NO SOONER has Ceefax published it's last ever full-time score than we're off looking for some more winners in Wednesday's Champions League matches.

At one stage Tuesday's matches looked full of shocks but in the end it was only Juve's 1-1 draw in Norway that really raised any eyebrows. Hopefully it'll be a bit more straightforward tonight.

Now I know my tips aren't in the Mr Fixit class but bear with me as I hold the fort whilst he's away. Most of you are smart enough to realise that all any tipster can do is give you a guide. Ultimately it's you that puts the bet on. No-one else.

But here's my thoughts anyway.

Man City need a win in Amsterdam. In a tough group Ajax have proven the weakest of the four European champions involved. If they're on their game City should grab all three points. If not the pressure will be on in Group D big time. I'll be on City at 3-4 to get their Champions League challenge back on track.

Under-pressure Milan boss Massimiliano Allegri has been given the dreaded vote of confidence after a poor start to the season that has seen them win just 2 from 8 in Serie A. Malaga will fancy their chances of recording another win that'll move them on to 9 points in Group C. It's 11-10 on the Spaniards.

Arsenal slipped to a depressingly familiar defeat at Norwich on Saturday, where they didn't look up for the fight. They'll need to up their game to get the better of an in-form Schalke. I wouldn't be surprised if the Germans got a result at the Emirates but I'll be on both sides to score in this one. Only Bayern have kept out Schalke all season and each of the two sides games in the Champions League this season have seen both teams find the net.


  • Man City 3-4 Paddy Power
  • Malaga 11-10 Ladbrokes
  • Arsenal v Schalke – Both Teams to Score 4-6 Blue Sq
  1. honest john 6 years ago

    Hope you have thought your selections out a bit better than yesterday,you had only 4 winners out of the 10 teams you picked which is terrible,only teams to win were man utd,rochdale,derby and brentford, my goldfish could have done better than this list you put up,i mean it had the likes of bolton who have the worst away record this season,do you not think about and study the form of your selections? heres what you posted,bleedin awful tipster so beware fellow punters i think hes a william hill mole….HOMES

    •Notts County
    •Man Utd
    •Perm and 4 from 5. £10 pays £338.40 for all 5 at BetVictor

    •Try a Trixie Bet. £10 pays £342.90 for all 3 at BetVictor

    •Man Utd
    •£10 pays £48.10 at BetVictor
    SINGLE: Huddersfield

  2. Tony C 6 years ago

    @honest John lost a big amount eh John?
    A William hill mole eh ?
    Behave yourself m8, your talking rubbish.
    Anyways, cheers Scott for today’s and unlucky yesterday m8.
    Thanks for the research and your opinion.
    I’m off to place a HUGE amount on your selections and if they lose il be back on later to have a good old cry cos the misses hasn’t money left for the shopping. ( SARCASM THAT M8 cos I’m sure there will be a whinger on later).

  3. Author
    Scott McAlpine 6 years ago

    Criticism is fair enough. All I can do is give an opinion on how I think the games will go. I’m no Mr Fixit I know but just trying to keep the debate going whilst he’s away.

    Most of you guys seem happy enough to post your own tips which is great. There’s enough opinion on here for people to make up their own minds. No-one is forced to go with mine (or Mr Fixits) tips if they don’t agree with them.

    As for last night, yes a few dodgy ones. I explained my Bolton tip last night and wasn’t too far off the mark. Not as if they got hammered.

    Juve let down the treble. I’ll bet I wasn’t the only one beaten by that.

  4. Tony C 6 years ago

    Scott wouldn’t worry about it m8

  5. Mike 6 years ago

    Juve also ruined my 5 fold! There’s always one team that’ll let you down!

  6. george 6 years ago

    look at for BTTS excellent site analyzing games and form and who are most likley to both score.

  7. Dean 6 years ago

    man city
    10 pays 74 im certain this bet will win

  8. RabTheHermit 6 years ago

    Unlucky last night Scott. Some weird results. I don’t think Bolton was that bad a shout considering the effect sometimes when a new manager is on the way in.

    Good shouts tonight but again the CL games are proving difficult so there are no easy picks.


  9. John 6 years ago

    What’s the deal with some bookies not allowing scottish, champions league and english matches on the same docket, anyone else experience this?

  10. Danny 6 years ago

    ac milan +1

  11. reidy1987 6 years ago

    Cy please eva1 end of day all about opinons dnt need to bet it. Hopefully zenit porto double does business 2nite

  12. James 6 years ago

    Just a quick question when is Mr Fix It back from his holiday?

