IT was one tip and another winner for Greg on Monday night and he is back with goals tips for Tuesday.

There is a packed card in English League One and Two and that's where he's going.

Crawley v Northampton

Over 2.5 goals 19-20, bet365 (nap)

Swindon v Walsall

Over 2.5 match goals 5-6 Skybet (NB)

Peterborough v Barnsley

Bradford v Coventry

Notts Co v Barnet

Over 2.5 match goals treble 5-1


  1. theboss 3 years ago

    Cheers Greg missed out yesterday but will be on all these :)

  2. superjim 3 years ago

    Greg, every single away game for Scunthorpe this season has been overs. 17/20 looks quite good but maybe Bury don’t score so many at home. What do,you think?

    I might just start betting on your every tip. Friday and Saturday you pretty much got everything right apart from nap. On my Greg’s tips spread sheet, there is a hell of a lot of non nap wins which annoyingly I don’t normally bet on.

  3. brooksey62 3 years ago

    Next Best I guess

  4. razerbwfc 3 years ago

    Cheers Greg, on these. Will also do my customary o2.5/btts on your nap and NB. Fingers crossed .

  5. dragoon 3 years ago

    Any help guys…I was placing the bet on BET365 and I placed it in the wrong box it says 4 Folds, 5 bets….does that mean I only need to get 4 game results correct out of the 5 to win…. what happens if i get all 5 correct? Mr F

    • Author
      Mr Fixit 3 years ago

      dragoon, it’s been explained – with 4 right you’ll probably cover your stake so 5 is what you want.

  6. 3 years ago

    @dragoon You placed 5 bets (5 stakes) each with a different fourfold. If you get all 5 correct, you get 5 winning fourfolds, If you lose one you get one winning fourfold, if you lose two you lose all.

    Going with a fourfold, nap with over 1.5 goals in the others except Peterborough. And a small bet on all five over 2.5 goals

  7. GregBrowning 3 years ago

    Super Jim, I did look at the bury game mate and was aware of Scunthorpes away day goals trend! Could be a tight game though, decided to leave it

    Yeah what you’ll usally see Jim is a can go days without posting a NAP but may post 4 or 5 tips during the same period so would always expect to see more non nap wins than NAP wins – last week with it being international week I think I posted 5 tips, 5 winners between Monday and Wednesday, just one of those where a NAP

  8. dragoon 3 years ago

    Peterborough v Barnsley
    Bradford v Coventry
    Notts Co v Barnet
    all over 1.5 goals

    Crawley v Northampton
    Swindon v Walsall
    both over 2.5 goals

    25 pounds returns 117 on bet365

    what do you think @greendrone i can still cash out…but i got a feeling gregs going to ace it today

  9. razerbwfc 3 years ago

    @Dragoon as well as doing Greg’s over 2.5 tips, I also do over 2.5 AND Btts as well for slightly better odds. Amazing how many times they come in when the original over 2.5 comes in.

  10. dragoon 3 years ago

    @razerbwfc ill try that for today. fingers crossed!

  11. shuggy2207 3 years ago

    Where is all the tips that used to be on here for btts on champions league??

    • dragoon 3 years ago

      not sure can only see Nov 24: Champions League Betting Preview on the main page but no BBTS in there

  12. oozie 3 years ago

    Do most people back all of Greg’s tips, or just what they fancy.
    I usually back the NAP and NB, but there are times when they don’t come in and his other “non” NAP and NB do.
    I noticed SuperJim mentioned keeping a spreadsheet of all his NAP and NB bets.
    Are you much in profit just covering the NAP and NB ?
    I’d imagine you would be as I can’t really recall both failing since I’ve started following.

  13. superjim 3 years ago

    oozie, I think the most important thing is putting the same stake on every one of greg’s naps. Even if you don’t like it, do it anyway. There has been many where i wonder where the hell he has got that from, and it comes in. Also waiting inplay for odds to increase is a dangerous game to play and usually means a missed chance.

