JOHNB lost three points on Monday so July is now a 7.98 points profit.

He’s going for a massive 101-1 double on Tuesday so I wish him well with that.

Johnb’s Tuesday’s Tips

Musselburgh 3.45
Dalby Spook 8-1 NB Bet365 Skybet

Wetherby 8.05
Orions Bow 11-1 NAP BetVictor, Betfred, William Hill

Dalby Spook & Orions Bow 101-1 BetVictor

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  1. jim burnside 1 year ago

    Winner yes

  2. De Niro 1 year ago

    Back Saturday after a recharge and refresh and hope to make it a good Saturday unlike the last few from me;
    Good luck all rest of week :-)

  3. Geoff 1 year ago

    Interesting NAP would like to hear some reasoning before backing that.

  4. Dariusz 1 year ago

    Timeform comments:

    Dalby Spook – Maiden in both spheres but seems to be open to more improvement, travelling better than most in Cartmel handicap hurdle last time. Interesting.
    5 stars out of 5.

    Orion’s Bow – A winner for John Gosden last summer. Can go on for new yard and shaped better than the bare result last time, losing crucial momentum after seemingly challenging for a place at least. Respected.
    4 stars out of 5.

  5. double carpet 1 year ago

    Busy most of tomorrow so putting selections up now

    NAP MUSTADRIK 2/1 7.55 balin
    NB SHIPYARD 5/2 4.15 mussel
    EW CELTIC MONARCH 7/1 6.50 balin

    Best of luck to all

  6. Napper valley 1 year ago

    Long time since I’ve posted but I’ve been dipping into the thread and its good to see the winners are still rolling in.

    Nap weth 6.30 pushingmypatience 31

    GL all

  7. arsie 1 year ago

    Il have a small bet in d 7.55 ballinrobe thatshowhedidit 8/1 .jus because of d way he finished d last race

  8. boz 1 year ago

    bad day for me yesterday but a few nice winners on here

    no time in my day today so putting up early

    FL 3.30 EASY TIGER 3/1
    FL 4.30 LUCY THE PAINTER 6/1
    FL 5.20 TOP COP 11/4

    good luck everyone

    happy days

  9. NAGMAN 1 year ago

    2.00 JIMENEZ 9/4 NAP

  10. NAGMAN 1 year ago

    Form horse in race and G Baker 100% strike rate for Meehan

  11. Jimron 1 year ago

    Nagman you beat me to it! Can only be good I suppose!

    Jimenez 2.00 nAp
    Billy Roberts 2.45 NB
    Club house 9.10 treb

  12. Jimron 1 year ago

    In all fairness I wouldn’t put anyone off the first four favs at ffos today worth a l15!

  13. NAGMAN 1 year ago

    Double with 4.00 WAR STRIKE 10/11

    Improving steadily and hopefully can make all here with Crowley onboard (rare choice for Haggas)

  14. NAGMAN 1 year ago

    Jimron with the form you are in can only be good!

  15. Charlie chalk 1 year ago

    I’m doing the rfc in the first Jimenez and miss pimpernel,

    I know miss pimpernel is working very well

  16. Johny Banker 1 year ago

    TUESDAY Max double Ffos Las 2.00 No 8 Time Warp & Ffos Las 2.30 No 2 Ballyglasheen

  17. WasClueless 1 year ago

    Know very little about horse racing so tried last night to see where early money was coming ended up at Flos Las ended up with:
    2.00 Time Warp (probably been better with Jimenez)
    2.30 Ballyglashen
    3.00 Hill Grove Angel
    3.30 Pharmaceutical
    GL all today

  18. Snurkz 1 year ago

    Muss 2.15 Atlantic affair 5/4 Nap

  19. rawcs 1 year ago

    Back with a tan and hopefully back with a bang!! Haha Jiminez 2:00 fos las. Brian meehnan has good record at the track. Not allowed to gamble on hols so im looking forward to this today believe me! Quick look over previous threads and i see some very tasty winners. Well done lads keep them coming. Good luck all

  20. Charlie chalk 1 year ago

    Jiminez NR

  21. Garfo 1 year ago


  22. Jimron 1 year ago

    revised pick ballyglashen / war strike double as jimi is a nr!!!

