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HOW did you all do on the Liverpool v Arsenal game with the £50 inplay offer from bet365? From the comments I’d suggest not too badly especially the person who took 2-2.

The good news is bet365 are doing the £50 inplay offer again on Monday’s Premier League clash between Stoke and Chelsea. If you place a pre-match bet on the game which kicks off at 8pm bet365 will give you a risk-free in-play bet to the same stake (max £50).

To qualify for your risk-free in-play bet simply place a bet before kick-off, then once the game starts place another bet on any in-play market. If your FIRST in-play bet loses bet365 will refund this stake up to the same value as your largest pre-match bet (max £50).

I’ll put up my thoughts on the match later but expected Chelsea to edge a tough contest.

You can try to do a low-risk first bet and take a chance on the second – or do bets that guarantee profit. It’s up to you – but make sure you check the rules before having a bet.

Check out Sunday’s thread on the Liverpool v Arsenal inplay offer for advice on ways to use the £50 promo.

Full T & C’s at

Visit William HillWilliam Hill - Bet £10, Get £30 in free bets.
> CLAIM NOW 18+. T&Cs Apply.
Visit LadbrokesLadbrokes - Claim a £50 Free bet when you sign-up.
> CLAIM NOW 18+. T&Cs Apply.
Visit BetVictorBet Victor - £25 Welcome Bonus for new customers.
> CLAIM NOW 18+. T&Cs Apply.
  1. daz 3 years ago

    Will be high winds and very cold at the Britannia along with the intimidating home crowd.I would wait for team sheets.

  2. robbie d 3 years ago

    struggling to call this game. Stoke are awful one game, then 3-0 up against Arsenal in another. Also, at their best, Chelsea are superb, but haven’t been as good lately. What do other people think?
    I usually take a correct score for this offer, but might do a fgs instead. 20/1 Terry or 25/1 Cahill /Invanovic appeal.

  3. Dave G 3 years ago

    Ahhh Mr Fixit, no shout out for my prediction of Skrtel anytime goalscorer around 14-1 for the 50 inplay bet…Boomed it at 18-1, also boomed Ramos goal at 16-1 in champions league final with same offer :)
    Looking forward to another boom tomorrow, dare I go for another defender late goal!! Love the site keep up the great work, really appreciate the insights/tips all the way over here
    Atlanta Georgia

    • Profile photo of Mr Fixit Author
      Mr Fixit 3 years ago

      Dave G, sorry but didn’t see it – difficult to catch all comments. Are you really in Atlanta – it’s where I’m heading in April (or near enough) for my xxth birthday!

  4. Liamaldinho 3 years ago

    I think I’m gonna take a backseat untill Boxing Day, looking forward to that! Have a good Christmas everyone!

  5. Dave G 3 years ago

    no way! Yes I am in Atlanta, from Dublin originally been in the states 25 years have a Bet365 account with my brother so I send him the bets to put on LOL
    If you are headed this way you should let me know and we could at least meet for a few beers and a natter.
    Lived in Kentucky for 20 years have been very lucky to have attended quite a few Kentucky Derbys and also Breeders Cups at beautiful Churchill Downs

  6. paul 3 years ago

    Can u do under 2.5 goals before and over 2.5 after

  7. Junior 3 years ago

    Chelsea at 1.61
    First bet
    £50 before kick off

    Draw at 4.0
    Second bet
    £50 in play

    Stoke at 6.5
    Third bet
    £30 in play

    If Chelsea win
    £0.50 profit

    If draw
    £120 profit

    If Stoke wins
    £115 profit

  8. Junior 3 years ago

    Paul you can do it

  9. tom 3 years ago


    Is that 50p profit if Chelsea win?!

  10. Chris Guy 3 years ago


    John Terry First Goalscorer @ 40/1 (Betway)
    John Terry to score anytime @ 14/1 (Betway)

    For what is due to be a tight game look for some value in backing a defender. Terry to score anytime is overpriced @ 14/1 especially when you consider the likes of Ladbrokes who only offer 5/1 and William Hill who offer 11/2. Just shows how important it is to shop around.

  11. Junior 3 years ago


    Yes. If Chelsea wins you make 50p profit. Means you don’t win anything.

  12. ryan allan 3 years ago

    was a glorious free bet for me mr fixit and thanks for your Malaga tip, that brought up a terrific 6.1 treble for me as well but heres what I did for the Liverpool game and once again, some credit to whoever suggested this bet.

    first bet of 25 euros (25 not 50 here in spain) on over 0.5 goals returned 1 euro with my free bet going on the draw to return 82.50.

    The most pleasing part of it all (apart from the 97th minute goal) was sticking £5 on a 2.2 draw at 11/1 to add an extra 60 euros to my winnings.

    Not so sure on how to take advantage of the offer on Monday night but I fancy Chelsea to win and BTTS.

    Good tips again all over the place with BTTS at Anfield and Inter bringing in the Bacon.

  13. tom 3 years ago

    I know this isn’t big money but is this correct:

    If I put a £10 bet on Chelsea or draw at 1/8

    Then and In-play bet on Stoke @ 11/2 (roughly)

    If Chelsea win I get winnings from £10 (@1/8) + £10 free bet

    If stole win I get £65 minus the £10 I lost on pre match bet??

