OUR old friend harrybaines has I know been going through some tough times but he has to remember the good times too.

He's completed loads of good challenges and as the saying goes, “You can't win them all”.

Harry was a bit dejected yesterday but returned to the winners' circle with his Champions League tip before losing on the MLS. Hopefully he stays around and realises he does all right.

On the members' forum there is a section for betting challenges but if people prefer to do them on the site then so be it.


  1. harrybaines 2 years ago

    I did a £255 lump on over 1.5 goals in the Madrid game in the 72nd minute and that returned £503, £55 of that was my bet 1 money but i added £200 more to my stake as i was confident. I was highly debating a £1000 lump on btts pre match at evens but i decided not to having a bit of a bad run. ( Wish i did now haha ) I have withdrawn £403 and am going to be using £100 as my bet 2 stake for me but it will appear as bet 1 on the site. Sorry i couldn’t put the bet up but when i stream on my laptop on this specific website, it makes webpages take around 2-3 minutes to load, it took me 2 minutes for the bet to actually go through on 365. It would of taken me near to 10 minutes easy to load Mr-Fixits page up, then gone to the challenge webpage and wrote out my bet. The footy was too good to be missing and didn’t want to miss that much of it, i am keeping a eye on the MLS game on now and if i fancy something it will be here within a 45 mins, Thanks

  2. harrybaines 2 years ago

    Bet 1

    Vancouver Whitecaps v Houston Dynamo

    over 1.5 goals

    stake £103 odds 1.25

    i am going to be placing after the odds go up.

    There has been two red cards, i don’t like betting on games with a red card but there has been 2. One for either side, so i think the game will be still open unlike when its 1 red card and the team likes to sit back.

    I expect Home team to score after the 60th minute but my bet is over 1.5 match goals, I am just coming off a bad run. I was waiting for the Madrid game to be half time and then i was going to do Ramos first goal scorer. I even sent a message to my dad saying i was doing this lol. Can’t believe i didn’t do it before but that’s the way it goes. Hopefully my streak doesn’t end so soon. Good luck

  3. superjim 2 years ago

    I waited too long Harry?

    Well played on champs league.

  4. harrybaines 2 years ago

    Has anyone got the free inplay bet back yet?

  5. harrybaines 2 years ago

    How is this happening, after the tip the bar got hit twice. My luck doesn’t exist right now. Gonna try 1 more challenge and if it doesn’t work out that’s me for 2 months. When proper games are on i am on fire, Madrid game for example, I was at the brink of doing btts pre match with a £1000 stake, i got the first goal scorer right and my inplay bet goal after 72 mins. 3 tips and 3 wins. You need luck in these leauges abroad that are on now, you really do. Same goes for the dodgy euros, if you can make decent profit next month i take my hat off to you

  6. superjim 2 years ago

    Close. Only takes 1 good run.

  7. Alves 2 years ago

    Chapocoence RT7 4/5

    Over 0.5 gls in USA and Peru games bawgair below evens

  8. Alves 2 years ago

    Need luck in any games Harry, just like any challenge you’ve completed there’s always dodgy games but corners are always ther or there abouts in SA ;)

  9. Alves 2 years ago

    Over 0.5 gls in USA and Peru games bawgair below evens


  10. Alves 2 years ago

    Chapocoence RT7 4/5


  11. kelly.d 2 years ago

    alves should be in before half time hopefully

  12. kelly.d 2 years ago

    lol in as i post well done and thank you

  13. Alves 2 years ago

    Over 0.5 gls at Colorado v Philladelphia 4/9, came up every MLS game so far and looks tge better of tge 2 about to start

  14. harrybaines 2 years ago

    If this doesn’t land that’s me for 2 months, its a risky one as the clock is ticking down

    Paysandu v Luverdense over 2.5 goals currently 75th min

    stake £50 odds 2.25

    both teams score 35% of there goals in the last 15 mins, hopefully its live up to the stats

    • petet 2 years ago

      Good luck with this Harry.

      My advice in tough times is to reduce the stakes. You had your bet success with £25 – £1k challenges. If a challenge fails ultimately you’ve lost £25.

      Starting with £50, £100 or, in the case of the post above lumping £255, puts so much more pressure on and means you hand your hard earned profit to the bookies faster which is so much more frustrating.

      Just my opinion – good luck with Paysandu.


    • superjim 2 years ago

      There it is.

      • harrybaines 2 years ago

        Thought it would come in mate, stats were awesome but obvs risky when its in the last 15 mins, were you on yourself mate? If there isn’t a tip within 15 mins id say proabably say no more for tonight but i haven’t looked yet whats on yet

  15. Alves 2 years ago

    Typical, 2 gls already in Real Salt Lake game and none so far at Colorado, done tge same with the Swedish games today, picked 2 for 1+ ht gls and managed to pick the 1/6 that finished 0-0

  16. superjim 2 years ago

    Anymore tonight or is that it Harry?

