Jan 31: Johnb’s Racing Tips & Chat


THE racing thread was all about one man on Saturday as De Niro delivered a dream flurry of winners at 9-1, 9-1, 7-1 and 9-2.

It was great to see and if he had them on an acca he’s probably off buying a yacht in the Bahamas. Well done everyone else who posted a winner and our man Johnb, 27.67pts down, is looking to end a tough January on a high today.

Johnb’s Sunday Tips

Sedgefield 2:15
Good Vibration 5-2 NAP bet365

Racing Europe 7-2 NB ladbrokes

Good Vibration & Racing Europe 13-1 bet365


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  1. Profile photo of john37
    john37 1 year ago

    540 down for month not so bad . Hopefully next month be bit better.

    • Profile photo of elvis parsley
      elvis parsley 1 year ago

      540 down not bad ?
      I take you follow johnb at £20 a point. 27 points x £20 =£540.
      Highlights the danger of following one tipster blindly if that’s the case.
      If so let’s hope John has a better month to get these losses down.
      Good luck bud…..

  2. Profile photo of dougiec
    dougiec 1 year ago

    Well not for me but may well prove to be the Festival forecast joining UDS in the chase.
    Felixs Yonger! Perhaps use De Niro to bankroll!
    On we go

  3. Profile photo of wmgy
    wmgy 1 year ago

    4.20 Sedgefield
    Louloumills 8/1

  4. Profile photo of dancingbrave
    dancingbrave 1 year ago

    Mr F why do you always jump to John’s defense?

    I would much prefer if John spoke for himself even though I think Elvis’s comment was a bit tongue in cheek tbh.

    But here’s a thought why not have a guest tipster for the month of February eg De Niro give John a bit of a break and I am sure he will come back fully recharged for Cheltenham and beyond.

    Just a thought :)

    • Profile photo of Mr Fixit
      Mr Fixit 1 year ago

      dancingbrave, that won’t happen but everyone else is free and encouraged to post tips and people can decide who they want to follow.
      Here’s a thought – why don’t you have a month off commenting. Come back with some of your own tips instead of digging up a guy who puts a lot of time and effort into contributing.

  5. Profile photo of matty
    matty 1 year ago

    dancingbrave, Johnb is going through a bad patch, everyone who follows this thread is well aware of that but I don’t see why you would suggest he has a month off? Do you suggest he is not allowed to post during February while on his sabbatical? Surely the point of having an open forum is to read and digest what others have tipped as their picks and if you have looked at it and agree or disagree for that matter then bet or don’t bet. If you don’t fancy them just use De Niro or Alanm et al.
    Just a thought.

    • Profile photo of Mr Fixit
      Mr Fixit 1 year ago

      matty, exactly. Johnb can post every day if he wants and can have time off when he wants.
      As you say the forum is there for everyone and without Johnb it would be a lesser place.

  6. Profile photo of alanm
    alanm 1 year ago

    NAP Mwaleshi 4/1 3.50 Sedgefield
    NB Staker Wallace 25/1 EW 2.00 Punchestown
    They’re off and running 1.45 Western rules 7/4 GL
    Deniro awesome mate :)

  7. Profile photo of tipsultan
    tipsultan 1 year ago


    3.50- Jac The Legend (nap)- 5/1 — 1 points

    4.20 -Hatton Springs( NB) – 10/3 — 1 point

    Double @ 25/1- 1 POINT


  8. Profile photo of chilleden
    chilleden 1 year ago

    I am always a huge fan of John B. I have learned so much from him.

  9. Profile photo of double carpet
    double carpet 1 year ago

    Just read yesterdays thread and DE NIRO if your on a HUGE congrats for yesterday. I think Dougie summed it up perfectly in saying its the best post of winners ever on the site.

    Just one from me today and ive had a decent ew chunk on this one A RATED in the last at punch.

    Best of luck to all

    • Profile photo of jimron12
      jimron12 1 year ago

      On at 8s been backed quite a bit it’s in a double with noble legend 3.50 very hit and miss this horse hoping it’s a hit day!

      Out all day today horse racing and footy with our little betting syndicate “donkeys day out”

      Will have a nap and NB shortly and a Yankee today

      Good luck all!

