ENGLAND took the honours in their recent ODI series against Pakistan and today the sides launch into battle again, this time in the T20 format.

To win the three-match series – which serves as a warm-up for the World T20 in March – England are 9-10 favourites at Unibet while Pakistan are 9-8 at marathonbet.

For this afternoon's opener in Dubai it's England 4-5 at bet365 and Pakistan 11-10 at Totesport while Alex Hales leads the top England batsman betting at 10-3 with Skybet followed by Jason Roy (7-2, bet365).

In the NFL there's a feast of Thanksgiving action with three matches back-to-back including unbeaten Carolina Panthers at Dallas Cowboys.

Good luck with your bets and let's hear all your sporting tips and chat here and on the forums.


  1. Jordan 3 years ago

    It’s national turkey day in the USA and thankfully that gives us three games in the NFL. The oldest rivalry in the NFL hosts the night game when the Chicago Bears head to the Green Bay Packers Lambeau Field. QB Jay Cutler has the worst winning record against one team in the NFL against the Packers, at a miserable 1-12. I’ve alreday got the Packers -2.5 as the third bet in my challenge, but I think there is value to be had here. RB James Starks was named the starter against Detroit after Eddie Lacys less than productive first half of the season, and it looks to have ignited the big back who had 22 carries for 100 yards against the Vikings last week in Minneapolis compared to Starks’ 8 carries for 14 yards. Head coach Mike McCarthy hasn’t said if Lacy will be starting but I’m pretty sure all faith is restored. Last week the Broncos back Ronnie Hillman carried for 102 yards on the ground from 21 carries. If Lacy gets the majority of the workload tomorrow I think he can easily surpass this total against the Bears who are averaging 4.6 yards to opposing backs. This will be a big night at the Lambeau with the Packers set to retire the number of one of the best QB’s to ever play the game in Brett Favre, so the atmosphere should be extra special.

    Eddie Lacy (Green Bay Packers) Over 63.5 Rushing Yards @ 5/6 @ Paddy Power – 3.6 points

    Challenge bet 3

    Green Bay Packers -2.5 @ 2/7 @ 365

    £16.71 returns £21.48

    • ticketyboo 3 years ago

      _-Hi Jordan still following your challenge got
      Green bay -3 @4/11 Will Hill.Good luck mate..

  2. ayeright 3 years ago

    Knicks spurs double falls flat..

  3. ayeright 3 years ago

    Cavaliers were sh**t…Fair play to the Raptors.

  4. nick 3 years ago

    Smith left it late there haha, cheers Jordan.
    Seems like real knowledge can make you money in basketball!

  5. Jordan 3 years ago

    Lol Nick no worries but I never backed it myself! Said on the old thread I should stick to props haha

    Wouldn’t say Cavs were sh*t but that’s basketball at the end of the day. Was never going to be a blowout.

    Cleveland Cavaliers ML @ 41/50 @ Marathon Bet – 2.5 points **LOSE**

    Busts the acca too!

    Well done to the winners.

  6. Jordan 3 years ago

    Also good stuff @raoul-duke and @oriaz who had faith in Philly. They must be gutted with that loss.


    • oriaz 3 years ago

      Haha Jordan, Philly is getting closer to that win … they should be gutted cause really they should have one their last two games… lack of experience surely but it’s coming. I think they’ll get it before Warriors lose one :D

      • raoul duke 3 years ago

        …Philly are up against Houston next.

        I’m interested to see the point spread on that one haha.

  7. ayeright 3 years ago

    Bring back Irving :)

    • Jordan 3 years ago

      Amen to that mate. Shumpert also loves to rain in the threes. To be fair they were missing Mozgov and Dellavedova but kept it close enough, just couldn’t close out when it mattered.

  8. Jordan 3 years ago

    Pretty sure this is doable.

    Hayward leads the Jazz in points per game, minutes, assists and averages 4.8 rebounds. His points total is over 17 @ Paddy Power and 17.5 @ 365?