  17. harrybaines 2 years ago

    Bet 2

    Chicago v Portland

    Portland Asian handicap 0.0

    odds 3.00 stake £110

  18. capone31 2 years ago

    Plenty of games on today Harry to get a run going!

  19. tungsten 2 years ago




    £50 –> £85.71

  20. kelly.d 2 years ago

    bet 1 €30 Ho Chi Minh Women game o2.5 mgs odds 4/5 returns €54 (12.30)

  21. kelly.d 2 years ago

    bet 1 €30 germany o1.5 tgs 2/5, leganes o1.5tgs 4/9, odds 1/1 returns €60

  22. harrybaines 2 years ago

    bet 2

    Sport Recife v Corinthians

    over 0.5 goals

    stake £110 odds 1.44

  23. harrybaines 2 years ago

    The william hill site is a joke, when i go on to football inplay… when i scroll down it scrolls up, vice versa….

    you try and find a league and it shoots you up again!!!! Does anyone else have this problem?? Argh

  24. harrybaines 2 years ago

    Bet 3

    Norrkoping v Elfsborg

    over 0.5 goals

    stake £187 odds 1.50

    • Author
      Mr Fixit 2 years ago

      harrybaines, I hope you are correct and it’s a home goal.
      Bored waiting for a goal alert – going to play 9 holes in the sunshine.
      Anyway on the Top Treble should look at cover options if Norrkoping take the lead.

      • harrybaines 2 years ago

        My alt for bet 3 has just won “Panathinaikos v Panionios ” but i decided to leave it, lets hope taking that out and adding this in wasn’t a mistake. Hope its a home goal for you mate :) See you after

        • harrybaines 2 years ago

          Oh my god, how did that stay out!!!! Chance in a billion literally

          • harrybaines 2 years ago

            See you all next season :) It was like impossible for that goal to not go in, actually unreal. Never seen anything like it in my life

  25. superjim 2 years ago

    Just extremely unlucky. Ghost goalie.

  26. superjim 2 years ago

    I don’t mind trying and trying again. Fact is you have done it so many times. At 40 quid a pop, you can have 10 misses, get there on the 11th and still make 600 squid

  27. harrybaines 2 years ago

    If anyone missed it, check this out.I needed over 0.5 goals in this game. How did this not go in????? I thnik the ball was possibly across the line also. @mr-fixit


    • petet 2 years ago

      Harry. Sometimes you have to just let go. I didn’t see it so can’t say of the ball went over the line or not but it makes no difference. If the ref doesn’t give it there’s nothing that can be done.

      I’m sure we’ve all be done out by bad ref decisions (for and against) but we probably only remember those that didn’t go out way!

    • harrybaines 2 years ago

      He even missed the tap in after the rebound :'( I will have a think Jim :)

    • meadway 2 years ago

      I was watching the game and just looked at the replay. id say the whole ball didnt go over the line. The truly unlucky thing was the elfsborg player being in the wrong position for the rebound. Why players dont just throw themselves at the ball in those situations i dont know.

      hey harry don’t let a few losses get you down. Same applies with not letting a few win’s get to your head. With research you can easily get back on track. Betting in play and basing a bet on the stats is always risky.

    • Author
      Mr Fixit 2 years ago

      harrybaines, looks like the bounce was over the line. Unlucky.

  28. theboss 2 years ago

    Just start with £10 to £500 harry or even £250 I’d be happy to reach ?

    • harrybaines 2 years ago

      I like the sound of £500 but with two more bets it would be £1000. Takes like 6 bets to get to £500. So with two more bets the return is so much better, get me? :/ 6 bets = £500 or 7 bets = £1000

      I know you could loose but if you withdraw fro £500 and start again you have to do all the process again, also if the first two bets win that would of been your £1000, not amazing at wording but i think you get me?

  29. harrybaines 2 years ago

    Right one more go huh, if this fails i have to keep to my word and take a break. I just put £50 on germany game under 4.5 goals at 1.40 and it came in. Wasn’t a tip i just thought id do it and it landed so im up to £70 now.

    Gonna take it slow but the next bet might be soon, as you know im not doing very well and luck isn’t on my side so if i tip something and you don’t like the look of it, avoid as it probably is to be avoided lol

  30. harrybaines 2 years ago

    Bet 1

    AEK Athens v PAOK Salonika

    over 0.5 goals

    stake £70 odds 1.33

    Up to you if you wait for the odds to rise

    • petet 2 years ago

      Lol – you haven’t quite got the idea of doing challenges on the site have you Harry.

      They’re so people can follow – not know what you bet on and at what odds after the event!

      • harrybaines 2 years ago


        • meadway 2 years ago

          He is just talking about the bet and odds you quoted that you won on the germany game.

          Learn to ignore certain people, Just let the tips and wins do the talking.

          • petet 2 years ago

            I’m actually talking about the fact he didn’t tip it.

            It’s turning into a history lesson rather than tipping – the whole point of a challenge is for people to follow. How do you do that if the tips get posted after the event!