  13. alex walker 6 years ago

    Am going to do a lucky 15 on 4 games to finnish 2-1. Arsenal man city malaga and real madrid all to win 2-1. Worth a shot.

  14. John Henderson 6 years ago

    Hope you all took 6/4 btts Barcelona game as advised :) Tonight we will go with double Arsenal and Man City fingers crossed and good luck to all punters.

  15. Striker 6 years ago

    Gone for:

    Double: 2pts
    Man City – win
    PSG – win

    Treble: 1 pt
    Man City – win
    PSG – win
    Malaga – win

  16. tony 6 years ago

    Malaga will be tough for millan Danny boy hope they win a have them on Leyton orient beat ma bts last night

  17. Craig alves 6 years ago

    £20 ibrahimovich and podolski anytime in wins fir arsenal and pgs returns at tad over 9/1

  18. bobmck 6 years ago

    Yeah Juventus also cost me a few quid. Had Wolves to beat Bolton in another bet and was let down in the last minute. Hoping for more luck tonight.

    Actually think Milan might win tonight, seem to be better away from home and their players have a lot of European experience, might go for Milan+1.

  19. george 6 years ago


    ajax v man city

    arsenal v shalke

    dortmund v

    7/2 should be worth putting a tenner on

  20. Jonathan Grieve 6 years ago

    I’m on those 3 as well as Montpellier game George,here’s hoping

  21. John Girvan 6 years ago

    Arsenal BTTS
    PSG to win
    Man City to win
    Dortmund BTTS
    Zenit to win
    Blackburn to win
    Porto to win

    been a long time since i done a crazy bet.. heres hoping :-)

  22. Danny 6 years ago

    small stakes teams to score in both halves 560/1 shot

    real madrid

  23. tony 6 years ago

    How did u find that out danny

    • Danny 6 years ago

      huv a few quid left in ma william hill account mate stuck 50p on it fur a return of 270 so its 560/1 the bookies here dont let u dae bets like that heavy shite

  24. Craig alves 6 years ago

    Change ae plan, 30p lucky 15 & 50p acca on ronaldo/madrid – podolski/arsenal – ibrahimovich/psg – dzeko/city for £150+
    Dzeko will prob no start but will defo come on at some point and get a few chances which hopefully he’ll take

  25. Lewis Moore 6 years ago

    Doing Ronaldo/Real Madrid
    Dzeko/Man City £2

    Goal in both halves
    Real Madrid
    Man City £4

  26. stephen c 6 years ago

    I take the tips off btts but no matter wat anyone tells me in this market I win more when just playing birthday numbers as its a great bet and just luck as anything can happen 1st tick i got at weekend was stoke man u, and i wouldnt pick that myself, I always have a study line and a random line try it

  27. luke 6 years ago

    Honest John, let’s see your tips then??? bet you aint got the bottle to put your neck on line after that rant!!

  28. luke 6 years ago

    as for my picks…
    Real Madrid
    Man City
    £13 returns £117 at PP

    Also got £2 on all games BTTS except early kick off!

  29. mr broke it 6 years ago

    Podolski, ronaldo and ibrahimovic to score anytime 6/1

  30. Danny 6 years ago

    it would be good if the people who do nuttin but put down other peoples tips and bets to put theres up before the games kick off and the other people who only comment when they win vast amounts of dosh havin never put a bet or tip up in their puff

  31. tony 6 years ago

    That would be some return hope it comes up sarspBorg have dun it for you anyway mate a need anderlecht

    • Danny 6 years ago

      thats a bad turn m8 wit made u take anderlecht the russians are solid at home

  32. Celtic1888 always have been and always will be 6 years ago

    Btts @ Arsenal & Dortmund

    5r returns £58

  33. Craig alves 6 years ago

    Hulk 45mill is a joke like, no bn upti much the night, dzeko starting for city up front will ageuro gid sign for ma bet, will prob watch the arsenal 1st half hrs and see how that pans out

  34. anwario 6 years ago

    hi guys iv never joined in the chat before but i do read all the tips mrfixit gives and i like to say he is good tipster he normally gets two third of the tips right . so far this year i have profited from his tips but i do say do your own research to see if it makes sense .give man his due for letting you see his tips for FREE.

  35. tony 6 years ago

    Sorry a meant zenith am trippin

  36. tony 6 years ago


  37. David Paterson 6 years ago

    Ive took a punt on alex williams tip, cmon the 2-1s haha. Also put on these:-

    Real Madrid result after 15 mins
    PSG result after 15 mins
    Arsenal result after 15 mins
    Man City result after 15 mins
    £1 on £412.50 returns.

