EVERY day there's a good old debate on this site about the tips put up.

We see winners and losers but for the most part the predictions are posted in good faith and are reasoned.

There are some good brains contributing to these debates and our plan is to create a forum where punters can chat among themselves without me having to get involved as much. That will come later.

In the meantime as a recognition of the good tips being shared and the time spent on doing them we've decided to launch a punter tipping contest.

We are looking for 16 people to go head to head to find out who will be the Top Tipster here at MrFixitsTips.co.uk. Each week two players will go up against each other to see who can win the most money.

Whoever wins will progress to the next round and compete in another round until we get two finalists who will again face-off to win a great prize.

Ladbrokes have kindly agreed to put up £600 of betting vouchers as prizes. The eight last-16 losers will receive a £10 betting voucher, there will be £30 for the four last-eight losers, £40 for the losing semi-finalists, £70 for the runner-up and £150 to the outright winner.

The winner of the final will scoop a hospitality package for an all-expenses paid day out at the races courtesy of Ladbrokes.

All players will start their games with a mythical £1000 betting fund and you can stake from £50 to £1000 on any football bet provided Ladbrokes have priced it up.

Stakes have to be quoted as do all prices and they have to be Ladbrokes' odds.

You can bet on any football market provided by Ladbrokes but winnings won't be allocated if no price is quoted. All tips must be posted before the start of the relevant event, for example by 2.59pm for a 3pm kick-off.

Each person must over the course of the contest place a minimum of 20 bets so the £1000 stake is utilised. This is to prevent a contestant sitting on his pot.

The winner will be the person who has accumulated most winnings, including stakes, by the deadline for the tie.

But if one of the players loses his £1000 pot before the deadline his opponent will be declared the winner.

To have a chance of playing simply register your name at the end of this article before 5pm today (Sunday). Twelve people will be picked at random then a first-round draw made, with the first head to head starting the following week.

The other four players will be those who have posted most comments on our site if they want to take part. They are Chris Guy, Milesey, Danny and Craig Alves. These four will be seeded and kept part in the first round.

In the unlikely event of a draw in any of the tipping head to heads there will be a tiebreak contest to decide the winner.

Once the draw is made we will contact the relevant parties with the time and date their ties will start and finish as well as a list of the rules. Everyone can get involved by commenting on the tips and how they're going.

There are already entries in from all over the world so get your name in the hat if you fancy a week as a tipster and a share of £500 of betting vouchers plus a chance to win a great day out.

To enter simply post your name here and tell us where you are from.

And for anyone who isn't lucky enough to be picked we'll be giving away 10 x £10 spot prizes during the course of the contest.

We'll post details of how the Wednesday draw will be made and then launch the contest on Saturday.

  1. Craig 11 years ago

    Craig from Ayr good luck to everyone

  2. Jack mac 11 years ago

    Jack McIntyre from Essex

  3. Stephen Boyle 11 years ago

    Stephen boyle, glasgow

  4. Milesey 11 years ago

    Seeded Number 1
    Milesey from Stevenage.

  5. Liam R 11 years ago

    Liam Ripley from Rotherham

  6. allan 11 years ago

    Allan Hardie Helensburgh

  7. Luke 11 years ago

    Luke Anderson, Essex

  8. steven 11 years ago

    Steven, from sunny Troon. Ha

  9. Ross A 11 years ago

    Steven, from sunny Troon. Ha

  10. Ritchie 11 years ago

    Ritchie from Dumfries

  11. Seamus 11 years ago

    Seamus From Livingston !

  12. paul 11 years ago

    Paul from sunny govan

  13. Danny 11 years ago

    Danny from Perth (WA)

    I saw your reply Paul so I would like to enter Cheers

    • Milesey 11 years ago

      Danny, you are 1 of the 4 who are in anyway, You are seeded number 4 for the draw hahaha

  14. John Connor 11 years ago

    John from Cumbernauld

  15. Flyboivince 11 years ago

    (Flyboivince) Adeyinka from Lagos

  16. alex walker 11 years ago

    Alex walker from edinburgh

  17. Joe Condron 11 years ago

    Hoe from glasgow

  18. Joe Condron 11 years ago

    * Joe from glasgow

  19. Bob McGregor 11 years ago

    Bob from Renfrew

  20. Nick 11 years ago

    Nick in Glasgow

  21. Dave Tait 11 years ago

    Dave from Solihull

  22. Ryan Brown 11 years ago

    Ryan Brown from Ayr

  23. Willie McGuire 11 years ago

    Willie – Paisley

  24. Chris Guy 11 years ago


    Let the fun begin!!

    • Milesey 11 years ago

      hahaha, don’t let me down Mr Chris Gut will you, this is mythical money so i’m looking for

      £200 Torres 1st Goalscorer
      £200 Torres last Goalscorer
      £600 Torres anytime.

      You do it with your own cash, but now it’s play money you can up the stakes abit ;)

    • Milesey 11 years ago

      ooooooopps sorry that is a typo before you think i’m calling you names Mr Chris Guy !

      Looking forward to this ;) ;)

  25. krishi 11 years ago


  26. Bingo 11 years ago

    Bingo – Clydebank

  27. Aaron 11 years ago

    Aaron from coventry

  28. John Houston 11 years ago

    Hi john from Kincardine.bring it on.

  29. SUSAN THOMSON 11 years ago

    Last one should have been SUSAN THOMSON Balornock Glasgow

  30. IAN THOMSON 11 years ago

    Ian Thomson from balornock, glasgow.

  31. Peter Brown 11 years ago

    Peter Brown from Dumbarton

  32. Colin bell 11 years ago

    Colin b from fife

  33. Smiler arbroath 11 years ago

    Smiler, arbroath.

  34. Eddie 11 years ago

    Eddie O from Forfar

  35. Chris Guy 11 years ago

    Hey Milesey don’t you worry about me. I’m a smart cookie. I guarantee I make it to at least the final. It would be a real shame to put you out bahahaha :-)

  36. Chris Guy 11 years ago

    You fear me Milesey. I can smell the fear lol :-)

    • Milesey 11 years ago

      Absolutely….. i hope your out in the 1st round ! don’t want to be coming up against you, just incase Torres hits some form and starts banging in the goals !

      I might just go crazy and whack my £1000 on a 16/1 shot, will have to see who Barca are playing, i’m sure i’ll get at least 16/1 on the other team to win ;)

  37. Gary F 11 years ago

    Gary Fagan Glasgow

  38. Milen Nikolov 11 years ago

    Milen Nikolov from Kardzhali, Bulgaria

  39. Andy 11 years ago

    Andy Hutchings-Exeter

  40. Stevie H 11 years ago

    Stevie Hunter – Bathgate

    This should be fun :-)

  41. Kevin McKenna 11 years ago

    Kevin McKenna from Irvine.

