IT was buying money backing Portugal and Germany in the first two quarter-finals – but bookies are bound to recoup their losses from the remaining last-eight ties.

First up we have Spain v France and it's a tough one to call.

The Spanish deserve respect as world and European champions – but their only convincing win in Group C came against whipping boys Ireland and in general Vicente del Bosque’s men have lacked the X factor that took them to triumphs in Holland and South Africa.

David Villa does have that something special and his absence has taken has hit Spain hard.

However, you can’t write off a side containing players such as Andres Iniesta, David Silva and Xavi and although I’m sticking with Germany to win the tournament I reckon Spain will reach the semis.

It won’t be easy against a resolute France side but Laurent Blanc’s men have disappointed in two of three outings – against England and Sweden – so 17-20 at BetVictor on Spain to win in 90 minutes looks fair.

The French are big outsiders at 4-1 at Betfred with the draw 13-5 at Skybet. Karim Benzema is yet to break his duck but like Cristiano Ronaldo could he finally come good.

The Real Madrid star will be up against many of his team-mates and is 17-2 at BetVictor and unibet to hit the opener and 3-1 to score at anytime.

Spain have had three different opening scorers – Cesc Fabregas, Fernando Torres and Jesus Navas – so picking a possible opening marksman isn’t easy.

Surprisingly neither Iniesta, Xavi or Xabi Alonso have netted so maybe it’s the turn of Iniesta. He is 9-1 at Paddy Power and BetVictor to score first.

Torres is likely to lead the line again ahead of the likes of Fernando Llorente and Alvaro Negredo and he is 5-1 at bet365 to break the deadlock. Bet365 have rejuvenated Chelsea star Torres (13-5) to outscore Benzema.

This one’s likely to be edgy and a 1-0 Spain win is 11-2 (Ladbrokes) and they are 11-4 at Ladbrokes to win by one.


Spain to win by one
(11-4, Ladbrokes)

Iniesta to score
(7-2, unibet)

  1. Mr Chris Guy 12 years ago

    Inieata to score and Spain to win 5/1 at William Hill. What you think Paul. Also who would you pick for motm? Iniesta is short at 7/2. Is he worth the price or is it better value to go with Fabregas or Silva who are available at 9/1?

    • Mr Fixit 12 years ago

      Chris, I think MOM is a tough call. If Spain win you have to think Iniesta will go close. Don’t think Silva has had a good tournament so far.

  2. Mr Chris Guy 12 years ago

    Dont think the 5/1 will last for long

  3. Mr Chris Guy 12 years ago

    Does Iniesta hit the penalties for Spain? I’m trying to pick 2 goalscorers for £50 each. Was doing Iniesta but not sure on silva or fabregas or xavi for my other player. Don’t know if Fabregas would even start the game.

    • Tommo 12 years ago

      It normally is Xabi Alonso that takes the pens for the Spaniards. I am thinking about defenders for the game tonight and tomorrow, Sergio Ramos and John Terry are two that i keep get drawn too!

    • Mr Fixit 12 years ago

      Tommo, Xabi Alonso is Spain’s penalty taker so must have a chance.

    • Mr Fixit 12 years ago

      Chris, just answered Tommo. Xabi Alonso is down to take the penalties.

  4. Shaun 12 years ago

    Spain also beat Croatia 1-0 in the groups not just ireland

    • Mr Fixit 12 years ago

      Yeah, but it was a major struggle.

  5. Joe Knotts 12 years ago

    I fancy Spain tonight. Waiting on them for a treble and may have a touch on a single. I fancy iniesta also – i backed him last time and he laid the ball off for navas instead of popping it in himself. Lets hope he’s more selfish tonight!! Gonna wait for line up before i do goalscorer bets tho as del bosque has been playing funny buggers all tournament.

  6. craig alves 12 years ago

    joe i think everyone will be waitin for the line ups tonight after last nights game, from what i seen in the group stages france have no chance. if torres starts i’ll be on him 1st gl, anytime wincast, spain -1 & torres 2-0 + 3-1. dont think any team can match germany tho, thought they were takin huge gamble leavin gomez muller podolski out but the ‘fringe’ players took their chance

  7. Gary 12 years ago

    Where can you get on Spain to win by one?

    Spain just to win look tempting at 4/5 and I’ll be having some of Iniesta/Spain at 5/1.

    WH leading with Benzema/France at 8/1 as well, which seems massive, so they must really fancy Spain to do the damage.

    • Mr Fixit 12 years ago

      Gary, Spain to win by one I’ve quoted at 11-4 with Ladbrokes. Most bookies offered this market.