    Gordon Hayward (Utah Jazz) Over 22.5 Points, Rebounds & Assists @ 5/6 @ 365 – 2.4 points

  9. Jordan 3 years ago

    Gordon Hayward (Utah Jazz) Over 22.5 Points, Rebounds & Assists @ 5/6 @ 365 – 2.4 points **WIN**

    Before HT :)

  10. humble tipper 3 years ago

    Ffs sake hawks and clippers messed up my night

  11. raoul duke 3 years ago

    Philadelphia 76ers +11 @ 1.90 – 1.1 Points. – *WON*

    Timberwolves +3.5 @ 1.90 – 1.1 Points. – *WON*

    Knicks @ Magic Under 195 @ 1.80 – 1.1 Points. – *WON*

    Raptors +3 @ 1.95 – 1 Point. – *WON*

    Boom! Another full house!

    And threw a bit of loose change on the acca :D

    It’s been a mental week, currently on a run of 9-0.. it’s a shame there’s a break today, but another big card tomorrow.

    We’ll done to any winners!

    • oriaz 3 years ago

      Congrats Raoul! Keep it up mate, I like to take your selections into account and didn’t see you tipped the Wolves, would have left the dodgy Hawks alone :D

      • raoul duke 3 years ago

        Cheers Oriaz, yeah I don’t like betting on Hawks.. and last night proves my point, they’re very hit and miss.

        Going to have a no bet day, back tomorrow and I think it’s time to increase the stakes :)

    • attiladathrilla 3 years ago

      Well done Raoul! I always want to follow your tips but always hesitate and bug out… Then when you post full houses I kick myself, haha.
      I was on a sinar run last year at one stage, just kept winning. But struggling to pick em so far this year.
      Keep it up mate!

      • attiladathrilla 3 years ago


        • raoul duke 3 years ago

          Cheers attila, Hahaa yeah last night’s tips weren’t going to be everyone’s cup of tea.. going against Cavs, Hawks and backing 76ers. I don’t always have time to explain my bets, but always do where possible.

  12. oriaz 3 years ago

    Mixed night for me, small loss on the singles with 2 losers but the challenge bet is alive and kicking.
    I more or less covered Huggy’s bet at half time, got almost the stakes back but what a night it would have been if that one came in! Clippers just never got into rythm… anyways onwards!


    – Cavs/Raptors over 197.5 *** WIN ***
    – Hawks -2 *** LOSE ***
    – Clippers -4.5 *** LOSE ***
    – Knicks/Magic under 195 (Hey Raoul!) *** WIN ***
    – Challenge Bet 4: Sixers +17.5 (26 returns 34.5) *** WIN ***

    November stats: Bets 68 (34-0-34)

  13. huggybear518 3 years ago

    Mobis phoebus now -4.5

    Its having it.

    Woke to find 450 in the account . Sorry guys but posted it wrong the treble was the 3 early games. Clippers would have been the icing.

    Well done on all the wins guys

    • oriaz 3 years ago

      Congrats then Huggy! But post it correctly next time around so we can all have a nice wake-up :D

      • oriaz 3 years ago

        Phoebus nailed it with +11 pts!
        Good call Huggy, got on it -4.5 and -1.5.

  14. attiladathrilla 3 years ago

    Jeez gr8 Huggy’s! Ya lost me a fortune!!!

    (Jus kiddin bud!) I cashed out the treble after the 1st 2 legs.

    My 2 singles both LOST (zero defense with bucks/kings, & useless Hawks!)

    But my $3.00 5-Fold won so ended up with a sma profit for the day.

    • huggybear518 3 years ago

      Sorry guys , ( i mean that ) it`s the joys of sleep deprivation when working fixed nights.

      hopefully saved a bit of face with (Mobis phoebus now -4.5)

      93 – 82 WINNER !!!

      chuffed coz i went large here…


      well done mate that`s quality

  15. attiladathrilla 3 years ago

    Btw lads – There’s a half card of NCAAB games on still (26 matches) so I’ll do some research and post a couple of singles later…

  16. mulac 3 years ago

    ^i was tempted as well.

    this stuck out of the crowd for me:

    cleveland v raptors over 197.5 points 10/11 *won*

    kemba walker over 18.5 10/11 *lost* by 3 pts.