  42. Mike 11 years ago

    Mike Ruff – Hereford

    Sounds good!

  43. Maria 11 years ago

    Maria Svitkova Glasgow

  44. Craig 11 years ago

    Craig spearing from middlesbrough

  45. David M 11 years ago

    David from sunny Greenock

  46. Halid Abdul 11 years ago

    HALID ABDUL from Uganda(East africa).I feel that prize can move all the way to East Africa.Just cant wait to participate

    • Mr Fixit 11 years ago

      Halid, good luck and you’ll be in the hat with everyone else. Our traffic from Uganda is good, any reason why. And well done with the treble.

  47. Chris Guy 11 years ago

    Lol Good Luck Milesey. It will be fun, all I’m going to back is first and last scorers so it could go either way for me.

  48. Eddie 11 years ago

    I had no idea this site had such an international following

    • Milesey 11 years ago

      Yes I know, and still waiting on the following people to sign up aswell, have no idea where they are today :

      SUE AGE






















      FAY KING


    • Mr Fixit 11 years ago

      Eddie, believe it or nor we’re big in Uganda. That’s the power of the net.

  49. David brown 11 years ago

    Davy from crossshill

  50. Danny The Power Taylor 11 years ago

    thats a late xmas present for Chris Milesey and Craig with us being seeded no chance of getting me in the first round lol a would prefer one of use in the final insted of earlier rounds my only worry is Chris just incase he hits one of they first goalscorers Milesey I know your spot on with horses weel see if the same can be said for football LETS THE TIPSTER WARS BEGIN

    • Milesey 11 years ago

      Football and horses both are good for me……

      I went through a stage many years ago that i would put silly stakes on the number of corners in a game ! haha

    • Milesey 11 years ago

      No chance of you getting through the 1st round either ;) you would have had more chance if you met Chris Guy in the first round of getting through ;) Now that’s you out in the first round Danny, i just hope you don’t get beaten by NICHOLAS STREAKER heard he is prety good on the old betting !

    • Confident Danny 11 years ago

      LOL Ive got no chance either you must not be aware I am at least in the top 5 of people who have put up winning football tips in the past al be angry with myself if I crash out in the first round EURO 2012 for example I didnt get a cheque in the post and free bets from Paul for nout now did I

    • Milesey 11 years ago

      that’s right you didn’t get them cheques in the post for nothing ;) ;) ;) and i thought you said you don’t set foot on these shores ? or was it you won’t be again ;) ;) it’s good Paul paid you the money due though and wasn’t a wasted trip haha

    • Danny 11 years ago

      I thats right mate a flew back from Australia to Glasgow too cash a 20 pound cheque from paddy power it actually came in handy but it arrived a few days before I left and I had my last ever pints of tennants at Glasgow Airport with it anyway am done talking about the competition just incase I end up out at the first hurdle and end up looking like a diddy

    • robert miller 11 years ago

      will Betway give me even money none of the 4 seeds will be up the road first?????????

    • Mr Fixit 11 years ago

      Robert, my money’s on a Chris Guy v Milesey final. Now that would be fun!

  51. pete hoggarth 11 years ago

    pete in the falklands islands

  52. ssparky 11 years ago

    mark mccorquodale…hamilton

    • gary callaghan 11 years ago

      i see ppl arguing on this all the time, you all think yer the man. well fools if it all about tips then im sorry but if i get a chance to enter i,d gladly take on the so (called big 4) i have been posting my tips for a few weeks now and done quite well. villa 8/1 v liverpool, luton 8/1 v norwich today. thats just a cpl of my super singles ;). keep up the gd work guys cos i think yer gona need it!!!
      rant over……..

    • Danny 11 years ago

      lol Gary was wonderin when somebody would have summit to say about the so called big 4. The tips I put up here and the bets I actually do are total different things in the last 9 Saturdays 8 draws have done me lot of them at the death and qpr git laughed at the night if I take that sorta a form am on intae the competition al be laughed at straight oot the 1st round

    • Mr Fixit 11 years ago

      Gary, the hardest will be getting in but maybe next season we’ll do one open to all entrants.

  53. Austin Hay 11 years ago

    Austin Hay – Aberdeen

  54. Craig Liddell 11 years ago

    Craig Liddell from Glasgow

  55. Brian Campbell 11 years ago

    Brian from Glasgow
    Good luck abody

  56. David Wells 11 years ago

    David from Mansfield

  57. Saulius 11 years ago

    Saulius from Lithuania.

  58. billy 11 years ago

    billy from wishaw

  59. Robert Duff 11 years ago

    Robert from Glasgow

  60. Bryan 11 years ago

    Bryan Kerr from Fife, thanks

  61. mark carson 11 years ago

    Mark carson from irvine

  62. Chris Power 11 years ago

    Chris Power, Belfast

  63. John Henderson 11 years ago

    John Henderson Dunfermline.

  64. Alan 11 years ago

    Alan Kyle, Kilbarchan

  65. Craig alves 11 years ago

    Liking this set up, will it take 15 weeks to complete the competition tho?? Just in time for ma b’day and the decent weather for the horse meeting haha, hopefully get a wee run but no point In deciding tactics the now til we get up and running, good luck confident danny confident milesy and confident chris guy haha you’s will need it

    • Milesey 11 years ago

      It should be all 16 starting at the same time, over 8 ties, shouldn’t be 1 tie 2 people a week. Should all play the same time like a cup competition. Winners go through, draw takes place and then away we go again say the following week…. and so on all the way to the final.

    • Milesey 11 years ago

      …. and it shouldn’t be open, for i for one will just calculate what the other person is doing and act accordingly to that…. may even cover myself by putting their bets on too, then taking short price football to build my bankroll. It it’s open on here then it’s going to be so easy. You can calculate exactly what the other person has, and what you need etc to beat them, cover yourself. Minimum bet of £50, and then obviously to start with £1000 for thats all you have, but then you can obviously bet your max when you have winnings !

    • Mr Fixit 11 years ago

      Milesey, everyone playing will be sent a full set of rules. It will be open but you can’t copy a bet as it will be first come first served. For example if someone fancied a single on Everton tonight the person they were playing couldn’t put up the same single. We’ll play it the way we’ve planned but can amend rules for later rounds if required. People could only cover to an extent if that’s the way they wanted to go but I hope punters play it in the spirit intended and try to put up their best tips. There will be a really good extra prize for the person throughout the whole contest who makes the most money in their week so that’s another incentive.

    • Milesey 11 years ago

      so if someone say fancies the everton win tonight, i can still take the double chance of everton win/draw ?

    • Mr Fixit 11 years ago

      Milesey, yeah you could do that.