  8. craig alves 12 years ago

    it’ll be on the handicap at most bookies, under spain -1 pick the draw. 5/2 @stanjames

  9. joe knotts 12 years ago

    Yeah they did that craig. I took germans ante post and was worried after first two games that they were gonna rely too heavily on gomez but last two games theyve scored six goals with six different scorers and showed last night they have strength in depth. I was impressed by schurrle even tho he didnt score. I hope tonights game isnt as dull as we think. Two top teams may just surprise us and give us a goal feast!

  10. Simon petty 12 years ago

    Well for me its France. They been so poor they must have big game in them. done them outright@12/1. Tonight France(draw no bet)25@12/5. 5 on hills special Benz+france8/1. N other wee ones. here’s hoping !!

  11. Simon petty 12 years ago

    Also France to qualify 2/1 doubled with England qualify evens . n France game under 2.5goals under 10corners under 4cards 9/1.

  12. Mr Chris Guy 12 years ago

    Craig it’s not mate to win by 1 is different to -1 on the handicap. For instance for -1 Spain would have to win 2-0, 3-0, 3-1 etc. Spain to win by 1 goal will be 1-0, 2-1, 3,2 etc.

    I’ve just stuck £100 on Spain to win by 1 goal @ 11/4 with Ladbrokes and covered it a bit by putting £20 on Spain 2-0 @ 15/2.

  13. John Henderson 12 years ago

    Think Torres is the man to be on tonight think he got to start cant see any other option best striker available to Spain.

  14. Mr Chris Guy 12 years ago

    Was annoyed yesterday as I went to Ladbrokes to collect my £300 winnings from Ronaldo scoring and out of boredom/greed whatever you may call it I threw the money away into the roulette machines in about 15 mins.

    I hate those stupid machines. I used to play them a lot but I hardly go near one now. Problem is one shot is all you need to blow your cash.

    Anyway I finished work this morning and nipped into the bookies. I went onto the machine again with the viewing of winning my money back.

    I stuck £100 in the machine and collected £410 do happy as Larry.

  15. Mr Chris Guy 12 years ago


    £100 on Spain to win by 1 goal @ 11/4
    £25 on Spain to win 2-0 @ 15/2
    £50 on Iniesta first goal @ 9/1
    £50 on Iniesta last goal @ 9/1
    £30 on Silva motm @ 9/1

    Considering putting £50 on Torres first goal @ 6/1 but not sure yet.

  16. Mr Chris Guy 12 years ago

    Yeah showing in the racing post as 20/1 with vc paddy power etc for alonso but best you can get is 14/1

  17. Mr Chris Guy 12 years ago

    Not touching Torres now. He has been cut from 6/1 to 5/1.

    • Mr Fixit 12 years ago

      Chris, it’s a tough one tonight. I’m taking Spain to win by one and I’ll do one first scorer bet and that’s it for me unless something stands out when teams are announced.

  18. craig alves 12 years ago

    chris i said on the handicap with spain -1 pick the draw for them to win by 1, didnt know u cld just pick spain to win by certain amount of gls

    as for the roulette machines they should be banned, walked out the bookies a few times close to tears after punchin machine haha never go near them now tho, lesson learned

  19. Mr Chris Guy 12 years ago

    Alright Craigni understand now what you meant. Yeah they defo should be banned cos they are rigged

    • Mr Fixit 12 years ago

      Chris, pay-outs are pre-determined if that’s what you mean. I only play them when they’re giving out free goes because I hate bets that are random like fruit machines and even the lottery. But I’ve seen some people walk away with big wins.

  20. David moore 12 years ago

    Only need hit couple off numbers to get it up tho y there so addictive. But you havta hit striaght away or ull pump away at it. Stupid like used be able just do a bet can’t get off them lol

  21. Alex walker 12 years ago

    spain to win 2 nil.

  22. craig alves 12 years ago

    black caviars jockey was close to gettin death threats worldwide there lke, eased up and only took it by short hd haha £100,000 bets and that was only 1 person

  23. Alex walker 12 years ago

    Paul my phone was knackered yesterday. Cant believe the german line up last nite. Knackered my gomez bet and my treble. Need spain tonite for my other treble and think they will be ok. Unrest in the french camp plus the spannish are due a good game!

  24. Marc Currie 12 years ago

    I’m quite wary of the game tonight. Got Spain for my treble but I’ll leave it at that. Spain haven’t impressed me and Blanc has said he’ll alter his game plan which I’m assuming means defend! Wouldn’t be surprised to see the first extra time of the tournament. Looking forward to the line ups

  25. Badham 12 years ago

    2 Draws in the next two quarters? France look dangerous when they attack and can see them scoring tonight where as Spain look like there’s a link missing up front and there is David Villa and let’s face it out of form Torres doesn’t match up even after a double against whipping boys. If anyone edges this one it’ll be spain.

