JOHNB was the toast of punters as he landed a 16-1 winner.

Our man doesn’t usually put up late tips but this one was certainly worth the bother and the wait as Toast of Newbury romped home.

Let’s hope for more of the same on Tuesday.

Johnb’s Tuesday Tips

Newcastle 3.50
Taghreeb 5-2 Ladbrokes, Bet365, William Hill, BetVictor

Free Code 11-2 NAP/NB Ladbrokes (double stake)

Taghreeb & Free Code 21.751 Ladbrokes
Feel free to put up your own picks and chat.

  1. fullirish 1 year ago

    Italian Tom 4:40 nap

  2. marc 1 year ago

    Thanks job,more of the same please

  3. johnb 1 year ago

    Apologies to everyone that missed Toast of Newbury but because of the connection I could only post it after seeing it drift in the betting early on

  4. The taxman 1 year ago

    No worries john! Was sheer luck I got it as we were rained off today! Wits fur ye won’t go by ye!

  5. KOI 1 year ago

    Well done today john great price just wish i hadnt been called in to work or id a been a hundred better off keep up the great work sir you legend…

  6. KOI 1 year ago

    Hard luck johnb close but no cigar on to tomorrow sir.

  7. johnb 1 year ago

    May so far 21.45 points profit

  8. Big gee 1 year ago

    Maybe you can give us a heads up next time john by saying there might be another tip later and to keep looking in.. anyhow no worries and well done with winner even though I missed it and backed NAP/NB :(

  9. Smudge 1 year ago

    Great tip today johnb, thanks. Been following all u boys on here and I’m very grateful for the tips. However I’m going Newton Abbot tomorrow so need some help to bash the bookies down there. Any tips for Newton Abbot fellas???? Many thanks

  10. Bun west 1 year ago

    Big gee what a ridiculous comment. He clearly didn’t hear about it until later on. Don’t be bitter end amuse you weren’t on and make comments like that

  11. Big gee 1 year ago

    Sorry but I thought it was a reasonable request?

  12. Alanm 1 year ago

    D/C just got caught up on all the chat big well done and we’ll done Johnb missed it as well but onwards we go.

  13. davyb 1 year ago

    absolute champion 2.30 nott hurry home poppa 3.00 nott hala madrid 3.40 ch belle park 4.10 ch

  14. double carpet 1 year ago

    Cheers alan

  15. Hamish75 1 year ago

    Some big priced winners dc johnb fullirish n anybody else total respect ktf

  16. martin 1 year ago

    It’s only natural people are going to be disappointed they missed a big priced winner when they have out their way to check the site in the morning. They will post things in frustration.

    Of course you get the heroes like Bun West come on and try and make them feel guilty for that.

    • Profile photo of Mr Fixit Author
      Mr Fixit 1 year ago

      martin, as I said earlier tips can go up any time. Johnb’s 16-1 winner was posted at a reasonable hour and as soon as he was comfortable to do so. Dozens of people thanked for the winner and even if only one person had got on it would have been worth putting it up.

  17. martin 1 year ago

    I know MrFixIt and its not John’s fault it was posted later. I think some people are just frustrated, everyone wants a winner and if you’ve came on specifically for the tips and missed a big priced one you will be gutted.

    Thankfully I got on but I don’t see the point in having a go at someone who wants to have a moan to let off some steam, we’re all in this together.

  18. steve 1 year ago

    I missed Johnbs tip myself but it happens sometimes. Look how many happy heads there are around the site though because of him.

