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I TRIED this a couple of weeks ago but most people stuck to putting comments on the top tips thread.

However, it was a better success when I posted one this week even if most of the chat was about singing at Celtic and Rangers games.

I will say though that I don’t think one comment on the subject was deleted and if the topic that is a blight on the west of Scotland is debated sensibly that’s fine.

Following today’s news that Rangers director Sandy Easdale has quit the board there’s bound to be more Rangers discussions and of course Celtic travel to Inter Milan tomorrow for their Europa League return.

Everton and Spurs are in action and I wonder if Spurs fans would prefer their manager to rest players ahead of Sunday’s Capital One Cup Final with Chelsea. The FA have confirmed Nemanja Matic will miss the game after being sent off against Burnley – is that fair or should players be given a reprieve so we can the best in action in showpiece matches?

What about Barcelona? Did they show enough at Man City last night to suggest they can win the Champions League? Does Lionel Messi’s penalty give City any chance of recovering the tie and should Messi have allowed Luis Suarez to take the penalty and try to complete his hat-trick?

Put all football chat and banter here – and keep the top tips to betting chat, tips, team news, etc.

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  1. Daniel2343 3 years ago

    Matic red was deserved imo

  2. Jimmybeee 3 years ago

    Mrf I wonder why Doncaster and Reagan are still in a job.
    They have brought in absolutely zero to the game here in Scotland.
    As people lose their jobs due to failing profits and poor performance, why on earth are they still in a job.
    The worst tv deal ever no main sponsors for our national competitions it’s a joke.
    Yet they are still in power it beggars belief.

    • Profile photo of Mr Fixit Author
      Mr Fixit 3 years ago

      Jimmybeee, that’s down to the clubs as to why they’re still there – and lack of sponsors and rubbish TV deal is a disgrace to be honest.

  3. Kyle B 3 years ago

    Im a Burnley fan and my god I think we rode our luck on saturday (just a bit). Think having no Matic for chelsea against Tottenham in the final will make all the difference, think he is one of the most influential components of there team. There is no like for like replacement for him. Tottenham will be spured on at the weekend and think if they are at there best, they can win the game in normal time. Going for 2-1 Tottenham

    • alva glen 3 years ago

      Chelsea will prob start Azpilicueta and Luis now for defo.Spurs are def the value bet at 4/1 over 90mins but not looked too good recently need to stop messing Kane and Erikisson about and start them every game.Still puzzled why Chelsea sold Shurrle.

      • Profile photo of Mr Fixit Author
        Mr Fixit 3 years ago

        alva, Schurrle wanted to go because of lack of starts and Mourinho didn’t like the fact he didn’t do his share of defending. Might have been some fair play some going on too to allow Cuadrado to come in.

  4. nexus 3 years ago

    Russell Crowe hinting he would like to buy Leeds united and asking fans on twitter if he should.

  5. Hamish75 3 years ago

    Doncaster still in a job coz it suits mr lawell n mr thompson tail waggin the dug fink weer bad heer wi cud hav self appointed sepp blatter ktf

  6. Kyle B 3 years ago

    Hope to god we can tie Danny Ings down to a new contract, he has been in talks with David Moyes at Sociedad but rumours say he does not want to go there, only Premier League football will keep him at Burnley only if we can tie him to a new contract. Been in talks for months but little progress made. Need 3 crucial points at home to swansea saturday

  7. Muarty 3 years ago

    The so called experts running our football are nothing short of a joke. The sooner they move over and let fit and proper people take over the better. I live south of the border now and know how much of a joke our league(s) are considered while the English teams are in the land of milk and honey

  8. Mcgarry CFC 3 years ago

    I didn’t have a bet on for the games last night but have predictions league for the round of 16 onwards, and messi missing the penalty and rebound done me out of points. Hoping celtic can progress but I’m not feeling confident due to our record in Italy and inter being unbeaten at home in Europe for some time. CMON the hoops

  9. Peter 3 years ago

    From yesterdays football games, I live in Middlesbrough and just noticed on the local gazette a postman has won over £100,000.00 on a 14 fold acca online with Coral including his team Middlesbrough.

    He put £10 on the 14 fold, and was listening to the radio commentary then when got home logged in expecting 2 or 3 teams to let him down.

    He is not a regular punter neither. It’s always nice to see someone win big.

  10. jay 3 years ago

    Hey Guys

    Has anyone got any advice for the Arsenal Game/ I have a win at 8/13.

    Is everyone who backed Arsenal expected them to equalize before covering?????


    • Profile photo of Mr Fixit Author
      Mr Fixit 3 years ago

      jay, not a lot you can do at the moment but pray for an Arsenal improvement.

      • jay 3 years ago

        Mr F. Assuming arsenal equalize what will you be doing to cover your Double SS?


      • Profile photo of Mr Fixit Author
        Mr Fixit 3 years ago

        jay, too early to say – also depends on how Atletico game is.

  11. Punting For Fun 3 years ago

    You have to say the last time you can really see that British Teams had a real chance in Europe consistently was that great era when Liverpool dominated and were always there and there abouts.