    im such a pussay lol, pussied out on the raptors, and had hornets that i cowardly cashed out on, luckily had hornets +5.5, though i stuck it on Spurs / Clippers ML..

    decent night that could of been a great one.

    well done to mr. duke sir! well played

    *waits for hunter to post* :)

  17. attiladathrilla 3 years ago

    Hunter is M.I.A… Missing his bets to keep my betting balance from dropping, haha

  18. attiladathrilla 3 years ago

    My Rolling $10 Challenge Bet (4th bet):

    – Carolina Panthers +8.5
    – Green Bay Packers ML

    DOUBLE pays $1.45 (rolling $45 to return $65)

  19. radu 3 years ago

    1) Montpellier – Toulouse – Montpellier under 32.5 @ 3/4
    2) Holstebro – Nordsjaelland – Nord. over 24.5 @ 4/5
    3) Fram – Akureyri – Under 49.5 @ 3/4
    4) Redbergslids – Karlskrona – Karlskrona(+4.5) @ 18/25
    5) Balmazujvaros – Cegledi – Over 50.5 @ 1/1
    1) Cherepovets – Vladivostok – 2nd Half over 1.5 @ 15/19
    2) CSKA – Khabarovsk – 2nd Half over 1.5 @ 23/25
    3) Dinamo Riga – Yaroslavl – BTTS at least 2 goals @ 11/9
    4) Djurgarden – Lulea – BTTS at leat 2 goals @ 5/6
    5) Linkopings – Frolunda – 1st Half over 1.5 @ 51/50
    6) Malmo – Rogle – Rogle or draw @ 5/6
    7) Vaxjo – Modo – BTTS at least 2 goals @ 41/50
    8) Lada Togliatti – SKA St. Petersburg – Anytime scorecast – regular time
    – Kovalchuk , Ilya & 2-2 @ 45/1
    – Kovalchuk , Ilya & 3-2 @ 110/1
    – Kovalchuk , Ilya & 2-3 @ 55/1
    – Kovalchuk , Ilya & 3-3 @ 50/1
    – Kovalchuk , Ilya & 2-4 @ 40/1
    – Kovalchuk , Ilya & 1- 3 @ 45/1

    • oriaz 3 years ago

      That’s a lot of bets Radu :D

      Can you specify the stakes? are you putting to same on every bet or are there bets you are more confident of?

    • radu 3 years ago

      1) Montpellier – Toulouse – Montpellier under 32.5 @ 3/4 Won
      2) Holstebro – Nordsjaelland – Nord. over 24.5 @ 4/5 Lost
      3) Fram – Akureyri – Under 49.5 @ 3/4 Lost
      4) Redbergslids – Karlskrona – Karlskrona(+4.5) @ 18/25 Lost
      5) Balmazujvaros – Cegledi – Over 50.5 @ 1/1 Won
      1) Cherepovets – Vladivostok – 2nd Half over 1.5 @ 15/19 Won
      2) CSKA – Khabarovsk – 2nd Half over 1.5 @ 23/25 Lost
      3) Dinamo Riga – Yaroslavl – BTTS at least 2 goals @ 11/9 Lost
      4) Djurgarden – Lulea – BTTS at leat 2 goals @ 5/6 Lost
      5) Linkopings – Frolunda – 1st Half over 1.5 @ 51/50 Lost
      6) Malmo – Rogle – Rogle or draw @ 5/6 Lost
      7) Vaxjo – Modo – BTTS at least 2 goals @ 41/50 Won
      8) Lada Togliatti – SKA St. Petersburg – Anytime scorecast – regular time
      – Kovalchuk , Ilya & 2-2 @ 45/1
      – Kovalchuk , Ilya & 3-2 @ 110/1
      – Kovalchuk , Ilya & 2-3 @ 55/1
      – Kovalchuk , Ilya & 3-3 @ 50/1
      – Kovalchuk , Ilya & 2-4 @ 40/1
      – Kovalchuk , Ilya & 1- 3 @ 45/1
      2-2 but no Ilya ;(

  20. attiladathrilla 3 years ago

    NCAAB 5-Point Singles:

    – Xavier -10.5 vs Alabama @ $1.92
    – Boise State ML vs UC Irvine @ $1.82

    The line in Alabama’s last away game was set exactly the same as today’s line…& they were thumped by 38pts! Xavier’s home form is phenomenal & should see them cover the spread today. Also note, Xavier won the identical match-up last year by 13 points.