  23. rawcs 1 year ago

    May be some time 2:30 fos las. Step up in trip looks sure to suit.

  24. davyb 1 year ago

    green zone 2.15 muss applejacklad 3.45 muss bunce 4.15 muss Katie gale 4.45 muss

  25. Sean_E 1 year ago

    Muss 245 livella fella NAP
    Ffos L 230 translate rock

  26. Ew thief 1 year ago

    Morning lads
    OPT OUT 3.15M
    ZRUDA 3.45M
    GL ALL

  27. Alanm 1 year ago

    La Bacouetteuse 10/1 4.45 Musselburgh
    Spokesperson 100/30 3.45 Musselburgh
    GOOJ Duke Street 5/4 9.20 Chelmsford

  28. dougiec 1 year ago

    Afternoon all,good to see so many winners yesterday,from a dozen or so on here. Fireworks and Stars!!.
    NAP…GREAT FUN..8.05..Wetherby.
    NB….OUTLAW TORN..910..Wetherby,should get a good price as PW extra has tipped Don’t tell Chris.I reserve my opinion of Chelmsford and wait to see how the new waxing works.
    Gl everyone.

  29. double carpet 1 year ago

    Guys just a quick one

    CRACKING MAN 7.55 ballinrobe
    i got a text to watch for any market movement on this one and i notice that pp have shortened him to 7s and boyles 8s but you can still get him at 12s with b365.
    I was just told he may spring a suprise and if you look at his form that may be true which is unfortunate as ive already napped the fav. He won a bumper fto and his 2nd win was over hurdles after being off for a year and hes now having his first run after (yes youve guessed it) a years absence. May have to do a cover now

  30. Jimron 1 year ago

    Going to have a little go on cracking man then I’ll double up with my little fancy in the 9.10 club house

    I like my evening doubles 😉

  31. Duncan Poundcake 1 year ago

    Hola , home from Costa Del Plenty,may need a siesta so i will have a look at tonights meetings ,see some good winners yesterday GL

  32. rawcs 1 year ago

    DC thanks for that. Already on the Elliot horse as i thought it was a good thing but ill have a saver on cracking man as well. Really appreciate the effort some people put into this page to help others

  33. dougiec 1 year ago

    Welcome back Duncan day late if you look at yesterdays winners.!!

  34. NAGMAN 1 year ago

    As my NAP a non runner am going to give a small shout to ANNALUNA in the 2.30 at 8/1

    Small stakes though as the race getting a bit crowded with tips!

    Also small each way on 3.15 MARMARUS 14/1

  35. jono5000 1 year ago

    cheers snurkz day has started well, need Ballyglasheen for a big double. fingers and toes crossed

  36. Duncan Poundcake 1 year ago

    PASS MUSTER 4.45 MUSS, back to last winning mark,2x CD winner 10/1 e/w GL

  37. NAGMAN 1 year ago

    2.30 ANNALUNA ** WON @ 10/1 **

  38. Marco 1 year ago

    David Evans double at Ffos Las would of been nice 50/1 then 10/1!! wow

  39. bobo 1 year ago

    That birch from the post has to be the worst tipster in the whole wide world a clown of the highest order.

  40. bobo 1 year ago

    Well done nagman just seen your tip.

  41. Jimron 1 year ago

    Nagman you sod you jinxed mine haha! Well done sir

  42. dougiec 1 year ago

    Quality NAGMAN First gold star today!!10/1 in a 7runner race,nothing else to say except I hope a few followed you.
    Great for the thread.
    On we go

  43. bigDog 1 year ago

    Heading to Chelmsford tonight, anyone got any tips? No better way to impress mates than backing a couple of winners!