    If you take any period of time ie. a chunk of Naps anywhere on the spreadsheet, the worst window possible is negative 50 points (10 points a day stake). So lets say you have built up £500 with a £50 a day stake. The very worst run he has had will bring you back down to £250 before the winners come back and your winnings go back up again. So that is the worst case scenario that has happened so far so don’t panic when he does have a few go south. Many more go north.. Since the start of Greg’s thread he is way up. Obviously, the higher your stake the higher your winnings. I hope this makes sense.

    Regarding nb and the other tips, I have not kept 100% accurate records on these. There is a lot of winners though in the ones I have recorded. I would treat them as a bonus, separately from the nap. maybe put 2 points on each one.

    Greg, I hope I was ok to post this.

  14. oozie 3 years ago

    Thanks for the reply superjim.
    I think I’ll start a wee spreadsheet myself and see how I go.
    I’m sure Greg won’t mind, as any sensible person likes to keep track on what they are winning or losing.
    Good luck tonight boys. :-)

  15. warktheline 3 years ago

    I always back Greg’s tips, his consistency picking out winners are second to none. I’ve started on an extremely low bank, but with plenty of help from Greg, have significantly improved profit.
    Mr F, will shortly join membership, thanks for all the hard work you guys put in to site.

    • Author
      Mr Fixit 3 years ago

      warktheline, I reckon Greg has about an 80 per cent hit rate on the nap so backing each time with level stakes you won’t go wrong.

  16. dragoon 3 years ago

    @superjim so basically….If I should keep putting £50 on all of gregs NAPS? or I can pick any amount. Im just new to this so haven’t got a big starting balance.

    • -wato- 3 years ago

      You don’t have to bet an amount that someone else does mate it’s completely up to you. From what you said though if aren’t starting with a big balance which many don’t so I’m sure I can speak for everyone and say just bet a small percentage of that amount and if and more likely when the bank grows a bit you could maybe up the stakes a bit. Just wouldn’t like you to use most of it at the beginning and whipe it all out in one go cause even the best get losing runs.

  17. warktheline 3 years ago

    Mr F, spot on there pal, your site is a true credit to yourself and team. Looking forward to joining up!

  18. GregBrowning 3 years ago

    No problem with that at all Jim

    All best with uoir bets tonight gents :)

  19. dafsmith 3 years ago

    Threw Arsenal Bayern and Barca in with your Nap flying Greg cheers

  20. mahommie29 3 years ago

    Thanks again, again and again Greg!! Nap sails in ?

  21. dragoon 3 years ago

    Nice one on NAP @Greg once again

    Bradford games not looking good..fingers crossed might just bet against 2.5 goals to make the stake back

  22. -wato- 3 years ago

    Brilliant thanks again Greg

  23. superjim 3 years ago

    @dragoon. Bet 10 points a day on Greg’s nap. This means 10% of your betting bank. So if you decide your betting bank is £500, then yes bet £50. If your betting bank is £200 then bet £20. You can then try and build up your bank. You should try not bet anymore than 10 points a day on all your bets together. That is why I usually put the entire 10 points on Greg’s nap and not much else.

    • dragoon 3 years ago

      @superjim thanks for you advice my betting bank is 300 so ill start doing that. would you advice to sticking to NAP as a beginner or try the other ones suggested by Greg?

      Im only doing Gregs bets at the moment because ive won few of his NAP’s.

      And thanks for the advice I was just putting randum amounts on the bets before. I think thats where i was going wrong haha

  24. warktheline 3 years ago

    Greg, you beauty!!!!!!!!!

  25. dalian-shide 3 years ago

    Thanks again Greg. 2 singles, a late Swindon goal. Yippee your the man.

  26. md825 3 years ago

    Thanks again greg. Yet again the nap comes in. Keep up the good work buddy

  27. mattyg123 3 years ago

    Brilliant again Greg, I didn’t see you had the Bradford game too, so had the other 4 in a 4 fold, 90th minute Swindon goal done it for me. Thanks top man

  28. ray bobbins 3 years ago


  29. razerbwfc 3 years ago

    Good shout again Greg, many thanks. Btts/O2.5 on nap and nb as well, lovely jubbly. Just a shame Bradford & Coventry couldn’t bring up the treble.