    On paper, UC Irvine are gong great with a 4-0 start to the season. But at closer look, they’ve only played inferior opponents and are yet to be really tested. Boise are a quality team and a step up in class for Irvine. Also note, Boise have won both their home games this season by 20pts & 47pts, whilst Irvine failed to cover their sole away game which was a 1pt win in overtime.

    GL if you follow.

  21. mulac 3 years ago

    calling @hunter where are thou!?

  22. Jordan 3 years ago

    FFS lads, pick your own games for your challenge bets please and don’t just take my picks hahaha ;)

    @raoul-duke well done mate that’s some run!

    NFL Week 12

    Green Bay Packers ML
    Jacksonville Jaguars +5.5
    Cleveland Browns +4.5

    19/20 @ 365 – 6 points

    Green Bay Packers ML
    Jacksonville Jaguars ML
    Cleveland Browns ML
    Arizona Cardinals -3.5

    2.95/1 @ 365 – 3 points

    Carolina Panthers +7.5
    Green Bay Packers ML
    Houston Texans +3.5
    New York Giants +3.5
    Jacksonville Jaguars +3.5
    Cincinnati Bengals -2.5
    Tampa Bay Buccaneers +10.5
    Arizona Cardinals -2.5
    Pittsburgh Steelers +10.5
    Denver Broncos +10.5
    Cleveland Browns +3.5

    20.02/1 @ 365 – 1 point

    • raoul duke 3 years ago

      Cheers Jordan, good luck with your NFL bets. I’m having a night off!

    • ticketyboo 3 years ago

      Hi Jordan sorry didn’t think you would object
      have a good night at the NFL.

      • Jordan 3 years ago

        Haha no tickety I was talking about the lads using my selections for their own challenges. Felt a bit cheated that’s all ;)

        • attiladathrilla 3 years ago

          Hey Jordan – didn’t use yours mate. Panthers & Packers are the only 2 bankers across all sports today.. Small cards usually draw similar picks from a few of us. All good m8, we all in this together!

          • attiladathrilla 3 years ago

            Actually, you hadn’t posted Panthers yet when I posted mine, & I went Packers ML as opposed to your -2.5 :-P

            • Jordan 3 years ago

              No but I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t have even thought about using the Packers until after I posted it bud. Not a problem I can take it as a compliment as I’m obviously contributing to your success.

              • Jordan 3 years ago

                I actually don’t think the Pack are a banker to be honest either.

                • Jordan 3 years ago

                  Come to think of it, no bet is a banker.

            • Jordan 3 years ago

              Also the Panthers aren’t in my challenge bet so not sure what you’re on about.

  23. nflfan 3 years ago

    Hi all, like the alternative overs at William hills on Detroit v Philly .43 1/2 green bay v Chicago 41 1/2 and Dallas v Carolina 41 1/2 treble pays 3.1/1 .

  24. winnerallright 3 years ago

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone!! 3 Thurs Nfl games… Happy days. Didnt get a chance to post earlier but had detroit -3 and Big Calvin Johnson over 79.5yrds so a happy day so far. the beer is going down well too!!. Whats the BEST play for next game…. My initial thought is Carolina -6.5 @ 11-5 on PP. & also thinking Big Greg Olsen over 61.5yrds. Any feedback from Jordan and Co wud be great

  25. winnerallright 3 years ago

    TheChief where are you mate. I hope everythings ok. Your insight is badly missed on here….

  26. attiladathrilla 3 years ago

    **Posted Earlier**

    NCAAB 5-Point Singles:

    **WON** – Xavier -10.5 vs Alabama @ $1.92

    **WON** – Boise State ML vs UC Irvine @ $1.82

    **Some profit finally! Only a small house, but still a full one. Both games went to form exactly, love when it happens like that.