    • Milesey 11 years ago

      so i say pick Everton, liverpool as 2 singles, someone else can copy me but do them as a double and make more money of my picks ?

    • Mr Fixit 11 years ago

      Milesey, last answer. Yes they could do that but as you well know the double is double the risk so it’s not the same. I’m pretty sure most people will want to do their own thing anyway. Play it in the spirit intended and don’t worry too much your opponent. In every tie if someone hitsa big win early on the tactis you’re suggesting will go out the window anyway. I’m off to put up tonight’s tips.

    • Mr Fixit 11 years ago

      Milesey, I’m just back in so seeing your comments. We’ve made the rules and that’s how it will be played. As I said you’ll get a copy and comment to after that if you see any problems. But anyone who doesn’t like the set-up doesn’t need to play.

    • Mr Fixit 11 years ago

      Craig, it will take a while to complete but that’s part of the attraction. The reason we’re not playing 16 at once is because of the administrative nightmare in following everyone. The idea will be up to update players’ totals every day. The quarters or semis might be played together but we’ll see how the first round goes.

    • Milesey 11 years ago

      couldn’t you play all 16 players at once, so 8 ties, put 8 different threads up for the relevant people, say for instance, Chris Guy V Sue Age they have one thread, then say Danny V Nicholas Streaker they have another thread, so all kept seperate then you can easily follow what people do and at what times, only suggestions ! it’s not fair if others hit a week where there is champions league football, europa league, of cause they will make more then if say i have a week when there are 4 midweek games, and aload of sh*t from Japan !

    • Milesey 11 years ago

      Would make it as fair as possible so that everyone has to bet on the same matches, if someone hits a bumper week with champions league football, europa then of cause they will make more money !

      Would only be the 1st week with 8 different thread that would keep you busy, after that going down to 4 and so on would be easier for you to manage

    • Mr Fixit 11 years ago

      Milesey, a bumper week doesn’t exist if you don’t pick winners. Everyone has to have 20 bets minimum so they’ll have plenty of chances to win or lose. Betting on Champions League or Europa League doesn’t guarantee a winner. Anyway it is what it is and I say may change after the first round.

    • Milesey 11 years ago

      champions league, europa league gives you alot more scope though when looking at the betting market, you won’t have to take games you don’t want to just cause there is nothing else about just to get your 20 bets in.

  66. Luke Hand 11 years ago

    Luke Hand from Manchester

  67. Ryan Mobbs 11 years ago

    I would like to be considered for this competition.

    Good luck all

  68. bodger 11 years ago

    Bodger from Glasgow

  69. mitchell 11 years ago

    Mitchell from glasgow

  70. Knottsy 11 years ago

    Joe Knotts – East Kilbride

  71. Karl shaw 11 years ago

    Karl shaw from Sheffield

  72. martin binding 11 years ago

    martin from manchester

  73. john g 11 years ago

    Are you putting any tips up for tonight Mr fixit, if not do you think everton have a good chance of winning tonight.

    • Mr Fixit 11 years ago

      John g, if Milesey stops asking me questions they’ll be up soon.

  74. Eddie 11 years ago

    John g, if Milesey stops asking me questions they’ll be up soon.

    • Mr Fixit 11 years ago

      Eddie, that’s probably it. One of my old Bankies heroes. Started his career with my boys before signing for Rangers.

  75. john g 11 years ago

    Lol, cheers

  76. Ally M 11 years ago

    Alistair Muir from Ayrshire

  77. Charlie Farlie 11 years ago

    Charlie fae Govan.

    Milesey, you need to take a chill pill mate. I don’t comment much on the site but all I’ve read is you telling Mr F how to run HIS competition.

    Let him get on with it, he doesn’t usually let us down.

    Since you’re already one of the competitors I wish you good luck! and hope that I get in too. If not I’ll watch with interest.

    • Milesey 11 years ago

      I’m not telling anyone how to run anything, i’m making suggestions and trying to understand how this is going to be played in the fairest way what will benefit everyone !

      I don’t think it’s fair if someone got this week, with absolute rubbish football betting on, and i got a week with champions league / europa, all ties should be played at the sametime, then we would know who is making the most money in the fairest way, and not someone who has had over 2 thousand games to bet on, compared to someone who had a week with only 500 games being played.

      Don’t read my posts if you somehow feel they are not in anyway benefiting yourself !

      Thank you


    • Charlie Farlie 11 years ago

      Toys back in the pram please Milesey and stop being so paranoid about people have cheap shots at you.

      I like reading your comment but chill out man – You should start taking people’s comments in the spirit they’re intended.

      I’m Sure Mr F has all the angles covered. Sheeesh it’s only a fun competition.

    • Mr Fixit 11 years ago

      Charlie, I’ve been running contest in the Record for years without any problems. I think Milesey just wants to win to be honest but as you say it’s a bit of fun.

    • Milesey 11 years ago

      Hahahaha, it’s not going to be taken as just fun i can guarantee you that, people are going to be in it to win it !

      Good prizes on offer, good prize for the winner !

      Think fun will be blown out the row and if rules and the way this is setup isn’t clear then there is going to be alot of rows on here, not from me, but i can see it, if someone has picked 2 singles, then the other person does them as a double exact picks, then of cause your going to say that person just copied what you did !

      anyway….. i’m not bothered anyway, i want to win, but i’d give the first prize away for i already have tickets for the cheltenham festival, hospitality box, hotel, all paid for !

    • Mr Fixit 11 years ago

      Milesey, the rules will be clear, there won’t be a problem with the rules and a single isn’t the same as a double as you know.

  78. Craig alves 11 years ago

    Think it will be singles only but the problem if everyone played in the same week would be 1st come 1st served on bets and if 16 players you could miss out on your picks and be left with correct scores or that,. Will have a proper read throu the all the rules next wk to maje sure

    • Milesey 11 years ago

      1st come 1st served would be the 2 players playing eachother…….. not across the whole 16….. i’ll wait now, seeing as though i was just asking questions to clarify things and now people are taking cheap shots at me for doing so !

    • Mr Fixit 11 years ago

      Milesey, the thing is I haven’t sent out the rules yet. Please ask questions once you see the rules but the contest will be played as I’ve stated. If anyone including yourself doesn’t like it then they don’t have to enter.

  79. Dicobhoy 11 years ago

    Dicobhoy glasgow

  80. Bruce 11 years ago

    Bruce from Edinburgh

  81. James 11 years ago

    James mccusker , castlemilk

  82. Simon 11 years ago

    Simon petty Edinburgh

  83. Luke 11 years ago

    Milesey, you’re beginning to rule this site! I usually read your posts with interest, but at the minute you’re just repeating yourself in regards to the competition. It doesn’t start for couple weeks yet. I’d just be glad to be in it. After all, you’re in it because you post most comments. Not sure if agree with that, because you’re fairly new on the scene. And not all of us have as much time to comment as often as you do. But, that’s how it is. I for one would like to see you go head to head with Chris in the final, providing I’m not selected of course. Good luck to you, and to Danny, Chris and Craig.

