THE lottery draw tonight will be much anticipated for anyone who has entered our tipster contest. So check out the number allocated to you and keep your fingers crossed it's one of the first three to come out.

We have 12 places up for grabs to play with four seeds who were picked after posting the most comments over a certain period. They are Chris Guy, Milesey, Danny and Craig Alves who will be kept apart in the first round but can meet in the last eight.

In total 196 people have entered and this is how the other 12 names will be chosen. In order to keep the process completely transparent we're going to use tonight's National Lottery Draw to determine the competitors.

Below you'll find four groups of entrants, numbered 1 to 49. The first three numbers drawn in this week's midweek lottery will be used to pick the corresponding entrants from each group thus giving us our remaining 12 competitors.

Group 1

  1. Brian Thom    Falkirk
  2. Donald Priest    Carlisle
  3. Darren Hexley    Inverness
  4. Alan Wright    Stafford
  5. John Hoyle    Blackburn
  6. Lee Collinge    Burnley
  7. 1plus2    Broxburn
  8. Adele Hardie    West Lothian
  9. Chris Ford    Stirling
  10. Isabella Smith    Airdrie
  11. Paul Downey    Kirkintilloch
  12. Russell Wilson     Wallyford
  13. Robbie Dempsey    Anniesland
  14. Gary Callaghan    Hamilton
  15. David Provan
  16. Chico    Rotherham
  17. Daniel    Edinburgh
  18. Dave Black    Livingston
  19. James Cassidy    Glasgow
  20. John Clark    Edinburgh
  21. Owen Scott    Cumnock
  22. Colin    Cumnock
  23. Chris D W K     Sheffield
  24. Gerard Gallagher    Glasgow
  25. David Walsh    Glasgow
  26. LockupTipster
  27. James Hanly    Blantyre
  28. Johnathan Grieve
  29. Carl D    Birmingham
  30. Stephen Caveney    Sheffield
  31. Mick Cole    Gracemount
  32. Krishi    Maurititius
  33. Malcolm Caithness
  34. Bill Tully
  35. Conor Hamilton    Edinburgh
  36. Rob Erskine    Stalybridge
  37. Grant Badham    London
  38. Robert Bogle    Paisley
  39. Gary May    Dundee
  40. Billy    Harthill
  41. Carl Miller    Rosewell Village
  42. Terry N
  43. Mark321    Manchester
  44. Guido    Inverness / Glasgow
  45. Glen Dewey    Southampton
  46. Chris    Doncaster
  47. Graham Mitchell    Barrhead
  48. Neil H    Inverness
  49. Louise    Sunderland

Group 2

  1. Paddy Toal    Dublin
  2. Terry Roose    Torquay
  3. Gregg    Barrhead
  4. James    Reading
  5. Mima    Macedonia
  6. Evelyn Cunningham    Glasgow
  7. Andrew Sword    Eyemouth
  8. Winifred Walsh    Glasgow
  9. Cammy McDonald    Livingston
  10. David Smith    Airdrie
  11. Greg Browning    Perth
  12. Jack Hennerby    Southend
  13. John Hollinsworth    Glasgow
  14. Paul Wallis    Solihull
  15. Steven Skinner    Edinburgh
  16. Georgi Stefanov Gogov    Bulgaria
  17. Alan     Glasgow
  18. Colm    Newry
  19. Bruce R    Dundee
  20. Matt    Bristol
  21. Tyron Parkinson    Burnley
  22. George Kelly    Plymouth
  23. Leo Todd    Newtongrange
  24. Ian Conway    Inverness
  25. Charlie McKendrick    Greenock
  26. The Dane
  27. Craig Forbes    Aberdeen
  28. Elmofee
  29. Tommo    Glasgow
  30. Alex McIntosh    Paisley
  31. James Coyle    Cumbernauld
  32. Scott Thompson     Edinburgh
  33. Craig McAlister    Glasgow
  34. Davie Canning    Gowkthrapple
  35. Danny Higgins    Inverness
  36. Jason Cutter     Indiana
  37. Emily    Aberdeen
  38. Lucky Dave    Newcastle
  39. James McLaughlin    Derry
  40. Michael Byrd    Worcestershire
  41. Roz999
  42. Robert Miller
  43. SilentJoe Num5
  44. John G
  45. Theresa Higgins
  46. Jerry    Guyana
  47. Darren G    Elderslie
  48. Westtimer    Holland
  49. AC    Bromley