    • Profile photo of rale
      rale 1 year ago

      Great tips from De Niro, but if I can remember, Busstop had a full house 4/4 and ew thief also had 4/4, once. I apologise if I got it wrong, or wrong names.

  10. Profile photo of jimron12
    jimron12 1 year ago

    Oscar sam 2.30 4/1 nap
    Good vibration 2.25 9/4 NB
    Mix boy 3.15
    Western rules 1.45

    Noble legend 3.50 ew 8/1
    A rated 4.35 ew 8/1

    Depending on the 1.45 may do a site nap Yankee 😉

  11. Profile photo of chrisja
    chrisja 1 year ago

    Here’s my lucky 15 for the day, hoping for a better showing than yesterday:

    Good Vibration at 2.50 in the 14:15 at Sedgefield
    Cyclop at 5.00 in the 14:45 at Sedgefield
    Mwaleshi at 5.00 in the 15:50 at Sedgefield
    Ellistrin Belle at 6.50 in the 16:20 at Sedgefield

    See the exact bet in the calculator: http://freebetcalc.com/odds-calculator/lucky-15-calculator?prefill=2.50,5.00,5.00,6.50

    £15 wins £929 if all come home, slight profit (around £10) if Good Vibration comes home and one other…

    Those prices are with 10bet. Good luck all!

  12. Profile photo of ticketyboo
    ticketyboo 1 year ago

    Good morning racing fans None from Two:

    2:15 Sedgefield “Falcaragh” 8/1 E/W bet365

    3:15 Sedgefield “Shout it Aloud” 10/1 E/W bet 365

    GL all

  13. Profile photo of duncanpoundcake
    duncanpoundcake 1 year ago

    Ruby keeping it in the family today ,Rossvoss back over hurdles might be the one
    Cantlow catches the eye but too many if’s and but’s at the price GL

  14. Profile photo of ray_ez
    ray_ez 1 year ago

    Huge congrats to de Niro. Was on your nap so big thanks to you.

  15. Profile photo of de niro
    de niro 1 year ago

    Cheers dc & ray

    1-30 Punchestown
    Indian Court 7/2 bet 365/ladbrokes

    3-15 Sedgefield
    Fair Loch 16/1 e/w bet 365/boylesports nb
    Firth of Clyde 7/2 ladbrokes /coral nap

    • Profile photo of gengar
      gengar 1 year ago

      HEy mate just wanted yo say big well
      done for yeaterday that was very impressive to say the least although you now have me worried has ive gone with the fav in the 1:30 as part of my lucky 15 and i need a win lol still best of luck big well done again

    • Profile photo of rale
      rale 1 year ago

      Nice Nap mate! Saved the day.

  16. Profile photo of Johnb
    Johnb 1 year ago

    “Let’s face it, we would all like to earn our living from backing horses but the bottom line is we either don’t have the intelligence, don’t work hard enough or don’t have the courage.”

    That was the opening line by the legendary John Francombe in the foreword of the Patrick veitch book “Enemy Number One”
    Keep reading it again and again because it’s a work of art, he has summed up gambling in just a few words,

    All the top professional punters have had their problems, some have gone bankrupt before coming back, all of them have gone through runs which make them think whether it is worth it, some of those people have even admitted runs of over a year with losses.
    Yes I am on my worst run ever, will I take a break?, No,
    will I bounce back?, Yes,
    Will I go back to basics as has been mentioned, what’s basics?, I have never changed anything and I won’t change it because as I preach, it’s about long term profits.
    People say 6 months losses, I say that’s no good and I know it’s no good but if they say 6 months losses then what about over 2 years of profits on here

    Another point made was I should have tipped Thistlecrack as my best Bet
    I did say Thistlecrack was the best bet of the day
    I also said that I don’t back odds on, even at 4/5
    I only tip horses that I have money on so all I can do is mention a good bet if it’s odds on

    • Profile photo of Mr Fixit
      Mr Fixit 1 year ago

      Johnb, some wise words and I’m sure you’ll bounce back.

