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The best racing on Sunday takes place in France, where it is French Derby day. However, we head to Goodwood and Listowel for our two selections.

Goodwood 2:20

The jockey booking of Silvestre De Sousa seems like connections really fancy their chances with GALACTIC GLOW.

Since being transferred to Luke Dace's yard from David Menuisier, he has ran three consistent races on the bounce. However, last time he was rather unlucky, and if he didn't get a troubled passage, you'd have to imagine that he would've gone extremely close. On more than one occasion, Thomas Greatrex found himself in a pocket and couldn't seem to find the gaps to get the horse out. To my eye, a more experienced jockey like Silvestre would've gone for that gap, as there probably was enough room, but Thomas is an apprentice and you can appreciate him not attempting it. Nonetheless, it was a visually impressive run, as he did run on again when taken wide and did finish 5 lengths behind the leader.

Luke Dace's yard isn't a massive one, so the fact they've secured a top jockey like SDS shows a real statement of intent, especially how he has been riding recently, as I'm sure he would've had many offers in this race to ride other horses.

Advised: Each Way

Listowel 2:45

Quite a strange selection, as he's been off the track for 945 days, and that would be enough to put anyone off, but when the trainer of the horse is Willie Mullins, you have confidence he'll be ready. In the third race at Listowel I like the look of EXCHANGE RATE.

There must have been problems off the track as to why we've not seen this horse since the back end of 2018, but if he returns to the form which he showed a few years ago then he should go very close. His last race saw him finish a close 2nd in a big prize handicap at Naas, which was rated as 93 on the RacinPostRatings. Due to the fact he's not raced since 2018, the handicapper has dropped him rating to 82, which is 7lbs lighter than when he last raced, which is very generous. To further enhance him chances, Willie has put 10lb claimer, Sean Cleary Farrell on Exchange Rate, which means he is effectively racing off 72. Due to the fact a 10lb claimer is on, I think an EW play is the safer bet, as he is clearly lacking the experience and race knowledge as the seasonal veterans who he races against like Wayne Lordan and Shane Foley etc, so he might not get the tactics spot on.

I'd imagine you'll know the chances which this horse has before the off, as the drift or the money arriving will be a good signal of how well he should run. It's an obvious gamble to back a horse who has not been seen for such a long time, but if he does retain his ability, he should go close off his current mark.

Advised: Each Way 5/1 Bet365 or 6/1 elsewhere (At the time of writing)

Horse Racing Tips
Galactic Glow
Goodwood - 2:20 pm

6/1 @ Bet365


@ Racebets

  1. georgie41 3 years ago

    If anyone looks at the obrien.coolmoore operation there must be something wrong when the stable jockey R Moore can’t be on a winner in major races is there something somewhere I believe Moore is not the jockey he thinks he is

    • MachineGunFunk 3 years ago

      ryan moorE has BEEn DogmEat for a long, long timE. 6 winnErs from 50 riDEs. givE up thE ghost. it isn’t AOBs fault his prEvious succEssEs mEan his EntriEs gEt put at the top of thE markEt. it’s only yours if you backED it. BB was unBackablE with thE form, trip, grounD anD pricE all quEstionaBlE.

      i thought it was funny only crawmEistEr pickED thE winnEr of EithEr classic, thosE top class racing Enthusiasts among us cErtainly stayED unDEr thEir rocks.

    • Deb2000 3 years ago

      Any chance of writing in English 😛😛

    • elvis parsley 3 years ago

      Aaah insider returns with a new handle and a strange writing technique 😳

    • Deb2000 3 years ago

      Surely never took you the week to notice Elvis 🔫🔫🔫 😂😂😂

    • elvis parsley 3 years ago

      I’m not the sharpest tool in the box debs 😂.
      It’s only when someone uses hindsight to make a point that the alarm bells start ringing.