Group 3

  1. Ivana    Sweden
  2. Jamie Wilson    Swansea
  3. Ross Griffiths    Glasgow
  4. Potty    Bonnyrigg
  5. Kyle    Dalkeith
  6. Sean McCready    Wishaw
  7. Michael Millar    Greenock
  8. John Cairns    Hamilton
  9. Scott McLeod    Livingston
  10. Marc    Newcastle
  11. John Bryan     Stoke On Trent
  12. Arthur    Blackridge
  13. Lee Carswell    Old Pollok
  14. Stephen McGartland    Port Glasgow
  15. Craig Brogan    Jackton
  16. James McCann    Barrhead
  17. Hughie    Greenock
  18. Johnathan Conor    Hamilton
  19. Steven Duncan    Coatbridge
  20. Andy Greenan    Glasgow
  21. Phil Hickman    Stoke On Trent
  22. Sean    Newry
  23. Simon Petty    Edinburgh
  24. Alistair Muir    Ayrshire
  25. Martin Binding    Manchester
  26. Bodger    Glasgow
  27. Ryan Mobbs
  28. Luke Hand    Manchester
  29. John Henderson    Dunfermline
  30. Alan Kyle    Kilbarchan
  31. Chris Power    Belfast
  32. Mark Carson    Irvine
  33. Bryan Kerr    Fife
  34. Robert Duff    Glasgow
  35. Billy    Wishaw
  36. Saulius    Lithuania
  37. David Wells    Mansfield
  38. Brian Campbell    Glasgow
  39. Craig Liddell    Glasgow
  40. Mark McCorquodale    Hamilton
  41. Pete Hoggarth    Falkland Islands
  42. David Brown    Crosshill
  43. Halid Abdul    Uganda
  44. David M    Greenock
  45. Craig Spearing    Middlesbrough
  46. Maria Svitkova    Glasgow
  47. Gary Fagan    Glasgow
  48. Kevin McKenna    Irvine
  49. Stevie Hunter    Bathgate

Group 4

  1. Luke    Essex
  2. Josip    Sweden
  3. Andrew Archer     Stotfold
  4. Andrew Geddes    Harlow
  5. Andy Cook    Ayr
  6. Kenny Allan    Glasgow
  7. Crowman    Dundalk
  8. Jamie Aitken    Cumbernauld
  9. Al    Blackburn
  10. AL    Peterhead
  11. Muzza    Corby
  12. James McCusker    Castlemilk
  13. BIG JOCK
  14. Dicobhoy    Glasgow
  15. Karl Shaw    Sheffield
  16. Joe Knotts    East Kilbride
  17. Mitchell    Glasgow
  18. Austin Hay    Aberdeen
  19. Andy Hutchings    Exeter
  20. Milen Nikolov    Bulgaria
  21. Eddie O    Forfar
  22. Smiler    Arbroath
  23. Colin Bell     Fife
  24. Peter Brown    Dumbarton
  25. Ian Thomson    Balornock
  26. Susan Thomson    Balornock
  27. John Houston    Kincardine
  28. Aaron    Coventry
  29. Bingo    Clydebank
  30. Willie McGuire    Paisley
  31. Ryan Brown    Ayr
  32. Dave Tait    Solihull
  33. Nick    Glasgow
  34. Bob McGregor    Renfrew
  35. Joe Condron    Glasgow
  36. Alex Walker    Edinburgh
  37. Flyboivince    Lagos
  38. John Connor    Cumbernauld
  39. Paul    Govan
  40. Seamus    Livingston
  41. Ritchie    Dumfries
  42. Ross Adamson    Motherwell
  43. Steven    Troon
  44. Allan Hardie    Helensburgh
  45. Liam Ripley    Rotherham
  46. Mike Ruff    Hereford
  47. Stephen Boyle    Glasgow
  48. Jack McIntyre    Essex
  49. Craig    Ayr

