July 6: Johnb’s Racing Tips & Chat


JOHNB is 17 points down for July but there’s no panic from our man who is eyeing a nice Wednesday double.

He’s been in this position before and turned it round so keep the faith.

Johnb’s Wednesday Tips

Yarmouth 2.10
Happy Queen NB 7-2 racebets

Princess Roania 13-8 NAP racebets

Happy Queen & Princess Roania 10.81-1 racebets

Antepost tips

2000 Guineas 2017
CHURCHILL 20-1 (now 12-1) bet365

2017 Derby
CHURCHILL 33-1 (now 16-1) racebets


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  1. Profile photo of brady
    brady 2 years ago

    Rising Eagle 9/2 14:00 Ling (NAP)
    What a Boy 7/2 14:30 Ling
    Princess Roania 6/4 14:40 Yar
    Stetchworth Park 6/5 14:50 Cat (NB)

    • Profile photo of brady
      brady 2 years ago

      Had another look this morning and spotted a few more to take a look at

      Novinophobia 11/2 @ 3:50 Cat tumbled down in weights and has a good chance of current mark

      Phoenix Beat 5/2 @ 3:40 Yar

      Taurian 11/4 @ 3:30 Ling

      • Profile photo of brady
        brady 2 years ago

        On first lot of selections got 2pt double on nap & nb, 0.5pt trebles and 1pt acca

        On second lot of selections 0.5 doubles and 1pt treble

        So far for July up over 130 pts so gonna risk 10pt today so got £25 still to play so gonna wait to see if anyone’s got any gd tips

        • Profile photo of brady
          brady 2 years ago

          Just remembered a post from Alanm and just wanted to say these are just my suggestions and personal picks. Don’t back blind based on what you see on here. Just pointing out a few selections that you might want to look at and then make your own decision. Thanks and gl all

  2. Profile photo of Johnb
    Johnb 2 years ago

    You couldn’t make this story up,

    Northern Ireland jockey run over by ambulance after being kicked in the face by a horse

    Chris Meehan had a double dose of bad luck this week

    Northern Ireland jockey Chris Meehan on Sunday during a hurdle race at the Merano track in Italy was knocked from his horse during the race, he was subsequently kicked in the face, knocking him out.

    Talking to the Racing Post, Meehan says: “The starter came over to help me because I was on my back and choking on my blood. He put me in the recovery position, with my right leg out straight.”

    However, this was when the racecourse ambulance arrived, and ran over his leg, breaking it in the process.

    “Everyone around me had to push it off me. You have to laugh really.”

    On top of the broken leg, the jockey also dislocated his ankle, and the kick to the face resulted in a broken nose and a gash that required 27 stitches.

    Meehan, who has had 13 winners in his career, returns to Ireland this week for surgery on his face and leg, and will need two months of recovery behind being allowed to race again.

  3. Profile photo of llamados28
    llamados28 2 years ago

    20:45 Kemp Big Lad 7/1 GL all

  4. Profile photo of jamiea1991
    jamiea1991 2 years ago

    I very rarely comment. However I see fully grown men quitting over a troll? It’s pathetic, from both parties

    • Profile photo of rale
      rale 2 years ago

      The worst thing for me and I told that to Bus before is how easy is to rattle him. All it is needed is one “hello Boz” and he is gone.
      He just can’t ignore them. He is perfect target for trolls.
      Admin and Mr F. can’t be sitting waiting for a troll 24h every day.
      Shame as they both are good tipsters.

