THE first round of the eagerly-anticipated Ladbrokes Tipster Contest kicked off at 00.01 on Monday morning with ex-pat Danny, who lives in Perth, Australia, up against Airdrie's David Smith.

They'll each start with a mythical £1,000 and go head-to-head against each other for the next 7 days to see who can win the most money.

I posted up the rules previously but just to make sure everything is in order and easy to follow I've re-capped them below again.

  • All players will start their games with a mythical £1,000 betting fund and you can stake from £50 to £1,000 on any football bet provided Ladbrokes have priced it up.
  • Stakes have to be quoted as do all prices and they have to be Ladbrokes' odds. If you're backing an accumulator please provide the individual odds as well the combined odds. Perms are not allowed. In-running bets are not allowed. And bets must only be on football.
  • You can bet on any football market provided by Ladbrokes but winnings won't be allocated if no price is quoted. All tips must be posted before the start of the relevant event, for example by 2.59pm for a 3pm kick-off.
  • Each person must over the course of the week-long contest must place a minimum of 20 bets so the £1,000 stake is utilised. This is to prevent a contestant sitting on his pot. Minimum take £50.
  • Single or accumulated odds must be 1-4 or above.
  • You cannot copy exactly the same bet as your opponent. You can however include the same bet in an accumulator that includes at least one different selection.
  • The winner will be the person who has accumulated most winnings, including stakes, by the deadline for the tie. But if one of the players loses his £1000 pot before the deadline his opponent will be declared the winner. Winnings can be staked so if your pot increases above £1,000 you have that money to play with. Stakes will be included in winning bets.
  • In the unlikely event of a draw in any of the tipping head to heads there will be a tiebreak contest to decide the winner.
  • All bets must have been settled by the close of the competition, i.e. by 23:59 on the Sunday evening otherwise the bet will be declared void.
  • In the event of any disputes Mr Fixit's decision will be declare void.

Although there are prizes up for grabs please remember this is also a bit of fun. So good luck to Danny and David in Round 1.

Let battle commence.

  1. david smith 6 years ago

    can i just check is there a minimum odds ie 1/3 0r 1/4 you cant go below

    can you also use short priced picks in accas

  2. admin 6 years ago

    Cheers David, yes we knew we’d forgotten something. We’ve added it to the list.


  3. sparky 6 years ago

    good luck all

  4. Chris Guy 6 years ago

    Good luck guys

  5. Sharon macdonald 6 years ago

    Good luck guys

  6. Sharon macdonald 6 years ago

    Picture still hasn’t worked, mr f, don’t know what I’m doin wrong wi this pic

    • Milesey 6 years ago

      what have you rated your picture ? found this is the most common thing as to why it doesn’t work, for people rate the picture wrong, has to be rated G.


      • Sharon macdonald 6 years ago

        Thanks milesey, I rated the picture wrong, sorted now, good luck with the nags 2day

        • Milesey 6 years ago

          No worries glad i can help you out ;)


  7. Craig alves 6 years ago

    try and add another photo sharon, a had to add 3 before I finally got it working. good luck guys gonna be interesting this wk how it all plays out

  8. George kelly 6 years ago

    Anybody got any tips for tonight for us nocturnal beings!?

  9. Guido 6 years ago

    George seems to be a lotta dosh going on the sentimental bet – Baltimore 13/8…they seem evenly matched so maybe that’s a bitta value? San Francisco are 8/15….havna gotta clue who’ll win tho.

  10. Milesey 6 years ago

    I’m on 49ers win @8/13

    race to 10 points, 49ers @5/6

    Second half to be the highest scoring @5/6

    Over 5.5 touchdowns @6/5

    and the 49ers to get over 25 points @1/1


  11. George kelly 6 years ago

    Any order of lump!? Haha got about 300 to spread

    • Milesey 6 years ago

      I have the same on each, just for some interest and to keep me awake ;) ;)


  12. AL 6 years ago

    £20 on the Ravens @ 7/4

  13. George kelly 6 years ago

    Grr te more I look into it the more I fancy the ravens!

  14. al 6 years ago

    3 mins to comp

  15. al 6 years ago

    Just testing
    Mr fix is that correct as above

    • Mr Fixit 6 years ago

      Al, as you posted it correctly but I’ve deleted in case you confuse more people who thought David Smith was sending with the user name Al.

  16. Danny 6 years ago

    Danny (BET 1) Double – PacosFerreria 19/20 – Gillingham 4/7 Stake – 100 returns 306.42 Ladbrokes

    Danny (BET 2) Double – Levadaikos 19/20 – Chelmsford 2/5 Stake – 100 returns 273.00 Ladbrokes

    • Mr Fixit 6 years ago

      Danny, David, good luck to you both.

      • Danny 6 years ago

        cheers Paul n Vince a realy should have double checked my picks I had it in my head Levadaikos were high up the table and the mob there playing low down but its not the case there both realy even hope it pays off

  17. Chris Guy 6 years ago

    AI did you not read the rules? Your bets is not valid as you have not stated 4/1 @ Ladbrokes. Just thought I’d give you a little friendly reminder.

    • Milesey 6 years ago

      AL isn’t playing anyway is he ?