  19. conor 1 year ago

    lol I sadly missed out was on the horse that finished 2nd seen it coming in the home straight and just knew John’s was going to win

  20. TheJamrock 1 year ago

    Wasn’t on the tip but 16/1 is some price well done john I’m off work tomorrow so hopefully get to bash the bookies tomorrow. Keep up the good work john and everybody else #beatthebookie

  21. JayJayBhoy86 1 year ago

    quality tipping johnb.had a eachway double on toast of newbury and alanm’s nb.also had the dc double on free tipping site by far :)

  22. GAZ B 1 year ago

    I’ve missed a few and caught a few always have a noises every few races or can set to send notifications if you don’t want to miss anything. Obviously not everyone can check all day everyday but john b puts the effort in daily so if you want to catch em got to put the effort in too, WD AGAIN JB, I bottled it if ok honest in the bookies but 5ew @ 16s sorted my day “reet ” out well done sir

  23. GAZ B 1 year ago

    4.30 Nottingham LOOKING GOOD 13/2

  24. jimba 1 year ago

    Johnb, thanks again for tips, on yours today, 2singles, GL!!!

  25. Jimron 1 year ago

    Great tip saw it 5 mins before the off and could t move enough money around to make it a pay off! To make it worse it all went on Chelsea! Cest la vie!!

  26. Johny Banker 1 year ago

    Chepstow 4.10 Jersey Brown 11-1 Wm Hills looks a Banker e/w bet

  27. The Postman 1 year ago


    Trainer David Lanigan takes this 283 miles, and Jockey George Baker goes with him for just this one ride.

    This combination have had 5 winners from there last 6 runners, including a 25/1 winner.

    Looking at another at Newton Abbot, with post it up later, the ground is Good to soft right now, however I want to see is there is a going change before I back it myself.

  28. The Postman 1 year ago

    SORRY … That should read 3:50 – NEWCASTLE / NOT 2:50


  29. a black 1 year ago

    Chepstow 310 Gran Maestro 7/4 last night but has come in a bit since
    Price on the short side but best horse in the race against others in poor form

    Also think Sergeant Dick in the 700 at Newton Abbot will like the softening conditions the Postman referred top above

  30. john 1 year ago

    MISTY LANE 8:10 Dundalk 8/1

  31. double carpet 1 year ago

    Morbing all

    Just a couple of EW bets for me today until later when Dundalk returns.

    LORIMERS LOT 7/1 2.50 new
    11lbs below last winning mark

    CORTON LAD 16/1 3.50 new
    only c&d winner in field and down to last winning mark

    So until later Best of luck to all

  32. Kev 1 year ago

    Given up on lady Ibrox dc 😉

  33. Tommy400 1 year ago

    Hi all just a word about lucky 15 bets paddy power online only pay single odds on one winner new policy for last month but didn’t tell punters it must have cost me a right few quid wont make that mistake again

  34. ConnorMcv7 1 year ago

    Big nap yesterday ran a blinder for second. Ew at 9s means plenty of profit. Nam ma prow my nb turned out to not like the fibresand as was my worry. Well done to john b for the 16-1 shot that was well noticed mate don’t know how u do it.

    Moving on to today I think there are a lot of tough races out there and it could be a day for the big prices rather than favs

    545 chep. Lac sacre 11-4 nap.
    This horse has running well in difficult races and it drops well back in grade today into a class 6. It should have to much quality and win well in my opinion. Soft ground shouldn’t be a problem

    410 chep. Break heart 12-1 ew nb.
    Another who has been running in more difficult races and hasn’t been running to it’s potential. Drop back in grade and the correct trip tells me it’s time to win one. Also loves the soft ground

    All the best folks

  35. Paul 1 year ago

    Hi everyone
    I like the look of Asian Wing 8.40 Dun
    Out of the good horse Hawk Wing
    Won its last 2 races well
    It’s my Nap today, good luck everyone.

  36. double carpet 1 year ago

    im trying to look after you as i know you wont back that one !!

  37. boz 1 year ago

    johnb fantastic tip yesterday 16/1

    had it with my own tommy docc 9/1 great day thanks

    happy days

  38. jimba 1 year ago

    I see brian meehan’s two horses are longest travellers today, 290 miles, johnbs nap is one, other is Alshaahraman 3.20 maiden race, i’ve done e/w trixie with grand maestro 3.10 chepstow, good luck people!!