  44. Beachbum 1 year ago


  45. Snurkz 1 year ago

    Jono5000 : no problem buddy , was to good for that race.

    Congrats to everyone with winners , and let’s cross fingers for some more!

  46. Snurkz 1 year ago

    15.30 Pharmaceutical (IRE)

  47. NAGMAN 1 year ago

    Thanks Doug, shame MARMARUS finished dead last!

    Next two favs at Ffos Las look solid though

  48. Estie 1 year ago

    JB’s nb into 4.5/1 on 365

    Good luck all

  49. TheHawk 1 year ago

    Nap Rothesay Chancer 4.15 Muss
    Nb Jonny Delta 4.45 Muss

    Good Luck Folks

  50. davyb 1 year ago

    wd nagman

  51. Deanixx 1 year ago

    Dalby Spook backed from 15/2 into 10/3 but got nowhere near sadly enough

  52. Smurf 1 year ago

    Bigdog my favourtie for Chelmsford tonight would be Kiltara in the 8.50 race.

  53. Jimron 1 year ago

    Kadrizzi 6.40

    Only one i fancy

  54. NAGMAN 1 year ago

    That was nice I forgot your double doesn’t get voided it just carries over onto the other runner so nice bit on War Strike :)

  55. WasClueless 1 year ago

    Well done DoubleC with Shipyard!!

  56. dougiec 1 year ago

    Nice winner dc and marco.Shipyard at least I got the forecast.
    Bronze stars!!

  57. Steve 1 year ago

    6:30 Wetherby – Zaaneh (NAP)
    8:40 Wetherby – Mawjood (NB)

    7:45 Chelmford – Juncart
    8:50 Chelmsford – Dufoof
    (each way double)

  58. WasClueless 1 year ago

    Having a small go at a couple on speed ratings
    6.00 Life Knowledge
    7.05 Tihana

  59. Peterb 1 year ago

    Just one of those days today all my friends got a big tip for the 2 o’clock today 50/1 winner they all got on at 80s and not one of them rang me till 2.15 to tell me did I get on the tip. WTF like. Ye Im a mind reader.

  60. WasClueless 1 year ago

    Boz – Lucy the Painter 7/1 !! well done!!

  61. dougiec 1 year ago

    Great drift Boz paint a Silver Star on the door!! Well done

  62. TheHawk 1 year ago

    Peterb with friends like that who needs enemies :)

  63. Duncan Poundcake 1 year ago

    Seconditus Continues despite a week off.

  64. Jimron 1 year ago

    Little Yankee tonight

    Mawjod 8.40
    Cracking man 7.55
    Zaaneh 6.30
    Excellent George 7.10

    Picked from various tips on here that I also fancy

  65. dougiec 1 year ago

    Snurkz,bronze star for Atlantic and another silver star with ever reliable davyb KKKK Katie Gale at 13/2. Smurfin stuff.

  66. double carpet 1 year ago

    Evening folks
    great to see the thread with so many winners again today. Well done to everyone.
    Now lets see what tonight has in store

  67. Clouduk 1 year ago

    Small bet on Yul Finegold 8:15 Chelmsford City 22/1 BV

    And small double on:

    Borough Boy 6:10 Chelmsford City 5.5 Bet365
    Some Pride 8.25 Ballinrobe 8.5 Bet365

  68. Clouduk 1 year ago

    Also small bet on Survival 7.25 Ballinrobe 34 Bet365

  69. Hamish75 1 year ago

    Nice ti c papasmurf gien oot stars cos that means winners n gud prices as well as well dun aw the winners n gud luk wi the rest of the day ktf

  70. dougiec 1 year ago

    Tea time,looking forward to seeing how Chelmsford holds up,and what will catch Bertie Blu Boy,will it be Excellent George,Picansfort,Vimy Ridge,or something to save our bacon

  71. dougiec 1 year ago

    Money back Duncan your bet Passes Muster,so small certificate,would have make nice F/cast.