      • Profile photo of
        2 years ago

        rale i will answer your remark

        i reply in my defence to these trolls and my replys are deleted but the trolls comments remain for hours or days.

        the other day i replied to the trolls and two of my replies were deleted within 30 seconds proving admin were there
        yet the trolls stay posted how is that right

        hope you read this quickly as it will probably be deleted also

        its easy for others to say ignore but when your the one constantly at the end of this rubbish and nothing being done its a different story

        some of their comments were there for days nothing done

        this idiot uses same thing every time winds people up then creates more accounts to tip with look at the new accounts that start soon as people leave its so obvious and admin should see this

        all is needed is for trusted members(not saying me) to be given moderation control simple

        i like you have said in the past study and put time in and i think ive made a lot of people profit on here but the trolls seem to get better treated it dosent add up

        ok guys good luck

        some great people on here

        • Profile photo of Mr Fixit Author
          Mr Fixit 2 years ago

          busstop, admin are introducing something today that may help and will put up a comment about it.
          Re the moderation control that’s something you should email them about. Also tell them who the trolls are and it’s ridiculous to say they are “better treated”. We don’t want any trolls.
          But if you just ignore they will disappear. I don’t know how many times I’ve said it and you need to be bigger than them by ignoring.
          Re the comments deleted – sometimes I will delete comments just posted but not have the time to go further down the thread.
          You have to remember I work full-time at the Record so my time is limited.

          • Profile photo of
            2 years ago

            ok mr f will wait for the comment

            understand your busy thats why moderation for trusted members makes sense


            • Profile photo of Mr Fixit Author
              Mr Fixit 2 years ago

              busstop, do you want your tips pasted here or not?

              • Profile photo of
                2 years ago

                no will see what your introducing then maybe come back on here

                for now will be putting up on the racing forum few on there already


                • Profile photo of Mr Fixit Author
                  Mr Fixit 2 years ago

                  busstop, admin adding a feature which will remove comments automatically if 3 people complain so moderation by members in a sense.

      • Profile photo of Mr Fixit Author
        Mr Fixit 2 years ago

        Rale, I don’t often agree with you but the comment is spot on.
        The trolls are 1 or 2 people who come back in different guises.
        Many more praise Bozz and he has to see that.

        • Profile photo of Johnb
          Johnb 2 years ago

          Mr f some people just don’t know how to ignore,
          Every site has trolls and every site will always have trolls but it’s my opinion that it’s not the trolls fault for people leaving, it’s the fault of the people leaving for letting them win

          This is like a bad episode of El Dorado,
          No wait, I forgot they were all bad episodes

          • Profile photo of Mr Fixit Author
            Mr Fixit 2 years ago

            Johnb, that’s true. However, I accept we can do more and admin are looking at that today.

          • Profile photo of
            2 years ago

            john my answer to that is im not a paid tipster like you .If i were getting paid i would expect to put up with the rubbish

            i put my tips up freely to try make people a profit big difference

            no dis respect but there is a big difference


            • Profile photo of Mr Fixit Author
              Mr Fixit 2 years ago

              busstop, no one should put up with rubbish – paid or not.
              However, it’s the internet and it’s going to happen sometimes.
              Not reacting is the only way to deal with it.

  5. Profile photo of brady
    brady 2 years ago

    Yh great tipsters shame how 1 idiot can spoil it for everyone but hopefully just taking a couple days too cool off and will be bk soon

  6. Profile photo of dougiec
    dougiec 2 years ago

    Ive posted a couple of selections on the Forum as suggested by Mr F, will see how that goes. Easy to spot troublemakers there.

  7. Profile photo of jazzerbhoy
    jazzerbhoy 2 years ago

    The way I see it,is most of us are here to beat the bookie,whilst some just go out their way to annoy folk.
    It’s a site that has a brilliant success rate,with Johnb being the main contributor. But great input by so many others,too numerous to mention,but all provide time and their knowledge to help us get profit from racing. That’s what this site is all about isn’t it?
    So if Bozz and Busstop feel that they are targets for troll abuse then they have the right to ask for help.
    It may seem nothing to us,but we are all made up differently.
    So why don’t we all get back to basics,put up our selections,sit back and enjoy the site for what it should be about,and beating the bookie.
    Good luck today still to study,but still flying from last nights success at Brighton.

