games? Watching the scores is painful

  14. Rustychest 5 years ago

    Haha minty :) Cool to see I’m not the only one who stakes crazy. I’ll be having similar returns if my Game Totals treble comes through and it’s looking good at the moment with the other two home safe and the Celtics @ Jazz game scoring heavier than usual.

  15. Rustychest 5 years ago

    luke a, Bet365 streams all the games if you have an account mate.

  16. honda 5 years ago

    Damn im up at 3 in the mornin for work but its nice to see deandre at it again :) much love! Rusty missed ures mate but good luck :)

    • swany 5 years ago

      ffs honda how far you got to travel to work?

      • raaljaca 5 years ago

        25 feet, he lives above his newsagents shop ;)

  17. minty 5 years ago

    Keep fingers crossed 4 u rusty ,, you’d laugh if you saw me ! Had on game on tv , one on my tablet and watching other on mobile lol! Big cheers to De Andre !!! Right work in morning got 4 hors sleep lol

  18. Nizzy 5 years ago

    Just in from a twilight shift to find Deandre’s
    tips up again…..thanks :-)

  19. DeAndre 5 years ago

    Full house tonight! :-D love it when a plan comes together, now back to sleep…

    • Rustychest 5 years ago

      Haha DeAndre. Your evil ‘plan’ worked today huh :)

  20. DeAndre 5 years ago

    Just saw Nowitzkis game winner, that man is sick!

  21. Rustychest 5 years ago

    Game Totals treble came through with half a quarter to go! :)

    DeAndre got both trebles.

    Fantastic night for NBA goers again!

    Excellent stuff fellas. Cheers! :)

  22. DeAndre 5 years ago

    How’d the race to 20 get onRusty? In still avoiding bet365 haha.

  23. Rustychest 5 years ago

    Oh my camomile tea!!

    “Your Parlay Bonus of 132.42 has been added to your returns.”

    From Parlay Bonus ALONE…. WOWAWEEWA!!!!

  24. Rustychest 5 years ago

    DeAndre, you can’t avoid Bet365 if you have a chance to register. I can’t register on Paddy Power due to region restrictions, but if I were you, I’d play player per. on Paddy and everything else on Bet365 (Parlay Bonus!!) It’s quite lovely when you make back your stakes from Parlay Bonuses alone haha. Massive, massive profit today and overall for the week. I’ve literally halved my losses in just a week. I’ll stick to NBA thank you very much :)

  25. DeAndre 5 years ago

    Nice one, I’ll have to look into it….whatever the hell a parlay bonus is :-D

    • swany 5 years ago

      50% Parlay Bonus

      Bet Now
      Bet Now
      Earn up to 50% more on your American and Canadian sports pre-game parlays, including regular and post-season Football, Basketball, Hockey and Baseball games.

      The offer applies to Spread, Run Line, Puck Line, Game Totals, 1st and 2nd Half Point Spread, 1st and 2nd Half Totals and Money Lines (excluding MLB).

      To give you even greater value there is no minimum qualifying price restriction so your selections are eligible for the bonus whatever the odds.

      All you have to do is place a pre-game parlay of 2 or more selections at any price combining teams in the NFL, NCAAF, CFL, NBA, NCAAB, MLB or NHL and, if successful, we will add the following bonuses to your winnings:

      Bet Type
      5% bonus
      7.5% bonus
      10% bonus
      15% bonus
      20% bonus
      25% bonus
      30% bonus
      35% bonus
      40% bonus
      45% bonus
      12-folds and upwards
      50% bonus

  26. Rustychest 5 years ago

    ‘Earn up to 50% more on your American and Canadian sports pre-game parlays, including regular and post-season American Football, Basketball, Hockey and Baseball games.

    The offer applies to Spread, Run Line, Puck Line, Game Totals, 1st and 2nd Half Point Spread, 1st and 2nd Half Totals and Money Lines (excluding MLB).

    To give you even greater value there is no minimum qualifying price restriction so your selections are eligible for the bonus whatever the odds.

    All you have to do is place a pre-game parlay of 2 or more selections at any price combining teams in the NFL, NCAAF, CFL, NBA, NCAAB, MLB or NHL and, if successful, we will add the following bonuses to your winnings:’

  27. DeAndre 5 years ago


    • Rustychest 5 years ago


      • raaljaca 5 years ago

        Rusty, you and DeAndre are really the ‘business’. Keep it going and we all love you.

