MILOS RAONIC has never reached a Madrid Open quarter-final and on Tuesday he faces a tricky customer in Juan Monaco in the second round.

They've met twice before and Argentine world No.34 Monaco has come out on top both times, first in an epic five-setter at the 2012 French Open and two years later at the Tour Finals when Raonic retired injured.

World No.6 Raonic goes into this showdown as 4-7 favourite at Sportingbet while Monaco is 13-8 at bet365 and over 22.5 games pays 4-5 at BetVictor.

There's plenty more men's and women's matches from the early rounds in Madrid today while other highlights include IPL cricket and Stateside sporting action.

Good luck with your bets and post your tips and chat here.

  1. Arrow 3 years ago

    Madrid Open Tennis


  2. Hunter 3 years ago


     22 hrs, 7 mins ago

    I can see this one being a very closley contested series. A lot of focus will be on the missing Kevin Love who dislocated his shoulder during the first-round series against the Boston Celtics, and will miss the remainder of the postseason. The question is, will the Loveless Cavs be enough of a game changer for the Bulls to win the series? No one can question the impact Love has for the Cavs who has averaged 18.3 points and 9 rebounds through the first 3 games against the Celtics. Interestingly we have a insight as to how the Cavs might fair without Love but we have to go back to Feb 12th when the Cavs played without Kevin Love against the Chicago Bulls due to an abrasion in Love’s right eye. The result was a 113-98 road loss, and a sneak peak at how Cleveland might look in the next series.

    Loves replacement that night was Tristan Thompson who again will likely replace Love as the starting power forward alongside center Timofey Mozgov. Thompson is a solid player and not to be underestimated but although he is more than capable of averaging high double figures, he’s nowhere near the scorer Love is and his defence will also be asked questions when matched up against Gasol which was more than evident with Gasol getting the better of Thompson back in Feb.

    Of course Cavs Love loss will not be the only deciding factor in a closely fought series and they do of course have LeBron James, he is arguably the greatest player on the planet. He is enormous, quick, and intelligent. He can defend anyone, get so many open shots for his team mates and muscle through anyone on this Bulls squad. This man is the biggest deficit creator for every team in the league. Jimmy Butler has had trouble guarding James in the past in the few times we’ve seen it happen, and it might be a fixture in this series. If LeBron can impose his will on the series, it’ll cover up some of the Cavaliers’ weaknesses.

    Another big factor for the outcome of the series will be the Bulls depth in the frontcourt. 2014 MVP candidate Joakim Noah and two-time champion Pau Gasol are the starting combo, with super-sub Taj Gibson and rookie sensation Nikola Mirotic coming off the bench. The Cavs on the other hand with the exception of Mozgov are lacking somewhat in this department and the Bulls big four could give the Cavs plenty of trouble.

    The Bulls clearly have a coaching advantage and more shooters to punish Cleveland. With Rose and Butler they have two players who can really rack up the points. With Butler putting up 24.8 points per game and Rose averaging 19, but if there is a fighting chance at knocking LeBron James out of the playoffs, it’s the fact that he is lacking a weapon in Love to stretch the Bulls defence and ignite fast breaks with defensive rebounds.

    Defensively the Bulls are questionable at best and sit 11th in the standings. Having said this I was impressed by their defensive display against the Bucks and even more impressivley thei defence was so tight that the Bucks highest scorer with 8 was Pachulia who averages just 7 points per game. I’m not saying that the Bulls can shut down James and Irving but if they can force some errors then I feel along with some of the other factors already mentioned the Bulls have a realistic chance of winning this series.

    Chicago Bulls ML @ 17/10 Betway & 365

    **WINNER** :)

    Series winner Chicago Bulls @ 2/1 Betway


  3. Hunter 3 years ago

    Props bet:

    Jimmy Butler points Over (21.5) @ 10/11 William Hill. *LOST*

    The best of luck all.

    Just short with a total of 20 points but he made the difference with my main bet on the Bulls so can’t be too pi**ed with him lol.