  72. Rookie 1 year ago

    Some for interest tonight
    19.10 Chelm Stocking 13/2
    20.50 Chelm Baqqa 13/2
    21.10 Weth My mo 22/1 e/w

  73. Clouduk 1 year ago

    First Horse;

    Borough Boy 6:10 Chelmsford City 5.5 a winner

    Hope someone got on!

  74. WasClueless 1 year ago

    Some money on Zaneeh – nearly didn’t bother at 11/10 … now 8/11 …

  75. WasClueless 1 year ago

    Still it won … cheers Jimron!

  76. double carpet 1 year ago

    Elliott/carberry wins the first two at ballinrobe

  77. JT1 1 year ago

    Box could you please tell me what your nap was for today please
    Out of your four selections.
    It’s just that I follow a few people’s naps and would be nice to no.


  78. dougiec 1 year ago

    So long as he wins the 7.55 double carpet. Welcome Clouduk,you start with a bronze,nice pick with the Boy

  79. johnb 1 year ago

    Wednesdays Tips

    Quickaswecan 5/1 NAP/NB paddy power (double stake)

    Satelite 5/1 ladbrokes

    Quickaswecan & Satelite 24/1 Bet365

  80. Deeman 1 year ago

    I stupidly backed orions might at ballinrobe and not orions bow

  81. davyb 1 year ago

    ben hall 7.35 w

  82. dougiec 1 year ago

    Sorry EW Thief,belated gold star for 2.30 Annaluna.Will have covered your bets at that price!!

  83. dougiec 1 year ago

    First bend costs Excellent George,!! Unluck those who selected.

  84. Clouduk 1 year ago

    Thanks Dougie 😀

    Final one from me Haadeeth EW 7.35 Wetherby 15 Bet365

  85. johnb 1 year ago

    I will try putting up reasoning later but itomorrow is my strongest two horses on the same day for a long time

  86. double carpet 1 year ago

    Well that couldnt have gone much worse

  87. James Slater 1 year ago

    Ever so close with your NAP JohnB! Orion’s Bow looked a winner right up until the last

  88. Deeman 1 year ago

    Nice one John

    Let’s get the early price :)

  89. WasClueless 1 year ago

    Thanks for the early prices JohnB – and Orions Bow was close …

  90. Clouduk 1 year ago

    Some Pride 8.25 Ballinrobe 8.5 Bet365 wins

    Double won 😀 hope someone had a go on it

  91. Billy j 1 year ago

    Evening Gents,

    Some great tips today gutted iv missed them all!

    Whats the thoughts on 8:40 at weatherby????

    See some long travellers and only entries of the day

    Ralph Beckett with PHARNELLS DREAM 12/1
    Daniel Kubler with Lac donacella 5/2
    Saeed with Keep Up 16/1

    All got to be worth a couple £ each?

  92. arsie 1 year ago

    Nice double clouduk. Pity I wasnt on it

  93. Clouduk 1 year ago

    Lac Donacella the most likely I mite have a few quid on sisyphus EW and Keep up though for interest

  94. double carpet 1 year ago

    Cloud uk
    well done lovely double. I had a cover on OHare’s in the last race and he goes and wins this one. Typical but glad someone made a profit from him

  95. Billy j 1 year ago

    Yeah big field and they have also been drawn quite well, Lac Donacella for sure. that Ralph Beckett is pretty stroud though!

  96. dougiec 1 year ago

    Great selections Clouduk,Make sure you continue to post on here,and unlike my duck eggs today,great double!!

  97. Alanm 1 year ago

    2 from 3 today 5/1 5/4 onwards we go. :)

  98. Jimron 1 year ago

    Nice looking double johnb although prices have shortened up considerably!

  99. Clouduk 1 year ago

    Thanks dougiec and double carpet. Will hopefully have some more winners tomorrow!

  100. dougiec 1 year ago

    AlanM well done with Spokesperson and Duke.as GOOJ Know plenty would have had the GOOJ.

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