  8. Profile photo of jimron12
    jimron12 2 years ago

    I get email notifications on that forum so it’s quite useful!!

    Still abroad for another week cannot do enough research so will just stick to the footy and jb singles for another week!

    Still waiting on a flint horse to run but will find out on the day of the race

  9. Profile photo of the spaniard
    the spaniard 2 years ago

    Hi not long signed up these are my bets today
    Dr red eye cartterick 5/2
    Warrior prince Yarmouth 8/11
    Double paying 5/1

  10. Profile photo of sav-dog
    sav-dog 2 years ago

    Mr F…. How do we access the forum?

  11. Profile photo of drmanc
    drmanc 2 years ago

    Is there any way that site can be set up so that users/members can block users they wish not to see comments for (like Twitter) on an individual basis or is it a logistical nightmare?

  12. Profile photo of thehawk
    thehawk 2 years ago

    Nursery handicaps start today old favourite system number 1 is the call.

    Tiggaliscious 2.00 Lingfield
    The Nazca Lines 3.20 Catterick

    singles and double

    good luck folks

  13. Profile photo of luke a
    luke a 2 years ago

    This same conversation has happened so many times before. I dread to think how many times this situation has come about.
    I don’t understand the thought process behind trolls. Are they jealous because their tips get overlooked due to the fact people like Alan, boz and bus are a great deal better. Or are they just idiots that don’t like decent punters to be able to share their selections with others. Whoever is behind all the trolling seriously needs to grow up. It’s pathetic!! Hopefully the thread will get back to just containing tips asap

    • Profile photo of Mr Fixit Author
      Mr Fixit 2 years ago

      luke anderson, they’re just idiots who probably do the same on loads of sites.
      All they want is a reaction – so they shouldn’t be given one.

      • Profile photo of luke a
        luke a 2 years ago

        Agreed. I still read daily, albeit rarely comment, as I don’t back horses much any more. In fact, I don’t gamble half as much any more at all. But I still like to keep check on the goings on on here. I’ve avoided commenting in recent days, but it’s just going too far now. Wish bus and boz could ignore the trolls. But I understand it gets annoying. If I were as good as them at picking winners, I’d just post them, take the praise from the decent contributors, and ignore any sly and pathetic comments.
        Hopefully both of them and Alan will be back soon.
        Good luck to all today and onwards! I’ll still be watching

  14. Profile photo of sav-dog
    sav-dog 2 years ago

    Mr F – Thanks…..So will that mean that we now have to pay monthly to see all the regulars tips, if there posting there instead?

  15. Profile photo of peter daryll
    peter daryll 2 years ago

    Good morning all, slightly confused as to where to post now on this thread or do you have to pay for the private thread? Don’t know who’s using the private thread.

    Posted last night

    Mubajal 6/4 7.30 bath

    Dheyaa 11/4 6.15 kempton

    I quoted that double 9.86/1

    The nazca lines 3/1-3.20 catterick NBB

    Doing a treble 37.50

    Doubles with all three too

    Good luck all !

  16. Profile photo of on the bob
    on the bob 2 years ago

    No luck yesterday with my single tip but hopefully I can get bk on track

    Kempton 7.15 blue suede 2/1


  17. Profile photo of bazz4nik
    bazz4nik 2 years ago

    Hi everyone , I’ve been reading down the comments & just wanting a little confirmation , is everyone now commenting & posting tips on the paid forum page or here ?? As I don’t see any of the regulars posting tips , just so I know so I can pay my membership fee to see the new forum . Thanks in advance guys . K T F

  18. Profile photo of steady_eddie
    steady_eddie 2 years ago

    First time posting. I’m a new member. Hopefully we’ll see busstop and boz back here asap. Ye’re tips mean a lot to most people on here