  39. Kev 1 year ago

    Like it dc :)

  40. dougiec 1 year ago

    Morning all,no brain power required picking todays
    although dc and Kev Ive already backed Adiator in the 2.50.
    NAP..MAJOR MAC..2.40..Chepstow
    NB…BELLE PARK..4.10.Chepstow and for patent/Trixie

  41. TheHawk 1 year ago

    Speculative ew bet Field of Light 25/1 pp 4pm Nottingham

    Good Luck Folks

  42. double carpet 1 year ago

    Lorimors Lot now best priced 11/4 ? I got 7/1 this morning with boyles

  43. dougiec 1 year ago

    Under moderation again try Chep.2.40..2.Chep.4.10..7

  44. Kev 1 year ago

    Think fave was withdrawn dc. Still nice though :) only managed to get the 11/4

  45. dougiec 1 year ago

    I will try again with a Dundalk tip ew 5..11/1 with pp combination 5,1,and

  46. double carpet 1 year ago

    Ah yeah kev just realised that now cheers

  47. dougiec 1 year ago

    Well posting problems see to be ok,so Well done yesterday double carpet with double and Dancing with the bookies money last night.Ew thief again with 25/1 place and Gold star to fullirish,great pick.Great to see.

  48. tony maxwell 1 year ago

    Cheers JohnB great tipping site more and more winners please to bash those bookies

  49. Alanm 1 year ago

    Nap Baqqa 4/1 4.00 Nottingham
    NB Harrogate Fair 5/1 5.35 Nottingham
    Double pays 29/1
    Good luck all

  50. garfo 1 year ago

    6.50 chelms.nifty kier 9.20 chelms.greys angel.£30 double.chow.

  51. no1likesus 1 year ago

    1st at Newky, Farrahs choice

  52. Alanm 1 year ago

    4.00 nott 9 nap 4/1
    5.35 nott 2 nb 5/1

  53. Scott mcleod 1 year ago

    Paddy power have a power play on taghreeb from 15/8 now 5/2

  54. Abbas 1 year ago

    Hey guys hope your all well

  55. KOI 1 year ago

    Gluk all today .
    havin a dabble with 4 of me own today aswell as jbs .
    atlantic affair 310 chep 14/1
    mahsooba 430 nott 10/1
    yul finegold 11/1cc 750
    Artic lynx 11/1cc 820.

    1point win on each total 6points

  56. ew thief 1 year ago

    Morning all nice double lastnight dc missed them due to work have to agree with u on corton lad aswell
    RIPONIAN 5.50N
    GL ALL

  57. maxi 1 year ago

    roaring forties e/w 8/1 might get of to a flyer in the 2.00

  58. dougiec 1 year ago

    Great to see you are still about abbas,what with the price of cod!!swany still on the go but busy time for him.Take a night off and give us some tips

  59. Abbas 1 year ago

    I just write my tips not seen to have gone up was under moderation preview lol

    Let’s give it another go

  60. double carpet 1 year ago

    Ew thief
    hate it when work gets in the way when we’re trying to make some money !!
    Gl today mate

  61. Abbas 1 year ago

    Notts 2-30 your cool 9/1 e/w
    Notts 3-00 hot spice 14/1 e/w

  62. Abbas 1 year ago

    Thanks Mr fixit hope your well

  63. Stevie 1 year ago

    Great tipping all around yesterday. I managed to get on johnb’s late pick which was fantastic.

    Mine today

    YOUNG CHEDDAR 6:00 Newt Nap
    ASIAN WING 8:40 Dun nb
    CORTON LAD 3:50 newt ew

  64. De Niro 1 year ago

    Nottingham 2-00
    Goodknight Percy 18/1 2 point win

  65. fullirish 1 year ago

    Italian Tom 4:40 nap NR replace with Noverre To Go nap

  66. The Postman 1 year ago

    My Nap ‘REMBRANDT VAN RIJN’ is now a non runner.