    • MachineGunFunk 3 years ago

      keeping this discussion on track… i’d continue by saying yes this sport can lead you to some serious ranting, but it is all fruitless, and learning from mistakes is all we can do. there is no point moaning about a horse, jockey or trainer. it’s your finger on the trigger, if you are willing to take 13/8 in the derby on a 10f winner who has struggled on softer going, at this track with a big uphill section with form that doesn’t warrant the price, then you should do some self reflection.

      on top of this, moore hasn’t been prolific for AOB for a long time, nor has he ridden the derby winner since 2013, so there should be no expectations based on names alone. my suggestion would be the place market, because you can get much more likely winners at the same price.. and all the horse has to do is finish in the top 3.

      onwards lads and lasses. , royal ascot soon, my most prosperous meeting, i hope to be of service when it comes.

    • elvis parsley 3 years ago

      Fair enough data, but could you enlighten us with your opinions before the event in future so as to help us avoiding any errors of judgement on our parts.

      It’s like shopping with your wife buying something for £20 she watches you pay for it, then the dozy mare pipes up “oh it’s only £15 next door”

      Strange analogy I know, but think about this quote

      “”A historian is a prophet looking backwards””

    • elvis parsley 3 years ago

      Ascot only 10 days away now I think data 👍.
      At least practically every horse there is there to win and not to fiddle their handicap 🏇🏇

    • Deb2000 3 years ago

      You just keep contradicting yourself “AGAIN”oops caps lock stuck😉😉.
      You suggest the place market but you tipped up an horse EW in the derby that finished 8th so you got the same zero back as anybody who backed the Fav 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️.
      Your not really in a place to tell foke how to bet when you bet 2 donkeys yesterday just because you seen a slip with a 2 grand double on them.
      Regarding Moore I agree hes went down hill for probably a good 3-4 seasons now and it all comes down to his lack of rides IMO av said that for ages hes certainly no Frankie who seems to keep his eye in alot better from his severely reduced rides over the last few years picking and choosing what he wants to ride.

    • elvis parsley 3 years ago

      To be balanced in “hindsight” the place market was the winner in the derby, but sadly hindsight doesn’t beat the bookies unless you have a TARDIS in your possession.

      Anyhows move on now aye.

    • elvis parsley 3 years ago

      Noticed O’Brien has the favourite in the French derby, st marks basilica.
      Ive done 2 In the ew extra market.

      Sods law says basilica wins 😂

    • MachineGunFunk 3 years ago

      hey Deb, let’s just try stick to having a racing discussion, no need to try twist my words and point score. I am not telling anyone how to bet. Not sure how it went over your head but I said ultimately we only have ourselves to blame, and that there are much better opportunities day in day out which means backing BB yesterday was not justified, so if you got your fingers burnt, don’t moan, learn from it.

      I chanced a 25/1 shot to come in the top 4 in the Derby yes, same as Elvis did, I am not the one moaning, it is not contradictory to suggest to people to look at the place market if they want a better chance of winning on such prices.

      It was foolish of me to share statement and tinto based on a big bet slip, because I had a quick look and soon realised that Meade uses SDS and Oisin Murphy to do his winning but we all make mistakes, better than not putting up anything then coming on the next day putting the world to rights.

      As for the shocking week i’ve had page wise, you should only ever back me to an affordable level stake with a minimum of 50pts in your bankroll, if not that’s your problem, a little -10 is no sweat to me so it shouldn’t be to followers.

    • Deb2000 3 years ago

      Probably Elvis Sir Mark’s has been very impressive in France but it does look a very open race especially the size of the field youl see plenty traffic problems and hard luck stories.
      Regarding the derby it was very hard to fancy the winner especially from stall 1 the record from the stall is horrendous but that again shows you how good a ride Kirby gave him even the trainer didnt fancy him at 12f.
      Rossa Ryan did say a few days ago he really liked the 2nd even being a maiden in hindsight that was probably the bet and some1 must have bet him from 150s in the morning.
      Is it not NH time yet 😂😂

    • MachineGunFunk 3 years ago

      Georgie posted moaning about the horse/connections so I tried to suggest some advice which may help next time. Nothing more nothing less. Just because you happened to put up BB, don’t take it as an attack, I will proclaim you King of the Thread 6 days a week and twice on Sunday.

