THE NFL is back with a bang and the opening week's action rounds off with two Monday night matches.

First up the new-look Philadelphia Eagles host Atlanta Falcons with both teams looking for big improvement after failing to make the play-offs last season.

Eagles are 7-10 at Marathonbet to make a winning start while the visitors are priced up at 11-8 by BetVictor.

And in the second game of the evening all eyes will be on running-back star Adrian Peterson who makes his long-awaited comeback for Minnesota Vikings in their trip to face San Francisco 49ers.

The 49ers have endured a bumpy close season – including the departure of coach Jim Harbaugh – and are 19-17 at Unibet to beat a Vikings side rated 17-20 favourites at BetVictor.

Elsewhere today there's the likes of Shanghai Masters snooker and county cricket so let's hear your sporting tips and chat and good luck with your bets.

  1. Dazzler 3 years ago

    Giants o8.5 hits @ 1.74 *won*

    Cubs o8.5 hits @ 1.68 *lost* end with 8.
    Mariners o8.5 hits @ 1.83 *pending*

    Treble @ 5.39 *lost*

  2. Jordan 3 years ago

    Giants @ Cowboys

    I’ll save the big write up this is an interest bet while I tune in but two of the best WR’s last season. Top two playmakers on both sides. Beckham caught four TD’s in both games against the Cowboys last season, Dez Bryant is Dez Bryant and I’m pretty sure he’ll be throwing up the X at some point this evening.

    Beckham/Bryant TD Double @ 7/4 @ Skybet – 1.27 points

    MNF Main Bet (Tuesday – 3:20AM)

    Minnesota Vikings -2.5 @ 24/25 @ Marathon – 5 points

    Adrian Peterson TD/Vikings Win @ 12/5 @ WillHill – 2 points

  3. Jordan 3 years ago

    I knew somebody was going to tell me that! Too late now mate but cheers. Is it a special?

  4. Ryan A 3 years ago

    Yeah, was 11/8 originally! Happy to get the extra pennies though!

    Congrats to everyone on the thread, especially Jordan, the chief, picksix and others! Started following back in January for the nba and glad to say I’m making a decent profit from your tips, even with my own losers amongst them! Keep up the good work

  5. Picksix 3 years ago

    NFL (Week 2 Game)

    Miami Dolphins @ Jacksonville Jaguars

    * Miami Dolphins -6 @ 10/11

    Miami are going to be pushing for a playoff spot this year and if that is the case they should be beating the jags on the road and beating them by a decent margain too. Jordan Cameron picked up 73 yards for 4 reception against the skins and was some pickup in the offseason as he was one of the best TE in the NFL before injuries put that to a halt. The Jags struggled to get any offence going in week 1 and Julius Thomas is set to miss out again in this game too through injury. After watching clips off either sides opening games Miami seemed to settle later on in the game on offence as Lamar miller got more involved and looked good on defence too whilst the jags looked just as bad as they did last season. Miami are much better all round and as I said if they want to make a playoff push this year they should be winning these games convincingly.
    This spread won’t stay -6 for long as to why I’m posting this early

  6. Jordan 3 years ago

    Do you not think the Rams in Washington should be bigger than -3?

  7. Picksix 3 years ago

    The problem with the Rams is that there not consistent enough for me mate they should really beat the spread but you just don’t know if there going to turn up or not

  8. Dazid316 3 years ago

    ***Posted Yesterday***
    MLB Bet For Tonight

    5 Fold @ 21.62/1 (£5) LOST
    NY Mets ML (Win 10-7) were 7-4 down in 9th with 2 outs/2 on base
    LA Dodgers ML (Win 4-3)
    Tampa Bay Rays & Over 5.5 Runs (Lost 2-0) 13th inning
    Seattle Mariners & Over 5.5 runs (Lost 3-2)
    San Francisco Giants & Over 5.5 Runs (Win 10-3)

    Dazzler – nice win on Giants hits

  9. Mattr 3 years ago

    Jordan’s Minnesota Vikings -2.5 is 21/20 on 365

    Have a good day guys.

