ACTUALLY, some of these are Mr Fixit's Tips. Between sinking cocktails by the pool and sinking putts on the golf course the man himself managed to text me some of his tips including this week's Top Treble. Let's hope he's on the ball and not suffering from heat-stroke.

Betway have enhanced his line of Everton, Gillingham and Oldham to 8-1.The rest of the tips? Well they're mine. Back them at your own risk ;)

As new sponsors of this column I'll be quoting Betway's odds for each of my lines (where they have odds available). You can claim a £25 free bet when you open an account at Betway via this site. Betway will also be ENHANCING the odds on my TOP TREBLE every week so make sure you get the best odds by opening an account with them.


Each week you can also win a £10 free bet at Betway by posting your Top Treble in the comments section below. Quote the treble odds from Betway and each week I'll pick a winning treble to win the free bet.

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So here's what I'll be on this weekend. Good luck with your lines and don't forget to enter the treble competition in the comments section below.


  • Liverpool
  • Bolton
  • Charlton
  • Fleetwood
  • St Johnstone
  • Perm any 4 and all 5 (6 bets)
  • Fivefold pays £148.60 to a £10 stake at Betway


  • Arsenal
  • Crawley
  • Southend
  • Hibs
  • Perm any 3 and all 4 (5 bets)
  • Fourfold pays £215.80 to a £10 stake at Betway




  • Tottenham 2-1 Chelsea (15-2, betway)
  1. GEORGI STEFANOV GOGOV 6 years ago

    Top Treble – Crystal Palace – Millwall – CRYSTAL PALACE to win at odds 2.05 at
    Derby – Blackburn – BLACKBURN to win at odds 2.90 at betway
    Genoa – Roma – ROMA to win at odds 2.10 at betway
    TOP TREBLE – CRYSTAL PALACE to win 2.05 , BLACKBURN to win 2.90 , ROMA to win 2.10 – all to win

  2. jim 6 years ago

    acca for today

    bayern munich

    8.43 on bet365

  3. Paddy McGinty 6 years ago


  4. Kevin McKenna 6 years ago

    top treble
    Not sure about odds.
    Good luck today i’m due some

  5. Stephen Miller 6 years ago

    Top Treble

    Mk Dons

  6. Danny 6 years ago


    dont have betway account just like huvin a go

  7. Mystic Clegg 6 years ago

    My £10 quad- pays about 10/1
    Man U- Bolton-Oxford and Oldham….

    • Mystic Clegg 6 years ago

      I added in Bradford and netted £200 and my goal rush is still running into the Burnley-Blackburn match.

  8. Jonathan Grieve 6 years ago

    If any1 can answer this i’ll b most grateful………
    I’ve seen a tip for the Norwich v Arsenal game. It is for 5 points and under in the card market with Betfair. Does any1 know how that would translate in2 Paddy Power‘s card market? Betfair‘s odds r 2.2 and Paddy’s odds for card index under 10 points is 12/1! I think they must measure their card index differently…….

  9. Danny 6 years ago

    am not to clued up on the cards unless its a straight red yellow card is usualy 10 points and red is 25 points 11/4 for over 45 points so for this bet to win udd need 5 cards seems right but a could be way aff surley somebody on the site will be able to put you right

  10. Ryan Brown 6 years ago

    Peterhead @ 1.62
    Gillingham @ 1.70
    Fleetwood @ 1.55

  11. alex 6 years ago

    Top treble

    Chelsea 3/2
    Crawley 11/10
    Man city 3/4

    9.18 tbl

  12. Josip 6 years ago

    Man City 1.75

    Bayern Munchen 1.30

    Lazio – Milan to Draw 3.20

  13. Maria 6 years ago

    Man City 1.75
    Liverpool 1.35
    Man Utd 1.30

  14. Gary Fagan 6 years ago

    Fulham 1.75
    Liverpool 1.35
    Man Utd 1.30

  15. Ivana 6 years ago

    Arsenal 1.55

    Southampton 4.00

    Barcelona 1.30

  16. Jonathan Grieve 6 years ago

    Celtic. Arsenal. Bayern Munich

  17. kozil 6 years ago

    swindon – Scunthrope 1
    Birmingham – Leicester bts
    Burnley – Blackpool bts
    4,27 (all)