  28. abbas 5 years ago

    Thanks lads, top tipping from both and the rest

    • swany 5 years ago

      Cheers guys keep waking up at silly times to see if tips came in,should know better,DeAndre you are now promoted to Demigod status! Rusty you are getting there mate,off back to bed to dream of getting a winner at the horses goodnight guys.

  29. Alty Adam 5 years ago

    Excellent once again DeAndre! Since this new thread has opened your 3/3 on the money-line. Thanks to you I woke up with a nice profit. Long may it continue.

    I was going to go with Rusty’s game totals too but decided to put all on DeAndre’s money-line, I had to check Rusty’s results to see if they won for him haha, well done Rusty mate :)

  30. Ian Ramsay 5 years ago

    Thanks DeAndre, excellent stuff again! :)

  31. fred 5 years ago

    cheers lads top tipping keeps the bank topped up while waiting on better ground for the horse racing

    Good Luck Everyone

  32. Mr. Orange 5 years ago

    Thanks DeAndre, you are on a nice little run. Shame I was already asleep when Rusty’s tip came on.

  33. ticketyboo 5 years ago

    Good morning all NBA fans DeAndre and Rustychest thank you again guys for another successful forage into NBA. Rustychest you look as if you’ve had too much sun and you’ve aged somewhat. Anyway who needs horses when we have NBA.

  34. Scouseorca 5 years ago

    Cheers again DeAndre, sorry Rusty will get on yours next time ;-) Loving through the night winnings keep it up lads fantastic effort and good luck to everyone with their bets today :-)

  35. dave 5 years ago

    great work again last night guys

    had the money line treble and my own treble for player performance

    had melo over 30.5
    davis over 20.5
    green ovr 18.5

    wish I had added de andre’s other two for a monster win

    de andre’s 3 players had won by the start of the fourth quarter no sweat

    can’t wait till tonight now

    when is the next night with no games so i can get a proper sleep

  36. DeAndre 5 years ago

    Dave probably in May ;-)

  37. Sanj 5 years ago

    Fantastic effort from DeAndre and Rustychest. Thanks very much both really appreciate it

  38. Lee woody 5 years ago

    DeAndre thanks for your NBA n racing tips these past few days your on a good run mate keep them coming this is the best start to a week for a while :)

  39. portsoy Jag 5 years ago

    Help required from the basketball punters, What is the best Bookie site to get the player performance prices, tried bet365, but they dont give much, I may be looking at the wrong page, your help will be much appreciated.

  40. De Andre #1 5 years ago

    We love you De Andre, 3 nights on trot player and money line! Are you even human??

    Cheers rusty also for your point totals all of them covered easily was good to bring up two trebles on the night! Good luck tonight guys!!

  41. DeAndre 5 years ago

    I get mine from PaddyPower, they also let you do them as multiples :-)

    • raaljaca 5 years ago

      DeAndre, your ball thru the wee hoop treble won again!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are the MAN, I love you Mr Wizard :)

  42. honda 5 years ago

    Had to start at 4 this morning as a one off will be finishing at 12 :) then nap time otherwise I wont make it through the champions league tonight!

  43. luke a 5 years ago

    Thanks Rusty, but my bet365 account got closed years ago, and they refuse to allow me to reopen it. Is there anywhere else I can watch the games?

  44. Dave 5 years ago

    1 DAL Mavericks DAL Mavericks @ NY Knicks
    (Money Line) 25/02/2014 None 4/6 Won
    2 GS Warriors GS Warriors @ DET Pistons
    (Money Line) 25/02/2014 None 5/8 Won
    3 LA Clippers LA Clippers @ NO Pelicans
    (Money Line) 25/02/2014 None 25/48 Won
    4 Over 186.0 BOS Celtics @ UTA Jazz
    (Game Totals) 25/02/2014 None 1/2 Won
    5 Over 207.0 MIL Bucks @ PHI 76ers
    (Game Totals) 25/02/2014 None 20/29 Won
    6 Under 210.0 GS Warriors @ DET Pistons
    (Game Totals) 25/02/2014 None 10/13 Won

    Deandre and rusty. Cheer stuck your bets together to get a wining 6 fold at nice odds cheers.
    Also done them in separate accas


  45. minty 5 years ago

    De Andre BOOM !!!!!!! , Hit your treble big, and added the JAZZ in another bet for a four fold £1000 profit, keep banging them in pal , bit of a heart stopper witb the mavericks at the end lol

  46. Buzz 5 years ago

    WOW! After reading this thread and seeing the stuff about the Parlay Bonuses I just checked and I got a massive .33cent! Hey if they’re giving it away, I’ll take it Thanks!

