THERE'S been so much rubbish talk about Johnb's absence I've been forced to put up this post.

Johnb decided not to post tips on Thursday and Friday and out of respect to him I didn't ask him why.

Before Thursday's nap came up he'd suffered some unfair criticism and people wrongly assumed he'd decided to quit.

However, today it's got out of hand with claims of conspiracy theories, marketing ploys, bookies ordering us to take him down because he's too good. All total nonsense.

The truth is Johnb simply needed time out to sort out a couple of things and rather than pry into his personal life I let him get on with it. We'll never pressure him to put up tips every day anyway.

Due to all the crazy rumours and nonsense talk I've been forced to phone him and ask for a timescale on his return.

And the good news is he hopes to be back with Saturday or Sunday tips. He tells me trolls don't get him down and he enjoys contributing to the site.

So please no more talk of conspiracy theories – bookies have never tried to tell us how to run the site and will never do so. It's a tipping site – we'll give out as many winners as we possibly can. Always.

Johnb will be back soon and that's great news – so give him a warm welcome when he returns.

  1. Stormin 5 years ago

    Well said

  2. jamesy 5 years ago

    cant believe he,s getting stick for doing his job every betting person knows u cant win 100% otherwise we would all be doing it

  3. Steve_smlie 5 years ago

    Hear hear

  4. pablo 5 years ago

    Am just glad to hear he is well and will be back soon that’s what matters.

  5. winnerallright 5 years ago

    It’s a pity it came to that Raal. But fair play for letting everyone know. Now can we get back to what we do best. Bookie bashing! We all can look forward to johnb returning when he’s good and ready. :-)

  6. Dave c 5 years ago

    Nobody had put money on his tips it’s their choice nobody forcing them to bet so they should all just shut up and maybe try pickin their own bet and see if they do any better

  7. MrT 5 years ago

    Brilliant news! JohnB will get a royal reception on his return.

    All this talk of the possible effect of trolls / influence of bookies etc could have been defused early on if we’d simply been told JohnB was available to post for at least a couple of days due to commitments in his personal life.

    • Author
      Mr Fixit 5 years ago

      MrT, maybe. But as I’ve said I didn’t want to call him and put pressure on him. I respected his decision not to post and understood he’d return when he was ready.

  8. PeteT 5 years ago

    As I said on the other post – people have lives and sometimes things ‘happen’ in life. This doesn’t exclusively just refer to Johnb – any of our community who take a day or two off should be able to do so without the speculation of where they are.

    Let’s look forward to Johnb’s next tip – WHEN HE’S READY.

  9. Blair R 5 years ago

    The only comment I have made and will make regarding Johnb is , its been embarrassing the way some people have reacted , everyone is entitled to a day off,week off a month off commenting on this site. I enjoyed his tips and hope to enjoy in the future. We need no explanation or deserve one.


    • Author
      Mr Fixit 5 years ago

      Blair R, spot on. Talk of conspiracy theories is a joke. We’ve got better things to do.

  10. PeteT 5 years ago

    MrT – I take your point but I also think that it’s a sad state of affairs that Mr F had had to post an update of why Johnb’s been off the site for a day or two. The fact Mr F has had to call Johnb probably means he didn’t quite know what was wrong – but he had the sense to know that Johnb would be back in touch when it was the right time.

    As for some of the crazy rumours I was amazed! There are some vivid imaginations on this site!

    I guessed it was something in Johnb’s life that just meant he needed a few days away – it’s called LIFE and it happens to all of us sometime.

    Anyway – it’s official – Johnb’s been away for a few days. Now lets get on with bashing the bookies with the remaining (and exceptional) talent on the site.

  11. Troy 5 years ago

    Paul – It’s embarrassing that you even have to put this post up! I’m surprised you’ve not started banging your head against a wall yet…… It’s like being at school.

    It’s like being a minder for the Royal Family.

    I don’t bet on the horses but felt compelled to read the article seeing as Johnb is a A-class Celeb on this site.

  12. baza 5 years ago

    Let’s not waste a good thing we have hear peeps, we all trying to beat the bookies! The trolls are the people who can’t handle loosing…… Fact! If the tip wins its all good but when they don’t they are always looking to blame someone else. Only bet what you can afford to lose and you have to enjoy it, nobody else’s fault if they don’t win, that’s the gamble you take. People post there tips and reason on hear to guide and help others, its up to the individual whether or not to bet them. Try not rely on others please it should not he like that and remember to enjoy it, if you not enjoying it it is time to think about giving it a by.