  10. Picksix 3 years ago


    New York Giants @ Dallas Cowboys

    * Jason Witten over 50.5 receiving yards @ 10/11
    One of the most underrated players in the NFL and while dez gets all the headlines nobody gives Witten much credit. A highly dependable TE and if this game is as free scoring as it should be this should be in at half time

  11. re-invented 3 years ago

    Well my greenbay winnings rolled onto federer who safe to say was reasonably outclassed. safe to say I enjoyed watching my first NFL match, I’ll watch for a while before I find which team I support but for now it’s the one that my money is backing haha. Great tipping as usual on this page, not to throw a jinx but I feel today is money Monday ;)

  12. BigB 3 years ago

    Great tipping Tyler!

  13. BigB 3 years ago

    Most of the good tips have already been mentioned so there isn’t much point in listing them again.

    Other bets which I see value in are:

    Chiefs to win – 10/11 *won*
    Titans to win (as Jordan mentioned) – 27/20 (I have to give Titans the edge when you have a rookie going up against Dick Lebeau) *won*
    Lions over 20.5 – 5/6 *won*

    Genuinely fancy these and have gone low stake on them as singles.

  14. Merv 3 years ago

    Picksix, Miami are -5.5 at 10/11 on Coral.

  15. Dazzler 3 years ago

    Tonight’s mlb
    Giants o8.5 hits @ 1.8

    Twins o8.5 @ 1.68

    Double @ 3.04

    Cheers Dazid, it’s been a tough week or so on the mlb. Teams being very inconsistent at the moment.

  16. O Ado 3 years ago

    Keep them coming
    Adding Minnesota to that -3

  17. Jordan 3 years ago

    Beckham/Bryant TD Double @ 7/4 @ Skybet – 1.27 points **LOSE**

    Very quiet night for both players although there was an incredible finish. No timeouts, 1 and a half a minute on the clock. Tony Romo marches Dallas up the field and Witten gets his second TD of the night with seconds remaining and gets the W. My fantasy opponent had Witten and overtook me with that TD, need a big night from Mike Wallace and the Vikings :)

    Just a little one for the Early MNF game too.

    DeMarco Murray (PHI) & Julio Jones (ATL) TD Double @ 7/4 @ Skybet – 1 point

  18. Jordan 3 years ago

    Mattr I took it ages ago mate and for some unknown reason the money is coming for San Francisco. Not for me with AP’s return.

  19. BigB 3 years ago

    Jordan, I am currently sitting at work deliberating whether or not to lump it on the Vikings -1.5 at 10/11.

    I think the reasons why people may be backing the 49ers could be because of the injuries and how leaky the vikings O-line can be. They lost Loadholt (RT) for the season, Sullivan (C) looks like he won’t be playing and if you look further down the line, Zach Line (FB) might not suit up, all this on top of a Matt Kalil who although made the pro bowl as a rookie, he has pretty much been sh!t ever since (NFL-worst 12 sacks allowed last season).

    Obviously San Fran has lost a whole bunch of starters, but there is still strength in their front 7, particulary in the shape of Bowman. AP might be world class but lets not forget he hasn’t played football for nearly a year, Vikings didn’t play him in pre-season, so can we expect AP to perform right back at the same level as he was performing? Hmm… Besides that, the Vikings have pretty much a better team in all other positings. If the O-line can do their job, I am fairly certain the Viks will win, but if Bowman who looked pretty frightening in pre-season turns up, it will be a close game.

  20. Ticketyboo 3 years ago

    Afternoon Jordan in profit from your picks great stuff mate must be a photographic memory you have keep your selections coming. Thanks mate.

  21. Jordan 3 years ago

    BigB I’ve seen the injuries to Minnesota O-line but not much I can do about it when I took it a few weeks ago. Yeah NaVorro probably the most influential player in that D. I think it’s going to take some time before Tomsula gets them going. Harbaugh had a tough time with Kapernick last season and I don’t think he is the player of 2013 anymore. Tries to run too often or force a pass when the pocket collapses instead of throwing it away. Think Zimmer is one of the best defensive coaches in the league and that secondary could be among the best come the end of the season. They could pick him off a couple times tonight if they get pressure on him. No worries on the Minnesota offense though. Personally I think AP will be hungry to make an impact. If you’re a superstar, you’re a superstar. You never lose those traits.