    England and Italy will be a tough game for both teams and I think you’ll all agree both will line up to favour defending rather than go all out attack and could be another cagey affair cancelling each other out. Like the other game I think if anyone edges this it will be England.

    No massive bets for me over the next two days but my bets are. Paddy Power.

    Spain v France draw 5/2
    England v Italy draw 21/10
    Double £5 Returns £54.25

    Spain v France 1-1 11/2
    England v Italy 1-1 5/1
    (Double) £2 Returns £78

    David Silva first goal 9/1
    Rooney first goal 5/1
    Double £2 Returns £120

    Benzema first goal 9/1
    Cassono first goal 8/1
    Double £1 Returns £180

    • Mr Fixit 12 years ago

      Badham, same as you, went big on first two, will take it eas tonight and tomorrow.

  26. Badham 12 years ago

    Mr fixit totally agree with the buying money on the first two. The next two games could literally go either way in 90 minutes.

  27. joe knotts 12 years ago

    Been sniffing about and cant find anything on spain line up. Only speculation that fabregas could be up front and torres on bench. Nothing concrete yet tho.

    • Mr Fixit 12 years ago

      Joe, I’m definitely waiting to see line-ups before deciding about a bet after last night’s Gomez farce.

    • Mr Fixit 12 years ago

      Joe, it’s Fabregas in and Torres out. Don’t like this playing with no striker to be honest so I’m on the unders and maybe draw HT. This could take a while to get going.

  28. Badham 12 years ago

    He must have the right hump. Golden boot in the euros is a major achievement and his team scored 4 last night! He must feel he could of had a couple himself.

  29. James Coyle 12 years ago

    Hi Paul. Thanks for getting back to me on Messi. Tonight I’m looking at Spain to win to nil at a big 15/8 and I might also put something on the Hills match winner Iniesta anytime and Spain to win at 5/1. Best of luck everyone!

  30. Danny 12 years ago

    spain team
    arbeloa pique ramos alba
    busquets alonso xaxi inista silva

    france team
    reveillere rami koscienly clichy debuchy
    mvila cabaye malouda ribery

  31. Daryl Cruickshank 12 years ago


  32. joe knotts 12 years ago

    Thanx for that danny

    • Danny 12 years ago

      nae bother mate

  33. Danny 12 years ago

    jumped on silva first 9/1 and benzema anytime 2/1 he knows that backline inside out

  34. Danny 12 years ago

    one bet down already both to score and benzema still alive

  35. Andy 12 years ago

    Does anyone know rays bet365 bet?

  36. Andy 12 years ago

    Does any1 know bet365 half time bet?

    • Mr Fixit 12 years ago

      Andy, didn’t catch the Ray half-time offer if it was put up.

    • Mr Fixit 12 years ago

      Kev, it’s playing out as I thought but maybe Spain will threaten more with Torres on.

  37. Chico Lemu 12 years ago

    France to qualify 7/1 Andy

  38. Luke 12 years ago

    Fancy getting a comp going Paul to try make this game slightly interesting!? Even if just for £5! I’m going to drift off otherwise

    • Mr Fixit 12 years ago

      Luke, sorry working in the Sunday Mail and trying to keep an eye on the game. Will put a contest for FInal and maybe one of the semis.

  39. Kev 12 years ago

    Spain next team to scote. Totally dominant and if French go for it will leave gaps for Spain to exploit

  40. John Henderson 12 years ago

    Gomez to be top scorer or Torres not much chance if blinking managers dont play them arghhhhhh.

    • Mr Fixit 12 years ago

      John, the only guy guaranteed to play is Ronaldo.

  41. Danny 12 years ago

    games been boring lets see if vasco da gama vs cruzeiro 1st vs 2nd brazilian serie a produces something

    ESPN 10.30

    • Mr Fixit 12 years ago

      Danny, it has to be better than that rubbish I just watched. Only consolation was I tipped Spain to three out of three in the quarter-finals but soft pen has beaten the Spain to win by one which looked on all night.

  42. John Henderson 12 years ago

    Paul hope Ronaldo gets crocked in training :)

    • Mr Fixit 12 years ago

      John, that’s a bit harsh. We want to see the best players surely. How dull would Czech Rep v Portugal have been without him on the pitch.

  43. Danny 12 years ago

    suppose 1 out of 2 is something with lack of performance produced got done with silva benzema and both to score not my finest night of betting thats for sure

  44. The dog 12 years ago

    Why did Torres get a corner in the last 10seconds. that would of been cherry on top of the cake for the quarters for me.