  30. 3 years ago

    Rostov yesterday, Bradford-Coventry today… :( Should have gone with Peterborough. Good job on the nap and nb, Greg! Just 30 overall profit today thanks to the Champions league goals bet, on for tomorrow.

  31. GregBrowning 3 years ago

    Cheers gents :)

    It’s no coincidence the 4 matches that did come up went over 2.5 and both teams score

    A high high % of my winning over 2.5 goal tips see BTTS and over that’s because when selecting An over 2.5 match I’ll always pick matches in which I feel both teams will contribute to goals and that was the cases again tonight!

    What i would say is don’t expext a 5/1 over 2.5 treble to come in, it’s a small stake treble as I know some people are looking for bighsr odds

    The money was on the NAP and NB with a small stake on the treble

  32. 3 years ago

    Superb Greg ! keep em coming!

  33. dragoon 3 years ago

    Well done Greg, your a genius!!!!!!!incredible

  34. oozie 3 years ago

    NAP and NB both in, good nights work Greg.
    Hit the bar with the accumulator, with Bradford.

    SuperJim, I’ve just being doing the same amount singles on the NAP and NB.
    I might start doing it 80% NAP, 20% NB if you reckon the NAP is a more regular winner out the two.

    I’ll start monitoring both up until year end and see what the results are.

  35. superjim 3 years ago

    @dragoon there is a certain bookie where they will double your initial deposit up to £200. Don’t know if you have done this yet. So you could potentially have a 500 bank. Also, flash scores is verygood for,stats, over 2.5 goal stats etc.

    I’d say do his nap whatever. Then make a call on Gregs other tips. I like his Scottish overs trebles he does on a Saturday. Other than that I usually just do the nap. I also sometimes do 2 points on my own bet for fun if fixtures are good. I got a win tonight with pboro, port vale and Scunthorpe. I am careful never to wipe out any profit from Greg’s nap however. I also don’t bet on anymore than 2 or 3 teams in an Acca.

  36. superjim 3 years ago

    Greg, I will check out how many of your overs winners have also been Btts. Well done on tonight’s nap. We should start supporting Northhampton..

    Are you putting the same stake on the nb as the nap? What is your split?

    • dragoon 3 years ago

      Thanks for the tips. much appriciated. I’ll check out flash score I was checking soccerway before.
      Can you post what you do on next Gregs tip please.

      Well done on the win!!

  37. beedeebet 3 years ago

    Great tips as usual Greg.

    I’m fond of win/O2.5 and O2.5/btts trebles/4folds so your selections are my first port of call. Helped me bag a tastey winner tonight.

    Keep up the good work.

  38. GregBrowning 3 years ago

    Will certainly be 70% BTTS Jim I reckon

    On a night like tonight it would have been:

    6 points on the NAP
    3 on the NB
    1 point on the treble

    Bets I post that are neither a NAP or NB I’d suggest 2 points

  39. theboss 3 years ago

    Greg the man!! Nice one :)

  40. warktheline 3 years ago

    Thanks for the insight Greg, will add btts in future!

  41. philante 3 years ago

    oh I opened my account again tonight ..checked my balance as usual and boom..the bookie paid again…this time from both Mr fix tips and master Greg..hahaha… thanks everyone

  42. razerbwfc 3 years ago

    I reckon on winning overs it’s well above 70% btts/over. You’re just that good Greg :)

  43. swfc 3 years ago

    Well done Greg. Thank you

  44. oozie 3 years ago

    Thanks for the points break down Greg, and your input superjim.

    I’m hoping to get signed up possibly at the weekend Mr F.
    Great site, with a lot of useful information regarding team news and tips from different people who watch these teams.
    I’ll give you tips on the Ton, but I’m not backing it. haha

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