    3:10 Chepstow – Golden Jubile NAP
    5:50 Newcastle – Outlaw Torn NB

    Still watching the weather at Newton Abbot.

  67. Chachie 1 year ago

    More of a sentimental bet:

    Goodknight Percy, 2.00 Nott. Same as deniro :)

  68. dar 1 year ago

    Ew thief ….I remember 1 of the first winners you gave on the site…long time ago….never forgot it….had about 10 different bets on it…..your a top man!!!! Followed your bets ever since …always in a e/w patent… one day its gonna land big !!! And I’m gonna be on it. I fancy two turtle doves today also. 😉

  69. dar 1 year ago

    Ew thief ….I remember 1 of the first winners you gave on the site…long time ago….never forgot it….had about 10 different bets on it…..your a top man!!!! Followed your bets ever since …always in a e/w patent… one day its gonna land big !!! And I’m gonna be on it. I fancy two turtle doves today also. 

  70. jimron 1 year ago

    Had a little go on perch!!

  71. Big gee 1 year ago


  72. fullirish 1 year ago


  73. rensen 1 year ago

    2.30PM Nottingham Secret Spirit

  74. Profile photo of Mr Fixit Author
    Mr Fixit 1 year ago

    Big gee, don’t be silly but security settings have been tightened for obvious reasons.

  75. Big gee 1 year ago

    No worries fella was just wondering.

  76. ew thief 1 year ago

    We’re all here for the same thing gl with your bets mate hope it’s today;-)

  77. Kinga 1 year ago

    I’m 10 miles from Newcastle and it’s been tipping down on and off all afternoon! Hailstones too. Be a bloody quagmire at gosforth park!!!

  78. Big gee 1 year ago

    One more bet today ew single on NOVERRE TO GO still a cracking price even with the n/r’s 3 places Gd luck.

  79. RobRoy 1 year ago

    Jockey on Major Mac didn’t even look like he was trying!!

  80. WN 1 year ago

    last three races, 14/1 20/1 20/1 gotta laugh.

  81. double carpet 1 year ago

    Rain is having its effect

  82. Yovan 1 year ago

    RobRoy, that was Champion Jockey Ruchard Hughes, known to lets say put below par performance when on fancied odds on favourite. Major Mac was Twitter horse today. Enybody and everybody backed it and when that happens outcome is usually. “Loser”.

  83. RobRoy 1 year ago

    Targreeb had nothing in the final furlong

  84. RobRoy 1 year ago

    Thanks Yovan will keep an eye out for him and avoid!

  85. ConnorMcv7 1 year ago

    Another close one same as yesterday for break heart. Had ew though at 12-1 that will do. On to lac sacre for the ew double

  86. Cam 1 year ago

    Not been going well for me on the horse the last four days. Going to give it a break I thonk but fear not, I shall return!

    Gl all :)

  87. Paddy 1 year ago

    Who’s the biggest danger to Free Code?

  88. TheHawk 1 year ago

    Nice wee 2nd at 33/1 Field of Light hope few were on ew :)

  89. double carpet 1 year ago

    Having studied the DUNDALK card in great depth i have to say its one of the toughest cards ive seen there so although i have to have a punt stakes will be small and just for interest so here goes

    5.40 birdcage
    6.10 ostatnia
    6.40 deemah ew
    7.10 ishebayorgrey
    7.40 chatterton ew
    8.10 iron major ew
    8.40 senior counsel ew
    9.10 hardstone
    Just a bit of fun gl all

  90. miish3aaal 1 year ago

    NOVERRE TO GO came 2nd errr.. my fingers were crossed for him

  91. dar 1 year ago

    Get in jb

  92. slasherjack 1 year ago

    Very nice thanks John B

  93. Smackeroonies 1 year ago

    Nice one JOHNB!!

  94. GMan 1 year ago

    Great tip, thanks JB!

  95. jimmybrownsauce 1 year ago

    John b…..great tipping AGAIN
    many thanks

  96. miish3aaal 1 year ago

    johnb thaanks for free code tip ..well done again!