    Good work lads, loving this site more and more each week!

  47. Daveybaby 5 years ago

    Can you place basketball bets in William hill shops

  48. DeAndre 5 years ago

    I’m pretty sure you can…you can place NFL bets so yeah I don’t see why not.

  49. abbas 5 years ago

    Deandre is there stuff going on tonight?

  50. abbas 5 years ago

    Lads where is the parley special on 365

  51. DeAndre 5 years ago

    Of course…just having a look the now :-)

  52. Kah 5 years ago

    Portland -2.5 @ Denver looks very nice, Denver is 1-10 ATS in its last 10 games and are just a really bad team atm. The only reason why this spread is probably that low is because of Denver being seen as a team with extra home court advantage (cause of altitude)

  53. DeAndre 5 years ago

    NBA Bets

    We seem to in a bit of a purple patch so hopefully these are the selections to keep it going!

    Houston Rockets (1/2)
    Chicago Bulls (4/5)
    Toronto Raptors (8/13)
    Treble pays 3.36/1

    Player Performance
    Paul George(IND) +22.5 Points (5/6)
    Goran Dragic(PHX) +22.5 Points (5/6)
    Kyrie Irving(CLE) +22.5 Points (5/6)
    Treble pays 5.16/1

    Good luck if you’re having a punt, and remember to stay up for Rustys tips haha :-D

    • rale 5 years ago

      Thank for last nights winners mate. Went for your money line treble, but somehow I don’t trust Dragic to score +22.5. He scored only 6 or 8 last game…hmmm

  54. abbas 5 years ago

    Cheers deandre, ill have have a go putting a few in a couple of weeks, I never realised how much fun basketball is to watch I’m addicted lmao, the times are good preparation for the world cup lol

  55. DeAndre 5 years ago

    Yeah can’t wait for the WorldCup either but the NBA Finals come first :-D

  56. DeAndre 5 years ago

    Denver’s home record last season was one of if not the best in the league, but yeah injuries have decimated them again this season…Portland have been impressive without Aldridge so -2.5 looks pretty generous…maybe add a couple more points for a better price Kah :-)

  57. DeAndre 5 years ago

    2 games ago…last game he dropped 35 on Houston with just 20 shots!!!

  58. rale 5 years ago

    I missed that one. Then I`m on your second treble as well :-)

  59. tileking 5 years ago

    Where can i find the player performance on William Hill ??? Cant find it anywhere ….thanks for the nba típs

  60. DeAndre 5 years ago

    Haha, no pressure then :-)

    • rale 5 years ago

      No pressure mate! You won me £100+ last night, so you can lose few bets before I start cursing you ;-)

  61. honda 5 years ago

    What time did Rusty put his tips up last night?

  62. DeAndre 5 years ago

    Not sure I was asleep too :-D

    • honda 5 years ago

      Haha :) Oh well haven’t got work tomorrow so shouldn’t miss them!

  63. DeAndre 5 years ago

    Not sure if WillyHills does it mate…Paddy seems to be the best for that bet

  64. aj 5 years ago

    The NHL returns tonight following the Winter Olympics. There is just the one game and I fancy the Hurricanes to win on the road against the Buffalo Sabres. Hurricanes are 6-4-0 in their last 10, compared to the Sabres who are 2-7-1. Money line has the Hurricanes @ 20/27

  65. Duncan Poundcake 5 years ago

    The Honda Classic

    Each Way Justin Rose 25/1 Betfred 1/4 odds 6 places

    Each Way Lee Westwood 50/1 Betfred 1/4 odds 6 places

    Each Way Michael Thompson 80/1 Skybet 1/4 odds 6 places

    Each Way Geoff Ogilvy 125/1 Totesport 1/4 odds 6 places

    cant be any worse than my horses lately

  66. Peter O'Hanrahanrahan 5 years ago

    I think Justin Rose has withdrawn with a shoulder injury.