  18. phil 6 years ago

    Top treble. Swindon. Gillingham. Fleetwood

  19. John Henderson 6 years ago

    Top treble

    Arsenal h/t f/t
    West Ham

  20. malcolm caithness 6 years ago

    West Ham

  21. Chris 6 years ago

    Wow tottham is doing it

  22. Craig Mc 6 years ago



  23. chris dawiki 6 years ago

    My top.treble is
    Swindon 1.55
    Oxford 2.05
    Port Vale 1.75

    Betway odds at 5.56

  24. Mike 6 years ago

    I backed

    Man utd
    Port vale

    @5.02 had £50 quid on it! Hopefully barca do the business :)

  25. COLIN REID 6 years ago

    Espanyol ,Lazio,Everton around 17/2 for your cash

  26. john.t 6 years ago

    Can somone put a treble up for tomorrow thanks

  27. Jonathan Grieve 6 years ago

    Depor v Barca – btts 8/11. Riki anytime 7/2. Messi to score 2 or more 13/10. This isn’t another attempt at a treble from me btw,just sharing my thoughts

  28. Knottsy 6 years ago

    Inter Milan
    Atletico Madrid
    Treble is 5.04 @ Betway

  29. Danny 6 years ago

    inter milan

    treble – helsingborg lyon tromso

    single – grasshoppers

    both to score


  30. phil 6 years ago

    I’ve done your five plus the treble danny I always like your tips on a Sunday as I know nothing about the European games mind you it takes me ages to Google where all the teams are from!! Also put the btts on and then put all 14 on it pays 254/1. Good luck pal.

    • Danny 6 years ago

      cheers Phil a like to think am better at the european football rather than the uk although the dutch game not looking to clever just now after a while all the teams countrys will just stick in your head

    • Danny 6 years ago

      it would appear i dont know anawful lot either Phil right bad turn with all the bets the bad luck is absolte ridiculous teems galore losing goals at the death

  31. John 6 years ago

    Just looking for a few games to stick a few quid on, Miniero v Fluminense in the brazilian serie A looks a banker as they both scored over 5O goals each, Hamburg v Stuttgart and maybe Sunderland v Newcastle

  32. Mike 6 years ago

    Hi Danny! Where can I find grasshoppers? Is it the Swedish team? Can’t find them on today matches!

  33. Danny 6 years ago

    Switzerland Mike

  34. Mike 6 years ago

    I backed your single Danny. Looking good so far mate! Your single last weekend put a smile on my face! Let’s hope it’s the same again this weekend!

  35. Danny 6 years ago

    single up at a canter Mike helsingborg bastards on the 94th minute

  36. Mike 6 years ago

    Didn’t have the treble backed mate! Put your single is flying!!

  37. Danny 6 years ago

    wit is going on
    helsingborg 93rd minute
    halmstad lose 2 goals 88 n 90 minutes
    grasshoopers held on by skin of there teeth

  38. Mike 6 years ago

    Football for ya mate! I had Oldham sting me last weekend in the 96th minute!

  39. phil 6 years ago

    Not to worry danny shit happens you post a lot of good ones mate there’s always next week.

  40. tony 6 years ago

    Allrite Danny bro

  41. john.t 6 years ago

    Listen up boys, no body knows nothing, its swing an round abouts. You have luck and you have bad luck.

  42. tony 6 years ago

    Linfield Kayserispor Syrianska Nantes aarhus

  43. Danny 6 years ago

    happnin Tony boy just no that long up m8 feel like a crack heed that your 5 fur the night

    like the look of all btts in finland sept maybe hjk-lahti


    treble – kryliya.sovetov djurgarden 1860munich

    single – platanias

    • robert miller 6 years ago

      how desperate is the site getting, that guys are betting on teams that most of us cant pronounce, save your dosh and study up for the champions league

      and i dont mean 7 team accumulators!!!!!!!

      • Danny 6 years ago

        Robert speak for yersel pal a can pronounce any team in the world just fine am male a bet on football there for a can pronounce the names and am clued up on leagues positions and how teams perform so thats that study up for the champions league whats to study barcaelona galatasary man utd juventus and the rest could go either way SIMPLE

  44. tony 6 years ago

    Danny tried to do bts on all finish top flight games. Could not get them in shop. As you know don’t do any betting online. Linfield have not been going to well.
    Robert never had much luck with British games. Most ov ma big winners have been European coupons thats why a like to do them.

