THE Champions League is back with a bang tonight – and so is the hugely popular risk-free £50 offer from bet365.

Chelsea travel to PSG for their last-16 first-leg showdown and if you place a pre-match bet on the match – up to £50 – which kicks off at 7.45pm then Bet365 will give you a risk-free inplay bet to the same stake.

How to claim you £50 risk-free bet

To qualify for your risk-free in-play Bet365 bet, simply place a bet of up to £50 before kick-off. Then once the game starts place another bet – of the same stake – on any inplay market.

If your FIRST inplay bet loses Bet365 will refund this stake up to the same value as your largest pre-match bet (max £50).

You can try to do a low-risk pre-match bet and take a chance on the inplay – or do bets that guarantee profit. It’s up to you – but make sure you check the rules before having a bet.

Also, please note the £50 refund is in the form of cash after the match, it does not appear as a free bet inplay. If you are doing the offer and using the max stake of £50, you will need to place bets totalling £100 – that’s £50 pre-match and £50 inplay so make sure you have enough funds in your account. If the inplay bet loses it will then be refunded a couple of hours after full-time.

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To claim your risk-free bet you should click on the link below, this will take you to more details about the offer and the terms and conditions.

Click here >>> Visit Bet365 to claim your risk-free bet <<< Click here

How to make the most of your risk-free bet

My preference is to place a £50 pre-match bet on over 0.5 match goals at odds of around 1-12. I also cover the 0-0 draw with a bet of around £7 at 8-1 at another bookie. When doing this, bet on the ‘no scorer’ market rather than a 0-0 draw so you get paid if the only goal is an OG.

So for a maximum total spend of around £3 you are then covered to use your risk-free £50 in-play bet to try to win big, e.g. on a first or anytime scorer or correct score.

There are lots of other strategies so share yours here and full T & C’s can be found by simply clicking the link in bold above.

  1. on the rails 3 years ago

    This is my strategy. Place the In Play bet just after kick off and enjoy the game. I choose not to use the cash-out option to close any winning position early. Make sure you have enough cash in the Bet365 account for the second bet. Today that is a total of £170.

    How it works. Bet365 will match any pre match bet up to £50 with an in-play bet of the same amount. This means that you can cover all 3 results and guarantee a profit whatever happens.


    £120 PSG – Bet365 – 7/10

    £21 Draw – Betfred/Betfair Sportsbook – 14/5

    £34 Chelsea – Betfred/Betfair Sportsbook – 5/1

    In Play

    £50 Draw – Bet365 – I’ve assumed 5/2 as the price may shorten at kick off.

    If the draw bet loses, Bet365 will refund the £50 in cash by tomorrow. The total outlay is £225 although there will be a profit of at least £29 on ANY result.

    Enjoy the game !!

  2. gunner 3 years ago

    I got the Roma-Madrid game as my free in-play offer instead it seems. I’ll take it either way and am thinking goals for sure.

  3. theboss 3 years ago

    Gotta be PSG win or Zlatan to score anytime for me

  4. cockerspaniel 3 years ago

    If your In Play bet wins is your £ 50 stake included in the winnings or is it taken of ?

  5. rj 3 years ago


  6. -wato- 3 years ago

    £50 Over 0.5 Match Goals 1/12 (Bet365)
    £6.40 No Goalscorer (William Hill)

    In play bet
    Correct Score 2-1 PSG

    Good luck hope to see someone winning big tonight

  7. cockerspaniel 3 years ago

    Thanks. rj

  8. raidar88 3 years ago

    Do you know if bet365 have cracked down on the way of guaranteed profit?

    • Author
      Scott Allot 3 years ago

      Raidar88, they’ve always turned a blind eye to it before and no indication anything’s changed

  9. weebanger 3 years ago

    £50 on Pato, who’s not in the squad to score first. Then £50 on Zlaten or cavani first goal

  10. dragoon 3 years ago

    Don’t any of you lay the pre-match bet off on betfair exchange?