    Champs League BTTS
    All games + Bburn Shef wed apart from zagreb v PSG
    £1.50 on £125.43 return

  38. John Bryan 6 years ago


    ……I’m sure the last time I went to Denmark Nordsjaelland was still part of it…..umless The Vikings from Norway have been a’plundering recently?

  39. Clarks 6 years ago

    After my samaras first and anytime success last night I’m taking a 10p Heinz on Danny’s idea a wee £1 acca too!

    Also taking Porto, Malaga, Montpellier, Real & man city to win!!


  40. Clarks 6 years ago


    Arsenal v schalke
    Ajax v man city
    Blackburn v shef wed
    Dortmund v real Madrid
    Montpellier v olympiacos

    Best of luck all ;)

  41. Ramil 6 years ago

    Zenit Petersburg
    Manchester City
    Real Madrid
    Paris SG
    FC Porto
    Montpellier – Olympiakos Piraeus – HT-X | FT-1

  42. Danny 6 years ago

    6 out of 7 tryed to be 2 greedy

    fuck paying 50notes to watch arsenal they havent troubled shalke once shalke inplay 3/1 looks naebad

  43. tony 6 years ago

    What you mean 50 notes to watch arsenal Danny gutter mate if they all score 2nd half

  44. Danny 6 years ago

    if your an arsenal fan it the game there tickets cost aboot 50 smackers aye m8 wid be a bad turn if the rest ae them aw score in the second hof

  45. tony 6 years ago

    Ano a hope they don’t we will c soon mate

  46. tony 6 years ago

    Danny this is ma winner for tomorrow mate hannover
    Sparta Prague
    Atl Madrid
    A will talk to u soon bro

    • Danny 6 years ago

      looks no bad mate gawny go fur 16 goals that mkdons done me tuesday btts 15 outa 16


  47. john.t 6 years ago

    To be honest with you lot, none of you lot arnt any good at picking winners.

  48. Striker 6 years ago

    Man City done me out of 4 coupons, useless c@&$$

  49. tony 6 years ago

    hope you get that up. Shit when it’s one goal a was same last night fuckin Leyton orient at home or a would a had a winner not to worry they will come talk soon mate

  50. Craig alves 6 years ago

    BetFred goals galore bonuses best odds for btts

  51. Craig alves 6 years ago

    56/1 but that’s no in the bonus list, 6 selections minus helsingbourg and young boys pays 29/1

  52. luke 6 years ago

    John.t you’re nothing more than an absolute idiot. You dont understand sports betting, and you ask others to pick bets for you, then moan if they dont win! grow up, learn a thing or two, and pick your own losers!!

  53. Craig alves 6 years ago

    Maybe no then hahaha

  54. Craig alves 6 years ago

    A/V got a whole 72p bak fi ma lucky 15 on 10 game btts wi paddy power for £135 bak, nae chance tho but Europa leagues usually full ae goals

  55. Craig alves 6 years ago

    Anybody that had problems wi bet365 the night get them phoned up or emailed, few folk had free bets but av just sent 2 emails to them cos a canny get tae sleep

  56. Martin 6 years ago

    Just got £15 free on 365

  57. john.t 6 years ago

    Any tips for tonight, oh an please make them winning ones for a change •﹏•

    • admin 6 years ago


      Criticism is fine. No problem with that but we’ve deleted two comments by you for offensive language. Please keep your comments civil.

      All we’re interested in beating the bookies. Sometimes results go for us, sometimes they don’t.

  58. john.t 6 years ago

    Listen up admin, i don’t take too kind to being called an absolute idiot, so i would like you to play ball and delte what luke called me, you talk about being offensive well i take i am offended be his idiot remark, so please get back to me on this matter.

  59. john.t 6 years ago

    But if its ok to call people idiots then let me know

  60. al 6 years ago

    This is great loving it..forget the tips go admin

  61. al 6 years ago

    Ha ha ha

  62. john.t 6 years ago

    Still waiting administration?

  63. Dean 6 years ago

    John t do u know u have to be 18 to bet lol wise up

  64. john.t 6 years ago

    Dean al you are both absolutely idiots

  65. Dean 6 years ago

    Im tellin the administer lol

  66. john.t 6 years ago

    It’s ok to call you an idiot, because its not classed as offences, so administration say.