  97. Davalarr1 1 year ago

    Hihihihihi Jb!!!! Well done sir

  98. gnm82 1 year ago

    Get in there JB! Well played mate. Happy days.

  99. Davalarr1 1 year ago

    Hihihi well done JB

  100. Super Wall 1 year ago

    Nice 1 JB

    • boz 1 year ago

      johnb another great tip at a great price got it with
      double czech with one to run.

      happy days

  101. joshyb 1 year ago

    Brilliant John b didn’t think had much chance 2 furlong out then stayed on very well

  102. since1902 1 year ago

    Free code, nice ride by gibbons. Good tip johnb, thanks

  103. dave 1 year ago

    Very impressive there John b
    Thanks again

  104. leicesterlad 1 year ago

    Well in jb thought he was going to get penned in but never in doubt

  105. stevo 1 year ago


  106. Yaseen 1 year ago

    Free code landed in the end.. Thanks JohnB

  107. A BLACK 1 year ago

    Lovely charge through there by JohnB’s NAP/NB there. Would never have found that one myself – glad I was on. Cheers John

  108. philip 1 year ago

    Free code, tidy , tidy , tidy ! Well done j b

  109. Haggis 1 year ago

    Awesome John,absolute quality,can you please explain to me how you pick them?thank you top man john

  110. WESLEY WEST 1 year ago

    Absolutely brillaint Johnb. Always confident when I see you NAP/NB a horse. Thank you very much sir, the best about!

  111. craig 1 year ago

    Well done john b legend missed out yesterday though

  112. Wato 1 year ago

    Brilliant again Johnb. It really is only a matter of time until you land one of these doubles

  113. fullirish 1 year ago

    well done john b

  114. Mick 1 year ago

    Well done yet again Johnb……..many thanks

  115. Paddy 1 year ago

    JohnB you legend!

    Got on at 3/1 but unknown to me I put the bet on on happy hour and got best odds so paid out at 9/2 😀

  116. Mysho 1 year ago

    Thank you John B !! Great tip !!

  117. John Boy Walton 1 year ago

    Thanks JohnB. The best about.

  118. ray 1 year ago

    Cheers John. I agree with Wato, the double must be imminent.

  119. swfc 1 year ago

    Well done johnb. U’r the dogs b*******.

  120. double carpet 1 year ago

    Great stuff johnb

  121. fullirish 1 year ago

    5.40 birdcage
    8.10 iron major
    8:40 Asian Wing
    win trixie

  122. Dave Wiseman 1 year ago

    Johnb – Cheers for the winner at 16:50 had a nice point on it, makes up for a couple poor footy in plays today.

  123. Chachie 1 year ago

    Boom! Nice 30/1 double with Arthurs Secret & Free Code.
    Cheers Johnb!!

  124. dougiec 1 year ago

    Great tipping Johnb,thanks for putting the time in!!

  125. Kev 1 year ago

    Eium mac boz?

    • boz 1 year ago

      kev was a favourite of mine and owes me nothing

      but no my last one is lac sacre

      good luck

      happy days

  126. Bobajob 1 year ago

    Boz without putting pressure on u pal, I’m sure you have your reasons for not posting tips which is totally up to yourself. I’m sure you know yourself for every negative person on this site there’s hundreds of quiet viewers that really appreciated your tips knowledge and your time. Same goes for most off the regulars who contribute. Myself and many others always looked forward to your tips but at end of the day it’s totally up to yourself and that has to be respected. Good luck,

    • boz 1 year ago

      bobajob thank you for that this is great site with great people but the same old childish jokes by a few idiots were not for me.

      still come on see whos tipping what from the people i know put genuine time in

      happy days

  127. tomboy 1 year ago

    Looks a great site love to join the fun?