The Draw

Following the National Lottery Draw on Wednesday we'll contact all the lucky competitors using the email address that they provided. Once everyone has confirmed that they can play we'll make the draw for the first round. Please note that if we find that anyone has entered the competition using the same email address or under different aliases they will be disqualified – we aim to keep this as fair as possible.

Each round will run for exactly one week from Monday 00:00 to Sunday 23.59. All bets must have been settled by the Sunday 23:59 (i.e you cannot bet on anything that carries over into the following week. Such bets will be void). The first round will begin on Monday 4th Feb and as mentioned previously, Milesey, Danny, Chris Guy and Craig Alves will be seeded to be kept apart. Beyond that it is an open draw and each round's draw will be open thereafter. The draw will be conducted by yself and Admin and posted on the site.


The Top Tipster challenge, sponsored by Ladbrokes, will be a head-to-head knockout. There will also be 10 x £10 spot prizes on offer for people not picked to play so keep an eye on the thread.

Ladbrokes have kindly agreed to put up £600 of betting vouchers as prizes. The eight last-16 losers will receive a £10 betting voucher, there will be £30 for the four last-eight losers, £40 for the losing semi-finalists, £70 for the runner-up and £150 to the outright winner.

The winner of the final will also scoop a hospitality package for an all-expenses paid day out at the races courtesy of Ladbrokes.

Here are the rules:

  • All players will start their games with a mythical £1,000 betting fund and you can stake a minimum on any football bet provided Ladbrokes have priced it up. Note football bets only and NO in-running bets. The latter would be difficult for us to police and check prices.
  • Stakes have to be quoted as do all prices and they have to be Ladbrokes' odds. Importantly, no bets can be accepted on any market where the price is smaller than 1-4. Again this adds a skill element to the contest and stops bets such as £1,000 at 1-20.
  • You can bet on any football market provided by Ladbrokes but winnings won't be added if no price is quoted. All tips must be posted before the start of the relevant event, for example by 2.59pm for a 3pm kick-off.
  • Each person must over the course of the contest place a minimum of 10 bets and use their full £1,000 pot over the course of the week. This is to prevent a contestant sitting on his whole pot. Bets must have a minimum stake of £50 and you can stake as much as you like.
  • Your total will be updated every day and you can bet with winnings if your pot goes over £1,000. The winner will be the person who has accumulated most winnings, including stakes, before the deadline for the tie. All bets must be settled before the deadline.
  • If one of the players loses his £1,000 pot before the deadline his opponent will be declared the winner.
  • All bets must posted as a comment to the article featuring each head-to-head challenge. As rivals will be able to see each other's bets no exact copying will be allowed. For example if Player A places a bet on Robin van Persie to score first, Player B can't place the same bet. However, he could have a related Van Persie bet such as anytime scorer. This also applies to accumulators. So if Player A selects Man Utd, Man City, Celtic and Rangers, Player B could take fewer teams or add others but could not do the fourfold.
  • In the unlikely event of a draw in any of the tipping head to heads there will be a tiebreak contest to decide the winner.
  • All disputes will ultimately be resolved by myself and the site Admin and our decision will be final.

Good luck to everyone!

  1. Jonathan Grieve 11 years ago

    Paul,I hate 2 do this as I’m sure this all takes a lot of work but my name isn’t there :( Unless some people have already been ruled out?

    • Mr Fixit 11 years ago

      Jonathan, no one has been ruled out. Admin put this list together so I’ll ask them to look at it.