    Supposed to be a very tough course.

    Each way outright – Graeme McDowell, Rickie Fowler, Louis Oosthuizen, Matt Jones, Michael Thompson.

    Lee Westwood & Luke Donald are in with a shout as they live near the course.

    V small stakes long shot on Stewart Cink.

    T10/T20 – John Senden, Camillo Villegas & Stewart Cink.

  67. minty 5 years ago

    De Andre top bombing last night , had treble and separate 4 fold same three with the jazz another tidy profit pal ,,I will be returning the

  68. minty 5 years ago

    That got sent before I’d finish ,, yes returning the favor when NFL starts next time roundde andre

  69. DeAndre 5 years ago

    Returning with the end of that sentence ? :-)

  70. DeAndre 5 years ago

    Looking forward to it, love my NFL!

  71. minty 5 years ago

    Its brill deandre I’m touching wood very hard lol last season was 1850 up season before 2650 previous sessions always in profit but smaller profits .

  72. DeAndre 5 years ago

    If you’re that good can you tip the Cowboys to win the SuperBowl for me ;-)

  73. minty 5 years ago

    Errrm! I’m good but not that good sorry not a miracle worker lol,, maybe because I’m a 49 ers fan !!!! Don’t choke De Andre we need you lol

  74. DeAndre 5 years ago

    Yeah I thought it was a longshot!

  75. minty 5 years ago

    What was you thought adding jazz in a separate 4 fold deandre I thought they looked a stonking bet

  76. dave 5 years ago


    on your money line again

    have decided not to go for that big fud dragic tonight

    had him 2 games ago when he was pish
    then when you had him for assists last time he got none and scored 35 points

    have gone for

    james harden over 5.5 assists
    teague over 17.5 for the hawks(hopefully with millsap out he will deliver like he did last game)
    and george over 22.5 to make up the treble

  77. DeAndre 5 years ago

    Dragic is my main man ;-) leading us to the play-offs. Harden is definitely the ‘dodgy’ one even though I looked at him…Minty the Jazz aren’t playing tonight :-o

  78. dave 5 years ago


    looking forward to your picks as well

    can you please put the odds beside the spreads as on paddy power they are often different to bet365

    i’m on there as well but there are so many to choose from i’m never sure what to go for

    good luck to everyone tonight

  79. Stueyd 5 years ago

    DeAndre have your game line treble and also fancy 3 others which I’m doing as a treble and speculative 6 fold

    Trail blazers

    Good luck

  80. DeAndre 5 years ago

    Looks fairly solid, just worried if Love goes off against Phoenix for like 40!

  81. Alty Adam 5 years ago

    I’m starting a £40-£3000 challenge tonight using DeAndre’s money-line trebles. At those odds it should only take 3 bets :)

  82. Dermot1983 5 years ago

    DeAndre, firstly thank you for your great tips recently. Discovered the site a week ago and I’ve been loving your tips.

    Posting here for this first time, as I’m hoping you can help me out with this one!…

    I have a running acca on the go at the moment, and I’m pleased to say it’s going very well. I’m now at a stage where I’m getting nervous about my next bet, as my balance is starting to get pretty and I don’t wanna mess it up!

    I’d love to do your money line treble, but I’m too nervous. So my question is, out of all your tips, what would be the 2 tips that you would have most faith in? The ones you think are dead certs?

    Would really appreciate your help before things start tonight! Thanks in advance!

  83. minty 5 years ago

    Deandre I can’t see a market for Houston , they deffo PPP playing

  84. minty 5 years ago

    Rusty are you about ?

  85. Dave 5 years ago

    Where’s rusty balls tonight

  86. honda 5 years ago

    Cmon Rusty ;) You know you want to put a race to 20 and overs treble up :)

  87. Dave 5 years ago

    Look like Rusty not coming out to play might just have to double up on the ddddd Deandre tips.