  4. punterpounder 3 years ago

    tennis treble




    £5.76 returns £14.88 @b365

  5. OriaZ 3 years ago

    Well, quite a surprise last night with Rockets losing at home against an unrested Clippers team. Didn’t look like Harden wanted to make a statement after Curry getting the MVP title either with only 20 pts …

    Posted yesterday:

    Houston -6.5 as my single. ** LOST **

    Still some profit thanks to the others in the thread Huggy/Jordan/Picksix/Hunter…

  6. Attila 3 years ago

    WTA Madrid 5-Fold @ $4.18 (2.5 points)
    – Azarenka 2-0
    – Kvitova
    – Strycova
    – Sharapova 2-0
    – Errani

    ATP Madrid 6-Fold @ $9.12 (1.5 points)
    – Dimitrov 2-0
    – Monfils
    – Muller to win a set
    – Cuevas
    – Tsonga
    – Krygios to win a set

    AFC Champions League (soccer) DRAWS 4-Fold @ $757 (0.5 points)
    – Brisbane/Urawa DRAW
    – Suwon/Beijing DRAW
    – Guangzhou/WSW DRAW
    – Kashima/Seoul DRAW

    AFC Champions League (soccer) AWAYS DNB 4-Fold @ $93.00 (0.5 points)
    – Urawa DNB
    – Beijing DNB
    – WSW DNB
    – Seoul DNB

    *Obviously on the last 2 Acca’s Cash Out if all on track towards the end (I won nearly a grand last month on AFC 4-fold taking all 4 draws, so trying it again today! Also, away teams always do well in this tournament so always a chance it will land too)

  7. Attila 3 years ago

    *Whoops, it’s $155.50 for the DRAWS 4-Fold

  8. Attila 3 years ago

    Can’t believe the Rockers played so poorly against a tired and banged up Clippers side. Lost me a decent stake. Ah well, win it back on Warriors later :-)

  9. Juan 3 years ago

    Not a good night for the New York picks, Rangers & Yankees both lost!

  10. Attila 3 years ago

    Jian – yeh I know. Lost a ton on me. Yankees were winning but had one bad innings pitch. Rangers lost 1-0. All too close but went the wrong way.

  11. Attila 3 years ago

    Cashed out the Draws 4-Fold, 1st 2 games finished 1-2 & 1-1. But the 93/1 4-Fold is still alive.
    1st 3 WTA tennis legs are in so that’s looking good.

  12. Attila 3 years ago

    If anyone is on my 93/1 DNB 4-Fold you can Cash Out now for odds of 10/1. I’m going to ride the 2nd half as Wanderers are winning 1-0 whilst the other game is 1-1. Good chance of gettin a decent payday if Seoul can get another goal & Wanderera don’t throw their lead away (like they do every other fame)

  13. Jordan 3 years ago

    Afternoon lads. Couldn’t believe what I was seeing this morning when I saw the Clippers score! Unbelievable! Another added but half stakes once more with both props winning, starting to become better at the props haha, 24/33.

    Kyrie Irving 25 Points or more @ EVS @ Ladbrokes **WIN**

    Jamal Crawford Over 16.5 P{oints @ 5/6 @ PP **WIN**

    Rocket -7 @ 5/6 @ 365 (half stakes) **LOSE**

    Tonights Bet

    Hawks/Wizards Over 190
    Warriors -6

    EVS @ 365

    Props will be up later.

  14. Attila 3 years ago

    If Muller loses either of the next 2 games in cashing out the 9/1 ATP Madeid 6-Fold for odds of 2-1. All other legs are sweet, but Muller doesn’t look like winning a set.

  15. Attila 3 years ago

    Putting the 3 points cashed out from the 6-Fold onto the following Treble:

    – Pliskova
    – Tsonga
    – Krygios to win a set

    Pays odds of $3.00 (3 points)

  16. Tempest 3 years ago

    Hello Jordan, the numbers might have changed at Bet365:

    Hawks/Wizards Over 198
    Warriors -10.5

    Still good to go with those?? Thanks.

  17. Sfcmatty 3 years ago

    Tempest he’s done alternative Totals/spreads

  18. Tempest 3 years ago

    Thanks Sfcmatty just saw that. Appreciated!

  19. Ad 3 years ago

    Scott- dont think Monaco and Raonic met at the tour finals last year. Shanghai sounds much more likely!