  2. BIG JOCK 11 years ago

    Ahhh dinny like to kick oop a stink but a cannae see me name unless youve decided am already in Mrfixit

    • Mr Fixit 11 years ago

      Again I’ll refer you to admin. They should have picked everyone up if posted in the right place.

  3. Jonathan Grieve 11 years ago

    Thanks man

  4. BIG JOCK 11 years ago

    Theres me givin the benefit o ma wisdom and thats hoo a git repaid and from a fellow jock too,a fellow wearer of the kilt,a man that should know what a cool dratf aroond the sporan feels like on a cold night in brecin.

  5. admin 11 years ago

    Sorry folks. I’ve double checked the entries again – it’s getting late! – and realised I’d included two guys who had double entries for the competition instead.

    So I’ve updated the list now to include you both. Apologies.

    Can everyone else please check that they’re on there. And on there only once, even if it is under different names (some of you must live in big houses!).

    We suspect there are a few people who might have entered a couple of times (or more), either by accident or by design so please let us know.

    • Bruce 11 years ago

      Yes, I entered but can’t see my name on the list
      Bruce from Edinburgh

  6. john g 11 years ago

    Big jock you’re there mate, group 4, lucky number 13. I just seen your name

  7. Danny 11 years ago

    Good Luck To Everyone In The Draw

  8. Danny Gallagher 11 years ago

    Checked several times Paul,but no sign of my name.

    • admin 11 years ago

      Hi Danny,

      We think we’ve had several entries from you.

      Can you drop us an email us at mrfixitstips(at)

      Thanks Admin.

  9. Lockuptipster 11 years ago

    Please number 26 come up and take me off the bench!

  10. Danny 11 years ago takes ages to load al just explain here

    Admin that cant be correct I am already in the competition so had no need to enter

    I asked Paul about winnings and so on and when he said if a situation were to arise about what to do with winnings I could give them to someone in Scotland I went to the entry page and said I would like to play the competition I only have one email and that is cheers

    • Milesey 11 years ago

      Danny Gallagher isn’t you ?

  11. admin 11 years ago

    Hi Danny,

    That last comment was directed at Danny Gallagher who said he couldn’t see his name listed.

    Cheers, Admin

  12. Danny 11 years ago

    haha I forgot for a second there may be other people with the same name as me

  13. BIG JOCK 11 years ago

    If 13 comes in al be lookin 4ward tae showin who tha daddy is, as ma woman?BIG SAGGIE says thetes nae one wi a bigger sporan that you BIG JOCK.

    • Guido 11 years ago

      Hahah..BIG JOCKs back :-) thot Aggies demands had knackered yas since burns nicht jock…taken ya a few days to get yer strength bak??! ;-)

    • 1plus2 11 years ago

      Not wanting tae burst yer bubble jock but 13 comes in 2nd of the least amount of times drawn. boing !!!

  14. BIG JOCK 11 years ago

    A mean BIG AGGIE no SAGGIE

  15. BIG JOCK 11 years ago

    Naw was oot on burns nite and got a draft up ma kilt, a tell ye the chill near killed ma sporan and BIG AGGIE was nae happy when a hadnae any appetite for her fat haggis when she poot it in front o me.

    • Guido 11 years ago

      hahaha :-) fair bit of innuendo n Carry On film double entendre humour there BIG JOCK :-)

  16. div 11 years ago

    Ive not been shortlisted into a group div from glasgow my name is actually david keir by the way .

  17. Knottsy 11 years ago

    Lotto numbers is an exciting and fair way to pick players for tourney, will surely stop any moans? Altho knowing some people on here theyll say youv rigged the lottery!!

    • Mr Fixit 11 years ago

      Knottsy, last time we had a random draw for Euro 2012 there was complaints from people who didn’t picked. I don’t know why because it was done by picking names from the hat. There surely can’t be moans this time even though a lot of people will be disappointed. That’s why we’re giving away £100 in spot prizes for those not chosen to get involved. That will include taking on some of the people playing and just some fun stuff.