  128. lsb 1 year ago

    Well done jb

  129. magictips 1 year ago

    First tip ever, posted on racing page. Ruler of France 8.10 Dundalk, worth an each way punt, 12/1 now. It is the furthest traveler at the meeting and it’s a long way to Tipperary. ;-]

  130. Alanm 1 year ago

    5/1 NB NICE ONE

  131. Haggis 1 year ago

    Fantastic Alan was on mate brilliant tipping once again,any nap and nb tonight please Alan?

  132. Lord Clegg 1 year ago

    Had a disastrous day overall but won eighty quid at the bingo. Invested a tenner on 7.50 Boonga Roogeta 7/1 and 8.50 Dynamo Malt 5/1 each way double tonight.

  133. conor 1 year ago

    Don’t forget to buy John a beer

  134. johnb 1 year ago

    13 points returned today for 4 points staked making 9 points profit

    May so far 30.45 points profit

    Wednesdays Tips

    Art Obsession 6/1 hills

    Smiling Stranger 6/1 NAP/NB bet365 (double stake)

    Art Obsession & Smiling Stranger 41/1 hills

  135. Clarky 1 year ago

    Another great tip from Johnb well done sir,the double can’t be far away now.

  136. double carpet 1 year ago

    Great shout alan well done

  137. The taxman 1 year ago

    Cheers John you big handsome brute of a man!
    Can safely say I’m withdrawing tomoro morning once your tips are in!
    Cheers lad, once again I have ran out of words!
    Take care mate!

  138. boz 1 year ago

    alanm nice winner should have put yours in instead

  139. Haggis 1 year ago

    Nice to see you posting box?lol,tips would be nice?you are a flat man,anything tonight please mate?and again ALAN well done great tipping,anything tonight please ALAN?

  140. Big T 1 year ago

    Nap – isshebayorgrey 7.10 Dundalk

  141. The Postman 1 year ago

    Top class tipping again Alan :)

  142. Llamados28 1 year ago

    Great NAP / NB JohnB thanks again

  143. Chip 1 year ago

    Ew thief nice pick on riponian, shame I didn’t put singles just went for a small ew double on your last two picks. Good pick nonetheless !

  144. Matthew 1 year ago

    Ew theif great tip. Riponian at 14/1. Buzzing on top of alanm and John b

  145. johnb 1 year ago

    At the Chester festival i heard a commentator say that Graham Gibbons was a no nonsense jockey that he just rode the simple way nothing flashy like trying to win by as little as possible

    I think everyone knows how much I rate Graham Gibbons as I have mentioned on here since I started posting
    Graham Gibbons is the most naturally gifted rider I have seen, he knows exactly where he should be in a race and is one of the most powerful riders in a finish
    If he knows a horse needs to be held up then he will hold the horse up but he will also give that horse every chance by making his move early enough and it is very rare he is on a losing horse that is running on at the finish
    He has had his troubles but he has come through them and deserves to ride some top class horses

  146. Alanm 1 year ago

    Haggis yes follow D/C and thanks guys nice to see you looking in Boz hope all is good.

  147. Alanm 1 year ago

    Well done Johnb and EW Thief good job guys.

  148. The Postman 1 year ago

    Done your first two at Dundalk in a double DC

    Thanx for them.

  149. double carpet 1 year ago

    No probs postman. On we go mate

  150. The taxman 1 year ago

    Put your tips singles and in an ew trixie with jinky!
    Il be on tomoro to congratulate my friend!

  151. dougiec 1 year ago

    Well in again Alan,and see Smullen makes mince meat of wide draw.

  152. De Niro 1 year ago

    2 points win

    7-20 Chelmsford
    Opus Too 25/1

  153. dougiec 1 year ago

    Put up selection earlier but for 7.10 hoping Lordan can do what Smullen did with Wardell at 8/1

  154. Big T 1 year ago

    Nap – isshebayorgrey 7.10 Dundalk 5/1

  155. blinkerz 1 year ago

    19.10 Dundalk

    Doppler effect 20/1 e.w

  156. double carpet 1 year ago

    Absolutely dougie

  157. Rorywhite91 1 year ago

    Asian wing 10/3 Dundalk 8.40 2 point win

  158. Cam 1 year ago

    Royal flag is expected to fly today, wearing a visor for first time could improve him.