    And then just bet with the inplay bet…and try to win big

  11. thfourteen 3 years ago

    Pretty much what I’ve done, over 0.5 goals on bet365 £50 ~ £54, 0-0 on betvictor 5.5 ~£50

    So max outlay £1.5

    Now what to do with my £50.

    Really tempted by Chelsea, 6.5 is so wrong.

  12. mr. g 3 years ago

    £50 on PSG double chance, then £50 on Chelsea inplay at 13/2?

    • hamy45gary 3 years ago

      Bets bet on that one is PSG at 1.61 pre match and Chelsea DC in play at 2.30.= (£30.50 Profit if PSG win, £15 if chelsea win or draw)
      Though your way give a very tasty profit if Chelsea win, if its a draw or PSG at 1.12 is only £6 profit on a £50 stake. but £225 profit if Chelsea win!

  13. hamy45gary 3 years ago

    I go £50 on under 1.5 1st half goals at 1.33 pre match and £50 Over 1.5 F h goals at 3.25 in play
    0-1 goals=£66.50 win with the £50 back=£116.50 (£16.50 profit)
    2+ Goals =£162.50 return with £50 pre match loss =£62.50 Profit

  14. nealers91 3 years ago

    Does anyone know if Bet365‘s ‘Bore Draw’ feature applies to this offer? ie. a refund on your bet of Over 0.5 goals, if the game end 0-0. Meaning you wouldn’t have to cover your bet with a ‘No Goalscorer’ at another bookie?

    • Mr Fixit 3 years ago

      nealers91, the Bore Draw doesn’t apply to the offer and remember not to cash out either.

      • nealers91 3 years ago

        Noted, thanks.

      • Alves 3 years ago

        You sure Paul?? Can do a 1st gl scorer or correct core and of its 0-0 bets void. Ht/ft results too for bore draw and these have to be pre KO

  15. michaelc 3 years ago

    I have done the same thing on every one of these bets this season and have made £299 over the 9 offers. Whether you think this is a good return or not is up to you! Many like the chance to win big on a freebie; I like to build up my betting balance.

    I place £50 on the shortest odds pre match, then place a bet on the opposing team to give about the same return. Inplay the £50 goes on the draw. This usually gives £10-£30 if a team wins and £60-£80 for the draw.

    Tonight I have put £50 pre match on PSG @ 1.61 to return £80.76. I have then put £12.50 on Chelsea at Ladbrokes (odds 6.5) to return £81.25. Inplay £50 on the draw (current odds 3.9)

    PSG win = £18.26 profit (£62.50 outlay)
    Chelsea win = £18.75 profit (£62.50 outlay)
    Draw = £82.50 profit (£112.50 outlay)*

    *(Profit on the draw will be slightly less though as odds drop inplay)

    • Mr Fixit 3 years ago

      michaelc, each to their own £299 is not to be sniffed at.
      As people know I prefer to take a risk on a decent price but not always.
      Tend to make up my mind after watching first 10-15 minutes.

  16. allycoops 3 years ago

    Say you cash out your £50 inplay bet during the game do they ban you from taking part in any future promos like this?

    • Mr Fixit 3 years ago

      allycoops, no but cashing out voids the offer as far as I’m aware. Check the terms and conditions.

  17. big mac 3 years ago

    Costa anytime scorer for me at 11/4 with my In play bet

  18. allycoops 3 years ago

    ThanksMrfixit, Voids the offer so if you cash out with any profit you don’t get your £50 refunded. I understand that. my worry is say you have an option to cash out with a big profit will they ban you from taking part in future events

    • Mr Fixit 3 years ago

      allycoops, I wouldn’t think so – they do this offer to increase turnover and keep customers happy.

  19. al 3 years ago

    Allycoops: Do that, & you haven’t used the offer have you?

  20. mister catnip 3 years ago

    Ha! Just had an email from Betair, place a single bet of £10 and they give a free bet (to use anytime) of £10 so that cover my ‘no goalscorer’ cover bet and get £10 free!

  21. spooky 3 years ago

    Mr f what’s your thoughts on Chelsea first to 7 corners as in play bet

    • Mr Fixit 3 years ago

      spooky, no idea. I’d only back a corners bet if I studied or knew the corner stats for both teams – and also how did it go on corners when they met last time.
      If it’s in your mind is it backed up by stats?