  18. sparky 11 years ago

    hope 14 and 40 come out so i can kick my m8s ass gary callaghan and st johnston v aberdeen btts 1/1 with w/h think thats got a good chance

  19. 1plus2 11 years ago

    Not my own Work just a bit fun for tonight.

    Frequency of balls drawn gives an idea of your chance !!!

    01: 206 11: 234 21: 195 31: 233 41: 193
    02: 219 12: 213 22: 211 32: 231 42: 212
    03: 215 13: 188 23: 242 33: 237 43: 233
    04: 212 14: 211 24: 218 34: 220 44: 244
    05: 206 15: 202 25: 236 35: 223 45: 221
    06: 224 16: 194 26: 216 36: 207 46: 208
    07: 215 17: 214 27: 230 37: 203 47: 228
    08: 205 18: 218 28: 218 38: 245 48: 226
    09: 230 19: 217 29: 215 39: 239 49: 224
    10: 222 20: 175 30: 236 40: 240

    === === === === ===
    1932 2113 2156 2274 2229 [White] [Blue] [Pink] [Green] [Yellow

    Most popular ticket in the last 1784 draws:
    03 05 07 09 11 19 (41 wins to date totalling £423)
    Least popular ticket in the last 1784 draws:
    34 35 39 41 46 49 (38 wins to date totalling £725)

    Pos No. Wins Sales Percentage
    1 07 81,026,681 37,414,438,925 0.21657%
    2 05 73,849,184 35,410,353,160 0.20855%
    3 09 82,503,751 39,811,746,600 0.20723%
    4 11 81,121,879 39,718,638,695 0.20424%
    5 03 74,410,503 36,593,290,740 0.20334%
    6 19 69,532,254 34,580,184,595 0.20108%
    7 12 73,097,469 36,356,602,770 0.20106%
    8 27 78,109,157 39,021,909,090 0.20017%
    9 17 74,178,619 37,067,296,425 0.20012%
    10 08 68,017,951 34,150,539,660 0.19917%
    11 23 82,860,728 41,799,749,930 0.19823%
    12 13 61,330,133 30,996,389,360 0.19786%
    13 18 74,110,150 37,551,977,765 0.19735%
    14 44 86,075,843 43,802,385,155 0.19651%
    15 10 71,852,913 36,580,511,705 0.19642%
    16 04 71,548,114 36,464,788,005 0.19621%
    17 06 73,449,635 37,607,323,110 0.19531%
    18 29 70,117,921 36,100,306,265 0.19423%
    19 28 74,337,719 38,289,114,980 0.19415%
    20 22 68,194,790 35,137,140,525 0.19408%
    21 14 71,500,814 37,088,146,035 0.19279%
    22 02 73,024,552 37,986,416,690 0.19224%
    23 15 68,118,483 35,793,363,205 0.19031%
    24 24 70,544,341 37,127,057,040 0.19001%
    25 21 61,215,161 32,317,832,675 0.18942%
    26 25 79,277,003 42,324,873,050 0.18731%
    27 42 70,326,204 37,549,046,355 0.18729%
    28 16 62,167,761 33,286,538,535 0.18677%
    29 33 73,517,324 39,415,737,320 0.18652%
    30 30 75,872,687 40,857,697,660 0.18570%
    31 32 72,540,186 39,749,080,025 0.18250%
    32 01 66,864,679 36,719,848,395 0.18209%
    33 38 76,581,803 42,128,485,890 0.18178%
    34 31 74,644,850 41,227,475,185 0.18106%
    35 20 53,758,501 29,719,623,795 0.18089%
    36 26 68,146,959 37,767,298,715 0.18044%
    37 43 74,561,922 41,365,179,565 0.18025%
    38 48 71,368,213 39,724,694,420 0.17966%
    39 47 70,957,674 39,754,020,400 0.17849%
    40 36 61,382,093 34,637,268,145 0.17721%
    41 37 61,341,723 34,630,319,335 0.17713%
    42 40 74,175,542 42,110,233,770 0.17615%
    43 45 67,205,973 38,225,256,665 0.17582%
    44 39 66,502,312 37,887,552,540 0.17553%
    45 34 64,444,526 36,879,034,620 0.17475%
    46 49 63,760,281 36,963,928,985 0.17249%
    47 35 65,013,370 37,739,723,865 0.17227%
    48 41 55,257,835 32,263,157,360 0.17127%
    49 46 59,814,825 35,519,819,290 0.16840%