  20. Ad 3 years ago

    Verdasco at 4/5 to beat GGL and 2/1 for 2-0 looks tempting. Form edge to GGL but must ne a tad fatigued and Verdasco won last 4 meetings in straight sets.

  21. Attila 3 years ago

    Christ, Errani had 3 match points to land my 4/1 5 Fold, now looks like she’s gonna throw game away in the 3rd. Will cash out if she doesn’t come good again

  22. Felix 3 years ago

    I usually avoid Errani, mainly because she serves like a child. Would still expect her to beat Pav on clay.

  23. Attila 3 years ago


    Madrid 5-Fold @ $4.18 (2.5 points)
    – Azarenka 2-0
    – Kvitova
    – Strycova
    – Sharapova 2-0
    – Errani

    ***LOST*** (cashed out 3pts)
    ATP Madrid 6-Fold @ $9.12 (1.5 points)
    – Dimitrov 2-0
    – Monfils
    – Muller to win a set
    – Cuevas
    – Tsonga
    – Krygios to win a set

    ***LOST*** (cashed out 1 pt)
    AFC Champions League (soccer) DRAWS 4-Fold @ $757 (0.5 points)
    – Brisbane/Urawa DRAW
    – Suwon/Beijing DRAW
    – Guangzhou/WSW DRAW
    – Kashima/Seoul DRAW

    ***WON*** (18 points profit!!!)
    AFC Champions League (soccer) AWAYS DNB 4-Fold @ $93.00 (0.5 points)
    – Urawa DNB
    – Beijing DNB
    – WSW DNB
    – Seoul DNB

    ***The aways DNB Acca landed meaning a total profit/loss of 17.5 points. Would have been 27.5 has Errani not thrown the match away.

  24. Attila 3 years ago

    ***Final odds for the winning AWAYS DNB Acca was 38/1 (revised due to 1 voided leg)

  25. Jordan 3 years ago

    Sorry Tempest. Yes it is. Thanks Matty.

    Smaller Bet

    Warriors Over 52.5 1st Half Points @ 10/11 @ WillHill

  26. Picksix 3 years ago

    WTF were the rockets doing in the second half

    Think paul is more likely to miss the game than play I doubt they will risk him tonight in a 7 game series

    Houston Rockets ht/ft @ 20/23 **LOSE**

    Bulls are – 3.5 inplay doesn’t sound to bad currently an 8 point lead

    Bulls -3.5 inplay @ 4/5 **WON**

  27. Picksix 3 years ago

    Well done to all winners last night

  28. Felix 3 years ago

    Will be on this:

    Suarez Navarro

    Pays 8.05

    Pretty sure nishikori will win 2-0 if he’s on his game

  29. mlac 3 years ago

    bulls +11.5
    rockets -3

    evens *lost*

    fell asleep and woke up to lakers winning by 17????!?!?!

    decided to try and make it back on



    and then lumped on krygios@ evens *won*
    to make ma money back..

    need to go back to my rules of never betting on tennis and being more cautious with teh nba :D

  30. Felix 3 years ago

    Klizan retires with a wrist injury. Explains the horrible start

  31. Captain 3 years ago

    Klizan retires hurt in first set, does anybody know what there tennis rules are with ladbrokes ?

    Pliskova match in 3 sets came off and as predicted she struggled on clay against better opposition and was knocked out.

  32. Felix 3 years ago

    Usually the bet is voided if it’s a first set retirement.

  33. Captain 3 years ago

    Thanks Felix, exactly as you said,

  34. Bones 3 years ago

    So if you have a 4 game accumulator, the whole bet is void or does it become a 3 game accumulator?

  35. Dee 3 years ago

    Dimitrov game down as a void. Other guy give up because he was getting smashed! Surely the bar should stand ? Anyone have same issue?

  36. Dazzler 3 years ago

    Marlins @ Nationals
    Over 5.5 runs
    Yankees @ Blue Jays
    Over 7.5 runs

    @ 2.22 *lost*

    Yankees and Blue Jays never really got going.

    Dodgers, Cardinals and Astros all on the money line

    @ 3.64 *lost*

    Astros let the side down and lost 2-1.