      • spooky 3 years ago

        Cheers mr f done a bit of research and can’t get away from it. Going to take the punt

  22. cfr13 3 years ago

    Fellow members. What are your thoughts on the following bet using the no risk bet:

    £50 pre match on over 0.5 goals @ 1-12

    In play £50 on no goal scorer @ 8-1

  23. cfr13 3 years ago

    Anyone else tempted by a cheeky 40-1 shout on a penalty to be missed?

  24. Alves 3 years ago

    I’ve cashed out the draw inplay before in last few minutes hoping for a late gl but never had it before. Always do over 0.5 gls pre match and hope for a score draw in play

  25. raoul duke 3 years ago

    I took Over 0.5 goals pre match, and PSG 2-1 correct score.

    I accidentally cashed out for £333 with about 13 mins to go haha…

    I can’t be too gutted because that’s still an awesome return.

    • -wato- 3 years ago

      Great minds think alike mate! ? still a brilliant win even with the cash out. No problems with the cash out? I thought we weren’t to cash out the in play bet?

      • raoul duke 3 years ago

        Haha yup!

        Nah there’s not a problem with cashing out, they would void the offer if you cashed out the pre match. Pretty sure you can do what you want with the inplay.

        • -wato- 3 years ago

          Nice one I didn’t think we could so cashing out never entered my head with 10 mins to go worked out quite well in the end ? lol

  26. -wato- 3 years ago

    £50 Over 0.5 Match Goals 1/12 (Bet365)
    £6.40 No Goalscorer (William Hill)

    In play bet
    Correct Score 2-1 PSG

    WON price changed to 9/1 ???

  27. upkidget 3 years ago

    hey guys! first post here after a long time lurk! just wanted to quickly point out to admin that the top of this post is a bit misleading! there’s no “up to” in relation to the pre-match qualifying bet. if you bet 10 before and 20 in play that 20 is not risk free. if you bet 40 before and 40 in, that’s covered. if you bet 400 before (clearly more than 50) then 400 in play – that isn’t covered, but if you did it as 50+350 then the first being <=50 becomes risk free. for a minute i thoughts i'd (and "on the rails") were in trouble, although it would be pretty rubbish to find you had to split a 120 pound pre-match bet into 50+70 to just get the offer active!! =)

    • Mr Fixit 3 years ago

      upkidget, I think everyone knows the score by now.

    • Author
      Scott Allot 3 years ago

      upkidget, er yes it does point that out. Second paragraph says: “if you place a pre-match bet on the match – up to £50 – which kicks off at 7.45pm then Bet365 will give you a risk-free inplay bet to the same stake.”

      • upkidget 3 years ago

        yes, that’s my point though! up to. up to 50. no, it can be up to and well well over too! you can place 120 or 1200 before the match and still get a ‘matching’ inplay bet, it’s that one, the in-play one, that is matched “up to” 50(max). Mr F – I’ve been loving lurking on this for awhile (and it’s a brilliant read, many thanks to all u main dudes) – i’ve done the offer using 50 stake pre-match twice before – this 3rd time i did similar to the first comment and had a horrible sinking feeling for a minute there anything over 50 did not qualify. it wouldnt make any sense but to lose money trying to guarantee a return would be painful as anything! :D

        • Mr Fixit 3 years ago

          upkidget, you’ve made your point even though I’m not sure what it is. The offer’s clear – risk-free up to £50. No sense then in betting any more with this one.

  28. ooseven 3 years ago

    I went for the £50 Pato first goalscorer who wasn’t in the squad guaranteed return of stake which meant free £50 inplay. Went for Zlatan to score first so £150 profit there. Even talked my girlfriend into the same bet (honest it’s totally risk free – Eh how can that be? :) ) and she won too. Cheers bet365 :)

    Also was really lucky and won a double on PSG and Benfica with that injury time winner for Benfica. Makes up for my awful betting so far for the rest of the month, just!

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