    The Wins column indicates approximately how many tickets with the specified number in the last 1784 draws has won a prize.
    Similarly, the Sales column shows how many tickets were sold with the specified number in the last 1784 draws.
    The Percentage column is simply 100*Wins/Sales and the rows are sorted on that column.

    How the figures are calculated
    This is where I risk boring the pants off all of you with some fancy maths which is actually all smoke and mirrors since no-one except Camelot really knows the exact figures.

    Firstly, I needed to work out how many winning tickets used a particular number (let’s say using the number 1 as an example) in each prize tier for a single draw. Camelot don’t release the figures for this, so for a particular prize tier, it has to be estimated thus:

    Winning tickets using the number 1 in a prize tier = ( Number of combinations in that tier that use the number 1 / Total combinations in that tier ) * Number of actual prize winners in that tier [yes, this last figure is indeed released by Camelot]

    This assumes an even distribution of combinations of course, which isn’t the case in real life, but it’s the best we can do. I then wrote a combinations program that generated all 14m tickets and calculated the first two figures in the RHS of the above equation for each tier (we know the third figure from Camelot as I said) by assuming that the 6 numbers drawn were 1 to 6 and we were looking at winning tickets using the number 1. This resulted in the following table:

    Tier Uses 1 Combs Ratio
    6-match 1 1 1.000
    5+bonus 5 6 0.833
    5-match 210 252 0.833
    4-match 9,030 13,545 0.667
    3-match 123,410 246,820 0.500
    2-match 617,050 1,851,150 0.333
    1-match 962,598 5,775,588 0.167
    0-match 0 6,095,454 0.000

    After this, it was simply a question of using the above table for each draw, multiplying the ratio by number of winners in the tier for a particular draw and then doing this for all 1784 draws to get a total for a particular number. I then totalled the sales for every draw where a particular number appeared, divided the figure from the previous sentence by that total and then sorted on the percentage figure as shown in the main table on this page. You can wake up now…

    [Numerical Analysis]

    • Mr Fixit 11 years ago

      1plus2, I hope that’s a cut and paste job or you’ll need to go for a lie down.

  20. 1plus2 11 years ago

    I was up all night and half the day doing this (coughs)

  21. Danny 11 years ago

    lol am sittin aboot 1/4 way through that and thougt why the hell am a readin this am already in the competition and a dont do the national lottery

  22. Badham 11 years ago


  23. mitchell 11 years ago

    A see ma name wasnt on the list ?

    • Mr Fixit 11 years ago

      Mitchell, admin have put the list together so that’s one for them to look at.

    • admin 11 years ago

      Mitchell, you’re in Group 4, number 17.

  24. lee boyle 11 years ago

    wheres my name ??

    • admin 11 years ago

      Lee, we don’t see an entry from you on the correct thread. The last comment you made using this email address was 6.10.12.

  25. Danny 11 years ago

    lol ya maddy a see ma names not on the list

  26. admin 11 years ago

    Anyone know when the draw is and where we can get the results in the order the numbers are drawn?

  27. Danny 11 years ago

    dont know what time but

  28. Guido 11 years ago

    used to show it after the news but don’t think they do it live on Weds now?…maybe on lotto website?

  29. admin 11 years ago

    When you go to the history on the results history it gives you them in ascending order. We need them in the order they come out.

    • Milesey 11 years ago

      Wednesday 30th January

      You can now view the Wednesday Night Draws online on our National Lottery TV page. There will also be a results update on the BBC at 10:35pm.