  22. Jordan 3 years ago

    Thanks tickety no worries mate.

  23. BigB 3 years ago

    You are doing a good job persuading me Jordan!I agree with your point about the DBs. From what I recall, I don’t think the Viks Defense was that good, but being a DB myself, I really rate Trae Waynes coming out of Michigan State and Xavier Rhodes can only get better with more experience.

    Maybe I won’t lump it on the Vikings, but I will put a fair few dollars on them to cover I think!

  24. Picksix 3 years ago

    Cheers bigb

    Merv I must have missed it ,it’s gone to -6 now on coral 20/23

    Jordan good luck buddy hoping the Vikings do the business wich they should do

    Another 2 great games later

  25. Jordan 3 years ago

    I rate Harrison Smith too. They were ranked 14th last year on total defense so not too bad. Can only get better under Zimmer in his seconds year.

  26. Jordan 3 years ago

    Tyler didn’t see your Witten yards nice job mate. That must have been won on the final pass of the game!

  27. picksix 3 years ago

    Ye mate I drifted off watching the game and he was only on 20 the last time I checked, I’m glad it went to the wire as that’s when they use him more must have got over 40 yards in the 4th

  28. Ad 3 years ago

    Bondarenko d CSNavarro @ 10/11
    2-0 @ 9/4

    CSN is on a 7 match losing streak, winning just one set in that period. To put it simply, she looks incapable Of winning at the moment.
    Bondarenko was won 5 of her last 7, and Since the start of the hardcourt swing, has notched 13 wins to 5 defeats, one of which was an early retirement. She she is of course generally not playing as high calibre opponents as CSN, but she has faced the likes of halep, Venus, svitolina and Bouchard in that time, beating Venus and some other tough players like barthel and cepelova.

    These two have only met once in 2011, and Bondarenko cruised 6-1, 6-2. Given the discrepancy in form and confidence here, I expect a closer but ultimately similarly fated match here

  29. Ellis 3 years ago


    Who you fancy for that Tokyo WTA one I’ve gone Diyas and Larrson

  30. Rivers 3 years ago

    Oh BigB I wish I could get on here yesterday! That Chargers game was fun! I said Jason Verrett would be the best corner back in the league within two years. Scrap that. He’s the best CB NOW! Golden Tate 1/3 for 9 yards. Verrett has played 7 games in the NFL and he is a shut down corner.

    I’m gutted I couldn’t get on here yesterday because the Cardinals and the Chargers were my two bets of the weekend.

  31. BigB 3 years ago

    Haha Rivers, where were you man? Next weekend pal! Had a Lions over bet yesterday, hope you didn’y see one of the comments I had about your beloved Chargers haha!

    Glad you had a good weekend bud, get them tips in next time :) !

  32. Rivers 3 years ago

    Ha I did see your comment about our D, you’re gonna be surprised fella. It wasn’t actually the defence that gave up the points yesterday, more interceptions and field position from bad special teams play.

    I was playing cricket all day before family time and then watched the game before looking on here as I’d already done my bets in the morning. Been a good weekend, all down hill from here.

  33. Glue 3 years ago

    Maybe i’m crazy but PP doing a rushing/receiving over/unders for Darren Sproles at 35.5yds… That sounds like a walk in the park for Sproles despite Demarco Murray getting most of the carries, 5/6 seems like a gift of a price.

  34. Jordan 3 years ago

    Glue that doesn’t sound bad mate. It’ll either be Sproles or Barner in the sub packages.

    Tyler didn’t even realise yesterday that Tyler Lockett took a return to the house on the first punt! Already had 2 in pre season. The next Devin Hester ;)

  35. Jordan 3 years ago

    BigB are you not a Chargers fan too? Swear you said you were? Phillip Rivers leading the pass totals with 404, shame about the 2 picks :)

    Anybody know what channel the games are on tonight? I’m guessing Eurosport with Channel 4 not showing games anymore?

  36. Jordan 3 years ago

    Someone care to tell me how the Jets had 5 forced fumbles yesterday??? Was that mostly Manziel??