    • Milesey 11 years ago

      hahaha. no worries, point taken….

      I’m Going to watch the racing now anyways and see how my bets get on for the day.


  84. Muzza 11 years ago

    Muzza from Corby

    Jeez Milesey you are sooooo competitive!! Bring it on ;0)

  85. Danny Gallagher 11 years ago

    Danny Gallagher from Glasgow

  86. Muzza 11 years ago

    Missed your tips today Milesey can you refresh them as I can’t see on my phone? Cheers

    • Milesey 11 years ago

      They are on January 20th Milesey’s Racing tips….. hope you can find them, if not let me know and i’ll try to get them somewhere else for you.

  87. AL 11 years ago


  88. al 11 years ago

    Al from blackburn

  89. BIG JOCK 11 years ago


  90. john g 11 years ago

    I can’t wait till this competition kicks off, I think its goin to be good to watch, even if you’re not taking part.

  91. BIG JOCK 11 years ago

    SMILEsey seems to tink its in the bawgtat hes won,im gonna enjoy seeing someone ………anyone else on this knock him ooooooooot,never met anyone so far up his own backside in my life,is he running this site now?

  92. Jamie Aitken 11 years ago

    From Cumbernauld.

  93. Crowman 11 years ago

    Mr Crowman, Dundalk

    Good Luck to all.

  94. Sean Ireland 11 years ago

    Sean from Newry N.Ireland, got a feeling the luck of the irish could see me as a dark horse if i were lucky enough to get an invite.

  95. phil 11 years ago

    Phil Hickman Stoke on Trent

  96. Chris Guy 11 years ago

    Hey it’s all a but of fun guys. I don’t care what week I’m on even there is a restricted card, that’s just your luck and personally I think it adds more excitement to the competition. I will personally just make do with whatever week I’m given.

    It will be good to see everyone getting involved. I think its best only 2 people at a time playing as its much easier for admin to follow plus it will allow others to watch individual rules and to join in the banter with comments.

    I’m just looking forward to making people sweat with my betting. Cool calm and collective I say. When I’m throwing £50 and £100 on 8/1, 14/1, 25/1 and 33/1 shots my balance will boom when I get a win or two. Would be pretty embarrassing if I went out in the first round right enough. Anyway win or lose I’m looking forward to it. I want to win just as much as others but I’m certainly not a bad loser and I will congratulate whoever wins.

    Good luck to everyone who enters the draw.

    • Darren G 11 years ago

      Reading a lot of the comments just now, hard to take in some of the guff from a few of the regular ‘posters’. I’m aware it generates some interest but unfortunately the majority of posts are of self interest and have nothing to do with posting tips or betting chat.

      I post often, purely tips and my bets, and have been in touch in the past with Mr Fixit prior to the launch of his website. I’m on the website every day to read the latest tips.

      Could comment on a lot of things, but find it strange when someone says (chris guy) it will be embarrassing if I go out in the first round! Why? Who are you? Who do you think you are?
      If my memory serves me right, you lost x number of hundreds of £’s last night. Does losing several big bets make you an expert ?

      Milesey, you’ve been given a thread, don’t let it go to your head. Or is too late? As plenty have said, it ain’t your comp, stop commenting / directing prior to knowing the rules.

      Cheers !

    • Guido 11 years ago

      Darren G – take a bow sir…well summed up.

    • Darren G 11 years ago

      Guido, been building up for a while, the comments today tipped me over…

    • Guido 11 years ago

      Darren – needed said…people need to get a wee grip/reality check at times. I like the banter as im sure u do as well but ya know yersel?…man overboard stuff at times..FFS!!!! good luck if gerrin the comp Darren

    • Danny 11 years ago

      Guido it may have needed to be said but I get the feelin only 2 of us noticed it

    • Guido 11 years ago

      Danny/Darren…maybe there’s a full moon?? ;-)

  97. Andy 11 years ago

    Andy Greenan Glasgow

  98. Steven Duncan 11 years ago

    Steven Duncan Coatbridge

  99. jonathan conor 11 years ago

    JC from Hamilton

  100. Hughie 11 years ago

    Hughie from Greenock (snowy today)

  101. james mccann 11 years ago

    james mccann barrhead

  102. Craig Brogan 11 years ago

    Craig Brogan, Jackton. Fingers crossed

  103. john g 11 years ago

    I was hoping big jock was goin to get involved!

  104. Muzza 11 years ago

    Chris Guy are you sure you will be able to make a decision without running it past Mr F first? :0)

    • Guido 11 years ago

      hahaha ;-) like that one Muzza…uve noticed as well?? ;-)

  105. Sean McCready 11 years ago

    Sean McCready, Wishaw

  106. McGart 11 years ago

    Stephen mcgartland port glasgow

  107. Chris Guy 11 years ago

    I’m not sure Muzza

    • Muzza 11 years ago

      Good luck mate

  108. BIG JOCK 11 years ago

    MRFIXIT,is it ok if my brother BIG HAMISH MACTAVISH and my brother inlaw BIG DOUGAL MACDOUGAL enter the competition?

  109. gary callaghan 11 years ago


    i look forward to the challenge given the opportunity!

  110. John 11 years ago

    Mr Fixit I don’t want a chance in your crooked game.
    All I see is you giving the chance to your buddies to win some money. What do you think you are running a grand slam or some major tournament by giving seedings to people you say contribute the most but what do they actually contribute.
    If its an open competition then its pay your money take your chance and into the draw like everybodyelse.

    • Mr Fixit 11 years ago

      John, I don’t know why I bother trying to organise anything. It’s a simple contest to give away prizes. No mates involved and no crookedness. If you want to repeat the unfounded accusations I’m quite happy to speak to our lawyers.

    • JackSparrow 11 years ago

      Haha, the comments on here get funnier and funnier. The competition hasn’t even started and people are taking the hump already.

      John you seriously need to take a look at yourself mate. My mammie always told me if you’ve not got anything nice to say, say nothing.

      Coming on here, having a go at someone for organising a bit of fun, a free competition. FFS get a life!

    • Guido 11 years ago

      Hahaha…well said Jack Sparrow!..ya gotta laugh ;-) Liked Pauls repeat and I’ll speak to ma lawyers quote. Classic stuff on here at times ;-)

  111. Lee carswell 11 years ago

    Lee carswell old pollok

  112. BIG JOCK 11 years ago

    I can kinda see why john might think that mrfixit,for example if someone like me BIG JOCK were to knock out milesey then he’d go pure mental,thats prob why i have nay a hope of gettin picked,not saying its crooked……just selective.milesy and his vip box at cheltenham…pfffffft!!!! the guy must be a tory.