    ROYAL FLAG 7/4 7.50 Chelmsford

  159. Kev 1 year ago

    Very unlucky dc with that one

  160. Kev 1 year ago

    2/1 skybet enhanced cam

  161. Cam 1 year ago

    Bit of argy bargy going on there

  162. double carpet 1 year ago

    Looked all over the winner but some finish by the fav. Every fav gone in so far.

  163. Alves 1 year ago

    19.50 Sennkckian Star 11/2 Cover bet 2 places only 6/1 to win so decent value for ££ back for 2nd place

  164. dougiec 1 year ago

    Will take your Chatterton dc with Manorov f/cast

  165. double carpet 1 year ago

    Its a tough one to call. one can only hope

  166. De Niro 1 year ago

    2 points win

    20-20 Chelmsford

    Arctic Lynx 16/1

  167. double carpet 1 year ago

    Haha dougie great fc mate

  168. Kev 1 year ago

    Nice one dc… Again :) and nice fc as usual papa

  169. Cam 1 year ago

    I like sen star but just feel
    Royal flag has this race.

    Here hoping

  170. Jonnyric 1 year ago

    I see that skybet have boosted royal flag and they did that earlier with taghreeb and major Mac so I’ll go with Alves on this one … Anyone know any more about these boosters ? Cheers Johnb and alanm for yours earlier

  171. Tony87 1 year ago

    Great shout Dc thanks pal!

  172. dougiec 1 year ago

    Well at least a profit now dc after getting stuffed twice today in a photo.

  173. Duncan Poundcake 1 year ago

    Well Done Dougie
    Oh So Sassy 8.20 C GL .

  174. Alves 1 year ago


  175. Cam 1 year ago

    Good race, well done on senno star alves, had a 5 to cover royal.

  176. Kev 1 year ago

    You on fry in the 8 dc? That not one of ur fave jockey/trainer combos ?

  177. The Postman 1 year ago

    I have been haning around to back this POLLYOGAN in the 8:00 but I am unsure of the ground (small interest)

  178. double carpet 1 year ago

    Sorry kev. Left that one alone but your right i do like the combo mate

  179. Alanm 1 year ago

    Well done Dougie and good luck postman

  180. Kev 1 year ago

    Horse looked so unsettled. Postman was prob right about the ground

  181. double carpet 1 year ago

    I know Iron Major is a hold up horse but ffs stroled out of the gates

  182. Cam 1 year ago

    Quite like raydari in next Dundalk but wary of Asian wing and ofc dc pick senior so may just leave it.

  183. double carpet 1 year ago

    Its another very tough one cam.

  184. The Postman 1 year ago

    No Mullins & Mullins Bumper horse to get me out of jail tonight, so it will have to be these two.

    8-50 Chelmsford City – High Secret
    9:10 Dundalk – Don Camillo

  185. dougiec 1 year ago

    Might try my luck again dc with your Senior Council along with Raydari with the hope he breaks on level terms

  186. Alves 1 year ago

    Cheers Cam, only went for for the MJ factor :)

  187. dougiec 1 year ago

    right that’s me lads,cant see any value in the 9.10,but gl

  188. The Postman 1 year ago

    8:40 Small interest on ‘Delta Beat’ in a very open race

  189. Cam 1 year ago

    Ray/Sen/Asian are all 9/2 haha.. Close isn’t the word

  190. Carter 1 year ago

    8.50 Noguchi

  191. Kev 1 year ago

    Thanks for hard stone dc. Cleaning up as per 😉

  192. double carpet 1 year ago

    Well not a complete disaster. Well done to all the winners today and onto tomorrow

  193. Tony87 1 year ago

    Nice 1 dc

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