  37. Dazid316 3 years ago

    Jordan – both games on skysports 1 tonight as far I know

  38. leecunliffe 3 years ago

    Nfl Monday hmm not the best Sunday for me scorers weren’t close. One short of early treble don’t know if was one or 2 short in second treble as went bed and woke up with no extra cash in the account.

    Early game tonight am taking atlanta +3.5 4/5 at bet365

    Philly to be fair have had a great pre season but the spread been pushed out on basis of this. Atlanta have one of the top receivers in the game right now in Julio Jones who should be tough to cover.

    Late game features my minnesota vikings at San Francisco it’s hard to imagine that when the fixtures first came out San Francisco were -4 on handicap and now it’s vikings -2.5 favs
    Enough been Said already about the 49ers plight their team been wrapped apart from head coach, O.C to players quitting, retiring etc it’s been a disaster. That said it’s historically been low scoring game over years between these 2 and the vikes ain’t got a good record when playing away games late

    My score prediction is 21-16 to my boys and with the return of Adrian Peterston against a weakened DLine am going with William Hill generous odds

    Adrian Peterston wincast 12/5

    Am looking at Charles Johnson to be teddy’s main target tonight so am taking over 52.5 yards at sky bet

  39. Jordan 3 years ago

    Dazid I forgot they had bought the rights for MNF. Cheers you’re correct. Gruden back on the screens. Best commentator ever.

  40. Picksix 3 years ago

    Glue not crazy at all mate was looking at it myself

    Jordan I know that lad gots some pace on him , also got some good receiving yards too

    I think it’s just sky who have all the games now mate

    Can’t wait for philly Falcons game gonna be some game that , gonna catch up on MOTD and should be just in time for kick off

  41. Jordan 3 years ago

    Good man Lee. Hope that’s 90% head and not heart mind :)

  42. Harry 3 years ago

    Slowly getting into this NFL. Jordan is Peterson wincast still a good bet? I saw you say something about money coming for SF which always worries me. I read somewhere that as of November the BBC will have rights to certain games and a weekly highlights show. Probably similar to F1 where sky have the vast majority and they just get the occasional one

  43. Jordan 3 years ago

    Harry me and Lee both on it so it’s better than me on my own. The chief will have his tips up sometime before midnight I imagine. Hopefully he likes the wincast too. The most money this week has gone on the Falcons surprisingly which is at 12, then the Vikings, followed by the Packers yesterday. Spread went down to -2 today but its back up to -2.5 @ PP, and that’s my main bet so finger crossed.

  44. leecunliffe 3 years ago

    It’s 100% head mate been keeping up with our press conference all week and have read every article I could find tonight, not sure about the spread bet so have left it but all day Peterston is the best in the business and the wincast price is huge. For 7 years I been pessimistic about our chances since favre left but this season we have a decent qb who can only grow as defences will be worried about Peterston so will defend accordingly, we have best back in game. Khali says he us fit so that will help, our D was good last year no reason to suggest that will change and the emergence of Charles Johnson as genuine number 2 receiver and jarius Wright at 3 gives teddy options. You will notice this season how many times Kyle rudolph scores in red zone he was pro bowl tight end 2 years ago but was injured most of last so that’s another string to our bow, if we don’t finish 10-6 I’ll be disappointed and trust me in the days of Christian ponder, matt cassell, Josh Freeman I have been brutally honest. Remember last season the Thursday night game when was announced ponder plays against your boys I admitted we would get trounced and we sure did

  45. Harry 3 years ago

    Wanted to watch that game but is not on til 3 after the other one annoyingly. Will wait for chiefs post as you guys don’t get much wrong between you all and then see what to go for. Done well following this thread so far, had gronk wincast, johnbs dolphins NAP, packers -6 or whatever the line was, and a big packers Djokovic double. Long may it continue! Are you on anything for the first game?

  46. Glue 3 years ago

    I’m on the overs for Sproles, i know Bradford has weapons but being a Rams fan i’ve seen plenty of him to know he’s not afraid to check down when he doesn’t see much else on.