  13. PenguinsJames 5 years ago

    Can you please let johnb carry on helping me extend the igloo now :c)

    There’s not enough daylight in the day as it is! and this needs finishing!

    Thank you!

  14. cooldude 5 years ago

    Jude do you realise if you made an effort to read some of the threads you could actually make money?? or are you that thick that you just come on every day to troll.

  15. Lee woody 5 years ago

    Well said mr fixit that should put an end to all the conspiracy theories

  16. steadyeddy 5 years ago

    Top work MrF I’ll be welcoming johnb back upon his return

  17. PaulG 5 years ago

    Thanks for the update.

    Johnb, all those that matter support you and look forward to your return whenever that may be.

    Be well.

  18. froggy 5 years ago

    Hi mr F

    I would just like to say that was very well said,

    Johnb owes nobody anything, We are very blessed to have him and im sure all the genuine people on this site have nothing but gratitude for the great man.

    Hopefully soon there will be changes that will combat some of the idiots that come on here and spoil it for the majority.

    Looking forward to the legends input because as always we appreciate all that he does for this site.

  19. cooldude 5 years ago

    Im only getting started Jude. And dont tell me that shouting Mr.F down is giving an opinion. some of your comments had to be deleted last night so dont try and pull wool over my eyes fella.

  20. MiniDuffman 5 years ago

    I can only echo what many others have said. That you should have to put such a post up is terrible. People should be able to have a couple of days away without there being a big fuss made.

  21. Ian Ramsay 5 years ago

    Great news!

  22. froggy 5 years ago

    Jude. With all due respect, You dont know what you are talking about, I for one can bet for the next 4 weeks with no winners from the grat man and I will be evens, And thats with the few barren days that we have had, So I dont know where you have been.

    Oh and by the way, Thats from Mid January after missing the two big doubles followed by the two 18/1 doubles, So I just dont get what you are going on about.

  23. GeorgeK 5 years ago

    Its crazy, if any other person on here didnt post for a few days (barring mrf) then everyone would just guess they had something important they needed to sort out at home. Jist because the guys made everybody money with his cracking tips means that everybody puts pressure on an early return!

    If everyome continues depending on his tips like you all are then hhe’ll disappear, the main thing ive read about him is he’s such a nice guy for giving us all free tips! -true, but everybody nagging and needing his whereabouts and coming up with crazy stories why he hasnt posted for 2 days, if I was him id be wondering if it was worth it!

  24. gunner4life 5 years ago


  25. John Henderson 5 years ago

    Jude dont bet the tips that simple really. Why exactly are you on here ?

  26. cooldude 5 years ago

    prob better of Jude.

  27. Evansclube 5 years ago

    Jude: It’s 2014 do people actually still use the word dude and lol?

    Also its allowed not aloud – maybe spend more time by wisely learning about the structure of language, spelling, grammar and punctuation.

    Now run along you cretin!

  28. simon 5 years ago

    That’s good news. I’ve followed a few of his tips, very good. As for the trolls and other reprobates, the best thing is laugh them off, we all get them. They are inadequate muppets.

  29. Author
    Mr Fixit 5 years ago

    cooldude, his luck just ran out.

  30. cooldude 5 years ago


  31. Doad 5 years ago

    I for one Mr F am not the hottest at picking horses and don’t really bet that much even on JB’s and the other lads suggestions here never mind my own. I have the odd wee flutter if I win I win if I don’t I don’t it’s my money and do as a chose and certainly don’t slate the lads suggestions because IVE LOST MY MONEY!
    Don’t get me wrong I do sit quiet in the back ground and read the threads and see what the lads are putting up both here and the football threads. Even contribute myself sometimes but rarely.
    I was slightly against the possibility of contributing towards the site. Yep maybe a bit selfish but was only a slight concern as thought it might push many of the good lads who do obviously a lot of work into their research to come up with the brilliance in the tips they do.
    I have no come to the conclusion it may well be a good idea to have some kind of monthly subscription just to stop things like this.
    I would pay it.
    Basically my thoughts on the people who are all glee and happy when the likes of JB and others are making people money then basically slate them when the guys are not making them money, it’s like say claiming the dole for sitting on your arse and doing bugger all. Then whining because you’ve had your free money from decent people who contribute to the system stopped because you been caught out as a malingering lazy scrounger!
    If you don’t like the bad runs don’t put money on someone’s else suggestions, go do your own work, research the card or stats an pick your own bets. Don’t hang on for someone else to forge work for you an slate them when it doesn’t go your way.