  30. Danny 11 years ago

    a dont think they show the draw on a wednesday I looked at bbc schedule news 10.25 just be4 match of they day they tell you the numbers but not in order they came out best bet just to give camelot a bell and explain the situation

  31. Danny 11 years ago

    ive cracked it either bell camelot or the only place u will see what order they come out u may need to have an account to watch right enough

  32. Danny 11 years ago

    lol both at exact same time the results update is no use it doesnt show the order they come out in

  33. Guido 11 years ago

    think yall have to logon to website n watch the draw on lottery website as Milesey suggests….failing that I’d go for 44 was defo first out;-)) followed by legs 11 and then by 69 :-)

  34. Guido 11 years ago

    paul just seen this on twitter says you cab watch tonight draw on this link….

  35. Danny 11 years ago

    if that link is correct is already been drawing and the first 3 numbers out are 10 09 43

  36. Guido 11 years ago

    The National Lottery ‏@TNLUK

    Lotto draw results from 30/01/2013: 9, 10, 24, 43, 47, 48 and bonus ball

  37. admin 11 years ago

    The order is 10, 9, 43.

  38. admin 11 years ago

    Thats available on the link Guido provided;

    • Guido 11 years ago

      shooda altered 43 to 44…hahaha :-) ach well good luck to the folk that got in…be interesting to watch

  39. Danny 11 years ago

    Chris Ford
    Isabella Smith
    Cammy Mcdonald
    David Smith
    Silent Joe
    Scott Mcloed
    Mark Newcastle
    al Blackburn
    Al Peterhead
    Halid fae Uganda
    Steve Troon

    obv that will need double checked

  40. admin 11 years ago

    Looks like…

    Isabella Smith Airdrie,
    Chris Ford Stirling,
    Mark321 Manchester,
    Cammy McDonald Livingston,
    David Smith Airdrie,
    SilentJoe Num5
    Scott McLeod Livingston,
    Marc Newcastle,
    Halid Abdul Uganda,
    Al Blackburn,
    AL Peterhead,
    Steven Troon

    We’ll email you all tomorrow to make sure you can play

  41. Craig alves 11 years ago

    bashtart, 2 numbers in ma lucky dip

  42. Seamus 11 years ago

    Good luck all. Especially ma mate Scott McLeod

    • Mr Fixit 11 years ago

      Seamus, is he one for the seeds to avoid?

  43. Chris Guy 11 years ago

    I want to play the guy from Uganda :-)

  44. Danny 11 years ago

    I want to play the guy from Uganda :-)

    • Milesey 11 years ago

      cause you think that will be an easy tie ?

      I don’t care who i play ! ;)


    • Danny 11 years ago

      no easy rounds if selections dont go to plan

  45. Chris Guy 11 years ago

    Has Admin checked the ip addresses to make sure no double entries?

    • Mr Fixit 11 years ago

      Chris, they’ll be doing the checks.

  46. Chris Guy 11 years ago

    There appears to be a discrepancy with your bank account sir.

  47. Seamus 11 years ago

    A would say so! Likes his anytime scorers and good with value singles. Am sure he enjoy it. Phoned him there and said he can’t wait LOL! The comp as a whole will be good to watch see people’s tactics etc.

  48. gary f 11 years ago

    Good luck to those who were picked in the draw. Also well done Paul on bonkers bet 2-2 I had a fiver on it at 12/1 with hills

    • Mr Fixit 11 years ago

      Gary, thanks for that. Bonkers Bet and Super Single up in the Record. Should have put them on here but happy to get the both teams to score fivefold up.

  49. Chris Guy 11 years ago

    Paul I take it you can place bets all week then? How many people playing each week again? Milesey I can’t wait to put you out on your farter bahahaha

    • Mr Fixit 11 years ago

      Chris, all will be revealed.