    • Profile photo of ramey07
      ramey07 1 year ago

      When i follow you john i expect to win every month. Its not on. Haha people crack me up. Off with his head

      • Profile photo of Mr Fixit
        Mr Fixit 1 year ago

        ramey07, if every racing tipster was relieved of his duties after a bad run there wouldn’t be any left.
        Just look at the Racing Post naps table. Those guys are reckoned to be the best in the country but most of them struggle to make a profit.
        Johnb has been great for the site and will remain as long as he wants to be here.
        Dancingbrave, benturner and anyone else who doesn’t want to read his tips should find someone else to follow.

  17. Profile photo of duncanpoundcake
    duncanpoundcake 1 year ago

    Looking through the thread I might as well cash out Sa Suffit now for a small profit GL

  18. Profile photo of lamzat
    lamzat 1 year ago

    Well, you can bet the whole world has jumped on DeNiro today! Lest we forget, Deniro had a bad run then, he took a break and came back breaking the Bank of England! Awesome.

  19. Profile photo of dougiec
    dougiec 1 year ago

    Spare change day just to enjoy watching. Few bob on the cross country with last years winner Ballyboker Bridge in the 3.30 and bottom weight in the 2.30 Not For Burning at Punch.

  20. Profile photo of jpq
    jpq 1 year ago

    We are all adults here, all have the ability to make decisions. If you have lost faith in John B, do as others have suggested and stop backing him, following someone else or pick your own tips.

    I’ve been unlucky in that I only found this site a few months back, so have been around only for John B’s bad run. But I can tell from his stats of winners and horses placed he knows what he is on about, far more than I do. So when I like the look of one or more of his tips, I follow. Nobody forces me to do it, I choose to do it.

    I also take a look at what others put up and pick from them too. Some win, some lose, but it is always my decision to back, John B, nor anyone else, is holding a gun to my head.

    I take my hat off to John B for his calm, measured, and reasoned responses to the criticism and slagging off, some of which has gone too far in my opinion. A sign of the man’s class. I will continue to check his tips, and all the tips on the forum and will make my choices and look forward to him getting back to winning ways, and for all of us to help each other make a few quid.

  21. Profile photo of sean ireland
    sean ireland 1 year ago

    Cant believe some of these comments about johnb in here,some of you need to take into account the following:
    He isnt afforded the luxury everyone else is of waiting on the day of a race to see what is trending on twitter,following the market movers of the day etc,he has to put up his selections a day/evening in advance so isnt afforded the luxury of following the above.
    You also maybe need to be reminded of the following horses he has in the past posted 6 months in advance of the bigger races at Cheltenham,Derby etc at large double digit prices which came in at short prices on the day and we all sang his praises after they romped home,Some decent tipsters in here but i can honestly say ive yet to see anyone else in here do anything similar 6 months in advance.
    Do the following ring any bells with you?? Perhaps Mr F or john himself can remind you of his original prices i cant remember them myself.

    Thistlecrack..Yet to run but put up in advance when the price was very tasty and you will all be on it and calling him a genius when it romps home.
    There were countless others also but im not a horse follower perhaps you can mention them.If any of you can do the same months in advance at big prices then please do,we’d love to hear them. Cheers!!

    • Profile photo of Mr Fixit
      Mr Fixit 1 year ago

      sean ireland, cheers – it’s one or two people who never put up tips of their own.

  22. Profile photo of bertie
    bertie 1 year ago

    2.00 myska Gets turned over @ 8/13 that’s why I never back short priced fillies or mares you will get your fingers burnt more often than not

  23. Profile photo of duncanpoundcake
    duncanpoundcake 1 year ago

    Well done and thank you Dougie

  24. Profile photo of thehawk
    thehawk 1 year ago

    Thanks Dougie few quid on your tip well done.

  25. Profile photo of swany
    swany 1 year ago

    Cheers for Ballybroker Dougie

  26. Profile photo of thehawk
    thehawk 1 year ago

    De Niro again Nap goes in cheers.

  27. Profile photo of champyr
    champyr 1 year ago

    De Niro,

    Two places and a winner, not good enough 😉

  28. Profile photo of swany
    swany 1 year ago

    Great stuff De Niro

  29. Profile photo of duncanpoundcake
    duncanpoundcake 1 year ago

    Interesting to see what Nina will ride in the cross country at Cheltenham

    • Profile photo of
      1 year ago

      duncan she mentioned after winning on Josies Orders the last time she cant wait to ride it at the festival that will be why its 11/4 best price.