  14. Krish 3 years ago

    Tom, read the terms and conditions carefully, you cannot cover all possible outcomes i.e. Over and under in the same market or win/draw/win. Bet365 are notorious in voiding such bets

    • mexicomarti 3 years ago


      Well last week and i think this week too from what i could see in between mega internet problems people were getting off on the w/d/w with the free bet for sure with no problems at all!!
      Many taking one team to win pre match then as soon as the game started taking the other team on the double chance and no proplems at all.
      Basically every outcome covered home team win, away team win and draw so they are not too bothered at all!!

  15. tom 3 years ago

    I’m new to this but thought it was to good to be true! Thanks for your response

  16. Dave G 3 years ago

    Tom, I always do 50 on over 0.5 pregame to win buttons…2 or 3 euro, but once a goal is scored that gives me a 50 risk free in play to bet with and I’ll usually wait until 60/70mins in and put it on a defender to score (if the game is tight or a team is chasing a goal of course) Have cleaned up twice on this bet now with Ramos in UEFA Final and today with Skrytl…I am thinking/hoping that its going to be a close one tomorrow and will look at a chelsea defender who should be about 14 or 18-1 to score anytime…FYI If its looking like a 0-0 game at 65/70 mins I will abort the mission and put the 50 on 0-0 correct score as long as its above evens (think it will usually be 5/2 3/1…if it comes in then its a nice bonus, if there is a late goal then I’ve got back 103 euro all told for my 100 outlay
    Good luck with whatever you decide to do

  17. mexicomarti 3 years ago

    Oh well…my post saying that you can cover all outcomes with no problems seems to have went to room 101 for some bizarre reason.
    Why does this happen? it seems rotally utterly random? No swearing, no nasty comments, no links to other sites, no email addresses in it…yet off it goes to sit in room 101 for god knows how long then to appear when it’s pointless i guess if at all.
    Yet some peoples posts just totally abusing others get posted no problem whatsoever…it seems like the system is somewhat flawed to put it politely!!

    Well, IF this gets posted they do not bother about all outcomes being covered on this bet as people do a team pre match…then in play take the other team but on the double chance so both teams to win and the draw are covered and as far as i know everyone has been paid without a problem Krish.

    • Profile photo of Mr Fixit Author
      Mr Fixit 3 years ago

      mexicomarti, the system actually works very well – you should see what doesn’t make it through. Our security settings are quite tight now and if the odd comment goes into “room 101″ as you put it that’s the price we’re happy to pay.

      • mexicomarti 3 years ago

        Oh i can just imagine what doesn’t make it through Mr F considering some of the abusive ones that DO make it through…….i bet you could write a book as i guess some would be very amusing reading…ha ha :-)

  18. Robbie d 3 years ago

    After a bit of thought, 2-1 Chelsea for my in play bey

  19. Ad 3 years ago

    I think the best bet in the Stoke v Chelsea game could be BTTS @ 11/10

    Stoke have only failed to score twice in their last 14 matches. Their last 5 home games have seen them score 2,2,2,1,3.

    It’s going to be a windy night and Stoke will try and take the fight to Chelsea. The blues have a heck of a lot more steel than, for example, Arsenal do away from home though, and I expect them to hang tough anad edge this one. Stoke wouldnt have beaten Arsenal, even from 3-0 up, if Chambers hadn’t been sent off. I see no value in the upset, but I do see it in them getting a goal. They scored 3 in this fixture last year on their way to victory so they’ll be confident of giving the Russian club a game.

  20. JamesB81 3 years ago

    Chelsea for me then see how the game goes and consider the free in-play bet.

  21. Alves 3 years ago

    I’m going with the draw scenario again tonight and at 3/1 prematch it could well be worth while waiting 15 mins to see how game goes before placing inplay bet but I’ll be doing it as soon as the balls kicked again :)

  22. gooch 3 years ago

    I had 2-2 in Liverpool arsenal :) going to take Chelsea to win pre-match. As you say mr fixit Chelsea aren’t arsenal and will be able to handle stokes physicality. Stoke beat Chelsea in this fixture last year 3-2 but that was their only victory in the last 6 the other 5 were Chelsea wins to nil. May take chris guys tip of terry anytime scorer but odds a lot worse at 365 of 8.50. Still undecided but sure of a Chelsea win here

  23. paul 3 years ago

    i think it will be 2-2 again like yesterday

  24. Saj 3 years ago

    I’m quite confused about the Bet365 offer, can you place the risk free bet on asain handicaps too? If that loses will you get refunded or does it just apply to only a certain type of bets?

  25. Alves 3 years ago

    No point placing it in -1.0 AH Sanjay as you’re getting your ££ back anyway if it loses, may aswell go for minus 1.5 if you want to play free bet that way

  26. Shogun 3 years ago

    Im going to be backing Chelsea to win pre match and i’ll see how the game pans out for a bit and ill look towards either backing the Draw or maybe even BBTS with the inplay bet.

  27. gooch 3 years ago

    Well done chris guy. Missed it though terry scored too quick :( so went with ivanovic anytime at 11/1 which will probably lose but worth the risk for the in-play bet

  28. Dave G 3 years ago

    Over 0.5 is in and looking at ivanovic at 18-1 anytime
    Would like to see a Stoke goal early in second half to be honest but ivanovic is making a lot of great runs up the right side and I fancy him to give me good value even at 1-0 up for anytime goal, but if Stoke can get it to 1-1 then I think he is a cracking bet to snatch one

  29. paul 3 years ago

    Didnt get 50:in play bet back why not

  30. Grant 3 years ago

    Paul – me neither, it said refund within 10 minutes so I have mailed them

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