  88. Rustychest 5 years ago

    Game Totals:

    CHI Bulls @ ATL Hawks – Under 195
    LA Lakers @ IND Pacers – Under 210
    TOR Raptors @ CLE Cavaliers – Over 190

    10 Returns 42

    Race to 20 Points:

    WAS Wizards
    HOU Rockets
    MIN Timberwolves

    10 Returns 52

    • Rustychest 5 years ago

      Race to 20 Points treble is my winner tonight :)

      WAS Wizards (20/43)
      HOU Rockets (2/3)
      MIN Timberwolves (11/10)

      That returned nicely :)

      You’d be up triple digits on your profits if you played all my picks (at an even min. 10 stake) since the return from all-star weekend. Great start to the week :)

  89. honda 5 years ago

    Cheers Rusty :)

  90. minty 5 years ago

    Good evening everyone kettle is on ready to settle down to some NBA, good luck everyone , rusty are you doing the grave yard shift with me lol

  91. Dave 5 years ago

    Only one I can find Rusty is the Bulls under 195 all the others not up on bet 365.

  92. Rustychest 5 years ago


    minty, indeed I am. I’m on a few hours sleep… trying to balance nba and champions league nights. Nobody can ask me to make a choice.. I love both :)

  93. Alty Adam 5 years ago

    Dave – The other tow matches have already started and are in-play

  94. Dave 5 years ago

    Ok sill me cheers Adam

  95. minty 5 years ago

    Rusty are you up for a chat on phone quickly I can give you my Moby and you can withold number if I’d rather not give number out want to run past a couple of things takes ages on here can send number via email if you like

    • Rustychest 5 years ago

      minty, I wouldn’t give my details out on here. Too many psychos :)

  96. Alex 5 years ago

    After reading you guys and reading Rustychest’s race to 20 points treble yesterday, I went with my own tonight and won it :D


    Paid just under 3/1 but still :D

    • Rustychest 5 years ago

      Alex, that doesn’t sound like you to play a team who pays 1.020 odds in a treble.

    • Rustychest 5 years ago

      Alex, I checked it and that treble would of paid 1.7/1, whose your bookie that you managed to get 3/1?

      • Alex 5 years ago

        It was a race to 20 points treble Rusty.

        Pacers 1/3
        Raptors 2/3
        Wizards 23/40

        Paid 2.5/1 :)

  97. minty 5 years ago

    Nice one Alex I was too late for pacers and wizards , got raptors , bulls , Timberwolves and rockets in 4 fold

  98. Skippy 5 years ago

    I know it’s only early but it ain’t looking good for the bulls, I’m gnna get my head down and hope they can turn it around, fingers crossed I wake up to the familiar site of ££££££ in the bank

  99. minty 5 years ago

    Angine still up , cant believe number of fouls rapters are giving away

  100. minty 5 years ago

    Anyone even

  101. Rustychest 5 years ago

    As well as a treble, I played MIN Timberwolves as a single on the Race to 20 Points market and they came through at 11/10. Yummy. Love beating the bookies on that. It’s not difficult to notice that bookies seem to price Race to 20 Points odds on the game favorites. That’s 2/3 for the Race to 20 for the night. I’m having a trend going here, one night it’s Game Totals win, one night it’s Race to 20 points win. I shouldn’t speak too soon though :)

    Yesterday, I posted my race to 20 under a star rating system which served it right since the one I was most worried about was the one who let it down.

    I have faith in Rockets :)

  102. Alty Adam 5 years ago

    Just need the Rapids to win, come on Rapids!

  103. Rustychest 5 years ago

    Alty Adam, whose the Rapids mate?

  104. abbas 5 years ago

    Rusty, great tipping mate was on your trebles and deandre trebles, keep the good work up

  105. Rustychest 5 years ago

    Great to hear abbas :)

    My Game TotalsRace to 20 zig-zag continues. They’re sharing a win each night :)

  106. abbas 5 years ago

    Got a few bets I’m gonna add to your trebles as a seperate accum,

    Real Madrid, 1/2

    Over 4.5 cards,

    Galatasary vs Chelsea, 11/10

  107. Alty Adam 5 years ago

    My mistake Rusty, meant the Rockets. Had the Rockets on my mind after watching their game

  108. Alty Adam 5 years ago

    *Had The Rapids on my mind after watching their game. It’s been a long night haha

  109. minty 5 years ago

    Can I be the firstto congratulate de Andre another winning treble BOOM !!!!! , hit treble big , have added suns and trsilblazers for smaller stakes 5 fold but another big profit hopefully hope everyone else has smashed it !