      Anyway, I thought Rizzle did enough to discount backing BB, who I am to put people off pre race, I barely follow top class racing, I am not trying to come across as a know it all or above anyone, so there’s no need to try knock me down whenever possible. I simply feel reflecting afterwards can help us learn and no one should take issue with that, no belittling is being done. See the attitude of some people though, if you look at things objectively, I said if you like 11/8 shots, check the place market and Deb jumps in criticising what I’ve put up lol… sheeeesh.

      Anyway, let’s have a good week, BOL.

    • Deb2000 3 years ago

      I really dont have a clue what your on about how can anybody take anything you say serious when you feel the need to re invent yourself practically every month ????
      Database,TheMop,Insider,Tiptop,MachineGunFunk the list goes on and on.
      Please just tell us why you need to keep changing your account/name ?.
      Regarding you AGAIN counting points you have done this umpteen times over the years and it lasts no further than a couple of weeks 1 because you pick to many losers and 2 because you have the attention span of a 2 year old.
      Nobody cares about keeping points and how can you when you didnt even tell us how many points your putting on yesterday. So was it 0.25EW because they lost but if they had won it would have been 2EW lol.
      Also you tipped 3 Roger Varian horses the other day and never counted them lol.
      Who are you Elvis is Elvis Deb2000 is Deb2000 dazzman1979 is dazzman1979 you get where am going.
      You tell us youv won more than the whole page put together but your putting on a 10th of a point yankee and 0.25EW horses that really shows us how much you fancy them 😂😂😂🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

    • MachineGunFunk 3 years ago

      you are a strange kettle of fish deb i’ll give you that. am i hiding myself? i’ve literally used the names you posted and no others, database my first name, banned for getting into mindless arguments with people like you. themop to promote my profitable free facebook page, insider/tiptop both banned recently so created this which i imagine will also be banned now you’ve “outted me”…

      i have done nothing but post horses and move on, today I mentioned to a new name that you should look at the place market if you’re interested in backing 11/8s, and also gave some knowledge on AOB/Ryan Moore.. then you have to come along and try make personal attacks and cause drama, yet I am the bad guy?

      just look at all the nonsense you’re spouting… plucking random accusations out of thin air regarding points staked lol. i don’t even need to track like you say, so why would I fiddle? i had 3 placeS the other day and I used the smaller ew extra prices when tallying up, so you should button it.

      and you want to give me flack for highlighting an inform trainer hahaha… i simply said varian had 5/7 winners or whatever and his 3 today are a, b, c… and now in your eyes they are tips that I should point track… laughable really.. it was a tidbit of information for you to do with as you please.

      let this be the final word… since returning on april 14th, in that next 30 days I was AT LEAST, 30 points in profit, have i posted that, have i bragged about that, have i included it in my points since tracking?? NO, so stop focussing on the nonesense, PUT UP OR SHUT UP.

    • MachineGunFunk 3 years ago

      also, 0.1pt yankees are what johnb would put up, it’s a 1.1pt outlay for potentially massive gains, and you laugh at it??? shows what you know really…. i suggest 0.25pts ew as part of a long run strategy… outsiders who are worth a small stab, we lose little and potentially x10 our investment and you think it’s a stupid bet lol…

      all you’ve done is put up a 6/5 winner, tipped it again when losing at 7/2 and mentioned you would be backing a7/2 winner last month or 2… how about start contributing if you want to have such an influence here.. you are acting so scorned my dear.

    • Deb2000 3 years ago

      That’s the huge difference I dont class myself a tipster and certainly not as Mr fixit greatest ever racing tipster.
      I come on here to see who’s doing well and try and pick a few winners from them not pretend to be some1 I am not.
      You spout that much 💩💩💩 you cant remember what you wrote never mind what account you used.
      You started it all today I only asked you to write in English.
      “PUT UP OR SHUT UP” I love being threatened by a troll who’s life is so sad he needs to keep opening a new account every month on a racing thread to pretend to be some1 youl never be 👏👏👏👏

    • elvis parsley 3 years ago

      Time to chill guys.
      Were all different with different ways of doing things in life, it’s what makes us human.
      Some will never be friends or agree but in the name of peace and harmony maybe we should scroll on unless you receive a direct attack here and channel our anger against the bookies.