  47. DK 3 years ago

    Long time no speak harry, what do you think of the ashes? Hahaha

  48. Jordan 3 years ago

    Yeah just a tenner on the Julio Jones/DeMarco Murray TD Double @ 7/4 @ Skybet mate.

    Said it plenty of times mate but American sports by far more rewarding. Less risk involved too.

  49. Picksix 3 years ago

    Harry reccomend watching the first game if you’re just getting into the NFL will be a lot of scores , probably be the game of the weekend

  50. leecunliffe 3 years ago

    My response is in moderation Jordan but yeah its head not heart was the jist of what I said

  51. Picksix 3 years ago

    Jordan im guessing you’re wAiting for someone to tell u that its 9/4 on ladbrokes haha

    There u go buddy :)

  52. Picksix 3 years ago

    Just put a small bet on it myself ,

    I’ve been tempting to take roddy white to go under 62.5 yards all day but Im not to sure how serious his elbow injury was. Hoping im right in leaving it

  53. Jordan 3 years ago

    Wonder if Quinn will help out that defense for the Falcons. Gutted the Minnesota game is on so late. I would watch it but I bet it won’t finish till 6.

    Think I’ve found the bet I want for the weekend. Hopefully not a big total when released.

    Carolina Panthers Total Sacks (Playing Houston at home). Recorded 5 sacks against the Jags yesterday and the Texans O-line gave up 5 to the Chiefs. Kuechly, Davis, Johnson and Addison (2) all sacked Bortles. Fancy that continue against Hoyer or Mallet depending who they go with. I reckon 3.5 the total will be but I’ll take lower of course :)

  54. Jordan 3 years ago

    You are actually sh*tting my Tyler?? I checked this morning as well!! 3 times that’s happened hahaha

  55. Jordan 3 years ago

    Lee cheers mate great response and I know you always say it as it is with your Vikes. Said myself they looked better at the tail end of last season and with AP back I can’t see Teddy having a sophomore slump. Jon Gruden said he is one of the most intelligent QB’s he’s ever had at his QB camp. What Gruden says goes haha

    I need a big night from Mike Wallace to go 1-0 in my first week :)

  56. Jordan 3 years ago

    Lee while you’re here bud. Thoughts on us in Eindhoven tomorrow without Wayne? I’m adamant we can score twice but I’d like to see our set up first. Need Young and Depay on either side, Mata doesn’t like being out there and Herrera is too slow. Think Mata in the no 10 with Martial up top is our best option without Rooney.

  57. Picksix 3 years ago

    lol I know mate tbh I don’t think they put the price boost up until closer to the game I really like the look of it mate has a good chance

    Jordan , Lee good luck on your bets lads

  58. Harry 3 years ago

    DK I was an idiot I heavily invested at evens back in March and could have cashed out for 20% profit before it started and 30% profit after the Lords test. Was a sh*t series as a spectator as there wasn’t a contest at all which continued up until yesterday I suppose. Funnily I backed Australia in the 4th ODI then backed England yesterday. Think I’ll just wait until the next world cup

  59. Johnb 3 years ago

    In week one of the Nfl season my NAP won which was Miami Dolphins -3.5 points,
    They made hard work of it but won by 7 in the end & they will get better

    In about an hours time the Philadelphia Eagles play Atlanta Falcons in the Georgia Dome and this is where my NB of week one is,
    I am expecting these two teams to score 60+ points between them so the odds on this tip is massive

    Philadelphia Eagles at Atlanta Falcons 12:10 am

    OVER 6.5 touchdowns 11/10 NB Ladbrokes

  60. leecunliffe 3 years ago

    Picksix cheers good luck to you too mate

    Johnb spot on with miami nice one

    Jordan am worried mate to be honest the way LVG sets up I wouldn’t be surprised if he played for a 0-0 with fellaini up top again. Hope am wrong but think LVG would lap up a draw

  61. Jordan 3 years ago

    I’m not sure about him wanting a draw. Think the sooner we can qualify for the knockouts the better and I feel PSV are the weakest side in our group defensively. Van Gaal back in Holland, surely wants 3 points going back to his Ajax days.