    My bets tonight-

    Reds @ Pirates
    Pirates over 8.5 hits @ 2.05

    Dodgers @ Brewers
    Dodgers @ 1.64

    Cubs @ Cardinals
    Over 16.5 hits @ 1.8

    Treble @ 6.07

  37. Felix 3 years ago

    Depends who you bet with. Different bookies have different rules. Betfair will let the bet stand if a set is completed, whereas bet365 will void it completely if there’s a retirement at any point in the match.

  38. Picksix 3 years ago

    NBA bets

    Going to throw all my eggs in one basket can’t see the Grizzlies coming anywhere near GS

    Don’t usually bet such short odds as a main bet but going double stakes on it as I can’t see it losing

    GS Warriors HT/FT @ 5/9 (double stakes)

    GS first half points over 52.5 @ 10/11

    GS Warriors -6 first half @ 10/11

    • huggybear 3 years ago

      picksix , i was gonna do the same , think i will with medium stakes as i got 2 active bets already.


      gsw ht/ft 5/9

      gsw ht spread -6

      gsw ft spread -10

      gsw to win by 11 – 15 7/2

      gsw first to 20 points 4/9

      prop bet

      klay thompson over 22.5


      • Brian 3 years ago

        Whats going on Huggy

        What happened to the super single ?
        Theres about 6 different bets in the one game alone, plus what ever cross game doubles/trebles are going.
        Plus Jordans picks,
        Youve more bets going than Atilla ffs

        Though you were back to the good times but its out of control, I just cant keep up anymore

  39. Felix 3 years ago

    Bones – the accumulator won’t be void, it’ll just minus the odds of the voided leg.

  40. huggybear 3 years ago

    also fancy this treble at 1.63/1

    wizards +11.5 (pending)
    golden state -3 (pending)
    clippers / houston over 205 (won)

    huggy`s main bet

    alternative treble

    bulls + 11.5
    rockets – 1.5 ( blown away )
    wizards + 12.5

    pays 1.55/1


    huggy`s medium bet

    rockets -3 ht spread WINNER !!!

    huggy`s medium bet

    gsw ht/ft (PENDING)
    wizards/hawks over 191 (PENDING)

    huggy`s small prop bet is..


    Not a great night as i didn`t see houston being gubbed , but will be in the + in my double and treble come in.

    p.s JORDANS props , he`s got the MIDAS touch

  41. Picksix 3 years ago

    Hahahaha glad to hear Huggy my boy

    Probably not going to bet on the game tomorow so I thought I would go for it today

    Also add

    GS Warriors -10 @ 10/11

  42. Jordan 3 years ago

    Midas touch so you better not jinx it hahaha

    DeMarre Carroll (Hawks) Over 17 Points @ 10/11 @ PP (Could risk the 17.5 @ EVS @ 365)

    Smaller Bet

    Steph Curry (Warriors) Over 26 Points @ 5/6 @ PP

    Carrol has been the Hawks best player in the off season and has scored over 20 points in his last 5.

    Curry picked up the MVP award on Monday and although only scoring 22 against Memphis in game 1, I think he’ll be proving why he is the MVP tonight. He scored more than 30 point sin 3 of the 4 games against the Pelicans and its not often he has an ‘off’ night.

    • huggybear 3 years ago

      DeMarre Carroll (Hawks) Over 17 Points @ 10/11 @ PP

      Knew you`d be punting here , gonna have a ten with you

  43. JJ 3 years ago


    Fognini to beat Dimitrov @ 4/1 with William Hill.

    -odds are just plain silly here, and the only reason the bookies have set them so high is because of Fognini’s inconsistency.

    Problem is that Fognini will be aiming to get yet another one over on Nadal on clay, which will result in a highly motivated Fabio clearing Grigor off the court in a routine straight set win; probably 6-4 6-4.