      Thought it is between Danny and David ?


      • Milesey 6 years ago

        pardon ? your confusing me.

        There is a David Smith first post on here, thought that’s who is playing against DANNY ?


        • Mr Fixit 6 years ago

          Milesey, to confirm Danny IS playing David Smith who hasn’t put up a bet up yet. Al posted a bet but it was just a test so hopefully we’re all clear now.

          • Milesey 6 years ago

            okay so Danny isn’t playing AL then hahaha ;)


      • Mr Fixit 6 years ago

        Milesey, actually when I look at it Al is Al from Blackburn who has sent that bet but I think he has sent it as a test. I’ve checked with admin who say he’s playing later in the contest and he is not David Smith so he’s confused us all. I am going to delete his post and David hasn’t put up a bet yet.

        • Milesey 6 years ago

          Didn’t think he had, can see Danny has put 2 doubles up, but David hasn’t placed anything yet, was just asking a question at the top of this thread.


          • Mr Fixit 6 years ago

            Milesey, he confused me because as you know the user name doesn’t haven’t be your name but admin were aware he had just sent a test. Been busy this morning so just going take a look at the card to see if it’s worth having a bet.

        • Milesey 6 years ago

          It’s a slow day, not enough football for any tips today MR F ?


          • Mr Fixit 6 years ago

            Milesey, I’ll put something on the footie up soon but as you say not much happening today.

      • AL 6 years ago

        No I’m not playing this week, not involved until the end of march! Thought I was on another page when I commented with my bet on the superbowl! Good luck to danny & david, this should be interesting!

        • Mr Fixit 6 years ago

          Al, it’s not you who put the test up, it was the other Al.

          • Milesey 6 years ago

            So what you saying Mr F, it wasn’t AL it was AL, so what AL was it then ? Bloooooooooooody AL hahaha ;)

  18. flyboivince 6 years ago

    a cheering on for Danny !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Don 6 years ago

    “You can call me Al….” ;)

    • Milesey 6 years ago

      If you’ll be my bodyguard
      I can be your long lost pal
      I can call you Betty
      And Betty when you call me
      You can call me Al

      hahaha hahaha Monday sing along ;) ;)


  20. al 6 years ago

    Its me al there’s two al al from peterhead and al from Blackburn the all from blackburn posted his his bet yesterday just to see it was correct way.
    Al from Peterhead posted the Superbowl bet

  21. al 6 years ago

    That’s AL I wanted to say

  22. al 6 years ago

    Al see you later :-)
    Back to work
    You Al have a nice day

  23. Danny 6 years ago

    good luck if you do anything for Mondays fixtures David check in the mawra too see how a went for now time for zzzzzz

  24. flyboivince 6 years ago

    Mr fix and Milesey,
    have been on a bad run this previous week looking one game outa trebles or loose one out of four folds , when i decieced to make doubles barca came up with a draw.

    well today

    1860 munich draw
    Ferreira win


    gillingham wins
    chelmsford wins


    almeria win
    rapid over 2.5

  25. AL 6 years ago

    I think we’ve got the confusion AL cleared up now!

    • Mr Fixit 6 years ago

      AL, not a good start for one of the seeds, Danny £100 down already. Hope he’s better luck with his second £100 bet.

  26. AL (Phd) 6 years ago

    I’ve put (Phd) after my username so there’s no confusion between al’s from now on.

    And before anyone asks, I’m not a doctor! ha

    • Mr Fixit 6 years ago

      AL, that’s good don’t want you and Dr Chris Guy getting into medical debates.

    • Milesey 6 years ago

      Couldn;t you have put :

      AL capone……or
      AL caholic ?


  27. Gymanimal 6 years ago

    Lump on Chelmsford 1.40 on bet365

  28. david smith 6 years ago

    Hi guys

    thanks for all the good luck wishes

    when i came on to post i thought danny had been going mad as there are over 40 posts but i can only see 1 lot of bet

    i would like to go for

    BET 1 olimpo @ 1/2 to beat crucerro del norte
    £50 win

    its not much of a night for betting as ive never heard of most of the teams

    hopefully olimpo who are top of the table can beat there mid table opponents


  29. david smith 6 years ago

    dont know if i have to say BET 1 will pay £150 @ladbrokes

    • Mr Fixit 6 years ago

      David, you don’t have to tell us what it pays but surely £50 at 1-2 is £75. Welcome to the game – and buy yersel a calculator.

  30. david smith 6 years ago

    sorry cant count BET 1 plays £75


  31. Danny 6 years ago

    ohhh crap just looked at flash score couldnt have had a worse start if I tryed

    • Mr Fixit 6 years ago

      Danny, plenty of time.

      • Danny 6 years ago

        a just woke up Paul and am firing one straight back to get on track if it doesnt win my remaining 600 will have to be shrewdly utilized at the weekend

        • Mr Fixit 6 years ago

          OK, good luck Danny. I’ll look at Tuesday games in the morning. You should have been on my Wycombe and McClure bet tonight.

  32. Danny 6 years ago

    Danny (BET 3) Double – PortVale 1/2 – Coventry 10/11 200 returns 573.00 ladbrokes

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