  62. mlac 3 years ago

    vikings ML
    bondarenko (ad)


  63. Harry 3 years ago

    Do bet365 not have the anytime wincast market? If so where is it, I must be going blind

  64. Juan 3 years ago

    JohnB would you recommend over 58.5 points at 5/4 as a decent alternative to your selection?

  65. Jordan 3 years ago

    If Fellaini does start up top I won’t be betting on it that’s for sure.

  66. elhamdulila 3 years ago


    Money Line


    • elhamdulila 3 years ago

      Sorry, forgot to divide the MLB from NFL.

      Vikings and Eagles all the way.

  67. Jordan 3 years ago

    Harry can’t see your bookie (I’m on my desktop PC) but I take it you mean 365? They don’t do wincasts mate. WillHill & Co-ral but Co-ral have a shocking price of 13/10.

  68. Jordan 3 years ago

    Skybet have it as a request bet @ 7/4.

  69. Ad 3 years ago

    Ellis- I have no idea about Tokyo. It’s as wide open a tournament as you’ll ever see. I think Diyas will probably get knocked out omin the first round so I’m not on her. I’m not on anyone in fact!
    If I had to pick someone i might go with Tomljanovic. Certainly capable, but like so many in this draw you just don’t know what you’re gna get. Larsson is fairly reliable at least, but easy to outhit if you’re having a good day.

  70. Harry 3 years ago

    Yeah 365 I was referring to. I knew they didn’t for football but wasn’t sure about nfl. Just got it at 12/5 William Hill which sounds good value from what you guys have said. Cheers for the pointers good luck everyone with bets on. Hopefully the first is a good watch!

  71. leecunliffe 3 years ago

    Jordan I not read anything today to be fair it’s just first time I thought about the game and the way we play I can see him thinking 3 draws away and 3 wins at home will do, we weren’t great at villa and lost to swans so think a draw suits both teams, just don’t see a killer instinct under him

    • Dazid316 3 years ago

      MLB Bets For Tonight

      4 Fold @ 13.54/1 (£5)
      Texas Rangers ML
      Minnesota Twins ML
      NY Mets & Over 5.5 Runs
      Tampa Bay Rays & Over 5.5 Runs

      Underdog Teams
      Double @ 4.34/1 (£5)
      Philadelphia Phillies ML
      Boston Red Sox ML

      Dazzler – its been mainly the teams with something to play for still that have been inconsistent

  72. thechief 3 years ago

    Evening Guys Philadelphia @ Atlanta

    One thing about Chip Kelly teams you can almost guarantee is points. In the Georgia Dome the Falcons used to put up points too, but they have won just 10 games in two seasons. Roddy White is getting older and slower, and Michael Turner as never been truly replaced.

    If this was a week 4 game we would have stats to go off so while the rookie Tevin Coleman may be in for a nice game, and Murray’s rushing yards line looking on the low side it is one to watch for me, as he has Ryan Matthews and Darren Sproles in the backfield. His new O line isn’t as good as the one he had in Dallas.

    These two were the two worst sides against the pass last season, and I think we will see plenty of points and touchdowns. I am taking O6.5 touchdowns as my main bet at 11/10 Ladbrokes.

    I am on the total Td’s but Murray & Jones both too score is 9/4 and that looks good bet. Jordan Matthews could dominate the Falcons secondary and he is my prop to cover 73.5yds at 5/6 Paddy Power.

    Main bet


    Prop Bet

    Matthews O73.5yds 5/6

    Anytime scorers

    MURRAY & JONES 9/4

    Good luck if your having a bet

  73. Johnb 3 years ago

    Juan any of the bets from over 54.5 points up to even over 65 points look good to me as it wouldn’t surprise me if both teams scored 30+ points

  74. Juan 3 years ago

    Thanks JohnB yes went for over 54.5 @ 5/6 fingers crossed. Good to see you and the chief agree!

  75. Jordan 3 years ago

    Chief posted the Murray/Jones Double, good enough for me :)

    Good luck lads lets hope it’s TD’s galore.