  44. Picksix 3 years ago

    Jordan gonna go with the curry bet u been sh*t hot on them props

    Steph curry over 26 points @ 5/6

  45. Hunter 3 years ago

    Not had much time for researching bets today but I do like the look of Curry and don’t want to make the mistake of overlooking Carroll again after doing the business the last few games so will be on that along with you Jordan. Already spending the money now you’ve tipped it ;)

    Everything seems to point toward a similar outcome as the first game between the Grizzlies v Warriors. I’m confident the Warriors will win but I’m not sure they’ll cover the spread tonight so going with…

    Warriors first half points over 52.5 @ 10/11

    served everyone well in game one and Warriors almost always start well.

    Best of luck everyone!

  46. Captain 3 years ago

    Toni Kroos to score anytime @ 10-1 with bet365 , £50 stake with the inplay bet refund, he’s scored a few goals at this stage in the competition for bayern and the price is too good to be missed ,

  47. Jordan 3 years ago

    Bloody hell lads I hope you don’t bring the Jimbob jinx with you hahaha

    Huggy there were a few props in the Hawks game, Beal or Pierce points but thought I’d go for the man in form. Not much explanation needed on Curry haha, good luck lads. Can’t believe the Warriors 1st half points are 0.5 higher than game 1. Hopefully another robbery.

  48. Hunter 3 years ago

    GSW  first half points over (52.5) @ Evens Skybet

  49. Picksix 3 years ago

    Jordan jimbob on fire im sure he tipped Bulls yesterday lol

  50. Jordan 3 years ago

    Haha he did actually, also threw in another pun with it haha

    Cheers Hunter put a small bit on that. Might as well seeing as though I’ve got the 10/11

  51. Recoba 3 years ago

    Spot on with the props Las night Jordan…like your logic for bets tonight and al be on! Along with something surely very similar to
    Huggy and picksix shouts.

    Hope all goes to plan unlike last night with the Rockets :|
    A#s holes truly clipped and i had a cheeky feeling for 2 aways but hindsight’s sh@te way to talk betting. :)

    GL lads a may even post my own.#Jinx

  52. stephen welsh 3 years ago

    How do u get GSW first half points on bet365 guys?

  53. Captain 3 years ago

    Toni Kroos to score anytime @ 10-1 with bet365 , £50 stake with the inplay bet refund, he’s scored a few goals at this stage in the competition for bayern and the price is too good to be missed


  54. Jimbob 3 years ago



    Wizards + 7 10/11 bet365

    Warriors – 10 10/11 bet365


  55. Hunter 3 years ago


    With regards to game 3 of the series, this is a must win situation for Wild against Blackhawks and with home advantage and the crowd on their side they’ll look to benefit from an opening goal, something they haven’t done yet.

    The home advantage added to the fact this is a must win game for Wild is the only reasons I can see as to why the Blackhawks have drifted in price.

    Once again for me the price is to big NOT to back and I’ll be hoping the Wild’s eagerness to strike first will backfire and they’ll be hit on the counter from the Blackhawks big players.

    Betway for reasons I don’t understand have them as big as 7/4 to win the 3rd game and effectively end the Wild’s chances.

    CHI Blackhawks ML 7/4 @ Betway

    6/5 and similar elsewhere.

    *Blackhawks now available @ 19/10 Betway*

    The best of luck if you follow.

  56. Jordan 3 years ago

    Hahahaha good luck Jimbob! Well done yesterday!

  57. Jordan 3 years ago

    Stephen. They don’t do them mate.

  58. Picksix 3 years ago

    The first half totals only come up inplay on 365 or like 5 mins before the game starts

  59. Picksix 3 years ago

    Jordan did u watch the second half of the rockets game jus seen the highlights,

    Don’t know wat to make of the next game with them gotta give credit to them clippers they don’t give up

  60. Julius54 3 years ago

    Think the Hawks will come back tonight.

    Hawks -7

    also public on Wizzards and Hawks line goes up.

  61. Picksix 3 years ago

    Huggys beloved Bauru are playing

    Over 40.5 first half points @ 5/6 funbet

  62. Picksix 3 years ago

    Man that total on the Wizards/Hawks game has had a massive line change now at 201 im sure it was 196 earlier

  63. Jordan 3 years ago

    197.5 was the lowest I think Picksix but I’m not surprised the overs are being hammered. Both teams shot less than 40% in game 1 and still managed to total 202, Hawks only scored 35 points in the second half too!