  67. Craig alves 6 years ago

    just got free £10 fi bet365 tae Martin. Everybody get complaining haha

  68. john.t 6 years ago

    Administration can you please delte lukes coment

  69. john.t 6 years ago

    The one where he calls me an absolute idiot, as you don’t stand for offensive coments as you delted mine, you should do the same with his offensive coment.

    • admin 6 years ago

      John, if you find being called an idiot on a gambling blog offensive, yet resort to using some of the language you did in your reply then perhaps you should find somewhere else to comment?

  70. john.t 6 years ago

    Thats why.

  71. Mister Mr 6 years ago

    Come on now, lets all focus on bashing the bookies…. I haven’t had a ‘decent’ win in ages

  72. reidy1987 6 years ago

    Had gd laugh at last 20 odd comments ther u not allowed banter. If u dnt like tips dnt bet it lol sum ppl r unreal

  73. john.t 6 years ago

    Oh so its you who decide what offensive, your not very good at your so called job on here then, as it was offensive to me as he ovfened me in saying what he said as am not an idiot, how would you like to be called an idiot administration team? Because your acting like the idiot luke

    • admin 6 years ago

      Believe me, the team here and Mr Fixit himself have been called a lot worse. Our best remedy is to ignore it and rise above it.

      If it is aggressive or crosses the line of including expletives directed at others then comments get deleted. We’ve had to do this with just three commentors in over two years and you’re one of them. As for what is offensive and not offensive, we’re can’t judge people’s level of tolerance but common sense usually prevails.

      Now lets get back to beating the bookies.

  74. luke 6 years ago

    John.t, just something for you to consider…maybe i am part of the admin team…

  75. john.t 6 years ago

    Its all a bit of a joke this site, if you havnt the comen sense to under stand what’s offensive and not offensive, its only offensive if somone says its offensive to the person who’s complaing , and i say it offened me when he called me an idiot, so there’s no ground for you to tell me it wasn’t offensive, so as you delted my coment, i ask again to have the balls and delete Luke’s offensive comet too, thanks

  76. tapper zukie 6 years ago

    where will i get a decent both teams to score coupon ladbrokes only have the 3 english teams on coupon in their shop. woman behind counter says thats all you can bet on.

    • Danny 6 years ago

      Tapper dont take crap fae the daftys behind the counters in bookies there idiots if they dont have a sheet put it on a slip it is the bookies policy to put every single bet through they dont even look at your bet luckily for me a dont get this crap anymore as the inshop bookies are eletronic screens you insert your money select your teams easy as that

  77. luke 6 years ago

    Just a simple request i have for you then John, can we please see a “tip” or two from you? rather than you constantly asking for others to give you some, then moaning like a girl when they lose? we all have same aim, to bash the bookies! but they aren’t all mega rich for no reason!!

  78. Mister Mr 6 years ago

    Hey Luke ….. “Bash the bookies” is my phrase

  79. luke 6 years ago

    haha, ermmmm….can’t think of my own right now….

  80. Mister Mr 6 years ago


  81. john.t 6 years ago

    Luke says bash the bookie’s he doesn’t mean in a take your money way, has he bats for the guys by the sound of him lol opps is that offensive

  82. luke 6 years ago

    and i assume we shant be seeing any selections from you then!?!?! i’ll pick a line just for you in a minute…hopefully it’s a killer!!

  83. Danny 6 years ago

    Luke, we’ve deleted your last comment.

    Let’s not go there eh?

  84. luke 6 years ago

    yeah sure, no worries! bit below the belt that one!

  85. john.t 6 years ago

    U like it below the belt tho luke haha,
    Right any good winners tonight then, let’s hope you get it right for the first time luke?
    tell you what you can tell how good mr fix is, because let’s be honest we .haven’t done owt since hes been on holiday have you luke ha ha

  86. luke 6 years ago

    Rare i post “tips” on here so you’d have no idea how i get on! but anyways, just for you, i have picked a 4 fold with fair bit of value
    Genk 6/4
    Bayer Leverkusen 7/10
    Udinese 13/8
    Fenerbache 11/10
    £4 PP returns £93

    also added 4 others, spurs, newcastle, lazio, lyon. £1 returns £288. It’s Europa league, anything can happen!!

  87. luke 6 years ago

    Also just placed very last minute BTTS bet on betfreds goals galore bonus coupon, with games at Lyon, Sparta Prague, Videton, Mochengladbach, Steau Bucherest, Stuttgart selected! £2 returns £58. as you can tell, very minimal stakes due to Europa League!

  88. luke 6 years ago

    Happy to be half way there in both the 4fold and BTTS bets. means not got to put another bet on for late ko’s

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