    • thechief 3 years ago

      Jordan, just reading through the thread mate, it looks a nice double for interest, the 9/4 was at Ladbrokes. I am 20pts up on my opponent in FF, he got Matthews in this, I got Coleman, took a chance on the rookie, as Carlos Hyde as a tough matchup tonight. I took Victor Cruz in the 7th rd as I was deep at RB and squirrelled him away, reckon he may be back sooner than first thought, if he is available in your league maybe a nice pick up and a good guy to have later in the season at the flex position :)

  76. Harry 3 years ago

    Just seen chiefs post. Excellent news as I backed johnbs over 6.5 and the murray/Jones double you posted at the top. Hopefully wake up to the peterson wincast too!

  77. thechief 3 years ago

    Two trips to the Redzone for the Falcons a FG and a INT in the endzone, any given Monday!

  78. Jordan 3 years ago

    Pick of week 1 right there!

  79. Juan 3 years ago

    Do punt returns count towards players total yards bets?

  80. Picksix 3 years ago

    Juan they don’t count mate

  81. Harry 3 years ago


  82. thechief 3 years ago

    The Eagles playing Julio Jones one on one, he will take them to school tonight

  83. Jordan 3 years ago

    My boy Julio!

  84. Picksix 3 years ago

    Chief the coverage is poor on him , roddy white is certainly not injured too as what was expected if philly don’t get anything going the Falcons are gonna blow them away

  85. Jordan 3 years ago

    Almost as poor as Bradfords throws!

  86. Picksix 3 years ago

    Atlanta – 3.5 in play @ 17/20

    Yes please

  87. Picksix 3 years ago

    Jordan the Sanchez chants will be coming soon if this carries on :)

  88. Jordan 3 years ago

    Haha we might see another butt fumble! Tim Tebow will be sat at home cursing Chip! I’m not sure whether its rust on Bradford or Atlanta are just hustling under Quinn. Either way Murray has been shocking. Had a feeling most of his success last year was that Cowboys O-line. No Bryant for 4-6 weeks for the Cowboys too. Oh no Romo!

  89. thechief 3 years ago

    Julio jones one on one again, result = Touchdown.

  90. Jordan 3 years ago

    Press coverage on Julio Jones!?! You know what that calls for chief! :D

    C’MON MAN!

  91. Juan 3 years ago

    Atlanta 11/8 next TD and receiving the ball…..sound like a good bet?

  92. Jordan 3 years ago

    Chief just seen your fantasy post. This is my team. My opponent had Witten and is now 10 points ahead of me. Wallace to go in Santa Clara later. Make or break in week 1 :)


    Tom Brady


    Shane Vereen
    Melvin Gordon
    Amir Abdullah
    Todd Gurley


    Antonio Brown
    Odell Beckham
    Mike Wallace
    Devante Parker
    Martavis Bryant


    Richard Rodgers
    Travis Kelce


    Adam Vinatieri


    Miami Dolphins
    Buffalo Bills

  93. Jordan 3 years ago

    Falcons are -11 @ 17/20 @ WillHill and are getting the ball back at HT? What am I missing here!?

  94. Picksix 3 years ago


  95. Jordan 3 years ago


    Jones/Murray TD Double @ 7/4 @ Skybet – 1 point **WIN**

  96. Harry 3 years ago

    Murray! Brilliant stuff cheers guys

  97. Picksix 3 years ago

    There’s the double gents 9/4 :)

  98. Jordan 3 years ago

    I did wonder why the Eagles had the ball!? Was making a coffee and came in seeing Murray walk it in. Thought I was going mad haha,

  99. Picksix 3 years ago

    Not convinced philly will get back into this though , still hoping that -3.5 is good enough

  100. Jordan 3 years ago

    2/3 TD Doubles won in week one. Imagine trying to get Anytime Scorer Doubles in football two out of three times. Not a chance.

  101. Gem 3 years ago

    Superb tipping guys, thanks :)

  102. Jordan 3 years ago

    There’s Glues Sproles yards. Thought that was a nice bet.

  103. thechief 3 years ago

    No more Tebow talk please, great play by Bradford :D

    Double in, pity I didn’t tip both two score 2+ apologies :D

  104. Jordan 3 years ago

    Haha not sure there was a market but would have been some shout chief. Once more I was burned by the better price @ Ladbrokes.