    I watched them before mate but didn’t really give me an idea of what happened. Sure it was only a one possession game going into the 4th quarter. Crazy stuff.

  64. Picksix 3 years ago

    Bauru over 40.5 points @ 5/6 funbet **LOSE**

    Lol would love to able to stream a game from that league to see how they play

  65. Attila 3 years ago

    Today’s USA Sports Game Plan:

    1. MLB SINGLE:
    – L.A. Dodgers ML @ $1.70 (14.5 points)

    2. NHL SINGLE:
    – Anaheim Ducks ML @ $1.75 (13.5 points)

    3. NBA DOUBLE @ $1.92 (11 points)
    – Wizards +11.5
    – Grizzlies +15.5

    4. MLB/NHL 4-FOLD @ $8.75 (2.5 points)
    – Balt. Orioles/NY Mets UNDER 7.0
    – Chicago Blackhawks +1.5
    – Colorado Rockies ML
    – L.A. Angels ML

    5. NBA ‘SPREADS+TOTALS’ DOUBLE @ $11.00 (1.5 points):
    – Wizards +6.5 & OVER 197.5
    – Grizzlies +10.5 & UNDER 196.5

  66. tomekplnd 3 years ago

    I quite like the rebounds line for Horford set at 9.5. Last game he got 17 and with Beal and Wall not being fully fit, surely this calls for the shots not being as accurate.

  67. tomekplnd 3 years ago

    Wall is ruled out for the game.

  68. Jordan 3 years ago

    Wall is ruled out for the game.

  69. Jordan 3 years ago

    Hawks -4
    Warriors -5

    EVS @ 365

    Follow at your own peril but I’m worried for the first double I’ve posted.

  70. Picksix 3 years ago

    Wow spread gone to 9 points

    Gonna have another bet

    Hawks HT/FT
    Warriors HT/FT

    Double @ 8/5

    Loosing count on how many bets I have running tonight

  71. Picksix 3 years ago

    Thanks for the news Tom

  72. craneguy 3 years ago

    Jordan, a mite need to start comin on here all seems so calm and relaxing…………

  73. tomekplnd 3 years ago

    Hence the jump in the spread, Sessions is in for him instead.

  74. Jordan 3 years ago

    Crane, welcome my friend to the winners thread! I converted Mr Wiseman here a couple weeks ago and he’s now back in the green with help from it.

    It’s lovely in here mate. Heating is on, slip your shoes off and get comfy. We do have some negativity on occasion but it’s a needle in a haystack compared to the football thread.

  75. Jordan 3 years ago

    Yeah cheers Tom for making me chase my probable losses hahaha

  76. craneguy 3 years ago

    cheers Jordan, don’t understand American sports so afraid need to leave it, the kind offer is very tempting though……………………. ;)

  77. tomekplnd 3 years ago

    I like your Carroll bet Jordan though, just not sure about the performance Wizards will put up today, if they won’t challenge this could be a blowout and in result reduced minutes for the Hawks starters.

  78. tomekplnd 3 years ago

    Such as Carroll

  79. Jordan 3 years ago

    Tom, Carroll has had decent halves recently so hopefully it’s up before he’s rested.

    Crane, you don’t need to know anything mate. You don’t know much about South American football but does that stop you? Trust the posters on here mate honestly, they’re a good bunch.

  80. Jordan 3 years ago

    1st halves*

  81. El Rudd 3 years ago

    Wizards +9 Point Spread 1.90*
    Over 191 Game Total 1.40

    GS Warriors -2 Point Spread 1.23
    Over 197 Game Total 1.90*

    £10.83 on the fourfold £68.26 back

    Most confident in the Wizards Point Spread and Warrior Game Total, 3.64* for the Double.

    Good luck lads.

  82. Jordan 3 years ago

    El Rudd, take it you didn’t see that Wall isn’t playing mate?