  27. Jordan 3 years ago

    All week I was wondering what on earth was going on with the spread in the Panthers game and was put off by the money on the Cowboys. Typical Americans betting on ‘Americas team’ on their big holiday. http://www.sportsbookreview.com/betting-odds/nfl-football/consensus/

    Fingers crossed the Packers get the W.

    • attiladathrilla 3 years ago

      Hey Jordan – yeh mate I read the same type of article which is why I put em with the big start in my challenge bet. Idiots, lol. Bookies must live those sorts of games, haha

      • Jordan 3 years ago

        Trouble with Americans mate is they bet on games going by what has happened ion the past. You’ll always see pundits talking about teams that are 9-0 on Thanksgiving when there’s a full moon or some stupid fact like that, and people will pile the pounds into them.

  28. attiladathrilla 3 years ago

    Low stakes NCAAB treble @ $6.00:

    – Notre Dame -9.0
    – Boston College +13.5
    – Washington +3.5

    0.5 points returns 3pts

  29. Jordan 3 years ago

    Sorry @winnerallright just came on mate. Yeah I fancied both of those that you mentioned and thought the Panthers on the ML all week was the bet. I know the TD’s are from the defense but you’ll know that’s what wins championships.

  30. winnerallright 3 years ago

    Jordan no worries mate. I cud do with a nice long throw to Big Greg though!! Yeah the bookies priced this way off! How cud they have had the COWBOYS favs earlier today against a 10-0 team. Madness. im only sickened i didnt put more on the Panthers -6.5!! Cmon Olsen catch a 30yarder in last qtr to cap a good game!!

  31. winnerallright 3 years ago

    Ha ha ha ha . Olsen u beauty!!!!!!!!

  32. Jordan 3 years ago

    I’m sickened I looked too much into those numbers to be fair. Same with the Eagles, they were getting hammered on the bet slips but only ended up getting hammered themselves, one thing I am worried about is the Packers are seeing more money haha

  33. Jordan 3 years ago

    Panthers D has gifted me 26 points so far today haha

  34. winnerallright 3 years ago

    Thats always the worry with too much info sometimes Jordan. As soon as i knew Bradford was confirmed out for eagles, i was all over Detroit and I actually said to my mates before Panthers game that Romo wudnt last full game against the tuff Panthers D. Apart from Gronk, Greg Olsen has to be 1 of the best ever TE’s. Great day so far. Im hoping the Packers can top off a super day. Jordan what u reckon Packers -7.5 @ evens…

  35. harddivision 3 years ago

    Jordan, what are your thoughts on Packers over 27.5 team total?

  36. Jordan 3 years ago

    @winnerallright I honestly think the Bears might cover mate. Haven’t checked any team news but I think Forte and Jeffery are playing which is two big weapons for Cutler.

    @harddivision it’s a coin flip mate. Never like backing team points in the NFL as you just never know how well they’ll perform. That’s 4 TD’s, its doable, we have a good history against the Bears but its not something I’d bet on.

  37. Jordan 3 years ago

    Lads I’ve replied to both of you but the comment is in moderation. Long story short I don’t like either bet if I’m honest. Think it could be close. Our receivers really struggling to get separation in recent weeks. I’m just hoping big Eddy gets it done on the ground.

  38. winnerallright 3 years ago

    cheers jordan. yeah i see ur point but i reckon as u said Eddie Lacy looked back to his best last weekend & Starks will want to be kept involved too. No way the Bears can handle Lacy & Rodgers….No Way…. I’ve decided Packers BIG! Only playing with winning so its a great day all round!. Maybe im mad but trying Packers -13.5 @ 7-4! & Eddie Lacy over 63.5yrds. Goodluck & fingers crossed for a big win from your boys Jordan!!! :-)

  39. nick 3 years ago


  40. nick 3 years ago


  41. Jordan 3 years ago

    Strange decision to hand that off on 4th down but the big man has 37 yards on his first 4 carries :)

  42. winnerallright 3 years ago

    Eddie’ Showboating’ Lacy nearly f@#ked that up!!! :-o Nice TD for packers and Bid Eddie has 48yrds!!! Cmon the Packers

  43. nick 3 years ago

    Seems like the running game would work better in these conditions, lots of slipping and dropping of passes.