    This imho is why no other British team can hold a candle to Liverpool and what they achieved in Europe with the players being totally home grown as well which will never ever happen again.

  12. Peter 3 years ago


    To qualify Celtic at 9/2 is great odds mate. Covers extra time or dreaded pens. I personally think Celtic will win in 90 mins though.

  13. nexus 3 years ago

    I cannot see Celtic winning at the san siro.A score draw at most.

  14. Jimmybeee 3 years ago

    Agreed can’t see Celtic winning and think they could be losing by 3 or 4 to be honest.
    They are far too open at the back and not enough genuine defensive midfielders to play.
    Bitton is work in progress brown can’t play the role Lennon made his own.
    So as much as I would love to see the scottish team winning it just ain’t going to happen.

  15. jay 3 years ago

    Double chance Arsenal 10/3 or am I taking the piss??????

    Is anyone watching the game and have some insight???

    Thanks ppl.

  16. Punting For Fun 3 years ago

    I did a small write up citing Arsenal would be thinking this was a great draw for them to go on and qualify for the next round.

    Totally disrespectful to Monaco that was and looks like it was them that were maybe thinking this was a great chance FOR THEM to proceed further.

    • Profile photo of Mr Fixit Author
      Mr Fixit 3 years ago

      Punting For Fun, doesn’t help when Giroud misses a sitter.

      • Punting For Fun 3 years ago

        True Mr F but they do not deserve nothing out of this performance tbh classic shoot themselves in the foot get a goal 2-1 then the cardinal sin to let 1 in seconds later.

  17. Mav 3 years ago

    Disgusted by that Arsenal performance

  18. James 3 years ago

    I’m a Spurs fan and I’m just so disappointed in the way Arsenal played. They are normally fantastic to watch, particularly at home in Europe, but they are just full of mistakes. They need to change things up massively!

  19. alec 3 years ago

    looks a good bet celtic game btts evens two teams cant defend

  20. crates 3 years ago

    How will they reorganize the leagues if the world cup goes ahead in Nov/Dec as mentioned today?

  21. Punting For Fun 3 years ago

    I seriously am glad that i only bet on footy nowadays and this is my only real involvement following football because it is not a sport that i find to have any morals whatsoever and this is due to the fact that FIFA is totally corrupt to the core and are a disgrace to football so to me the other associations just look at the way it is run and decide to follow suit.

    Honestly football for me is a non event now as following ( apart from researching bets)due to the total greed and the dishonesty of everyone involved and that includes the players disgraceful attitude to playing the game.

    Give me any other team sport but football to follow nowadays.

  22. Neil 3 years ago


    • Profile photo of Mr Fixit Author
      Mr Fixit 3 years ago

      Neil, when they start they’ll start.

      • Profile photo of Mr Fixit Author
        Mr Fixit 3 years ago

        Neil, that’s the honest answer – we never give out dates but there will be challenges including one that starts next week.
        PS. Footballtipsta – you had a great win yesterday. I can’t believe the comment you just put up. Goodbye and good luck.

  23. Jimmybeee 3 years ago

    If you ask many celtic fans who their best player is I’m sure majority would say kris commons!
    Can’t believe that he couldn’t get a starting place in that line up.
    Manager seems to leave him out of the major games, yet he is the only one who could make something out of nothing. Brave performance tonight but the ball was like a hot tatty to some of the players and no composure at crucial moments.
    Should have been 1-0 up as mackay -Steven should gave scored. Could have been a penalty too. But the tie was lost due to not being good enough not referee decisions.
    Commons I’m sure would have made a difference to a poor inter defence.

  24. raaljaca 3 years ago

    Celtic have been fined £7,300 by UEFA for the behaviour of their fans (best fans in the world) in Zagreb.

    This is the FIFTH time in THREE years that they have been fined!!

    They perpetrate the same type of unacceptable behaviour in grounds up and down Scotland and the SFA do NOTHING!!

  25. Rickastley 3 years ago

    Mr F…bit of Friday fun for you..see if you know this one to do with European competitions.

    Who is the only player to have scored for 4 Scottish clubs in Europe?

    • Profile photo of Mr Fixit Author
      Mr Fixit 3 years ago

      Rickastley, as it’s Friday I don’t have time to think about it. Somone else will answer it I’m sure.

  26. Jimmybeee 3 years ago

    Seems to be flares are the reason why celtic are getting fined, no wonder I hated wearing them in the 70s and if this is how the hoops fans are dressed they deserve all they get.

  27. Jimmybeee 3 years ago

    Wonderful respect by the rugby fans in Ireland to the national anthems of both countries.
    Football fans take note drink allowed inside stadiums when you can behave like this.
    Not a boo or whistles from the crowd when the opposition anthem was played.
    Like it.

    • Profile photo of Mr Fixit Author
      Mr Fixit 3 years ago

      Jimmybeee, I hate seeing comments like that. Don’t tar all football fans with the same brush – most are well behaved. I’m certain alcohol could be allowed in most grounds without any problem.

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