  83. tomekplnd 3 years ago

    Jeez Carroll playing least minutes out of the starters…

  84. Recoba 3 years ago

    Jordan i wish ye would/had fully convert me..its not that i dont like to bet on basketball but i go low stakes and take advice an make it safer. Need to grow a pair fir basketball tips. ;)
    E guys do wellon here an helped me out at Xmas(shout to Huggy)
    Am great at lumping on dung at football :| #DoNaeBad

    Managed to get this on before my phone died in work for med stake(by my standards on Tuesday after disaster last night)

    Wizards +10.5
    Additional points total under 202.0

    GSW -11.0
    Additional points total over 200.0

    Seriously doubting GSW overs now and the WizardsHawks lines changing about so much but al KTF ye na

    4 fold pays 10.71 GL Yol

  85. Recoba 3 years ago

    El Rudd you have made me feel a bit more at ease…of to see e sandman

    Oh an on De Mare Carrol ova 17.5 @evs fir hawks

  86. huggybear 3 years ago

    carroll nearly there… go wizards

    leave him on…

  87. Jordan 3 years ago

    Recoba I put bigger stakes than what I do on the football and I’ve only been following for one season. So much more risk reward mate. Good thread this one, full of some great lads.

  88. tomekplnd 3 years ago

    Carroll bringing home the bacon!!!

  89. Jordan 3 years ago

    DeMarre Carroll (Hawks) Over 17 Points @ 10/11 @ PP (Could risk the 17.5 @ EVS @ 365)

    10/11 **WIN**

    EVS **WIN**

  90. tomekplnd 3 years ago

    Another tip I followed you on that was a winner, many thanks Jordan!

  91. Jordan 3 years ago

    No worries Tom.

  92. huggybear 3 years ago

    never a doubt

  93. Jordan 3 years ago

    Huggy there were a few props in the Hawks game, Beal or Pierce points but thought I’d go for the man in form.

    Beal total 18.5 (has 20) Pierce total 14.5 (has 15).

    Jordan AKA Big Daddy Prop


  94. Jordan 3 years ago

    Tonights Bet

    Hawks/Wizards Over 190 *WON*
    Warriors -6

    EVS @ 365

    Hawks -4 *WON*
    Warriors -5

    EVS @ 365

    Follow at your own peril but I’m worried for the first double I’ve posted.

    It’s on you GSW! Have to go to bed too but might set my alarm for a cover check.

  95. Picksix 3 years ago

    Haha Jordan hopefully

    Be interesting to see wat the spread is going to be for the Wizards at home, hopefully wall is fit for that game , Beale seems to be looking healthy definetely going to take them if the spread is around the 5 / 4 mark Wizards done well up until the 4th where gortat was fouled out and then the Hawks took control

  96. Jordan 3 years ago

    Was thinking that myself mate. Their bench had a decent night (Sessions and Porter) so with Wall back you’d have to fancy them at home.

  97. El Rudd 3 years ago

    Jordan, looks like Wall was the difference, didnt know he was out, he picked up a knock but I heard he was good to go! Ahh.
    Currently half watching Warriors, they will need to

  98. El Rudd 3 years ago

    -Pick themselves up in the 2nd half, knew it would be tighter.

    Hopefully if The Hero Chris Paul is back for the Clippers that should be a more sure and straightforward game, I doubt rocket will be as lax as they were first game.

  99. Attila 3 years ago

    Forgot to post it but I’m in the 2nd leg of my earlier double as a Single now due to Wizards leg failing.

    – Grizzlies +10.5 & UNDER 196.5 @ $3.72 (3 points)

  100. Jordan 3 years ago

    Oh nice Attila post it through the second quarter when they’re behind already.

  101. Jordan 3 years ago

    What use is that to anyone? Jeez man.

  102. Attila 3 years ago

    I’m at work mate, been in meetings all morning. No one follows my tips/bets anymore anyways.
    It was posted earlier as part of my double, just redid the same leg as a single

  103. Attila 3 years ago

    The bet was there for all to see hours ago so don’t see what the problem is

  104. Alty Adam 3 years ago

    I feel sorry for Huggy and his 5x GSW bets. I was on some of them too

  105. Attila 3 years ago

    Brian, I never put my bets in 1 basket. Yes I hav a lot of bets going but that’s part of my staking strategy (points indicated and followed to ensure minimal losses on 1 day).

    Think I’ll stop posting in here if people are gonna start having attitudes like this.

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