    • Milesey 11 years ago

      hahaha, I have a stalker, every single thread you post has my name in it, you are starting to scare me now ! This is very unhealthy for someone to be acting this way.

    • Mr Fixit 11 years ago

      Big Jock, gie’s a break.

  113. Arthur 11 years ago

    Arthur from Blackridge, West Lothian

  114. Danny 11 years ago

    would thare realy be any point if you were to be picked Jock its a football tipster challenge know a who can bam Milesey up tae the max challenge. as for crooked challenge for your mates to win money why shouldnt the lads who consistantly put up bets tips teams news and so on and who dont just use the site to try and win a free bet fae betway and bet365 get a blast at the competition

    • Milesey 11 years ago

      Good point there Danny, your tips on the aussie footie have always netted me a few pounds, just like my double on the horses did, My Arsenal v Southampton draw, My Reading to beat Newcastle on saturday @4/1, so if anyone is getting rich it’s not me from the rubbish tips some people put on this site, i’e someone who said to lay ” Whispering warrior ” and chelsea -2 against southampton !

    • Milesey 11 years ago

      Malaga to beat Real Madrid @9/2, and the list goes on, i’m not blowing my own trumpet at all, i’m putting tips on here for others to follow and to get some winnings from ! People can say i am this and that on here and to be honest i don’t care, i try to help out people on this site, i post tips that are good. I help people with team news, on what kinds of bets are the best to put on etc…. what do i take from it ?

    • Milesey 11 years ago

      If i win the first prize i’d actually give it away to someone else on this site who didn’t get a shot at the competition….. so carry on with your childness. I am in it to win it, and believe i deserve the chance for the help i have given to people who come onto this site, the tips i have given , advice etc…..

      I can get race tickets for any meeting i want, Betfair hospitality, transport all layed on to get to the track etc….. it’s not about the prizes for me, if i win them i will raffle them to people who didn’t get the chance to play in the competition.

    • Milesey 11 years ago

      I won the Horse Racing competition, i didn’t take the prize, all that i put into it, and i took nothing from it at all, but the enjoyment of playing the game with others.

    • Mr Fixit 11 years ago

      Milesey, admin decided to reward the top four posters with a place. It’s a thank you for supporting the site and getting involved. There’s nothing wrong with that we’re well within our rights to do so. Bookies reward loyalty with free bets etc, it’s the same deal.

    • JackSparrow 11 years ago

      Agree with ye Danny. If Fixit wants to reward those guys that keep commenting then it’s up to him. It’s his baw!

      I’ll be in the draw and will take my place if picked. I’ll feel a wee bit guilty if I do get picked and someone who comments more than me disnae – but I’ll get over it pretty quickly!

      Some people think they’re entitled to everything mind.

  115. John 11 years ago

    Mr Fixit
    If there is no mates and no crookedness then its 16 names out the hat.

    • Mr Fixit 11 years ago

      John, we’ve said we’re giving places to the top four posters as a thank you. I don’t know any of them and haven’t met any of them. One lives in Oz, one lives in Stevenage – never been to either place. I have mates but none of them ever comment on here so please give it up.

    • Milesey 11 years ago

      Mr F you shouldn’t have to justify yourself, or decisions you make to anyone.

      Anyway, you coming out for that beer now to watch the game ? see you down the pub in 10 ;) and you too Danny if your about, should be a great game………. all the lads together watching the football, don’t know chris guy or anything about him, so not sure if he is in the same area as us !

  116. John Bryan 11 years ago

    John Bryan from Stoke on Trent

  117. marc 11 years ago

    marc from newcastle

  118. Jonathan Grieve 11 years ago

    JackSparrow,u talk the most sense I’ve seen on here I think. The comments on this thread r comical,people getting a bit wound up over nothing. I wonder y u bother Paul. I remember a similar reaction 2 the Euro 2012 competition and 1 person in particularly getting a bit abusive (can’t remember who exactly).

    Anyhoo,i wouldn’t mind a go at this!

    Jonathan Grieve

    • Mr Fixit 11 years ago

      Jonathan, when people enter a contest do they expect to win? Probably not. What do people don’t understand about the words “picked at random”. The guy you’re talking about, who later apologised, claimed he wasn’t chosen because he was English. What rubbish! He wasn’t picked because his name never came out of the hat.

  119. Scott 11 years ago

    Scott McLeod Livingston

  120. john cairns 11 years ago

    john cairns, hamilton

  121. michael millar 11 years ago

    michael millar from greenock

  122. Jonathan Grieve 11 years ago

    Hahaha,now ur a racist? Class. If I don’t get picked for this it will b for religious reasons and i’ll go 2 the press and tell them wot a bigot u r! So u better make sure I’m in there! :D

  123. Kenny 11 years ago

    Kenny Allan Glasgow

  124. Guido 11 years ago

    Guido, Invernessssssss/Glesca

  125. Sean McCready 11 years ago

    Had already posted but can’t see it anymore, Sean Mccready, Wishaw.

  126. Kyle 11 years ago

    Out of about 170+ posts theres been about 5 sensible ones… Anyhow

    Kyle – Dalkeith

  127. Potty 11 years ago

    Potty from Bonnyrigg.

  128. Ross 11 years ago

    Ross Griffiths Glasgow

  129. Andy Cook 11 years ago

    Andy Cook from Ayr

  130. Andrew Geddes 11 years ago

    The UHT – Harlow, Essex

    Would love to take part.

  131. Andrew Archer 11 years ago

    Andrew. stotfold. hertfordshire

  132. Chris Guy 11 years ago

    Milesey I’m from Alexandria, Dunbartonshire

  133. Chris Guy 11 years ago

    We should all organise a right big piss up one night. Maybe I the boulevard or something.

    Don’t see anything wrong with regular posters being rewarded. Lets face it, it would be rather boring without the banter from the likes of
    Me, Milesey, Danny and Craig wouldn’t it.

    I didn’t get picked for the Euro 2012 despite being on the site regularly and I didn’t spit the dummy out. Also just as Paul said, there are loads if prizes to be won by those involved and even 10 x £10 prizes up for grabs for those who are unlucky not to be picked.

    Paul with regards to the idiotic comments just ignore them. Onwards and upwards with the site.

    • Mr Fixit 11 years ago

      Chris, I used to do band reviews at the Boulevard when I was a young reporter at the Clydebank Post. Had some great nights there and think I saw Wet Wet Wet gig before they were famous – although it might have been somewhere else in the town. Long time ago of course. We could meet up for an end-of-season pint but can’t see Danny or Milesey making it unless we hold it in Dubai or somewhere like that.