  110. Rustychest 5 years ago

    Alty Adam, ah gotcha mate ;) NBA does that to ya. Not a days rest haha :)

  111. minty 5 years ago

    Hi rusty had your face to 20 single as well pal ,

  112. minty 5 years ago

    Race lol not face my eyes are now closing lol

  113. Rustychest 5 years ago

    minty, great to hear. It’s been a really profitable past week or so. Get some rest mate :)

  114. ChrLz 5 years ago

    Weldone Rusty!I missed your treble man.Hopefully i wont miss the Next! ;)

    The first two matches were tough. :)Another big win today.Cheers DeAndre! :)

  115. DeAndre 5 years ago

    Rockets haven’t won yet lads! ;-)

    Kudos Rusty on another Race treble, found out I can get them on WillyHills :-D

  116. DeAndre 5 years ago

    Dave good call on Dragic/Harden shame George had a poor night from behind the arc!

    • dave 5 years ago

      de andre

      on fire with the money line once again
      we got a bit of luck with the bulls which coud have gone either way

      i feel we were robbed with the player performance last night

      teague easily covered spread with millsap out injured
      and harden did likewise with both assists and points
      but after a great 3rd quarter with 12 points taking him to 20 george was either rested or injured in the 4th

      he only played about 25 mins all night which for a player like him is way below normal

      i guess when they are cruising the coach can do that when needed

      2 of the other guys ive been taking recently de rozen & lillard both scored big again so i’m wishing i’d gone for them instead

      i’m really getting into this nba now so thanks de andre and rusty and stuey for that

      i just wish rusty would post abit earlier before i go to bed

      ive been trying to get a bit of a kip before things start

      i’ll need to find a favourite team soon who do you guys all support

      looking forward to 10 games tonight

      only had aqucik look and might go for davis and green again tonight

      maybe lillard and harden again

      i’ll get a good look when i get in from work later

      ive very quickly built up a list of jinx players who i dont think i will be taking

      griffin, parsons and dragic

      wish i was brave enough to do them in the unders

  117. Rustychest 5 years ago

    Kudos to you too DeAndre :)

    What or where in the world is WillyHills? :)

    • swany 5 years ago

      Rusty I always miss your tips as you are on too late,but thanks for you efforts,you are also startin to look like Demi Moore,cheers man.

  118. Rustychest 5 years ago

    You mean Philly Hills, the mountains of Philadelphia? haha :)

  119. DeAndre 5 years ago

    Yeah William Hill have it, James Harden is shooting the lights out!

  120. abbas 5 years ago

    Thanks again guys, deandre great tipping again, cheers lads

  121. DeAndre 5 years ago

    A real nail biter in Sacramento as Houston just hold on to get the money-line treble up ;-) Player per. was a flop

    • swany 5 years ago

      Thats where I have the advantage DeAndre,I sleep through the drama great tippin again,you really have reached Demi Moore status in my book,thanks again.

    • ticketyboo 5 years ago

      Good morning DeAndre my personal banker I thank you again for your tips. Rustychest I looked at your bets but I find it difficult to understand them and where to find them?

  122. InterYerNan 5 years ago

    DEandre you the man!!! Top nba tipping sir!

  123. Mr. Orange 5 years ago

    Well done again lads!

  124. MrT 5 years ago

    Brilliant stuff again Deandre & Rusty!

  125. Skippy 5 years ago

    Lmao is if I was ever in doubt deandre you have done the business again.

  126. Damo 5 years ago

    Are we witnessing the making of two johnbs of the NBA world? Top work again boys.