    That’s my wee Rant over, think Ive said what’s on my mind.
    Cheers Mr F, JB, Raaljaca. DA and all the other lads (and lasses) for your work I for one appreciate then win or loose!

  32. BillD 5 years ago

    while not wanting to add to the needless issue on JohnB I would say the sooner the hinted at website changes come into play the better and the adults can get on with some serious betting coupled with good humoured banter. Still the best site going.
    To all the regulars, JohnB and not least MrF – keep doing what your doing – it is working, cheers

    • Author
      Mr Fixit 5 years ago

      BillD, big changes take time – we’re thinking about 6 weeks.

      • BillD 5 years ago

        MrF – Good news – all good things come to those who wait and looking forward to seeing it go from strength to strength….

  33. Tunnell 5 years ago

    I had a new starting bank on Sunday evening consisting of £10.

    Using the sites tips, hints, research, others opinions, and most of all my own instinct that bank balance is now £79 from small bets consisting of £2 a time.

    Long term profit to be had on here. Too stuff all.

  34. Apb 5 years ago

    You cant really give these Trolls the time of day they are on another planet.What does John b need to worry about his stats do the talking and believe me my pockets are lined with his tips Royal welcome back for Sir John b.

  35. Marky mark 5 years ago

    Think some of you’s need to give the fingers a rest this a tip site a bit less of the childish attitude pingpong , am sure john b will be back on due to the high level of appreciation for his tips , don’t like his tips don’t bet on them that’s your choice but dont Criticise him he ain’t on the back of the horse

  36. jimmymac 5 years ago

    mrfixit & johnb dont let the idiot spoil it for a lot of people who look forward to your tips and comments , come back soon johnb , need some tips , mrfixit keep up the good work

  37. Davie-S 5 years ago

    This is my one and only comment regarding the johnb situation, since finding this site, thanks to a few contributors that i follow i have seen a decent upturn in my returns, it’s not just down to good tips, their information on betting strategies are invaluable, and something that i can call upon for the rest of my gambling life. I have seen a great return from following Johnb’s tips in a short time with a disciplined betting strategy that John and others on here recommend, but not once did i ever think to come on here and bleat about where is Johnb etc etc, that is john’s life, his decisions, and you have to respect that, i’m just thankful that he chooses to give his tips on here however long it lasts, just shows how successful and how much he is held in high regard as a tipster on here judging by all the furore because the man missed a few days, no offence but get a life people…

  38. Doad 5 years ago

    I’ll keep my eye out and for one be happy to contribute!
    Just read my rant back…..shocking English, Grammar and punctuation. My apologies, no excuse (just large fingers meets small iPhone keypad combined with stupid autocorrect. Not to mention a failed English ‘O’ Level)

  39. MrT 5 years ago

    Can everyone stop going on about this trolling of JohnB and blowing it out of proportion. NONE of the regulars said anything bad just a few trolls who would criticise anything on any site to get a rise out of people. And JohnB has said he hasn’t been affected by what little there was. End of.

    Clearly JohnB has no obligation to post daily yet clearly we all want him to as his tips have made us all plenty of cash. As such iits perfectly natural for us all to be concerned when he doesn’t and to ask why. This doesn’t make us all inconsiderate d*cks like some would like to suggest.

    He has the right to a break whenever he wants and will be welcomed back with a fanfare whenever he works through what he needs to. Best wishes to him.

  40. Steve The Pirate 5 years ago

    Arrrrr, filthy bile rats, full of pratting with their foul tongues of fouled scupper. Any more nonsense and I will slice off the said tongues and use them to wipe me arse. They shall rue the day the mother ever spawned them!

    Cap’n John Silver ( I don’t feel I know thee intimately enough to include the word “long”), tis been a pleasure having you aboard, and I look forward to our next voyage, ha harrrr!