    • Jordan 3 years ago

      Always the case Nick. Also helps out that the Lambeau is one of if not the coldest place to play in the NFL.

  44. winnerallright 3 years ago

    Yeah Nick, it looks cold and nasty in Lambeau.. F#@kin freezing cold. Keep giving the ball to Lacy I agree…. ;-)

  45. Jordan 3 years ago

    Damn it Eddie! That was the yards done and dusted!

  46. winnerallright 3 years ago

    god dammit…………………………. Lacy got his total rushing yrds but that fumble could be costly

  47. Jordan 3 years ago

    @winnerallright I thought if you fumble the ball the run doesn’t count?

  48. Jordan 3 years ago

    Looks like the run counted? I always thought if the runner fumbles the ball on the play the yards don’t get added on? NFL website and ESPN says apparently not.

    Eddie Lacy (Green Bay Packers) Over 63.5 Rushing Yards @ 5/6 @ Paddy Power – 3.6 points **WIN**

    He won’t be going backwards.

  49. nick 3 years ago

    Nice one once again Jordan, seems like I’m winning money on the NBA/NFL then losing it straight away on football haha

  50. Jordan 3 years ago

    Said at the start of the season Jeff Janis has the speed to burn and that’s two big returns in two weeks. Yet to see him utilized over the top in the passing game though. His time shall come.

  51. Jordan 3 years ago

    Nick, contemplating scrapping football betting when the month is over.

  52. nick 3 years ago

    I agree, seems like you can utilize stats/knowledge better with NFL/NBA.
    Not sure why this topic isn’t more popular, probably more wins than on the football topic!

  53. winnerallright 3 years ago

    No Jordan, the run counts until the ball gets fumbled. well done with your bet too mate. Go Packers Go. Plenty of time for Lacy to make ammends for that fumble & Rodgers will have a good 2nd half………..

  54. Jordan 3 years ago

    Without a doubt mate. Said it before many times. Much less risk involved on American sports.

  55. attiladathrilla 3 years ago

    Jordan – just friendly
    banter mate :-)
    But I can blame you now then in Packers lose, hahaha.
    Hopefully they get back on top in 2nd half…conceding just before halftime, not great.

  56. Jordan 3 years ago

    Doesn’t help the -2.5 there but all we can do is hope for a better second half!

  57. winnerallright 3 years ago

    attiladathrilla thats the Rodgers Effect. I wish he played each possession like it was a 2 min drill. Natural throwing killa!!! Apart from Tom Brady, there aint nobody as accurate as Aaron. Im confident he’ll have a gud 2nd half

  58. harddivision 3 years ago

    Packers ML do they stand a chance guys?

  59. Jordan 3 years ago

    How many screen passes are we going to let the Bears complete here? P*ss take!!

  60. Jordan 3 years ago

    @harddivision of course they do its a one possession game!

  61. Jordan 3 years ago

    TD or bust now. Can only hope we march up the field. Some horrible defence played on that last drive by the Pack.

  62. attiladathrilla 3 years ago

    Great goal defense by Packers to keep that to a field goal only.
    A touchdown req’d now… Definitely not a banker bet, haha

  63. Jordan 3 years ago

    If we lose this game against the f*cking Bears I will go mad. Can beat our top division rivals on the road a week before and look sh*te the next. Pathetic.

  64. Jordan 3 years ago

    You’d actually think the Bears are playing at home the success they are having. Absolute joke!

  65. Jordan 3 years ago

    I’m turning it off and I’ll find out the result in the morning. Blitzing on third down has killed us every time and we still doing it. Absolute sh*t.

  66. attiladathrilla 3 years ago

    Packers lost me $45 challenge bet on 4th bet. Typical. Idiots. Had 4 downs on the line at the death and each one incomplete.

  67. Jordan 3 years ago

    $45??? Try over £100 for me.

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