  19. Profile photo of
    2 years ago

    posting in the racing forum thread see how it goes

    happy days

  20. Profile photo of jazzerbhoy
    jazzerbhoy 2 years ago

    Rose eclair 7/2 5.50 gooj.
    Nap is Davaland 3.10 Yarmouth 13/8
    Nb is heatstroke 11/8 4.10 Yarmouth.
    Small wagers each way on the following
    Yorkindered spirit 3.40 Yarmouth 8/1
    Tricky Dicky 3.50 catterick 9/1
    Tanawar 4.50 catterick 8/1.
    Rev forecast on
    Happy queen and Nile empress 2.10 Yarmouth
    Princess Roania and Vedani in the 2.40 Yarmouth
    Your kindred spirit and Phoenix beat 3.40 Yarmouth
    That’s all my bets today not even looked at tonight yet.
    Good luck everyone.

  21. Profile photo of rale
    rale 2 years ago

    If Boz wanted that he would post them himself here. I think we should respect his decision to post only on the forum.

  22. Profile photo of peter daryll
    peter daryll 2 years ago

    Same jazzer , tbh trolls don’t bother me ,there obviously abit sad, everyone should just completely ignore them

  23. Profile photo of john mclaughlin
    john mclaughlin 2 years ago

    Surprised Johnb
    2 really poor picks again

  24. Profile photo of hamish75
    hamish75 2 years ago

    Goodness gracious this topic surely has run its course, today mibbee a handful of peepil put up selections on this thread, dunno how many hav used the forum fir posting n a dare say if the trolls r hellbent oan ruining this thread they will post oan the members thread. Jist wan mair rant am a long time follower of papasmurf aka dougiec n a canny source his selections as i am not a paying member or a dunno how ti source forum geezabrek n post heer dougiec a miss ye aw reddy ktf

  25. Profile photo of dougiec
    dougiec 2 years ago

    Hamish I’m giving it a few days to see where it goes from here I’ve had a few bob on Captain Ryan 6.30 at Bath,couldn’t resist the price.
    KTF mate

    • Profile photo of brooky56
      brooky56 2 years ago

      Had it ew cheers dougiec please keep posting I’m not a paying so will miss your tips

  26. Profile photo of Johnb
    Johnb 2 years ago

    July 20 points down

    Thursday’s Tips


    Ardad 5/2 NAP/NB racebets (double stake)

    Dhahmaan 18/1 racebets

    Double 0.5 point eachway
    Ardad & Dhahmaan 65.5/1 racebets

  27. Profile photo of jazzerbhoy
    jazzerbhoy 2 years ago

    Well back to normal for me today,only one return with yourkinderd spirit at 9/1.
    Charlie hills across the card double for me and I also like Peters tip of mubajal in the 7.30 11/10
    Free to love 7.0 bath 6,1
    Imperial city 7.15 kemp 8/1
    Going to do an ew fcast on
    Free to love and summer chorus.
    Imperial city and blue suede
    Mubajal and justice smart.
    Then come on wales
    Good luck with all your bets tonight.

  28. Profile photo of gengar
    gengar 2 years ago

    not tipped in a while but got a trixie on tonight fingers crossed

    7:15 Blue Suede 2/1
    7:30 Mubajal 11/10
    8.30 Pongo Twistleton 11/4

  29. Profile photo of rale
    rale 2 years ago

    That was very poor from Mubajal

  30. Profile photo of
    2 years ago

    mr f you said admin would be commening on the new ideas they were introducing TODAY we have seen nothing


  31. Profile photo of
    2 years ago

    sorry mr f just seen an earlier comment just hope the regulars make the 3 complaints then we can return to the thread


  32. Profile photo of jazzerbhoy
    jazzerbhoy 2 years ago

    Lucky last after a poor day for me.
    Catharina Captain George and Urban space in forecasts and tri cast. Plumping for Captain George as a single, good luck if your still betting.
    Wales need to get Bale on the ball more,it’s there for them if they can get the first goal.

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