  41. Scottbloke 5 years ago

    He’s a tip for ya if you don’t bet regular or never bet before it’s not a money printing business so if you don’t like a Gamble or the possibility of losing your money then on your way
    Glad JohnB is cool and things can resume

  42. Apb 5 years ago

    Well the weather has kept me off work so it’s off to the bookies to do some work.Hopefully earn some wages good luck everyone.

  43. Davie-S 5 years ago

    Captain Steve are you always like that or are you’s schizophrenic ? i know i’ll be walking the plank for my insolence… AAAARRRRGGGG

  44. Doad 5 years ago

    Cap’n John Silver ( I don’t feel I know thee intimately enough to include the word “long”)

    I think I just let out a bit of wee….!!!!

  45. soxansid 5 years ago

    Nb in hope some got the 7/1 this morning!

  46. Lossie jim 5 years ago

    Great news about johnb!!

  47. Pat L 5 years ago

    He’s just an ordinary bloke with things to do in his life like the rest of us. I’m grateful for his time and effort and am delighted to learn he is coming back. Yet if he didn’t want the hassle I would understand fully.

  48. Steve 5 years ago

    It takes a brave person to put up tips daily for us all to put our monies on them with the good chance it may lose, I’m not confidant enough to post regular tips for people to follow so well done Johnb on your record of great tips and research it takes to put up winners on a regular basis, like Me, if u don’t think it’s a winner don’t put your money on it so that way u can’t criticise someone brave and man enough to our up great tips, also who cares if the bookies r worried we take there bloody money, we bet to win and enjoy they can’t dictate to us who can tip winners, good luck to Johnb and keep well

  49. Recoba1980 5 years ago

    taking stick for putting up FREE tips is rudiculous in first place an glad Johnb doesnt let it bother him as his strike rate speaks for itself. Nicely put too Mr F but should have never have came to this,having to tell idiots the hampden roar as If they are owed something. Nice to hear i suppose an also hopefully its put to bed now. :)

  50. Bertie 5 years ago

    Well said mr fixit so much rubbish spoken lets just get back to backing the winners !

  51. DerekS 5 years ago

    Well said Mr F. We look forward to JohnB return :)

  52. RickyR 5 years ago

    It’s near impossible to bet on a horse every day of the year and make profit so anyone assuming johnb could or would produce tips never mind winning tips daily is mad, and I can’t quite believe all the fuss over eveything. Perhaps a comment from johnb himself earlier on saying he didnt plan any tips til the weekend may have prevented such a storm.

  53. Deekster 5 years ago

    Well that’s another of my tracker horse’s beat again Basil Berry :(

  54. Bertie 5 years ago

    3.20 doctor harper my only bet of the day jockey tom scudamore comes here for his only ride of the day and @ 11/10 will do for me

  55. Pete Brown 5 years ago

    Best news I’ve heard all day Paul can’t believe the man is getting stick! He’s been absolutely brilliant on here and I look forward to his return

  56. Bertie 5 years ago

    Well doctor harper bolts up never in doubt amazed it was ever 11/10 hope some got on not a big price but I’d rather back a 11/10 then a 10/1 loser

  57. JonW 5 years ago

    Well said Mr F. Johnb doesn’t need to explain himself to anyone and he can have a break whenever he wants to.

  58. Smiler 5 years ago

    Mr.f. Well handled on the john b situation, looking forward to john b coming back on site his knowledge top ov the pops, did u notice my team(arbroath) sighed kenny deuchar til end ov the season should help us but we allways concede! Good luck everyone

    • Author
      Mr Fixit 5 years ago

      Smiler, I knew it was happening weeks ago but he won’t play until he feels fully fit.

  59. Pin High 5 years ago

    Would like to join all the ‘genuine’ punters on fully endorsing John B. He has brought not only financial reward but for me personally introduced me to horse racing in a way I’ve never been before. We are all indebted to the many contributors on this site who base their advise (and that’s all it is!!) on the depth of their research and personal experience and knowledge. Goodness me I’ve even bet on NBA and ice hockey!! I’m here to have fun and engage with a likeminded community. I don’t pay any attention to the trolls all they do is use up space and clutter the site – but they can’t win if those of us who get so much enjoyment out of being here stick together. Winning a few quid is great but the feeling of being ‘connected’ is even better.