      No top dogs here, we should be a team, enjoy the wins, sulk about our losses and move on to tomorrow, good days, bad days, everyday there will be different man of the match here on tipping, trick is to be lucky enough to catch someone on a hot streak and as hit streak in racing generally last for one day that can be difficult

    • MachineGunFunk 3 years ago

      is it just me or does anyone else struggle to understand a word she is saying?

      not going to keep addressing the wild things she puts up, i’ll go back to tipping, quickly erasing a 10pt deficit and shut her up. look how she is claiming ”put up or shut up” to be a threat… playing the victim card me things, some much presumption going on it’s crazy, we are punters, i tipped on a fb page for 6 weeks and a royal ascot to tremendous success but i don’t have the time it requires.. 6/7 winning bets two fridays in a row, over 40 pts won whilst staking 0.25 pts, it was an amazing run even you can’t put the dampners on debbie.

      anyway, the lions dont care what the mice do, so from now on don’t darken my name by mentioning it as i won’t be corresponding with you again, can feel myself being dragged to your level and it’s making me feel uneasy.

  2. georgie41 3 years ago

    Problem with Moore is he’s not to much money and only interested in winning big races he’s one one of the so called aresholes

  3. dazzman1979 3 years ago

    I wrote a few comments to this and just ended up deleting them . What ever day you have gambling it can all change so dramatically from one day to the next good and bad . From thur night the bookie saying I’ve maxed his till out to today starting the day off so well they said the same to me the tills are limited and I jokingly said don’t worry you will have it all back by the end of the day how right I was ha ha . But at least I walked away and let the days bets play out rather than stay and think today was my day as looking at rye results I could nt of picked any of those out . Def think singles is the way to go even a double is a nightmare to land but it does happen

  4. Johnb 3 years ago

    Belmont Park
    5/1 william hill

    Belmont Stakes

    The unlucky horse in the Kentucky Derby had to be Rock Your World, Jockey Joel Rosario’s foot came out his stirrup and the horse found early trouble and traffic problems, he’s a horse that has pace but couldn’t show that early pace in the early stages of the Derby,
    This is Rock Your Worlds chance to show what he’s got without having to go too quick early, I’m looking at him getting the first mile in about 1.38 which isn’t too quick but should be quick enough to lead and to have enough left for the finish

    • Johnb 3 years ago

      Race time 23:49

    • dazzman1979 3 years ago

      Race 11 Belmont park – rombauer 11/2

    • dazzman1979 3 years ago

      Should of done a forecast . Was worth taking on always ! E/w fight another day !

    • dazzman1979 3 years ago

      Get to the choppa !!!!

  5. dazzman1979 3 years ago

    Race 13 – Belmont park – Opry – 8/1 – you know the score by now ! Was given a “word” on this one !!! All I will say it’s at a each way price so cover yourself accordingly! These even money words are dangerous there only telling you what you already know about the horses chances unless it was week in week out I would get your own set of darts ! E/w thief last min words ain’t to bad but nothing is guaranteed . I bet even trying to fix a race ain’t that easy you need everyone on board I guess but there are people in the know I’m sure . I can remember a random poster on here on a sat or sun putting up a horse going against a odds on very short in the market who fell at the last and his selection won ! I backed it quite heavy taking a real chance but I think that’s just a small insight in to the real world of winners and losers

    • dazzman1979 3 years ago

      Opry is on the nose not e/w

  6. dazzman1979 3 years ago

    I eat green berets for breakfast and right now I’m very hungry !!!! Dit lit dit dit Dee Dee !!

  7. elvis parsley 3 years ago

    Wolfcatcher 2-35 Perth
    12-1 ew extra 6 places

    Groveman 2-45 listowel
    16-1 ew extra 5 places.