    • Danny 6 years ago

      aye a was hinkin that mate wae the btts on the sheet looked at linfield earlier looks a bit dodgy hope it comes up fur ye only been up fur 5hours an am feeling gouched already sittin hittin a para reading aboot mad snakes an shit lol

  45. tony 6 years ago

    A get more luck on European lines than British Robert.

  46. tony 6 years ago

    Mad shit snakes crawling about you am going up to try put the bts on you put up mate will let you know when a get back if a got it on mate

  47. Striker 6 years ago

    Right, so having seen Danny get more than a fair share on the nail, I’ve gone for a wee flutter on:

    Home Win
    Platanias – single 2pts

    BTTS Treble
    Jonkopings Sodra/ Assyriska
    Trelleborgs FF / Falkenberg FF
    Kayserispor / Buyuksehir

    Here’s hoping!

  48. John 6 years ago

    In response to the guy who was talking about us betting on weird sounding teams, it’s no harm to put a very small stake on a bet during the week :-)

  49. robert miller 6 years ago

    hey hold on here, i was only offering an opinion, and yes i,m a small stake man myself, but i,m lucky in so far as i can go a couple of saturdays without a bet purely for the fact i dont fancy anything.

    • John 6 years ago

      When i mean small stake i mean 2 or 3 quid, i very rarely go over a tenner and that’s only on things that have a very good chance, i only done 4 teams both to score purely for a bit of fun

  50. Danny 6 years ago

    Thats a good hing Robert being able to go a few weeks wae out a bet as you can tell i cant help myself no matter whos playing a canny not have a bet an more often than not a leave the casino scunnered anall look at the treble a put up the first team on it are done by a 5-1 shot in a way its a bit mad not being able to wait 1 day untill tuesdays football eventhough i try and stay clear of russian and turkish football cause its without a doubt the most fixed football leagues in the game thats the addiction but once your hooked

  51. john.t 6 years ago

    Somone sort a good top treble for tomorrow thanks

  52. tony 6 years ago

    Ipswich Bradford cardiff

  53. luke 6 years ago

    John.t…these are 5 teams i fancy to win tomorrow. chances are 1 will let the 5 fold down, so feel free to try pick a winning treble from the 5
    Sheffield United
    Port Vale

  54. Darren G 6 years ago

    Tbl tip for tomorrow night, 3 homes, Leicester Boro Crawley, mind where u place the bet, I’ve staked 40 for a 440 return with PP, hills returns 388 – I’ve had reasonable success this season.
    Aim to post all future bets, much easier with the new iPad which was purchased on the back of mr fixits tips last month !

  55. Danny 6 years ago







  56. tony 6 years ago

    Your five look good Danny bro. Southend have not been great this season. Should win at home though you putting a line on for the Mora let me know mate

  57. Striker 6 years ago

    Ah well that’s my £4 gone… Still satisfied my itchy fingers for today

  58. alex walker 6 years ago

    John t. Heres a treble for you. Cardiff leeds and port vale. Arsenal let me down for 8 team acca at wkend. So good luck with that treble if you do it.

  59. robbie d 6 years ago

    Treble- Sheff Utd, Man u, Port Vale 3.95/1

  60. scott 6 years ago

    How about a nice wee treble of away wins anyone?

  61. john.t 6 years ago

    Thanks boys ill have a dable tomorrow (*¯︶¯*)

  62. scott 6 years ago

    Oops! Ment 2 leave my away wins treble – huddersfield, swindon, portvale

  63. luke 6 years ago

    3 aways would be Huddersfield, Port Vale and Chelsea. i know Shaktar are a very decent side, and in great form, but im a chelsea fan, and im happy with the way we are playing. both teams will score in the match, but for price chelsea re, i think its worth a go. maybe even do a trixie or patent on the 3 selections as all good prices

  64. Mister Mr 6 years ago

    I’m a Chelsea fan too Luke, but I am thinking this game will be a draw. These teams play like its a cup final against us but I think both teams will score as well

  65. luke 6 years ago

    yeah i wouldn’t be shocked to see us draw. and to be honest, i’d be happy with that! but rare i see odds of near on 2/1 for a chelsea win, especially against an inferior side!

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