  134. Luke 11 years ago

    Agree fully with your earlier comment Danny. And this is why I feel I should be in the game ;) i remember following this site very early on. Very few comments on posts. It soon grew a reputation, hence why so many comments on here these days. Always kept up to date with this site, and often comment with bit team news, offers from bookies, or just posting the bets I have put on. But not for one second would i slate Paul or admin, for the site has been great from day one. Plus, this competition should be of great interest to many, and the prizes up for grabs are very good considering its a free competition. I hope I get the chance to play, but if I don’t, so be it. I’ll still join in with the banter and keep track of how it’s all going!

    • Mr Fixit 11 years ago

      Luke, we appreciate everyone who comes on but to make it a 12-4 split between random and the top posters seemed fair enough to me. To be honest I’d do one for everyone but it would be headache to administer. However, if this goes well we may try to find a way to do it or else have 64 or 128 playing right through the season.

  135. Luke 11 years ago

    Don’t think you should feel you need to do a competition to involve more than 16 Paul. That’s plenty. All I would suggest is if there is another competition later down line, maybe ensure all participants are completely different to those taking part in this upcoming one.

    • Mr Fixit 11 years ago

      Luke, we’ll have a think about what we do. All I know is that all the contests I do in the paper or on the site are popular and maybe it’s flattering that people want to be involved. I run one in the Record that offers £50 each week, £100 monthly and £1000 overall plus runners-up prizes, sponsored by betrescue. This has been going since the start of the season but is open to everyone with the weekly and monthly winners being mentioned in the paper. It’s free to enter and I’d point anyone interested in tipping contests to go to http://www.betrescue/record.co.uk and take part.

  136. john g 11 years ago

    Aye I would say you’re right there with the top four posters Mr fixit. This competition wouldn’t be the same if Chris guy and milesey don’t get the chance to go head to head .

    • Mr Fixit 11 years ago

      John g, will be explosive if it happens but both have to win first games to have a chance.

  137. john g 11 years ago

    Aye that’s true, I just hope none of them go out early, it would be good if they get a chance to go head to head!!

    • Mr Fixit 11 years ago

      John g, it will be interesting to see the tactics and if Chris goes for big bets early on. He could come a cropper if he doesn’t get an early win. Right that’s me outta here for another day.

  138. Luke 11 years ago

    I’ll take a look at that, cheers!!

  139. AC 11 years ago

    AC from Bromley

  140. jamie wilson 11 years ago

    Hi,Jamie here,a Scot now living in Swansea..Still a Proud Scot all the same.

  141. Josip 11 years ago

    Josip, Sweden

  142. Ivana 11 years ago

    Josip, Sweden

  143. Westtimer 11 years ago

    Westtimer from Holland

  144. Louise 11 years ago


  145. Darren G 11 years ago

    I’m up for this
    Darren G from Elderslie

  146. Neil H 11 years ago

    Neil H from Inverness

  147. theresa higgins 11 years ago

    Well Paul as i am the Records reining tipster champion after winning it last season i would like to put my name forward.

    Muchos Gracis T.

    • Mr Fixit 11 years ago

      Theresa, you did well there. How did you get on with £1000 vouchers, any joy? Your name will be in the hat with everyone when entries close.

  148. Jerry 11 years ago

    Jerry from Guyana.


  149. theresa higgins 11 years ago

    Yes Paul, i spread out the bets in the European Championship, ended showing a profit of about £800. was well pleased with that.

    • Mr Fixit 11 years ago

      Theresa, that’s good to hear. How are you doing this year? I haven’t looked at the full leaderboard recently.

  150. theresa higgins 11 years ago

    Not had a line up all season, still it is early days yet.

  151. Graham Mitchell 11 years ago

    Graham from Barrhead.

  152. Chris 11 years ago

    Chris from doncaster

  153. Glen dewey 11 years ago

    Glen dewey from Southampton

  154. Guido 11 years ago

    Guido, Inverness/Glasgow

  155. Chris D W K 11 years ago

    Christopher Dawiki .
    Sheffield, South Yorkshire

    Thanks as usual for your great website Mr Fixit.
    I think it’s fair for the four big hitters to get seeded through. They do contribute lots of ideas and tips which helps a lot of people so fair enough.
    I’d like to see a Danny vs Chris Guy final

    • Mr Fixit 11 years ago

      Chris, cheers for that and if you’re in the draw good luck. Milesey, Chris Guy, Danny and to a lesser extent Craig Alves are well known to the regulars on the site and that’s another reason to put them through. I think people will love it if they get beat up early on but also as you say would like to see a head to head to see how they play it.

  156. Mr Fixit 11 years ago

    Milesey, it’s deleted. By the way my last word on Scottish football. Look at this piece of skill from Mackay-Steven on Saturday then tell me if you’d get that in the Isthmian League. bbc.in/UZSX5P

    • Milesey 11 years ago

      haha, that says it all, all that time to get it on his foot and flick it, header on, Somone like Vidic would have taken his foot off with a crunching challenge.

      This is a better goal then you get in scottish football, and definately a better celebration !


  157. David Walsh 11 years ago

    David Walsh from Glasgow

  158. john g 11 years ago

    I agree Chris dwk, the four main contributers to the site defo need to be in there. I don’t know if milesey would agree wi your final predictions though. I reckon he thinks he’s got this one in the bag

    • Milesey 11 years ago

      What i think and what happens will be totally different that much i know. Anything could happen, there will be surprises and it may be 2 others in the final, nothing is ever certain in this life !

    • robert miller 11 years ago

      i think any one of the 16 can win. its okay having the sense to have a staking plan but remember the bottom line is you are relying on the performances of players, teams, etc and not your own ability at whatever sport you compete in as a hobby.

    • Mr Fixit 11 years ago

      Robert, I agree with you, anyone can win. It will be down to a combination of luck and skill.

  159. SilentJoe Num5 11 years ago

    count me in the ‘fixit 4’ need taught a lesson !!!!

  160. Chris Guy 11 years ago

    Don’t worry I’m going to knock Milesey out in style Bahahaha

  161. Chris Guy 11 years ago

    Milesey would that be your worst outcome? To be shafted off the Doctor? Lol

  162. Chris Guy 11 years ago

    Hey if me and Milesey meet in the final it shall be a box office pay per view event. I’m looking forward to Milesey backing all the 1/2 and 1/3 shits and then I hit him with a 25/1 sucker punch (hopefully) :-)

  163. Terry N 11 years ago

    Bring it on football + horse racing wahoo

  164. Chris Guy 11 years ago

    I smell the fear…….