    Peterson and Hyde???

  105. Jordan 3 years ago

    Offft and would you know it. 3/1 @ Ladbrokes!

  106. Jordan 3 years ago

    Matthews yards in chief. Nice one mate. 2 TD’s to go. Fingers crossed for you bud.

  107. thechief 3 years ago

    Jordan, Re FF, I’m beating my opponent 101.63 to 68.53 :)

    I was drafting 6th in a 10 team league, went RB Charles first round, 2nd round went Demaryius Thomas, 3rd Round took Brady as Luck had gone. I stock piled on RB’S and WR’s then nabbed Cruz in the 7th, and picked up Williams instead of a second TE in FA. Coleman having a nice game, went with him over Hyde who as a tough matchup.

    My squad

    D RAVENS (S)

    (S) are they guys I started. William was in my flex spot

  108. Jordan 3 years ago

    Nice team there mate. Nice depth at WR. I had Kelce on the bench who had 2 TD’s and 100+ yards. Wouldn’t have even been close with my opponent if I had him in. My team was auto drafted too as I was out for a meal. Thought I did alright. All about getting those match ups right.

  109. Jordan 3 years ago

    Jones goes into second in receiving in week 1. Good start to the ante post. Keenan Allen leads with 166.

  110. thechief 3 years ago

    Cheers mate, I think Philly will nick this I could come up one short in this one, A slow first quarter especially by Bradford and the Eagles going to put paid to it, 2 out of 3 aint bad, sang a wise man ;)

  111. Picksix 3 years ago

    Well done chief ,

    AP time

  112. Jordan 3 years ago

    Another great end to that one. Well done chief. Got a bad feeling about the Vikings now but this is football. Might even get my Jarryd Hayne bets up in this one. Prob fall asleep halfway through but good luck gents. Just wanna see AP in action :D

  113. thechief 3 years ago

    Cheers picksix, I am not totally convinced as everyone else on the Vikes will win, they have been my dark horse for months now, and I fancy tip them to get to the playoffs.

    The 49ers, knew Harbaugh, Gore, Smith was going to leave, Willis and Borland was a shock. Aldon Smith was a walking suspension. I thought they drafted well especially with Eli Harold, and in free agency I like the Bush pick and especially Torrey Smith. If they can get Carlos Hyde going, and Vernon Davis wakes up from a year sleeping in 2014 they may not be as bad as advertised, then you got Jarryd Hayne who could give them short field positions on special teams.

    Not a game I am confident of betting on, just a watching brief for me.

  114. Picksix 3 years ago

    Ye it’s hard to call mate , looking forward to watching peterson again though

  115. thechief 3 years ago

    WOW!! this is why I love the NFL, swing and roundabouts :) gonna record the second half

  116. Picksix 3 years ago

    Looking like classic 49ers here though ground and pound

  117. Jordan 3 years ago

    Good start from the 49ers and then that! Nice play by the Vikings!

  118. Jordan 3 years ago

    Blair Walsh still a f*cking jerk then….

  119. thechief 3 years ago

    How fast is this game. Last time I saw Reggie Bush look that disappointed he was splitting up with Kim Kardashian :)

  120. Jordan 3 years ago

    Hahahaha chief crazy start to this one. Bad start for Hayne, not sure if its as bad as Bridgewaters though!

  121. Jordan 3 years ago

    How is there no flag on that Wallace deep pass!?!?!

  122. thechief 3 years ago

    Hayne was a full back in rugby, and is used to catching the ball and returning it against defences, the problem he will have is in the NFL, he as to get used to were the ball will land, and weather or not to return the ball or call a fair catch.

  123. thechief 3 years ago

    Great play by Ellington, pity it was called back, 49ers could be 14pts up by now, messy game, an exciting one though, gonna have to call it a night though. Good nite all, good luck with any bets your on

  124. thechief 3 years ago

    Liking Carlos Hyde, he backed up Gore last year, he could be a nice prop bet in future weeks against weak run defences. I should have started him over Coleman in my league.

  125. Jordan 3 years ago

    Yeah, should have let that one hit the deck.

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