            • meadway 2 years ago

              Yes it is pointless saying after the game but is there really any point in digging him out over it?

              Yes each tip anyone posts is so people can follow if they choose but plenty of people come to this site without tipping feeling like they have to tell everyone how well they have done on bets. If anything annoys you just ignore it. Your comments are only going to be deleted if you keep picking on him.

              • petet 2 years ago

                I agree Medway – and for the record (not aimed at you btw) I’m not picking on Harry – I’m actually a supporter and have tried to offer advice on certain areas he’s asked about and support where I can.

                It’s just frustrating – he obviously wants to tip and complete challenges and people want to follow him. I’m not fussed if it’s a £25 to £1k challenge or a £70 to £1k challenge but it’d be nice to see him follow the same format most other people use when doing a challenge; namely:

                1) Quoting the event he’s tipping before it happens (not 30 mins after saying he was on it)
                2)Quoted odds (which he then used as the potential profit for the next bet – if he makes more money personally by holding out then that’s great).
                3) Had the next bet start at the amount based on the odds and initial stake he quoted.

                It’d make following his challenges far more enjoyable and, I assume, he’s tipping because he wants us all to be successful at bashing the bookies.

                Anyway – I dont want to turn this into a debate. I know Harry’s not obliged to contribute to the site – I’m just saying if he wants to contribute, this sort of approach would probably be the tact most members want (I dont think I’m that out of touch! ;o) )

          • harrybaines 2 years ago

            I am still gonna bet on this game but there is now two red cards, be very weary guys and maybe avoid

            Thought so meadway, if i didn’t say people would wonder why i am starting why £70

            • petet 2 years ago

              No Harry – that wasn’t my point at all.

              The whole point of tipping is to quote the game before it starts and the odds you’ve taken.

              At the moment what we’re getting is a back catalogue of what you’ve bet and at different odds. Challenges should be something people can follow – not a wall to say how well or badly you’ve done.

              • harrybaines 2 years ago

                I don’t do bets before the game starts, i have posted one bet today than hasn’t been a tip and that was the Germany game as people would ask why i am start at £70. How can’t people follow them? What’s wrong with my current tip for example?

    • harrybaines 2 years ago

      Hit the bar :(((

  31. theboss 2 years ago

    Harry I’m happy with £10 to 500 I wpuld take £100 and carry on with £400 to get to £1000

    £100 would let me go again 10 times over

  32. superjim 2 years ago

    Do what you are doing Harry, you are fine.

  33. harrybaines 2 years ago

    Play acting ruined this game

  34. harrybaines 2 years ago

    I expect to see a late goal in the Turkey v Montenegro game

    so bet 1 is over 0.5 goals after the 65th min,

    odds will be like 1.55

    stake £50

    • tribe lover 2 years ago

      3 shots on target the whole game puts me right off. Hopefully i’m wrong for yours along with others sake. Gl

  35. theboss 2 years ago

    Skipping it mate friendlies hate them!

  36. harrybaines 2 years ago

    Is the Euro as dodgy as the friendlies? or do they actually try in the Euros -_-

  37. jambo973 2 years ago

    What a Beauty their Harry!!

    • 2 years ago

      I thought Harry would be on the late Turkey goal. Put a fiver on Turkey in the 80th minute + Italy win, pays 21. Hope the Scots don’t feck things up lol, might cashout

      • Author
        Mr Fixit 2 years ago

        mrfurious, has the feel of 1-0 Italy but there aren’t too many goals in that Italy team.
        Could be a few 1-0 Italys at the Euros.

        • 2 years ago

          Cashed out for 18+. Like you say, Juve defenders probably gonna be subbed and there seems to be a fair few Scotland attacks lately and of course its a friendly, anything can happen.

  38. harrybaines 2 years ago

    Goooooaaalll!!!! Last kick of the game and 1 minute over extra time!!!! I stuck an extra £50 on this at 4/1 in the 82nd minute is i was confident!!! Was 10/1 in the 90th min though :'(

    • Author
      Mr Fixit 2 years ago

      harrybaines, your luck has changed.
      You should expect the worst in friendlies.
      Euros should be fine – teams will be trying their hardest for sure but some group games will be meaningless because of the extra teams and some third places going through.

    • petet 2 years ago

      well you did say you expected a late goal harry! well done with that

  39. superjim 2 years ago

    Can’t believe you stuck on an extra 50 . Nice one.

  40. theboss 2 years ago

    Nice one Harry! Shokld have known last minute goal would have come!

    My own fault for not believing ??

  41. harrybaines 2 years ago

    Bet 2

    Jaguares de Cordoba v Deportes Tolima

    over 0.5 goals

    stake £92 odds 1.44

  42. harrybaines 2 years ago

    This is just for interest

    CD Aguila v CD Dragon


    Stake £50 odds evens

  43. harrybaines 2 years ago

    Feel like doing a acca to end my season with for tomo if there is any good matches on

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