  165. mark321 11 years ago

    Mark -from Manchester

  166. Terry N 11 years ago

    Bring it on,football,horse racing,wahoo.

  167. carl miller 11 years ago

    i never enter these things so who knows. first time lucky.. carl miller rosewell village

  168. carl miller 11 years ago

    first time lucky maybe as i never enter these things carl miller rosewell village

  169. Chris Guy 11 years ago

    Paul I have an idea for the people who are unfortunate not to get picked. You said you had 10 x £10 free bets right? Why don’t you give a few of them who can predict the order in which me, Milesey, Craig and Danny will finish in the competition. Such as:


    Just a thought.

    • Mr Fixit 11 years ago

      Chris, nice thought but we’ll be doing spot prizes throughout the contest.

  170. gary callaghan 11 years ago

    gary callaghan, HAMILTON

  171. billyb from harthill 11 years ago

    Put my name in hat please maybe have more luck if playing with kid on money, as i dont have much luck playing with the real stuff,just about to give my donation to ladbrokes for tonites games.

  172. BIG JOCK 11 years ago

    chris do you honestly think people have nothing better t do than predict on How far u get.I’m pretty sure it isn’t the chris show.kinda getting bored by this guys comments now. He will be running it by Mr F next if He thinks he’s more handsome than milesey next.

    • Guido 11 years ago

      haha Jock I think the seedings a bit like a jumbled up 4 word game for some ….
      heid Chris’s to gone ;-)

  173. gary callaghan 11 years ago


    u lot are talking a gd game, maybe chris v milesey in the final or whatever???

    maybe they wont even get past the first round, cos ive got a plan to beat the lot of yous.

    gd luck to all that get the chance to enter, better watch out weeg is about!!!

    anytime lads!

  174. roz999 11 years ago

    im a small time player that would like to be playing with big time stakes so please put my name in hat

  175. BIG JOCK 11 years ago

    Its the likes of these guys gary and roz etc Im looking 4ward to seeing winning.at the end of the day its 98 percent pure luck and 2percent chance.I predict a winner none of u thought had a chance.

  176. Chris Guy 11 years ago

    Big Jock I am without doubt the most handsome

  177. Michael Byrd 11 years ago

    Michael Byrd from Worcestershire

  178. James Mclaughlin 11 years ago

    James from Derry

  179. Lucky Dave 11 years ago

    Lucky Dave from Newcastle

  180. Gary May 11 years ago

    Gary from Dundee

  181. Robert Bogle 11 years ago

    Robert Bogle from Paisley

  182. Emily 11 years ago

    Emily from Aberdeen

  183. Jason cutter 11 years ago

    Jason Cutter. Indiana USA

  184. Chris Guy 11 years ago

    Darren G I think I’m a Spice Girl.

  185. Badham 11 years ago

    Grant Badham Se London

  186. rob erskine 11 years ago

    Rob Erskine, stalybridge

  187. danny higgins 11 years ago

    Rob Erskine, stalybridge

  188. Conor Hamilton 11 years ago

    Rob Erskine, stalybridge

  189. Davie Canning(CannonBaw) 11 years ago

    Davie Canning(CannonBaw) Gowkthrapple (Wishaw)

  190. Craig 11 years ago

    Craig from Glasgow

  191. scott 11 years ago

    scott thompson edinburgh

  192. bill tully 11 years ago

    well i tipped stmirren to have a gd season.. nuff said
    bill tully

  193. malcolm caithness 11 years ago

    If there still room Paul i’ll have a go

    • Mr Fixit 11 years ago

      Malky, we’ll do the draw next week.

  194. James Coyle 11 years ago

    Hi Paul, Could you put my name in the hat. Cheers. James in Cumbernauld.

    • Mr Fixit 11 years ago

      James, it’s in but we don’t really have a hat. We’ll be revealing at the weekend how the 12 will be picked.

  195. krishi 11 years ago

    from mauritius

  196. alex mcintosh 11 years ago

    from mauritius

  197. mick cole 11 years ago

    this will show how tough a job any tipster has.
    mick cole
    mick cole gracemount

  198. mick cole 11 years ago

    this will prove how tougha job being a tipster can be
    mick cole

  199. stephenc 11 years ago

    Stephen caveney

  200. Carl 11 years ago

    CarlD from Birmingham

  201. Danny 11 years ago

    looking forward to see what the competition Ins and Outs are and whos against who worked on somewhat of a strategy kinda hard but until a see the fuul script

  202. The Dane 11 years ago

    … and why not a Dane?

    • Mr Fixit 11 years ago

      The Dane, everyone who enters no matter where they live will get an equal chance to play the game. We’ll reveal details at the weekend. However, the prizes are Ladbrokes shop vouchers. We can’t send these to a non-UK address. So anyone selected to play will need to have a relative or friend in the UK to accept potential prizes on their behalf. Alternatively we’ll be asking Ladbrokes if prizes can be credited to existing or new accounts instead. If this isn’t allowed and any non-UK based contestant can’t pass on the prizes we’ll have to give their place to someone else. Danny, based in Oz, as one of the seeds broached this subject earlier but he has relatives in Scotland so any of them can be sent his vouchers if required. Hope this fair and makes sense to the likes of yourself and many others who have entered from all over the world.

  203. Tommo 11 years ago

    And the soap opera contiunues

    …didn’t see any awards dished out last night though :P

    Anyway would like to go in the hat too

    Tommo – Glasgow signing in

  204. elmofee 11 years ago

    registerimg for the tipster thing how will i know

    • Mr Fixit 11 years ago

      Elmofee, what do you mean “how will I know”.

    • Milesey 11 years ago

      Probably means how will he know if he is in or not ?

    • Mr Fixit 11 years ago

      Milesey, OK. He’ll hear the same as everyone else. Chris Guy will give him a call!

  205. COLIN 11 years ago



    • Mr Fixit 11 years ago

      Colin, aye that’s great but what do you know about football? Are you as good as tipping as fellow Cumnock man Owen Scott of William Hill fame?

    • Milesey 11 years ago

      You ever been on that Bet rescue site Mr F ?

      I have a look at times and see what they are saying, just as terrible as me today on the horses with their tips. think they have DARK LANE 2nd, OUTLAW PETE 6th, and THE WESTERNER BOY fell.

    • Mr Fixit 11 years ago

      Milesey, I need to use the site, I drive the betmobile sponsored by Betrescue. However, I use it really for best odds and odds comparison rather than tips. Their guys are the same as you and I – they get it right sometimes and sometimes they get it wrong.

    • Milesey 11 years ago

      The competition they do on the channel 4 racing is always good for the free £100 bet !

    • Milesey 11 years ago

      You do the £5000 football tipster competition with them then ?