  60. Rustychest 5 years ago

    Yes, thrive on :) You seem to know your trolls really well Simon. That’s pretty deep… reinforces their inadequacy? wow.

    • simon 5 years ago

      The thing with internet forums and websites is you encounter every kind of malignant personality, i barely notice them these days i am so used to them. They’re kind of like slightly irritating background chatter.
      Did you see those two idiots that were trolling caroline criado-perez? Two of the most pathetic human specimens you will ever see. One was from newcastle, the other just over the water from here in south shields. Dismal pair of creatures.

  61. Johnny J 5 years ago

    there’s only one john b!!……

  62. Alex 5 years ago

    If you read this JohnB. I just want to say on behalf of 99% of people here: THANK YOU.

    You win some and you lose some and in horse racing, you’re bound to lose more than you win, it’s the nature of the beast. Since you joined this site, so many people have followed your tips and more and more people have come to this site and you’ve been fantastic.

    I look forward to your return, whenever that may be, and when you do come back mate, I’m sure you’ll be picking winners once again and if you don’t, I still thank you for taking the time to come on here and put your neck on the line. Thanks again mate.

  63. DeAndre 5 years ago

    Looking forward to your return Arnie, not just your tips but your insight into races and willingness to share your knowledge of the game :-)

  64. mac buchan 5 years ago

    Started doing johnbs tip 2 weeks ago. Absolutely miles in front. Keep up the good work. Still cant find the donate button. Must be a thicko. !

  65. seabiscuit 5 years ago

    Well said Alex . Was wondering if anybody has backed johnb’s near misses next time out ? How they faired win percentage wise

  66. bigmick 5 years ago

    testing 1 2

  67. bigmick 5 years ago

    cant post wats wrong?

  68. cooldude 5 years ago

    Raal, just tipped out for beers and cannot get over the score :)

  69. johnb 5 years ago

    Sorry i couldn’t get on last couple of days everyone, it wasn’t due to anything on here
    just hope we can make it a winning saturday :)

    Merry King 8/1 e/w NB
    ladbrokes & hills

    Captain Chris 1/1 NAP
    with various bookies

    • Bipolar bear 5 years ago

      Hey John wb and good luck with these picks!

    • Rustychest 5 years ago

      Nice to see you around johnb :) hope all is well. Cheers for the tips and effort always ;)

    • Author
      Mr Fixit 5 years ago

      johnb, welcome back. Good luck with the tips.

    • Dancing Brave 5 years ago

      Wished I had waited because just got an email from Coral saying Captain Chris will be 6/4 @ 8.30am tomorrow – worth waiting for I think if your not already on like me lol :(



      PS Mr F did u get the email I sent you ?

    • macattack 5 years ago

      No apologies needed johnb, just happy to see you back in the saddle and to know that all’s well with you.

  70. cooldude 5 years ago

    Living in dream land with all these faves winning in the hockey. who says sport is unpredictable :)

  71. DeAndre 5 years ago

    Who’s this Johnb guy?

  72. Pete Brown 5 years ago

    Welcome back Johnb…the legend returns! Hope your good mate glad to have you back

  73. dawnisrising 5 years ago

    Can someone explain what a troll actually is?

  74. Rustychest 5 years ago

    There you go conspiracy theorists :P

    Now, I recklessly wore out all my sports balance in johnb’s absence. Anybody spare me a coupon or something for the weekend? Banks are closed :(


  75. dawnisrising 5 years ago

    Johnb its so good to have you back

  76. PenguinsJames 5 years ago

    I’ve made an e/w bonkers bet.

    Returns £39000

    Or £255 if they all place (no reason why they shouldn’t)

    Includes johnb’s two plus these selections I’ve chosen to go with with detailed reasoning:

    Golden Amber – 2.50 – Lingfield – @10/1.

    Made a promising start for Dean Ivory getting beat 3 lengths off a mark of 90 after 2 and a half months off the track and coming over from Ireland has now had a run to blow any cobwebs away and that last race it competed in a horse out of that race has won since in oriental relation it was by no means a poor race and the eventual winner being alutiq was no disgrace loosing out to these I’m sure ivory will get the beat out of this horse at the 2nd time of asking with a jockey on board that does well for him in Jim Crowley with a strike rate of 24% when he rides 3 year olds for Ivory looks set up for a big run today and at odds of 10/1 is way to big in my book.