  127. Stueyd 5 years ago

    Top night lads just missed out of my speculative fold with the suns. Still lots of profit as well as treble i took them as four fold and five folds :)

    Good luck for today

  128. Dancing Brave 5 years ago

    Great work again, @ Deandre and Rusty, Swany like you I hot the sack early at midnight so missed Rusty’s bets :( Rusty stop slacking and get your bets up early lol :)

    Cheers guys DB :D

  129. DeAndre 5 years ago

    Parsons is a scrub but I’ll not lose faith in the other 2 so easily

  130. Stoo 5 years ago

    Cheers for another winning treble DeAndre. Do you think NBA games are getting a bit easier predict? I stopped betting on it earlier in the season because it was becoming too unpredictable

  131. markb 5 years ago

    Thanks for the winning treble again deandre. I also tried 6fold with stueyd picks suns let down :(. Tried my own race to 20 with same teams bulls let down. An now I see rusty took timberwolfs arrrgghh lol. Tried stayin up for ur tips rusty but think it was just a bit past my bed time b4 u posted :(. Well done thow u guys keep them coming.

  132. DeAndre 5 years ago

    Stoo, I think that post all-star game is where a lot of the contenders step up and separate themselves from the pack, I hope they get easier to predict then I’ll start putting up 10-fold Accas :-D

  133. Rustychest 5 years ago

    My apologies lads. Point taken, I’ll do my best to post earlier :)

    It’s Champions League week and I was up watching David Moyes dial 1-800-SACKME :)

    I’ve already got a shortlist for the NBA games tomorrow and I’ll most likely post my picks right after the odds are up or before tonight’s CL :)

    • Dancing Brave 5 years ago

      Nice one Rusty, sack Moyes lol why he is doing a great job for Arsenal, Man City and Liverpool ;)

  134. DanM 5 years ago

    Thank you DeAndre, 4 in a row! Was on your treble and also landed a 6-fold of Wizards, Raptors, Pacers, Bulls, Trail Blazers and Rockets!

    Hopefully will be another good night with 10 games on. Quite fancy Magic, Thunder, Spurs, Trail Blazers, Hawks, Mavericks, Grizzlies and the Suns. Hopefully see some of those in tonights treble

  135. Dave 5 years ago

    Deandrea thanks again.
    Made up my own Acca last night with your treble and added more to it but the suns let me down
    Cheers once again.

  136. honda 5 years ago

    DeAndre, Rusty, this is just getting unreal now! Top stuff lads had a nice lie in this morning and was on both the money line treble and the race to 20 :) Thanks again ads and well done :)

    • raaljaca 5 years ago

      DeAndre and Rusty, you are legends and I love you both ;) just off to get my new ‘NBA ONE LOVE’ tattoo underneath my ‘DeAndre and Rusty, believe’ tattoo ;)

  137. Nizzy 5 years ago

    Deandre and Rusty…..Thanks once again.

    • Rustychest 5 years ago

      Nizzy, I feel like a beer everytime you’re around :)

  138. Rustychest 5 years ago

    Nizzy, I feel like a beer everytime you’re around :)

  139. abbas 5 years ago

    Haha raal I’m in on the tattoo lol

  140. Alty Adam 5 years ago

    Great tipping once again from you two! I’m off to get my own DeAndre and Rustychest tattoo :-)

  141. Dancing Brave 5 years ago

    Just been to the tattoo shop raal, managed to get a discount when I mentioned DeAndre and Rusty – seems they have had a run of tattoos for these two names and are having cut the price due to the increased demand ;)

  142. luke a 5 years ago

    Awesome again DeAndre. Was on your winning money line treble for third day running. Only a bad final quarter from phoenix suns cost me a 6fold. And only George being left out of the final quarter cost me a 4 fold with Irving, and 2 teams in race to 20. Fingers crossed this good form continues. Keep up the great work guys. Even got me looking at form and tables myself now

  143. DeAndre 5 years ago

    The only reason Phoenix faded late was Dragic fouling out, otherwise we would have held on :-(

  144. abbas 5 years ago

    The only reason Phoenix faded late was Dragic fouling out, otherwise we would have held on :-(

  145. DeAndre 5 years ago

    NBA Bets

    Orlando Magic (20/31)
    Portland Trail Blazers (4/6)
    Golden State Warriors (20/31)
    Treble pays 7/2

    Player Performance.
    Dwight Howard(HOU) +21.5 Points (5/6)
    Jeff Teague(ATL) +18.5 Points (5/6)
    Dirk Nowitzki(DAL) +20.5 Points (5/6)
    Treble pays 5.16/1

  146. DeAndre 5 years ago

    Cheers Mr F

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