    11/1 Spain under 10 corners and under 4 bookings

    Still a good night :-)

  45. Mr Chris Guy 12 years ago

    Paul I feel the pain, I had £100 on Spain to win by one so gutted. I covered my bet though and done £25 on Spain 2-0 @ 15/2.

  46. Mr Chris Guy 12 years ago

    Im guesting no motm for Silva. Has to be Alonso I imagine.

    • Mr Fixit 12 years ago

      Chris, another chance missed. I was looking at Iniesta or Alonso but in the end went with neither. MoM for Alonso.

  47. Mr Chris Guy 12 years ago

    Got a mental bet on for tomorrow. Bolatelli first player booked £60 @ 10/1 and Bolatelli to be booked at anytime £40 @ 6/4. Basically need him to be booked first but will get my money back if he is booked anytime.

    • Mr Fixit 12 years ago

      Chris, looks like he’ll start and has as good a chance as anyone of being carded first. It seems a long time ago now but i tipped him in Italy’s opener at 7-1 and of course that came up.

  48. Fin H 12 years ago

    Bit of advise please people. got a 20 quid acca on por, ger, spain and draw 2mo for 280 return. what bets could I put on for 2mo? really tough game 2 call.

    • Mr Fixit 12 years ago

      Fin, to cover that bet you’d have to back Italy and England so you’d end up not making much. Best advice would be to see how it plays out inrunning and if one side gets ahead you could then back them in the hope the worst they’d get was a draw (which you want).

  49. Alex walker 12 years ago

    Great nite for myself. Had a 100 on a treble on 2 nil. And 100 n portugal germany and spain! Nearly a bag of sand back! A lot going on germany in the semi.

    • Mr Fixit 12 years ago

      Alex, the quarters have gone punters’ way so far. England v Italy the next tricky call to make.

  50. FinH 12 years ago

    Paul, think bet 365 have an offer on where if u place a bet on england game, get a free in play bet up to the same value. so should i back england before kick off then italy as soon as game starts?

    • Mr Fixit 12 years ago

      Fin, you could do that but if England score first you might not need to back Italy right away. See how you feel and how game is going.

  51. craig alves 12 years ago

    Cant believe england fans/commentators/ex-players gettin all hyped up about talking about winning it,gettin to final at least. lucky to get out the group with poor game v france, shocking defendinding v sweden and we all know what happened v ukraine. italy 2-0 for me, 2-1 maybe if rooney gets a chance, marchisio to score 1st and possibly pirlo/balotelli with an england player sent off.

  52. joe knotts 12 years ago

    Treble up tonight. If i get germany spain final i will be quids in after backing it @ 10/3 before final group games. Took germany ante post but spain looking good also or did french just make them look good?

  53. FinH 12 years ago

    Cheers Paul, yeah mite not bet on italy then. if they win i wont win any money, but at least England will be out. haha

    • Mr Fixit 12 years ago

      Fin, the one bet I know I’m having is England to win on penalties!

  54. Mr Chris Guy 12 years ago

    Just for the heads up guys. I was thinking about 0-0 tomorrow or possibly 1-1. Anyone backing 0-0 should know that it’s best to bet no Goalscorer instead at the same price but it covers you for own goals etc. anyway I just checked with Stan James for first Goalscorer prices and no Goalscorer is 6/1 with them. I then looked at Last Goalscorer with Stan James and they gave no Goalscorer priced at 7/1. This is the exact same bet. Just stuck £50 on before the price changes. It’s obviously an oversight.

  55. Mr Chris Guy 12 years ago

    Paul I hope you’re going to cover it with Italy, even just £10

  56. Alex walker 12 years ago

    Spain if you attack them will murder you. Thats why teams dont attack them. Think they have had about 15 clean sheets in the last 2 major tourneys! I love watchin them!

    • Mr Fixit 12 years ago

      Alex, I’ve got to say I’m a little bit fed-up watching Spain now. Too much passing, little action. I’ve seen better junior games this season than Spain v France. Less quality much more entertainment. I don’t doubt the skill level of Spain but I prefer watching the Germans who are bit more exciting.

  57. Alex walker 12 years ago

    What odds do you think you will get for germany against england or italy?

    • Mr Fixit 12 years ago

      I think Germany will be around 6-5 to beat Italy and maybe evens to beat England.

  58. David paterson 12 years ago

    Balotelli first goal scorer if he starts, its written in the stars.

  59. Tommo 12 years ago

    After the convo earlier re the penalty taker I went Alonso first goal @ 16/1 and anytime @ 13/2

    …when the first went in I bottled putting him on for two or more!

    Got him in my Sun dream team too, great night for me!

    John Terry tomorrow night for me!

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