    Royal Prize – 3.20 – Lingfield – @5/1

    Royal Prize traveled sweetly throughout the race last time just to fade in the last furlong and I think fitness was the main issue here the horse had to come back from a 5 month break and will be much better for that run today and at much better odds this time round at 5/1 gets my vote here.

    Run It Twice – 4.30 – Lingfield – @6/1

    This one has been travelling smoothly in its races and I think the next win may be today what’s interesting is that Evans has decided to put the horse back up to a mile today now if you watch this horses last 3 races over 6f and 7f you will notice that it has been held in rear on all those 3 occasions staying on very well in all 3 of those races and getting badly hampered in one of them it’s no suprised to see it has been saved for a Saturday. A mile for this horse or 1m1 is where it’s best suited and anything below that is inadequate for me it now has that extra furlong to get into top gear and the booking of Martin Harley is a big positive.

    Best of luck! (Think those Chinese fish may have gone to his brain)

  77. Gerry g 5 years ago

    john b seems a humble guy who maybe does n’t want a lot off fuss or attention,if he posts then great if not then just accept it and no questions,the more you ask about the guy the more chance he will have enough,he does n’t need all this lets say no more on this subject of why he has n’t posted tips, and its not as though we pay for this information.

    • Author
      Mr Fixit 5 years ago

      Gerry g, yes you read him well. Don’t think he expected such a fuss when he couldn’t post and as I’ve said I wasn’t prepared to chase him up.

      • Gerry g 5 years ago

        Mr f football is my forte and from 2002 -2009 was very successful I could n’t do no wrong winning a lot for not big stakes I even got investigated from the taxman for banking my cash winnings, the last 5 years been no good hence not posted any tips, what I am getting at if I was posting all the great successful tips in that period and a few days I missed people where question me it would only drive me away so just leave people to do as they please.

        • Author
          Mr Fixit 5 years ago

          Gerry g, hopefully it will be a happier place in a few weeks with people accepting the tips at face value and following the threads the like. Also no more trolls.

          • Gerry g 5 years ago

            That sounds great mr f you are doing a great job and I love this site gives me something to look forward to every day, guys like raal,blayvers,penguin,deandre,cooldude,alex,and all of yous who post regularly thank you very much, and be lucky.

  78. Deekster 5 years ago

    Don’t know how jockey got boxed in on Adiynara in a 1m4f had plenty time to get good position.

  79. PA 5 years ago

    MrF – after a healthy win on johnb’s tips last week i promised a donation, i have managed to set up Paypal now but when you click the ‘NEW BUY MR FIXIT A BEER and scroll down, it says you can donate below. But it has no button, just says [donateextra].Is it broke or just me being stupid?

    • Author
      Mr Fixit 5 years ago

      PA, could be a browser problem – admin going to look at it.

      • PA 5 years ago

        Thanks MrF, i will try again tomorrow

        • PA 5 years ago

          Donation button seems to be working now MrF, small donation made. Thanks and keep up the good work on here.

          • Author
            Mr Fixit 5 years ago

            PA, cheers, Was having a good day after my team won and some bets came up then saw all the nonsense that had been going on.

            • PA 5 years ago

              No problem. Like you say MrF, all this nonsense will be stopped soon. Thanks again

  80. Ian Ramsay 5 years ago

    Welcome back King John!

  81. darren 5 years ago

    Am 33 years of age and read mr fixit for as long as a can remember hes a betting legend and ive won a lot and lost alot but this site and alls it contributors are only giving there opinon and no 1 is obliged to bet anything but I love this site and so do my friends so thank you mr fixit

  82. Gerry g 5 years ago

    Hi all you guys, reading the posts over the last week,there has been too much emphasis on responding to the sad people who bring a lot of negativity to the site, we should all ignore these posts and not give them the importance they are looking for, it is waisting a lot of energy towards what we are here for to beat the bookies, and that will benefit all of us.

    • cooldude 5 years ago

      not always easy gerry. generally ill try and reason, but the yoke that was on tonight was a bad piece of work.

  83. oggy 4 years ago

    You have to take the good with the bad
    You do not need to take johnb picks

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