  50. Chris Guy 11 years ago

    Btts up

  51. Chris Guy 11 years ago

    Never had anything on them

  52. Scott 11 years ago

    Nice to see my name there Paul. Good luck eveyone let the fun begin !

  53. Danny 11 years ago

    I might be in big trouble was having a wee scout round ladbrokes website and its not to clever for some of the mad teams and bets I like to do

  54. BIG JOCK 11 years ago

    A bit pished off ma number didnae come oop,so id like tae poot ma name oop far tha subs bench if anywan cannae take part Mrfixit. THankyou Mr JOCK MACTAVISH esq,Mbe,Bsc,Phd,MFI and B&Q.

  55. Muzza 11 years ago

    Dodgy lotto draw was Gian Franco involved again? Can I get odds on my mate Milesey???

    • Mr Fixit 11 years ago

      Muzza, we might do a fun contest to tip the winner.

    • Muzza 11 years ago


    • Mr Fixit 11 years ago

      Muzza, just make sure you snare some of the spot prizes. You might end up winning more than Milesey!

    • Danny 11 years ago

      just figuring out ladbrokes website and going to have a wee trial run tonight utilizing my full 1000

      750 double returns 1801.58 Ladbrokes
      AthleticoMadrid 4/7
      Leicester 8/15

      250 btts double returns 826.08 ladbrokes
      Eskisehirspor-Trabzonspor 8/11
      Kerkyra-Levadiakos 10/11

    • Mr Fixit 11 years ago

      Danny, your first is a double I’ll be on too plus maybe Ajax. Just looking at a tips piece now.

    • Mr Fixit 11 years ago

      Danny, just been sent the provisional draw by admin. They’re checking out a couple of things but you’ve been picked to play the first tie, starting on Monday, so get your thinking cap on. Could you be the first seed to crash out – or will you set the tone?

    • Danny 11 years ago

      just in the now Paul seen your comment I was hoping I wasnt going to be up first so a could get to see what
      was happning in previous match ups but thats the hand I was delt so I plan on setting the standard high as long as results go my way

    • Mr Fixit 11 years ago

      Danny, blame me coz I picked you out that first. I’m sure you’ll do well and as you say set the standard.

  56. AL 11 years ago

    Excellent! Number 10 proved lucky for me! Good luck to all involved

  57. Chris ford - stirling 11 years ago

    Excellent, 9 is my new lucky number :)

    Good luck to all those involved!

  58. Charlie Farlie 11 years ago

    Good luck to everyone.

    Admin, Do we know that Isabella & David Smith are one and the same person. Would hate to think there’s been some cheating going on.

    Although I’m sure it’s all above board! What if theyre drawn against each other?

    • Mr Fixit 11 years ago

      Charlie, everyone who’s been picked will be subject to usual checks before entry is confirmed.

  59. Danny 11 years ago

    gettin ma excuses in early limited card during the week and the day with most games is the wednesday with me being busy and up early a wont be able to do an all nighter to check teams fur the unpredictable international friendlys.

    in all seriousness but ive got a fair idea of my picks

    • Mr Fixit 11 years ago

      Danny, at the end of the day the card’s the same for both but Milesey did point out the unfairness of the cards when we said there would be an extra prize for most winnings accumulated so we’ll give that prize away by another method.

  60. Danny 11 years ago

    Ive actually got a few queries concerning the competition will I get an email with the full details and rules

    • Mr Fixit 11 years ago

      Danny, basically the rules were in the post up earlier in the week but you will get an email pointing some things. For example, we’ve decided not to accept perms because of the problems in having to calculate wins if for example someone tries a Lucky 63 and we said earlier no inrunning bets because we can’t police that exactly in regard to prices.

  61. Danny 11 years ago

    aye thats good Paul al check my emails thursday but for now its time for some much needed sleep since friday Ive done the all night shift on the site watchin football and so on and its caught up with me good luck with Madrid and Leicester

  62. Chris ford 11 years ago

    Just checking if gravatar works

  63. Chris ford 11 years ago

    Just checking if gravatar

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