  30. Profile photo of alanm
    alanm 1 year ago

    Deniro and Dougie top tipping guys onwards we go

  31. Profile photo of dougiec
    dougiec 1 year ago

    Ta lads all good stuff even overview at 365 had Boker
    On we go

  32. Profile photo of duncanpoundcake
    duncanpoundcake 1 year ago

    Well done again DeNiro

  33. Profile photo of dougiec
    dougiec 1 year ago

    Decent price De Niro for Clyde well done again.

  34. Profile photo of de niro
    de niro 1 year ago

    Dougie Meister in the 3-30 – great pick. :-)

  35. Profile photo of Johnb
    Johnb 1 year ago

    January ended with a 30.67 point loss

    Mondays Tips

    Giovanni Di Bicci 11/8 bet365 NAP/NB (double stake)

    Perfect Alchemy 7/2 bet365

    Giovanni Di Bicci & Perfect Alchemy 9.69/1 bet365

    • Profile photo of Johnb
      Johnb 1 year ago

      Giovanni Di Bicci (NAP/NB double stake)

      Trainer Jim Boyle has joined the Lulu Stanford fan club as she has her first ride for him on Monday, Giovanni Di Bicci won well last time after 237 days off the track and after a wind operation , Adam Kirby was onboard that day and the horse won very impressively by four & a half lengths, although this horse has had eight months off he is still only a 4yo so is still open to plenty of improvement.
      He hadn’t shown a great deal previously but it just shows you what a wind operation can do for a horse , the connections knew the effect of the operation would have because he landed a bit of a gamble on Wednesday over this course and distance.

      He has been raised 6lb for that win and is running against better horses than he did last time but we have Lulu Stanford taking off a valuable 7lb, so effectively Giovanni is running off 1lb lower than he did last time which also means he is running off bottom weight and carrying 21lb less than the top weight.
      The trainer Jim Boyle could have found an easier race for this horse, but he is confident enough after his last run which was very impressive

      Giovanni Di Bicci is a bit short in price but he is the best bet of Monday where we could see a few favourites winning

      • Profile photo of Johnb
        Johnb 1 year ago

        Monday’s shortlisted horses

        Kempton 5:00 Sonnythenavigator 6/4
        Kempton 2:50 Southern Storm 15/8
        Plumpton 2:10 Like Sully 9/2
        Kempton 4:30 Bouclier 10/1
        Plumpton 1:35 Generous Jack 13/8
        Plumpton 3:50 Wayward Frolic 3/1
        Plumpton 3:20 Willshebetrying 8/1

        Remember these are not my main picks, I was asked to post my shortlisted horses

  36. Profile photo of waystrong
    waystrong 1 year ago

    @JohnB sorry to reply on the racing thread just wanted to reply to your most recent post so you see it, just a quick question did you only get your stake back on Broberg top 20 finish? I know he DH 20th but surely it was still a top 20 finish? Thanks

    • Profile photo of Johnb
      Johnb 1 year ago

      waystrong because 7 tied for 20th place it’s like a 7th of the winnings you would have got, it’s a very small profit

    • Profile photo of Johnb
      Johnb 1 year ago

      waystrong Callum Shinkwin will win a tournament this year at a big price, he is favoured by a Links course and has a monster drive

      • Profile photo of waystrong
        waystrong 1 year ago

        thanks for the reply, i thought that was the case, yes ill keep an eye out for him next time.

  37. Profile photo of donny
    donny 1 year ago

    Wolverhampton ew trixie

    200 – pull the pin 7/1
    310 – Celestial bay 6/1
    410 – mitre peak 6/1

  38. Profile photo of tipsultan
    tipsultan 1 year ago


    3.50- Jac The Legend (nap)- 5/1 — 1 points- lost ( finished 2nd)

    4.20 -Hatton Springs( NB) – 10/3 — 1 point- lost

    Double @ 25/1- 1 POINT- lost


  39. Profile photo of tipsultan
    tipsultan 1 year ago


    2.00 Fairy Foxglove-2/1 (NAP)- 2 points

    3.55 Queen Aggie- 9/2 (NB)- 1 point

    Trixie(0.25*4=1 point )

    2.10 Very Live- 9/4
    3.55 Queen Aggie- 9/2
    4.30 Saint Pois at 7/2

    Good Luck

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