    • Mr Fixit 11 years ago

      Milesey, yeah that’s run with Betrecue in the Record and is really popular. £50 given every week, £100 monthly and £1000 to the outright winner. Anyone can enter at any time but obviously they’ll be playing catch-up.

    • Danny 11 years ago

      good luck in the draw Colin am hopin fur an easy first round tie if there is such a thing

      did u get my email Paul

    • Mr Fixit 11 years ago

      Danny, not been in the office today but starting at midnight so will pick it up then.

    • Danny 11 years ago

      ooft midnight start brutal a took a beatin at the casino so done in a good few lager when a git hame wull be in a coma when ye start a sent the email it the top ae the page contact me bit

    • Mr Fixit 11 years ago

      Danny, OK. Those go me at the office so will look at it later.

    • COLIN 11 years ago



  206. Craig Forbes 11 years ago


  207. The Dane 11 years ago

    .. and why not a Dane?

    The Dane.

  208. chas mckendrick 11 years ago

    Charlie mck from greenock

  209. Ian Conway 11 years ago

    Ian from Inverness.

    I too will be watching with interest, even if I don’t get picked,should be good craic

  210. leo todd 11 years ago

    be interesting to see tactics.. leo todd newtongrange

  211. George kelly 11 years ago

    George from Plymouth!

  212. Tyron Parkinson 11 years ago

    Tyron Parkinson from Burnley, Lancashire

  213. Kate Tait 11 years ago

    Kate from Solihull

  214. James Hanly 11 years ago

    James from Blantyre (fingers crossed) :-)

  215. Donald Priest 11 years ago

    Put my name down please Paul, Donald Priest from Carlisle. Thanks

  216. Lockuptipster 11 years ago

    I’d love the opportunity to be picked Paul. I
    Missed out on a related competition held last year. With my following it could be good for business Mr Fixit!

    • Mr Fixit 11 years ago

      Lockuptipster, good luck but it will be a totally random draw with details to follow about how we’re doing it.

  217. David Walsh 11 years ago

    David Walsh Glasgow

  218. Gerard Gallagher 11 years ago

    Gerry Gallagher from Glasgow

  219. Chris d w k 11 years ago

    Chris D from Sheffield, Yorkshire

  220. COLIN 11 years ago



  221. Owen Scott 11 years ago

    Mr Fixit. I saw thsy comment. Below the belt…..

    Might as well register now.

    Owen Scott from Cumnock ( now living in Irvine)

    • Mr Fixit 11 years ago

      Owen, was Cumnock that bad that you had to move?

    • COLIN 11 years ago




  222. John Clark 11 years ago

    John Clark – Edinburgh

  223. James C 11 years ago

    James from Glasgow

  224. matt 11 years ago

    matthew bristol (up the robins)

  225. Bruce R 11 years ago

    Bruce, Dundee

  226. Colm 11 years ago

    Colm from newry

  227. Alan 11 years ago

    Alan – Glasgow

  228. GEORGI STEFANOV GOGOV 11 years ago


  229. Steven skinner 11 years ago

    Steven from Edinburgh

  230. Paul Wallis 11 years ago

    Paul from Solihull

  231. john hollinsworth 11 years ago

    john holy76 from sunny glasgOw :)

  232. jack hennebry 11 years ago

    From southend

  233. DJY 11 years ago

    Daniel from edinburgh

  234. David Provan 11 years ago

    I wish to be considered for the competition. Cheers.

  235. Russell Wilson 11 years ago

    Russell Wilson from Wallyford

  236. Greg Browning 11 years ago

    Greg from Perth

    Cracking idea – good everyone :)

  237. Cammy MacDonald 11 years ago

    Cammy MacDonald from Livingston

  238. chico lem 11 years ago

    Chico from Rotherham

  239. Dave Black 11 years ago

    Dave Black – Livingston.

    Good luck to all picked.

  240. WINIFRED WALSH 11 years ago


  241. Andrew Sword 11 years ago

    Andrew Sword – Eyemouth

  242. evelyn cunningham 11 years ago

    hi paul

    would love to take part

    evelyn cunningham


    • Mr Fixit 11 years ago

      Evelyn, you’ll give the guys a good game if you are picked. I know that for sure.

  243. Mima 11 years ago

    Mima from Macedonia

  244. James 11 years ago

    James reading :)

  245. Gregg 11 years ago

    Gregg from Barrhead .. seeded number three hehe

  246. Terry Roose 11 years ago

    Terry Torquay

  247. paddy 11 years ago

    Terry Torquay

  248. paddy Toal 11 years ago

    Dublin – Eire
    Apologies forgot to include Surname.

  249. Danny 11 years ago

    I will make no apologize in advance to the unfortunate person who gets drawn wae me in the first round I dont intend on making you look stupid but I plan to win the competition and I shall do so wae a bit a savvy nae offence intended but Danboy wull be @ his best

    Danny mrfixitstips.co.uk top tispter 2013 KAPOW KAPOW KAPOW

    go say it quickly out loud tae yersels sounds good dint it

  250. gerald from uganda 11 years ago

    that is good on what u are doing

    • Danny 11 years ago

      Gerry a dont catch your drift mate

  251. robbie d 11 years ago

    Robbie Dempsey

  252. david smith 11 years ago

    david smith


  253. Paul Downey 11 years ago

    Paul Downey from Kirkintilloch

  254. isabella smith 11 years ago

    isabella smith


  255. Chris ford 11 years ago

    Chris ford from Stirling

  256. Adele hardie 11 years ago

    Adele Hardie from West Lothian

    (I’m here to show the guys…that girls can tip and bet wise lumps :P)

    • milesey 11 years ago

      Show us your tips then ;) ;) ;) ;) ;)

    • Mr Fixit 11 years ago

      Adele, we know they can. They often win contests I run.

  257. 1plus2 11 years ago

    1plus2 From The Metropolis that is Broxburn

  258. alan wright 11 years ago

    Alan from Stafford

  259. Lee.collinge 11 years ago

    Lee collinge from Burnley

  260. Smiler 11 years ago

    John hoyle from blackburn lancs

  261. alan wright 11 years ago

    alan from stafford, hope i get in

  262. DarrenH 11 years ago

    Darren hexley Inverness

  263. Donald Priest 11 years ago

    Thought i’d entered, must have forgot to submit post
    Donald Priest from Carlisle.

  264. brian thom 11 years ago

    Brian Thom from Falkirk

  265. malcolm caithness 11 years ago

    bluemal from Bishopton if there still room

  266. div 11 years ago

    Div from Glasgow

  267. leon peet 11 years ago

    Div from Glasgow

    • Mr Fixit 11 years ago

      Leon, you’re a bit late.

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