    Youllovemewheniwin 5-10 Goodwood
    20-1 ew 4 places
    10-1 ew extra 7 places
    Lydford 3-30 Goodwood
    15-8 betting without east asia 🏇 NAP 🏇

    Global warming 4-05 Goodwood 9-4
    French derby
    Chantilly 3-00.
    Stick a pin in and hope for the best

    Policy of truth
    Both 12-1 ew extra 9 places

    • Deb2000 3 years ago

      Sir Mark’s pissed it Elvis you didnt need the 9 for Saydabad a nice 4th from the back 👍

    • elvis parsley 3 years ago

      Wolfcatcher 2nd at 28-1 and I took 12-1 for more places ☹️☹️

    • Deb2000 3 years ago

      Just shows your picking the right horses did your policy of truth get in 9 ?

    • elvis parsley 3 years ago

      Sods law debs, I hate o Brien 😂😂

    • elvis parsley 3 years ago

      Policy still running ❌

    • Deb2000 3 years ago

      Yeh Fav got a dream run round on the fence you could call it the winner 2 out before the cavalry tried to come from the back never seen your policy 1 that’s why I asked 👍

  8. recoba 3 years ago

    In Swoop won well there 1.40(🇫🇷) looks a cracking horse!
    If I had seen it drifted out to a back able 8/11 I’d been all over it but twas too late.

    With Skybet offer of cash back for 2-4th place in the 3pm in Chantilly I’m taking Van Gogh,although the favourite looks good I think Van Gogh will appreciate step up in distance. Hopefully worst case I get my money back. 9/1(***)


    • recoba 3 years ago

      Should hav took Skybet Double boost of In Swoop and St Bal in 3.00pm 🇫🇷

      Ah well

  9. recoba 3 years ago

    Cheers Elvis you talked me into East Asia.
    Needed it! 👍

  10. MachineGunFunk 3 years ago

    4.55 Scullys Force 7/2 win 0.5pt win
    5/6 for top 3, well capable of placing, may just fall short in winning but i will chance.

    5.25 Saint Patric 6/1 ew
    trainer smashed it at his home meeting last week, willing to chance a place here too.

    5.10 Marselan 14/1 ew
    won lto, trainer had couple recently, price big enough to chance.


    • MachineGunFunk 3 years ago

      cant blame you for avoiding giving this weeks results, but it’s why you should all of my tips to an affordable level stake, sure i’ve taken many punts this week, but losing is an impossibility in the long run when tipping with this strategy, a huge 8 points recouped thanks to that, we sit at -2.95


    • Deb2000 3 years ago

      Hey huge well done for that very nice winner 👏👏👏.
      But your reply hardly makes any sense like its copied & pasted with stuff missing out.
      Again your points are pointless when you never mention before what stake your putting on them🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️.
      Off tomorrow for a cheeky week over to the 🗻🐵🐵🗻🇬🇮🇬🇮back in time for RA 🙂🙂
      Have fun & GL

  11. recoba 3 years ago

    Belmont-R7…Miss Brazil. 6/4(***** tougher race with all coming off wins but rates the best for me)
    Santa Anita-R7…Ultimate Hy. 15/8(***)
    Churchill -R2…Bonnet. 5/6

    Treble pays just over 11/1 Bet365 or you can do what you feel with them as I obviously fancy the 3 but Bonnets short

    GL and well done the winners today 👍


    • recoba 3 years ago

      Bonnets out so 2x singles and a double for main bet. Scots up 1-0 in the sun so let’s try get us off to a flyer at..

      Churchill- R1…Cecile’s Chapter. 7/4(** Not much info on this bar my tracker saying unlucky last run and better to come?)


    • recoba 3 years ago


      Big grade dropper with Rosario on board I’ll take 15/8. Nothing MAJOR drake wise despite the confidence…

      Belmont-R1…Lilly Simone (**** need a big performance from horses I don’t see having much improvement in them to win)

      An that’s all she wrote!”

      Well done the winners today here’s hoping the main bets land in USA later. 🐎🇺🇸 ☀️

  12. recoba 3 years ago

    Frickin predictive text

    More like it Lily Simone,easy as you like!

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